also i okay if you don't agree with these maybe make your own because i want to see how you would place them

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Why, hello there. How have you been? I hope you don't regret making this blog haha. Your carnival HC was the best thing I swear - if you don't mind how about an MC who doesn't like going on the tall/high/"scary" rides but as soon as they try it once they want to do it again and again (maybe alternating between other rides but they will repeat their bravery) and the others just reacting to that enthusiasm? If not, maybe something involving going into the tunnel of love? (I've never been but--)

Hi there~! I’ve been good, I hope you’ve been good also! Lolol no, I’m not regretting it.

Awwwwwh, thank you so much!! ^////^ *insert intense flustered-ness here*

Let’s get to it! I’m excited~



- okay lets be real here, he doesn’t like the roller coasters much either

- so he was perfectly fine with staying on the teacups or the merry-go-round

- until, you wanted to face your fear! oh god MC why

- you chose one of the smaller ones to begin with and he was not going to complain to you because he wanted to seem manly to you lies

- you guys got the front seat! yay

- by the end he is paper white and gripping on for dear life

- totally screams and almost cries

- “oh god MC what do you mean you want to go again… fine”

- after going like five more times, you wanted to go oN THE BIGGER ONES “MC ARE YOU CRAZY

- goes once with you and then stops because no way no thank you nope

- instead he goes and gets you fairy floss/cotton candy and watches you go on again… and again…. and again…

- support from the sidelines’

- makes you promise to go on the merry-go-round and the tunnel of love before you leave

- what a baby


- he really likes the fast rides

- he has a freaking motorbike who am i kidding

- respects you that you didn’t want to go on them - “wait, what MC? Are you sure? They’re scary and fast and- don’t look at me like that okay fine I’m just worried”

- awwwww protective Zen mode: activate

- you guys go on a ‘mediumly fast’ ride and sit in the middle

- but first you help him put his hair in a bun “Zen there are other people okay we need to respect their space”

- definitely wraps his arms around you or at least holds your hand

- 100% for going again “if that’s what you want, princess~”

- you guys gradually up the speed factor and the height factor

- kisses for the camera~

- definitely going on the ferris wheel and kissing at the top

- and definitely going on the tunnel of love more than once


- the soft bab is a little scared of them too but would be willing to face her fear

- also avoids them for other reasons boob pain

- agrees to go on the smaller ones with you because she loves you

- does not like the loops on the roller coasters

- you both agree to stay off of the high ass rides

- slightly wary to go on fast rides but will go on most with you

- but let her rest after going on a few pls because pain

- you guys mix a few other attractions and stalls in between rides but will continue to go on them

- you both end up having a blast and promise to go again

- but still no ridiculously fast rides


- considering he didn’t really ‘interact with the general public’ as a kid he never went to amusement parks

- so this tol bean doesn’t know what he’s getting into

- before he goes with you, he has Jaehee write up a report on the dangers of amusement parks and carnivals and everything i can feel her tears already

- when you mention you want to go on a ‘fast and scary’ ride he doesn’t really know what to do

- immediately looks at the report lol

- goes along with you, on a relatively scary one

- bribes the ride person to let you cut ahead

- mr robot is definitely a robot on the roller coasters.

- hates them with a newfound passion and can’t see why you want to go again

- freezes up on every ride you go on except the tunnel of love

- that one you go on like 20 more times

- there’ll definitely be a lot more love and riding going on tonight heuheuheu


- my god this man loves the fast rides

“It’s almost as good as driving my babies~”

- was fine with going on his own until you mentioned you wanted to join him

- chose the fastest and scariest ride there

- “Go big or go home, MC!!!//slapped

- cheers and shouts in excitement

- is the person to throw their hands up and look the most excited in the photos

- you guys go on the same ride over and over and over and over

- you definitely have trouble finding places to put all of your stuff from stalls

- but you go on the tunnel of love at the end

- many kisses


- i mean the baby is mostly blind I’m so sorry

- so all his senses are heightened which makes the whole thing scarier

- but he’ll go on some of the smaller ones with you once or twice

- vice grip on your hand the whole time

- other than that, he’ll take photos of you (when he can)

- definitely buys the photos of you guys from the rides

- will usually wander around and grab food or toys for you while waiting or just sit down and wait

- accidentally walked into the side of a stall or attraction more than once

- loves hearing you talk about how fun it was and just loves your excitement in general

- you guys definitely still go on the smaller rides and other attractions

- because you want him to have fun too~!!


