also i love that she just said who always kept his spock

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Could you do the parent thing you did for Monchevy, but for Spirk pls? You don’t have to go so in depth though I know it probs takes a long time. Maybe just as a baby? And in canon verse if you can :)

Of. Course. Yes. I love these this gah

* Jim and Spock really don’t plan on having kids
* Jim had voiced his curiosity in what it would be like once but that was it
* “Huh, wonder what it’d be like to be a dad?” “Jim, having a child in your position is highly illogical—“ “yeah Spock I know I was just sayin’”
* However when they found the ship wreckage with two deceased adults (a Vulcan female and human male), and one living, if hungry, baby Vulcan, they couldn’t just leave him
* Even if he hadn’t wanted to take the baby (which he did), Jim would have at seeing the sadness on Spock’s face
* So they took the baby aboard ship and Jim took him into medbay for a checkup while Spock went off to “complete some paperwork”
* “Jesus Jim, a baby?” “Yeah, Bones. Thought it’s pretty obvious” “so what, you and the hobgoblin are adopting him?” “…idk Bones”
* Of course they did
* Or at least Spock did
* Apparently the ‘paperwork’ he had had to do had been adoption papers, in which he had forged Jim’s signature alongside his own
* “So you break the rules with this but not when I literally save your life?” “The two circumstances are completely different, Jim” “yeah but—wait we have a kid now??” “…yes”
* After further investigation of the ship they found a locket with the name Jevan in a crate along with a few baby blankets, a pacifier, and a stuffed creature which Spock tells Jim is a sehlat
* They consulted the higher-ups and managed to get them to allow them to raise Jevan on board the ship so long as proper accommodations were made
* So they set up a nursery in the room that used to be Spock’s before Spock moved into Jim’s
* Since they didn’t just have a crib on board the ship, they first let Jevan sleep between them on their bed so that he wouldn’t get hurt
* He was extremely young, only a few weeks by Bones’ estimation, so he didn’t yet understand what was happening and therefor thankfully didn’t cry too much
* Spock was immediately very close to him, Jim guessed it was because he saw similarity between them seeing as they were both half human and half Vulcan
* Spock carried little Jevan everywhere he went, day and night
* When they stopped on a planet to restock some supplies and were finally able to get a crib, it took all of Jim’s persuading to get Spock to set Jevan down to sleep in his own room instead of with them. In the end they agreed to move his crib into their room until he was at least a month or two older
* Jim put Jevan’s locket in a safe to give to him when he was older, but placed his blanket and stuffed sehlat in the crib with him
* As Jevan got older Jim and Spock took him to get his immunisations from Bones
* Bones claimed to dislike the “miniature hobgoblin” but everyone knew otherwise
* Bones showered Jevan with affection whenever he saw him, and Jevan loved him just as much
* The first night that Jevan slept in his own room he cried as expected
* Spock kept saying they should just let him sleep in their room, but Jim just walked over and gave Jevan his pacifier, which quietened him
* Spock still didn’t like being away from him, and was awake for most of the night, but Jevan didn’t cry anymore
* When he was about seven months old, Jevan said his first word
* It was “dad”, and surprisingly he said it to Jim and not Spock
* It happened while he was on the bridge during an uneventful trip, and everyone went silent, then burst into a round of applause
* Except Spock
* Spock seemed slightly upset as he walked over to Jim and took Jevan from him
* However that quickly changed to surprise and delight
* Turned out Jevan had formed a mental bond with him, something that Spock later explained was common between family members but nothing like the t’hyla bond he shared with Jim
* When Spock and Jim wanted time alone they usually asked Bones to take care of Jevan
* Bones always accepted reluctantly, but when the time came to part again he did that reluctantly as well
* When he wasn’t available, Jim asked Chekov, who positively beamed at him before saying yes
* When Jim and Spock went to collect Jevan later they found him asleep on Chekov’s lap, who was also asleep, while Sulu watched over them with a fond smile
* “Hey Spock I bet you $50 they’ll get together within a month” “Jim that is—“ “Come on Spock, have some fun!” “…Very well. I bet they’ll get together within two weeks”
* Jim and Spock both became ridiculously worried when Jevan got so much as the sniffles and would immediately take him to Bones, who rolled his eyes at them and told them not to worry so much (even though he got a little worried too)
* Scotty made a little rattle for Jevan, which Jevan absolutely loved but that kept Jim and Spock from precious sleep
* Uhura made it a point to make Jevan laugh every time she saw him
* Jim asked Spock if he wasn’t upset that Jevan was probably going to turn out more human than Vulcan
* “Why, Jim,” Spock answered, “why would that upset me? After all, the best part of me is human, too,” he said, looking pointedly at Jim with fondness clearly evident in his words and his gaze.

REQUEST:How You Fell

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Pairing: ReaderxKirk

Rating: Teen?

Characters: Jim Kirk, Reader, Bones, Mentions of Sulu and Uhura

Summary: REQUEST can you do a fanfic of kirk x reader where they work together but haven’t admitted they like each-other and how kirk admits it? Or how they meet?

Warnings: UNEDITED MESS, Bad language,

Tags: @yourtropegirl @fridgebiscuit @mishaissocoollike (I DON’T KNOW WHO WANTED TO BE TAGGED IN WHAT I AM SO SORRY IF I MESSED UP GUYS)

Author’s note: This request is months old, so let’s hope that I did okay. By the way, this is crap in my opinion. But I am trying to get things flowing again.

The day that you met Jim Kirk, one of your best friends and the future Captain of the enterprise, was quite embarrassing. You were both in the same class, him much further than you of course. He started a year after you; but you didn’t know this till after you met. When you met, you were at one of your lowest moments. Your ethics professor and you didn’t see eye to eye, matter of fact you were sure he hated you from the very beginning. That day you had discovered that your masterpiece of a midterm paper had been given a failing grade. This paper you worked for days on, the paper that had been revised by some of the greatest professors the Academy had ever seen, received and F! You were fuming, you were livid, you were ready to murder the man that was currently standing across from you.

