also i like a lot his cheekbones

Former Employment

Summary: Professor Stilinski is definitely not expecting to see his favorite porn star among the students of his Human Sexuality class.

Notes: Inspired by this ask. I don’t do power imbalance, so nothing happens until Derek is out of Stiles’ class. Also, while there are mentions of porn, there is no actual smut in this. Sorry. (On AO3)

@nogitsunelichen and @cobrilee – this is probably not what you had in mind, but I wrote it!

When Stiles pushes open the doors to the lecture hall, it’s completely empty. He blinks down at his watch in surprise, and realizes he made the walk across campus faster than he realized. There’s always an adjustment period at the beginning of every semester, where he figures out where his classrooms are and how long it’ll take to get there.

Well, he might as well utilize this time, then. He sits at the desk at the front of the room, and gets back to writing his proposal for a class on the influence of society on gender.

He gradually hears students come in as he works, but he keeps focused, because he knows he has at least another ten minutes before class starts.

But when he hears a student ask, “Hey, are you the professor?” he has to look up, and he begins to wish he’d done it a lot sooner.

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Reminder that you have to ramble about galra facial features.

[Edited and updated 4/6/17]

Yes, excellent!

Okay so this was something I had to think about because there’s been several times where I’ve looked at fanart, including my own, and had this moment of “this… is not a galra, this is a person spraypainted purple with color contacts and cat ears slapped on” and part of this is, I’ve had to look at canon galra and figure out what quite is the difference here.

Because the Galra are definitely what we’d call humanoid, but, they’re set up differently from humans.

I want to put this here as a reference, but I’m also putting it under a cut because there’s a lot of images to be had. But here goes!

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okay i said it before tbh but my favorite hc wrt sebastian’s ancestry/origins is that one of his parents was from tevinter? im guessing his mom, but i still like the hc (and also that his grandfather or his father was antivan or half antivan, even ignoring the Queen Asha stuff, im imagining nobles from the free marches marry around a lot?

anyway my favorite supporting piece for this is how similar in facial structure dorian and seb are

their jawlines, cheekbones, noses, hairlines/foreheads and chins are all p similar, though seb’s features are a little softer/dorian’s are more defined

idk. anyway, favorite hc there you go  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I’m trying to solidify how I draw the physical similarities between members of the STRQ family, so I present to you: The Sliding Scale of STRQ™

Some notes:

  • Ruby has Summer’s hair colors, but the style is closer to Tai’s; her nose is more like Tai’s and her eye shape is kind of a mix of both. Summer’s face is longer, while Ruby’s is more rounded like Tai’s. Also, fun fact: while drawing this, I realized that Ruby and Tai have kinda the same little tuft of hair sticking out on their right sides; if Tai grew his hair out I bet it’d look a lot like Ruby’s!
  • Yang’s got Raven’s cheekbones and hair, but Tai’s eyes and nose and hair color. I’m… still not sure where her eye color comes from but it could just be that a grandparent had it? She has Tai’s chin, too.
  • Raven and Qrow honestly have really similar faces. They both have high cheekbones, and Raven’s chin is just slightly rounder than Qrow’s, but otherwise the only real differences are Qrow’s beard and their hair lengths. Also, Qrow has slightly softer-colored eyes. It’s hard to tell from the front but I also tend to draw them with more hooked noses bc like. beaks idk
  • This has nothing to do with appearance but STRQ is still in team order when they’re drawn like this? so that’s cool

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tips on how to draw izaya and or Shizuo :00 ??

OK so those are my HEADCANONS for drawing them, which means it’s just the way I like to draw them, not the way they SHOULD be drawn.

1 Izaya: I like to draw his face rather small, without a very defined jaw, it’s more like a “v” shape.

1 Shizuo: Let me just say first, that shizuo is EXTREMELY hard to draw for me :v 
his face is longer than Izaya’s, with a defined jaw, and visible cheekbones, definitely more “masculine” than Izaya’s.  

2 Izaya: I like to draw him with pretty, big eyes, with a lot of eyelashes, but that’s just my style of drawing anyway. One thing that I think is good to include drawing his eyes is for them to be pointing up at the ends, makes them looks more witty and suspicious, like if he is planning something( which he probably is lol) also thin eyebrows, because I can. Also! good to include small eyebags/shadows bc that guys surely doesn’t have enough sleep. 

