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sooo i don't really have a question but i would like an analysis of the new amazingphil video if you have one,, or just your favorite moments, idk i just want you to talk about it, i love your "reviews"

hahaha of course i’ll talk about it!!!!! it’s interesting bc when i first watched this i was actually like not that into it??? it just felt like 10 very calm and chill mins of dnp hanging out which is obviously great but i think i was sort of distracted so i was like mmmm it wasn’t as entertaining as their usual collabs, esp bc on first watch i was like, dan keeps going for these weird dark jokes about torture n maiming and it’s all v Standard Fare but then i thought about it more and realized ,, if this isn’t the biggest evidence yet about how far they’ve come and evolved since last year then idk what is??? like i just can’t believe it’s gotten to the point where i could watch 10 minutes of dan softly playing around with phil’s hair and both of them being a bit calmer and more muted in front of the camera, freely touching each other and joking around about more Mature Themes (hats off to the dildo joke and the “safety word” bit) and have all of that feel completely STANDARD and unsurprising!!! it’s just crazy to me that they’ve normalized these behaviors so much that a video like this could feel so completely expected and ~chill~ 

but then i watched it a second and third time (bc duh) when i was less distracted and there really were so many little moments that stood out to me and so many cute smiles and soft lil jokes that made me wanna melt and it was all just so good. it’s nowhere near their funniest or most captivating video but it’s just vv vv v v soft and chill and natural. when comparing it to something like pastel edits which is probs a close parallel in terms of them playing dress up and touching each other a bit in direct response to a fan request, you can see how this one is far softer and a little bit less performed–they seem less ‘on’ for lack of a better term, and a lot more laid back, dan doesn’t spend as much time demeaning the idea or teasing the fan base for wanting it, and all of it is just so enjoyable to watch. i’ve included (way too many) timestamps below (plus way too many screenshots, as usual, of stupidly cute moments ugh): 

  • 5 seconds in this is already alarmingly cute w dan grumbling behind the pillow that phil wants to give him a creative nickname and phil giggling and looking down at him when he starts complaining
  • :17 dan gives phil permission to just call him dan and phil looks cute n happy about it
  • :27 dan needs to reiterate he was a nerd in school
  • :34 ‘japes’ k dan
  • :48 i live for the way phil looks so earnest and excited when he asks dan why he decided to ‘embrace the curls’ like he genuinely wants to hear dan explain this .. phil is genuinely obsessed w dan’s curls he wasn’t lyin when he said that in the pastel edits vid :(
  • 1:00 i hope phil was the one who chose that photo as an example of dan’s hair looking good in a pic,, phil thinks dan’s best look is his crunchy 2013 leather jacket n his scoop neck t shirt … #confirmed
  • 1:10 ‘you’ve left me alone!’ calm down phil he’s right next to u
  • 1:12 did phil pick that photo too ..  the one of dan in his tank top n hair straightened to within an inch of its life and silvery earrings making a pouty face ,,, lmao i love that he’s picking the cringiest emo-est throwbacks possible
  • 1:54 phil’s like ‘i thought we could eat 400 crusts to see if my hair goes curly’ and it’s altogether a lame joke but dan is staring at him like he’s the most beautiful person on earth. i’d be uncomfortable if i wasn’t so busy melting. then phil stares at dan giggling and it’s all a bit much for me
  • 2:41 ‘what’d happen if i balded you right now?’ dan is so concerned for phil’s well-being that he forgets how to grammar
  • 2:45 the fuckin dildo joke i s2g why are they making sly references to dildos in a g-rated hair curling video why did phil immediately follow dan saying ‘that looks like something else’ by going ‘ooo’ and shoving the curler near dan’s mouth why are they gross
  • 3:21 dan unnecessarily rubbing the curler all over phil’s shoulder and neck … ok
  • 3:41 phil sounds so serious when he asks dan if he thinks the curly hair will suit him, like he really needs dan’s Hot Take on this important issue but dan’s just shuts him down hahaha. i feel like this is reminiscent of the faceapp vid in which dan was completely NOT DOWN with any alteration to phil’s appearance whatsoever bc (vom) he thinks phil is perf jst the way he is (i might actually be sick) 
  • 3:47 idk why but i’m obsessed w phil saying ‘dan, don’t mess about with it’ and dan responding ‘i’m nOT’ in his whiny voice w his eyes all wide. cute
  • 3:56 lmao dan bringing up babuse (i can’t type that without thinking of ‘let me see that babussy’ i hate the fucking internet) and saying it was the last time he was on this bed, i am living for these bants and also phil’s expression of mock horror
  • 4:08 ‘curl me up, bess’
  • 4:11 dan’s going for ‘teen nick jonas but without the face’ his crush is going strong i see,, and then he can’t even follow through and tell phil his face doesn’t compare to nick jonas’s so he turns it into a joke about burning his face instead, nice save bro
  • 5:01 something about this bit when dan’s like ‘got a whole clump it’s undignified’ and their proximity, the way their arms are sort of pressed together and it looks like dan could be resting his hand on phil’s leg and dan is also sort of just looking down at phil ,,, Good
  • 5:08 when phil kinda squeaks and pulls away all of a sudden i feel like dan is legit actually concerned he could burn phil as evidenced by his voice going all high pitched when he’s like ‘you can’t do that!!!!’
  • 5:13 more completely unnecessary dan playing around w phil’s fringe n brushing it away. it goes on for like 8 seconds plus there’s a jump cut in the middle of it lmao,,, ugh the way he touches phil’s hair is so soft it makes me feel things
  • 5:32 ‘gonna pork you up phil’ does dan know the meaning of ‘pork’ as a verb ??  ? ? ??? ??????  for reference:
  • 5:36 ‘my life is flashing before my eyes’ ‘ooo is it really boring’ dan is showing yet again that he flirts like a five year old who pulls their crush’s pigtails in the playground grOW UP MATE. phil loves it tho
  • 6:03 omg idk why but i LOVED phil saying ‘i’m finding you so disturbing right now’ it feels so authentic??? something about the way he phrased it is so funny??????? like he genuinely needs dan to take it down a notch w the grim humor lmao
  • 6:47 ‘we need a safety word’ oh my god these boring vanilla fucks call a safe word a ‘safety word’ could they be LAMER hahaha (in all seriousness i can’t even believe that’s a joke dan went for at all let alone on this channel and that phil just chuckled n went along with it what the fuck what a time we live in honestly,, the flirting and touching and the whole premise of a dan-curls-phil’s-hair video is already so much but, like, let’s just add a fucking allusion to bdsm into the mix while we’re at it!!!!!!! wtf!!!)
  • the whole sped up montage of dan doing the curling is just rife w gratuitous hair touching so like obvi i immediately turned the speed down to .5 and just sat back to enjoy it (also @kay-okays uploaded a slowed down version here if ya wanna look at that or like bookmark it for ur own uses ,,  whatever ur into m8)
  • 7:18 those two gentle pats that dan gives to the back of phil’s head before phil looks at his finished hair … so fucking adorable bc it’s the way dan pats down his own hair when he’s fixing it pls save me
  • 7:29 dan obvi needs to make it a point to emphasize they have the same hair again as has been his constant refrain about their haircuts for the last like 3 years (tbh i’m convinced that he literally misses having the same hair as phil which is gross and just as sappy as i’d expect from him) and in order to demonstrate how ALIKE they are again he proceeds to mirror phil playing w his fringe bc why not .. 
  • ‘this was the only thing that was separating us’ PLS
  • 7:38 dan’s Hot Take 2.0: ‘you look like a cool australian surfer … like a weird goth one that has never been to the beach’
  • 8:14 dan asserts on phil’s behalf that phil ‘needs’ the edge of his emo fringe and phil immediately agrees. rip to anyone who was hoping quiff!phil might be on the horizon
  • 8:39 dan goes defensive about how he could’ve done a better job and phil immediately jumps in to say that he thinks dan did well in the most sincere voice of all time, accompanied w cute/soft smile
  • and then he cuts dan off entirely to remind him that he didn’t burn phil’s face off and to v fervently thank him (he litro NODS while he thanks him it’s so SERIOUS) and then dan does some weird touchy thing to phil’s chest or arm or both and phil decides to boop dan’s cheek and you should really SLOW IT DOWN bc when you do, you notice it’s more of like a lil squeeze as opposed to just a v light tap and it’s gROSS:
  • 8:59 then, since this video has far too much dan gratuitously touching phil and phil was surely feeling deprived, phil reaches over to give dan a ‘zayn curl’ and play w dan’s fringe a bit n at this point i’ve had Enough of this cute ass shit
  • 9:20 dan couldn’t just leave it there, he needs to take a moment to re-assert the ~dnp don’t go outside or go to parties or talk to people Ever~ branding just in case ANYONE forgot (but also seems like a low key way for dan to gently remind the audience not to get attached to this in any way bc it will probs never happen again)
  • 9:40 phil dubs dan the “original curly man” n idk how to feel about this but i suppose that is a fitting conclusion to this absolute roller coaster of emotions 

ugh. just a really great video. i’m sorry this post is massive,, there’s jst so much here and i needed to have pics of ALL OF IT

(dan curls my hair!

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could you do a hc of the RFA boys (plus V and Saeran) accidentally walking in on MC, maybe taking a shower or getting dressed or something? :3

I know you said boys but I couldn’t help but include Jaehee. If you don’t want to read her’s, you can just skip through it so I hope you don’t mind!

