also i might add more later

Some Jacob Frye Headcanons
  • He’s a literal radiator. Good luck sleeping with him in the summer
  • He always has to sleep hugging something, wether it be a pillow or otherwise ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
  • He looooooves when his LI runs their hands through his hair, especially when they go slow and tug at the strands- he literally turns to putty and its a huge turn on
  • He has an enormous sweet tooth like any sensible man child
  • he especially adores chocolate
  • He literally dumps half a bag of sugar into his tea I don’t think you understand like how much he loves sugar ?!?? 
  • Speaking of tea, that’s like the one thing he can actually make really well
  • He loves to play with kids
  • He especially likes to give them piggy back rides
  • He purposely runs super slow when playing tag and totally lets them win about 99% of the time
  • He has a weakness for babies, and is totally willing to hold them for hours on end
  • you will without a doubt catch him making silly faces at said babies 
  • He would be that parent that checks for monsters under the bed

I was gonna do a bunch more with Tsuyu holding his books, Todoroki holding his lunch tray while they tried to find a table, Kirishima holding Izuku on his back while Kaminari tried out the crutches

but I got really worn out cause I’ve been working on these since 11 this morning


okk here are those quick refs I mentioned, I never made this sort of refs before so I’m not sure exactly what you need to know, so there are some back/fronts

I also added some shoes and versions of outfits with less skin exposed in case you’re not comfortable with tha t

also in case of characters that are wearing more regular tshirts (like Roxy, Sollux and Jake) be free to add their “symbol” on them if you want!

you can find better views/different angles on some things on this tag!

some of my personal mercykill headcanons :

  • [happy part ヽ(͡◕ ͜ʖ ͡◕)ノ] 
  • Gabe & Angie are shameless gossipers ; they’re sharing together every bit of private information they know about their teammates and go fishing for more any occasion they get. They’re also casually judging people on the street to pass time.
  • Gabriel has a terrible sense of fashion when he’s out of his uniform, and it drives Angie crazy to see him going outside in a 10-years old dirty sweat pants so she often has to take matters in hand.
  • They didn’t tell anyone when they started dating, and kept it low-key because rules, but they didn’t make an effort to hide it either. The first to notice was Ana, and then an unfortunate McCree who walked in on them. The rest of the team eventually started to figure it out one by one, still without making any fuss about it. One day they grew tired of discretion and started showing it and only Jack was like “OMG WTF??” and everybody else gave him shit for being such an oblivious dweeb. 
  • They have polar opposites tastes in music, Gabriel listen to the same hip-hop & rap CDs he had in his youth (that she finds violent and repulsive), while Angela likes feminine pop-singers and Irish music (which he mocks like an asshole). Over the years though they managed to find a common ground for car-trips in classic old rock singers like Queen.
  • They’re both really into fitness (albeit different disciplines, Gabe more into making all kind of gains and Angie into yoga and dance) and some of their first dates was just going jogging together.
  • Angela is complete and utter shit at cooking and actually has very unhealthy habits of snacking in front of her computer when she works (and she works a lot). She also consumes more coffee than the population of a small country and sometimes only that for a day. Gabriel has to forcibly drag her away from her papers and properly sit her at a table to make her eat correctly.

  • [sad part (´ಥ ͜ʖಥ)♡] 
  • Gabriel struggled with alcohol in his youth but got clean by the time he got into Overwatch. However he fell back in it when things got shitty and this contributed to escalate the bad situation with Jack.
  • At first they tried to leave Overwatch-matters out of their relationship, but they started arguing about it more and more often, to a point where they decided to break up. She thought it’d be a temporary thing until the bad situation settled, but that’s when he decided to blow himself up.
  • After her resurrection attempt, it was hard for her to go back to their apartment, so she decided to move back to old relatives in her hometown. When Gabriel started to reform in a more or less conscious shape however, he tried to go home to find her, only to see the place empty. This abandonment and perceived betrayal is one of the key factor that made him hate and resent her, and not even trying to contact her ever again.
  • She started smoking like a chimney shortly after.

  • [bittersweet part (͡• ͜໒ ͡• )]
  • Rekindling their old flame was very complicated with all the shit that happened and still is going on but they took it slow by just focusing on improving Gabe’s condition. Even on that they argued, as he refused to be completely reverted back, feeling that his powers were now part of his identity. The therapy also made his mood shift quite abruptly and he almost quit more than once - sometimes just out of anger, sometimes because he realized what a burden he was for her. 
  • The key point in their new relationship is when the treatment managed to give back his tactile senses to Gabriel. He was previously able to grab and hold stuff but without any sensory information. Feeling Angela’s cold hand as she was waiting outside for him to come back after one of his tantrums made him stick with the therapy for good.
  • The first good thing that came out of it is that he also gained back his olfactory senses, but he was so sensitive from it that he just couldn’t bear the slightest smell of smoke from her so she had to quit smoking almost immediately.
Favorite Things from Star Wars

Cause why not? 


