also i mean who's going to top luci

So, I’ve been listening to the Chicago soundtrack lately, have had it stuck in my head at work, and just watched the movie, and listen

1920s National City

Alex Danvers gets arrested, accused of killing her sisters boyfriend after learning that he was abusive.

(She did it, ofc she did it, but that doesn’t mean she wants to hang for it, bastard had it coming)

In prison she meets Maggie Sawyer, who killed her brother and lover after finding them in bed together.

They both end up represented by Leon Lane, the top attorney in the city.  He has never lost a case.  He also has a secret in that his given name is Lucy.

(lbr, going with genderfluid Lucy here.  It started as a way for her to practice, then she realized that sometimes the Leon persona felt more right than Lucy)

Anyway, M’gann as Matron “Mama” Morton is the only other character I know for sure.  Torn between Cat and James as Mary Sunshine.  Part of me wants Henshaw as the DA, but I dunno.

So, Lane gets them off through shenanigans and razzle dazzle, and the three of them end up shacking up.

The end