also i made a note of not putting what (i thought) finn wrote on her back

Unnecessary Bellarke Scenes

I have watched every single episode of The 100 at least four times now (some episodes as many as seven times) and each time I did a rewatch, I tried to do something new for it. This time I did a couple things, but one of them was that I made note of every single moment between Bellamy and Clarke that served absolutely no purpose in moving the plot forward except to progress their relationship or provide hints towards them possibly becoming romantic. So, basically, this post is about all of the times that there was a Bellarke moment that’s sole purpose was to get us onboard the Bellarke ship, and nothing more.

There are a lot. Hopefully by the time I’m through this post, no one will be doubting that the writers want us to ship this couple.

(Note: some moments I debated over but decided that they could have a plot-purpose besides Bellarke so decided not to include them. That doesn’t meant that they aren’t romantic - they just mean that romance isn’t their only purpose.)

Anyway, this post is long, so it’s going under the cut - please do read on if you have any doubts about Bellarke. :)

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The Book of Mormon Norway review

I saw the Book of Mormon at Det Norske Teatret yesterday and it’s honestly a miracle that I’m still breathing because that show blew me away. All of the actors were so good, the set and costumes were so good and overall it was just amazing. I sat in the fifth row so I got a pretty good view of everything that was going on. Here’s the stuff I remember from/wrote down last night. Enjoy!

Act 1

  • First off I have to mention that I cried from the point where Joseph Smith came on stage and all the way through Hello so there’s that
  • Second of all I gotta say that the set design was so beautiful. Minimalistic and different from the Bway or West End productions but beautiful nevertheless

Hello! (Hallo!)

This song was pretty much the same as in the other productions, no outstanding translations or anything but still really good

Two By Two (To og To)

  • Frank Kjosås (Elder Price) was really adorable, after that Elder says “you’re like the smartest best most deserving Elder this center’s ever seen,” he clicked his tongue and grinned at him
  • One of the Elders who gets assigned to Norway said “Norway! Land of trolls, and, I don’t know,, trolls!”
  • “Soy sauce! And Mothra!” was changed to “Soy sauce! And Pokémon GO!!!” and the audience (consisting mostly of people well over 30) lost their shit
  • Btw Arnold (Kristoffer Olsen) touches Kevin’s face a lot throughout the show, and my dad came up with a theory of why: “maybe it’s because he’s so used to his dad pushing him away like that (he did it once in the airport scene) so he probably thinks it’s a gesture of endearment” and that really made me feel stuff
  • Also, Arnold didn’t have a Star Wars backpack in this, but he had a SW bottle (the kind that you can hang around your neck)

You and Me (Du og Eg)

  • Arnold was dragged away on a bench in the “something incredible” bit
  • They actually kept the “you’ve done an awesome job, Kevin” line, translating every word but ‘awesome’
  • Kristoffer riffed the “my best friend” in the “something incredible” part and jesus he’s so talented
  • Toward the end of the song they got up in a set piece resembling that staircase you climb up to get into the plane and did a kind of Titanic pose

Hasa Diga Eebowai

  • When the boys first arrived in Africa an entire giraffe was dragged over the stage. A GIRAFFE
  • Also I think this might have been later in the show but at one point a woman walked over the stage with a hen, saw that it had laid an egg, picked the egg up and put the whole thing in her mouth
  • This song made the audience crack up. The people of Norway aren’t used to this kind of theatre, so I think especially the older people were kind of horrified
  • Kevin’s “what?!” was really high pitched and it was really funny

Turn It Off (Skru Det Av)

  • McKinley’s tie wasn’t blue which was kind of disappointing
  • Elder Poptarts was translated to Eldste Coco-Pops (and he looked terrified throughout the whole thing)
  • Two people share the role of McKinley because the primary (Preben Hodneland) is currently also playing Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet at the same theatre
  • So I saw a guy called Jonas Fuglevik Urstad (who was amazing) instead (although Preben looks much more close to 19)
  • This song was great (as you’d expect), the vest were pink (thank God, I’m looking at you Sweden), Kevin was awkwardly tap dancing slightly behind McKinley
  • McKinley said, “LOL, no!” after Kevin’s “I think it’s okay that you’re having gay thoughts, just so long as you never act upon them!”
  • Also Kevin was really smiley saying this and kinda seemed attracted to him so?? Idk
  • Ok so after Turn It Off McKinley leads Arnold and Kevin to their room and after saying “we’ve heard so much about you” to Kevin he legitimately leans in to kiss him and I’m,, deceased? Yeah I died
  • The stage was kind of like the Tony Awards with that little path in front of the stage and leaving K & A’s room, McKinley walked there and literally covered his crotch like one might do trying to cover up a boner?? And he legit looked like he was about to have a stroke
  • So yeah Jonas killed me not one but TWO times