2 Shizuo: I tend to draw his eyes smaller, pointing down, kind of puppy eyes if he was smiling. I think by now he has permanent wrinkles from his eyebrows narrowing so much lol. + his eyebrows are thick and darker than his haircolour. 

3. Izaya’s hair is pretty straight (unlike him lololololo plz someone laugh at my jokes plzplz ok), Likes to stick up in every way possible. tho it sticks to his face at the front. Shorter on the back, longer bangs and sides. 

3 Shizuo: I have a headcanon that his hair is a bit wavy at the ends (drawing his hair is the worst for me honestly :v). it ges in every way possible.  

4. Izaya’s nose is short and small (cutecutecute). His lips are pointing up, creating an illusion of a very small smirk even if he is not smiling. I like to draw him with bigger plump lips, but that’s just my style of drawing.

4 Shizuo: I tend to draw his nose to be long and straight (more like a caucsian nose than a mongolid one). I like to draw his lips a bit wider and not as plump as Izaya’s. the ends pointing down.  

5 Izaya is said to be a skinny and lean one. I like to add him a smaller waist and narrow shoulders.

5 Shizuo: his shoulders are broad but he is not that buff actually. Just his chest and shoulders are wider than Izaya’s. 


Izaya: small butt but a nice cute round one ;) perfect to chase after 

Shizuo: he has no butt sorry :c. Tho Izaya is still thirsty for that no-butt butt <3.

Ok that’s all!  hope it helps in any way? idk lol but that’s the best I could do. Honestly that’s just the way I draw them and a lot of things are drawn this way bc of my style of drawing + I like to draw a very feminine Izaya, which he probably isn’t in canon. Also, Sorry for my english, some parts might make no sense but idk how to explain this stuff in english :c. 

do you ever think about… not only are the current bruins so amazing and lovable but our prospects are too?? like we have charlie mcavoy aka the cutest chubby face future of the franchise, jake debrusk an actual angel who fought through the grossest most painful injury and also a ton of criticism but is still really enthusiastic and uses lots of exclamation points, zane “boom baby” mcintyre who loves his grandma and reads books to kindergartners, peter cehlarik with his great taste in music and his cheekbones and his accent, anton blidh with his great cellies and sass, matt grzelcyk the chill hometown boy… i love them!

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okay so for no matter how long ive tried and tried,i can NEVER draw dean nd castiel. so i was wondering if you have any tips on how to draw them?i'm sorry to bother you! your art is amazing by the way :^) also idk if youll need it but if you go into my tag page and click on "noodles" you can see my drawing style somewhat. my url is alevanians (i cant message while logged on because i gave my pass to a friend for her to change it so i dont get distracted from finals lol) thank you if you answer!!

I will try to do my best to answer! 

On my computer I have a huge library of references, including character references that I can quickly access when I’m drawing so I can see if I’m getting their faces right.  (I stole this idea ages ago from andlatitude, but it’s been very helpful!)

So I just fill them with screenshots etc and occasionally I will go through and draw some in my sketchbook for practice to familiarize myself with their facial structures (Though I’ve been drawing them both for so long now that I rarely go in here anymore //blows off dust off of folders)

Okay so no matter what your style, if you keep the basic things in mind about their faces, they will be recognizable.  

I’ll start with cas, because I find him the easiest to draw. 

so, what I’ve done is taking the most noticeable features of his portrait, the straighter-than-season-1-dean-winchester nose, sloped eyelid, flat lips, pointy eyebrow ridge and chin, and eye wrinkle (even though season 8 Dean is now just as old as season 4 castiel, I still only draw cas with this wrinkle because it’s a part of what makes him cas) seriously, draw a plain chibi, can’t tell it’s cas?? add eye bags and make him squint.  Everyone will know who it is. When I’m drawing him really quickly I usually just draw a rectangle with a triangle nose. 

I know these personality traits are no longer relevant in the later seasons but! When drawing Cas I incorporate his angelic-ness into his looks, like, super focused, un-moving, practically perfect, a soldier, etc etc

Now Dean!!

