also i made her make that her icon


@acecommunityreceipts​ - too patient and amazing, doing the lord’s work, sifts through bullshit blogs so that others don’t have to. blocked for making me feel bad about myself

@aphobiakills​ - my wife, beautiful, that one long post (you know the one) was one of the most well-written things i’ve ever seen. blocked for making the hetkeepers threatened enough by her goodness and logic to form a smear campaign against her

@h8keepers​ - that one account everyone wants to be noticed by, always giving advice, could probably take over the world. blocked for being good at everything and also because s made me gayer by replying to me in hebrew that one time

@hate2breakittoya​ - stick with the lesbian flag icon even though it makes me confuse them with that one shitty blog you know the one, singlehandedly start 95% of important discussions, use their mogai hell denial tag to give LGBT people a place to vent. blocked for being amazing but double blocked for distracting me from my musical with the fucking ace discourse musical fuck

@discourseful​ - knows how to handle anon hate, has a detailed callout masterpost WITH RECEIPTS that they consistently update, shamed me for dabbing to HSM2 like a good friend should. blocked for being petty enough to queue blazinace’s callout post to repost every month (and for being taller than me)

@furriesfortrump​ - iconic, stole all the usernames pertaining to furries supporting trump, writes amazingly clear arguments. blocked for being such a good discourser that hetkeepers resort to making fun of their clearly sarcastic URL

@allodiscourse - level 10 aphobe, absolutely gorgeous but doesn’t post enough selfies, either never sleeps or has an amazing queue set up. blocked for making me a level 25 gay with her selfies

@relatablehetaceposts - literally so funny, makes so many original posts, roasts Ross from Friends like a true heterophobe. blocked for making me cry with that one “cishet ace moodboard” post

@fulldiscourseofantibiotics - somehow on every post i see, has a cute icon but doesn’t mess around. blocked for being more popular than me even though i’ve been in the discourse since april

@the-ace-community - makes iconic posts making fun of the hetkeepers, says everything i’m too afraid to say (especially that one recent reply to someone’s post about how assuming the amount of sexual attraction a gay person feels is inherently homophobic that was amazing). blocked for always having a good argument and making me feel inadequate. 

@tiredofcishets - always remembers to tag EVERYTHING (fr i applaud that), cites everything, is there anything she doesn’t know. blocked for making up the majority of my reference tag with long, well-researched posts about LGBT history

@the-shitcourse - confused me with the URL change just now, claims to be on hiatus until september 5th but is always online (seriously go take a break), grew and changed so much in the past few months making me strangely proud. blocked for handling being called out perfectly and apologizing sincerely like the good person she is


New Beginnings


When Pearl came up the stairs, one suitcase in each hand, she was both relieved and surprised to see that the door to her room was already slightly open – that would make entering much easier! Her roommate must already be here, then… She couldn’t deny being extremely nervous to meet the girl, whoever it was. (And extremely nervous in general, but that was a whole other issue.) Still, if her roommate was here early too, that might be a good sign about her.

After pausing briefly, she entered the room, giving a nervous smile as she surveyed the room. –There. Seeing that some things were already on one side of the room, Pearl sat her bags down on the other before speaking. “Hi,” she said, fidgeting with her hands and trying not to appear too anxious. “I’m Pearl.”