I Am Here For You (Eg Er Her For Deg)

  • Arnold lies practically on top of Kevin singing to him, and kisses him on the cheek at the end

I don’t really have much to say about All-American Prophet (Den Amerikanske Profeten) and Sal Tlay Ka Siti because I didn’t take notes during the songs and have a bad memory, but I need to say that Sal Tlay Ka Siti was adorable and I cried also Frank had a lot of really nice hip movement during AAP and really seemed to be living his best life

Kevin was covered in SO MUCH MORE BLOOD here that in the other productions, also how did they manage that blast?? Like blood literally blew all over him from the back of that guy’s head and I have no clue how they did it

With the following scene out of context, you’d probably think Kevin is really really high

McKinley literally looks at Kevin so lovingly throughout the entire show, fuck me up

Kevin’s “to heck with rules!” and “flytt deg!” (“step away” or something like that) were also really high pitched and so funny! I just can’t express how good the actors were and the comedy was on point

Man Up (Mann Opp)

A lot is going on in this song and I didn’t catch all of it but here are some highlights:

  • “Kva gjorde Jesus da han ble dømt til å døy / Ble han redd og fikk panikk, sa han ‘dette e'kkje gøy’”
  • Arnold gets a lightsaber he uses to 'slay’ Boba Fett and Darth Vader
  • McKinley turns up behind Kevin at his part and just stays there dancing for himself the rest of the song
  • Honestly you haven’t lived until you’ve seen Markus Bailey’s butt

End of act 1

Act 2

It starts with Joseph Smith coming onstage and dancing to a short instrumental of Man Up with disco lights

Making Things Up Again (No Finn Du På Ting Igjen)

I don’t know how much of this is different or not from other productions and I don’t remember a lot

  • The people that showed up were two Hobbits, Moroni, Darth Vader, Cunningham Sr, Joseph Smith, a lady dressed in a Starfleet uniform and Yoda and honestly name a more iconic octet

Spooky Mormon Hell Dream (Skikk'leg Skikk'leg Skummelt)

What baffled me the most about this song was the translation and Satan’s costume

  • “And the terrible vision that I had that night” was translated into “og eg drøymde forferdeleg natt etter natt” (“and I dreamt terribly night after night”) which implies that Kevin had the hell dream for like a weak at the minimum
  • “Mormonerdrøym om Helheim!”
  • “Mormonerdrøym om Helvete!”
  • Satan’s costume was terrifying

McKinley touched Kevin’s butt at the bus station

“Something incredible…” “aaanywhooo….”

I Believe (Eg Trur)

Frank Kjosås truly is something incredible

The height difference between Frank and Markus is hilarious. Frank is like 170 cm while Markus is literally 2 meters.

The General’s car said “RØV 1” which means “ASS 1”

Baptize Me (Døype Deg) was adorable and I Am Africa (Eg Er Afrika) was really funny. I didn’t catch what they translated “let us smile and laughfrica” to but it was great still.

Joseph Smith American Moses (Joseph Smith Amerikas Moses)

This song was hilarious. The mormons and the entire audience were absolutely terrified, and Poptarts even more than earlier

Tomorrow is a Latter Day (I Morgon Er Ein Siste Dag)

After McKinley’s first “tomorrow is a latter day” one of the Elders (I don’t know who, sadly, but he looked like Ryan Steele) grabbed his hand

McKinley’s suitcase is blue with fake diamonds around the edges, which was the biggest disappointment of the show. I brought it up to my dad afterwards and said that it was originally pink and he, too, was really disappointed

The bows lasted for like five minutes and the curtain went up and down multiple times, and every time the curtain went down Kristoffer did this weird kind of jiggly dance. Markus dabbed the last time.