Does this class as NSFW? I’m not entirely sure but I’ll warn just in case that there’s nudity and implied sex. Here goes!

RFA members walk in on MC naked


-You were staying over at his house for your first sleepover
-So after a busy evening of LOLOL, you really needed a shower
-Yoosung was half way through a raid so you told him where you were going
-Only Yoosung didn’t pay attention because he was too busy playing LOLOL
-After spending ten minutes searching for the towels in his apartment, you finally go into the bathroom and strip down
-Then you’re faced with a foreign shower
-I’m not the only one who never knows how to use other people’s showers, right?
-For a couple of minutes you stand naked in the shower trying to figure out why the shower won’t work
-Then you notice the switch at the other end of the bathroom
-Time to take the walk of shame across the room
-It just so happens to be now that Yoosung decides he needs a toilet break
-And he can’t recall you saying anything at all so assumed you’d gone to get a drink or something
-Only to open the bathroom door to see you halfway across the room headed to the switch for the shower
-You both scream
-Yoosung quickly shuts the door, bright red in the face and spouts out a string of apologies
-“Yoosung, I don’t mind you seeing me naked,” you tell him.
-He’s way too red and embarrassed to respond properly to that.
-“I…um…. sorry I just wanted to use the toilet.”
-“Well come in now before I take a shower then.”
-Yoosung slowly opens the door to see that you’ve put a towel around yourself now
-Thank the stars
-He definitely can’t forget seeing your body
-Which makes it awkward when during the night he remembers it whilst you’re cuddling against his side
-And he starts to get a boner
-Oh dear


-You did tell Zen that you were taking a shower despite the fact that he was reading his script
-So you took that shower after a busy day at work
-You definitely needed to shave anyway considering you were staying at Zen’s every night now
-Always gotta be prepared for the beast
-Zen didn’t realise that you told him you were taking a shower and decides now is a good time to go and brush his teeth
-So he opens the door and makes his way into the bathroom
-Only to turn around and see you drying off your hair
-Completely naked
-“Umm… Zen?” is all you say
-Control the beast. Control the beast. Control the beast.
-“Sorry, I forgot,” Zen somehow manages to splutter out before walking out again.
-Now he has a problem
-A problem that’s slowly rising in his pants
-What is he supposed to do?
-You just looked so hot
-And you were staying the night in his bed
-The more he thinks about it, the harder it is for him to control himself
-So the second you step out of the bathroom, in your pyjamas now, he grabs you
-“I’m sorry, MC. You’re just too hot,” he says before kissing you
-Very passionately
-It doesn’t take long for him to be admiring your naked body yet again
-And you’re definitely willing to help with his problem
-I mean, who would complain?


-You knew you were clumsy
-So it was only a matter of time until you managed to spill coffee down yourself in Jaehee’s and your cafe
-The scolding liquid did leave you with a bit of a problem, though, so you decided to go into the back where you kept spare work clothes
-Only once you’d peeled your dress off, it seemed the liquid had seeped through to your underwear
-Off go the bra and panties
-The best thing to do was to place them on the radiator to dry and stand there naked for a bit
-You were in the store cupboard, anyway. It wasn’t like anyone was going to see you
-Turns out you were out of coffee beans in the store so Jaehee had come down to get some more from storage
-To find you stood there naked holding coffee soaked clothes
-Oh if only the door closed and locked you in then like it did in the Valentines DLC
-Jaehee goes bright red
-As do you
-The two of you end up stuttering until you both finally explain why you’re there in this position
-“Sorry, Jaehee. I’ll be back in the store…. clothed…. in a minute,” you apologise
-“Yeah- uh- that would be good,” Jaehee stammers back
-Don’t lie, Jaehee, we all know you want to see MC like that all the time
-She grabs the coffee beans from the shelf whilst you awkwardly hold your clothes in front of you
-“You’re very pretty by the way,” Jaehee says quietly before dashing out of the storage cupboard and closing the door quickly
-Thanks, Jaehee, you’re now left as a stuttering, blushing mess


-He had told you that you were allowed to sleep in his bedroom whilst staying in his penthouse
-And he did tell you he was going to talk to the security guard
-So now seemed like the best time to change into your pyjamas
-In his bedroom
-Seriously, MC, you were doomed from the start
-Well Jumin ends up finishing his talk with the security guard quicker than expected
-And you end up getting changed slower than expected
-So when Jumin returns to his room and doesn’t knock, even though the door is closed
-He gets the lovely sight of your naked body struggling with a nightgown in the middle of his room
-The poor man just goes bright red
-And the both of you are speechless
-He just stares at you for about three minutes
-Whilst you stand there frozen
-“W-would you like some help with your nightgown?” he finally asks.
-“Erm… yes please,” you admit
-So he helps slide it down your body
-When his hand connects with your stomach
-You inhale sharply at his touch and he doesn’t fail to notice
-Boi does he get turned on
-So he just spins you around, now clothed luckily, and kisses you
-He’s not one to beat around the bush when it comes to needing to get his affections out
-But he also disagrees with living together before marriage because of precisely this
-So he decides to end the kiss with a, “Good night, MC.” and leave with your naked body permanently etched in his mind
-You’re pretty sure there’s an empty bottle of wine in the kitchen the following morning that wasn’t previously there, though


-After messing around his house for the full day, you definitely needed a shower
-But Seven had work to do so you were by yourself for a little while now
-He’d promised it was only short and he definitely didn’t seem to be concentrating too hard, but he did have his headphones in
-So you weren’t entirely sure if he heard you say you were going for a shower
-Oh well, what’s the worst that could happen?
-Seven decides he himself needs a shower because he’s spent the day both messing around with you and sitting at the computer
-And he hasn’t taken his hoodie off all day
-Plus you’re staying the night
-Gotta smell nice for bae
-So he walks into the bathroom, prepared to take a nice shower
-Only to find you staring at him through the glass panes
-Naked and in the shower
-Poor tomato boy goes as red as his hair
-“Sorry I didn’t realise you were in here!” he says, preparing to leave
-But he’s already seen you naked now
-So you’re going to have a little fun
-“Wait, were you going to take a shower? You could probably do with one,” you say
-“Do I smell?” Seven asks
-“You stink of Honey Buddha Chips. Why don’t you let me wash you properly?”
-Ok, if he wasn’t red before
-He certainly is now
-You can’t help but laugh, despite being very nervous yourself
-You definitely aren’t going to show it
-“Come on, you might as well now.”
-Well, you’ve persuaded him
-But he’d very timid about actually undressing- he’s terrified you’re going to find him ugly
-As if
-However once he sees the lust in your eyes and joins you in the shower
-Let’s just say he ain’t being so shy anymore
-And washing isn’t the only thing you end up doing
-How come Seven and MC always end up banging in my headcanons what?


-He’s had the treatment for his eyes
-Otherwise, he wouldn’t even be able to tell that you’re naked
-The two of you had just been for a walk in the park so he could take photos
-When a friendly dog had come over to greet you
-You loved dogs but this one had really muddy paws so when it jumped up on you, you got coated in mud
-The owner apologised profusely but you and V just smiled and laughed it off
-Only now that you were back at his house, you really needed to change out of your muddy attire
-You forgot to tell V where you were going, though
-So this precious bean starts panicking about where you are
-In his frenzy, he doesn’t knock on your door and instead just bursts in
-Because you’re only lazing about the house, you decide not to wear a bra which leaves you stood there in only your panties
-“Thank goodness you’re here! I thought I’d lost you,” V gasps in relief, barely even aware of the fact that you’re practically naked
-“Umm…. V?”
-“Oh, sorry love. I’ll leave you in peace to get changed,” he smiles
-Why is he so precious?
-V isn’t phased at all by the fact that you’re indecent and just hugs you in relief and kisses the top of your head
-“By the way, you’re so beautiful, MC,” he adds before leaving
-Leaving you bright red and so in love with him
-Please, someone buy me ten of this guy


-Saeran told you he was getting ice cream in your kitchen
-So you decided this was a good time to take a shower
-Only you ended up talking with Jumin and Zen on the messenger and their bickering made you forget about your towel and your boyfriend downstairs
-You continued to talk to them as you went into the bathroom
-Once the conversation had ended, you stripped down and then realised your mistake
-You left your towel in your room
-Oh well, you could just nip back and get it quickly
-But you’d forgotten Saeran was still in the house with you
-So you walked, naked, into your room
-To find Saeran sat in your chair staring at you
-He is shook
-“Oh no, I forgot you were here, sorry!” you laugh, grabbing the towel quickly to try and cover yourself up
-“I-you-“ the cinnamon roll is struggling to form words
-“Saeran, you’re my boyfriend, you are allowed to see me naked,” you giggle at his cute flustered expression
-Saeran grumbles something under his breath about not wanting to rush things
-You giggle again
-“Ok, I’m going to take the shower then. Sorry!”
-He just gets flustered so easily aww

Smut Request List

This is just so you know if your request have been accepted. If your request isn’t here it means you either did not give me a prompt or you told me to base it off of something. It’s hard for me to base a fanfic off of something because sometimes, I don’t get what is going on in the thing I am suppose to base it off and researching is just too much work given the amount of requests I’ve received SORRY :,(

So to be fair, first come, first serve (:

THANK YOU ALL FOR REQUESTING AND PLEASE BE PATIENT. Also I’m not that experienced in writing smut so please be nice to me, but I put effort and thought into every little detail <3 And I will start working on these requests after I have posted the previous non-smut requests :) each story will be at least 1k-5k words.

