also i lost my voice because my voice is like

just. fuck. bless the castlevania netflix series.

i know it’s based on castlevania 3 but ??? DRAC’S CASTLE IS LITERALLY WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE IN SYMPHONY OF THE NIGHT which was literally one of my special interests for like 2 years and

fffff god i fuckin lost my shit when i saw it and the whole season ended up being one giant nostalgiafest

also?? alucard??? my beautiful boy of many talents?? my first videogame crush?? he’s PERFECT i love him altho i do miss his deep SOTN voice because let’s be honest that was the definition of silky like c’mon man

Joker Imagine - Zombie Virus

Anonymous said:hi can you do joker x reader where he kidnapped her but then there’re this virus that started to turn people into zombies. joker and reader are the only two people who didn’t get infected. reader is an innocent girl who didn’t know how to fight or protect herself so the joker has to protect her from the zombies and they ended up falling for each other? this would be fun xx love your blog

AN: Thanks for the request. I’m glad you love my blog haha AND SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT :C

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Joker’s P.O.V.

What a fucking mess.

Somehow the entire city of Gotham was a complete destruction. The CIA had tested something here secretly and failed miserably. A virus started spreading through the city and the lucky people managed to leave before it was too late. Now the entire city was isolated from the rest of the world. It was a huge city, but millions of people escaped. Now we were here, but still about hundreds of thousands of people were left here, spreading the virus and turning soulless braineaters. Leaving would be very hard since literally zombies were lurking around everywhere. I even lost my henchmen and my only friend, Frosty. It hurt, but I had to stay strong. I had hope that I could get out of this city that would probably get burned down someday.

I was alone in my big block of flats ,packing bags so I could fill my car and flee. I was so pissed at the CIA and overall the government for letting this happen. Gotham City was never going to be the same. Everything would have to be destroyed completely to get rid of the virus and it could take tens and tens of years. I’d be lucky to get out of here.

Suddenly I heard something. I froze on the spot and grabbed my gun tightly. I looked around the dim hall and tried to find whatever was moving. That’s when I saw a reflection of someone behind me from the mirror, causing me to turn around and point at the person with my gun before I’d get bitten. ‘’No! P-Please don’t shoot me!’’ A girl whimpered and stepped back, raising her arms in surrender. My grip loosened on the gun and I looked at her in surprise. A fucking healthy person.

She had Y/H/C hair, put into a ponytail and she had some wounds, but she didn’t seem infected. I looked into her pretty E/C eyes and saw how scared she was. ‘’Please Joker..I’m not infected. I thought..I thought you weren’t either so ..maybe you could help me’’  She admitted very nervously while staring at my gun. ‘’Me? Help you?’’ I laughed at first and lowered my gun. Damn she had guts tho!

‘’Please! My friend is at the borders so we could pass easily. But I can’t get there by myself’’ She admitted and held back tears. Now we were talking. ‘’I can’t fight and even less protect myself. If..If you want, I can get us both out of Gotham’’ She tried to make me listen to her. The deal sounded valid and good. I looked at her darkly and tried to think. She was trembling in fear and I knew she was relying on me. How bittersweet.

‘’Fine’’ I sighed and put my gun into my jacket. Then I reached out my hand so we could seal the deal. The girl grabbed my hand nervously and so we shook hands. ‘’What’s your name pretty?’’ I asked and then looked around us to make sure no zombies were hunting for us. ‘’I’m Y/N’’ She let me know and then looked at me. She was very beautiful.

‘’Well Y/N I’m honoured that you came to me’’ I giggled, even tho I bet she only came because she was pretty sure I wasn’t infected. So what, at least I knew that passing the border would be easier now. ‘’Thank you so much for not shooting me’’ She thanked me and sounded very grateful. Something told me that this would be more fun than I thought. It didn’t suck to be with her because being alone made the voices in my head get stronger. I had pretty much lost everyone I ever had also my home.