Dean’s portrait is a lot softer than Castiel’s, he practically has a round everything (Including legs). It’s also very representational of his personality. Big ol softy, round eyes, round cheekbones, squishy lips, itty bitty freckles and a fandom joke that his has long eyelashes. He has a tinnyyy little bump mid way up his nose which I usually exaggerate in my drawings, but usually people just draw him with a straight/ turned-up nose. It’s just all about how you interpret their features. 

Of course these things never stay the same with different face angles, but I don’t really have time to go more complicated than this


And don’t worry if it takes a really long time to be able to draw them! Before I joined supernatural, I wasn’t used to drawing faces with so many details to look like real actors and it took me a realllyy long time to adjust my drawing style to suit this fandom. 

So if you’re having trouble, start but collecting lots of images of their faces and simplifying them down!! Don’t worry about being exact, draw what you feel and not what you see n-n (lol that probably makes 0 sense but ???)

I hoped this helped!!! 

bereftandbreathless  asked:

Bri, have you got any headcanons about when/how Steve realized he loved Bucky and vice versa? :)

Anonymous said: Hey Bri, I don’t know if you ever talked about this on here (if you did I’m sorry) but I just love the when you elaborate on things like these so: when do you think steve/bucky started dating and who made the first move? How was their first kiss and who said I love you first??

I’m combining these bc they’re essentially the same thing, but the answer is yes I have…a few thoughts. 

So like, Bucky, I think he’s loved Steve for as long as he’s known Steve. I made a post about this before and people were like “so you headcanon Bucky as demisexual?” - no I don’t. Had Bucky met Steve at like age 35, he’d have had his fair share of both casual relations and more serious relationships, but he’d have soon realised Steve was his person, he wasn’t going to love someone else the same way he loves Steve. It just happened that he met his person when they were kids. 

I think Bucky knew Steve was his favourite person to be with, but when you’re 8 years old on a playground they’re not thinking about like attraction or anything. But by the time he’s like 13 and his other friends are talking about all the girls they like, Bucky realises that he knows exactly the feelings they’re talking about, but he doesn’t get them when he looks at girls, only with boys. And then he’s walking home with Steve and he’s like “….oh”  bc those feelings have him feeling like he could either fly or pass out in equal measure when he’s with Steve, but he hadn’t realised what it meant until just then. I don’t think he says anything then though, bc it’s the 1930s and he doesn’t think Steve will hate him but he doesn’t want to risk it.

I think for Steve he was probably a bit more confused about his feelings for Bucky bc he still liked girls. And bc he still liked girls and bc he was raised in the church and bc of the time period, he probably repressed the hell out of those feelings. I think Steve was a lot more religious than Bucky was so like, Bucky had his realisation and a mild moment of panic but more bc it was illegal than bc the church said it was wrong. So yeah, 13 year old Steve realises he definitely likes boys the same way he likes girls and he likes Bucky best, but he represses the hell out of it. 

But when Steve is 16 and Bucky is 17, I think they’ve both had Enough™ of tiptoeing around the elephant in the room. The elephant being the fact they’re both in love with their best friend and don’t know how to deal with it. Here’s how I see it happening: 

