also i need cp

One of the Pokestops closest to my house was just replaced by a gym! And a new Pokestop popped up right next to it!

That’s super convenient!! Before, there weren’t any gyms in view from my house and I had to walk far to get to one. And it just happened to be friendly today so I finally got my first Ace Trainer medal! Earned some XP, too! I kept at it for a while and did some experimenting with different Pokemon placement and I was able to defeat 4 of the gym guardians!

As soon as I left (because it was getting late) it started losing the prestige I gave it and another team has it now, but the fact that I was able to get that far in training means I could probably handle an actual battle now if I’m careful about it (and I will be).

so i didn’t know that Neil casually/accidentally wearing a crop top was a kink of mine??

- neil stumbling out of the bedroom in the morning with bed hair and wearing an old dryer-shrunken exy shirt
- that’s tight around his broad shoulders and wayyyy too short neilhowdidyounotnotice
- and andrew’s eyes go directly to his toned, tan stomach
- and Neil smiles really affectionately and sleepily at him and keeps walking to the kitchen
- so andrew gets a perfect view as he walks away of his tapered waist and the dimples on his lower back
- andrew had stopped talking to Nicky mid-sentence (not that Nicky noticed, he’s too busy staring at that fine piece of- neil too), and now he looks back at Nicky and growls “get out”
- and then he’s throwing himself over the back of the couch and heading towards neil
- who is now leaning against the counter and watching andrew’s approach
- I can’t decide if he has a shitty face because he knows exactly what he’s doing by wearing that ‘shirt’ or if he has whydoesandrewlooklikehesgoingtokillme face because he actually has no idea what he’s doing
- Andrew takes the coffee mug out of Neil’s hands and puts it on the counter next to them, gets in real close and asks, deep and gravely, “yes or no”
- Neil’s eyes widen and he says “yes” (soft and mumbly ‘cause he’s still waking up)((friends sleepy neil kills me))
- andrew puts his hands on Neil’s waist, lets his fingers trail up under the hem of the shirt, feeling both the silky smooth (and warm, so warm) skin and the striations of Neil’s scars
- Neil doesn’t say anything, he just watches Andrew’s enraptured face
- There’s a minute or two of Andrew just touching Neil and running his hands (and maybe mouth once or twice) over Neil’s bared skin
- and then Andrew’s hands move back up Neil’s sides again but take the fabric with them and neil gets the hint
- then they do it in the kitchen
- Neil keeps the shirt and maybe ‘accidentally’ shrinks a few more

idk just forever give me Neil not knowing how stupidly attractive he is and Andrew having problems keeping his hands off because of it

“Jack is a food photographer with a very popular blog who finds inspiration in pastry chef Bitty, owner of a tiny downtown bakery. Things seems to go well until Jack starts to take less pictures of the food, and more of the baker himself…" (insp + thanks to @itsybittle for the caption)


this is mostly because @fabtrek and i were talking the other night about how the judges on Chopped Canada are so much MEANER than the Chopped U.S judges; and also bc i NEED a FoodNetwork!AU in the cp ‘verse :~)

(more under the cut bc this got SO DARN LONG oh my goodness)

  • bitty as that one chef that can pull off ANY baked good in 30 minutes ?? the judges see him pulling out ingredients for pastry and IMMEDIATELY start screaming internally bc they really hoped they weren’t going to have to eat any kind of raw dough but then . the judges blink and suddenly there are golden mini pies sitting prettily on plates ?? they’re not really complaining but they just want to know H O W ??

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