also i look like a freaking lion

Back, sorry, had to eat.

Oh god Onion you are so freaking cute even when you’re mad.

Also it looks like he doesn’t/can’t talk, interesting.

Yes, this is my top problem with cats.

What a tragedy, Steven.

Lion you should be ashamed by yourself.

whoa whoa whoa the fuck is up with him now?

I bet he’s going for the desert glass pillow. Perhaps he wants to recreate the desert constructions for some reason?


Holy shit.

Holy freaking shit he just knocked Amethyst off using a roar.

He must’ve be some kind of a guardian for the desert, and wants to return the gem back. How powerful is this thing really?

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I would very much like if you could point out some of your favorite Wontaek moments. Would that be possible? :3

Well… Let’s see! This is gonna be long (ノ・ェ・)ノ

First, The Moment™, the one that made me ship them… It’s been a train wreck since then… (From MTV Diary I can’t freaking find the video D: )

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