Droideka (Destroyer Droids) Cause they’re rollypolly shielded bastards

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BB-8. Because BB-8

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Rey and Finn I mean, Look at these dorks!

HK-47 “Request: Please click the link to see why HK is such a wonderful droid, Meatbag. Else you will be viciously shot and then killed.”


General Grievous A character that HUNTS JEDI FOR SPORT! And He’s a really unique looking cyborg.

The Clone Commandos Coolest Space soldiers EVER!

Imperial Probe Droid There’s something REALLY cool about this droid I’ve always loved.

Captain Phasma A badass female in practical armor. Also she has a cape!

There are all I can think of ATM. Might add more later. IDK


NEW JOURNAL PAGES!! My collection of sigils and symbols is finally beginning to grow. I decided to start out I’d only write in the ones I’m familiar with and use in my own whatever projects. Later down the line I might add more cause as I continue with my studies I’m finding more symbols that could come in handy later :)

Also another insert pic I made cause I had some free space. (written/drawn back in January) Inspired by @anothersusurrus because she’s my lovely lady Sprout VuV and the quote was for myself cause I was having an off day ;)


Under the cut is ### lines from the classic stars ranging from the 1920′s onward which I think can be used as verse names. I think they’re all kind of cute and interesting and different because of where they’ve been sourced from. You can like & reblog if you find this at all helpful. I’ll probably add onto this at a later date; since there’s so many talented individuals I missed out. ( I got a bit lazy near the end; so I will go through the later artists later on as well as adding more. I also tried my best to label each song with the right performer but they’ve all covered each others’ stuff and so some of it might be wrong. )

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Shaved Sides for Elves // Available on Nexus

About this Mod

  • Replaces this hairstyle
  • The original scalp is the pulled back hair.
  • Alternate Scalp is offered in an optional mod. It replaces the scalp with a shaved side instead.  (Will not work with methods below)
  • Note: You may also install Lycoteuthis’s Alternate Sidecut in any variation for a different scalp than I have provided. (My Em cropped hair will do the same thing)
  • Shown with my own hair texture (Darker), I don’t know what it will look like with other textures.
  • I have no idea if it will work with trespasser.
  • might add more versions at a later date

Other Mods Shown

Lush Lashes by Shosholada

Fen Harel Vallaslin
Black Skyhold outfit for Female Elves
Female Complexion A (This and That)
Isabela Complexion for M/F
Koric’s Hair Retexture
Just Another Eye Texture

All by me, all can be found here in some capacity

Elf Male skyhold outfit

A little update regarding the Joker Game game project.

The game:

Otome game styled, in which you’ll be helping the eight spies, along with the exhausted Sakuma, with an important case while building your relationship with them. Your different choices will lead to different endings.

The game is still in the work and ideas might change but here are somethings to expect:

  • You name the main the character and will later on in the game be able to also add a nickname to be called.
  • There is going to be more than one ending, and I’ll be revealing later the exact amount of endings.
  • The game will be available to download along with being able to playing it online. More details regarding the downloadable version and which platforms it’ll support will be announced later on as I’m still working on that, but I’ll try my best to make it available for both Windows and Mac users.
  • Expect the game to be ready in the first half of 2017.

Now, if you’re interested in joining, firstly I want to thank everyone who has taken part so far. I had been hoping to get at least ten different artists, so each character would have a different artist not including the side characters, and I’ve gotten the help of eleven different artists, so thank you so much ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I’ve just sent you all the characters you’ll be required to draw along with additional details. If you’re an artist and just coming across this and interested in joining, then send me a message! There are still spots open for more characters! 

Other than that, here are somethings I could use some help in right now:

  • Graphics: Such as the save/load buttons and the different menu’s buttons.
  • Background art
  • Ideas regarding the different situations to be put in and places to visit in the game during the investigation.

