also i met them


That’s actually how they first meet/the first time they start talking and Angie always brings this up during arguments to shut Peggy up (insp)


Family Reunion : Holbrook Edition! 📷

From left to right: Erin Holbrook, Riya Chandra, Blanche Holbrook, Marley Holbrook, Lawrence Holbrook, Viola Holbrook, Evan Bellevue. 

  • Katherine: Jack is seriously the biggest prick on the face of the Earth.
  • Race: How do you know him?
  • Katherine: Oh, he’s my boyfriend.

Soooooo, judging solely by a hat and these panels

I’m now wondering if we’ll get to meet another crewmate of Roger in Wano 


hi this is my girlfriend Ann and her girlfriend Shiho

Geno’s interview for Maxim (April 2017). 

Big thanks to @atsomnambulist for the help with the translation! 😇

-You live in the United States ten months in a year. What do you miss most about Russia?

- It used to be difficult, my parents did not visit that much. And now I’m comfortable, all who are close and dear to me often visit Pittsburgh. I don’t worry about food, I’m not fussy. What I miss the most is the Russian banya (sauna). Whenever I arrive in Moscow, I immediately go to “Sanduny”. I like to hang out with friends, sometimes in nightclubs too. You get tired of a year of matches and flights across the America, so you need some time to relax.

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i went back to the neighbourhood where i grew up (mostly, i’m still growing) and it was fun but i miss it so so much


So i had an idea to draw out Lammy’s parents 💖

Teh design for Lemons is belong to @hedgiemuffins

I might make more drawings of them later ¯\_(ツ)_/ ¯

(small blurb of things while I wait for my ankle to stop swelling and the painkillers to work… I hope you don’t mind!!)

So I was re-reading your tag “Space Australia” and I had a thought… from the pov of aliens, Oro is p much THE human?? I mean:

  • Will adopt anything that looks like an orphaned being. Smol alien being alone in space? Oro’s now.
  • Also has significant bonding with any alien species that looks like a snake. Has probably tried and successfully pet any last one of them.
  • His experience has an actual 50/50 chance of starting the Armaggedon but somehow??? it always works
  • Has probs eaten things no one should and came out fine
  • Walks out of a crash, ten days later “hey what did I miss? Also here’s my new child, I met them while scavenging for things and you won’t believe what the motors can do now
  • If you try and tell me he didn’t attach a kunai to a snake and named it “Stabby" you’re lying and it definitely happened.

(i’d say i’m sorry but i’m really really not)

anonymous asked:

hey !! (i m a friend of j haha this bby) Can I request some hcs ?? Like s/o's paladins being the lead singer in a band and stuff ? ♡ thank u in advance ur writing is so sweeeeeeet

yEs!1!1! i’m sucker for aus man istg also i did kinda like when s/o met them for the first time

- definitely the lead singer of a rock band
- he and s/o would meet at one of his first gigs
- it would be at a small bar and he’d be performing at a small stage
- s/o was so awed at him
- also shiro is like hella good looking with a plain white t-shirt, black jeans and a leather jacket thrown over
- s/o approached him at the bar after he’s finished a show
- and they were so surprised at his politeness
- and for the fact that he was drinking orange juice
- and god he was blushing madly every time s/o compliments him
- and they both started to talk about rock and shit
- they ended up talking all night
- shiro shyly asks them for their number
- and that was how it started
- once his band got bigger he will want s/o to tag along with him everywhere
- probably makes them a manager or something else
- he’d blush wildly every time interviewers ask about his s/o
- cuddles and tv after shows!
- probably marries s/o in the end man

- is probably in a pop band
- and he’s like the really flirty and precious member in the band that everyone is annoyed with but adores him as well
- writes the best cheesy love songs
- surprisingly he has never really dated anyone
- even though he had people throwing theirselves to him
- he just really wants a serious relationship not the ones that are just playing around
- he met s/o backstage after a concert
- and they were a photographer or a journalist
- and he surprised when they reached a hand out for him to shake
- because he was used to people flirting straightaway  
- he’s think s/o is so pretty
- as he was shaking their hand and introducing themselves he’ll study them
- and for some reason he couldn’t find the courage to flirt with them
- they both end up talking in the tour bus for so long
- he’ll awkwardly ask for their number
- and when they give it to him he’ll be so happy and hug them tightly