It’s late August and they’re sat on Steve’s fire escape. Dusk is slowly becoming night and Steve is trying to make the most of the natural light for the drawing he’s doing. Bucky is sat opposite him, the bridge a backdrop behind him, and it’s real quiet, just the two of them enjoying each other’s company. Bucky hasn’t moved in a while, partly because he knows Steve is drawing him, and also bc he’s caught up in his own thoughts. Without turning to look at him, Bucky takes in a slightly shaky breath and says 
Stevie…there’s something I gotta say. And I need for you to let me say it okay? After I’m done - well after I’m done if you never want me to say another thing to you then that’s okay but…I gotta say it, at least just this once.” 
Then he turns to look at Steve, and Steve has put his pencil down and is just watching him. He doesn’t rush him or push him to carry on, they just sit there watching each other for a few moments. And Bucky kinda wants to look away from the weight of Steve’s gaze before he carries on, but he can’t. So he keeps on looking at Steve looking at him and says
I love you Steve. I think I always have, even before I knew what it was. And I know you believe in God and the church and they say it’s wrong but Steve…if loving you is wrong then I’m about as wrong as a guy can get.”
And after he’s done, Steve still doesn’t say anything, and Bucky starts to worry that he’s not saying anything because he doesn’t know how to tell him to leave so he drops his eyes from Steve’s and clears his throat and says
That was um, that was what I had to say, so I guess I’ll just leave you alone now. I - I’m sorry. For saying anything. Not for feeling it, ain’t nothing that could make me sorry for feeling it. But I’m so-”
But before he can finish the sentence Steve interrupts him with 
Don’t. Go, I mean. Don’t go. And don’t say sorry, ain’t a damn thing to be sorry for Buck.” 
And Bucky’s eyes snap back up to Steve’s face and he’s smiling at him now, all soft and gentle, and also a lot closer than he had been a moment ago. And Bucky can’t move, he feels like he’s stunned into place, he doesn’t even notice Steve’s hand raising until it’s resting against his cheek, his eye’s drifting closed as Steve’s thumb strokes across his cheekbone. Steve leans in and gives him the gentlest of kisses before pulling back just enough to rest their foreheads together. He’s so close that Bucky can feel the words forming as Steve practically whispers 
I love you too.”

So yeah, I have one or two headcanons on this matter. 

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what wld bangtan's ideal type be? or if u hv to do 3, suga, namjoon and jungkook. thanks lovelies~~

BTS has stated on multiple occasions what their ideal types are. i can only add my opinion afterwards (since they don’t really elaborate), but i will put the stated facts in bold. 

Jin: A sweet and cute girl whom is good at cooking and has similar interests to him. 

okay, so this fluffy nugget needs someone as loving and caring as he is. i know that his ideal physical type would be the stereotypical idea of ‘feminine’ - long hair, round eyes, high cheekbones. but if he met a girl that loved video games, anime, cooking and Disney princesses as much as he does and she didn’t fit this physical description - he wouldn’t hold himself back. i think his need for her to be soft and affectionate is a lot more important. he’d also like a girl with a bit of bite though, since he can be a bit of a sass queen. he’d go well with a girl that’s outgoing, but who’s energy isn’t overwhelming idk why everyone thinks he’s shy he’s just awkward it’s different lol

Suga: A girl whom is chill and relaxed, enjoys music - especially hip hop.

i got a similar question here, where i answered for his ideal personality type. as far as appearance goes, he’s made it fairly clear that he does not give a hoot lol. i think he’d notice and be fairly attracted to a girl that dresses with whatever he considers “swag” 3 daller chains amirite and kind of gives off an “idgaf” aura, while in reality she cares very much for those she loves and is passionate about music. 

Namjoon: Girls that are ‘appropriately’ tall and love hip-hop music. he also said pale skin when they first debuted, but i truly believe that’s changed. 

i got a similar question here, where i answered for his ideal personality type. he’d adore someone with a passion fo fashion lmao. honestly, as much as most people see him as picky (feature-wise), i think that as long as she has nice style, an intelligent brain, a big heart and a love for the arts, he’d fall for her.

J-Hope: As long as she is dating him, she is his ideal type. this fucking nugget oml 

honestly anyone with a good sense of humour, a playful and kind personality has a chance with hobi. you have to be okay with accepting and initiating skin ship, have a great big ‘ol heart with lots of love in it, and lots of energy. i do think he could date someone that isn’t as playful as him, but that’s just not what i think of when i picture him with someone. she’d have to be intelligent, as he is a very smart young man, and supportive! 

Jimin: A girl that he finds pretty whom is shorter than him. omg midget chimchimmy 

i really think that Jimin would date a girl fairly similar to Jin. they both seem to be into very feminine girls with a bit of a spark. i think the main difference would be that Jimin would be looking for a bit of a sexy and obnoxious side to his girl, too. he’d love to be with a girl that can wind and grind for him while also being able to tolerate her overwhelming energy. i mean, he is loud and weird, as well. someone who can give him lots of attention and entertain his odd behaviour.  

