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         yes hello i´m grim and !!!! i   !!!   love    !!!!    nyx   !!!   ulric    !!!!   i still have to finish editing my icons but until then feel more than free to   like this for a smol starter   !!

  • please pardon a six minutes mess that is my pronunciations

been tagged to do an accent challenge by @kihyunsgirl @chimchimshi @desiladki & @daegucrew which all have cute voices, ah i love hearing ppl’s voices~

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How do you create interactive fics?? also just in general, how do you make long stories look nice on tumblr? i made a new account just so it would like nice but idk how to do that stuff...... help

This page is about how to make your fics interactive - recently I’ve not been using this because if you need to edit your fic after posting it, the coding gets all messed up and stops working, so it’s just easier to leave it out sometimes.

Making it look nice - try and have the layout a lil smth like this:

Summary: this is where you briefly summarise the fic

Word Count: 2k+ (e.g.)

Sam x Reader (e.g.)

Warnings: this is where you put any trigger warnings, e.g. smut, angst, alcohol, anything that you need to warn your readers about before they read on

A/N: if you have any author’s notes, they go here, e.g. if you’re writing for a challenge you’d say ‘this is part of @whoever’s celebration challenge, my prompt was whatever’

Then add a gif that kinda summarises the story

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If the first few sentences of your story are enticing, have those before the cut to get the reader curious enough to read on.

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i avoided gamemaker for a long time because like man the title doesnt say anything about what you can make with it, “game” is just too vague, how am i supposed to get any ideas from that. i love rpg maker and renpy because theyre both like, you want this one kind of game? we can do that for you. but we’re also flexible so you can do more if you want. but that one thing you wanna do? you can do it, we’re made for this.

GAMEMAKER IS A FUCKING MESS I FEEL LIKE I JUST GOT DROPPED INTO THE OCEAN FROM A HELICOPTER like i can do anything i want i can scuba dive i can build a raft i can swim to an island but all of those are monumental tasks because i was dropped into this ocean with no gear. is this making sense.

i do like gamemaker for what it is but i also feel so overwhelmed looking at it that it’s gonna take a while before i really try making something in it.

but once i do… like i said i’ll be so powerful. i’ll have too much power. i already have too much power in other areas, i’m already an overlord-level demon, i’ll become a cute yuri tyrant????? damn the future will rock, just gotta keep doin my best

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I find the body language in that gifset of Liam and Louis fascinating. Liam's literally just listing the talking points about each member, and it seems he realizes when he gets to Harry how awkward it sounds. The video link doesn't work, so i can't actually watch it, but i wonder at what point exactly Louis starts messing with his arm. Does it start out of annoyance at the wording of the Harry part? (c)

(2) It looks to be definitely comforting in the third gif when Liam’s trying to smooth things over a bit, but that initial contact could be a little bit of a gentle warning, depending on when exactly it occurs. I can’t imagine it ever gets easy for Louis to hear his boyfriend described like that, no matter how many times it’s happened before. Also, is he the one who calls Liam the daddy? Because I wonder if Liam really liked that overmuch and Louis’ little slap on the arm with that comment, ©      

(3) while on the surface continuing the listing of their assigned traits, might be a bit out of annoyance. (I wish the video link worked so I could see if I was completely off here.)      

Here’s a working link!  

Judging by both body language and tone of voice, imo there’s no doubt Louis was annoyed when he said, “Cause Liam’s the daddy!” Liam’s role was ‘sensible Daddy Direction’ after all…there’s some other video where Liam says, “Who’s the daddy, I’m the daddy” and now it’s going to drive me crazy until I remember when that was. Anyway, whether Louis was pissed because Liam so awkwardly fucked up, or because of Harry’s ‘role’, idk.



  • makes an intricate, well-detailed and worded star wars/voltron au
    • also fb messages me increasingly detailed concepts about coran’s detachable moustache which rests on a small bed at night
  • wants dank vader to drop his mixtape 
  • makes up words like ‘problematicest’
  • messes up her own phone number ?? how ??? 
  • wants to sink into a “tub of permanent hair removal goo” 
  • photoshops my icon at 4:17am to tell me it looks like peridot from a distance

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I was that anon who asked about what you use to edit and yeah i've found this freeware called Audacity which isn't good i bet if i paid $20 i could find a good program but its okay i guess for the dicking around i like to do. Also i checked out your soundcloud and i really liked it!