- fuck what

- people?

- no

- wait, roller coasters???

- okay thats alright then

- tbh he loves roller coasters and stuff so much

- lowkey so excited when you said you wanted to go on a roller coaster

- he pretended to be disappointed when you only wanted to go on the smaller ones to begin with but in reality he didn’t mind

- so happy when you went on the faster ones

- blushy blushy when you mentioned the tunnel of love

- tomato or saeran, 99% of people can’t tell the difference!

- just protect him


Yayyy~ done! they got a little short at the end because i got distracted ^^; whoopsies

I hope this was okay anyways and thank you so much for requesting!! ^///^

Alright, bye bye! *poof*

Don't Stand So Close to Me Ch. 4 (Biadore) - Splatt

It always makes my day when you talk about this fic and ask about it and all that shit. I called my friend last night and ranted about how much I love you all and how I don’t understand how people like my fics, because this thing is basically a 150ish page long drabble with little to no plot in most chapters, but as long as you keep wanting more, I’m more than willing to post more!

I really wasn’t feeling the smut I had written in this chapter because it was really freaking bad and felt super rushed, so I took it out and put in the time skip and I hope you don’t all hate me for that! It wouldn’t have been enjoyable for anyone, and I promised an update today. I will let you know that there’s a scene in maybe 4 or 5 more chapters that is hot as fuck and is probably my favourite smut I’ve ever written, and there are several before that, too. I’ll post again tomorrow because I love you all soooooooo much! I hope you enjoy!

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nac: Do you think Draco still would've chosen to become a death eater if given the choice? tbh I don't understand people who think that way. Look at how much he hated it when he was one, why would he willingly choose that? Even his parents got out asap. So if you agree can you post this so I can see what others say please?

Well okay, I mean he only hated it when it wasn’t benefiting him. He enjoyed it up to that point though. So to answer your question before i continue, yes I think he still would’ve chosen to become one. 

He was a dick to the trio, outright scum and bullying and prejudiced. He was an entitled prat who didn’t like losing Harrys would be friendship to Ron and afterwards didn’t like losing to Harry so he resorted to underhanded tactics and cheats. Threw slurs at Hermione, faked an injury to get an innocent animal killed and then bragged about his dad leading the muggle torture at the cup, helped Rita skeeter with her stupid articles, made Potter stinks badges, then made light of Cedric’s death.

And then freaking fifth year. The year of the horror. He made fun of Harrys mum and joined forces with umbridge. UMBRIDGE. That right there is literally enough for me to know for certain he wouldve chosen to be a death eater. Umbridge and Voldemort had practically identical ideologies and it wasn’t until his family was knocked out of their place of importance within voldys circle of trust, that his own life was on the line and his parents were done if he failed, that he began to feel like maybe it wasn’t such a great place to be.

No, he didn’t like being a death eater when he was being punished. Who would? But he sure loved it before his dad screwed up. And so if he’d been given the choice while still in LVs good graces, you can bet your ponies he would’ve joined up. At least that’s my opinion. Draco was like a blend of Wormtail and Regulus. He was a coward who hid behind power and status because it kept him safe. Until it didn’t anymore and THEN he realized, after the fact, that it wasn’t such a great idea and maybe he should get out.

same to his parents. It was all fun and games, throwing their weight around and acting all haughty, until it stopped having benefits. Both of them worked with voldemort, people forget narcissa helped him too. She supported Lucius through it all and was the one who used Kreatcher to get info on the Order to give to Voldy and thats what he used to get Harry to the Ministry (they also forget she was a super butt to harry about Sirius’ death in HBP). But the only thing that made them quit was when their sons life was in danger. Suddenly, things weren’t going their way, so they wanted out.

Dont get me wrong cause this post is mostly negatives, I love love love the malfoys. I could wax poetic about them for days its just that the positives wouldn’t help make my point. They knew what they were doing, all of them, and they chose it because its what they believed in. The way that they changed is one of the reasons theyre such great characters. But unless voldemort threatened them to begin with they all still would’ve chosen to support him. At least thats my opinion.   

The Erebor Project - Planning

Hey guys!