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Requested by @outside-the-government Reader is having a bad week. But she always has the grumpy doctor by her side.

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 1,546

A/N: I made a little (okay not little, big. It’s like a couple of paragraphs) reference here. Don’t think anyone will notice it though. By the way the reader works in security.


“[Y/L/N]! Come down here for a second please?”

“Can you please sign this for me ma'am?”

“Lieutenant, you are needed in the bridge.”

Your head hit the desk of your station for probably the hundreth time. The last month’s work started to take its toll on you and it was evident by the dark circles under your eyes.

You quickly gained your posture when you heard the familiar voice of someone clearing their throat. That someone was of course, Spock.

“Lieutenant [Y/L/N]. What’s the status of your latest mission report?”

“Oh, I am almost done, Commander. You can expect it on your station in a couple of minutes or so.”

Spock raised an eyebrow. “Lieutenant, I believe that the report was due 2 weeks later. What’s the hurry?”

You let out an exhausted chuckle. “Unfortunately, this is not the only thing I have to work on, Commander. I wanted to get the report done before I need to go train the new recruits and have a look at their files. Oh and I also have to help Scotty with his new project and also there are more reports I need to write and-”

You shut your mouth when Spock knitted his eyebrows and you quickly lowered your head to your PADD. “I am so sorry for my rambling, sir.”

“I would not consider it rambling. But I would like to recommend you to take a break Lieutenant. Your pale skin and red eyes indicate this is, in fact, affecting your health.”

You would have let out an “Awww.” if you weren’t so tired, instead you let out a small smile. “I am alright, Spock.” you let the ranks drop for a moment. “Besides, we will be on shore leave next month. I think I can handle it until then.”

Spock took a moment to answer before he said. “If you say so, Lieutenant.”

After your conversation, you quickly finished your report and left the bridge to change your clothes and head out to train the recruits. You did not see the Vulcan pull out his communicator and contact a certain doctor.


“Remember that it’s not a sword that you are holding, its a foil.” your tried your best not to reflect your mood into your voice. “You’ll be learning how to use a foil. It’s the lightest of the three types of weapon we have here, an excelent choice for beginners.”

Hikaru -who decided to tag along while he was on his break- grinned widely. He was eager to help you with your fencing class.

“Remember that your strength doesn’t matter here. The intelligent and focused fencer can successfully compensate for any perceived deficiencies -such as strength or reach- into assets. In other words, you may not be as strong or as fast as your opponent, but you could be smarter or able to remain focused better, which will tip the scales in your favor. Am I clear?”

A series of nods and approvals came from the ensigns whom seemed more interested after your talk. Hikaru took his place next to you and wrapped his arm around your shoulders. You were grateful. You felt like you could drop to the ground any moment.

“Mr. Sulu is one of the most focused fencers I had the privilege to duel with. He will help us train today.”

Hikaru released you and your vision darkened. You blinked your eyes repeatedly to clear it. “For the next week me and Sulu will drill you in the opening maneuvers. Always remember, fencing requires a mastery of skills that are sequential and hierarchical in nature. If one of the skills is not acquired, subsequent skills will be very difficult to master and the fencer will be at a permanent and serious disadvantage.”

“What she means is…” Hikaru took your foil from your hands. “…don’t get discouraged or bored if we make you do the same exercise over and over.”

The ensigns gave out a few chuckles and the class officially began. You tried your best to stay on your foot as you showed the class the basic moves. It went on for an hour and you were surprised at how you were still awake.

“Hey [Y/N]! All that fun made me hungry!” you heard Hikaru whine. “Wanna grab something to eat?”

You were going to accept the offer but when you remembered all the reports you had to go over and write, you smacked yourself on the forehead, making Hikaru shoot you a confused glance.

“I’m so sorry Hikaru. But I meed to work on my reports.”

Hikaru’s expression turned into a worried one. “Alright, but don’t push yourself too hard.”


After cleaning up, you found yourself back on your station in the bridge. Just as you flopped down onto your chair a voice made you jump.

“What the hell are you still doing here?”

Leonard looked as grumpy as ever and you could see Spock looking at your direction from the corner of his eye. “Sneaky bastard.” you thought but smiled at Leonard.

“I am working here, Len. Why wouldn’t I be here?” you tried to sound as happy as possible but with your eyes struggling stay open and your voice lower than usual, it was not convincing at all.

Leonard scoffed and you could feel that he was about to pull out his tricorder before he actually did it. “You know that I am talking about the fact that you had not been sleeping, overworking yourself and were staring at the screen of your PADD more than you should.”

“You know, I feel like you love that tricorder more than you love any of us. Sometimes I even think that you take it with you to snuggle it when you go to bed.” you tried change the subject.

He was about to make a snarky comment when he saw the readings in his tricorder and his eyes widened. You knew nothing good would come from this.

“Jesus Christ woman! When was the last time you ate?!” his voice increased greatly in volume, making the captain turn to your direction.

Not wanting to attract any attention you said “Leonard, I’m fine.” and stood up from your chair. But the moment you did that, your vision turned dark and your legs could not support you anymore.

“Dammit, [Y/N]!” was the last thing you heard before you felt your consciousness slip away.


You did not wake up to the sound of the biobed but someone petting your hair.

“You are the stupidest person I have ever met.”

“Is that even a word?” you gave out a weak chuckle even though you were feeling better. “And I think you are forgetting that James Tiberius Kirk exists.”

When you looked at your surroundings you realised that you were not in the sickbay but your own quarters.

“I knew you wouldn’t want to stay in medbay.” Leonard said and slipped a tray into your hands.

“Your favorite. Now eat up and you better drink that water too.”

Leonard stayed with you while you ate. You were the one who did the talking, mostly complaining about work.