I’ll be making other posts later on if I need any more help and letting you know if there is another way you could take part in this.  Please don’t be hesitant to send in your ideas and I’m looking forward to hearing from all of you (*^▽^)/

Fire Emblem Heroes is kind of taking over my gaming life–I’ve hardly touched Marvel Puzzle Quest since I picked FE:H up, I’m just barely managing to keep up with the daily rewards, never mind actually bothering to get the 3* cover from the Deadpool Daily event.  But, honestly, I’d rather spend the time playing more FE:H and crying about fictional space monks with laser swords.

Also, I’m getting closer to having another 20 orbs and I’m thinking that, since I have 5* Lucina and 5* m!Robin, I might want to hold off to see if the game adds more characters later, since there’s really not one that I can think of that I’m super, super invested in getting and orbs are probably going to be pretty limited in the game.  I mean, right now you’re getting 2 orbs/day, but I assume that’s just a launch promotional thing, rather than that it’ll continue through a few months from now.

THIS IS THE HARD PART OF STARTING OUT WITH NEW GAMES, they’re still in progress and, sure, you get more rewards for being there from the beginning but also SO MUCH IS UP IN THE AIR???

“I can’t believe the day would ever come…

…when I would think of tomorrow, and look forward to it.”

Might add a background to this later. Really enjoying The Ancient Magus Bride! Struggling with making anatomy more flowey and flexible, I feel as though they’re both really stiff in this picture and I can’t figure out how to get both of them to appear more fluid. 

also unintentional 06.16.16 finish date lol

A RhFe one shot for Valentine's Day

I might add more to this later but here you go. (Also this hasn’t been beta read…)

Prompt: “Calm down, it’s not that big of a deal.”
“Well call me crazy, but as far as I’m concerned, receiving death threats is kind of a big deal!”

Rhodey glared at the letters in front of him. How dare someone send this to his husband.
“Calm down, it’s not that big of a deal.” Tony pleaded as he shifted from side to side. His husbands sharp gaze turned to Tony.
“Well call me crazy, but as far as I’m concerned, receiving death threats is kind of a big deal!” He grit out as he began pacing the room. Rhodey mumbled under his breath about security measures and not leaving Tony’s side. Tony stared fondly at his gorgeous husband. This wasn’t anything new to him, he had been getting death threats for years, but no one had reacted quite like this. God did Tony love him.
Tony got up out of his chair and walked over to Rhodey. He was still ranting about the letters when Tony stopped in front of him. Reaching his hands up to hold Rhodey’s face Tony placed a soft kiss on his husbands lips. When they parted Tony grinned at him.
“You know honey bear,” He drawled, “I love it when you get overprotective.” Once again their lips met. Only this time the kiss turned demanding and passionate. When they pulled away for air they both stood their in silence.
When Rhodey caught his breath he said, “I love you too Tones. But you aren’t getting out of having extra security.” Tony blanched at that. However he didn’t argue against it right away. He would have plenty of time to do that. For now, he just wanted to kiss his Rhodey. So that’s what he did.


Note to self: be careful when selling “useless” materials. You might need 10 of them later

…Also to add insult to injury, those are actually the more COMMON drop from that enemy, yet somehow I ended up with like 23 Quality Plungers (which have a 26.3% spawn rate as opposed to the Refined part Ls 73.7%)

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Tips for writing about French-speaking characters speaking in English

Here are some tips that nobody asked for on how to write French-speaking characters speaking in English. Please fill free to add more information and/or provide feedback and corrections. Please note that a number of these are also based on some linguistics stereotypes and not ALL Francophone communities and individuals across the planet speak the same way, but these tips simply serve to help you get started.

1. French and English share a shockingly large amount of vocabulary, and unfortunately many of those words are false friends or have slightly different meanings in either language. I’m not going to give a language lesson, but here are a few common words that French-speakers tend to use more when speaking in English due to the false-friends/semantics drift issue:

- ‘to demand’ (from French demander, ‘to request’) rather than ‘to ask’ or ‘to request’

- ‘not/less expensive’ instead of ‘cheap’ (there is no French equivalent for the word, they just say pas cher, ‘not expensive’)

- ‘superficial’ or ‘not deep’ rather than ‘shallow’

- for less fluent speakers, ‘to precise’ (from French préciser) to mean ‘to specify’ or ‘to state’ (a fact or information such as in official forms etc.)

- ‘good’ rather than ‘right’ or ‘correct’; conversely, ‘not good’ rather than ‘wrong’

2. French speakers tend to follow the American standard of English due to historical relations and the popularity of American TV and pop culture. Hence, they say ‘pants’ instead of ‘trousers’ and spell the word as ‘color’ instead of ‘colour’.

3. Certain phrases are said a little differently.

- ‘What age have you? I have XX years’ (of age).

