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Kick-Ass Chicks: Julie Mooney & Emily Sims

If you see two girls dancing perfectly in synch to your favorite classic tunes, there’s a high chance it’s sisters and bloggers, Julie and Emily. As we walked up to the busy front gates before the park’s official opening, we wondered just how we would find the two dancing darlings in a sea of people. But to no surprise, we spotted them in their matching Vans Lifeguard Hats & Sk8-Hi’s in a matter of seconds— after all, Vans Girls always standout from the crowd. Their laid-back California style and carefree attitudes may have already drawn you in, but their epic tips, tricks, and rare finds will keep you glued to their Insta stories and coming back for more! We sat down with Julie and Emily to get a glimpse into their mega fun careers and to talk building a business as sisters, and having the happiest place on earth as their office. Find out how they turned their passion into a career after the jump…

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MG said the song for episode 20 is Until You Come Back To Me. The lyrics are sad and it sounds like Oliver's just going to wait some more. And he said it takes 2 to break up: does she think she has to apologise or something? It was his fault! This sounds like a very painful episode...

Are we setting ourselves up for a fall here? Are we looking forward to an episode (20) that’s going to basically tell us why Olicity are the way they are with each other and that’s it? There’ll be no reunion? Just this recognition of what happened and why but nothing more? 

Is that what you actually took from those lyrics and the spoilers?


Honestly? (Please don’t be offended) I 100% disagree… (Feel free to disagree with; I could be very wrong).

The lyrics from Until You Come Back to Me… First I need to point out that I think some people take them as a step by step representation of the episode when they really shouldn’t be. Not one of MG’s song choices have been 100% accurate in regards to the contents in any episode. What they DO do is create an overall feel for what might be shown/seen and it’s usually in regard to Olicity. But because they’re taken so seriously they are often misinterpreted and thus the depression starts…

But… sad? THESE LYRICS? I’d say the exact opposite.

I absolutely adore them.

They give me nothing but hope.

To understand why though, you need to look – REALLY LOOK – at Oliver.

Yes, I know, why not Felicity, right?

Well… because Oliver is Felicity.

Let’s look at their respective emotional positions this season.

Now we haven’t been given a lot of detail into this and I feel like that’s for a reason. A good one. As said by @jbuffyangel​ usually the pacing of Arrow seasons has each build up to a climax, usually with the final 5 episodes focused on - and being primarily occupied - by the most important aspect of the show for that season. Something that sends a message. Something that’s been long since coming, something for the protagonist to either earn or realise or require for strength (or a mix of the 3). So it makes sense that Olicity’s ‘confrontation’ is in episode 20, right before the final 3.

But other than this, I bet you’re wondering why it took them so long?

Well, there’s @marcguggenheim​ answer: there were other stories to tell and there were. He’s right: we can’t sacrifice story-lines to propel a romance we KNOW is going to happen. And we also know that once they do happen, they’ll probably be at the forefront of a lot of stories come season 6 (something for which I am greatly looking forward to).

But there’s also a second part to it that, if Marc explained, would probably ruin whatever surprise is coming our way.

At the beginning of the season, we see Oliver + Felicity working perfectly in unison with each other, but there’s an edge. Stephen referred to it as robotic; kind of like how he was throughout season 1. A deliberate way of acting by Stephen and Emily, an unconscious expression of behaviour for Oliver and Felicity.

In what I’ve seen (which albeit, isn’t much) people – ex-partners – usually do this when they’ve either a) been hurt and are defending themselves from further hurt or b) are unable to face something that also/still hurts. See the theme?

It’s about pain.

But, from what I’ve seen floating around on tumblr, a lot of people seem to think Oliver was waiting for Felicity and that he closed the door to ‘them’ after he found out she was dating, but I don’t think that’s correct.

Was he hoping? Hell yes. He’s always hoping she’ll turn around and give him another chance, always hoping he can become a better man for her.

But, was he WAITING?

No he wasn’t. Oliver had fully accepted that Felicity had said no, but he still kept the door open for her to come back through if she wanted to… she didn’t.

But he didn’t close it.

He just decided to further accept her choice and resigned himself to whatever came his way in his life. Resigned. How lonely a word that is. He didn’t go fishing, he didn’t search for romance, he didn’t even glance upwards (he didn’t: watch the episodes).

Instead, he simply said yes to the first offer he received.

After watching episodes 16, 17 and 18; I think I now understand why.

Oliver accepted long ago that he wasn’t worthy of Felicity. I just didn’t know that he hasn’t stopped feeling that way.

Originally posted by klarolicityswan

In season 3 + 4 Felicity got him to see that he did in fact have self worth and he started to see it in himself too; he started to believe. But not once did he think he was truly worthy of Felicity. Did he think he was the luckiest man on the planet because she chose him to love above all others? Very much so. But he considers himself lucky because she chose to love a man who will always be deficit, a man who wears a monster as a mask.

And after they broke up, why earnestly look for that kind of happiness again when he doesn’t feel he’s worthy of the happiness he did receive - because he proved he didn’t by destroying it - because what he wants above all else he knows he can’t have again? 

Why try to win her back, to turn her head around when he feels – in his core – that he isn’t just unworthy of her, but that there’s something very wrong inside of him? Why put that on her again?

She’ll only suffer for it and he’s caused her enough.

So he settled. And accepted. There was no moving on. But there was also no waiting for her to come back. It would be insulting to both of them for him to do that.

And now Oliver has lost what little hope he did have.

Originally posted by arrowsource

It’s as if, without Felicity, he slowly lost sight of the good he can do and everything good that can happen in life.

Which comes to this point: since we know how he feels about himself now – someone sick at the core who ruins lives, someone who takes pleasure in the kill – do you honestly think that episode 20 is going to be about Oliver telling Felicity that he understands now where he went wrong, has grown from it, has dealt with his trauma, accepts her decision and will wait for her as she goes on her dark path…?

Originally posted by giffix

Yeah, I’m going to give a big fat NO on that one.

He isn’t close to seeing that light. It’s right there but he just can’t see the wood for the trees and there are so many

What he wants right now (ep19?) is to keep Felicity from falling down with him because he sees her jumping into Helix’s arms a result of his own darkness infecting her.

Originally posted by emilybuttrickards

He doesn’t realise that she has her own ‘dark’ to experiment with – something she needs to do to understand herself more and her own insecurities. He also doesn’t realise that Adrian’s words are in his head speaking for him.

Who else could possibly make him see through that, other than Felicity? I mean, IT’S FELICITY: the one who taught him that he does have light inside him.

That line Oliver says, about her being the unforeseen force Adrian didn’t count on? Well, maybe he did. Maybe he’s part of Helix, maybe he isn’t. But I guarantee Adrian didn’t count on her influence on Oliver.

Originally posted by whoeveryoulovethemost

Adrian implanted Oliver with a notion that no longer holds true, hasn’t held true for a while now.

Of course he enjoyed darkness. Of course he relished killing. Of course he wanted it.

After five years fighting to live, how else is he supposed to compartmentalise? It only told me that he is one smart cookie.

Oliver feels things deeply. He experiences emotions on levels that could cripple most. How do you think he could ever deal with doing what he’s had to do over and over again in the years he had to survive alone? If he doesn’t learn to like it then he has to admit each time that he hates it and constant hate is extra weight (added to guilt etc) that slows you down. Get’s you killed.

And he promised his father he’d survive.

Originally posted by olivergifs

THAT was how he chose to survive. Subconsciously, his mind knew enough to see he needed to change. To fit this constantly hostile environment. So he learned to like it.

It’s a subliminal, near neurological response: a lot of military personnel – soldiers (usually not officers) front line guys, squad vets and special forces – probably do the same. They learn to somewhat - if not enjoy what they do - then take comfort in their ‘work’ in differing ways and usually, they adapt towards the environments that create such feelings and that can be where the PTSD comes from.


PTSD often shows itself most when the sufferer has to return to normalcy. When they have to experience quiet again, kindness again (things that remind you you’re alive and human) and face the creature they’ve been forced to become.

Oliver never did; his PTSD has come out in various ways (hyper vigilance etc) but the most prevalent is his habit towards self destruction. His lies.

His way of hiding his dark.

The Hood.

The problem, was that he split himself down the centre in the hopes of separating himself from it when he never needed to. It’s like being an alcoholic. You can’t split that from yourself; you have to confront it. It’s painful and it can takes years. 

In creating the divide he gave his darkness room to breathe.

think… (guessing) he lied to Felicity about William to protect himself. To unknowingly defend and conceal his weakness/his darkness. A man/woman suffering PTSD is always on the defence. He/she expects the worst of any situation and as such, creates the worse possible outcome each time.

I don’t think we should be concentrating on why Oliver lied, but on why he feels he has to do that, on why he keeps doing it. Why he keeps making that same mistake, as he does every single season.

Seeing it in that perspective, puts what he did in a more sympathetic light. Does it make it right? Nope. Not a chance. But it gives us an understanding as to why he’d do that to the one person he never had to hide from. Here’s hoping we get some clues/answers.

Now, Oliver was the impetus that broke their relationship… but Felicity was the one who broke them up.

That is her mark to bare.


Breaking up with him was the right option; what he did required that jolt of reality. She needed that… but it’s her reasons why she did that are the problem.

Notice how she never gave him – her Oliver – a second chance? Why? He’s the love of her life: why hold so steadfastly to something that makes them both miserable? Neither of them have given one honest smile all sodding year!!

So… why do this to them? (Because they’ll never be a ‘him’ and ‘her’. They’re an ‘US’ always and forever. What happens to her happens to him,so why?)

Again, I might be very wrong but, I think Felicity kept that door closed simply because she saw in Oliver all the things she feared. She saw a man who would one day leave her, who would do as her father did, as Cooper did… and what was so wrong with her that they kept leaving?

So she left him. She left him. She needs to see that. And I think she does.

And because she does - because she’s understanding about her own darkness - she can understand his, she’ll see him. I mean, is it any surprise after seeing season 2, 3, 4 and this season that it’s Felicity who might see the light (metaphorically speaking)? 

I REALLY DON’T think Oliver is in any kind of place to do so, do you?

Originally posted by feilcityqueen

If these two love birds had been ready for marriage, if they’d been ready for each other, if they’d understood the way they thought they’d had. Oliver wouldn’t have lied.

But even if he had (devil’s advocate)… they would have fought. Argued until the walls shook. Eviscerated each other with words if necessary until they’re this raw nerve that bows only to honesty. So they’d inevitably have sex - because that’s always an honest expression of emotion - the kind that wears into the bone, until you feel nothing, until you can’t breathe. Then maybe they’d cry… then laugh.

Until it’s sorted.

They weren’t there yet.

So those lyrics?

I am so sorry that I bothered you
Now I know why you have to hide
I didn’t know what you were going through
All I could see was my own sign

I will just fade away
I will let you be here
I won’t say a word until you come to me
Until you come to me
Until you come to me

They just tell me what you’re in there for
How could I know you did not say?
But now I know what I am living for
Tomorrow will be just another day

I will close my eyes
And I hear a quiet peep
I will wait in the shadows until you come to me
Until you come to me
Until you come to me, oh

Ah, sweet youth will all too quickly end
And we will never be this free
So all I ask is that we look again
Before we grow too old to see

I will fall alone
My elm was sweet and envy
Still I will be crying until you come to me
Until you come to me
Until you come to me, ah

I’m not going to analyse it all because there’s no point: it isn’t a bit by bit sketch of the episode.

But it tells me that the understanding we’ve been waiting for Felicity to reach, may finally be here because Oliver knows he fucked up.

He knows he did this to them, knows he destroyed them. But unless she understands his vulnerability, his weakness, his heart - then nothing will change. Maybe it’s up to her. To lead him into the right direction so he can take that step into the light himself. 

“How could I know, you did not say?”

It’s suggestive: in the episode they might both basically say ‘I get it now and I‘m sorry.’

But I’m right here… until you come to me.

It looks like that so-called closed door will get opened waaaaaay wide (about time right?)

Unless I’m completely wrong and ridiculous etc

But MG is kind of genius with this stuff (Oliver and his darkness and the light and Felicity) so I’m remaining hopeful.

I think it might be pretty brutal in regards to honestly; they haven’t talked all season so we aren’t sued to it but that might be the effect that they’ve aimed for: like a kamikaze run. Shock and awe.

Also, I DON’T think there’ll be a reunion in episode 20 and THANK GOD for that. I don’t want it resolved in 1 episode. I do however think it’ll set up the next 3 eps.

