also i love how much jonathan loves the relationship

So I’ve made it through three eps of Stranger Things 2 and these are my entirely unorganized, incomplete, and super random thoughts (in no particular logical order)

  • Whether or not this is good, Joyce treats Will exactly the way I would treat one of my kids if something like this ever happened to them. I understand every single second of her (over)protectiveness, and it breaks my heart.
  • I’m pretty sure I love Joyce and Hopper’s dynamic in this season so far even more than I did in S1. Omg, how much do I love that he calls her bf “Bob the Brain” but is also genuinely happy for her and we’re not fucking with any of that adolescent jealousy crap? Amazing! I ship these two like burning, but I’m smart enough to know I’m going to sob like a lost child when Bob dies.
  • Mike’s concern for Will melts me. And I love that all his friends are really trying.
  • Gah, Jonathan and Will. There are so many amazing relationships on this show, and I love basically all of them. But this one is extra special to me because siblings. The fact that Will is honest with Jonathan about how he feels treated like a freak makes me so warm and fuzzy.
  • I wasn’t super impressed with Max at first and even now I’m still not ready to throw my arms around her and embrace her as part of the crew, but she’s definitely growing on me.
  • Hopper and Eleven, omfg. When I saw her sitting at his table I made this ridiculous gasping squeaking noise of profound joy. If anything is going to destroy my soul this season, their relationship will be that thing. I have such an epic kink for created father/daughter relationships. (See also: Giles/Buffy, Adama/Kara, Phil/Daisy) I feel as if almost any other show would bash the viewer over the head with reminders of the fact that Hopper had a daughter who is now dead, but god fucking bless the subtlety with which they handle it. It’s always there, but just below the surface in the most painful, tangible way.
  • Nancy has never been my fave, but I tied myself in 32 knots watching her struggle with her guilt over Barb. The poor cupcake is about to crack. And I love that she has the smarts to question whether her “drunken outburst” was more than just that. You go girl.
  • Steve continues to make me like him, for which I want to fight someone;)
  • Dustin is on my last nerve with his love for this damn hellcreature. With everything that has happened, I’m like REALLY DUSTIN. And I love Dustin. But for serious.
  • ALSO. Why do Will’s friends keep leaving him alone all the time? This is a thing that actually chaps my ass a lot. I love Mike, but Mike knows Will has been struggling, and he still lets him head off on his own in search of the gross hellcreature. Not cool, guys.
  • Also not cool? The fact that we finally get another girl to add to the group and Eleven’s first reaction has to be jealousy. I get that in theory there’s the need for drama, but good lord do we not have enough of this manufactured crap in the world? They could have invented a better reason for El to run away before communicating with Mike, and I wish they had.
  • Paul Reiser keeps reminding me so much of Carter Burke in Aliens that I want to run screaming out of the room and never come back. God I fucking hate that guy. I’m assuming I’ll want him to be devoured by an alien in this show too, although I guess we’ll have to see.
  • Bob’s attempts to connect with the Byers boys are so cute. It just breaks me that he really got through to Will so much that Will TRIED his suggestion and well, where I left off it was looking as if Will should have kept running.
  • AND I KNOW I’M MISSING SO MANY THINGS, but those are a few way random thoughts for now.
  • What I am looking forward to: All the Eleven and Hopper, Eleven finally being reunited with Mike (what adorable pining cupcakes for serious), Joyce finally getting some answers about what’s happening with her baby, more Hopper and Joyce in any form, and any and all Byers family interactions.
  • Which reminds me, THANK YOU SHOW for giving Lucas and Dustin families this season. Actually the best!
Some of my thoughts on s2 below the cut...





-J A N C Y


-Lucas my boy got more screen time and his own arch BLESS

-Dustin is precious and deserves the entire world

-Fun fact: Will Byers and I share a birthday!

-I cried so hard in that one scene where Jonathan, Joyce, and Mike are telling Will stories about them


-also BOB!!!!





-I felt so bad for Mike all season. Poor boy was so depressed but hopeful I wanted to hug him

-Lucas’ little sister was ADORABLE

-”how was the pullout?” *jonathan chokes*

-Steve has kinda won me over! His friendship with Dustin made me happy. Still don’t like him and Nancy together though.

-by the way, I respect Nancy Wheelers right to not be in love with St/ve H/rrington (not censoring to be salty, just so that this negativity doesn’t end up in his tag!), even though he’s a good guy now. She doesn’t owe it to him just because he changed and became a decent human being. And if you disagree, the unfollow button is located conveniently in the top right hand corner !!!

-I do high key wish Nancy would have gotten a solo arch, as much as I adore Jancy.

-oh also, what was up with 2X7? Who were all those bad OC lookin’ edge lords? That was the only episode I just,,,didn’t like at all.

-And El’s emo look was just kinda funny tbh. 

-I wish El and Max could’ve become friends, but I guess that might happen next season.

-I have more opinions, but I just watched 9 hours of television so my mind is a little mushy rn

-overall, I LOVED SEASON TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-J A N C Y 

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Can I just talk about how much I love Will & Jonathans relationship. Like when Jonathan shows Will the song & he tells Will that he should do what he likes and not what other people tell him to like. & Also when his parents are fighting & Jonathan shuts the door so Will wont hear it. He just cares so much about him & wants to protect him. & then when Will is in the upsidedown & he sings the song bc thats what makes him feel comforted when hes alone and scared & u can tell how he looks up to him.