Total Requests: 20

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Fire Emblem IF Conquest: Kamui’s Birthday Story Track 2

The idea of Charlotte and Flora being friends GIVES ME SO MUCH LIFE AHHHH. And WOW F!Kamui’s voice in here is super cute. 

This track was considerably easier since Odin and Niles weren’t here. Both of them have a bit of a slur when they talk, like most ‘rougher’ anime men and some women do. Xander and Leo are fairly articulate because of their royal upbringing, and Laslow… isn’t rough. 


Audio by @sahdmadhi HERE.

the ending of this one killed me XD

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Becoming an American

“Give me that bottle.” Uncle Arturo ordered in his new voice.

Javier handed him the bottle of water and Uncle Arturo dumped it over himself, rolling his shoulders forward, cracking his neck, and taking a few sips.

“These gringos aren’t adapted for this type of climate.” He said wiping off his brow.

Javier was planning on moving to America, but he had been arrested a few times in his home country of Mexico, plus coming into America was a pain in the ass because of Customs and Border Patrol. It turned out his Uncle Arturo had a more permanent solution; all you need is his special pills and an American. Uncle Arturo had picked up this particular one at a spring break resort. Moments earlier, he had slipped on the American boy and seemed to be picking up all of the mannerisms and memories of the boy within the minutes following.

“Isn’t it hot in there?” Javier asked.

“There’s no ‘in there,’ I’m him now,” Uncle Arturo answered.

“Wait, so you’re completely American?”

“As much American as this boy is… er, was.”

“So I get the pills, too?”

“Yeah, and only one set, so don’t fuck this up. I’m getting back to his group at the resort. I’ll meet you where we agreed in a week. Remember: BE CAREFUL at the border. These assholes are so on edge all the time. Just be compliant and get one of the Americans alone.”


Javier leaned against the wall near the window of the Border Patrol trailer while the buff American patrolman shuffled his papers. Javier was studying his impressive arms as he looked down at the papers. This guy was definitely older than Uncle Arturo’s American, but only by a few years. Probably in his late 20’s, he guess-timated. He looked damn good, though, and he better have been since Javier was going to be him in a few moments.

“Officer Frank Taylor, kid. And you are… Ja-vare? Like Les Mis?” the officer began.

“Javier.” Javier corrected, rolling his eyes.

“Javier. Not that it matters. Bottom line is you’re going back where you came from. No America. You understand?”

“I speak English, gringo.”

“I see. Well, you’re also going to get some charges for trying to enter illegally. Some more stains you can add to your… colorful record.”

Javier sighed, “I guess it was worth trying.”

“What, just walking in?”

“Yeah, it wasn’t the best choice, I guess. Overconfidence. Just a side effect.”

Officer Taylor looked up, “Side effects? Of what?”

Javier smirked. This guy looked like a recreational user. “Just some stuff my uncle gave me.”

“Oh yeah? What’s the name?”

“No name, just good stuff. Makes you feel like a god. When I was walking up to the border, I felt like I was 50 feet tall. It boosts the confidence. It just makes you just want to pump some iron, you know what I mean? Plus, it gives you a crazy sex drive.”

Officer Taylor was noticeably intrigued, “You, uh… Um… Do you have any on you?”

Javier beamed, “Yeah, man, just one.”

“Typical Mexicans… y’all are like a walking drug store.”

Javier produced the pill from his pocket, “Uh, yeah. Hey, if you like it, just tell your friends. It’ll give it a head on the market.”

Officer Taylor took it from his hand, “Yeah, that’s not gonna happen. But I’m keeping your information.” He popped it in his mouth.

“Sure, man. How you feeling?”

Officer was holding his head, “Aw, man, a little woozy. A bit hot.”

“Yeah, uh, it’s the energy kicking in. You feel pumped yet?”

“I’m feeling something,” Officer Taylor was unbuttoning his shirt, stumbling around a bit.

“50 feet tall, right? Man, you look it. You look fuckin’ jacked. Check out those pecs! They look like their bursting.”

“Yeah, man, I feel like a giant. You like those fuckin’ pecs, fence hopper?” He started bouncing his pecs for Javier. “Oh, man, the fuck did you give me? It’s so hot… so hot…” Officer Taylor was wiping his forehead. He started talking off his pants. His thick cock sprung through the slit in his boxers, “Oh, man! Hahaha! Look at that! I guess you’re right about the sex drive! Hahahaha!” he slurred drunkenly.

“Woah, man, relax a bit.”

Officer Taylor collapsed on the floor in a giggly moan. He took a deep breath and exhaled for a very long time. It seemed as though all of the air in his body was leaving. He still had a faint breath. Javier knew what to do.

Repeating what he saw Uncle Arturo perform days earlier, Javier disrobed all of his clothes and took his pill. He immediately felt like rubber. He moved over to Officer Taylor’s body and kicked it with his bare foot. It gave in a bit, as though it were empty of bones and organs. Javier sat down over his head, straddling the top of the officer’s head with his groin, and stretched the officer’s mouth open and fed the tip of his feet in. He heard the officer’s breathing get more labored though his nose, and Javier took a deep breath. He pinched Officer Taylor’s nose, cutting off airflow. Immediately, the officer began sucking. Slowly, Javier’s feet were sucked in, then after he was past his ankles, his legs and torso were sucked in as though covered in oil. As Javier was fed into the officer’s mouth, he could see the officer’s feet vibrating to life, like something was filling them up like a sack of water. He wiggled his toes and saw that the officer’s feet wiggled the same way. It was like his body was elongating to match the officer’s size. More importantly, it was working. Javier could feel himself getting hard at the sight of him being sucked into the officer. Once his erect member passed though the officer’s expanding mouth, he could feel it filling into the cop’s member. Next his torso, then he let go of the officer’s nose and fed his arms into the tight opening, immediately feeling the rush of power with the officer’s huge arms. He could feel his neck sliding in and took a deep breath as the officer’s mouth closed in around his head on his own mouth. It was all blackness as he could feel the features of his head expanding and reshaping and as his body felt like it was undergoing the last of the expanding into the shape of the officer’s body. He last felt like if he were to climb out of the body right now, he would have the exact type of size and shape he’d been working towards for a long time.

He felt like he was going to black out from holding his breath when he exhaled and sharply inhaled, opening his eyes, seeing his new heaving chest in the lower periphery of his vision. He stood up, looking over and flexing his new body. It had really worked! Not that he hadn’t already seen it firsthand, but he’d never done something like this before. He knew he had to act fast to cover himself. He took off his shirt, wrapped it around his fist, and punched the window he was leaning against in his former body, shattering the glass. He grabbed a shard and sliced himself in his new torso, wincing at the pain, and collapsed on the floor for his performance as the other officers charged though the door asking what was wrong.

“The hell kinda mess did you get yourself in, Taylor?” asked an older, paunchier border patrol officer.

“Kid broke the window and got away! I tried grabbing him but he sliced me before I could. Kid was doped up on some drugs. He told me.” Javier, or Frank Taylor now responded.

“Drugs or not, we’re supposed to be prepared for this kinda shit. You know that’s gonna be a suspension for you. Boys, get the ATV and see if you can catch that Mexican delinquent fucker,” the older man ordered.

He was right; Frank was suspended without pay for two weeks. But that didn’t matter; he was going to be quitting before he would be able to come back, anyways. Frank got in his truck, went back to his condo in Texas, USA, and took a shower in his new body, jacking off for the first time with another man’s equipment. He got out and put on some tight red briefs, downloaded a hookup app, and snapped a picture. Maybe he’d get to break in this body before meeting up with his uncle.

He Finds Out You’re Extremely Ticklish || 5SOS 4/4 Imagine *Requested*


All day Michael and I have been on the couch watching a Netflix B-Movie marathon. It was kind of a little tradition we had on the third Saturday of every month and it was honestly my favorite Saturday. During Sharknado 2: The Second One, I could hear his stomach growling.

“Babe, why don’t you just go get something from the kitchen?”

“Well, I don’t want to miss the movie.”

“Um Michael, that’s why pause was invented, for situations like this one,” I said with a small laugh. I love this kid, but he had his “special moments” from time to time. 

“You know what Y/N, shut up,” he said with a laugh. He put one hand on the arm of the couch and the other on my thigh to help push himself stand up. What I wasn’t expecting was for him to squeeze my thigh in the process.

I let out this huge laugh that made him stop and look at me.

“What was that?” he asked chuckling.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I said, playing dumb.

“You’re ticklish! You’ve been telling me that you aren’t, but you are!” He looked as if he had just won the lottery.  

“Okay, so? I don’t like being tickled, so I told you I wasn’t ticklish.”

“Too bad! Now you get extra tickles for lying!”

“You touch me you die!”

“I’ll take that risk.” The rest of the day was spent with him trying to tickle me and me running away. Even though he now knows I’m ticklish, this was the best B-Movie marathon day ever.


Today the boys were staring to record new music and they would be in the studio all day. Since they would be leaving for the NA part of tour soon, Ashton invited me today so we could spend as much time together as possible.

They were taking a break from work and we were all sitting and messing around. I decided to be that girlfriend and sit on his lap instead of a perfectly good, empty chair. 

“Ew,” Michael said with a grossed out face.

“Aww, finally realizing you’re his side hoe?” I shot back playfully. We all just laughed and continued lazying around. 