I wrote a post weeks ago stating that 1 good, LONG and brutally honest conversation was all it would take for Olicity to get back together. I can’t tell you how unbelievably psyched I’ll be if turns out to being even close to true.

So… I hope that answered that (not quite an ask, ask) for you. I’ve only been receiving asks for a little while (it’s always surprising) and thankfully, it’s only sporadically because I can’t answer some of the few I get and I’m always terrified at the potential reaction I may receive!


A/N: An anon request where Spencer and the reader are married and work together. She’s pregnant with their baby and has to stay behind at Quantico with Garcia. Spencer goes on a case, and he makes threats against the team, specifically the reader, so he calls her to see how she is, but he can’t reach her. @coveofmemories


“God, I’m so not used to this,” Y/N said, pressing her hand into her back to relieve a bit of the stress on her spine. At eight and a half months pregnant, the baby was starting to put a lot of stress on her back. She was ready to not be pregnant anymore. Plus, she was desperate to get back in the field.

“Not used to what, gorgeous,” Garcia said, standing tall on five inch heels as she tottered over to where the rest of the team was standing. They had 30 minutes until wheels up and everyone was ready to go. So was she - but being so far along she couldn’t. 

“Oh god, I’m not gorgeous. I’m a sweaty bowling ball.”

“You are not!” Garcia and JJ exclaimed at the same time. “From someone who has also had a baby, you are a beautiful pregnant lady.” JJ had looked like the epitome of gorgeousness when she was pregnant, so hearing it from her felt nice.

“And I’m not used to not being out in the field,” she said, as Spencer came back from the bathroom. “Garcia, I love you with the burning fiery passion of a thousand suns and I appreciate what you do more than you will ever know, but I am going stir crazy in here. I wanna kick an unsub in the face again.”

Spencer had come to stand at her side, kissing the top of her head as he laughed. “First, maternity leave, and then you can start kicking the crap out of people again.”

“Oh thank god,” she exclaimed, bending over in an attempt to stretch out her spine. She was so ready to be not pregnant anymore. 

“Alright, wheels up,” Hotch said, as he walked out of his office. “Y/N take care of yourself and this one.” When they all passed on the way the elevator, they patted her stomach, as had become customary since she started saying behind.

Spencer was the last to leave, pressing a firm kiss to her lips, and her stomach. “I love you, and I love you.”

“We love you too,” she replied. “Please be careful.”


Normally, the team didn’t get involved until after something was wrong - until after there was a dead victim, but a single mother of teenage twins flew in from three states away when her daughters were taken.

They had been stalked relentlessly over the past few months by someone they didn’t know, or at least no one that had made themselves known, but when the team saw the letters the unsub had written, they had no doubt that whoever he was, he could’ve come out of the shadows to take them away. 

Upon their arrival, they had difficulty tracking him down or even narrowing down who it might be, until he slipped up, allowing one of the twins to run for help. Although she was captured again, there were eyewitnesses, which led them straight to him.

As they made their way into the warehouse where he was keeping them, all six team members had their guns up and trained to shoot at a moment’s notice. “The fantastic BAU comes to the rescue,” the man announced, waving his gun about in one hand while the other clutched the twins by the neck.

“Let them go!” Hotch yelled.

“Why should I, Agent Hotchner? Dead ex-wife Hayley, father of Jack, leader of the BAU, narcissistic, overbearing. Why would I listen to you?”

He was attempting to get under their skin, make them think he’d studied them as well as the twins, but in all likelihood he’d done a cursory search of them once he realized they were on the case. “Maybe I should listen to Jennifer Jareau, mother of Henry, girlfriend of Will. Why aren’t you married yet? Afraid to make something permanent when it could all be taken away in the blink of an eye?” 

All JJ wanted to do was lunge across the room at the maniac and make him beg for his life for even mentioning her son’s name, but she stood her ground, keeping the gun trained as he went around to each member of the team, looking for a way to push their buttons. “Or maybe I should listen to the stubborn Dr. Spencer Reid, the one that is overprotective of his very pregnant wife, Y/N. You might want to get home soon Dr. Reid.”

“Why?” he asked without thinking. He shouldn’t be giving anything this man said any credence, but at the mention of his wife, he couldn’t help himself.

“I have a partner,” he declared. “Go ahead, tell them girls. There was another man here wasn’t there.” 

They both shook their heads. “But then he was gone.”

“I assume he’s on his way to DC, to take your wife, as I told him too,” he said with a smile as the horror crossed Spencer’s eyes. He must’ve assumed he had leverage against them, that he had them hook, line and sinker, because he moved out from behind the girls and in milliseconds, Emily had taken him out. 

Spencer ran outside, dialing the phone immediately to check on his wife. The man was undoubtedly lying, but he couldn’t be too sure. The phone rang and rang and rang. Nothing. No answer. No matter how many times he called. “She’s not answering the phone,” he called into the team.

“Go!” Hotch screamed back.

So he ran. Spencer ran as fast he could back to grab a cab that would take him back to the airport. He needed to get back to her. The chance that she had been taken was too great for him to wait. It needed to be now.


Nearly two hours later, which felt more like eight, he’d made it back home. He must’ve had shoddy connection where he was because the second he got off the plane, he had a text message from Garcia.


Y/N wasn’t due for another two weeks, so at the mention of the word hospital the color drained from his face. Had the unsub’s partner been real, already gotten there and done something to her? Was she even still alive? The text message had come in nearly an hour before, while he was in the air. As he ran to the car, he threw the siren on top, gunning it to the hospital nearest to the BAU. 

“Y/N,” he said to the nurse at the front desk. “My wife, Y/N Reid was brought in here, I don’t know how long ago, or even why.” The panic in his voice was causing him to stumble over his words. “Where is she? Please, I need to know.”

“She’s this way, sir,” the woman said, leading him down the hallway. Once he’d entered the room, his utter panic vanished, instead replaced with complete joy. There, in her arms, was their baby. It was just an early delivery.

“Oh thank god,” he said, running to her side across from Garcia. “I thought something had happened to you. The unsub said he had a partner and he was coming here for you and I panicked and flew back without everybody else.” As soon as he looked toward the bundle in her arms, his eyes grew watery. “Is it a girl or a boy?”

“It’s a girl,” she smiled, holding her up to pass her to her father. “We need to pick out a name. I’m okay, Spence.” Apparently, he was still a little panicky. “I’m good. Everything hurts, but that’s supposedly normal. Don’t worry. Garcia took care of us.” 

“Thank you, Garcia,” he said, walking over to the other side of the bed and giving her a half-hug, considering the baby in his arms. “What about having her middle name be Penelope?” he asked his wife. 

“Really!?” Garcia exclaimed as Y/N nodded and Spencer placed the baby in Penelope’s arms. “Hi first name not sure, middle name Penelope. I’m your auntie and I’m going to spoil you rotten because that is my job.”

damhunterofartemis  asked:

Hey can you pleasedo one where Spencer and the reader are secretly dating, and the team doesn't even know he has a girlfriend (she doesn't work at the BAU) until somebody sees them kissing?


Hey guys! This is my first fanfic, so it’s without a doubt, not the best:/ I’d love critical feedback and thoughts on how I can improve the next time around. Also, I think and feel as if Ive read something very similar to this but am not sure, so if it is exactly like another fic, I apologize and did not write this with the intentions of copying someone else.
(Also I apologize in advance for the crappy ending)
Thanks xx



Of course the team had noticed Spencer’s abnormal behavior, but no one dared to ask him about who or what was causing it. He was arriving to work later than he normally did, which of course was no big deal to anyone, but was very unlike the agent. He had been texting more often and smiling down at his phone during briefings and while working on cases, and instead of being one of the last people to leave the office after organizing files and filling out paperwork, he would rush out and leave almost immediately. Of course, everyone had their suspicions, but seeing as he was happier, the team didn’t bother asking.
What they did not know was that the doctor had been dating you for a little over 3 months. While you made him the most delighted he had been, he had just not found the right time to tell his colleagues.
Spencer hoped and guessed that they would support him and his relationship, but couldn’t help fearing that they wouldn’t. Quite frankly, he was afraid that they would make fun of him seeing as you were the most beautiful girl he had laid eyes on and expectedly would never fall for a guy like him.


“Wheels up in 30” said Emily routinely as everyone simultaneously stood up and began to shuffle out of the room.
“Leesburg, Virginia, couldn’t get any more interesting than that, could it?” mumbled Luke to no one in particular.
“You know, in 1699 the Conoy Tribe inhabited Leesburg before the Europeans began to enter the land even though it is most commonly believed that …. shoot.” replied Reid.
“What’s wrong?”
“I don’t have my travel bag, I must have left it back at my apartment.”
“Ooh, sorry bud but we don’t have time. You might just have to go without it.”
“Yea…” said Spence as he began to pull out his phone. Luckily, you had crashed at his place last night after falling asleep together while watching movies and eating takeout. He hoped that you were still at his place and hadn’t left, but knowing you, expected that you were probably still asleep. Spencer was right and you were awakened as your phone rang, flashing the familiar number of your boyfriend.

“Good morning sweetie! Could you please please do me a huge favor?”
“Spencer it’s like 9 in the morning, what could you possibly need?”
“Well, you see we are leaving for Virginia in 30 minutes and it seems as if I’ve left my travel bag at home and I..”
“Yes Spencer, I’ll bring it to you.” you said while laughing at the fact that someone as smart as Spencer could sometimes be so forgetful.
“Agh perfect, I love you, but hurry!”
“Love you too and see you soon.”

“Wait, who was that?” retorted Luke, noticing that Spencer had not only called the person on the other line sweetie, but said he loved them.
“mmm no one.” said an alarmed Reid quickly walking away, realizing what he had just done.


Nearly 20 minutes later, you pulled up to the parking lot of the building in which Spencer worked. You saw Spencer rush out of the front doors as you stepped out of your car, travel bag in hand.
“Ahhh, thank you so much darling. What would I do without you?” asked Reid as he embraced you in a tight hug. You laughed as he leaned in and lightly kissed you. This was not an uncommon gesture between the two of you, so when you heard cheers coming from the front doors, you were quite surprised, pulling away from Spence.
“I TOLD YOU SO!! YOU OWE ME, HAHA” hollered a blonde female dressed in bright colors and bold patterns to a smaller blonde girl standing next to her.
“Hey who are those people?” you giggled.
“Come on, I want to introduce you to some people” uttered a clearly anxious Spencer taking your hand in his and leading you to the now somewhat calm group of people.

“Everyone there is someone I want you to meet. This is my girlfriend y/n and she makes me the happiest I ever have been. She’s also the reason I’ve been acting… different lately.”

“Oh I knew it! I knew something was up with you pretty boy. I’m Penelope Garcia, it’s such a pleasure to meet you y/n! Might I say, you two make the cutest couple, and you are absolutely gorgeous!” squealed the woman that you had just seen hollering. As you shook her hand, she pulled you into a tight hug. Surrounded by his team, all smiling at you and Garcia hugging, it was then Spencer realized that he had no reason to worry.

Pharmercy Appreciation Week: Day 6 - Wedding

I have to go back and do days 4 and 5 because this weekend was much busier than I anticipated … but here’s day 6. :’)

Summary: Lena and Emily get married; Angela asks Fareeha to be her date.


Lena announces her wedding date a year before it happens. She and Emily are ecstatic, in love, totally and completely happy. Angela’s happy for them, too. Happier still when she goes to the bachelorette party a month out (both of them) - ridiculously happy to drag a drunken Farreha home after one, and then to have been escorted home drunkenly at the other by the same woman.

A week out and Emily calls her to go to lunch and Angela accepts willingly. Sitting across from the red head, sipping coffee after her meal Emily finally leans forward and, looking almost too serious says:

“So have you asked Fareeha to be your date yet?”

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happy birthday (a hector bellerin imagine)

Originally posted by ultragooner89

Summary: he has a new girlfriend, and she’s totally, completely, entirely 100% fine with that, right? 

Seeing him was strange. Arriving at his birthday party and walking through a house that should have been theirs wasn’t just strange, but plain weird.