- ‘What hour is it?’ to mean ‘What time is it?’

- ‘It is two (o’clock) in the afternoon’. They rarely ever say ‘It is 2 PM.’

- ‘I/You do not have the right to….’ to mean ‘I/You are not allowed to/not supposed to/forbidden from…’

- ‘I can’t do nothing.’ to mean ‘I can’t do anything.’

- ‘to pose a question’ instead of ‘to ask a question.’

- ‘to go up’ or ‘to get down from’ a car rather than ‘to get in/to get out of’ said car.

- French speakers use possessives with nouns/noun phrases differently. They usually say ‘the life of your father’ or ‘the bag of Annie’ and rarely ‘your father’s life’ or ‘Annie’s bag’.

4. French speakers use expletives and swear words more liberally than native English speakers, especially in southern France. Even a prim French grandma may be tempted to spit out an f-bomb or five! Have fun learning some common French cuss-words!

- Merde (rhymes with ‘weird’): shit; the most commonly used swear word especially up in northern France and the Paris region)

- Putain (pew-tang): ’whore’; same effect as ‘fuck’, harsher and less common than merde, used often in southern France. Used as an expletive rather than an insult.

- Pute (pewt): whore/bitch; used to insult a woman

- Fils de pute (fees-duh-pewt): son of a whore/bitch, used to insult a man or as an expletive

- Enculé (on-queue-lay): literally ’ass-fucked’; same effect as ‘fucker’, use only when you want to challenge someone to a legit fist-fight

- Connard (con-are): asshole

- Connasse (con-arse): bitch; sometimes used humorously on a woman with similar effect as the English ‘you lucky dog/bitch’

- Salope (sa-low-p): bitch

- Salaud (sa-low): bastard; sometimes used humorously on a guy with similar effect as the English ‘you lucky dog’

- Con (kong): idiot (male)

- Conne (con, but with strongly-stressed N): idiot (female)

- Niques ta mère (nick-tar-mare): ‘fuck your mother’. DO NOT use unless you’re ready for a legit fist-fight. Really, don’t.

5. Some common French-speaker habits:

- Say ‘aïe!’ (rhymes with ‘buy’ and the Spanish ay!) instead of ‘ouch!’

- When stumped by a question or organizing their thoughts, they do one of the following: (a) shrug, (b) let out a long ‘uuuuuuh’ or © blow air through closed lips, making a sound like a motorcycle engine. I don’t know what this action is called so please somebody let me know, but for now I’ll call it the French sigh.

- Do the ‘French sigh’ as described above in place of a regular sigh in similar situations: when one is tired, frustrated, sad or disappointed.

- Say ‘bless you’ when someone sneezes, regardless if either one is Christian or not. (In French it would be à tes/vos souhaits, literally ‘to your wishes’, implying that may your wishes come true). On the other hand, they hardly ever say ‘bless you’ as a way of showing gratitude someone.

- Say ‘happy holidays’ (bonnes fêtes, bon-fat) on Christmas to friends and outsiders, especially to non-Christians or if their religion is not known. Otherwise, they use the more traditional greeting ‘Merry Christmas’ (Joyeux Noël, jou-wah-yeuh no-el).

6. Some bad stereotypes of French citizens/speakers to get rid off.

- ‘French speakers are all white.’ WRONG-O. French speakers are racially diverse even within the birth country of the language. Remember that French is also a common language or even an official or co-official language in various countries in the Arab World (Morocco, Tunisia and Lebanon to name a few), western and central Africa, Madagascar, Mauritius, French Guiana in South America, Haiti, the Caribbean, and several French overseas territories in the Pacific. It is also the language of the educated elites in former French Indochina in Asia (Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam).

- ‘French speakers are too proud of their language to speak English’. Perhaps so in Napoleon’s time, but modern native French speakers understand and appreciate the special position of English as the de facto international language and the language of business and STEM fields. Most are trying to pick up English in school, college or evening classes. Many in fact understand English, but are simply shy when forced to speak English themselves, and they might be embarrassed by their less-than-perfect fluency or unusual accent. Be encouraging and generous with compliments, they respond well to help and praise!

- ‘The French hate England and America’. Hoo boy you could not be more wrong. The French LOVE American TV and pop-culture. Going to America or the UK to study/vacation/work is something to brag about, as is having a British or American partner. Plus they love your charming accents when you try to speak in French! However, the French might complain that you guys don’t know how to make good coffee!