So, some of you may have seen @striving-artist‘s posts yesterday about our plans for making a walkable 3D full model of Erebor. We get some barely adequate shots of several areas in the movies (throne room, front gate, etc.), but there’s a lot more to the mountain than that - it was a fully functional city before Smaug came, and the mountain’s ten miles across and 150-200 floors above ground by my current estimates. That’s a lot of space to fill in.

If you’d be interested in working on the 3D construction of Erebor (or just want to see how legit this is going to look) take a look at @striving-artist‘s post properly introducing our idea.

This post is for my part of it, which is sorting out where everything is and how it’ll all fit together. So if meta and heacanons are your thing, read on.

I’ve been able to piece together a good idea of where everything we see in the movies is located, but in order to structure the rest of what we’ll need to fit in (living areas, workshops, food related things, cultural areas, markets, etc.) I’m going to have to come to some decisions on how the mountain and the dwarves within the mountain function. So basically: headcanons. Lots and lots of headcanons. And meta.

Now I’ve been thinking about and researching an Erebor map/model for months and months, so I’m just going to jump into some of the headcanons I’ve developed from all that for pre-Smaug functioning of the mountain. Please talk to me about your thoughts on any of them (or others you have)! (Point numbers can be used for easy reference)

  1. Living Areas: My current plan is to have these large column areas be the main living areas for dwarves in the mountain. Lots of windows and balconies, and the walkways we see between them aren’t made for any kind of shop district imo. The shots we see in the AUJ intro also makes it seem like the walkways could have been a more social setting.

    Dwarves seem to be pretty social in general, so having families living together in the same column, and just having everyone not super spread out, seems like something the dwarves would do.

  2. Districts: That being said, Erebor is still b i g, so we’re probably not going to be able to fit everyone’s homes into a nice small area (and why would we, when we have so much space and can give everyone the room they need?). This brings up the problem of distance to get to areas like markets, food, etc. - if there’s only one market in the mountain, some people would inevitably be up for a long trek to get there, and one back with anything they buy. Not ideal.

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YAY NEW IMAGINE BLOG !! I was wondering if you could do a scenario where Akashi's father asks Akashi to bring his s/o so they can formally meet. When they meet, however, Akashi's father disapproves of her because of how Akashi is somehow distracted. So his father tells them that its best if they don't be together. You can decide whether Akashi leaves his s/o or stays. c:

omg yes, I love this ask! because akashit is mah fave

You shifted uncomfortably next to Akashi, who was sharply dressed in a crisp black tux. He adjusted his tie, placing it in the perfection position. You couldn’t even feel the pain of the soles of your feet with the sky-high heels nor the dress that fitted tightly against your waist. All you could hear and feel was your heart beating crazily in your chest as if it was going to burst at any second.

“Calm down,” Akashi took your hand in his, bringing it up to his lips and placing a light kiss on it. “Everything will be okay.”

“I mean, this is the first time I’m meeting your father and oh God, this is terrifying.” You bit on your bottom lip, tapping your foot impatiently. You took a sip of your water.

However, when you noticed that his Akashi senior was walking towards the two of you, you gulped down the whole glass, placing it on a moving waiter’s tray and picked up another. When the man arrived right in front of you, you realized that he was even more intimidating up close. Like Akashi, he had red hair, but darker, and that same presence that exuded pure dominance. He had on a professional smile as he shook your hand before politely leaving a kiss on the back. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, _____-san. Akashi has spoken plenty about you.”

Clearing your throat, you nodded slowly. “It’s a pleasure to meet you too.”

After a few minutes of light chitchat, you began to relax. Maybe this man wasn’t as scary as people led you to believe. “Would you mind if I borrowed my son for a while? There’s a private matter I’d like to discuss with him.” He suddenly said. With a small nod, you agreed and watched the older man whisk away your boyfriend to God knows where.

You stood against the wall, watching as people drifted on the floors of the gland ballroom. They engaged in small talk and complimented each other on their dresses and suits for the evening.

Then boredom took over, so you decided to do a little exploring of your own. You roamed the outside of the ballroom where everything was silent with the emptiness. The guests were all gathered inside so the soundproof walls blocked out all the chatter. You enjoyed your moment of peace before seeing the two Akashis talking. Oh crap, you were about to walk away when his father said something that halted you in your tracks, making you stop just around the corner.

“Your grades have been deteriorating. Should I be concerned?”

Akashi, not missing a beat, said, “No. It was merely a fluke on my part.”