The kitchen is busy, with people crowded shoulder-to-shoulder around the island and countless empty beer cans and food wrappers littering the table. The atmosphere is light and jovial, with Justin Bieber blasting in the background and the golden fairy lights giving the room a warm glow. She continues to nurse her gin and tonic and every now and then, grabs a salted pretzel from the bowl to her left. She doesn’t want to be such a “debbie-downer” (in her best friend’s words, who keeps on trying, to no avail, to get her to join in with the karaoke in the living room where Crazy in Love is being butchered and the wine is flowing more freely) but she’s just seen him with his arm around her and now any attempts at a smile or a dance would be futile at best.

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Imagine the world where 98% of the population is autistic, and allism is a disorder. Imagine the world that was built for autistic people and doesn’t support allistic people. Imagine the world where allism is a disability. Imagine a world where an autistic mum finds out that her only son is allistic. Imagine…
A Very Weird World Indeed

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#25 W/Emily Prentiss. Congrats on 600!!! :)

Thank you hun. I hope it’s okay.

#25  “Please don’t leave me. Everyone always leaves.”

Leaving isn’t always a choice

Emily x Reader

Word count: 1531

Song: Broken by Seether and Amy lee

Originally posted by em-ily-pren-tiss

You have had a long and heart breaking past of people always leaving you.  When you were a baby your  parents had given you up for adoption were you were adopted by a really nice couple until they too were taken from you by a car crash when you were only sixteen. You went into foster care making friends just for them to leave and go to another home. Life was hard but you managed to pull through it getting a job and meeting your first girlfriend only for her to break up with you a few months later over a guy.

You felt like the whole world was against you. Anytime you opened yourself up to people they always left you. And you knew that it wasn’t always their fault but they were still gone and it fucking hurt. So you built walls and fortified them anytime you even remotely thought about letting someone tear them down. It was a lonely life, a sad life.  So you decided that you would put your loneliness to good use and join the F.B.I. You worked hard all the while keeping your heart under lock down until the day you joined the B.A.U.

They tore your walls down and showed you how to love again. Rossi who never minded his own business, Spencer with his huge brain always making jokes with Derek, the strong one. Then there was Hotch the leader and all around great guy, also Penelope who was always able to make you happy, and J.J who was a great friend and listener and last but not least the quick witted Emily Prentiss.

Emily above everyone else destroyed your walls. She was so strong. Stronger than anyone you had ever met this was one of the reasons you fell in love with her. You admired how she was able to be so strong without hiding and vulnerable without breaking. The day she told you she loved you was just one of the many ways she proved that point.

You had been together for almost a year now and all lingering traces of fear were all but gone. But when the phone rang that night you knew there was something wrong.

And as the team approached the dark deserted house that feeling grew. You didn’t know what to do, you told the team about it on the way there but they all sort of brushed it off, even Emily when you tried to tell her again before everyone got into positions but you got the same reaction. What else could you do though, this was their job and just like them you weren’t going to let a bad feeling get in the way of doing it. You had people to save.

You approached the building then broke off into teams of two. You and Emily went around the back and quietly made your way through the house. When the house was clear and you guys were all standing outside you thought that you had been worrying for nothing when a man jumped out of nowhere and ran for it.

Everyone pulled out there gun except for Emily who ran after him and disappeared into the trees lining the edge of the property. You ran after her feeling that dread from before come again. You ran as fast as you could feel the rest of the team close at your heels when two shots rang out through the night air.

You stopped as fear took over your entire body. With trepidation you walked into the clearing were the man and Emily had run into and felt your blood run cold. The man was lying face down with a blood seeping out of his shirt while Emily laid further away blood rushing out of her leg.

You rushed over to her your heart pounding in your chest “Emily look at me are you okay?” You asked putting pressure on her leg to stop the blood from coming out.

Her eyes were glassy when they met yours “Yeah just a little scratch nothing to worry about.”

You knew she was lying you could feel the blood coming out of her wound as you tried to stop the bleeding the amount of it was making your heart beat even faster with alarm.

“Call an ambulance tell them we have an officer down.” You said looking at Hotch who had joined you kneeling in front of Emily.

Hotch spoke into his radio when Emily’s eyes began to close. You shook her a little trying to keep her from going to sleep.

“Hey baby you need to keep your eyes open. Just stare right at me help is on the way.” You said leaning down to kiss her. She weakly nodded her head when you pulled away and kept her eyes trained on you. But as minuets passed and help was nowhere in sight her blinks were becoming heavier and heavier. You could feel the panic in your voice as you kept talking to her begging her to stay awake.

Finally you could hear sirens and you let a small shred of hope enter your system. But when you looked back down at Emily you saw that her eyes had drifted closed. Fear wound its way through your heart again and tears began to slide down your cheeks. “Emily I love you please don’t leave me. Everyone always leaves. I don’t think I’ll be able to get through this if you leave me too” you sobbed wrapping her in your arms and rocking here back and forth crying into her shoulder.

The paramedics got there and took her from your arms putting her on a gurney taking her away to the hospital. You and the team followed behind in the black SUV’S you used to get to the crime scene.

When you got to the hospital no one would tell you what was happening and you hated it. Waiting to find out if the love of your life was alive or dead was pure torture. Everyone was trying to comfort you while they dealt with their own grief which was only making the situation worse.

Hours passed and you still heard nothing. Then just before dawn a tired looking doctor walked out to the waiting room and called out Emily’s name. You and the rest of the team immediately stood and walked over to him and started peppering him with questions.

He held his hand up effectively quieting you down as he began to speak. “She lost a lot of blood. We had to do a transfusion and surgery to fix some internal bleeding that the bullet caused. It was a rough few hours for her but she pulled through. A few minutes more and we would have been too late” He said smiling at the relieved expressions on everyone’s face. “She’s ready to see you if you’ll follow me I’ll take you to her.”

You followed the doctor to her room and felt tears again seeing her alive and awake. She looked up at you and held out her arms some of her own tears falling down her cheeks. You ran over and threw your arms around her holding tight unwilling to let her go.

After a moment she pulled away just enough to tip her head back and press her lips to yours in a kiss that held more relief than any words could say. When she drew away you sat down next to her on the bed as she greeted the rest of the team with hugs and kisses and solace.

After a while of mingling the team filed out one by one until you two were the only ones left. You were lying down next to her content holding her in your arms while her finger stroked through your hair. “I heard you up in the forest telling me to stay. I fought so hard to stay awake for you because I promised you I wouldn’t leave you like everyone else did.”

“I knew you would fight it but you don’t always get that choice” You said reaching up and taking one of her hands that were running through your hair to lace your fingers together.

She sighed and squeezed your hand “I know but there is something we can chose right here and right now.”

“What‘s that?” you asked sitting up and turning around to look at her.

She reached out with her free hand to cup your face. “Will you marry me y/n. I love you more than anything and I want you to know that you will never be alone again. You are the love of my life and I can’t imagine my life without you?”

You sat there stunned for a second and then smiled as you leaned in to kiss her “Of course I’ll marry you Emily” You said looking into her brown eyes that were filled with so much happiness and love that you were sure was mirrored in your own.  After that you laid there in the hospital clinging to each other as the night turned into day and you thought to yourself that someone finally stayed.

Another Olicity ramble

Alright: I’m not making an addendum to the meta I posted in October but I wanted to say something. In that Meta, I stipulate just how much Oliver needs to fight. But I don’t think I had a clue as to how. No, I never wanted him to physically get into a fist-a-cuffs scenario (though it would be pretty hot) or be overtly romantic but I had wanted to him to do something, whatever that something was…

I just didn’t know Felicity would have been utterly unreceptive to it.

And then came this thought and I’d greatly appreciate what others think.

The actors, the writers and directors, show runners; they’re being super harsh with Olicity this season and I DON’T mean that it any bad way.

(True, I’d love more Olicity but I think they’re trying to send a specific message so that when we do get them back, we’ll be so god damn grateful)

Bear with me: when Oliver and Laurel were given the all exclusive ‘no’ in season 2 there was this kind of ‘nothing’ floating about them. A space, a body of water, an atmosphere (I could go on forever) that was tension-less - passionless - and you get the impression that they were in fact over for good. There were moments that contributed to their romantic history but nothing that supported any present possibilities of progression.

In season 1, they were split up for most of it so we were never forced to witness just how horrific their chemistry was. Apparently this was a deliberate - shocker - device used once they realised that the actors wouldn’t necessarily be able to generate the kind of friction required of an epic love story. It is part of how they dealt with the problem.

Again in season 2, they split them up for several episodes at a time until we were left wondering why laurel was even in the show at all, especially when her sister returned and became everything the fans were promised LL would become.

I bring this up because; they’ve done this before with Olicity too. But the reasons behind it were exact opposites.

I had a quote somewhere and it KILLS me because I didn’t save it and I don’t bloody remember who said it but the low-down is that Stephen and Emily have so much natural chemistry that when Oliver/Felicity is with a love interest, their scenes are lessened somewhat so that the LI can make an impression. Remember when Sara was around? Felicity and Oliver spent a few episodes where they barely interacted. Another plus is that the writers don’t want us to suffer the repeat performance of one of the most cliché of love triangle scenarios: the scene where the third party is a spare part and has to watch as the one they love flirts with another.

Oliver showed a lot of this in season 3 in regards to Felicity and Palmer.

In season 5, we don’t really get ANY of that on either side. Instead we get this odd acceptance – odd in that neither really tables their history; Felicity simply says that she wants to try for a ‘real’ elsewhere – where Oliver accepts Felicity’s choice and chooses to follow suit. We aren’t being shown a longing Oliver Queen or a jealous Felicity Smoak and vice versa.

And it’s a GOOD thing.

Yes, it’s painful but it’s also - if I’m right - very good.

Let’s start!

MG has been true to his word; they are rebuilding Olicity separate before they rebuild them together.

Emily has stated that, neither trusts the other fully with their heart at the moment. In work, 100%. In love, not even a little.

Isn’t. That. Marvellous?

You don’t get why it’s marvellous? Okay, I’ll try to explain…

So, Oliver will probably tell SW that he’s the vigilante, OR she figures it out and he decides to roll with it. He’s telling her things about Russia that aren’t necessarily seen as big reveals for him but ARE things she wants to know. I also know that many of you hate this because, why trust this reporter and NOT Felicity? Why let another woman in and keep her out. Why chance your heart on someone else?

Well… the reporter can only hurt him so much.

Felicity has the power to utterly destroy him. To ruin him. When that times comes again for them, that’ll be it for either. And he’s not strong enough for that possibility. But he’s getting there. And Felicity? She started this because he DID break her. He took away the trust she had in them. Here’s me hoping we’ll see him with the shoe on the other foot, fully understanding that.

How can either of them give their hearts to another when their hearts are locked away behind steel bars?

Billy, Susan; they’re both safety nets.

Oliver may be opening up, but he’s in love with Felicity. It’s in his heart and his makeup. It would be cruel to have either say the words I love you right now. Wherever he takes this relationship with SW, he’ll have to internally address at some point if he can continue with it knowing he’ll never be able to give her all of himself.

(They originally wanted the reporter in on season 2, but there was no room and I know EXACTLY how that could have panned out: the new, gorgeous CEO who hasn’t a clue what he’s doing has this reporter all over his ass about his incompetence. Until she suddenly isn’t and is asking him out for drinks which he accepts because he’s lonely and Felicity has to watch him with this other woman as he falls into a trap etc)

You see the inevitability of both of their LI’s? It’s a road leading to nowhere.

They’ll follow a path with twists and turns until suddenly it’s a stretch of road that isn’t going anywhere.

Felicity being with Billy was exactly that. It served no purpose other than to make it look like Felicity had in fact moved on.

But EBR stated that it was probably far too soon for Felicity to have a boyfriend. AT first I thought that was her way of saying she hated the plot device. THEN I realised it was her simple way of telling the audience that, yes, Felicity has run into this relationship unprepared, so far from ready it’s frightening and for all the wrong reasons and it’s going to comer back and bite her on her amazing the ass.

And when he sort of dumped her she didn’t exactly look heartbroken by it. We all know she wasn’t and her current need for vengeance, for a more active take on bringing down Prometheus is guided by the avalanche caused by Billy’s death but not by Billy himself. There’s some guilt there about the way she was with him. That she couldn’t even label him her boyfriend was painful. He was her shield and I’d love it if she admitted that (to Oliver and herself) and I think she will but it may not be with words. Arrow doesn’t have the time to cover every corner of their relationship the way we would like them to, especially since they’ve deliberately decided to keep them as unromantic as possible.

(-Because we’re going to get the romance and sex shoved in our faces later; they’re making us empty ourselves of all the goodness in season 3 and 4 before they fill us back up. (That reads so much dirtier than intended).)

