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I would very much like if you could point out some of your favorite Wontaek moments. Would that be possible? :3

Well… Let’s see! This is gonna be long (ノ・ェ・)ノ

First, The Moment™, the one that made me ship them… It’s been a train wreck since then… (From MTV Diary I can’t freaking find the video D: )

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Things to do while waiting for MMFD Series 2 Finale....

I don’t even know what to feel.. I am super excited about the Series finale of My mad Fat Diary then sad because I loved seeing all of their faces every week….

For the 5 days left till the finale….

So what do you do till then???

Read this article: 

And swoon over the fact Nico and Sharon were totes comfortable sexin each other up…and that she loved to abuse their friendship by playing tricks on each other… Like when that “scene’” happened and he felt like he was petting a baby lion… “give me strength lord Jesus”  

Look at these Series 2 EP7 promo pictures and weep tears of joy…


Watch this promo trailer and freak at the fact that either Rae switched shirts with Finn or vice versa….*My feels*

Try not to cry…Don’t worry….

Then look at these amazing pics of Shico (Nico and Sharon) at the RTS Awards…

and this gem…

Try not to weep over how perfect our babies are…and how much they look like the perfect couple..Right? facephase  Also may I mention Sharon’s legs are amazing… 

Look at Nico’s face….he admires her so much.. ugh my chest…

*These are not my gifs, please if it’s your message me so I can link you and give your credit* 

Watch the video it came from:

Thank you to xdollydaydreamx for reminding me. Lest we forget what Nico said in the interview….

“I don’t think Finn is too good looking for Rae at all.I want the audience to think that Finn understands Rae and that’s the type of girl he’s looking for and they both get on with each other in the same way and both love each other’s company, and they love music and all that kind of thing.”

Nico ships the hell out of Finn/Rae and he doesn't believe relationships should be based off looks… Can we just….

Read everything made by this amazing woman thecurvatureoffinnsass Here is her link:

Also read amazing fanfics from helloblondiex

Read this fanfic as well:

Listen to Wonderwall and know for a fact it’s in the series finale…….

We knew it! theblanknotebook & emeraldkipp 


Thinking about the the series finale…

For everything…..

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