V: She will take care of him and show him lots of love. 

i got a similar question here, where i answered for his ideal personality type. he’d like a girl with a bit of feminine charm but isn’t too high maintenance. i don’t think he has the patience for someone like that tbh lol. i don’t think he cares too much to think about his ideal type feature wise, as long as she loves him and has enough energy to keep up with him!

Jungkook: Tall, intelligent girls whom are good at cooking. 

all of the noonas for this fetus lol he would like a girl with a kind of punky, tom boy style and a bit of an attitude. more sharp and unique features than soft and girly. she’d have to have a strong personality and the ability to stick up for herself. he can be a bit shy in front of the camera sometimes, but he is a hot headed nugget whom is fairly mature for his age. he can be sassy and moody, so i can see him being attracted to someone like this, as well. 

oh god me, i am their ideal type UGH 

~ admin ariel

I’m guessing this was obvious to a lot of other people, but it kind of finally came together in my head, so I wanted to note it, with illustrations.

It always bugged me that Ford said, “You look like Dad”.  Because except for the nose, Filbrick Pines’s face really is not that similar to his sons’ faces.  (And besides – you’ve got the same face, guys; and apart from you both having Filbrick’s nose, Ford, you’re the one that got the cleft chin.)

But even though both of them do have the cleft chin, it’s rendered in a completely different style.  Filbrick’s head is also very blocky, like Stan and Ford, but the lines of his chin and cheekbones give the impression a face that used to be thinner but now is more fleshy.  It’s not the same stylistic marker used to depict Stan’s and Ford’s big, heroic lantern jaws.  It’s also interesting to me that Filbrick’s hair color is lighter than Ford’s and Stan’s.  (I sort of wonder if either of them ever saw him with grey hair, since his hair was still brown when they left home in their teens?)  If the show had WANTED to, it could have made Filbrick’s design a lot more exactly like the older Stan and Ford, but for some reason, it didn’t.

(Shout-out here to poor Ford’s absolutely dismayed expression.  It was a dick move of the principal to call him in there with his parents, as if he was in big trouble.  But then, it was also a dick move to call Stan to the office as well when he wasn’t really needed.)

(Also, I realized that the style of Filbrick’s chin reminds me of the father from Family Guy more than anything.  Which is appropriate, since I really dislike Family Guy, and I really dislike Filbrick, so it all works out.  How grateful am I that the show did NOT use that style for Ford’s cleft chin?  SO ETERNALLY GRATEFUL.)

Thinking about this for the umpteenth time, that’s when these lines in Journal 3 finally hit me:

We knew the fez likely had belonged to their father (it’s hanging on a coat rack in their childhood home in the background of another scene from ATOTS).  (We still don’t really know why Ford brought the fez with him. If Filbrick never told him much about the Royal Order, then why give him the fez?)

But, there you go – Stan “looks like Dad” not because his face looks that much like Filbrick’s, but because he’s standing there wearing Filbrick’s suit and Filbrick’s fez, which both Ford and Stan would have seen him wearing many times when they were boys.

Ford was referring to the outfit, not the face.  

jellychinmuffinpunch  asked:

omg wowwowowwwwooowwwww i saw your art that you did for rawks' fic and i am legit speechless it is SO GOOD???!??????!!!!!!! Like the talent you have is INSANE. his hands were so detailed and you got his cheekbones perfectly and his floofy hair and his semi-blinking/closed eyes and ahhhgghghghggg *flailing* it's so goooddddd *SEAL CLAPS* (also sorry half these words aren't real, i just think it's amazing and you have insane levels of talent like WOW)

Thank you! I love painting hands, when I have the time to work on hands I have a lot of fun! But in that artwork, I really enjoyed painting Merlin’s neckerchief :3 I’ve learned a lot from that artwork! And I’m glad to know you like it 💕

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how about 2 or 7?

2. who is your favorite character to draw?

My favourite character to draw is, well, there are three! You might have guessed one of them is Kira Yoshikage. My second favourite is Grimsley from Pokémon, but Killer Queen used to be in this place. Third is Funny Valentine. I had a brief phase where I loved to draw muscular men so I drew a lot of Kira, Killer Queen, and Funny Valentine in my textbooks. But later when I discovered my love for Egon Schiele I drew more skinny men, women, and old people. (Also now I have a sketchbook!) I gradually forgot to draw KQ. He was a good figure but my new found love for skinny, sick, and miserable people like Grimsley is unstoppable now. Kira’s bony face (the cheekbones!! Ahhhh) and curly hair is what make me loving him still. But for Funny Valentine I’m just in for his hair (it’s fabulous).