“You are my son, there are no such thing as flukes.” His eyes narrowed at his son threateningly. “Am I to assume that this new… partner of yours is affecting your performance?”

“Of course not,” Akashi scowled this time. “She has nothing to do with my grades. It comes from my effort and mine alone.”

“So, she isn’t becoming a distraction in your academics?”

Pause. “Certainly not.”

“I would be ashamed to see Akashi Corporations in the wrong hands in the future. I would prefer if you could keep different parts of your life in check. Otherwise, I recommend for you to end this tryst immediately. If it is not advantageous, do stop it before it’s too late.”

You slid down the wall as Akashi’s father walked away, his footsteps fading into the distance. Were you really becoming a distraction? What if he got reprimanded further for his results? Could you really let him go? The distant ringing in your ears began to take its toll on you.

The sound of your name caused you to look up, breaking you out of your thoughts. Akashi was staring down at your crouched form curiously but the look in his eyes also revealed that he knew you had been eavesdropping. He extended his hand to you and, hesitantly, you accepted it and rose on your feet.

“I hope you’re not becoming doubtful of our relationship now.”

How in the world did he even know? You shrugged, “I just don’t want to be the reason for you to get scolded.”

“My father may have some… suggestions in my life but he doesn’t control me completely. I make my own decisions and I choose you. My mistakes were my own so you should not feel guilty for anything.” He said, sounding stern and strong. He sighed then, leaning down to kiss you firmly on the lips. Without pulling away, he whispered against your lips, “I love you, _____-chan. I’d really like it if you trust me more in this matter.”

You smiled, trying to stop yourself from grinning like an idiot. His words could really strike you straight to the heart. “I love you too. And thank you.”

“Always,” he placed a soft kiss on your forehead, assuring you once more that he was always going to be there.

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Hey, found your blog today randomly and love it:) I don't ship Touken because I just can't see it happening. I don't generally agree with Tokyo Ghoul shipping. You seem to be a polite person (that's what I have read so far). I'm just curious — why do you ship Touken? May I ask why? You don't have to answer.

Welcome to my blog! Thank you for leaving such a positive feedback! (⁄ ⁄^⁄ᗨ⁄^⁄ ⁄)

I must confess that I have a problem of answering questions like that. Some months ago, I got invited to a barbecue. I met some Tokyo Ghouls fans, we had a nice conversation and at some point we ended up at the shipping discussion. While everyone was talking about their OTP (if i remember correctly, I was surrounded by “Shuuneki” and “Hidekane” supporter, haha) I remained silent; it’s not that I felt lonely, but they were able to put their thoughts in a short shape and form. And I couldn’t help, I wasn’t able to do my job in a few sentences… orz. ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌ But listen to the shipping opinions of others was kind of interesting.

Huhm, getting emotionally attached to something or someone is a process that takes a while. It’s not that I had a *click* moment where I suddenly started loving them. I just found myself joining their journey in an instant of eternity. Usually I don’t start shipping two (fictional) characters… but if something did happen, it happened. Whether it’s right or wrong. And some part of me will always be loving them… the two are basically separate characters anyway and I love them like that as well. I love them for many reasons; for personal reasons, their character, their development,…

Well, I think I might have said this somewhere before, but one factor that influenced my “shipping decision” is their nonverbal communication; simply facial expressions. The way they look at each other is worth more than a thousand words. I actually enjoy (”enjoy”; more like “Okay, this is causing me serious emotional harm…”) these moments more than their actual conversation. 。・゚(゚⊃ω⊂゚)゚・。

➊ “This is all my fault… I’m sorry.” (Kaneki, Chapter 72) [On my first manga run] The first thing I did after seeing this: I went into my kitchen and made a pot of my favorite coffee. And I have drunk it. I still remember it as if it were yesterday. This little boy was being tortured 2 or 3 times everyday for 10+ days and he took the blame for her injuries she received by her brother. That facial expression… and her reaction…

“See you later, Touka-chan…” (Kaneki, Chapter 79) When he is forcing himself to smile, because he is trying to stop her from joining his group. And he felt so bad about the whole situation that he had to look away. Why are you always lying? Please, stop lying! 

➌ Their first reaction when they haven’t seen or talked to each other for several months…

➍ Kaneki’s reaction when Touka told him quite emotional hurt that he shouldn’t return to Anteiku anymore. This always got me. According to his reaction, he never really expected to hear that of the least of her. 。゚(*´□`)゚。

➎ The crying face of Touka. “Why did you have to change?” (Touka, Chapter 120) She always had a tough time passing emotional boundaries with others. That was a face burned into his memory like no other. And it had positively an influence on his decision.

