also i mean my actual website blog

Honestly there are so many things that bother me with people’s attitude about art and writing in this website.

  • Reblog. Reblog. Reblog. Likes are saying “I want to show support but I don’t like this enough to actually have it on my blog and also I can take it back whenever I want.” You aren’t showing support, especially now that we don’t have tracked tags.
  • Don’t leave mean comments under the thing you just reblogged what the fuck is wrong with you
  • Also we can see your tags
  • If you don’t like something because of personal preference and not because it’s actually offensive, don’t reblog it and comment what you would rather it had been, how selfish are you?
  • Tagging as “friend art / writing” or variations of that without any other tags about the work usually screams “I’m only reblogging this because the person who made it is my friend and I’m tagging as such so that everyone knows I just want to be supportive”.
  • Seriously, I’m saying this again. If you like something, reblog it. Chances are you’re doing a huge favour to the creator. You don’t have to bother if you don’t like what you’re seeing, but if you do, show it.
  • Leave comments. Send messages. Tell writers what you liked in their fic and/or original work. Tell artists what you like about their art. Be specific, if you can; “I like how you made character X express emotion” and “I love how you draw hair” or “tell me more about that AU!” are much better than “cool art!” or “nice fic!” but even short comments like the latter will make the creator smile. Ask them if they take prompts and what they like to write best. Tell them about that specific artwork / fic they made that you loved. Fangirl over them or just congratulate them for trying. Ask them what else they’re planning to make. 

Yes, we’re being creative because it’s our nature and because we can’t help it, but it’s always good to be appreciated. Self-doubt is a terrible thing, and when people tell you what you make is good but nobody actually shows their support, it feels like pity. Chances are, if you support us, cheer for us, help us keep going and get better, we’ll keep on making nice things for you.