After about two beers and a soda, Calum got up to use the bathroom.

“Dude, how do hold it like a camel? Teach me your ways!”

“Haha, it’s a dude thing,” he told me.

“Well not this dude,” Ashton said. He put his hands on my sides and gently squeezed, signaling me to get up. 

I let out a giggle and did a little body shimmy because he squeezed right where I was ticklish.

“I didn’t know you were ticklish.”

“Yea, kinda something I wanted to keep under wraps,” I told him.

“Don’t, it’s adorable.” 


All day I had been bored out of my mind. While I was scrolling through my Tumblr feed, I looked at the time and saw that it was almost 6:15. Calum still wasn’t home from the studio, so I decided to call him.



“Hey Baby. How are you?”

“Good. Tired, but good. Michael wants to change a riff in She’s Kinda Hot for our first show, so Luke and I have been working on something that can match his new riff, but also keep the beat with Ashton.”

“Sounds like it’s going to be interesting. Do you know what time you’ll be home?”

“Uhhh, hopefully within the next hour. Why, what’s up?”

“Oh nothing, I was calling to see what time you’d be home and if you wanted spaghetti or something else for dinner.”

“No Babe, spaghetti is fine! Alright, well let me get back to work so I can come home. I love you.”

“Alright, I love you too, Calum. Bye.”

“Bye Babe.”

*45 Minutes Later*

“Work, work, work, work, work, work. He say me have to, Work, work, work, work, work, work! He see me do me Dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt!  So me put in Work, work, work, work, work, work! When you all got’? Learn, learn, learn, learn, learn! Me no care if him Hurt, hurt, hurt, hurt, hurting,” I sang really loud with the blaring radio. I was turned to the marinara sauce on the stove, with my back turned to the door. So not only did I not hear Calum come in, I also didn’t see him. 

I was busy with other things that the only reason i knew he was home was because he starting singing in my ear. 

I laughed, but also screamed because he scared the shit out of me.

“Oh my gosh, Babe!”

“Haha! Did I scare you?” he said while smiling.

“Yes! And tickled me!”

“I didn’t know you were ticklish there.”

“Well now you know,” I said as he tried to tickle me again.

“Stop it! Haha, I have to finish this.”

“Fine, I’ll tickle you later. Smells great by the way.”

“Thanks, Buttface. It’s ready, so wash up.”

“Aye Aye, Capitan!” he said as he tickled me one last time before running off to wash up for dinner.


“But what if they don’t like me?”

“Y/N, you’ve already won my parents over and if they love you, then so will Jack and Ben. I promise.” He reached over the gear shift to hold my hand in reassurance. 

The fact that it’s Liz’s birthday means I get to meet a lot more of Luke’s family, which made me nervous. Not only are his brothers going to be there, but also Jack’s girlfriend and Luke’s little cousins. I’m great with kids, but I’m still awkward as hell.

“We’re here.”

“Is it too late to say I got hit by a bus and couldn’t make it?

“HAHA! Babe, all will be fine. They’re going to love you and plus, Zoe can’t wait to meet you.”

“Okay, but please hold my hand and if I say I’m going to the bathroom, it’s probably to throw up.”

“Noted. Let’s go.”

He took my hand and we walked up to the front door. Luke didn’t even bother ringing the doorbell and just walked right in. 


We both turned around and looked down to see this precious little girl running up to Luke.

“Hey Zoe. Wow you’ve gotten big! How are you?” he asked picking her up. 

“Good! I want to go swimming though.”

“Alright, we’ll swim in a little bit, yeah?”

“Okay! Is that her?”

“Oh yeah! Zoe, this is Y/N. Y/N, this is my cousin Zoe.”

“Hi Zoe! I like your dress.”

“Thank you. You’re girlfriend is pretty.” I couldn’t help but blush when she told Luke that.

“I know right.” He put her down and introduced me to the rest of his family. He was right, everything was going great! I was sitting on the couch talking talking to Celeste while Luke was on the floor playing with Molly and Lenny, when all of a sudden,

“TICKLE FIGHT!!” All I see are two little kids jumping on Luke and tickling him before he grabs one of them and does the same. 

“Go tickle Y/N and Celeste!” With that Celeste and I are being tackled and tickled. Luke didn’t know I was ticklish until I let out this laugh that sounded like a dying walrus.

“HAHAHA! Oh my god! Y/N, are you that ticklish?!” Luke asked as he was dying of laughter on the floor.


“Alright guys! Come eat!” Liz yelled from the dining room. We all got up and started to walk to the table.

“I’m gonna tickle you when we get back home, but remind me to record it so I can put your laugh as my ringtone.”

Game on, Hemmings.

Astro when you defend them when they were being criticized

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“Eunwoo is so damn talented, I don’t see you debuting so why are you on his case when he is doing so much better than you in everything??”

You would be holding poor Eunwoo  from the side and he would keep his head down, listening to everything you’re saying to defend him with and be super proud of you while you were at it, trying to hide his smile but also still recovering from the backlash poor babe.

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Psh excuse me holdup. I don’t know why you think you can criticize him when my man can dance better than you managing the decisions in your life so you better step off before i hip hop dance on your face.”

Rocky would be shocked but also super proud when watching you that once the bitter person leaves feeling embarrassed and sassed, he would immediately embrace you so hard.

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This kid wouldn’t even be hurt by criticism because he’s highkey sassy and fabulous because he knows he’s damn talented but when you unleash your sass on the bitter person, he will enjoy every bit of it and instigate even more until the person stutter between their words from you two ganging up on them.

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Sanha 15 but he ain’t gonna let nobody embarrass him in front of his gf, he would go the maximum sassy to set that person straight until they lose track of what they were going  to comeback at him, and he would would look at you with a thumbs up and be like ‘Nah babe it’s cool.” but inside he would be an embarrassed hot mess for having you to see him belittled.

You: Sanha are you ok?

Sanha: HAHAH BABE No Im good REALLY :D!!

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“You suck at dancing.”


Literally embarrass both you and him. But soon after he dances for real and shuts up the person real good. 

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JinJIn would just challenge the person the rap battle when they said he couldn’t rap. The other members would be cheering him on and he would diss the other person and thier family and life choice and all that they love so hard, everyone including him would later feel bad for the opponent. 

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“Did I go to far??”

Sanha: (laughs) uhhh….alittle. Savage Hyung

tokikurp  asked:

Stingue + 11

11. “Don’t you dare throw that snowba-, goddammit!”

⠀⠀“Hurry up, Rogue!” Sting called, jumping up and down like a child. “Before the snow melts!”

⠀⠀“Sting, the snow isn’t going to go anywhere,” Rogue sighed, adjusting his hat and scarf. “We have plenty of time to play in the snow.”

⠀⠀“I knoooww but it’s been forever since it snowed here and I’m getting impatient!” 

⠀⠀“Alright my little bee, I’m ready now.” Rogue smiled, walking towards Sting. He held his hand, still able to feel the warmth even through their mittens. 

⠀⠀Sting pulled open the door to their apartment and dragged Rogue outside. The snow covering the grass and streets sparkled in the sunlight and its texture was gleaming brightly. It was a beautiful sight; the snow-covered trees and houses made their backyard look more enchanting than ever.

⠀⠀“Wow, it’s so perfect that I almost don’t want to play in it…” Sting gasped, taking in all the beauty. 

⠀⠀“Ah, but that would be too hard for you, wouldn’t it? I know how much you love the snow,” Rogue reminded him, thinking back to all their previous snow days.

⠀⠀Sting nodded and fell back into the snow, getting ready to create a snow angel. Rogue watched him swiftly move his arms and legs back and forth, so fast that snow started flying in the air.

⠀⠀“H-hey! Watch it, I don’t want to get my scarf wet!” Rogue shrieked, shielding himself with his elbow. Bits of snow splattered onto his jacket, leaving bright white stains before dissolving into water. “Sting!”

⠀⠀Sting stopped after his snow angel was created and carefully stepped out, making sure not to accidentally set his foot down and mess it up. He turned around and admired his creation, nodding in approval.

⠀⠀He then turned to face Rogue, who was glaring at him and pouting. Sting blinked twice before realizing that his boyfriend was covered from head-to-toe with snow.

⠀⠀“You got me wet!” Rogue yelled, stepping closer to Sting. “I think I even have some snow inside my clothes…!”

⠀⠀“Sorry babe, but the only time I can get you wet is when we’re, you know~” Sting smirked. 

⠀⠀“Perverted asshole,” Rogue grumbled as he tried to remove excess snow from his clothing.

⠀⠀Sting thought Rogue looked really adorable (and quite hot) covered in snow. His cheeks were flushed pink and the dampness really brought out his muscles. His hair hung messily over his face and Sting couldn’t get over his little pout. It was a sight that Sting liked to see, and he intended to keep it that way. So when Rogue wasn’t looking, the white dragon slayer bent down and gathered up some snow into his hands, molding it into a perfect snowball.

⠀⠀Just as he was about to throw it, Rogue turned around. His crimson eyes widened, realizing the situation he was in at the moment. “Sting, don’t you dare throw that snowba-” Sting didn’t give him a chance to finish. He thrusted the snowball right at Rogue, smacking him right in the face. “Goddamit!”

⠀⠀“HAHAHA!” Sting cackled, doubling back in laughter. “IN YOUR FACE! LITERALLY!”