‘’Let’s start by packing my car with guns, bullets, loads of water and first aid kits’’ I said with a bossy voice and walked to the stairway. Y/N followed me closely and I knew she was probably scared to death. She seemed innocent, like a good girl and I, an evil villain was her last hope

                      Two days passed somehow slowly. We had packed the car and I taught her how to shoot. Her hands were shaky and she shot far away from the target, but she was getting the grip. Our targets were zombies we shot from the windows. First she was terrified, but she grew to like it. It’s not like zombie lives mattered anyway.

We were packing the last food I had in my penthouse and I knew we were going to leave. I loved this house so much, but  I had to say goodbye. It made me feel so empty it was ridiculous. I never thought that a place could mean so much. ‘’Do you know where you’re going when we pass the border?’’ Y/N asked me while drinking some clean water. She was obviously more comfortable with me know. We both kinda relied on each other so we had to get along.

‘’Yeah, I’m going to New York city. Reminds me most of Gotham’’ I told her while looking out of the big window. The penthouse was so high that I was sure no one could get up here, but the danger was still there. The streets were trashed, full of bodies and then zombies. The sky seemed to have a dirty red colour and the city smelled like shit. Everything was destroyed.

‘’Well what a coincidence’’ Y/N said somehow happily. I turned to look at her. She had taken a shower earlier so her hair was still a little wet. She was wearing all black jeans, a top, combat boots and a leather jacket. She also had a gun that I gave to her even tho she sucked at shooting, at least so far. ‘’Well you won’t get rid of me after all then’’ I chuckled, feeling kinda happy that she was going there as well. At least our ride would be longer together.

‘’So..When are we leaving?’’ She asked me, putting the glass down. I sighed and looked at my golden watch. ‘’In ten minutes. We could already go down into the car’’  I explained and the same empty feeling took over me. I would really miss Gotham City. Y/N nodded and grabbed the last bag with food. I grabbed my gun and led the way out of the penthouse. Goodbye my home, the place of amazing memories..

Just as I opened the door, I saw a zombie in the hall, in front of the elevator. It was growling and shaking. It’s skin was rotten and I could see that it’s cheeks were hollow. The zombie saw us and tried to attack, but I shot it three times in the head until it fell on the ground. It tried to crawl to us, but it was unable to move. ‘’Let’s go’’ I growled and glanced at Y/N who looked scarred for life. We got into the elevator and I pushed her in the corner to keep her safe.

The elevator took us down and the doors slid open. The parking hall was very risky because anyone could come here. Before stepping out of the elevator, I looked around the dark parking hall. I saw a few abandoned cars, but my car was nearly right in front of us because I left it there. It was pretty full, but the front seats were there for us.

‘’It’s clear’’ I whispered and walked out, gun first. Y/N was obviously scared, but she trusted me enough to follow me. First I opened the car door for her and she sat in. Just as I shut the door for her,she screamed. I turned around and started shooting. A zombie had tried to sneak up to me, but now it was on the ground. ‘’Fucking hell’’ I spat and then hurried to my side of the car. I shut the door and then locked all doors so no one could open them. My heart was beating hard in my chest and I felt adrenaline pumping through my system.

That’s when I heard heavy breathing. I glanced at Y/N who was finding it hard to breathe calmly. ‘’Hey -relax. We’re okay’’ I reminded her while starting the engine that growled loudly. ‘’I thought it fucking bit you’’ She admitted and rubbed her eyes. I didn’t like seeing her  like this. So I put my hand on her knee and rubbed it gently. ‘’I’m fine, okay? Let’s go now. Freedom is awaiting’’ I tried to make her calm down. Y/N looked into my eyes and then nodded slightly. 

I started driving and I headed straight onto the highway. I had to be careful because the zombies threw themselves on the road and it was full of weird things. I looked at the buildings I once knew well. Now they were broken, burnt and full of living dead.Even my club was a big mess. It was the last time I ever saw Gotham, the city I loved yet terrorized every night.

After driving for a quarter, I decided to turn off the radio. A woman was speaking, trying to reach those who were uninfected. I had heard that speech a trillion times already. ‘’Did you lose anyone?’’ I asked Y/N and tried to start a conversation. ‘’Yeah..’’ She started and then swallowed. Oops, I probably asked something wrong. It wasn’t my fault I wasn’t the best guy to talk to. All I ever discussed was crime, not normal topics.

