also i love this show's characterization and attention to detail

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I love ur zosan fic Deep. It's so beautiful. Can i ask? What are ur favorite fanfics? Can you recommend one or two for me? Thanks!

Aw, thank you! Glad you’re enjoying it! 

I’ve answered this before with two of my faves, The Roronoa Fruit by StarkBlack and Mindshattered by Velkyn Karma.

But I also highly recommend Shackled Dissimulation by @auspizien. This fic is unlike any I’ve read before, and if you can handle darker themes, then definitely give it a go! The characterization is spot-on; the AU is modern, but unique, and it’s obvious a LOT of research and planning went into the plot. This is a fic you’ll want to re-read for details you may have missed. The writing and plotting shows so much patience and dedication over the time it took to write it, and I think it pays off. 

In addition, I will also recommend Aural Pleasure by New Neon. This fic has a super interesting premise, also with a lot of attention and care to research. Lots of lovely drama and angst, and it captures very well how Zoro and Sanji are able to communicate with each other against all odds, often better than with any other crew members. 

And for the last rec of the day, Engraved by @aevvium. It’s not often that I read fan-created devil fruits that seem well-thought-out and like they could fit in with the rest of the series. Devil fruits that aren’t entirely overpowered or unrealistic, with equally overpowered and unrealistic OCs to match. I think this fic defies that stereotype. Zoro’s characterization, in particular, is fantastic in my opinion, and this fic sets the stage for a completely believable deepening of Zoro and Sanji’s relationship in the canon universe.

You know what thing I love that most tv shows just don’t do enough? Reusing clothing. Like, I love when a certain pajama shirt keeps showing up or you can tell which jacket is a character’s favorite. A scarf that always comes out when it’s cold or a regularly worn bracelet. Not only does it help with continuity because most people re-wear their clothes but it also just adds little gems to characterization. Like Emma Swan and her red leather jacket or Sarah Manning and her black hoodie/invisibility cloak. I just really love it and I wish more wardrobe departments utilized it.