⠀⠀“YOU JERK!” Rogue yelled, brushing the snow off his face. There was now a big red spot in the middle of his face, making Rogue growl with anger. “Why’d you do that?!”

⠀⠀“Because, you look really cu-” Sting began.

⠀⠀Before he could finish, Rogue appeared behind him, emerging through the shadows, and tackled him into the snow. He pinned his arms down and glared into his deep blue eyes, gritting his teeth. He then leaned down and whispered into Sting’s ear, his warm breath tickling the white dragon’s neck. “Payback time, dear.”

⠀⠀Sting gazed into Rogue’s eyes, unable to take his eyes off of them. They were full of emotion, although not really any positive ones at the moment, but Sting admired their beauty and melted into them. His cheeks turned pink, not only from the cold but also from the fact that Rogue was practically sitting on top of his waist. “Punish me, my little shadow.”

⠀⠀Rogue felt himself blushing now. The tone in Sting’s voice sent shivers down his spine, and he slowly felt himself losing control but he had to retain himself. “Quit it, Sting.” Rogue turned his head, not daring to look into his eyes. “I’m gonna pay you back and you’re not going to like it.”

⠀⠀“Oh, but if this is the punishment then I will like it,” Sting purred, blushing more. “Just check out the position we’re in~”

⠀⠀Rogue looked down and heat immediately flooded his cheeks. He was sitting on Sting’s stomach, his legs straddling the white dragon slayer’s hips. The fact that he was pinning Sting’s arms down increased the sexual tension in the atmosphere. “Sh-shit..”

⠀⠀“Aha~ come on, I’m waiting for my punishment,” Sting teased, smiling brightly. Anything that involved Rogue touching him was something that he took pleasure in.

⠀⠀“Immature little brat,” Rogue hissed, quickly retreating from his position on top of Sting. He turned around, blushing furiously, and crossed his arms over his chest. 

⠀⠀Sting stood up and brushed the snow off his pants before walking up to Rogue and placing his head on his shoulder. “I didn’t mean to hurt you, Rogue.” 

⠀⠀Rogue refused to look at him, so he turned his head further away from Sting’s. 

⠀⠀Sting pouted and grabbed Rogue’s shoulders, making him turn around. He quickly placed a kiss on the bridge of Rogue’s nose, the place where he’d hit him with the snowball. “Better?”

⠀⠀“Fuck you,” Rogue mumbled, hanging his head. He couldn’t help but give in to Sting when he did cute things like that. 

⠀⠀“I’m sorry,” Sting sighed, nuzzling his face into Rogue’s hair. 

⠀⠀“You’re not off the hook,” Rogue warned, brushing his lips against Sting’s neck. He was about to bite down on it, but Sting pulled back before he could do so.

⠀⠀“If you’re gonna kiss me, I want it here,” Sting said, pointing to his mouth. 

⠀⠀“Like hell I wi-” Rogue stopped mid-sentence. He thought about it for a second, and an idea popped into his head. The shadow dragon slayer smirked, ready to put his plan into action. “Actually, fine. But you have to close your eyes and wait.”

⠀⠀“Awe, you’re still shy?” Sting asked. Rogue rolled his eyes. “Okay, I’ll do it.” Sting closed his eyes, leaning forward.

⠀⠀Rogue took the opportunity to bend down and gather some snow. He formed a messy snowball and hid it behind his back. Slowly, he walked towards Sting, leaning closer. Sting smiled as his boyfriend’s scent filled his nose, but instead of feeling Rogue’s lips on his, he felt something cold and icy.

⠀⠀“What the FUCK?!” Sting squealed, spitting out snow from his mouth. “Rogue!”

⠀⠀“Told you I’d get payback!” Rogue exclaimed, laughing. “Take that, blondie!”

“Okay, that’s it, no more Mr. Nice Bae,” Sting yelled, pointing at Rogue. He grabbed a pile of snow and pushed it together to make a snowball. “It’s on.”


and i won’t miss the way that you kiss me

Pairing: Bellamy Blake/Clarke Griffin

Summary: They were supposed to just be a one-night stand, but with a campus this small and friends this connected, Bellamy should’ve known better than to get involved with Clarke. And now he sees her everywhere, and she ignores him everywhere. Two can play at that game, or at least try to. And Bellamy is utterly failing at it.

a/n: For @reblogginhood, who put together a fabulous playlist for ships on The 100, because her choice for Bellarke was A+++. This fic takes place in my college music ‘verse that started with this wellven fic, and the title is from the song King of Wishful Thinking. Another part from Clarke’s POV will follow eventually :) 

He shouldn’t have come to a bar this close to campus.

Bellamy glared down at the dregs of his beer, swirling the foamy leftovers. The Factory had been loud for hours now, but he could still hear her laughing, clear and bright, all the way across the room.

“Who peed in your drink?”

Snapping his gaze up, he met Miller’s amused eyes. “Your mother.”

His friend snorted. “Weak, friend. Weak.”

“Shut up. Go buy me another beer.”

“I bought the last round.”

“You dragged me to this kiddy bar. You should buy all of the rounds.”

“Okay, grandpa. Some of us like being around the youths.”

Bellamy looked pointedly at a group of red-cheeked, hazy eyed, gangly boys who were chanting as one of them gulped a shot and then chugged a beer. Then he slowly raised his eyebrows at the giggling group of girls sipping on G&Ts. He could barely tolerate undergrads in the context of a TA. Spending his weekend nights around them was not his idea of time well spent. Still, he hadn’t been out in a while and had been in a good mood to boot when Miller had asked.

They had been two beers in, trash-talking faculty from their respective graduate departments, when a flash of blonde by the door had caught his eye.

Of course Clarke Griffin would come to The Factory tonight, the one night he was here. And obviously they ignored each other like they had been doing for weeks.

He really shouldn’t have left that morning, slipping out of her chilly dorm room without even leaving a note. Waking up in a twin bed with a mostly naked Clarke–who granted was a senior, but still, an undergrad–had sent his stomach rolling with unease. He was better than that, drunken hookups with a girl barely older than his sister. So Bellamy had run, and eye contact was something neither of them did now.

Basically, he should never have gone to that aca-whatever party looking for his sister. He and Clarke had ended up in an argument, then ended up getting kicked out of the party, screaming at each other in the hall. Somehow their steps had led them back to Clarke’s room, and then she was against the wall, pinned there by his hips, his hands, soft but wild under his touch.

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Bumblebee Skater AU Part 3

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Part 4

Blake knows she is very talented and skillful. She can do many things from sewing to being a master at mix martial arts. She’s great at many things. But balancing herself on a skateboarding and trying to ride it? No.

“ Yang! Stop laughing! It’s not funny! ”. Blake yelled irritated but embarrassed as she gripped yang’s forearms. The blonde just kept laughing outloud as she helped the singer balance herself. Which is the third attempt since the other times she fell. And Blake hopes no one was watching or recording her right now.

“ I-I’m sorry! HAHAHA! Okay! Okay… I’ll stop ”. Yang said her laughter dying out. Blake frowned as she kept glancing to yang then the skateboard. The blonde’s laugh faded but kept an amused grin. Stepping closer to help the singer balance. “ Your the one who said you wanted to try this. And didn’t you say you had ’ many ’ talents? So this should be easy for you. ”. Yang reassured. Which Blake answered by shaking her head. “ I know what I said. I just suck at riding things with wheels! ”. Blake said irritably.

Yang giggled but stopped when Blake glared at her. Yang was surprised at how scary she looked. She then sighed and put on a calm expression. “ Everyone sucks at first. I did too. Do you want to try riding again or do you want to stop? ”. Yang said with a soft voice. Blake looked down at the board then yang. Blake blushed at how close they were and was able to see the now noticeable freckles around her nose. And how vibrant her green blue eyes were.

“ Uhhh… L-let’s stop for now ”. Blake stuttered and yang nodded. She helped Blake stepped off which the singer sighed in relief. She let go of the blonde’s forearms and frowned at the visible hand marks on her tanned skin. Yang didn’t say anything as she kicked up her board and held it with her left arm.

“ Well, we should go back to Weiss and Ruby. Unless…. ”. Yang said with a growing smirk on her face. Blake looked at the blonde weirdly and blushed when she looked at her. “ Unless you want to ditch them and go hang out at my favorite food place. It’s also a book store and my favorite place to skate indoors. And you did say you love to read right? ”. Yang said stepping closer to the singer. Blake couldn’t help but blush and get butterflies in her stomach again. She appreciated how the blonde took notice of the things she loved. Treated her like any other person other than a celebrity.

“ I would love to. But… I really don’t want to be seen by paparazzi today ”. Blake said frowning. She saw yang frown for a bit before she quickly grinned. “ You don’t have to and- oh! Do you trust me? ”. Yang said holding out her hand. Blake looked at her outstretched hand then the blonde’s face. She furrowed her brows, hesitating. It took a few seconds but she finally raised her hand to held onto yang’s warm one.

“ Yes… I do ”. Blake said and yang laughed in excitement. “ Come on then! ”. She said and started running. Blake ran along with her, getting a giddy feeling in her heart. She hasn’t felt this way with someone until- wait, no. She scowled at herself for thinking about ‘him’. Right now, she was free and was running along with a girl she felt comfortable around with. Which is a surprise since she was usually so secretive and quiet with new people she met.