‘’I lost my daughter’’ She admitted and that’s when my heart made a weird thing happen. I glanced at her again and saw sorrow on her pretty face. ‘’I’m sorry’’ I muttered and then kept my eyes on the road. ‘’It’s okay Joker.. The night the virus spread, I was out with her, playing in the park. She was just four’’ She started, but teared up and sounded completely devastated. But talking did good so I let her open up to me.

‘’I heard her screaming and I..I saw someone biting her..I didn’t know what to do..It..It happened to fast’’ She started crying. I felt bad for her. Losing someone important hurt, no matter who you were. ‘’Then t-they said that we had to evacuate and anyone who was bitten should be left behind. I waited in hopes my daughter was fine..but she wasn’t. T-Then it was too late for me to escape safely..I had to kill her’’ She let me know something so deep. Ouch.

‘’I’m sorry Y/N..I really am’’ I admitted while driving towards the borders. They were extended for safety reasons. She was crying now so I grabbed a tissue from the hand box and gave it to her. She mumbled and thanks and then wiped away her tears.  Based on what she told me, she was a single mother. Or else she would have said something about her boyfriend as well.

After a while we started talking about more ‘normal’ things. That made time pass quicker as we drove. Before we knew it, we saw the heavily guarded borders. ‘’ friend is at the 37th district right there. They..They would probably not let you go but I’ll make her do that’’ She said and pointed to our right. I drove there and then put on the hat and sunglasses I took with me. 

I slowed down and suddenly a redhead walked over. She was wearing a very protecting suit, almost like she worked in a lab or something. I rolled down the window and let Y/N do her business. First she showed a pass to her friend. ‘’Leave quickly, okay? The second you get through, just speed like there’s no brakes. Or else you’ll be stopped. I’ll reassure the other guards that you weren’t infected so you should be safe’’ The redhead told us quietly.

Y/N and I thanked her in unison and then I rolled up the window. I watched as the gates opened for us. ‘’Hold on tight’’ I told Y/N and then hit the gas pedal, making us go quickly The other guards stepped aside and we were long gone before they could do anything. We were out of Gotham city. I looked behind us through the mirror and watched the gates closing. That’s the last time I’d ever be so close.

‘’We’re safe now’’ I breathed out and got on the big road. Immediately I saw more traffic, but not that much. People were just driving far away from that living dead city. ‘’Now what?’’ Y/N mumbled nervously. ‘’What?’’ I tilted my head curiously and glanced at her quickly.

‘’What are you going to do to me? You don’t need me anymore..’’ She muttered nervously and looked at me. I sighed and tried to make up my mind. I couldn’t just let her go now. I hadn’t even taught her how to shoot properly yet! ‘’Well we’re going to New York city together, right? I got millions of dollars so we can stay at hotels while driving, then when we get there I’ll start teaching you how to shoot. I’ll start a new gang there’’ I explained rather casually. Y/N looked nonplussed by my words.

‘’Aren’t you going to dump me somewhere?’’ She nearly gasped. It made me laugh at her. ‘’No dummy, you’re with me and I won’t let you go. You know me too well to just walk away’’ I warned her and then sighed deeply. Instead of making her cry, she smiled. ‘’Good. I kinda always found you fascinating Joker’’ Y/N admitted and that’s when her crazy side was peeking through. No sane person would ever find me anything close to good.

Time to start a new ‘evil’ revolution in New York city with someone by my side!

Q & A with Hichigo

As requested by ask-hichiichi. :)

Ichigo’s inner hollow/zanpakuto, Hichigo, will now answer some of the questions that you all sent in!

1. omgilovesebby said: Hello Hichigo! Why do you like stabbing so much?

Hichigo: Who the hell doesn’t like stabbing?

Hichigo: Stabbing is awesome.

Hichigo: I’m pretty sure people who say they don’t like stabbing are kidding themselves.

