also i need the 3rd book now

SJM at the Singapore Event (March 2016):

Pointers we know about acotar (but I’ll type in a few only):

1. ACOMAF will have a wider/bigger map. Basically like filled up pieces of Pyrathian, whereas the 3rd book will have the complete map.

2. ACOMAF should also have a tagline “Now with 400% more sexy times”. Maas confesses that she has banned her family from reading this book.

3. Sarah J Mass had written ACOTAR in 2009 (before ToG was even published) and yes, as of right now she has the entire series with her. It just needs to be published since she had all this time been revising what to do with the story.

4. Now that Feyre is a Fae, she will be in equal par and full senses to combat any danger/enemy. Literal quote from SJM: ‘the action will be horrible….and funny too’.

5. ACOMAF will disclose many secrets at the same time as Feyre grows into her new world.

Well, it seems like Sarah really love to cause hysteria. Now the 3rd ACOTAR book has a release date: May 2nd, 2017. And the title will be revealed soon.

Also, since I know that Bloomsbury has turned into a money grubbing jerk, I need to start saving a lot of money. Because I know that after ACOMAF and EoS aftermath, they will at least published 3 exclusive editions of this book and I will still throw my money at them. (I hate myself for it, whyyyy)