- ‘Champagne is cheaper than water in France’. Mm-hmm, and that’s why champagne flows out of kitchen faucets in Paris and you can get sloshed just by taking a dip in a public pool. Seriously, people.


So I had this idea for a 1920s Eddsworld , I might make a comic out of it  depends really, well here’s how I imagined the characters EDD- Stage hand for a Movie set/ painter MATT- Semi-famous actor TOM- Production assistant (also for a movie set) / Tap dancer I am going to add Tord, Pat and Pau later I have no idea what to do with the neighbors welp hope you like it

High School 101

I’m a senior in high school this year and I think I can safely say that I’ve learned how this works. These are the tips that I wish I had had my freshman year of high school.

» Do the homework. I don’t care what the excuse may be, just do it please. For my Freshman and Sophomore year I was a competitive gymnast. I had school from 7am-4pm, then practice (4:15pm-9pm). I wouldn’t get home until almost 10pm and then I would do homework until later than midnight (this was EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK might I add). I spent my junior year in depressive type episodes…AND I STILL PULLED MYSELF TOGETHER JUST LONG ENOUGH TO DO IT. I AM LIVING PROOF THAT IT CAN BE DONE.

» But also don’t be afraid to take a day off. Use these kinds of days for mental recharging and catching up if needed. Don’t do this more than absolutely necessary. Missing classes can actually make it worse sometimes and you can also overdo your allowed absences. Just know your limits and be a good judge of when you should take these days. I try to limit mine to once a semester, tops.

» Write down the email addresses of ALL your teacher’s. This can be so helpful for asking questions! If you’re going to miss a class, email your teacher. They will let you know what you missed most of the time and respect the fact that the student took the initiative to get ahead after not attending the class.

» Also try to make at least one acquaintance/friend in each class so you can create a mutual agreement to share notes and help the other if they miss a day. Trust me, I know it’s hard sometimes but it helps. These can also be valuable people for group projects.

» Speaking of group projects, pick someone who has the same work ethic as you. If you pick someone more driven then you, you will drag them down and make them do all the work, they will hate you for it (trust me). Don’t pick someone less driven than you because then you’ll do the majority of the work. Basically group projects suck and you just have to deal with it.

» You aren’t going to get to be with your friends for every single class, I’m sorry about that. Unluckily for me, I have only shared a class with a friend for a semester in all of my high school experience.

» Don’t be afraid to talk to other people. Chances are, they’re just as afraid to talk to you as you are to them. Sometimes it’s really good to make new friends in high school.

» The probability of you and your middle school BFF being friends all the way through high school is actually really low. People change for the better and just naturally grow apart.

» High school isn’t about relationships. As much as you might want that boyfriend or girlfriend, it probably isn’t worth it in the long run. Young love is really unpredictable. The last thing you want to deal with is a significant other who takes up the time you could be using for that homework. It’ll save you from any heartbreaks or emotion as well.

» High school is about furthering you education! That is the main purpose. Remember this!!!

» The movies lie, it’s not about going to parties every Friday night and doing “teenage things”. Don’t be irresponsible either. No drinking, no drugs, remember that these choices could potentially effect you for the rest of your life.

» Friday nights (for me) are for homework. Do all your homework as soon as possible. Especially on the weekends. If you can get it over with on Friday, you have the rest of the weekend to destress and just enjoy yourself.

» Drink enough water. Please stay hydrated, children. Dehydration is the last thing you want to go along with anything else you might be dealing with.

» and make sure you eat enough as well! If you don’t eat breakfast, try to eat a small, healthy snack sometime before lunch. It will make such a difference in brain power.

» Study snacks are great! I really love almonds or peanut butter on celery. It keeps my brain focused.

» Learn to study in high school, while you still have the chance to acquire that skill before going into college (if that’s the route you chose to take.

» Study with friends. Have study groups when you feel like you need them. Designate a couple days of the week to do homework and studying together! I’ve found that having a friend in the same room, being productive together (even if you aren’t working on the same things) is actually really helpful for motivation. Find places to study outside of each other’s houses: the library, a local coffee shop, the park, etc.

» The pomodoro method works really great for me for everything I do. I use it for all of the work I do outside of school.

» Take care of yourselves please!!! I love you and I know you can do this! You will have rough times but you have to keep pushing. Find your support system, if you don’t have one, come to me and I will try to help in any way that I can!!

Also! It’s almost embarrassing to admit, but I’d pretty much forgotten that I’d finished a chapter for one of my fics… Happens when I don’t post them right away, I guess. Anyway, I hope to reread and refine it later today and then get it up!