Yang guided Blake to the other side of the park. Running into the parking lot and towards a white jeda. They stopped behind the back of the car where yang let go of Blake’s hand. Blake frowned when she did but took a few deep breaths from that run. “ Hold this
please ”. Yang said passing her skateboard to Blake while taking out her keys. The singer took the skateboard and examined the bottom design. Which was a yellow dragon with the burning heart symbol and her last name. But was scratched in the middle.

“ Uhhh… if anyone asks when we get there, tell them your my girlfriend ”. Yang said making Blake look up. And in an instant, Blake felt her face grow hot as she saw yang put on a dark blue in-n-out shirt. Those abs were going to be the cause of her death if she keeps seeing them. Blake kept staring as she then grabbed a flannel from her duffle bag and turned to Blake. Who was still staring at her with a blushing face.

“ Uhhh… Blake? ”. Yang said waving a hand to her face. The singer snapped out of her dazed and shook her head embarrassed. “ Sorry… ”. She said with a small voice. Yang laughed, stepping forward to grab the skateboard out of Blake’s hands. Then handing Blake the plaid red, yellow and black flannel.
“ Wear this. I know these aren’t your colors so no one would recognize you if you put it on. And with one of my hats ”. Yang said smiling. Blake grabbed the flannel and jumped when yang gently pulled her hat off.

“ It’s fricken hot as hell out here but you’ll be okay. And besides… ”. Yang said as she put a thrasher SnapBack on Blake’s head backwards. Blake had already put on the flannel – which was sizes way bigger than her – and then looked at yang. The tall blonde stared at her for a long moment before smiling. “ You look cute in my clothes kitten. No one would mess with you when they see you, so play along ”. Yang said as she put her skateboard in the trunk. She then closed the trunk and winked at Blake as she walked around to go to the drivers seat.

’ Oh my god ’ is the first thing Blake said in her head. She looked towards the skatepark where she could see the large crowd in the distance. She kind of felt bad for leaving her best friend but this seemed way fun. And yang’s flannel smells like her bakery scent along with strong scented roses. Blake smiled to herself and walked around the car to go into the passengers seat. Where as yang had already started the car and started driving back and away from the parking lot.

She didn’t know what to expect. But she sure as hell knew that ’ The Dragon ’ was more than what meets the eye.

Long Report: Kamisama no Karute 2 Screening Event & meeting Sakurai Sho

On January 30th, I was lucky enough to attend the premier for Kamisama no Karute 2 starring Sakurai Sho. I’m writing this report in the train back home while it’s still fresh out of my mind so feel free to keep on reading if you’re interested of Sakurai kun’s talks, how he looks in person, etc. I won’t be spoiling the movie. Warning: It’s pretty lengthy, but I tried to write it in details! So first off, I’ve been in the fan club for about three years now and this is my first time winning something non concert related so I was super excited to attend the premier. The crowd was divided into two groups: people who won from the fan club and non-membership people who won from the movie’s official online website. The fan club members got better seats than the regular people, and I don’t feel so bad because we’re paying our annual fees after all. There was also a “third group” who were the people with the signs begging for a ticket. I swear these people are everywhere. I know they’re desperate, trust me I am too when I don’t win something, but it crosses the line sometimes when they all stand by the stairs (each person on each step) and by escalator that leads to the movie theater.  Anyway, after the staff checked my ID and membership, I got tickets for row C which is SUPER close to the stage where my baby will be standing soon. The front row, A, were reserved for press people, and the last row I believe is like S or something so you can tell that I was really really lucky. Plus, I was dead in the middle.  Finally around 18:30 a lady comes on stage and gives an introduction before welcoming the casts on stage. Of course, Sakurai kun, being the main character, led the line and behind him followed Miyazaki Aoi, Fujiwara Tatsuya, etc. There was a lot of fan girl screaming in the air.  Sakurai kun looked really, really HOT in his entire outfit and just everything. It was perfection. I’m really glad they didn’t appear in their character, in white coats and all. Instead, he was wearing a dark navy suit, with I believe it was a black tie and shirt. His hair was dark brown and not too long or short. It looked fresh. His black shoes wasn’t the typical leather work shoes, it was slightly like boots which gave the whole formal outfit a playful twist. Overall, his appearance was really fresh and tidy. I think he lost a bit of fat around his face too. Fujiwara Tatsuya appeared in black suits and Miyazaki Aoi in a nice no sleeves black lacy shirt with matching black pants. Fujiwara was a bit taller than Sakurai kun, and you can really see Sakurai kun’s nadegata by comparing them hahaha.  As they lined themselves up, Sakurai kun was in the middle, and since I mentioned that I was also in the dead center, that meant that we perfectly alined (no shame inserting this trivial part).  He was so close that I could literally see his imperfect skin through all the spotlight and foundation. I could see the details of his brows as he changed expressions throughout the talk. I could see the bags under his eyes (which counts as a charm point among Japanese/Asian people) and his long fingers and veins in his hand. Basically, he was SUPER close. Not reachable, of course, and I can’t feel his breath or smell his cologne or anything THAT crazy but it’s the closest I’ve gotten to him. At this point, my eyes already filled with tears and he didn’t even start speaking yet. At LOVE concert in December of last year, I was lucky enough to get first floor, but it was kind of far. Compared to that he was 100 times closer and clearer to see so I got really emotional.  However, our eyes didn’t exactly meet right away because I noticed how he kept looking slightly up, probably at the walls in the back (it didn’t seem like he was looking at the audience in the back either, literally the walls.) Fujiwara Tatsuya constantly looked straight down at his shoes as if he’s ashamed of himself, and Miyazaki Aoi looked down too but more in a shy manner.  The lady started the interview and asked each cast member to briefly introduce themselves and say a few words about the film.  Sakurai kun introduced himself and his character’s name and then said thank you to the audience for attending tonight and how the film became a great masterpiece with many amazing casts. Then our eyes met (or so I will insist to believe) for 0.5 seconds and he gave me a heart attack.  Continuing on, Fujiwara Tatsuya said he had a lot of pressure because he was new to the crew (he didn’t appear in the first movie) but everyone was really nice to him. He said he felt like the typical transfer student in high school haha. He mentioned how the medical terms were really hard to memorize, but Sakurai kun nailed it all down. He said he messed up 30-40 times during shots, but Sakurai kun stood by his side and watched over him. Sakurai kun’s role was done, but he still waited for Fujiwara to finish his parts too. Fujiwara concluded that, in these ways, Sakurai kun was a nice brother. Sakurai kun also mentioned that it was nice having a co-worker around the same age as him because that’s been rare these days. Miyazaki Aoi commented how she didn’t participate in any of the medical related scenes, but by looking at Sakurai kun’s hard role, she looked up to him and respected him.  Sakurai kun interrupted her and said: “I just got praised!” and the audience aww’s and laughs.  This part is already a bit fuzzy in my mind but there was one part where Sakurai kun praises Fujiwara but then he goes on saying: “Wait… I was the one getting praised (from Fujiwara and Aoi chan saying he’s all amazing), the attention was to me but now I kind of handed it over to Fujiwara.. I think I kind of destroyed the whole flow. Sorry!” Then he laughed and I swear it was so adorable, not to mention the room filled with that laugh through the speakers so it was like eargasm. There’s a high chance that he wasn’t talking about Fujiwara but another actor instead. But what he said is still accurate.  Aoi chan continues to share how Hamada Gaku (another cast member who’s present) has a hair cut that’s similar to her’s which is straight bangs, and said how she really likes the scene where the two characters line up because their hair cuts are the same and it makes a cute/funny picture. Then the lady turns the attention to Hamada Gaku, naturally, and asks how he feels about this. Hamada kun says that his head is literally blank right now after Aoi chan told him she likes it (the scene). The audience laughs, and he really stumbles on all of his words and turns red. You can tell he really went blank, so Sakurai kun helps him out and interrupts: “Let’s all forgive him and move on!” The crowd laughs and Hamda thanks Sakurai kun for saving him out of the awkwardness.  The lady moves on to Emoto Akira (playing the role of a doctor; the old guy who calls Kurihara, Kuri-chan) next and asks him about the director. Emoto san bluntly tries to say, “He’s a perver–" and interrupted, again, by Sakurai kun, who said, "You can’t say that!!"  Emoto san says "but it’s true!” and confirmed it with the director himself, who was at the far right and admitted, “I’m a pervert.” The audience laughed and Sakurai kun said “You can’t just say that part though, it’ll give the audience some misunderstanding!"  The way he’s friendly with all the cast and talks WITH the audience makes you really realize that this man is a pro at his job of "idol-ing” and he sure knows how to create the right mood. At first, everyone appeared with furrowed brows and looked stiff but everyone, including us, started laughing and loosing up because it was Sakurai kun who made the little comments and jokes here and there.   The rest of the cast (just two more people that I didn’t mention names) said something all similar about the movie being a great masterpiece and they hope the audience will enjoy it.  Oh, but the lady also asks Fukiishi Kazue, who plays the role of Fujiwara’s wife, any of her favorite scenes. Before she can even say anything, Sakurai kun, being the cute dork, tries to whisper something to her. Fujiwara is between the two, however, so he had to cock his head back from the line and whisper behind Fujiwara’s back. He does this a lot and whispers to people around him when other people are talking. Not in a rude way, like he’s not listening, but he makes small talks and you can see the two secretly sharing a laugh or something. It happened at least once  between Fujiwara & Sakurai, and Sakurai and Aoi chan. And now with Fukiishi Kazue san.  Kazue san says that the first scene she thought in her head and the scene Sakurai kun suggested through his whisper were the same, but for different reasons. She says she just wants to mention this scene, not because it’s her favorite or anything, but because she wants to just make a few remarks about it. It’s a scene where she’s supposed to be a college student (in a flashback) and she’s wearing short sports skirt and her legs are exposed. She says how her legs can’t pass as a college student anymore, but she had to do it anyway for the sake of her role, and she asks the audience to not judge her too harshly. She says this while laughing. Sakurai kun says he genuinely likes that scene (that’s why he whispered it to her to say it) and Fukiishi san takes the compliment. You can tell by now that he makes his own comments to other people’s comments and it’s so cute haha. He’s so talkative! Lastly, the lady asks the three main casts (Sakurai kun, Aoi chan, and Fujiwara) to each share an episode where they felt love.  Starting with Fujiwara, he retuned to the subject of Sakurai kun and said “I felt the love when he’s always by my side <3” and Sakurai kun, similar to his previous comment above, says “If you say just that, it sounds kind of weird!"  Aoi chan said she felt love when another cast, who wasn’t present, gave not her but her dog presents. (wut) Sakurai kun said he felt love when the people of Matsumoto (the location shoot) were very sincere and friendly to him.  After roughly 30 minutes of talk and interview, the lady asks Sakurai kun to once again give his thoughts on this film as a closing.  Sakurai kun says this movie is very warm, and filled with many types of love- with family, friends, couples. He says there’s many themes and he hopes we all enjoy it.  Everyone claps and they all exit from the door they first entered through. Some girls in the B row in front of me were already crying and wiping their tears. Then all the press people left as well and the movie started. I realized how close the screen is, since I’m in row C. Everything looked  stretched out or blurry, plus all the camera movement gave me constant dizziness from the up closeness. But I’m not complaining because what’s important is I got to see Sakurai Sho in flesh up close.  I won’t go into details about the movie, but I was literally in tears throughout the entire time. It was really touching and nice. It’s weird because to be honest in the first movie (which I also saw in theatres) i kind of fell asleep and I didn’t really catch the entire plot but this time, maybe since the cast themselves explained a few scenes before we saw it, it felt 10x better. That’s why, when Hamada’s scene (the haircut) appeared, the audience all bursted out laughing hahaha.  Just one scene I’ll like to point out, and it’s not really spoiling anything to be honest. In the first movie, we find out that Haru (Miyazaki Aoi) is pregnant and happily ever after. Well, (DONT WORRY IT’S NOT SPOILING ANYTHING) in the ending credits while all the staff names are scrolling down, Hamada Gaku (I forgot his character name) and one other dude is trying to come up with names for the baby. And they write down the names with ink and many suggestions are pinned everywhere in the house. Among some of them, you can see names like 翔 (Sho, for Sakurai Sho), ハイジ (Haiji, from that one anime haha), and 二止 (Sakurai’s character is named 一止, Ichito, with the kanji ONE, so this one has the kanji TWO, kind of like the same meaning as junior). I just thought that was cute to include fun references in there. There were lots of girl names too btw.  Anyway, if you still kept up until here, thank you and I hope you got to feel a little bit of what it was like! If you have any questions, ask away because I think it’ll trigger my memory better instead of me having to force it out. I know my verb tenses are all over the place, but hey it’s already midnight here.  Finally, what we got: 