“I mean, I totally forgot that I promised Scotty that I will help him but I can’t back out. He is my friend. And I also need to help the recruits settle down. I’m the Chief of Security for fuck’s sake-”

“Okay, darling. I need you to calm down.” Leonard took the tray from your hands and disappeared into your kitchen. “I’m sure that Spock can help you with the reports.” he kept talking. “You will have more time to help Scotty and the recruits. I’ll talk to the green blooded hobgoblin, he cares about your health more than you do.” he came back with his famous grumpy expression.

“And here I thought he called you in because my work performance was dropping.” you joked but Leonard wasn’t laughing. He sat down next to you and knitted his eyebrows.

“This isn’t a laughing matter [Y/N]! What were you even thinking? You are human. You have your limits. What would have happened if you passed out elsewhere and hit your head on something?” the volume of his voice dropped as he talked and he traced his fingers on the dark rings under your eye.

You smiled at how sweet he was being. “Thank you for caring, Len and I’m sorry. I promise that I will take care of myself better from now on.”

Leonard scoffed and crossed his arms but you could still see the pink that dusted his cheeks.

“You better go to sleep. You are on sick leave for tomorrow. I’ll come and check on you.” he pushed your shoulders until you were on your back and he pulled the blanket so you were fully covered. When he tried to get up to leave your quarters, you grabbed his hand.

“You aren’t leaving me now, are you Len?” you grinned and gave his hand a sharp tug, making him fall on top of you.

“Dammit woman! If you wanted to cuddle you could have just asked?!”

You laughed while he took off his boots and got into the covers next to you. When your head found his chest and his arms your waist, you finally closed your burning eyes.

The Best of Friends

Jim Kirk x Reader

Y/N: your name | Y/L/N: your last name | Y/N/N: your nickname

Word Count: 2033

 Warnings: I probably swore, I may have made some typos, and there maybe some injuries, near deaths, and angst in here…

A/N: Not really sure where this came from, but its gonna be at least two parts. Thanks to @writingwithadinosaur for being her crazy awesome self, and letting me send her all of the weirdness that comes from my computer

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You and Jim flirted as easily as your breathed. It was part of what drew the two of you together, although yours may have been less intentional than Jim’s.

But regardless, the two of you were thick as thieves before the end of your first year at the academy. You’d been at his side through Nero, helped Leonard bring him back from the dead after Khan, and you’d been the only person he’d told about his application for Vice Admiralty on Yorktown. You hadn’t told him that you didn’t want him to leave the Enterprise. You had encouraged him to do what would make him happy, but you were glad he’d changed his mind.

Through all of the years that you’d been friends, you hadn’t really flirted with him. In the beginning you had returned his flirtatious comments. But as time went on, you ceased all together. This hadn’t bothered Jim much before, but now he was driving himself nuts trying to figure out why.

Maybe it was after Krall, maybe it was when your face was the first he’d seen upon coming back to life, hell it could have been from the very first time he met you, but Jim was just now realizing how much you meant to him.

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Family Outing


When Oliver walked through the door into the Argus safe house and saw…well, he didn’t know what he was seeing…

Professor Reiter positioned himself between the two Olivers’ as if he were a referee waiting for the bell to start an impossible boxing match. Both Olivers’ stood staring at one another; old Oliver with a look of troubled nostalgia on his aged face, and young Oliver with his mouth hanging open at the obvious implications standing before him.

“Well,” Reiter broke the uncomfortable silence in the room. “Someone say something. At least shake hands. I went to a lot of trouble and quite a distance to bring you two together.”

“Professor,” young Oliver finally spoke. “What the hell is going on here?”

Old Oliver continued to stay silent. He had nothing to add to the situation. He gazed at his younger self and a myriad of memories filled his mind. He felt like he was looking into a mirror; a magic mirror, one that reflected youth, vitality and a long life ahead. Yet, he also knew how that life ahead would transpire. As he looked on his younger self, he felt an urge to warn of dark tidings and absences and loneliness.

Younger Oliver spoke again; tones of the Green Arrow bringing his voice to a low pitch. “Professor, I asked you what the hell is going on.” He flicked a glance at old Oliver. “Is that…is that person supposed to be me?”

Reiter watched the two of them as if he were waiting for the outcome of an experiment. “Mr. Queen,” he started to reply then stopped. His eyebrows furrowed as he realized how confusing things will get by addressing the two men using the same name. “Uh, this might be distracting if I keep calling you two Mr. Queen. Would you mind if I called one of you Jonas? That is your middle name, right?”

Young Oliver shook his head. “No, I mean yes, I do mind.”

Old Oliver finally spoke. “Professor, you’re right. Calling both of us Mr. Queen or Oliver will only make this more confusing. You can call me Jonas. My mother gave me that name and I remember how much she liked it.”

Oliver looked closer at Jonas and recognition filled his mind. “She did like it, didn’t she? But she never called me by it. Maybe a couple of times when I was a kid…” Oliver stopped talking as he realized that he really was interacting with himself.

A small smile crept onto Jonas’s face. “Do you remember Thea used to tease you…uh, I mean us? ‘Jonas is bogus’ she would say.”

Oliver nodded. “No one but Thea and I know about that.” He looked over at Reiter. “That’s…that’s really me, isn’t it? How?”

“Well,” Reiter answered. “That is going to take a bit to explain. I don’t think…”

A sudden knock fell on the front door. Then Felicity’s voice called out from the other side. “Oliver, are you in there? What’s going on?”

Both Oliver and Jonas froze as the woman they loved called to them.


Once Felicity locked Oliver’s signal into her tablet, she jumped in her Hybrid and followed the trace to his location. Thirty minutes later, she pulled up in front of a small rambler sitting exposed between two vacant fields. She activated her Flir software and saw three heat signatures inside. Oliver’s signal still showed as if he was doubled, like two separate pieces of film superimposed onto one another.