➏ An amnesiac Kaneki/Haise entered unsuspecting a certain coffee shop. He just wanted to drink a cup of coffee with “his kids”. Then a certain waitress appeared from the front door and…

.+:。(ノ・ω・)ノ゙ That being said… to a degree, I believe in fate. I believe, some things happen, and were ment to happen, but not all things are determined by fate. We make are own decisions, but actual things that happen to us, like we were at the ‘right place at the right time’, is fate. That’s my personal opinion. And that’s why I also believe in John Gay’s (English Dramatist and Poet) famous words: “We only part to meet again.”

I think, Kaneki and Touka deserve the golden pride award in this discipline. To be honest, I wish, they would stop repeating this quote over and over again… (ಥ__ಥ) Sensei, make your mind up!

Another important reason is perhaps their relationship development itself. They started out as strangers who didn’t know how to deal with each other. They didn’t get along well together; they are different as night and day, but at the same time they complement each other perfectly. He deals with the rough side of her tongue and her tomboyish behavior without complaining. And he who plants kindness gathers her acceptance/respect/trust, because it caused Touka to think about her behavior. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ One reason why she was softening later. While Kaneki’s mother almost never had the time to spend with him, he stayed in his father’s study room. His mother didn’t have the strength, the resolve to turn back. And that’s why he never got an ability to gain strength. But with Touka he had the chance to change that to a certain degree, because she spent a long time training with him. He needs someone to push his limits. The once strangers became close.

I am in love all these little things. Sorry, I couldn’t have written a shorter response. Somehow I can’t explain it simply; maybe the roots of my OTP love began to grow too deep. I’m pretty sure there are other things I could list, but the reply is already so long. You may understand me better when you have read it. After all this only my opinion. People see it differently and I’m absolutely fine with their thoughts. If you don’t like them in this way, you are free to do so, sweety. ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ I must say, I’m embarrassed by the way I answer it, because it sounds a little bit sentimental. They ruined me. No, Sensei ruined me. Though, I’m quite proud to support them. One major reason why I started “choukoto” over a month ago. If i think about it long enough, I could cry… lol. Narw, it was impossible to formulate a perfectly unbiased opinion with “this kind of question”: I want to apologize, if I offended someone.

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i had a lot of respect for you as an artist but i'm pretty disappointed in you doing femslash february and your recent obsession with yuri. don't you think that's kind of fetishizing lesbians?

maybe it would be, if i weren’t a lesbian myself?

i’m actually going to answer this seriously because it’s something i want to talk about. 

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I think I am about to leave the fandom. I was a Larry believer, but I can't for the life of me understand why Louis is looking so happy in the UK, while Harry is miserable and drunk in LA. I don't think they're together anymore. They both said that "home" is their favorite place to be. Why wouldn't they both be in UK? They didn't have to leave on the same plane. I am so heartbroken, which is why I have to leave. We fans have to face reality - they are broken. Do you agree?


Imagine yourself in a similar scenario with another person.  You’ve been together and in love for years since the two of you were impressionable teenagers, and because you’re both each other’s first true loves you’re obnoxiously giddy with the very idea of being a couple.

For the first few months of your relationship, you’re going to be pretty starstruck, clingy and possessive so infatuated with one another that any time spent apart is time wasted (in fact, the prospect of living together in one room for four months is heaven on earth *cough cough*).  All in all, you’re very dependent on one another, and maybe to an unhealthy extent.  It’s sweet, puppy love, endearing to anyone nearby, but you’re miserable whenever you’re apart.  (This explains a lot of why Harry and Louis used to look so tired and gloomy whenever they weren’t together for a long time).  

Overtime, however, the relationship is going to evolve.  You’ll experience less of a sappy-whipped-starstruck complex and more of a fond-bickering-teasing complex as you get more used to one another and stop trying so, so hard to impress one another (note fonding, bickering, teasing, and domestic!Larry here) - because you don't need to prove your worthiness to each other anymore; you don’t feel the need to live up to a certain standard when you’re around your significant other - they’ll simply understand that you’re someone they want to keep around, and vise versa.  By now, you’ve noted each other’s flaws and silver linings, you’ve gotten to know the deepest and darkest parts of one another, and if you're still together, that’s pretty incredible.  Think of the way you act around a family member or a best friend - sometimes you’re lazy, sometimes you don’t bother making an effort around them with appearances or social exchanges, because you know that they’ll be there with you no matter what.  This evolution is not the loss of any “spark” or “magic” as many people think - this is the relationship becoming healthier and more comfortable.  