Laundry Day

Sam x Reader

Original Imagine: Imagine you have to wash Sam’s clothing, so he walks around shirtless until you’re finished.

Author: oheyitscryssi

Warnings: fluff. Lots and lots of fluff.

A/N: I cannot wait until I get wifi in my new house because writing these on my phone is going to make my thumbs fall off. Hahaha. This one is kind of short as well, but I hope you enjoy! :D


“Ugh… Really?” You hold the garment in question as far away from you as possible. Why was it when Dean asked you to do his laundry while he was away, it always seemed like he purposefully went out of his way to get the clothes as nasty as possible? Out on a hunt, blood, gore, goo, and the like didn’t bother you at all. It was part of the job. But when you’re at home, you’re kind of a neat freak, and this shirt… You can’t even tell where the mud and blood ended and the actual fabric began. With a disgusted noise, you drop the offending garment into the washer and make a mental note to buy plastic gloves at the store. You reach over for the next piece and find a pair of matching pants for the shirt. A laugh behind you signals Sam’s entrance.

“So how much is he paying you this time?” he asks, clearly amused.

“Not nearly enough. So gross.”

The pants follow the shirt, you add detergent, and start the washer. Hot wash and hot rinse? Check. Extra heavy cycle? BIG check. You walk over to the sink to wash your hands, glancing at Sam over your shoulder.

“I could do your’s, too, ya know. It can’t be any worse than the haz-mat situation I’m dealing with there,” you offer. What you don’t tell him is you actually enjoy this. There’s something relaxing about it. Or it could be you’re just weird. Whatever.

“Seriously? Awesome! I hate doing laundry. Let me just go grab it. I’ll be right back.”

You start on the dishes as you wait for him to return. There aren’t many and you’re just about done when you hear the soft thump of his laundry bag hitting the floor. You dry your hands off and turn to sort them by colors, whites, etc. Sam grabs a bottle of water and sits down at the small table in the corner.

“I really appreciate this. How about I cook dinner tonight as a trade off? Its pretty nice out, and I’m almost positive I saw a grill down in the garage. Work like you’re doing deserves a steak.”

You grin and tell him that would be great. If this is how Sam is when you wash his clothes, you decide to do them more often. He’s always sweet and complementary towards you, but the man can cook, also? And looks like THAT? You silently pat yourself on the back that you chose to follow in your father’s footsteps and become a hunter.
You always liked Sam from the moment you met him and Dean. If you had to draw what your type of guy was, Sam would be your masterpiece. Tall, handsome, funny, smart, brave, caring, and with a body that could rival an Ambercrombie model’s. There were very few men like him and you were grateful you got to spend so much time with him. Sure, Dean was good looking, but you were more drawn to Sam’s personality. And when he had that little bit of scruff going like he did now? It was like the cherry on top of the best sundae ever. You and he would flirt back and forth regularly) enough that Dean would jokingly make small gagging sounds), but you never got the impression that he felt the same way as you did. That was fine with you, though. Whether it was as friends or more, you were happy you got Sam at all.

You sit at the table across from him and chat until the washer buzzes. You walk over to change the load to the dryer and start adding Sam’s clothes to the washer. He was definitely neater than Dean. Another one to put in the “pro” column. You’re just about to start it up when Sam stops you.

“Hold on. Might as well throw this in with it. Less for me to have to do in the future.” He removes his shirt, and you can’t help but stare. You’ve seen him shirtless before many times, but that hasn’t lessened the effect it has on you. It’s like sparks suddenly invade your bloodstream and you feel a blush creep onto your cheeks. Sam doesn’t notice as he stands next to you, dropping his shirt in and starting the washer. You’re still watching him when he turns his head towards you. He raises his eyebrows a bit and smirks.

“Alright there, champ?”

“Huh, what? Oh, yeah, I’m fine. Peachy. I forgot my, uh, thing in the… living room! Be right back.”

You hurry out of the kitchen into the living room to calm down. You stand in place, shaking your hands out as you try to divert your thoughts away from the gutter. You need a distraction. The slight mess of the living room demands your full attention, you decide, and you get to straightening up. You’re stacking up papers and books on an end table when a large pair of hands comes into view to help. You stand up quickly, turning away before you can catch sight of him again and go back into a tailspin.

“Hey,” Sam says from behind you. His hands land on your shoulders and spin you around. He looks at you curiously and maybe a bit amused. “You sure you’re okay? You’re acting kind of manic all of a sudden.”

“I told you, I’m fine. How about you? You, ya know, cold or anything?” You hope this will hint at him to put a shirt on, but nope! For all the brains the boy has, this one goes right over his head.

“Nah, I’m good. Why, are you? Here. This will help.” He grabs a blanket off the couch and wraps it around your shoulders, his hand grazing the side of your neck as it does. This simple contact sends a chill down your body and he starts rubbing your arms, mistaking the shiver your body betrayed as temperature problems. Not half-naked hot man problems. You back up quickly, removing the blanket and folding it up before placing it back where it belongs.

“I’m not cold, Sam. Could you just… put a shirt on or something? Anything? Tube top, mumu, robe, I don’t care.”

He starts to laugh at how uncomfortable you are. He arches one eyebrow, hooking his thumbs into the top of his sweatpants.

“Is this bothering you?” he jokes, and you grab a pillow from the couch and throw it at him.

“It would bother any hot blooded, straight woman in a five mile radius if you walked outside like that right now.”

This just makes him laugh again, and he sinks down onto the couch.

“Oh, come on. Lighten up. Come sit down and we’ll watch a movie or something while we’re waiting for the clothes to get done.” You eye him and his lack of clothing warily until he pats the cushion next to him. Giving in, you sit down and his arm automatically drapes around your shoulders as the other reaches for the remote. Your heart rate picks up, your arms locked to your sides as you avoid touching him at all costs. You’re not even paying attention to what he puts on the television. All of your focus is on staying as still as possible, and you jump a bit when he fidgets and your arm grazes his stomach. He turns his head to look at you, his expression more amused than ever.

“That bad, huh? You know, I don’t have cooties. You can relax.”

You roll your eyes, trying to play off your discomfort. You’re getting more turned on by the second, but there’s absolutely no way you’re letting him know that. You allow yourself to lean against him, your head resting on his shoulder.