Felicity walked up onto the tiny front porch and knocked on the front door. “Oliver, are you in there? What’s going on?”

There was no response. She tried the doorknob and found it unlocked. Time to solve this mystery, she thought. Felicity pushed open the door and went inside.

“Oliver…” she started to say, and then stopped in the doorway.

“Felicity,” both Oliver’s spoke at once. Then Oliver looked at Jonas. “Uh, I think she’s talking to me.”

Jonas could only stand there in the small room and gaze at Felicity as if she was a dream manifesting into reality. Ten years without her in his life brought a couple tears from his eye, rolling down his old face; both happy and traumatic.

Reiter backed away from them and stood quietly aloof. He had hoped to only have to deal with the two Oliver Queens’. From what he knew of Felicity Smoak, Reiter should have anticipated her tenacity and technical expertise.

Felicity moved further into room and closed the door behind her. “Oliver…what the hell…”

Oliver nodded. “Yeah,” he said to her. “I was just asking the same thing.”

Felicity didn’t hear his reply. She kept her stare fixed on Jonas. The man was…well, he was Oliver. Despite his obvious age, she could see the familiar contours of his jaw, the blueness of his watery eyes as they leaked tears. Yes, most of the physical attributes her Oliver still displayed had melted away with aging, but the man could not be denied. It was Oliver Queen.

“Felicity…” Jonas whispered. “Oh god…”

Reiter brought himself back into the group. “Ms. Smoak,” he addressed her. “I’m sorry, I wasn’t expecting…” He shook his head. “Well, no matter. You’re here and maybe you can help me explain to Oliver…uh, your Oliver, how all this is possible.” He paused for a moment then went on. “Actually, the science that brought Jonas and I to this time is probably past your comprehension as well.”

Felicity was able to break free from staring at old Oliver and shifted her attention to the Professor. “I’m sorry, who are you” she asked? “And why are you calling that…who is Jonas?”

Reiter let out a sigh and moved over to one of the chairs. He gestured at the battered couch. “Please,” he said. “If you and Oliver will have a seat, I’ll try to explain what I have in mind.”

Felicity turned to her Oliver. “Oliver, what’s going on here?”

He didn’t have any answers either. “Felicity, this is Professor Reiter. He contacted me during my jog this morning. He was not there; then he was, on some kind of wind storm or whatever it was.”

Felicity only stared at him, uncharacteristically at a loss for words.

Oliver went on. “Anyway, he told me he can save Rene and Curtis.” He looked over at Jonas. “Me and our…guest will be doing a team-up.”

Felicity gaped at him. “What?”

“Felicity, he says he’s from the future, uh 2050 he said. He used to work for Argus, developing their weapons technology. He said…well, he said the lasers that killed Curtis and Rene were one of his projects.”

Felicity shook her head. “I don’t understand. If the lasers are…if he is from the future, how did…”

Reiter interrupted them. “Oliver, Ms. Smoak; please. If you both will sit down, I will answer your questions and try to bring you up to speed on what is going on.” He gestured at the couch again.

Oliver took Felicity’s hand and led her to the couch. “Okay Professor. Let’s hear it.”

As they moved to the couch, both of them glanced at Jonas again. It was his presence that opened up Reiter’s credibility. They sat down and waited for the Professor to speak.

Jonas also moved; toward the empty chair next to Reiter. He sat down and pain flashed across his face, accompanied by a small gasp as his arthritis flared.

“Are…are you okay” Felicity tentatively asked him?

Jonas waved her question away. “It’s okay,” he told her. “Just years of abusing my body…and, old age. It’s arthritis.”

Felicity was struck with the knowledge that Oliver…Jonas was lying. There was something else going on with him. She recognized his mannerisms by the way he kept his eyes from looking at her when he answered. It was…it was weird but familiar how she could read him in the same way she did with her Oliver. He was hiding something.

Oliver missed the connection she was making with his older self. He spoke to Reiter. “Okay Professor, start from the beginning. I really don’t care about your science. I trust Felicity to follow it enough to give me the fundamentals. I’m more interested in Curtis and Rene. They are the only reason I’m sitting in this dump right now.”

“Okay Oliver,”  Reiter replied. He looked over at Felicity. “Ms. Smoak, how much do you know about Quantum Mechanics and the theory of folding space?”

“Uh, only what I learned from watching Star Trek,” she answered.

“I love that show,” Reiter said. “I was always the first original series fan myself.  Kirk and Spock and McCoy…just really great stuff.”

Felicity nodded. “Yeah, it was great, but TNG was the best…”

“Felicity. Professor!”  Oliver called out.

“Sorry,” Reiter said. “But it was a damn fine show. Anyway, there is, or was a theory out there called an Einstein-Rosen bridge. Ever heard of it…”

Jonas tuned Reiter out and kept taking quick looks at Felicity. It took everything in him to keep from getting out of his chair and taking her in his arms. To tell her he was sorry…

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Workplace Romance (Chekov x Reader)

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Pairing: AOS Pavel Chekov/Reader

Rating: PG for language and CHARACTER DEATH MENTION

A/N: Oh, Pavel Chekov, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Surprise, they’re all that he’s adorable and deserves love. I wish I could have done more today (curse an impromptu Texas highway drive with my dad), but I hope this is a good enough note to end things on. :)

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So, What Do You Say?

(photo not mine)

Pairing: Jim Kirk x Reader

Rating: Everyone

Characters: Jim Kirk, Reader, Uhura, Ben, Sulu, Bones, Chekov mentioned

Warnings: marriage proposal,Kirk being charming, fluff, fluff, mega fluff, super fluff, did I say fluff? UNEDITED

Author’s note: I love the movie the finest hours. Chris Pine looks so damn good in that movie, so I used it as a theme for this one. Basically, the reader loves 1950’s fashion and aesthetics, and Kirk knows this. So, he uses his position as captain, and this love to melt her heart.

pst! request stuff please. :D

“So, What Do You say?”