Hopefully, after a certain amount of time, you and your significant other will reach a point where you’re not completely dependent upon each other anymore, where neither of you are miserable if you’re separated for a few days.  You’ll miss each other and look forward to the other’s return, yes, but you won’t be so insecure and addicted to the relationship as to let any separation dictate the complex.  You won’t pine and sulk and be grouchy about all other aspects of your life, because you know they’ll be back, and you know your relationship is strong enough that something as stupid as spending a few days apart isn’t going to ruin it.  You’re in a stable, healthy, comfortable, and comforting relationship.  

The fact is, if Harry and Louis have been together for four solid years and they still grow miserable and insecure when the other isn’t around, I’d be very, very concerned because that does not indicate a healthy relationship. The fact that Harry and Louis are still able to enjoy themselves when not in one another’s company and yet still return to each other with the excitement and fondness for one another that they have is incredible, and it indicates that their relationship is in a  good place, considering the stress of the closeting, the publicity, and the propaganda they face every day.  We cannot underestimate the phenomenon that this relationship is, because they’re pretty much up against the world, but they’ve still been happily together for over four years.  

Even if they were having any obvious problems (which, from what I can see, they’re not), I wouldn’t be worried, because obviously every couple has ups and downs.  They are not immune to that, and if they have had arguments or rough patches in the past, that's fine, because that's normal, and it wouldn’t ruin they’re entire relationship.

There are also a lot of possible explanations for the causes of your doubts. We cannot assume either of them are unhappy at the moment on the basis of a few candids, and even if it was agreed that Harry looked “miserable” and Louis looked “happy,” theres absolutely nothing to suggest that it’s because of each other - they are not the only people in one another’s lives. We also can’t assume that they’re in their respective locations by their own choices.  For all we know, syco might have wanted Louis in the UK for PR, and Harry in LA for business and/or production (*cough* Azoff).  I personally don’t see any basis for concern at all in the current situation.

Doubt happens to every shipper, regardless of how whipped we are for these boys; that’s human nature, we are SUPPOSED to be skeptical.  The thing is, modest and the general homophobic/delusional population have been so bloody incessant about inducing doubt in larry shippers that it’s inevitable we’re going to be affected by that.  H and L could come out and get married and there would still be people thinking it was a big conspiracy.  My advice to you is to consider the matter as whole and look at it with consideration to all aspects.  Also, remember that we only see a fraction of what actually goes on between the two of them - and from what we have seen, the boys should be in a pretty good place. 

-Lily xx

windycitydreamer  asked:

I respect your opinion, but I find it unfortunate that you have joined the hyperventilating masses in crying "racism" with the Ferguson event. We don't even have the most basic facts in this case. How can you be so sure? Wisdom is displayed through PATIENCE, and waiting to hear all sides of an event. With the release of the video proving a criminal event leading up to the confrontation, it is clear there was more to this than random "racial murder." It's not wrong to exemplify due process.

Hey my friend, I’m glad you respect my opinion.  Here is my attempt at a sane response since I’m part of the “hyper-ventilating masses.”  Good one, by the way. I did chuckle.

- Here is the most basic fact: A college-bound student is dead.  He was shot by the police.  I don’t ever want to be so cold that I can talk about a dead young man without grieving for his family.  Let’s forget the race-thing for a second.  This is a people-thing.  A human thing.  If he was your brother or son or dad, maybe this would be a different conversation.  The fact that we’re even talking about this is much more of a privilege than Michael Brown will ever get.  I mean it’s just crazy to me that we all continue to turn people into politics and platforms, like I’m doing right now, and the whole thing breaks my heart.

- I agree that we must wait for the evidence to come out.  I agree that we must have due process.  I guess I’m just a little taken aback that this is such a prominent response among the internet community, when my first response before anything else would be grief and sympathy.  Maybe it’s just me, but I’m seeing too many blogs and comments that are only talking about “waiting” instead of grieving.  Even if I was a police officer, I wouldn’t walk up to the Brown family and say (your quote), “Wisdom is displayed through PATIENCE, and waiting to hear all sides of an event.”  If you could really say that to the Brown family, then you are much tougher than me, my friend.