I was gonna type a big long thing but you know what you need?

I can not give this blog enough credit. If you’re looking to do any kind of audio work, even and especially just messing around, on a tight budget or even for free, this website has, just, so much to offer you. Go digging around through there and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Also, here (from that website - seriously, check it out!) is a list of some good free audio programs, also called DAW’s, in case you haven’t seen it already. Hmu if you make anything cool; I’d love to hear it :)

And finally thanks for liking my SoundCloud. It’s not much, but it’s home.

lana was used to being looked at like she was a piece of meat at this point in her life, especially as a dancer at a night club. but when she felt those greasy, calloused hands that probably belonged to a man who didn’t actually know what the word no meant she had to draw the line. hey there, buddy, she started, eyes narrowed and tone viscous i don’t know what kinda shady places you regularly like to f*ck off in but here, you don’t get to lay a finger on me, understand, baby ?” she turned around, knowing that wouldn’t be the end of it ( it never was ) looking to her closest coworker for some sort of assistance.

Anonymous said: Could you maybe write something with the smiths and pines families for #26(thanksgiving)

I wasn’t really sure what to write so I opted for illustrating this prompt instead. Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians!

the signs as Fanon Homestuck characters i experienced in fics over the years because i Love being in Pain

ARIES: goth girl that never smiles. has no friends for some reason?? probably sleeps in a coffin. theres bones all over the house oh my god they are everywhere. “I can see dead people.” jokes

TAURUS: “uHHHHHHHHH,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,” s-s-s-s-stuttering mess. shy apparently? constantly bullied. also has no friends?? looks like they’re 9. im in pain just typing this

GEMINI: owns every bee and bee movie paraphernalia. will fix ur computer w/ a smile like a damn wizard. works at gamestop. has a cellar full of honey all their kitchen cupboards are nothing but jars of honey.

CANCER: doesn’t know any insult other than FUCKASS. all they watch is romcoms and literally does nothing else. 

LEO: probably owns a fursuit. fervently stalks couples displayed on their shipping wall and screams I SHIP IT when something happens. has no character outside of being friends with sagittarius

VIRGO: boring mom friend. in fact has already adopted u, they’re ur New Mom and cancer is ur new sibling. wearing ugly clothes? WILL make u an entire wardrobe without ur knowing to Surprise u

LIBRA: licks everything. doesn’t kno what personal space is. have they licked u yet? here they come dude u Cannot Escape. if they arent Licky McGee they’re eating a bowl of Red Chalk Cereal every hour

SCORPIO: either a helpless “i-it’s not that i like u, b-baka!” tsundere or the Violent School Bully Trope. there’s no inbetween my guy.

SAGITTARIUS: they live in a constant state of sweat. all they do is stand there have have sweat gush forth from their body. their friends are gone they vanished amidst the Sweat Lake, they’re the lonely island in the middle of the Sweat Ocean

CAPRICORN: Jared Leto’s The Joker™. 

AQUARIUS: sometimes on a moonless night… if u listen hard enough u can hear the distant cries of wwehs and nyehs softly on the salty sea breeze

PISCES: i can be your angle or yuor devil. owns a cuttlefish farm where homegrown GMO free cuttlefish are carefully handpicked from cuttle trees. distinct lack of fish puns


promise I’ll never let you down ❤


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My characters were Great Saiyaman Gohan, Krillin, and Raditz!  This was super fun!!  Especially drawing Raditz again because I’m forever attached to him!

I challenge you to draw my 3 characters from MEMORY. After you’re done, post your beautiful drawing and then tag any blog(s) to do this challenge. Then pick any 3 dragon ball characters you want to see them draw.

Your 3 characters to sketch are Turles, Android 18, and Videl! Remember, you have to sketch these out from memory only (No looking at pictures beforehand)

I tag: Whoever wants to do this!


Humanity…  It’s not a state. It’s a… It’s a quality.
↳ Leo Elster, 1x08