The party was a starfleet wide event. Two weeks prior, an announcement was sent to every member of Starfleet with the orders that they must attend. It was to be held at York Town, which was just around a planned stop for the Enterprise. Your boyfriend was buzzing with excitement, you figured it was just because he wanted to hear tales from other captains about what was out in the vastness of space. He would always get excited about that kind of thing. Jim was a man of the stars. You were neutral about the party, till you found out that it was themed; and that the theme was a 1950’s bash.

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John's Erotic Self. TFP meta reading.


I recently re-watched The Final Problem and jotted down some notes regarding things I have yet to read in other meta here on tumblr. Perhaps, they are addressed on someone’s blog but I have yet to come across it. Now, I can be completely and utterly wrong. As I was writing it, it felt super duper meta but it made a lot of sense to me. Feel free to add or correct what I have written. I’m putting this out here for a discussion about the text.

In order to even read this, you have to subscribe to or entertain the idea that TFP is from John’s mind bungalow perspective. If you aren’t of this opinion, you’ll likely think everything I am saying is nothing but embellished bullshit. I assure you, I’m being entirely sincere.

The notes follow the events as they are laid out in the episode since I wrote down bullet points as I was watching. I was going to include pictures but alas, I am lazy.


The Final Problem displays every genre but romance and yet, in its entirety it is a romance. There was a post going around that compared the cinematic shots to other films. The dialogue and the music are also genre-specific. I was tipped off initially because of the outrageous clown sequence at the beginning. I thought that they would go through all the movie genres and end up in romance but they did the opposite. This baffled me and made me lose confidence that I knew what the hell was going on (that was just the tip of the iceberg). There was no romance, partly because all the genre switches serve a function to highlight the fact that indeed BBC Sherlock is a romance as we have always known ever since S1E1. Of course, there is a lot of meta out there already talking about how the show is perceived versus how it really is. (I suspect that that Bond article Gattiss replied to was planted just to put the idea of Bond and shitty movies into our head).

If we also extend this to John’s mind, the fact that he deliberately avoids romance is pretty telling. He’s afraid to even consider it in fear of its implication. I think this is the theme to the whole episode. Romance is just another word for erotic love. We tend to think of it as something naughty or bad and certainly John has this assumption but Eros as a type of love is named explicitly to separate it from the other types. We are tipped off that Eurus is a Greek name. Well so is Eros. Eros is the erotic love (hence the root word), philia is friendship, agape is like a broader kind of love, a love for humanity, that Jesus kind of love. You can easily google this if you’re interested.

Eurus=John erotic self. This is not a stretch. In T6T they made the phonetic leap from ammo to amo. This seems a bit of a reach honestly since these are two common words. To me it’s like bowl and bowel. Perhaps I have this impression since I live in a city that has a high population of Spanish speakers. I would also think it is somewhat common knowledge for English speakers. This is just an assumption of course. The phonetic link between Eurus and Eros is less of a stretch since the pronunciation of Eurus sounds almost the same as Eros to many of us. The actors routinely pronounced it differently since that round gutteral Euuurr sound is a bit difficult. I can’t say it without mimicking her voice. 

Going forward with the idea that Eurus is John’s erotic self, it’s interesting to note that Eurus looks a lot like Sherlock compared to her other disguises. She has a wonderful mass of black curly hair that starkly contrasts her vibrant blue eyes. This is interesting since John has only seen her with reddish hair as the girl on the bus, light brown hair as the therapist, and coming from Sherlock’s report, blonde hair when she was pretending to be Faith. 

In the initial scene at 221B, I noticed the painting of a man that is directly behind John in the living room is dark. Now, I’m sorta new to tjlc so I’m not sure if you guys decoded this already. I always thought it looked like John or a young William Shatner (The Kirk/Spock thing again?). We don’t get a good look at it but it’s a white man with blondish short hair. From my recollection, it’s always lit. Curiously, it’s dark in TFP. Perhaps, this represents John in some way. It’s dark suggesting that’s he’s unconscious. I could be reading into it though. You all tend to be better with the sets. 

Under the assumption that Sherrinford=sherlock, one may assume that Sherrinford is a code word for Sherlock that Mycroft uses and not an actual place. And is it just me or the goddamn place looks like a penis? Anyhow, Eurus is kept secure deep in Sherrinford. Deep, deep down there is that erotic love (Eurus) at the center of John’s image of Sherlock. At least, that’s how I read it. Perhaps I am off.

 The next scene is in the plane. There is an empty baby seat in the aisle. The little girl looks at it briefly. I of course, think this is baby Rosie in some way. It’s interesting that it’s empty. I’m not sure what this symbolizes yet. Perhaps it’s saying the babe ain’t real or perhaps it represents the betrayal of Mary or the emptiness of John’s life as a father married to Mary.

 Another interesting thing that I noticed is that throughout the episode all the deductions are freaking absurd. They sound more like the jokes that people throw at Sherlock, like did you know what college I went to by the coffee stain on my shirt? That kind of stupidity. I think that’s another clue that we are in John’s mind because John’s isn’t really able to follow Sherlock’s deductions. They seem to make sense but not really. They are terribly far fetched.

 Now, you can totally disagree with me on this next point. But I believe the violin playing=sex. As soon as Sherlock plays his own song, Eurus interprets it instantly as sex even though the song sounds absolutely nothing like sex. It’s rather somber. But we should recognize it as Irene’s theme. John in TLD mocked Sherlock asking him if they had random sexual rendezvous. He’s suspicious and massively jealous that Sherlock has had sex with Irene.

Eurus says something so interesting in this scene. She says something along the line that “The man who sees through everything, doesn’t see it.” In the dream world it’s the glass. This of course, is laughable to us as the audience but just for second, think what it means symbolically. She keeps directing him to it, but he can’t see it. Sherlock’s super observant but for some reason he can’t tell that John wants him, can’t tell that the glass isn’t really there. Oddly enough, the company is elephant glass. John is aware that he desires Sherlock and can’t believe that Sherlock who can read other people so easily can’t see this.

