also i love esme


I believe a strong woman may be stronger than a man, particularly if she happens to have love in her heart. I guess a loving woman is indestructible.

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esme is part of one of the snobbiest and most wealthy families in hawthorne and don’t you freakin’ know it. she’s a spoilt rich girl with very little understanding of how the world works, but she’s trying ok. her boyfriend oscar (albeit a secret) is helping her be a normal person - she has a job at a local juice bar (the only place that would hire a girl with no experience, much to esme’s chagrin) and spends her evenings cuddling with him and their dog.

except she’s found out she’s pregnant and that’s definitely not something she can hide from her family and friends. she’s the queen bee, into fashion, and celebrity weddings and anything but her own life. but, shit’s happening and it’s hella real. 

esme needs 

friends, she’s the type to rule over a group of girls but they’ll likely either be bitchy like her or trying to get in with the ‘cool group’s. she was the prom queen and stole a lot of classmates’ boyfriends and generally bullied and tormented other guys and girls in her year with her clique. though oscar is helping her to be a better person (and she is, deep down; she’s not that superficial ok), so high school victims and enemies would be fantastic drama. as well as exes. lots and lots of exes. she also needs her sisters and there’s a request for them right here!!! who doesn’t love a bit of rich and deluded fam drama?????

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I love your art so much!!! also could you maybe draw esme and olaf together?? i'm sorry but i'm trash and there's almost nothing for those two together in existence and like half of it only exists because i requested it lol

heck yeah!

I’m trash too

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Hello! If it's alright asking, do you have any favorite theories or headcanons? I've always been kind of curious about it. Also, what would you say is the most absurd theory or headcanon you've seen (if you've seen one, that is)?

hi anon, what a nice ask to receive, thank you! sorry for taking a couple of days to come back to you.

my favourite headcanons that spring straight to mind are:

  • isadora is trans (it pains me that this isn’t canon)
  • moxie is the editor
  • lemony is the world’s most unreliable narrator, and the baudelaires are ashamed of the things they did during asoue. both versions of the story beatrice junior later hears are therefore quite a long way from the truth
  • beatrice junior is olaf’s biological daughter (there’s something beautiful about the baudelaires raising olaf’s orphan daughter after the end)
  • the s stands for sunny
  • jacques and kit are twins (this is half-canon i think)
  • olaf didn’t burn down the baudelaire mansion (i used to be part of the camp that thinks it was esme, but now i think it’s rather fitting for it to be some nameless, faceless other villain that we never meet in the series)
  • i also have a secret love for the idea that charles and esme are siblings, to fit with the salinger book, though this is arguably a fairly absurd one itself!

and i haven’t actually seen any absurd ones in recent times - but there used to be some wild ones when i was a lot younger. i think there was a well-developed theory about the man with a beard but no hair and his partner being the baudelaire parents at one point!

hope this helps - i’d be interested to hear your headcanons too!