- The video you’re talking about shows Michael Brown stealing a box of cigars.  There’s no definitive proof that the cigar-stealing incident is connected with the shooting, and in fact, the police didn’t even approach Brown as a suspect before he was shot.  So the “criminal event” is unrelated according to the police officers themselves. 

- Let’s say it’s true: He stole a box of cigars.  Once I stole a pack of Legos and some Crayola markers from Walgreens.  I’m grateful that the police didn’t shoot me multiple times, even if I would’ve fought them. 

- There is already tons of evidence that police officers are more likely to shoot unarmed black men.  The study that’s cited, by the way, is a study I learned for my Psych degree, and it’s definitely no secret that a lot of police brutality (and brutality in general) is racially related. 

- While it’s possible that some feelings of racism could be a “persecution complex,” to even remotely neglect race as a non-factor is exactly why minorities scramble for a voice.  When we homogenize a social issue with our own idealistic picture by saying “leave race out of it,” then this diminishes the true complexity of a human situation, and you would actually be limiting your intellectual arsenal to deal with the variables of our social fabric.  I hardly ever pull the race-card, but when I do, I never do that lightly.  I can’t speak for anyone else, but I speak for me when I say: my own race is an important part of my identity, and to begin the path to ignore my race is also to ignore me.  You have the right to do that, but then I retain the right to consider you a racist.

- I’m assuming you’re referring to my post about Michael Brown and the events of Ferguson.  I tried to be as balanced as possible, to differentiate between rioting and protesting, and I wanted to bring it around to the fact that a young man is dead.  If you think I’m bandwagoning, that’s okay.  But it’s just too easy to paint someone as part of the “bandwagon,” because when you broadstroke someone, then from another point of view, you’re also part of a bandwagon.  Trust me, I’m praying for the police.  I’m praying for the protesters.  I hope for peace on all sides of this.

- Here’s the reason I even bring up race at all.  It’s because unless you’re a young black man in America, you have no idea what it’s like to be a young black man in America.  We have zero idea of the pain they experience when they’re empirically more likely to be arrested or beat up by police than everyone else.  A criminal deserves discipline: but if I were to place the same pattern of police brutality for black men over Asians, then I would be scared out of my damn mind. The events in Ferguson partially reflect a culture of fear surrounding the enigmatic “young black male at large” in the media.  Again, you can choose to ignore this, but I just can’t.  I won’t.

- One of the more important things here is that we have a sane conversation about these things.  Perhaps I’m wrong, but the tone of your message suggests a tone of debate, and I’m not interested in that at all.  I’ve been blogging long enough to get jaded on that sort of thing.  I’m not here to change your mind or convert you to my opinion.  I don’t intend to cause more divisiveness or conflict.  I just want healing, for a world that’s really screwed up right now.  That’s it.  And sometimes that means caring about what other people care about, even when it might seem silly to you.  Maybe then it wouldn’t take the loss of someone like Michael Brown to make people speak up, and maybe if we care enough in the first place, it could save lives.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, fellow traveler.

— J.S.

North & South bagginshield AU

Right, so I’ve finally admitted to myself that I’m never going to get around to writing this. 

Have my notes below the cut, in case you have been thinking about something similar and wanna go for it. Use them with my blessing.

I was going to simply title it: East and West, as that’s both a good nod to the original and works really bloody well considering Erebor and the Shire.

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Natalia Kills basically just asked people to stop bullying girls for being skinny? like I get that skinny shaming isn't as bad/prevalent as fat-shaming, but it's not like she was rude to fat people. In school I was called a skinny bitch all the time and people said I was anorexic and asked if I threw up every time I got back from the bathroom. Like I agree that fat-positivity is great but I don't think shaming skinny women is the way to do it. its just another way to pit women against each other