Oliver dating SW… she was the first woman who showed an interest.


She pressed and pushed until she got her way. She asked him out for a drink and he sounded half-hearted about it. 


When he was reminded about it in the basement, he frigging sighed like ‘oh, right. I’ll just go then’.


The first time they kiss, it isn’t initiated by him. He doesn’t even touch her, cup her face, take her in his arms - zilch. And it takes weeks to happen. AND it’s only after he visits her looking for comfort from someone who isn’t at risk from his current enemy, someone who he can’t hurt like eh can hurt Felicity.


Oh yes. The building blocks of an epic love story.

That isn’t to say we won’t see romance or sweetness or smiles and roses. Be prepared.

But, like with Billy, SW exists as a device for Oliver; he needs to take a chance on something – though I still believe there’ll be some sort of betrayal in there. Or, if not a betrayal, SW looking into his past will put her in danger etc.

Billy had to die to push Felicity into alternate paths. To finally make her snap.

SW exists to force Oliver to try elsewhere and be this person Felicity helped create.

So when I said I wanted him to fight for her, I don’t think I understood just how I wanted that to happen.

EBR also said that, sometimes two people have to grow apart before they can grow together. MG told us to have patience. Even WM – who is frigging blunt – has insinuated a reunion no matter how far down the line that may be. She even added that at the moment, they’re more dynamic apart and that they had an obligation to pay some attention to that first before they go all in again, this time for good.

RIGHT NOW, they need to be apart. So why make it romantic?

But this also answers what I’m looking for.

In the end, there won’t be this dramatic ‘I’ll fight for you Felicity’ moment. It won’t be needed. It’ll be completely organic. They’ll just come together (pun unintended but happily appropriate). There is a chance that they will fight again and argue, more than a chance. It’ll help them learn more about each other.

If this leads to some totally sinful/explosive 5x20/21 sex then I do not mind some of this…

But Oliver’s fight won’t be overt. He’ll just be there at the right time because even he won’t realise that he can have it all until he sees it in Felicity. Sees that she’s ready and impulsively reacts to that instinct.

To randomly add to this, has anyone else noted the reverse season 3 theme of season 5? Yes, they’re pulling all the stops on a season 2 look-a-like between Olicity but there have been 3, perhaps more, instances where lines and scenes have been nabbed from that season.

For instance, in episode 10 Felicity nurses her hand in a bowl of ice, just as Oliver does in 3x07 – both episodes show vividly their emotional bars being used against them. Oliver even says her line ‘you know me better than almost anyone’, a line she gives to Palmer. There’s a couple more somewhere but I forgot…

(I swear if we get a ‘lovers is creepy no matter how you say it’ line from Oliver I wouldn’t be surprised. Or if we get a scene where SW tells him she loves him and he can’t say it back. AWESOME)

Season 3 is a season where Oliver basically falls as far as he can and does everything he can to push everyone a way. More than once, he almost dies.

Season 5, Felicity has pushed Oliver away… but unlike Oliver, she isn’t sacrificing herself. She’s growing. Everyone has been so worried about her darker side coming though but I’ve been thinking ‘finally’. 

This is a Felicity Smoak who’s going to become so formidable, someone who commands the same level of authority as Oliver- yep I caught that.

He asks her when she got the authority to command his recruits.

Honestly, until then, I’d completely forgotten that as much of a team as they are, Oliver is still in charge.

Well, what if that leadership could be split? I mean, really split; in a way we’ve never seen before. A true partnership this time.

What if Felicity’s development into morally grey areas is another tool to make her the absolute equal – not in terms of social status or gender ANYTHING else – but in terms of THEM. The lifestyle, the honesty, the history of experience-


An honest-to-God re-creation of Arrow’s future power-house couple.

They’re going to be so freaking intimidating once they hit that moment.

But that’s the other part isn’t it? The part that will make their reunion exciting. They’re both changing; becoming these new and interesting people that neither has seen in the other. Eventually that should bring them together.

The reason why Oliver and Laurel COULDN’T work (besides having the chemistry of a dead fish) was because Oliver was not the man laurel fell in love with. The man she loved died in the ocean. He could never be that man again and Laurel’s love for that man couldn’t be assuaged. It couldn’t change. It remained stagnant. It was never going to work.

Both Oliver and Felicity are on a journey of understanding (of each other as well as themselves) and I believe season 5 will end with their love being renewed because, Felicity will know Oliver in ways she never could before from living through her own darkness and Oliver – hopefully – will know more of how Felicity views the world from seeing how his own light can be used to guide others to walk into the future with him and how a relationship should actually be as opposed the way he thought it should be the year before.

Am I even close to the mark on this one?

 Anyway, to everyone fuming -

at the story, remember the emotional climax of every season is around episodes 18 to 22. I still see SEX in their future.

Anyway, after episode 11 has aired I’ll be taking a brief break form the airwaves! Ha! I’m not the most active online but I wanted to add for anyone who cares that I am still writing my fanfics behind the scenes. It’s just that in Feb I have a change in shift at work and it’s my worst one. I do better tin the mornings and I’ve been put on a 4 week rotation of nothing but late shifts. There are other things I have to do too but I don’t want to tire out.

I’ll be fully back roughly the second week of March. (so very much hoping that the SW arc will be coming to a close by then - I believe in Olicity but my patience isn’t exactly my strong suit).

Please; if you feel you have something to add don’t hesitate to share. I don’t know if I’m right or wrong but it felt right when I wrote it.

Thank you


Cece Drake, -A Has Trust Issues, and Why Mona Was Actually“Playing” Cece in the Dollhouse Prom Scene - 3x07 Analysis and Theories

3x07 “Crazy” was a fun episode for sure! We are introduced to Cece Drake for the first time, Aria doesn`t let a friend sneak into a mental asylum alone, and we get one of the most memorable Mona scenes ever. 

Prom Queen Cece Drake and Why Her Necklace Might Be a Clue

The liars run into Cece Drake at a coffee shop. She sounds like Ali, she looks like Ali, and when she looks at you it`s like she looks right through you, just like Ali used to do. She might as well be Ali`s twin.

I`m immediately suspicious of Cece because she seems to know a lot about the girls while they`ve never even heard of her before. To this day I`m not quite sure why Ali kept Cece a secret. I mean, the liars, Ali, and Cece even went to the same party once - remember the frat party? The one the liars got into using fake IDs and they saw that girl fall down the stairs? Cece had to have been at the same party because later she was blamed for pushing the girl down and got thrown out of UPenn for it. 

Another thing about Cece, did you notice her octagon necklace? Doesn`t it remind you of something? 

3x13 —> Ali`s hands sticks out of the ground. OCTAGON.

4x19 —> Aria sits in a bar and makes a shape out of toothpicks. OCTAGON.

Same shape. What could that mean? 

One more thing. Spencer gets her hands an on old yearbook and guess what she finds out - Cece was a prom queen. It didn`t mean much to me back then, but with the whole prom thing happening in the season 5 finale, doesn`t it strike you as odd that Charles wanted Ali aka Mona to be crowned as the prom queen at his fake prom? 

Charles was recreating Melissa and Ian`s prom, which also was Cece`s prom, and Cece was voted prom queen back then. So by crowning Mona, wasn`t Charles actually making her play the part of Cece and not Ali?

What Did Spencer Put in Ali`s Grave?

Keep reading

PLL Endgame Theory

I started writing this out already and realized it was taking forever given how many clues I was putting in. So I decided to do a much shorter version since this theory is a combo of a few of my recent theories. It’s still pretty long but bare with me and you’ll be glad you did. (Still way shorter than the original lol)

Lucas is AD. He has been working with Mona since the beginning. He is the only person besides Mona who was confirmed to have done something as A in the first two seasons. You could argue ‘Ali pushed Ian while dressed as A’ but she wasn’t doing it as A. She did it to protect Spencer and she was dressed like that so no one knew it was her. Except Ian but he didn’t live long enough to tell anyone. Lucas hated Ali and started the A game with Mona to show her how it felt to be the victim of bullying. Mona started the game back up herself and got help from Lucas when she needed it. If he refused she’d threaten to tell everyone the game was his idea. After CeCe took over the game Lucas learned he was adopted. He was visiting CeCe in Radley, not Mona. He left school when Mona came back because he was scared she’d tell everyone he wasn’t visiting her at Radley and was afraid she’d tell everyone that he helped her drug Emily. After CeCe took over Lucas struggled with what to do. Ali was gone and Hanna was his friend so he didn’t want to play anymore. He only helped ‘that night’ with Emily because of Mona’s blackmail. That’s why Toby tried to run Lucas off the road, because he refused to join the team willing and knew too much. Lucas fired back and messed up by almost blowing up a teacher instead of Mona. He continued getting to know his sister and when she died he wanted to avenge her. He’s getting the liars to find her killer for him so he doesn’t chance getting killed himself.

Lucas DID NOT kidnap and torture Hanna. Hanna texted that she killed Charlotte and Lucas backed out of his original plan because he couldn’t kill her. Rollins got mad and decided to kidnap her anyways and tortured her since Lucas wanted her alive. Charlotte loved her brother so Rollins couldn’t kill the woman Lucas loves. One of the lines highlighted in Archers book, Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, reads “Kill what I love?” A hint that Lucas debated killing the woman he loved, Hanna, for killing his sister, Charlotte.

Lucas is a tech genius. He could have easily hacked Rollins phone and sent Emily the GPS to find Ali. He told Rollins to get Ali out of Welby, hence why “the plans changed.” He set up Rollins death as payback for torturing Hanna. He had Mary take her to Spencer’s after she escaped because he knew she’d need her friends. He has plenty of money to afford being AD. His living room is also where every plan is made and AD is always one step ahead. Hmm, I wonder why? Lucas hasn’t done anything bad to the liars yet and possibly won’t. He never planned to burn Aria just like he never planned on burning Meredith. I doubt it’s a coincidence that both had the same injury. Could be a clue that Lucas caused both. (I don’t know how to add pictures but Meredith’s injury can be seen in Mona Mania at 17:43)

Melissa is the killer! Melissa was the first person of the series to kill someone. The first death was Bethany Young. The series is supposed to come full circle so it makes sense that the killer that started the show will be the killer that ends it. Jessica thought Spencer hit Ali so she buried Bethany to cover it up. Melissa found out and panicked thinking Jessica would tell the cops. She then killed Jessica to make sure her secret was safe. When CeCe was released from Welby Melissa killed her to protect Spencer. Everything Melissa has done was to protect herself and her family. She will stop at nothing to protect her secrets. She killed Sara, or ordered one of her minions to do it for her, because Sara knew what Melissa had done.

Melissa knew the liars killed Rollins. She was keeping an eye on the liars since they were trying to find Charlotte’s killer. She had to make sure they didn’t find out it was her. When she saw Spencer had screwed up the plan she threatened Wren into helping her. Wren used a realistic Rollins mask to make the cops think Rollins was alive. He then fled back to France so the cops would stop looking for him. This protected Spencer and her friends from going to jail. As I said before, everything Melissa does is to protect her family.