This production was like a breath of fresh air. Honestly. I loved it so much and nothing can ever top this experience for me

Literally every single cast member was amazing! 100% pure talent in every single person.

I wished I’d get to see Preben as McKinley as well (he’s really tall and wiry, I really want to see him next to Frank), but again, Jonas was amazing and I’m satisfied.

When Naba showed her typewriter to Mafala she asked, “but where are the emojis?”, Mafala asked what emojis are and Naba tried to imitate some of them and it was hilarious and adorable

Kristoffer Hivju was washing his hands in the men’s restroom after the show just as me and my dad walked in. Not really related to the show but worth mentioning.
William Finn & Ira Weitzman Falsettos Talk 11/17 Notes
  • Ira was at the Great Living Room Production of ‘78
  • he described IT as an “impressionistic portrait” of Marvin, which I thought was such a good way of saying it
  • “Marvin’s Giddy Seizures” was the first song he wrote for Alison, Mary, Kate, and him, which he called utterly lousy, “one of the worst songs,” but he had to use it since it was the first
  • Ira then shyly admitted that he had been singing that this morning
  • Being the first song, this is where the name Marvin came from. He said he knew someone named Marvin growing up, and he thought it was such a silly name, so when he was writing Giddy Seizures he used it
  • He bought chicken wings to cook for the girls while they cleaned the apartment. Oh my god. I think he mentioned this elsewhere but wow.
  • The friend whose husband was gay and left her and their kids is coming to see it soon and he’s paying for her ticket since w/o her there would be nothing!!!!!
  • When they first did it at Playwrights Horizons Bill was Marvin and also was directing, but Andre Bishop told Bill: you can either be in it, or you can direct, and he chose to direct “which was a big mistake” Bill as Marv 2016!
  • since Andre said he couldn’t be Marvin and direct, Chip replaced him
  • “Chip wasn’t happy about that” re: being Mendel and not Marvin in March
  • when he was at Williams, they were reading Emma, and Bill was like “she’s so fucking irritating” and his prof was like “that’s what makes it great. She [Jane Austen] is not afraid to make her characters complex and difficult” this is why Marvin is so awful sometimes
  • Marvin has to hit Trina, because his anger is so grossly misplaced
  • People tried to get him to change that, but he wouldn’t budge even though he apparently let people (aka Lapine) step all over him w/ other stuff
  • WHY IS IT CALLED FALSETTOS? Falsetto voice is outside of the normal range, just as the characters are outside of the normal range
  • Originally the whole show was called Four Jews In A Room Bitching and “Lapine said no” he wouldn’t direct a show called that
  • Ira said he’s glad Bill agreed to change it, but then Bill POUTED and said he still liked that title
  • Later he said that he actually wrote a pre-Lapine draft called Four Jews in A Room Bitching, and they did a reading, and there was no Jason and it was really ambiguous and In Trousersesque
  • I NEED a copy of this

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Hey guys! I hope you enjoy part 10! I can’t thank you guys enough for all the likes/reblogs and lovely comments on previous parts you guys are so sweet :)

If you would like to be tagged along with these lovelies let me know :) nemo-miracle-grow areyousad8118 curvygirlonabudget luckyemcee jackiewalsh2013 mmfdiaryfan murderyoursoul kristicallahan irish-girl-84 audisodd thisissomefreshbullshit myfinnnelsonpls perfecters darlingdiver fantasticab celestev31

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Days Like This Part 10

Rae woke first the next morning, as her eyes fluttered open and she was face to face with a sleeping Finn, her Finn, she smiled to herself as she watched him sleep, the light of the morning sun streaming down illuminating his angelic face, allowing her to notice how his eyebrow twitched a little, the faint freckles the dance across his face, a scar on his right cheek, a scar that she had yet to notice. She studied the scar and wondered how she had missed it before, she slowly brought her hand up to his cheek lightly dragging her finger along the length of it, Finn shifted some as she did this but soon sighed in content and pulled her closer.

Deciding that she liked when he held her closer she lightly touched his scar again, this elicited a smile from Finn.

“Don’t think I don’t know you’re watching me” Finn mumbled his eyes still closed

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