okay first of all, I’m so sorry you were bullied in school (for anything, let alone your size, which is something that’s out of your control) and it’s so sad to me that people trivialize the severity of eating disorders by using them as a cheap insult to attack skinny girls with; that’s something that, no matter how many times I see/hear it happen, just breaks my heart. I by no means want to belittle your personal struggles, and I wholeheartedly agree that the fat/skinny divide is just another way to pit women against each other. however, as in any situation of oppression (racism, sexism, etc.) it is the responsibility of the privileged (read: thin) to stand up for the oppressed (read: fat) by listening to their point of view and challenging the systems that oppress them (even if they themselves benefit from said systems - which thin people do) and not try to compare their own perceived ‘reverse oppression’ with a much larger, institutionalized issue. so in your case, I would ask you to recall how painful it was for you to be bullied for your size in school, and think about what it would be like to feel that way all the time, because everywhere you turned, what those people were saying to you was reinforced and validated across every medium in every sphere of society/culture. then consider that the fat-shaming/skinny-shaming ‘debate’ is an incredibly lopsided issue, and for that reason it’s important that skinny women not take offense to any little thing (such as ‘anaconda’) that does not prioritize them.

additionally, telling people ‘to stop bullying girls for being skinny’ is not all natalia did. she spoke out about something that bothered her (which is fine) but she backed it up with a lot of nonsense and ‘facts’ that simply aren’t true. for instance, saying ‘smaller-framed models’ are used in ads so as not to distract from the product is not only kind of offensive/ignorant, but also just straight-up FALSE. advertisers cast people they deem to be ~visually appealing~ to sell their products/services (and usually that ‘appeal’ is based strictly on sexiness), so she was just pulling ‘proof’ out of her ass to back up her own warped logic, which is that skinny women are oppressed and are not validated and upheld by societal standards when they absolutely are. so at that point it becomes obvious that she’s not only standing up for skinny girls (who imo are not even being ~attacked~ in ‘anaconda’, but I’ll get to that in a minute), but she’s trying to paint herself and other skinny girls as the ‘victims’ of a song that is, quite frankly, not about them at all.

now, people have written far more insightful and eloquent things about ‘anaconda’ (the song and video) than I ever could, but it is essentially about female empowerment and owning your sexuality and its priority is TAKING THE POWER AWAY FROM MEN (the power of the male gaze, the power to determine what is considered ‘sexy’, the power in relationships, etc.) - it’s only at the end that she says ‘f*ck those skinny bitches’… it shouldn’t be the focus of the song, especially when all that part really meant was ‘I’m fed up with this heavily-perpetuated image of the ideal ‘skinny body’ following me everywhere so you know what, f*ck that, let’s make some room for my fat girls! they deserve for once to be at the forefront and be celebrated because they’re beautiful too and if you’re skinny I’m sorry you’re gonna have to deal with that’… yet a lot of skinny women have taken offense to it and it sort of echoes this trend of privileged groups making everything about themselves and taking offense when the oppressed speak out and challenge them (or they feel like they personally are being challenged - even attacked - when really it’s the institutions/powers that be that give them their privilege in question)… so I think a lot of people’s frustration comes from the fact that natalia and others like her are focusing on the one detail of a song that they feel is targeting them instead of recognizing why nicki and the bigger women she’s standing up for/celebrating actually feel the way they do. like you said, fat-positivity is great, but skinny women need to take part in it too.

lastly, and maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but tbqh I don’t really think what nicki minaj did was even ‘skinny-shaming’ in the first place. she jokingly used the term ’skinny bitches’ (and lbr ’skinny bitch’ is hardly a pejorative - it’s the name of a bestselling diet book for crying out loud and basically represents a standard we as women are supposed to aspire to, a goal we should be trying to reach) to cast aside the importance of the idealized ‘thin body’ and instead focus on celebrating bigger women. (and nobody seems to be pointing out that she called those girls ‘fat ass big bitches’ and they’re the ones being celebrated.) the bottom line is when people like natalia take such a lighthearted part of a song that’s meant to be uplifting to women who are constantly marginalized and made to feel less-than/unworthy and make it about them and focus on how ~bad~ it makes them feel, it’s kind of a slap in the face to bigger women who are made to feel that way all the time. so, at the risk of sounding insensitive, I think she and other thin women are blowing the whole thing way out of proportion and making themselves seem incredibly ignorant and insensitive to others (whether or not they are) when all they really need to do is listen.

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Hahahaha how about Ward asking FitzSimmons' approval if he can take Skye out on a date. After they say their answer, they ask him to ask May too. After May answers, she tells him to ask Coulson too. Then after that, finally he asks Skye (The team is protective over Skye okay hahaha)

With all the aos angst recently i think a fluff fic is needed

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