2. reap–kazeshini said: Did you and Old Man Zangetsu get along?

Hichigo: Sure, I guess.

Hichigo: We’re the the only two guys in this giant, upside down, plantless city, and we can’t kill each other.

Hichigo: So we don’t have much of an option!

Hichigo: ‘Sides, that dude has one comfy cloak.

3. fateh-black said: Did you know that Old-man Zangetsu was restricting Ichigo’s power all along? If so, why did you keep it a secret?

Hichigo: I didn’t keep it a secret! I told the king, straight-up, that I WAS Zangetsu!

Hichigo: And he was like, “No you’re not.”

Hichigo: 'Cause sometimes the king has the intelligence of a wet banana.

4. reyescazador said: If you could become a person outside of Ichigo’s mind, what would you do? / secretninja312 said: If you can take over anyone else’s body, who would it be?

Hichigo: That Kenpachi dude probably.

Hichigo: Giant, powerful, and would actually let me fight people!

5. ask-hichiichi said:
Hichigo, of all the fights you’re had, which were your favorite? / gaming-otaku said: Whats your greatest fight???

Hichigo: Hard to beat that one against Ulquiorra!

Hichigo: Got to use the king’s body, got to kill a dude, got to cero 'im at point-blank range…not to mention the face-stomping.

Hichigo: Plus, I  know my long hair looked amazing.

6. pulll-the-lever-kronk said:
why do you go from an intelligent crazy talking fighter to a hulking speechless lunkhead when you take over ichigo?

Hichigo: …hulking speechless lunkhead…?

Hichigo: Look, just 'cause I don’t have heart-to-hearts with my opponents like the king does, that doesn’t mean I’m a hulking lunkhead!

Hichigo: SOME of us like to just growl a bit and then get down to the business of winning!

7. cant-kill-this-dragon said:
Why were you so aggressive towards Ichigo even though you really wanted to protect him?

Hichigo: Protect him? I didn’t want to anything so soft!

Hichigo: I was “aggressive” because Ichigo was weak! He needed to become stronger if he was going to survive!

Hichigo: And of course I wanted his body and powers to survive, 'cause they’re gonna be mine one day.

8. monsieur-francey-pants said: Which form is your favourite form? Not taking power and abilities into consideration. Just the appearance.

Hichigo: Definitely the one I got in Hueco Mundo while fighting Ulquiorra. That mask was hardcore, and it was nice not to look like a picture of Ichigo that accidentally got bleached.

9. spikeface said: What does “hollow” mean to you?

Hichigo: Huh? Who are you, Ulquiorra?

Hichigo: “Hollow” is what the shinigami call us because they think we’re missing something! The heart or whatever.

Hichigo: But I think it’s better not to be weighed down by that shit.

Hichigo: I’m like a boat without a lot of needless cargo, skimming over the waves.

Hichigo: Or wait like a horse with no rider!

Hichigo: That would have been a way better metaphor.

10. captaintoshirohitsugaya said:
How did it feel when you and Tensa were one being?

Hichigo: Imagine that you live in someone else’s body. With a roommate and no plants.

Hichigo: Now imagine that you and your roommate have to share one body inside that body you live in.

Hichigo: So now you only have half a body. Inside of a body. Underwater.

Hichigo: “Claustrophobic” really doesn’t do it justice.

11. benjaminblue101 said: What did you do when ichigo lost his powers

Hichigo: Played way too much internet solitaire and thought about how my king makes bad choices.

justableachlover said: How did you get a computer?


Hichigo: Uh……some of the buildings in the king’s soul world are furnished?

13. darkspeed54 said: be honest…how many times did you hit yourself when until you succeed that spining sword trick when you fight with ichigo?

Hichigo: Never! I’m a natural!


Hichigo: I did hit that Quincy guy in the face a few times though.

Hichigo: Serves him right for being in the vicinity when I lost my grip on the handle.

14. vxlunathehedgehogxv said: why does your voice echo…ish? Also i love you

Hichigo: The correct term is “warble.”