This little exchange between them is fascinating to me because there is an element of philosophy here that isn’t totally ridiculous like the stuff we’ve heard from her before. My personal favorite is the whole shitey lot is “happiness is a pop song, sadness is poem.” Like ok, what next level emo shit is that? The dialogue that I find interesting is when Sherlock mentions that her playing is beautiful. She says she doesn’t know if it’s beautiful, only that it’s right. Sherlock then replies that they are often the same thing. Eurus immediately answers then what’s the point of beauty? So to Sherlock, all things beautiful are right. However, Eurus doesn’t believe that they are the same thing. Some things are beautiful and wrong. Now, John recognizes the beauty in Sherlock (this sounds corny but it is after all, a necessity to romance) but at this point John thinks his desire for Sherlock is wrong. It isn’t right. He’s beautiful but it isn’t morally right.

Much has been said about the awful rape lines and I agree with what has been posited by other bloggers that John is further demonizing his sexuality since John is likely bisexual. 

Simultaneously, John, Mycroft, and the governor are sitting in the dude’s office talking about Eurus’ mind control. I think besides the obvious genre level stupidity that we see in many Hollywood films, I think for the meta, it is saying that giving Eurus your attention will compromise you, meaning giving attention to your dark sexual thoughts compromises oneself, and subsequently makes one dangerous and out of control. It’s not uncommon for people to link sexual desire with the inability to control oneself. I think this further demonizes John’s desire. The only practical solution is to ignore it altogether. They really don’t have the option though since Eurus won’t be ignored any longer.

Going back to the convo between Sherlock and his sister, John further demonizes his sexuality, turning something beautiful into something horrible. Eurus mentions Sherlock’s laugh. She says it’s her favorite thing. John must love the sound of Sherlock’s laughter. She talks about making him laugh all night and it makes you wonder if Sherlock and John stayed up all night laughing and John all the while was extremely sexually aroused by him. This seems almost like it would be a tender moment between Eurus and Sherlock but Eurus (/John) immediately switches this to screaming. John thinks his desire would harm Sherlock in some way.

But it doesn’t really matter because again, Eurus is taking over the prison and John is losing his ability to control his desire although he fights it. When Eurus finally attacks Sherlock she screams for everyone to come in and stop her from killing Sherlock. John is evidently fighting with himself.

Finally Moriarty (the manifestation of all evil gayness) shows up. What’s interesting is the Queen song. People have already talked about the song’s themes and what it says about coming out and embracing your sexuality. But Moriarty, the evil gay takes out the earbuds right before the word ‘love.’ John is still unable to see that these desires can be connected to love. His homosexual desire can in no way be connected to love. This is why all the villains in the episode are queer coded because John villain codes all queerness. One thing that strikes me is how Sherlock is interestingly less flamboyant in this episode. Like this is the same guy who used the phase “alarming shade of pink” and z-snapped as he screamed to some rando at the bar that he knew ash.  

But anyway! Back to TFP. In the flashback, the glass is clearly there when Moriarty meets Eurus. Her reflection can easily be seen. I wonder what the glass is supposed to symbolize. I wonder if it’s some form of truth. The glass is not there when Eurus, John’s erotic self is visited by Sherlock because there really is nothing separating them but it’s present when Moriarty shows up. Moriarty and Eurus although supposedly want each other, they actually, in truth don’t touch. This is perhaps a stretch. I’m just theorizing here. This just may have to do with the fact that Eurus doesn’t think to take over the prison until Moriarty shows up. Not that that makes sense or anything. The surface plot of TFP makes little sense.

A random aside: Eurus mentions a so called brother of Moriarty and says he’s as stationmaster. I wonder if in John’s mind he is thinking of Culverton Smith.

The killing of the Governor’s wife instance is really interesting because I honestly believe that it’s about Mary. She is the wife after all. John curiously, is unable to kill the guy. I thought he would be able to honestly, since he is soldier and has killed people and really only a fool would think not executing the guy would not end up in the wife’s death as well. But what’s significant for John is he can’t go against his moral code (this is brought up a couple times in the ep). He can’t go against it even if it results in causalities such as the wife’s death. You can certainly guess what option he’d make in those stupid hypothetical train games. 

Mary is brought up and the Gov asks what he would do to bring her back. John doesn’t answer. What are we supposed to deduce about what really happened to Mary? I don’t know if I’m looking at this too deeply but Mary’s death and John’s involvement is freaking fishy (that wasn’t an aquarium pun btw). Also later on the 3 Garidebbs room, John shouts that his “priorities got a woman killed.” Hmmm….

 Now to the Garrideb scene: There is red paint on the walls. I hope its paint and not blood. Mycroft mentions that it is still fresh. This reminds me of the text in T6T, “fresh paint to hide a smell.”  There’s a huge window with an ocean in the background. I think it’s already been established that water is feeling. This isn’t unique to the show. That’s actually a rather old belief. That’s why the water zodiac signs, Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio are thought to be ruled by their emotions. The deductions Sherlock and Mycroft here again make no sense. At least to me they don’t. They deduce that the guy had laser eye surgery because of his nice clothing. This is absurd. Again, John doesn’t quite understand the route of Sherlock’s thinking.  

 The Garrideb story is literally and figuratively dangling in front of the viewer under the clear assumption they would know the significance of this story to Doyle’s canon and yet, they gloss over it. I think they were trying to rip the heart out of everything and make it just a cold, boring case with forced stakes.