The doctor at Radley told Spencer and Aria that you always go back to family. The camera focused on Spencer because when the show comes to end Spencer will finally have to choose between her family and her friends. Spencer and Melissa have had the same conversation twice only the second time Melissa started it. She tells Spencer “You asked me a question once. If it came down to protecting you or protecting somebody else, somebody I loved, who would I pick? Do you remember that? What would your answer be if I asked you the same question? If you had to choose, what would you do?” In my opinion, this is serious foreshadowing of things to come. Every time the liars have ever suspected Melissa of anything bad Spencer has always protected her. Even after having what they thought was proof that Melissa was A she still couldn’t turn her in. The show will end with Spencer having to choose who to save, only this time I think she’ll pick her friends. Imagine how heartbreaking it would be to see Spencer saying goodbye to Melissa and apologizing before watching karma catch up to Melissa in the form of death. It would likely be followed by a flash forward showing the liars living their happily ever after now that serial killer Melissa is gone.

izzyzazzle  asked:

Helloo! I was gonna ask can you do more Siremus? Also ily and yur work thank yu for existing yu make my day :)

I’m assuming you mean write an actual HC post for them but this idea is too much for something simple cause I’m trash so here we go:

  • the first thing Remus thinks when he meets Sirius is that he could use a bath
  • like why is his hair so slicked back?
  • it looks like a greasy helmet
  • it needs to be washed
  • the next day Sirius comes into their dorm after his morning shower and shakes his clean hair like a dog
  • then he takes the bottle of Sleekeazy’s his mother forced him to bring and tosses it into the bin
  • James’ face grows a little red at that- he hasn’t revealed the Big Secret yet
  • (that he’s the heir of a hair gel empire basically)
  • so anyway Sirius lets his hair be natural from then on
  • and Remus loves it
  • whenever they’re at Hogwarts it’s long and soft and has tiny braids in it
  • Sirius always complains that he wished it curled as much as Remus’ did
  • Remus always rolls his eyes and subconsciously won’t stop running his hands through his hair for the rest of the day
  • Sirius likes it when he does that
  • his shirt rides up and he also gets a nice view of the nape of his neck
  • so he keeps complimenting Remus
  • and meanwhile Remus becomes more observant
  • he notices what shampoo Sirius likes and it becomes his favorite smell
  • and knows how long it takes him to blow dry his hair- when he feels like it that is
  • and he also realizes how soft it is
  • so he starts playing with it
  • and he shyly asks Lily to teach him how to braid so he can have excuses to have his hands in Sirius’ hair even longer
  • and as this goes on Remus’ fingers drift and become more confident
  • and he “accidentally” brushes the skin of Sirius’ neck and shoulders more often
  • it takes everything in Sirius to maintain his composure 
  • but all he’s thinking of is how Remus’ hair would feel in his own hands
  • and one day when Remus walks behind the couch where Sirius is sitting in the common room and lightly brushes his hand through Sirius’ hair on his way by, Sirius can’t take it any more
  • he stands up, his books and parchment falling to the floor, and whirls around to face Remus
  • and there he is running his hands through his own hair now, midriff exposed from his rising shirt
  • and Sirius blushes because this boy is so damn hot, he’s about to lose his nerve
  • but then Remus says “well are you going to kiss me or what?”
  • and Sirius practically leaps over the couch
  • that’s how eager he is
  • taking Remus’ face in his hands he presses his lips to his and realizes how much he’s been missing out on
  • with one hand remaining on his cheek the other drifts into the boy’s soft curls and he almost melts right there in the common room
  • but suddenly, with his hands in Remus’ hair, he realizes that Remus’ hands aren’t in his
  • instead, one is gripping his shoulder while the other roams south and finds a spot on his hip
  • and Sirius suddenly finds that there’s probably a lot more other than braiding that Remus is good at doing with his hands
Water Gun (N.M)

|based on the request: Hey, can I have and imagine with Nate where we’re at their house or in NYC for the Digitour and the boys are having water-gun fight, I’m talking to Nate’s fans and Nate will sneak behind me and spray the water on me and it will be all cute? Oh, and could you do it with the name Maggie, please? thanks!|

|•I only do Y/N, sorry!, 1.5k words, it’s boring af tbh lol it’s 2am and I need to upload something for yall so, it’s cheesy as and I’m sorry it’s so bad hahahahaha pls don’t hurt me, it’s not edited lol, masterlist is in my description homies•|

“Hey, Y/N!” A girl calls from behind me, making me whip around instantly and probably attack Emily or Andrea with my hair. “Can I get a picture with you?”

The guys are in New York for Digi NYC, so being the good and supportive girlfriend I am, I came along with them to cheer Nate on the loudest from side stage.

“Just attack my eye then, Y/N, yep, that’s cool with me, I’m fine being blind in one eye.” Andrea mutters, wiping her eye in pain yet still managing to roll her eyes with her intolerable level of sass.

“I’m sorry!” I can’t help but laugh at her misfortune, it wasn’t meant to happen, but what can I do, I have long hair. “I apologise on behalf of my hair.”

“You better watch your damn back-” She gets cut off by the shouting fans repeatedly calling my name. “Go ahead, Princess.” I flash her an innocent smile before carefully, avoiding hitting anyone, flipping my hair back over my shoulder.

“Hi! Of course!” I excuse myself from my conversation and skip over to the small group of fans. “How are you guys today?”

“We’re all really excited!” One girl answers, clutching her phone to her chest with a big grin.

“Who are you anticipating the most?” I ask, resting my arms on the metal barrier and looking at each of the girls.

I think Skates fans like me, but I’m not entirely sure. It’s always going to be mixed opinions because not everyone is going to like you and I accept that, but for the most part, I think I’m well liked.

I’m a huge fangirl myself (Nate hates it but he’s learning to love it) so I can relate to all of the fans on a more personal level.

“I’m excited for Sammy and Skate and the Jacks, but I’m more excited to see Demi!” Another girl answers, flashing me her Demi Lovato shirt and bracelet.

“You don’t have to say you like Nate in front of me because I’m his girlfriend, you know that.” I grin, raising one eyebrow with a laugh. “I mean, I don’t like him all too much, he’s really annoying,” I sarcastically drag, rolling my eyes in a jokey way. “But yeah, I’m always the one who cries backstage so.”

“I saw Emily’s Snapchat of you crying during sound check.” The girl who called me over comments and I instantly flush red.

Nate put his heart and soul into sound check just a few hours ago and I couldn’t help but shed a few tears. I’m very dedicated to him and his music and he has so much talent and he’s so under appreciated!

The others really liked taking the piss out of me and publicly humiliating me by taking photos and videos and posting them on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Vine.

“Yeah, he honestly put so much effort into making those songs and he deserves so much more attention! I’m so proud of him, I just couldn’t help it.”

“I thought it was really adorable!”

“Yeah, Nate is really lucky to have such a supportive girlfriend who is there for him and his dreams and not his fame and fortune!”

“That honestly makes my heart swell, you guys are so sweet!” They’re the first of any of the boys’ fans to say anything like that to me! I don’t really know how I’m supposed to respond to it, but it makes me feel so good, honestly.

The group of girls introduce themselves as Sarah, Kelly, Morgan, Alisha and Sapphire and I take selfies with each of them individually and a group selfie. I get to talking with them about different things about the boys and what it’s like to travel around with a mass number of boys and only having one girl constantly by my side.

It’s a struggle, definitely.

“Where’s Nate now?” Morgan asks after we take another photo, locking her phone and holding it in her hand.

“Uh, I’m not actually sure.” I scratch the back of my head awkwardly. “He’s off with the boys somewhere around here, they’re probably messing about, annoying some staff and causing trouble.” Yep, sounds about right.

All 5 of the girls laugh to themselves and make small jokes about what I had said. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they were hidden in the food tent, stuffing their faces before the event has even started.

Sapphire clears her throat and quiets down her group of friends, “What’s your favourite Nate song, Y/N?”

“That’s a hard question…” I rest a finger on my chin in a ponder, even though I already know the answer. “Ride Wit Me feat Jack J, also known as Outro.”

“Why that song?”

“Because him and Johnson rap so well together and I know that he put a lot of effort into it.”

Also because Johnson is featured on the track.

The girls then tell me their favourite Nate song and why it’s their favourite, and they do delve into such great detail! One of them even told me their favourite line in the entire song.

“Have you met any of the guys before?” I ask the girls, resting my chin in my hand. None of them bother to answer, they just look at me awkwardly. “Is there something wrong?”


They don’t answer my question, just watch me. Did I say something wrong? I don’t think I did, I’ve been really nice to them and even offered to get them Nate follows, but I’m being swerved…


That’s when I feel a huge spray of water all over my back, a big pressure hitting the centre of my spine causing me to arch my back in shock and whack my hips against the metal barriers.

“What the fuck?!”

It wasn’t even that much water but I can feel my shirt sticking against my back and going transparent against my skin, and little drops of water trickling down the back of my jeans and into my pants.

I don’t even have to turn around to know who it was, it’s pretty damn obvious that it’s my extremely mature boyfriend with a cheesy, guilty grin plastered on his lips.

“Nathan Montgomery Maloley, I am going to kill you!”

I whip around, without attacking anyone with my hair, and face my boyfriend with a pissed off look. I rest my hands on my hip and raise an eyebrow at him. He does nothing but shrug his shoulders and smile.

What a cheesy ass bastard.

Ugh, he’s so adorable.

“You don’t really want to kill me, your amazing, loving boyfriend, do you?” He asks, ‘hiding’ the massive water gun behind his back and taking a step towards me.

I scoff a laugh, “Oh, believe me, I will.”

“No baby, you won’t.”

I completely deadpan into a resting bitch face and blankly stare at my cheesy boyfriend. Of course I wouldn’t literally kill him, not in public anyway.

I look down at his body and notice that he’s completely wet through, his black jeans are a shade darker, they’re going to be a bitch to get off, and I can see his entire torso through his shirt. These girls behind me must be having a field day right now.

“Can I have a hug?” He asks, taking another step forward and raising his arms out. “I want a hug.”

“Not when you’re that wet you can’t.” I take a step away but he follows me, only taking one step at a time.

Nate grins at me with a playful glint in his eye, he slowly pulls the water gun out from behind his back and aims it at my stomach, silently threatening to pull the trigger and completely soak my front like he did to my back.

“Nathan, don’t.”

“Don’t what?” He asks, stepping closer and pushing his finger down on the trigger harder than before. “Am I not allowed to show my baby affection?”

I roll my eyes and mentally start to freak out as my back hits the metal railing. “Soaking me with a water gun isn’t affectionate, Nate.”

“But babe, it’s so fun!” He grins, pushing the trigger down again and lightly squirting some water at me. “See! It’s just a bitta fun!”

“I haven’t got any spare clothes with me and this is already spreading to the front.” I whine.

“You can wear my flannel.” He says quickly and wraps his arms around my body, pulling me tight into his chest to make sure that I’m completely soaked, just like he is.

“Oh for Gods sake, Nate!” He rocks me side to side and quietly laughs in my ear. “Why do you do this shit to me?”

“Because I love you,” He cheeses, kissing the side of my head and pulling me against him tighter, I’m near to suffocation, I swear. “And because it’s fun to annoy you.”

“You’re an ass, babe.”

He pulls back a little bit and wipes his sweaty forehead with the back of his hand. “An ass that you love.”

“Unlucky for me.”

I look down at my top and cringe, it’s completely transparent and anyone can see my bright pink bra. Why didn’t I colour coordinate my outfit completely?

Oh, yes, right, I didn’t know that I would get attacked by a damn water gun so I didn’t dress for the occasion.

“Just shut up and enjoy my hug, love bug.”

I tilt my head and raise my eyebrows again, “'Love bug’, really, Nate? You’re starting up on the cheesy nicknames again?”

“Of course I am, pumpkin.”

I can’t help myself.

“…Spice latte.”

“This is why I love you and why I wanted to attack you with my water.”

The Problem of Felicity Smoak

by Jennifer Crusie, July 19, 2013

Sometimes one character can upset a whole story plan.

Several years ago, I decided to write a book with Davy Dempsey as the hero. The first scene was on a boat where he was doing something nefarious–I forget what–and he ran into a woman who was also doing something nefarious and they were threatened by somebody with a gun and escaped and ended up in a room–this was a long time ago, people, I do not remember the details–and banter ensued, and I knew it was going to be terrific because I had this plan: he was a conman and she had two distinctly different lives and personalities she was living, and I’d done all kinds of research on the Double and the Shadow, and can you just imagine the chemistry of two people who were that duplicitous finally making a connection?

So Davy was standing in the doorway and Eve was sitting on the bed–must have been a motel room–and I kept writing with the intention that he would cross the room and kiss her. Except he wouldn’t go. I could not get him to move, no matter how much snappy banter I wrote, he wouldn’t go near her, and she was completely uninterested in him. I remember sitting back in my chair at one point and saying to the computer screen, “You know, I have a plan here,” but he was immovable. So fine, somehow they end up back at the family’s art gallery and her little sister walks in the room, and she’s not beautiful and she does not have a double personality, in fact, she’s practical, hard-working, focused, the rock at the center of her dysfunctional family, and the next thing I know, she and Davy are having bad sex on the couch in the office. All the stuff about the Shadow and the Double went out the window with that beautiful story plan, thanks to Tilda who was supposed to be a minor character.

The good news was, the new story was better than I had planned. Which is why, as they say in the military (well, as Bob used to say), a plan is only valid until it meets the unpredictable human factor; then you adapt to reality. Put another way, your plan for your story only works until you meet your characters; if they don’t fit the plan, you have to change the plan to fit your people and create a new normal for the plot. Anything else is futile.