Hichigo: And it warbles because the warble makes my voice sound just a touch creepier and more bad-ass than Ichigo’s.

Hichigo: Just like me!

15. squadron-of-damned said: How much okay/not okay are you with your fandom name(s)?

Hichigo: Frankly, you guys aren’t much smarter than wet bananas yourselves.

Hichigo: I’ve got a name. It’s 'Zangetsu.’ Or no name. Depending on the mood I’m in.

Hichigo: But Hichigo? What’s that? 'Hollow Ichigo?’ 'Horse Ichigo’? Come on!

Hichigo: But I guess Shirosaki is kinda cool.

Prompt: ‘I need bailing out and I called the wrong number’ au prompt from struttinglikeapotter’s post here

my first real AU :)

 “I should be asleep right now,” Lily repeated for the sixteenth time to Marlene, who had long since ignored these particular words when strung together by her friend. They lied sprawled out along the large sofa in their flat, Marlene mindlessly clicking through the late-night infomercials. Feet away in the kitchen, their other flat-mate Mary was slamming cabinets open in search of her favorite late-night snack.

  “It is half past one in the morning,” Lily informed them. “I should be sleeping. We all should be sleeping! I—“

 Her mobile, which rested precariously upon her overlarge tee shirt, started buzzing, illuminating her features in the darkened room, and successfully silencing her complaints.

 “Who the hell is calling at this hour?”

 “I don’t recognize the number—“

 “Don’t answer, Lil—“

 But, “Hello?”

 “PADFOOT! PADFOOT YOU BASTARD!” an irate voice came through the line, causing Lily to pull the phone inches from her ear. Marlene clicked on the lamp nearest her as she sat up straighter.

  “Err—hello? What’s Padfoot—“


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When in my life I got totally lost the one who was able to help me was him with his voice and his words. Every word from his songs could speak also about my life, literally. I don’t like him because he’s the singer or because of his voice. No. I just like the way he is. In those songs i could find an answer for each of my questions and so coming alive again. If now i’m this person and i’m here alive it’s because of this man. I will never be thankful enough for helping me with his music. Happy birthday Taka-san, have the best day ever with friends and family! Best wishes for the future!

Why I won’t use the French flag filter

I’m hesitant to change my profile picture into something supporting Paris.

I see so many people changing their profile picture filters to demonstrate solidarity with Paris and France. I can respect that. I can be inspired by that.

 But I can’t do that.

 I won’t feel inspiring.

 I will feel guilt.

 Guilt for being partial.

 I’ve asked myself where was I when the Syrian civil war began, and all of the innocent lives lost? #StandWithSyria

Where was I when 147 were killed at a Kenyan university? #Pray4Kenya

Why is Paris the only tragedy that I will speak out for and change my profile picture for?

 Not Syria.

 Not Kenya.

 Is it only when something starts “trending” that I will join the “movement”?

I would be changing my profile filter in support, but also because it feels powerful to be a part of a large movement of support. It feels like I’m doing something right and big and meaningful.

 But isn’t it more powerful to be a voice among so few, not a voice among so many?

 Wouldn’t it make more of a noise to speak in quieter conversation (Kenya) than a louder one (Paris)?

 There is so much tragedy in the world.

 So much hate.

 So much loss.

 I will pray for Paris. I will pray for Kenya. I will pray for Syria. I will pray for all of the loss. All of the hate. All of the tragedy.

 But if I choose to speak out, I must speak out on the behalf of victims and tragedy everywhere, not just events that are trending.

 Who am I and what will I become if I only show support for events that are going viral with hashtags? Or events that are in the news today?

 I should be outraged by tragedy everywhere. By injustice everywhere. It’s not just the Paris attacks that should make my blood boil and heart break.

 It should be Syria.

 It should be Kenya.

 It should be school shootings.

 It should be needless bloodshed.

 This is far more than injustice.

 This is the world.

 I would rather be a voice for the few.



P.S. I should say the the solution to my “guilt” is not saying/doing nothing about Paris. Rather, it should be saying/doing something about all of the other tragedies and injustices while saying/doing something about Paris.