Afterwards, John is furious and Sherlock turns to him and says “Don’t let Eurus distract you. Soldiers today.” The soldiers thing comes off super bro, no homo and I think in a way it’s meant to. John was an actual soldier. Largely being a soldier is about “duty,” selflessness, and suppression for the greater good-well, supposedly. If John thinks of his desire for Sherlock as selfish and bad, he would naturally repress it under the guise of being a soldier. If you remember at Sherlock’s grave in TRF, one of the most heartbreaking and powerful things John does is straighten up and stand like a soldier. You could see him crumbling underneath this futile attempt at control.

They then enter the next room and discuss the little girl on the plane. They agree that they have to get the girl to crash or land in the sea. Again, the sea and water are symbols for emotion. Later we find out that the little girl is Eurus. Eurus is John. So, it is really John that has to land in the water. He has no other choice. The only thing is whether or not Sherlock will save him or doom him.  

Next to the infamous “I love you” scene. I sincerely believe the coffin is clearly John’s. The headroom shouldn’t be unnecessary so why does Sherlock cut off a couple of inches? Maybe I don’t understand coffins. He deduces that it’s Molly because she’s unmarried, practical about death, and alone…Why can’t this be Irene Adler? There is no real logic in the deduction to be Molly. Most of what he says from the coffin before Mycroft looks at the lid is downright dumb speculation honestly. He assumes that it’s cheap and therefore the person is unloved. One can easily say their family was poor. But anyways, it’s a dream and John believes that Sherlock pulls shit out of thin air. All that really matters is that Molly is a mirror for John. She’s loved Sherlock forever or at least John thinks so. The first time he meets Sherlock, Molly comes in with coffee and Sherlock remarks cruelly that her lips are too small. John could tell that Molly liked Sherlock. Molly to me comes off super ooc. She’s usually rather mousey but she’s somewhat forward and aggressive in TFP. She has more traits of John than she normally has. I think what’s important is that she’s always loved him and John has always loved Sherlock. All the ASIP reminders as well as Sherlock running up the stairs at Lauristan Gardens in HLV’s mind palace to get back to John the first time he left him suggests that the two were in love at first sight. (I would love to discuss this further but I feel that someone already wrote meta on this).

 However, like John, Molly needs Sherlock to say it first. People have already discussed this, John in addition, is super emotional in this scene. Of course, he cares for Molly but he just looks downright dejected especially after the confession.

 "Saved Molly Hooper?“ This line rings awful and trite. But they are utilizing the themes of genre and all it’s cliches. I think what this line is actually saying about John is that he is afraid of love, he thinks it will destroy him no matter how it happens, through his own death or through the heartbreak that Sherlock doesn’t really love him, that even if Sherlock says it to him, it’d be forced and empty. He thinks he’s meaningless to Sherlock the way Molly thought she was meaningless to Sherlock in TRF. Again, the discussion of John’s lack of self-worth has been largely discussed.

 A random aside. Molly’s message machine: Dead Center of Town? Is that a morgue joke? The timer is also really incorrect and suggestive of a dream. I may be wrong about this but that last 30 seconds felt super long.

 The next scene is where Sherlock has to shoot one of them. Mycroft’s words are of course how John sees himself especially in relation to Sherlock who he practically worships. He thinks he’s a "stupid little man, little scrap of ordinariness,” and that Sherlock can easily “find another”. Again people talked about this before in other posts.

 What’s interesting and also infuriating about this scene is that John doesn’t actually do anything. Throughout the episode he merely gets dragged along.  His inaction is glaring when Sherlock puts a gun to himself and John doesn’t intervene. This is his dream and he can’t control his subconscious. Again, he thinks Eurus (his desire) is an unstoppable threat to Sherlock.

 Also, I kinda like this scene despite John’s silence because it shows how underneath all his annoyance with Mycroft, John thinks he is a good guy.

The music as well, sounds straight up like a Bond movie during this scene. I’m not familiar with Bond but it sounds like the stuff they have playing during the trailers.

After they all hilariously get darted, Sherlock wakes up in that room with the cut up pictures on the wall of Sherlock and Mycroft’s child selves. Escaping from his confines, Sherlock literally breaks down the four walls. Others have stated that not only is this a call back to the queen music video but this is metaphorical to what the episode and the creators are doing, breaking  down the so called 4th wall and interacting with the audience.

Meanwhile, John is in a deep well, chained to the bottom submerged in water. Again water is feeling, water is love. John is chained to the bottom drowning in his love but Sherlock can’t reach him. It’s hidden in some place no one knows where, no one but Eurus. So the key to saving John from the well is Eurus, the key to saving John from drowning in his love for Sherlock is reconciling with John’s erotic self. In less fancy terms, if John doesn’t have sex with Sherlock he will figuratively drown in his overwhelming love for him. This show is so over the top dramatic in its romance that I am inclined to believe it is actually a 15 year old gay boy’s modern angst filled Sherlock AU. But I’m all for it, it’s so damned romantic I can hardly think about it before my mind explodes. This is also why the rope which is actually a chain btw saves him even though he was chained to the bottom of the well. Because the thing that John thought was oppressing him, the thing he thought was evil, his erotic desire is actually the thing that saves him. How fucking sexy is that?

Meanwhile, Sherlock confronts his crazy Charlie Manson sister. She threatens him to solve the final problem (Find redbeard through the song). Meanwhile the plane is shaking around the same time that the well is filing in with water. The scenes are shot back to back, connecting them, solidifying that the little girl is John. They are both crying for help.

Sherlock then realizes that Redbeard is actually Victor. We can tell by looking at the little kid that that kid is John. So, Redbeard=Victor=John. But Sherlock can’t get to him until he reconciles with Eurus. Interestingly, Eurus compares herself to no one. She felt like she was no one. She was neglected, ignored. But in order to save John, Sherlock needs to connect to Eurus. It’s the like most anti-no homo thing ever. There’s no platonic blah blah. Connecting John’s desire and John’s love are essential for his survival. In fact, all of them are the same thing. They are all John. It is worth noting that everything is John but everything is about Sherlock.