Which brings us to Felicity Smoak. Felicity began as a minor character in the world of Arrow, the TV version of the Green Arrow comic book series. I’m not sure why I began watching Arrow, it’s not my kind of story, but once I started watching, the character of Oliver caught me, especially the way he was rendered by Stephen Amell, a guy who looks like a more-muscle-than-brain surfer but who is doing an amazing job playing a selfish playboy turned grim avenger with a savior complex who spends most of his time pretending to be a selfish playboy. It’s great super-soap-opera, plus there’s his mother, a Gertrude if there ever was one; and his little sister, a brat with a heart of gold; and his best friend/sidekick, a good guy with a score to settle; the bad guy, played by John Barrowman which says it all, and Oliver’s former girlfriend …

And that’s where they lost me, with Laurel aka The Black Canary, the great love of Oliver’s life, because Laurel is a crusading do-gooder with no sense of humor, a beautiful woman made of self-righteous cardboard. What Oliver saw in her I could not imagine; my guess is that the writers were hamstrung into making her the character from the Green Arrow stories which meant making her an incredibly beautiful, incredibly serious, incredibly noble future superheroine, a lesser, female doppelganger of Oliver. If I wasn’t such a ‘shipper, I’d have been happy to toss Laurel overboard with her sister and follow the rest of the characters around–I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show where every single character is so over-the-top screwed up–but I am a ‘shipper and Oliver is so alone and my romance-writing radar kept looking for somebody to fill the void.

Then in Episode 3, Oliver needed some computer help and went to his company’s IT department (did I mention Oliver is immensely wealthy?) and there was Felicity pushing up her glasses and stammering and then tilting her head at him when he fed her a ridiculous lie, and for the first time in the run of the show, grim-to-the-point-of-catatonia Oliver smiled for real, not as part of his charade. (Amell has said that wasn’t planned, he just couldn’t help it.)

I’m not the only one who saw that smile. As Episode Three aired, the showrunners watching the show’s twitter feed saw it explode with “blonde IT girl” tweets, followed by a phone call from the president of Warner Brothers who said, “I love the blonde computer girl.” So Felicity’s one-time-only-appearance minor character became a recurring character who grew in importance until she became one of only two people who know Oliver’s secret identity, which made her one of only two people he can be himself with. All of which was followed by a flood of internet pressure to make Oliver-and-Felicity happen because it was already happening.

Of course much of this is due to Emily Bett Rickards, the actress who took the Felicity role and didn’t just run with it, she jumped tall buildings in a single bound with it. Her charm and intelligence and zest infuse what could have been a trite, geeky loser character. Add to her performance the very real screen chemistry she has with Amell, and the Arrow writers were already dealing with something beyond their control. But there’s more to this than the casting and performances, good though they are. The writers have, whether they wanted to or not, created a near-perfect romantic dynamic, something they could not have done with the characters they inherited from the Green Arrow stories.

First they made the character of Felicity an engaging combination of conflicting traits: she’s unsophisticated with people and very advanced with computers, she’s intrinsically sunny but capable of embracing real pain, she’s shy and unsure of herself but determined enough to stand up to an angry Oliver and leave him flat when he crosses her moral line. She’s a complete, complex character in herself, the antithesis of Oliver’s grimly serious, amazingly attractive, all-powerful, single-minded persona. There’s something about a grim, tortured, extremely hot avenger whose sanity is iffy paired with a sunny, geeky girl in glasses who believes in fighting for good without getting all angsty about it that creates not only great, crunchy scenes but also balance. Oliver without Felicity is a humorless bastard, doing good outside the law, coming very close to crossing the line into evil. Felicity without Oliver is stuck in the IT department, wasting her amazing talents fixing executives’ online screw-ups, hemmed in by her determination to be a good girl. Oliver and Felicity together mean that Oliver smiles and Felicity saves lives, that Oliver has somebody to say, “You’re going too far” and Felicity has somebody to invite her to break into a casino and cheat at cards, which means they reach the goal of every great romance story: they’re better together.

The writers haven’t messed with that dynamic. Even when they glam Felicity up to go undercover, she’s still Felicity, and even when Oliver is grimly focused on his mission, he still makes deadpan jokes in her ear. Add to that their clear and growing platonic allegiance to each other–Felicity gets angry and quits but she comes back because she knows he needs her; Oliver puts the mission before everything else until Felicity is in danger and then he throws the plan away to get her out–and the “better together” is reinforced.

But that surface trope of “opposites attract” and its awful cousin “You complete me” wouldn’t be enough without the second key to a strong romantic relationship: they have the same core beliefs. No matter what Oliver was before he was shipwrecked, he’s a good man now with a burning desire to save people from predators. And no matter how reluctant Felicity is to work outside the law, if somebody is in trouble, she doesn’t hesitate. So their crunchy differences notwithstanding, Oliver and Felicity have the same values, the same it’s-got-to-be-done-so-let’s-do-it, matter-of-fact approach to their responsibilities to the human race. They may argue about their methods, but they don’t argue about their goals.

Which brings us to the third component, one of the strongest building blocks of any romance plot: Oliver and Felicity work together on something they care desperately about, achieving those goals. Their relationship is not built on physical attraction or the potential of a physical relationship, they respect each other’s strengths, they’ve learned to cooperate despite their differences, and by the end of the first season, they need each other because only they and Diggle, the third in their triumverate, can do the job. In fact, they’re the only ones who can understand the job in all its Byzantine, secret-society, hidden identities plot insanity. They’re not just working together, they’re risking their own and each other’s lives together for a cause they believe in, and that builds a bond.

The slow build of that working relationship has been tremendously effective. One of the most interesting things about the fan reaction to all of this is that the Oliver-Felicity ‘shippers talk about Oliver and Felicity finally becoming a couple in the third or fourth season. You’d think that the average romance fan would be rooting for at least a kiss in the second season, but I think they recognize that the fun of Felicity and Oliver in the first season was watching it happen, and that the strength of the future relationship is best built over the long haul. Arrow is not a romance novel; it’s a superhero story with a romantic subplot that leaves people cold and a friendship subplot that people are hot about. When you have readers or viewers saying about the arc of that subplot, “Not yet, I want to see this happen,” you’ve put a very strong relationships on the page or screen.

But for the Arrow writers, there’s that source problem: Oliver is destined to marry Laurel [though, they do divorce in the comics], which means that Oliver-and-Felicity are off the table, not gonna happen, thanks for playing, unless the showrunners are willing to jettison the Black Canary for the Blonde IT Girl. They have, in short, the Felicity Smoak problem: you think as a writer you have control of your universe and you do, until your characters and your readers or viewers react in ways you didn’t foresee. At that point, you’d better learn to be flexible or go down fighting a losing battle. The characters are always right.

The good news for Arrow is that the showrunners have already shown a cheerful enthusiasm for dumping some of the chaotic Green Arrow bible to make their stories better. That coupled with the equally cheerful enthusiasm they have for Felicity in interviews, and I’m starting to have faith that the people behind Arrow know what the military knows: a plan is all well and good until it meets Felicity Smoak.

Then you go with Felicity.

HBO - Interview with Taylor Kitsch

HBO: What initially drew you to the part of this character Paul Woodrugh?

Taylor Kitsch: What didn’t, really? I was drawn to being able to play someone that intense and withdrawn, especially at the beginning. I think what [writer and series creator] Nic [Pizzolatto] did so brilliantly was to have the case expose so much of Paul, the duality of the lives that Paul leads – who he wants to be and who he can’t be within himself. The work takes him through the club and makes him deal with escorts. He’s been fighting his whole life with being a gay man, and reacting to that.

Of course, I was drawn to Paul’s family stuff. As an actor, that’s probably the first place you go: What is his upbringing? Where did he come from and why? Paul’s relationship with his mom explains a lot about why he is the way he is.

HBO: How much did you and Nic discuss Paul’s backstory?

Taylor Kitsch: Nic is incredibly thorough, which is what I think differentiates him from a lot of writers and even showrunners. I’ll ask a simple question and within that same day, I’ll get a two-page email explaining every beat. That’s incredible to have as an actor – he’s doing half my work for me.

HBO: Did any piece of Paul’s backstory resonate with you?

Taylor Kitsch: The scars were a big thing for me. We talked about the scars on his shoulder and said they were caused by a chemical or boiling water that his mom had spilled on him – and never took him to get help. It was like a daily physical reminder for him. It was something I held onto.

HBO: Paul really is the one who cracks the case.

Taylor Kitsch: I kept telling Rachel [McAdams] and Colin [Farrell] that, but they wouldn’t listen.

HBO: What about Paul’s personality made him uniquely equipped to connect the dots?

Taylor Kitsch: I think you see these characters’ true colors in the shootout [in “Down Will Come,” Episode 4]. Ray and Ani are bleeding hearts; Paul is confident. He’s so comfortable in that zone where he doesn’t have to think about anything but being in that moment. He’s so good in that element where he doesn’t have to face himself.

HBO: Paul tells Emily, “I’m just trying to be a good man.” What does that mean to him?

Taylor Kitsch: There’s a similar line that Paul says to Ray in the car [in Episode 4] that’s incredibly on the nose: “I just don’t know how to be out in this world.” Paul went into the army, did what they said and forgot his own identity. He’s only focused on what a man is “supposed” to do. He visits his mom, even when it’s such an abusive relationship. With his girlfriend being pregnant, it’s on a deeper level. He’s covering up being a gay man, but he also didn’t have a father. He’s trying to break that cycle by deciding to be the best possible father he can be. For him, that means getting married. What’s so tragic is that he’s always doing the right thing, except for facing himself.

HBO: How would you describe Paul’s relationship with Ray?

Taylor Kitsch: Paul doesn’t have one honest relationship in his life. I would say that Velcoro’s the closest thing to it. Obviously, they’re both two tragic guys. Over Caspere’s body, they measured each other up – there’s a vibe or tone there and an understanding between the two.

Colin and I were saying in rehearsal what a big moment it was for Paul to even reach out – and I think it’s as much as Paul could have at that time. There was so much that he wanted to say that was right on the tip of his tongue.

HBO: What is running through Paul’s mind when he sees Miquel at the Hall of Justice?

Taylor Kitsch: I was always trying to balance how vulnerable Paul was going to be. When Paul sees Miquel, he’s wondering – and there’s a line to this effect – was it always about this, or was there ever an actual human need there? Then it goes right into self-protection mode the moment he’s in the tunnel.

HBO: Did you receive specific direction for the shootout in the tunnels?

Taylor Kitsch: Once Paul was down in the tunnels, the goal was quite literally: Get out of there alive. The case would have been wide open if Paul had gotten out of there alive.

HBO: What was it like filming Paul’s death?

Taylor Kitsch: I went over it a million times in my head. That was one of the only instances in the whole series where I would do the scene and then watch playback. It was just imperative that we got a few beats that I wanted in there. His death hits you so much harder – it comes out of nowhere. I kind of love that.

HBO: How would you characterize Paul’s evolution over the season?

Taylor Kitsch: I feel so fortunate to have been able to play such high stakes. Emotionally, it’s so fulfilling as an actor to be able to take our time building this arc. I could go through the whole spectrum of emotion, and it always felt grounded. Sometimes when you have 90 minutes or two hours in a film, you find yourself trying to force certain beats that might not be there organically.

HBO: If Paul had emerged from the tunnels, what would have been next for him?

Taylor Kitsch: I think he would go on a good little vengeance trip and really take care of it. He’d go full solider mode.

Personally, I will say that Paul would have been a good father. Maybe that’s some silver lining I cling to. But he always did try to do the right thing.

ChiCon 2016!!!!

Okay guys, so I just got back from one of the best weekends of my life! I have so many stories to tell, and I don’t mean to brag, but I probably have one of the cutest photo ops ever! I went with my boyfriend, and my best friend @superheroginger8811 This is going to be a long post, so grab a beer, go to the bathroom, do whatever you have to do, and then sit back and relax while I take you through one of the greatest experiences of my life! Also, I will post the pictures in a different post once they are all scanned.

