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Voltron S3 Theory (SPOILERS!!)

Okay so I’ve been thinking about Zarkon and Honerva in Ep. 7 and how different they are before and after entering the rift. And I have a theory. I’ve seen a couple of people suggesting it might be the quintessence, but we’ve seen the effects of quintessence in previous seasons, and we’ve never seen it cause anything like the differences in Zarkon and Honerva.

So far the effects we’ve seen of quintessence in living organisms are prolonging life (in Honerva’s cat) and extreme mutation (in the creatures Haggar creates in S1), but the differences in Zarkon and Haggar go beyond this. Obvoiusly they manage to a) survive being in the rift and b) live for the next 10,000 years, which is definitely due to the quintessence (like the cat), but there are other differences that I would suggest are due to something else.

First, their eyes. I’m sure literally everyone noticed this, but when they wake up after their “funeral” their eyes have changed

And secondly their moral switch. Now it is possible that this is completely natural, and just down to their nature and their experiences. I mean we see in this episode that they are both power-hungry individuals, and the destruction of their planet might be enough to push them to become the Zarkon and Haggar we know. But I think there’s more at work than that. Yes they both chase power, but we also see in this episode that they do genuinely care for the people around them. They may both be slightly self-centered, but not to an extent that they could attempt universal domination through the destruction and enslavement of thousands of planets without feeling any sort of guilt. Pre-rift Zarkon might have sought revenge, but not anything of the scale that he goes on to achieve.

So the question is, what caused the change. It could be the quintessence, but I’ve already said why I don’t think it’s that.

Here’s my theory. Look at the colour their eyes go. It’s purple, not yellow like quintessence. And what’s the only other thing they were exposed to when they left the lion in the rift (that also happens to glow purple)?

These suckers!!!!!!

Now we already know they are initially aggressive towards life in this reality AND they’re capable of an intelligence that allows them to perform highly coordinated attacks AND they are capable oF FREAKING TRANS-REALITY TRAVEL.

So I’m just throwing this out there…. Mind control with and intent for the domination of this reality… Not that much of a leap.


Oh my gosh, I am having so many feelings right now!

Keith piloting the black lion… (so painful). Lance doing great with Red (I feel like he’s totally going to have the character development we all wanted to happen)! They got to freaking form Voltron!! And arghhhh!!! Imagine Keith’s internal struggle during the whole process of becoming Black’s pilot?? Like they weren’t able to form it at first but something happens and Keith finally realizes that this is what Shiro wanted to happen and that Shiro chose him for a reason (he can’t fail the team now).

Lotor is so good looking??

Also, it comes out earlier than I thought it would! I’m so happy~

I’m really stoked to see 3-gatsu no lion with a new OP! That means there will be more episodes that may cover the next arc and I’m looking forward.*

Also, even though we’re only just starting to see some kind of justice for Hina and retribution for the bully who had tormented her,  it’s about freaking time! I got impatient halfway into the story and spoiled myself binge reading the manga and then some, but even the manga stretched this arc out really long and it was ugh… my righteous indignation was in so much agony!  

Umino-sensei’s Honey and Clover will never not be in my top 10 favourite anime/manga of all time (Plus it ages really well!), but I think I’m finally starting to get into her new series and can’t wait for the rest of it to be animated!

* //Manga spoiler alert//  If I remember the next arc should deal with the sisters’ estranged dad and Kiriyama’s intervention, my god I would love to flail about this child so, so much!  I’m just saying, making Kiriyama ridiculously financially independent because of his professional shogi career is really all a build up to that moment and I am a chum bucket of emotions about this. I’m talking freaking standing ovation levels. //End Spoiler!!

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late to the pokemon rating game but howsabouuuut solgaleo, lunaala, and necrozma?



not my favorite │ average │ cute │ adorable │ best │ ultimate fave

Solgageo should be rated higher here because it’s the Pokemon design I’ve always wanted….but that’s also the problem.

See, a couple years ago I made up my own version mascots for a project that never went anywhere…..and one of them was a lion design that looked almost exactly like what Solgageo would become.

Flash forward to Sun/Moon’s unveiling, and while I was excited for the new legendaries, I was a bit confused and concerned why something that looked almost identical to my old-ass design that Game Freak would’ve had no way of knowing about was one of the new ‘mons 


not my favorite │ average │ cuteadorable │ best │ ultimate fave

This one edges out Solgageo for me as my favorite of the two version mascots due to having a more interesting design to me, the bias of it being the version mascot that was in my game, and also because it doesn’t give me the confused concern its counterpart gives me


not my favoriteaverage │ cute │ adorable │ best │ ultimate fave

Confession: I’d never actually seen what it looked like before I got this ask and….I don’t quite get it

I think the light prism motif/dark side of the moon homage is really neat but….the giant claws with crystals on them? The weird shoulders? The weird….everything else? It’s super abstract in a way I’m not sure I can fully appreciate honestly. I don’t hate it or dislike it (I don’t really think there’s a mon I really hate), I just confused (which might change over time)

Those alternate forms tho? Absolutely amazing and I love them

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I would very much like if you could point out some of your favorite Wontaek moments. Would that be possible? :3

Well… Let’s see! This is gonna be long (ノ・ェ・)ノ

First, The Moment™, the one that made me ship them… It’s been a train wreck since then… (From MTV Diary I can’t freaking find the video D: )

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