- the lead singer of an alternative or punk rock band!
- he’s known for how cold he is
- and his iconic back tattoo
- with his hair tied up and ripped band muscle tee, tight fitting black jeans and worned out high top vans
- he doesn’t really go to fancy events
- and chooses the interviews his bands are invited to
- he’s also really good at songwriting and guitar
- he’s really into coffee
- he went for a really early jog one day
- then went for coffee
- and the coffee shop was empty
- except for s/o sitting on the table across from him
- and they’d be softly singing his band’s song
- and he’d quietly listening
- he’d be smiling to himself as he studied them
- he couldn’t help being awed by them
- and then he’s sit in front of them joining them singing
- he’ll laugh slightly at s/o’s shocked expression
- both ends up making conversation
- and they’ll plan to meet at the same place and time tomorrow
- and that was the start

- she’ll be in this really cool electro pop band
-   she’ll be a pro at composing music
- her and s/o would meet at a festival
- she’ll be finished with her gig and decides to see the rest of it
- and she’ll bump into s/o
- literally
- and she would be so pissed at first
- but seeing hoe precious they looked she didn’t get mad
- s/o would compliment her about the show
- and it makes her feel so giddy inside
- they end up walking around and watching gigs together
- and pidge will ask them to hangout at the after party
- and when s/o was about to leave, she’ll ask their number on an impulse
- at first they hangout at festivals
- then pidge asks them out on a date
- and thats where it all began

- he’ll be in an indie band!
- he’s so chill and friendly
- definitely the fan favorite type
- oh come one evrybody loves hunk
- he’d be that type of artist that isn’t flashy
- so he’ll meet s/o at a bar
- and they wouldn’t know it’s him
- with the dim lights at the bar it was way harder to recognize him
- when he asks about s/o’s favorite band
- they would fangirl
- and he’ll just giggle
- then he’ll finally introduce himself properly
- and s/o is so shook
- poor s/o

Getting in touch with your guardians and/or guides

I believe most all people have natural guardian and/or guide spirits, which aid them in life. You may not be aware of your spirits, but they are almost always with you, sending you subtle messages and organizing things for you to help life go your way. If you ever feel that things just always work out for you, or you catch a lot of lucky breaks, that could be your spirits working on your behalf. On the other hand if you feel that nothing ever goes your way and life is out to get you, there could be a problem with the spirits that are intended to aid you.

Some people believe everyone has spirits to aid them. I don’t believe everyone does, because I have met people without them. There also exists lore that a person can offend their spirits to the point where the spirits abandon them entirely. From my own experience, when someone does not have spirits around them, it is for an unusual magical reason and this can often be remedied by help from a witch, shaman, or spirit-worker.

Regardless, you very likely have guides around you right now. Meeting them is easy and does not require any kind of spirit summoning or conjuration.

If you use a pendulum and/or a spirit board, have those with you. Otherwise do things the old fashion way and just contact your guides through visualization.

Remember that ‘visualization’ basically means 'magical imagining’. Your imagination is a powerful cauldron of magical potential. When you contact spirits it may easily seem like you are just making them up, but have faith in yourself and faith in them.

Sit or lie down in a relaxed state. Imagine a large door before you. Note what color it is and what style it is. Say to yourself, “beyond this door is the World Tree.”

Open the door and observe a massive tree standing before you. It’s trunk is the size of a city block, it’s roots are as tall as houses. Within the roots of the tree you notice small doorways much like the one you passed through. Think to yourself that you would like to find a room where you can meet your benevolent and helpful spirit allies. A single door will stand out to you. Note it’s color and design, and walk to it. Open the door and pass through.

You will find yourself in a certain location. This will be where your spirit companions feel most comfortable. This could be a cathedral, a cozy cottage, a forest, or a sunny field. Many times I open this door to find blackness, which indicates to me that my guides do not care where they manifest. Observe this location.

Somewhere close you will see your guardian or guide. There may be more than one that appear to you at this time. At first your imagination may become confused and project several different appearances on to your guide, but don’t force anything. Relax and see what comes to you. Remember that your spirits may be in human, animal, plant, insect, mineral, elemental, or mythical form. Do not expect to see a creature that you have a spiritual connection with, as these will not necessarily be your guide spirits. Note what this spirit looks like.

Once you have met, try talking to it. Think or speak your questions and wait for something to come to you – words, images, thoughts, feelings, sounds. A list of questions you can ask is [here].

Once you are done, exit back through the root door. Walk back to the original door you came through, exit it, and close and lock it firmly behind you. Wake yourself up from your trance state with food, water, and mundane activities.

You do not always have to use the world tree visualization to contact your guides. I simply think the names of my companions and I am connected to them, able to communicate mentally.


Hangout Music Fest 2017

i met some of my absolute favorite mutuals & band members so it was pretty much the best birthday weekend ever