“See? Now is that so bad?” he quips. You poke him in the side, making him twitch and laugh.

“Just shut up and watch the movie, you nudist,” you say, smiling. Now that your body isn’t wire tight, you begin to enjoy this mini-cuddle session you’ve found yourself in. You tuck your legs up next to you, and Sam wraps his arm a little tighter. Its about 15 minutes into the movie when you realize his fingers are tracing small patterns up and down your bicep. Without moving your head, you glance up at him and see he’s watching you the same way. Your eyes dart back to the TV, hoping he didn’t see you see him. He sinks down into the couch a bit, bringing your heads more level.

“Can I ask you a question?”

His voice makes you turn, and as your about to ask what, his lips connect with your’s. You pull back quickly, startled and thinking it was a mistake. The embarassed look on Sam’s face says otherwise.

“Sorry, sorry… I just thought… The flirting and the blushing… I’m gonna be honest with you, _______. I’ve liked you for a long time now. I assumed that it was a mutual thing, but I must have guessed wrong. If I offended you, forgive me?” He is genuinely concerned that he’s crossed a line, and his words make your heart melt. You don’t even think.

You reach up, your hands pulling his face to your’s as you capture him in a kiss once more. His arms hold you close as he returns it, his lips parting your’s gently. His tongue licks your bottom lip, tracing its shape before his teeth bite it gently. That one move is such a turn on for you, its like he found your secret switch and flipped it.

You swing your legs around, throwing one over his so that your straddling him. Your hands wind themselves into his hair as he deepens the kiss, your tongues tangling together. His warm hands glide up your thighs, pressing into your back as they slide under your tank top. His fingertips press slightly into your shoulder blades and you lean into his chest. His mouth leaves your’s to kiss along your jawline, making his way to your neck. Your head tilts back as he kisses and sucks lightly, earning him a small moan from you. Your hands disengage from his hair and travel down his chest. You revel in the feel of his muscles, the softness of his skin, and you can even feel the pounding of his heart.

He pulls his head back and you look at him, his face slightly flushed. He reaches up to tuck a stray strand of hair behind your ear and you tilt your head to kiss his palm as he does.

“You’re beautiful, _______, you know that? You’re everything I could want in a woman all wrapped up into one. I’m so lucky right now.”

You smile so big you feel like your face is about to crack in two and you kiss him softly.

“No, Sam, the honor is all mine.” It’s his turn to smile - your favorite sight in the world. It’s appearance lights up your entire world. You’re about to kiss him again when his hands find yours, clasping them firmly and holding them between you. He looks straight into your eyes, still smiling but serious now, too. The next words out of his mouth almost knock you to the floor.

“Be with me.”

You think you know what he means, but you don’t want to assume.

“I am with you…?” you respond, eyebrows raised and a grin on your face. “I thought that was fairly obvious considering our current positions.”

“You know what I mean, ________. Be my girlfriend. Please.” He makes his puppy dog eyes at you, sticking his lower lip out in a pout. You let out a laugh, leaning forward to kiss him on his nose.

“Yes, Sam Winchester. I will be your girlfriend.”

His smile grows, his hands releasing yours to pull you to him in a hug. You tilt your head up and find his lips once more, the kiss finding a new passion now that you’re his. It grows in intensity until the buzzer sounds from the kitchen and the two of you come up for air. His hands land on your legs with a small slap and he sighs.

“Laundry’s done,” he says, disappointed. You climb off of him and reach out hand to help him up.

“Good, because rumor has it my boyfriend is cooking me steak tonight. And I’ve worked up quite the appetite.” You head towards the kitchen and a sharp smack on your ass makes you jump. You turn around and hit him in the arm, Sam smiling mischievously the whole time. He grabs your hips and pulls you backwards against him, his lips brushing the side of your neck.

“I’ve worked up an appetite for something, and it sure as hell isn’t food,” he mumbles against your neck. You laugh and push away, heading once again towards your original destination.

“Hey, perv, I’m a lady. Dinner first.” You look over your shoulder and wink at him.  He just smiles and shakes his head before catching up to help you with the laundry.

The only thought that breaks through the images of what’s to come after dinner is how much you could get used to this.

Everything is fine | elsanna

Time to post a new fanfiction \o/ Elsa and Anna revealing their feelings everyone!

Fandom: Frozen, Elsanna
Warnings: Incest, almost nudity, and a tiny but nudity but you can’t see it so whatever, nothing explicit anyway, eating disorder! 
Summary: Elsa can’t sleep and feels like she is loosing control again so she acts against it the best way she knows. Anna however woke up with the need of visiting her sister in the middle of the night. Leading to some emotional chaos. 

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allikeepsspinning  asked:

Does everyone have a different mental illness in the show, and can you name them all?

Well yeah, everyone has their own weird tick or back story. Also note that this takes place in the past, so somethings that people are in for wouldnt necessarily put them in a psych ward in the present times you know? Uhm I’ll try to name them all…I know some people might have changed theirs since the season started. Some of them are pretty elaborate haha…

  • Mine: I’m some weird flower child who took too many drugs at a music festival and never came back from it (it’s called drug-induced psychosis if you wanna research that lol)
  • Josh’s character is an obsessive writer. he has a big black sharpie in the show and actually writes all over the floor.
  • Becca’s character thinks she is a monkey, so she does the whole monkey walk and makes monkey sounds lol
  • Melissa’s character was in a house fire when she was younger and I think her parents died? but she is constantly really hot and can’t breathe from the flashbacks.
  • Tyler’s character I think is blind or deaf? I forget lol
  • Hanah’s character is that she’s a copycat and has multiple personalities so she copies people’s choreography around her.
  • Jack’s character is a cannibal…..always tryna eat people haha
  • Ashley’s character hallucinates and she thinks she can see animals that aren’t there so she pets/plays/talks to them/etc.
  • Amanda’s character was abused has a child so she keeps having bad flashbacks.
  • Hana’s character I think is more normal, so during the beginning of the show everything that everyone else is doing is just scaring her and freaking her out.
  • Brian’s character has OCD, so he’s constantly making sure everything/everyone is in line and perfect.
  • Crystal’s character is suicidal and in the beginning of the show she’s on top of the bench threatening to jump off and crying the whole show.
  • Dylan’s character I think is also OCD but also a bit of a germaphobe. He’s keeps saying that “everything must have it’s place” hahaha and he cleans off his hands and equipment a lot.
  •  Kevin’s character I’m not sure?? He used to be a germaphobe type thing as well, but now I feel like he’s just messed up and creepy lol? you can elaborate if you want kevintheguarddude
  • Kirby’s character, i’m not sure the back story, but she’s a girl who thinks that everyone is prettier than her, and she keeps saying how she has to be perfect and she can never mess up and things like that.
  • Katelyn’s character is an obsessive counter. In the beginning of the show she starts counting everyone in the audience.
  • McKenna’s character is like a weird derpy character hahaha she just walks around and smiles at people and waves and i love it
  • Kayla’s character is the bitch of the psych ward who thinks she doesn’t belong there and also thinks that everyone is crazy.
  • Benny’s character is lost and has no idea where she is. (her character used to be that she was a mom who lost her baby and was just looking for her baby the whole show lol)
  • Adam’s character is like overly-perverted and sexual and…just creepy tbh lol
  • Christian’s character has been at the psych ward the longest and his disorder is unknown…nobody knows what is wrong with him but he’s essentially just a walking vegetable.
  • Hannah’s character is an anxious teenager and whenever people are around her she growls and is constantly tense and uptight.
  • Tara’s character is mute, so she can’t talk.

WOW that was a lot of people lol

The Hunter Games, a summary
  • “Long Black Road” by Electric Light Orchestra A+++++++++ song choice
  • Dean looking vaguely sweaty and a lot worried yaaaassssss
  • Sam’s touching his own leg
  • I want to touch his leg
  • I know this is Dean’s speech but Sam’s perf hair and scruff and shirt are really just…hurting me
  • Sam climbing out of that car like a taaaalll drink of water
  • Sam talking to metatron is like jared talking to a toddler
  • Dean walking out of the shadows – I feel like the Jaws theme should be playing but I also want to touch myself??
  • Oh yeah but note that clear spark of light in Dean’s eyes under the shadows NOTE THAT! NOTE IT!
  • Claire’s hair is still fab
  • I like that there’s cell reception in Hell
  • Crowley is so cute about dean and the blade, soooo cute
  • “one extremely messed up human to another” lawlz oh cas and his way with words
  • “I like texting…emoticons” HEART EYES
  • This is not a very sneaky nor subtle place to store your bones crowley…in a crypt…with your name on it………
  • Haha Dean handles that knife and locks the door *sweats heavily* is it hot in here orrrr??
  • “…slugger” hahaha oh my godddddd
  • Sam’s hair is like a lil bit curly probs bc of the rain he was in earlier…oh wait is something important happening??
  • Jesus Christmas my poor panties cannot take this episode
  • “Maybe part of the powerful force is you” oh god Sam believes in Dean SO MUCH IT HURTS ME ALL OVER
  • (ok but IF dean does learn to control it then he’s still immortal and that means he has to live without sam so do you see where I am going with this? Into the land of “this cannot work because”)
  • Oh good now dean is fighting MORE people because I needed to be MORE sexually frustrated
  • Ok well at least cas actually drove away tho it’s like he actually learned something *pats him on the head*