also i love when the angels are clueless
The Other Side (The Grass Is Literally Greener) by bagelswrites
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PG | Namjoon/Jimin | Novelette: 9k | Notes: Angel AU, Demon AU, platonic

Namjoon is a terrible angel. Jimin is a terrible demon. They’re both pretty interesting humans, though.

Review: I love the concept of immortal/magical beings being confused and clueless in the modern world, and clueless angel Namjoon is no exception. He’s clumsy in his new human body, he’s awkward when it comes to human interactions, and maybe with Jimin’s help he might actually survive. All the other members also make their appearances and they’re great. The fic is very well done and entertaining, also humorous at times, and it all makes me wish for more ~ Admin P

Note: This fic is part of the 2016 Spellbound Halloween Fic Exchange