Again, when we have the flashbacks of Victor, Eurus is talking about the deep water, how Sherlock always finds himself here. The deep water though, in my opinion is almost always John expressing his love for Sherlock.  We get a flashback of the pool and the Reichenbach falls. At the pool in the Great Game, John with a chest full of explosives attempts to sacrifice himself for Sherlock. Sherlock is startled by this and it’s probably the first time that Sherlock knew that John cared for him. During The Abominable Bride, John shows up at the Reichenbach falls and saves Sherlock. Interestingly, the dark blue water from the aquarium bounces off Sherlock’s face in the close up with the black back drop sequence suggesting perhaps that John protected Sherlock again at the aquarium. Maybe this has something to do with Mary again?

The song was addressed in an earlier post where someone impressively decoded it, realizing that the “I’m lost without your love” was added by Sherlock because just before you thought it couldn’t get insanely more romantic, it had to go another mile. I still don’t understand what the “seek my room.” part is supposed to mean. Maybe it refers to something literal in the real world or perhaps it’s sexually suggestive.  What’s super important though is that Sherlock knows at this moment that the little girl in the plane is Eurus. This is essential to solving the final problem and saving John Watson. The little girl is the link between the different sides of John, the “friend” part of him, the Redbeard/Victor John and the “erotic” Eurus John. The girl is the both of them. The plane metaphor is where the literal falling in love thing comes in to play. John is falling in love and has been but he’s so afraid of landing. He’s so afraid of what it would do to him. He thinks it ends in death. He needs Sherlock to coax him through the landing. Cause yes, again it just gets even more fucking romantic.

 When Sherlock delivers the line “Open your eyes,” it brought shivers down my spine. I bet money that is super prominent in the 4th episode.

He keeps saying, “this time get it right.” It’s referring to her killing Victor but it harkens again back to what is probably a bitch load of regrets John has, especially in marrying Mary and never acting on his feelings for Sherlock.

Then there is the Greg scene and the corny great guy, good guy thing that references ASIP. It just shows again what John thinks of Sherlock. This echoes again the “who you think I am is who I want to be” speech in TLD. Sherlock had always wanted to be the hero John thinks he is. In this scene, we see that John sincerely thinks that he already is this guy.

The whole “Emotional Context” thing is also important. Eurus kept bringing this up throughout the episode. John says to Sherlock in this scene that Sherlock gave her what she needed, emotional context and then says, “It is what it is.” (The fkn johnlock line).  What John needed to realize what that the emotional context is central in accepting his erotic self. He needed to realize that his love for Sherlock is not impure just because he desires him. That in fact, a central part of that love is the desire. Consider as well that Sherrinford is surrounded by a huge ocean, a symbol of John’s deep love for Sherlock.

The ending is weird as hell. There’s a long violin duet between Sherlock and Eurus. I wonder what song they are playing. It sounds gothic as all hell. He plays a part, she repeats it, and then they play in concert together. Often people link love making to music. It sounds weird and gross since it’s his sister but it’s not really his sister.

Then there is the dreaded Mary speech. She is completely wrong about Sherlock and John. Someone said that Mary is heteronormativity and I agree. John thinks that he should be this straight guy who gets married and has babies, who occasionally gets to go on adventures with his bro. I’m not sure why they decided to end it this way. Maybe it’s because the show is showing everything that it isn’t, starting with the obvious genre switch, the ooc-ness, and the massive amount of plotholes. It appears like a shitty horror/action flick when in fact, it’s actually a romance. All the characters are ooc but they really are presenting certain aspects of the characters (mostly different elements of john), and the plotholes are actually carefully laid out either to aid the genre switch or to add a physical image in the episode of feelings and thoughts (the chain for example).  Once you think it’s symbolic and from John’s Mind Bungalow, everything actually has it’s place.

 Oh and the fucking dummy…what the hell, I feel like that’s a symbol for me. After watching the episode over I can’t believe I took it’s seriously. It’s actually so ridiculous that I’m shocked I took it at face value. I actually laughed a lot the second time around. That whole “Which one is pain” statement was so downright dumb and reminiscent of shitty teen horror flicks that I feel I should immediately have been alerted. But I was too invested in Johnlock that I just wanted them to kiss. I didn’t want to think. I didn’t care about the plot honestly.

On a final note, the Mary monologue also represents what history has done to Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, kept them imprisoned in this little box, forcing them from realizing who they ACTUALLY are which of course, is gay lovers. ^_-

 If you come across this, please share with other interested meta writers who might have something to add or correct me on. Most of what I’ve written are musings. I still think I need to watch all 3 episodes in order again to flesh out my ideas but I thought some of y'all might be interested. 

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Prompt:  Hello! May I request a prompt where the reader is bright, an engineer and asexual. She/he has problem opening up to the others because she/he is afraid of what they would want in exchange . I leave the pairing or lack of it up to you :-) You wrote so many great one-shots ( coming across asexual ones is so difficult), I’m sure it will be fine if you ever write it! :-) Thank you, I hope you have a good day/night!
Word Count: 631
NaNoWriMo Word Count: 12,139/50,000
Warnings: Being asexual, family abandonment, isolation
Author’s Note: I hope I wrote this right

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Prompt: i NEED more Kirksmut! in my life! Because there’s absolutely none! And that’s unacceptable!! So could you do one where Kirk & reader have been friends since practically birth?! They’ve done EVERYTHING together. Grew up together. Entered Starfleet together. Graduated together. Got assigned to the Enterprise together. But they’ve only just NOW started dating. But ever since they’ve made it official they’ve both been too busy to *make* it official? And they’re both more nervous than anything. And I’d really like more sweet and slow and unsure rather than 2 sex starved lunatics. And one more thing. Can Kirk go by ‘James’ from the reader, but no one else calls him that? Thats just always been a thing of mine. I’ve just always thought of him as James.
Word Count: 1505
Warnings: Injury
Author’s Note: Part 1!

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