Friday September 9th, 2016:

Alright, so my morning began with a big amazing welcome from Richard Speight Jr. (The Trickster/Arch Angel Gabriel), and he’s pretty amazing if you haven’t been to a con and heard the way he runs a show. He came out and hyped up the crowd for the action packed, fun-filled weekend. Then after he talked for a while, he introduced Alaina Huffman (Abbadon), and let me tell you… she is one awesome lady. She’s the sweetest, and she tells the funniest stories about her kids. :) Then after her panel, we got introduced to Julian Richings (Death). Now he is really fun to watch in person because he is NOTHING like is character! Like I mean total 180 degrees difference! He dances, is really interactive with the fans, and tells amazing stories as well. Then by that time it was time for me and @superheroginger8811 to get our Richard Speight Jr. photo op. We headed down there and waited for our turn while trying to finalize our pose that we wanted to do. Finally we decided that we wanted to stand on either side of him and put our hands on his shoulders and kick a leg up behind us while having him raise one eyebrow all sexy like. He freaking delivered! He’s pretty awesome, and he loves his Friday People. ;) Once we got done with that we headed back to the theater to catch the last bit of Jason Manns’ panel. He’s an amazing singer if you haven’t heard him. Seriously… look him up! He just released a new CD called Covers with Friends, and it freaking rocks!!! After Jason’s panel came @osrictumbles (Kevin Tran) and his amazing Friday panel. :D He had yellow hair guys! It looked awesome! He dyed it back to his natural color sometime between Friday and Saturday tho. :) He’s the cutest! He is also so humble and amazing with his fans. Also he has amazing kitten stories! After that I had my Jason Manns photo op! I got my Covers with Friends CD in the mail Wednesday night before con and couldn’t have been more excited! So for that op, I just wanted him to hold the CD and hug me with a big smile on his face. He did just that, and let me tell you… he is super cuddly! :) Then after that I had to line up for my @osrictumbles photo op. Now here’s where my story gets a little emotional for me. Before I tell you about my experience with Osric, I have to tell you this story first. Another one of my best friends, more like my sister, named Amanda loved Supernatural. She used to watch it with me all the time, and we vowed one day that we would go to a con together so we could meet our favorite actors together. I attended ChiCon 2015, and that was the con she was supposed to attend with me. That didn’t happen. Amanda and I had known each other since we were five years old, and ever since middle school she had suffered from bad depression. She kept to herself a lot unless she was with people that she was comfortable with. Me being one of those people. The only things that made her happy was her music, writing stories and poetry, drawing, and her TV shows. She got married a few years ago, and I never liked the guy. He gave me bad vibes, and I told her because she’s my best friend. She respected my opinion, but said that she really loved him so I respected hers. They soon moved out of state, and then she stopped talking to the people that she once talked to everyday like her parents and me. June 8th, 2014 was the day I got some of the worst news. I found out that she had committed suicide. My best friend… my sister… slipped right through my fingers and… and I couldn’t do anything about it. Her two favorite characters in Supernatural were Kevin and Castiel. I still have a hole in my chest from losing her. A part of my heart went with her, and it will never be whole. I had to tell you that story in order for my Osric photo op to make sense. I went last because I have really bad anxiety as it is, and knowing that Amanda loved Osric made it that more emotional for me. I walked up to him with tears in my eyes and said something along the lines of “Hello, I umm.. I don’t know if you remember me from last year, but I lost my sister and she loved you. I had this pose that I wanted to do for her, but if you don’t want too I completely understand. I was wondering if you would be willing to kiss my forehead.” He said yes and did just that. I started bawling after that and went to hug my best friend Jenny. She told me that while she was hugging me Osric looked over to see if I was okay. It really turned out to be a powerful photo. He really is an amazing human being who genuinely cares about his fans. Osric, if you read this, thank you. Thank you so much for everything that you do, and I want you to know that my best friend Amanda loved you with all her heart. After that photo op, I went to get my autograph from Richard Speight Jr., and I had a pretty awesome screenshot for him to sign. For those of you who don’t know, Richard was recently in a Slayer music video. Yes guys… you read that right. A Slayer music video. I will link you to that here: and here is the other video (There are three parts to this Slayer music video and he was in the second and third part.) Also, it’s really gory… just a forewarning. Anyway, I walked up to the table with my 8x10 screenshot of him in the third video and he looked at it and I said, “I don’t know if you remember, but that is from the Slayer video you were in.” He goes, “Yeah! This is a great shot you have, but it’s also pretty disturbing to see it from this point of view cause of what happens to me in the next scene.” My boyfriend chimed in and goes, “How does your stomach feel after all that?” He laughed and goes, “It hurts! Still painful!” I said, “I bet!” Then he signed it and thanked us and winked as we walked away from the table. After that I got in line for my Julian Richings autograph and I had my hardcover Supernatural book with me. He’s super sweet in person! We approached the table and he said, “Hello! I’m sorry for the long wait you all had to endure.” We said “Hi” back and thanked him for the autograph and shook his hand. :) Then it was time for my Osric auto… another emotional feat for me. I had my picture that we took earlier and got in the back of the line for the auto. Once I got to the table I was in tears. He looked at me and said, “Hey there, you okay?” I shook my head yes because I couldn’t answer him without sobbing. He took my hand in his and started to sign the picture, but couldn’t because he needed his other hand to hold the photo in place. He looked up at me and said, “I kinda need my hand, sorry.” I managed to get out, “It’s alright. Thank you.” Then he finished signing it and smiled sincerely at me before I walked away. That ended my Friday night because my boyfriend and I had to get up at ass-o-clock in the morning to go get my daughter from my mom. 

Saturday September 10th, 2016:

Saturday began with our host Richard Speight Jr. again. Again he started the day off with a bang! :) I swear this man can preach about anything and make it sound powerful. After a few minutes he introduced Emily Swallow (Amara/The Darkness), and it was also her first Creation appearance. She did AWESOME! Her panel was one of my favorites. :) She is hilarious and tells amazing stories. She also had blonde hair too! It looked really good on her. After that I went to the theater to get my Rob Benedict (Chuck Shirley/God) auto. This one was also emotional for me. If you didn’t know already Rob suffered a stroke a little while ago. Earlier this year I lost my grandfather to a stroke, and I miss him very much. I walked up to the table with my hardcover Supernatural book, and said, “I just wanted to tell you that I am so happy you’re okay from your stroke.” He smiled at me and said, “Thank you very much!” At this point I started to cry, and he looked up at me and goes, “Aww what’s the matter sweetheart?” I said, “I’m sorry for being so upset, but I just lost my grandpa to a stroke earlier this year.” He looked at me with sad eyes and said, “I’m very sorry to hear that.” He held my hand for a moment and I thanked him before walking away. Then after that me, my daughter, and my best friend Jenny went down for our Misha Collins (Castiel) and Mark Sheppard (Crowley) duo photo op. Now this one was also emotional for me because my sister who passed away also loved @mishacollins and his character Castiel. We waited until the end of the line because of our anxiety and before we knew it we were next. Jenny handed my daughter to Mark because I was shaking and trying not to cry. I looked at Misha and muttered something along the lines of “Hi Misha” before moving over to Mark. We decided to just do a normal group hug and after it was over I took my daughter from Mark before hugging both him and Misha. I couldn’t hold it together anymore as I walked away, and I am very thankful that my boyfriend and my best friend were there for me. The staff let me stay in the photo op room while I calmed down too which helped a lot. Misha if you read this, then I want to thank you for all you do. Random Acts, GISHWHES, YANA, just everything. You are one amazing person, and I hope you know that. You have changed the lives for so many people, including mine so thank you. After that I had my solo photo with Misha…. Now… my boyfriend helped stage this one, and it turned out to be amazing! We walked up and my boyfriend Jason had a chair and I had some one dollar bills. He looked at Misha and goes, “Hey I was wondering if you could give my girl here a lap dance?” I shit you not Misha looked at us in the most nonchalant way and said, “Sure!” Jason sat the chair down and Misha positioned it where he wanted it before I sat down in it. Then Misha straddled me and I laid the one dollar bills against his chest while looking up at him. Then at the last second.. right before Chris snapped the picture… Misha gave me the Cas/Lucifer look and grabbed a fist full of my hair… Yeah…my fucking heart was about to beat out of my chest. Then I thanked him and ran over to my boyfriend saying, “Oh my God I just got a lap dance from Misha freaking Collins!” My boyfriend said that he and Misha made eye contact and nodded at one another before we left the room. After that we went to the last half of Mark’s panel. He’s very interactive with the crowd and walks along the aisles and stuff. :) He’s really funny too! A little later in the evening my best friend Jenny and I were in the photo op room talking with the I’m Alive people. It was deserted other than Chris and the Creation volunteers. So I get up to ask Chris a question and who walks in? MISHA FREAKING COLLINS IN HIS SPOCK COSPLAY! He looked so awesome!! Chris took a few pictures of him and then Jenny and I got a hug from him! After that we went up for the last bit of the R2M Panel. Then Misha did his panel and we all know that he’s hilarious. He is one of a kind and I love his antics. After that we had our autograph with Mark. I had him sign my hardcover Supernatural book and he really liked my daughter. :) I then got in line for my Emily autograph. She’s so nice! My daughter told her how pretty she thought she was and they had an adorable bonding moment. :) Then I went and got my Misha auto and he commented on how awesome our lap dance picture turned out. :D After that I went over and got my Matt Cohen (Young John Winchester) autograph, and he looked at my daughter and goes, “Hey there gorgeous! How are you?!” My daughter, Davaniee (Day Van Knee) said, “Hi Matt! I’m fine.” (She’s 4) He just loved her, and he is super sweet! After that was the Saturday Night Special… now if you haven’t been to one of these you need to add it to your bucket list because they are PHENOMENAL! Louden Swain really rocks the house! Not to mention the ENTIRE cast of Supernatural has AMAZING singing skills! Rob came out and had his acoustic guitar and said that he was going to sing a song with no mic and no amplifier. The room was so quiet you could hear a pin drop as he sang this song. It was the one he sang in the bar with Metatron. It brought tears to my eyes…. They closed the show with everyone on stage and they sang a tribute to Prince. They sang Purple Rain. Like I said they all have amazing voices, but Rob freaking Benedict has the PERFECT voice for Purple Rain. He literally sounds so fucking much like Prince…. It was amazing to watch. That ended my Saturday night since I had to wake up at ass-o-clock again to get my hair curled and also get my photo op with Jeffrey Dean Morgan (John Winchester). 

Sunday September 11th, 2016:

My day started with getting mine and my daughter’s hair curled by an amazing friend I met. This was a HUGE day for my daughter (again she’s 4) because she had a solo op with Jensen (Dean Winchester). He’s her favorite. Then I went down and got my photo op with JDM. Now I had no idea what I wanted to do with this op. I walked up to him and said, “I was wondering if you would be willing to kiss me on the cheek? If you don’t want to I completely understand. I have a backup idea if you don’t want too.” He looked at my backup idea which was on my phone, (It was Jensen and I looking into each other’s eyes) and said “I’ll kiss your cheek!” He turned me to my side and kissed my cheek hard! (Not so hard that it hurt, but I mean I felt his whiskers which was super awesome!) He’s such a sweet man! Then after that I went upstairs to the Gold Member exclusive J2 panel. I love this panel because it’s super intimate. There’s not a line for their questions, they just come out and pick on people from the audience. :) Then after that I headed down to the photo op area with my daughter so we could get our Jensen solo ops. Now I went last with this one because Jensen is my hero and also my bad anxiety. Plus Chris wanted me to go last since he had to turn the music down for my daughter. My daughter went first, and let me tell you… her op had been planned for literally a year. I got her the photo for her birthday and I asked her what she wanted to do in it, and she goes, “Mommy I want to marry Dean!” I said okay that’s what we will do. We went out and bought a little white dress, white shoes, a tiara, the works! We got her hair curled and she borrowed Jenny’s engagement ring to use for the op. She even had a necklace on that is called “Jensen’s heart” from one of the vendors. Chris turned the music down and my boyfriend walked up to Jensen with the ring and said, “My girl here would like to ask for your hand in marriage.” and then handed him the ring. I wish I had video to show y’all his reaction. This man got the biggest smile on his face and knelt down in front of my daughter. He goes, “Oh my God you are so beautiful!” She looked right at him with confidence and said, “Dean, will you marry me?” He got the biggest smile on his face and said, “Well of course I will!” Then Chris snapped the picture right as he was slipping the ring on her tiny finger. Then he pulled her in for a hug and Chris took another one. After that I walked up to him and said, “Thank you for marrying my daughter. She has been looking forward to that for a year now!” He said, “Thank you and you’re welcome! How old is she?” I said, “She’s 4, and she absolutely loves you!” He said, “Well she is just beautiful and I love her back!” Then I asked him if he could get down on one knee and kiss my hand. He did and we both looked into each other’s eyes. His eyes are SO much more greener in person guys. Then after I recovered from crying we went up to get my JDM autograph. I had him sign my Supernatural book too. Once we got up to the table, my daughter goes, “I married Dean!” JDM looked at her and said, “WHAT?! No way!” She said, “Yep! He’s my husband now!” JDM goes, “Wanna get married again?” She said, “Well…I don’t know…” He goes, “Gimme your hand.” She did, and he looked at her right in the eyes and said, “You married the wrong man sweetheart.” and kissed her hand. It was the cutest thing!  Then we headed back downstairs to get our J2 photo ops. Jason and I had one and Jenny and I had one. For Jenny and I’s op I had a banner made at my work that basically said Clif was releasing all his rights to Jared (Sam Winchester) and Jensen to her and I. We had Clif hold the banner while Jenny and I held Jared and Jensen’s hands. We had them look at each other with fear while we had Clif look like he had made a mistake. Jenny and I looked at the camera like we won the lottery. It was priceless. Then Jason and I got ours, and he, Jensen, and Jared knelt down on the floor while I stood behind them with my hands on Jared and Jensen’s backs with a cute smile on my face. After that Jenny and I got in line for our Jared solo ops. We each had one. I will let her tell her story if she chooses too, but I will share mine. For my Jared solo I wanted it to mean something special to me. For those of you who don’t know, I used to self harm. I haven’t done it in 9 years. When I walked up to Jared I had tears in my eyes and I said, “I used to self harm, and I don’t anymore. I wanted you to hold my wrists and make this picture have an impact on me. He did, and it was just what I wanted. The only thing is, I don’t like how my face looks in it so I don’t know if I will post that one or not… After that we went back up to the theater for our final welcoming from Richard Speight Jr. We held a moment of silence for 9/11, and then he introduced JDM for his panel. I have to say, his panel was probably my favorite. He is hilarious, and I will honestly never look at Rigatoni without smiling and thinking of him. (That’s a inside joke, and for those of you who were there you know how funny his panel was! Lol!) After that was the J2 panel for everyone and once again they are so funny and humble. I am sure there will be video footage of that somewhere soon on YouTube. After that my boyfriend and I got our photo op with Misha as Castiel. He was most excited for this one because of the idea he came up with. I had a photo printed out that I found on the internet (probably Google) of him and Jensen posing all lovey and when we got up to him Jason said, “I’m gonna show you this picture, but she can’t see what it is. Can you hold your trench coat up to block her view?” I stood off to the side giving Chris an annoyed look while they posed and then we headed back up to the theater for autos with J2. We waited a while since they call by row, and eventually I went back to get our Castiel photo. I love the look Misha and my boyfriend are giving each other. It’s amazing. We got Jensen’s auto first and as soon as he saw my daughter he goes, “What are you doing up this late?! It’s after 10:00!” I said, “Well she wanted to see her “husband” again.” He smiled at her and said, “Well alright then.” I had a gift for him so I handed that to him and then I also handed him a copy of their wedding pose that Chris printed out for him to keep. He loved it and then my daughter handed him a bracelet that she made for him. He said, “Oh my gosh is this for me?! Did you make this for me?” She smiled and said, “Yep! Can we trade bracelets Dean?” He looked at her and said, “Aw sweetie, I’m sorry. I would, but my daughter made me this one.” She said, “That’s okay.” He said, “Are you sure?” She said, “Yep. It’s okay.” He said, “Well I feel bad, so how about this…How about I make you one and give it to you next time?” She got the biggest smile on her face and said, “Yay! Thank you Dean. I love you so much!” He smiled at her and said, “I love you too sweetheart!” Then he signed her picture…. Guys… He wrote, and I quote, “Mrs. Jensen Ackles”… Then he said, “It’s official!” and handed me back the picture before saying goodbye to us. Then we made our way over to Jared. Misha was in the back about to leave and my daughter wanted a hug so we went back there and I asked him. He smiled and said, “Hello small person!” She said, “Guess what Cas! I married Dean!” I showed him the picture and he looked at her, smiled, and said, “You can do better than that!” Once we got to the table my daughter ran up and said, “Sam! I’m your sister in law!” He said, “WHATTTT?!?! How?!” She said, “I married Dean today!” He said, “I need proof!” I showed him the picture and he said, “Oh my God! Well you can do way better than my brother!” She said, “Nope I love him Sam!” Then we gave him one of the pictures that Chris took since she attached herself to him after my Jared op earlier in the day. (I only had one Jared op, but Chris decided to take pics after Jared picked her up. It was amazing!) He signed the one of him and her that we decided to keep and then we went back to our room to get some much needed rest before our trip home. 

Well, if you made it this far, then I want to say thank you for reading. :) I promise to post my pictures once they are scanned. The only thing I ask is that if you use any of them please credit me. Especially the ones of my daughter and my Misha lap dance one (Since I am sure all you Destiel shippers who are good at photo shop will probably put Jensen in there lol.) Thank you ChiCon! See you again soon! <3

The Olicity Kisses: 2x23 vs 3x01... Let's Break It Down

Time to compare. Now before I say anything, comparing these scenes is like comparing a 5 carrot diamond ring and a 6 carrot diamond ring. Both are sparkly. Amazing to look at. And you are incredibly blessed to be choosing between the two. Also…they are both BIG fucking diamond rings. No room for complaint.

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imovedsomewhereagain  asked:

Yoohooo it's mee again, here's another addition to my 3516262863 prompts :P Drunk beckett: VOOOODKA VOOODKA WE PLEDGE OUR LOVE TO THEEEE VODKAAAA VODKAAAA SAVIOR OF LIBERTYYYY and You left me a drunk voicemail of you describing your pizza to me at 2 AM /// THX EMILY EM EM EM

Dedicated to nataliasbartons for her 21st birthday. You’re legal to drink in the US now, but that doesn’t matter because you don’t live here. She also helped develop this prompt everybody by texting me and Nen 1000s of texts from last night examples. So, you’re welcome. 


He’d turned off his phone to let it charge overnight. It had died anyway and he figured no one would need to reach him in the middle of the night. But when he powers it back on the next morning, his phone is instantly flooded with texts from Beckett and a voicemail. Fear grips at him for a moment as he worries that something has happened to either her or one of the boys and this was her desperate attempt to get a hold of him.

But as his eyes scan over the messages, he quickly realizes that was not the case. Not even close.

12:35 AM: Hey you know have you tried these Smirnoff Sour things? They’re pretty good.

12:41 AM: Shit sorry, Cas that was for Lanie.

12:57 AM: why aren’t  u answering ur phone?

1:28 AM: should i tell him? i’m gonna tell him

1:29 AM: shit ignore that

1:34 AM: he derserves to know right?


1:35 AM: I need glasses


2:15AM: u know why sont even worry about it

2:21 AM: oh u god castle please forgive Nens plea gone this don hate me livs me stk

Castle scratches his head trying to decipher the last two that autocorrect clearly took over. He’s not entirely sure what happened here other than Beckett had way too much vodka and was trying to talk to Lanie about some guy. He’s weary of the voicemail now, but plays it anyway, purely for amusement.

“You know what I think I’m going to start eating more pizza. Like this pizza I have right here? It’s delicious. And we live in New York, you know? Like we have some of the best pizza in the world. Why am I not taking advantage of that? We should get pizza sometime, you and me. Cause this pizza right here, the cheese is all hot and bubbly and I think I might have burned the roof of my mouth with it but you know what that’s okay because I have vodka. Beer would be better with the pizza but I have vodka and I’m making it work. I’m making it work cause this pizza is my main concern right now. It’s delicious. Just thought I’d let you know.”

He nearly chokes on his laughter as he hits the button to listen to it again. He’s pretty sure that somewhere amongst all that rambling she basically asked him out on a date…to get pizza. After listening to it a third time, he debates calling her back. She’s probably really hungover right now though. Maybe he should wait until later this afternoon. Or maybe he should just text her and alert her to the numerous messages she sent him last night.

10:13 AM: You left me a drunk voicemail of you describing your pizza to me at 2 AM

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anonymous asked:

could you give a (detailed) description of your opinion on ezra ?

u asked for it anon: my detailed opinion of ezra (feat. ezra’s backstory sorry)

ezra is a romantic, hopeful, passionate, caring, protective, prideful, and intelligent man. and yes, I say all this even after the book. ezra grew up in a house with a mother who got what she wanted because she took it, without regards to anyone’s feelings but her own. ezra had his potential child and girlfriend ripped away from him by his mothers checkbook (not to mention a girlfriend who actually took the money and left him) and at 18, an already vulnerable time, ezra fitz was left to feel completely powerless. ezra removing himself from his family was a reflection of that, and also his obsession with writing the book on ali. he just wanted to figure out what happened to his family, the family that used to get together on holidays and be happy was now this broken mess and his parents turned out to be dicks and he just was so lost. again, he felt powerless, because he didn’t have an explanation for what happened. then comes this opportunity to go into a murder case, the case of a girl who he knew and was always a little curious about, and ezra went for it. because he needed to know that there was something he could understand. and being his mother’s son, he tried getting what he needed selfishly. ezra was not an evil guy, he was misguided.

he tried to be the asshole, the bad guy. ezra tried to be selfish. and he couldn’t. he meets this amazing, beautiful, interesting, intelligent, and breathtaking girl who he’s supposed to be using for a story, but he can’t. because ezra isn’t selfish, he’s one of the most selfless characters on this show. he’s so protective of aria, despite only knowing her for maybe a few weeks, if even that much. in 1x06 he goes to leave Rosewood so that he and aria can have a chance, basically throwing his entire plan to write a book out the window. in 1x13 he’s willing to resign just to keep aria safe. in 2x10 he’s willing to tell aria’s parents, something that could destroy him. in 2x12 he shows up to a crowded police station, fully willing to barge in and tell everyone about his involvement with aria, risking absolutely everything all because she called and said she needed him. in 2x14 he defends aria to jackie, after he was punched by mike. in 2x17 he ensures that this is what aria wants. in 2x24 he refuses to let aria break her family apart to keep them together, despite how much it breaks his heart to leave. in 2x25 ezra returns to rosewood, despite the fact that he’s broke and has nothing there for him except aria. ezra was willing to put everything on the line to be with aria. even after they broke up in s4, he hired private investigators and spent nearly all of his time trying to figure out the A mess for Aria’s sake. he went overboard and became obsessive, but in the end all he wanted was for aria to be safe.

and it isn’t just with aria, ezra found out he had a son and immediately, without hesitation, took full responsibility for that child. he didn’t ask questions, he just took malcolm in and tried to make up for all the lost time. i respect ezra so much for how he handled that situation. which also brings me to hopeful, because ezra carries so much hope with him. he refuses to see the bad side of things. when aria is trying to break up with him he can’t bear the thought of losing her, the thought is so painful that he just keeps ignoring that anything is wrong. and finally when she does get through to him, he just says “if you’re not happy anymore, you know that’s what matters most to me” because above everything he wants aria to be happy. that’s all he wants. 

ezra cares so much for others. he helped emily when she was struggling, he backed up ella, and he helped spencer with college. one of my all time favorite moments is when he’s talking to spencer about her radley essay and he says “you are more than this” and that line is so important. because its the first time someone has ever told the liars that they are not defined by their high school bully. they are more than what A has made them to be. ezra constantly knows exactly what to say or do to make aria feel better. 

i also deeply respect ezra for his pride when it comes to doing the right thing. in 1x13 when he refused to change noel’s grade, and in 2x23 when he refused byron’s job offer because he knew that it wasn’t something he earned. 

and season 5 further proves ezra’s great character. he doesn’t come back from 4x24 saying “ok aria i got shot for u now we are totally good and u should come back to me bc i got shot” no. he says that he realized that she might not ever forgive him, and he had to respect that, because he made the decision to lie to her and cause all this trouble. he recognizes that getting shot, while it demonstrates how much he loves her, does not make up for all he did, and he doesn’t feel entitled to anything. even just seeing aria after his accident was a privilege to him. 

look, ezra has no doubt made mistakes, but the fact is ezra is a man easily blinded by passion, and his intentions are never to hurt people. ezra would take a bullet for aria any day, hell, he would die for her in a heartbeat. he sometimes gets lost in his own story, unable to see or think clearly about what he’s doing, but in the end ezra wants nothing more than to see the people he cares about happy. he has such a big heart. and that is why i love ezra fitz.