Echo - Precious

It’s the duty of a clone to fight and die in battle, but that doesn’t mean you have to like it - especially when Echo, your boyfriend, takes a blaster shot for you and gets hurt. You’re not gonna stand for that.

Wordcount: 1200

Warnings: Injuries (life-threatening), battles, self-esteem issues, dissociation 

Note: Haha whoops this got angsty…. like a lot wow this is ridiculous. Also the scenes are a bit disjointed/time-skippy because I wanted to focus on the important bits.

How did I ever get so lucky? You can’t help wondering as you stare through half-lidded eyes at the sleeping face of the man you love. He looks…peaceful, almost childlike when he sleeps, the faintest edge of light outlining the profile of his nose and cheekbones and jaw. His chest rises and falls evenly with each breath.

This planet you’ve been stationed on is cold, freezing cold. The heat-threads in the walls of the tent aren’t enough to banish the chill - and so you snuggle closer to his side, and let the sound of his steady heartbeat lull you. The battle comes tomorrow. For now, he’s safe and you’re warm and it’s all alright.

It’s in moments like these, strangely - moments where you feel the safest - that you most want to protect him. Over the course of this war you’ve seen so many men with his face die in front of you. It can’t happen to him. It won’t. You won’t let it. Blinking sleepily, you reach up one hand to caress his face. Nothing will hurt you while I’m here, my love, you promise silently. My love, my dear one, my Echo.

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Do you have a character or a couple of characters that are you absolute favorites to draw? If so, why? (I love your art so much it's beautiful and it hurts my fragile heart)

ooooo okay let’s see

will solace - i loovee drawing his body type, with wide hips and a+ thighs. Also his hair and freckles are so much fun

solangelo - my otp tbh. But i always like drawing them older, more mature and comfortable with each other because i feel like in their early years they’re rlly dum and not ready to be in a relationship. Also it’s really fun because their dynamics with them older are so much more different and interesting than when they’re younger 


blue sargent - her hair is so much fun to draw and i love drawing her smol body so much. Plus all her clothes and accessories are SO much fun

noah czerny - i love drawing characters with bruises lmao, plus his hair and the fact that he’s a ghost is a lot of fun to play around with 


summary; just very gay, normal au.

tw; smoking?? {if that even counts as one}

I watch Baz smoking his cigarette as the sound of complex compositions by composers I don’t know the name of fill the entire room.

Baz isn’t allowed to smoke inside; Baz isn’t allowed to smoke at all, but he isn’t someone to easily give into his parents. I wouldn’t mind him doing it, if it wasn’t for the consequences it has; whenever his parents find out that he’s been smoking again he isn’t allowed to see me–besides in school–for a few days. 

I like that I am important enough to Baz to make ‘taking me away from him’ a proper punishment, but the fact that the punishment doesn’t effect only Baz but also me, is annoying. Though, most of the time, Baz finds ways to see me anyways, which is why I think he just keeps smoking. 

Baz is sitting on the ground, his back against a wall. I’m sitting on his bed, staring at him. Baz looks intimidating, he looks unreachable. He’s beautiful with his sharp features and dark skin, his hair black, half long and a bit wavy. 

Baz looks up at me and has a challenging look on his face, one corner of his mouth lifted. I smile at him; a soft and gentle smile. Baz looks like trouble, he always does. 

“Come here, love,” he says before he takes another drag of his cigarette. I stand up and walk over. He pats his lap and gestures me to sit on it. 

I straddle his lap and my hands start playing with the fabric of his t-shirt. Baz blows the smoke out into my face. He does that sometimes. It used to make me cough, but now I’m used to it. I don’t mind the scent of the smoke, it just makes me think of Baz. (Everything makes me think of Baz.)

“Hello,” Baz says and he kisses my cheekbone. 

“Hi,” I say back. 

Baz’s hand–the one that’s not holding the cigarette–comes around my back and travels all the way up my spine to the back of my head, his fingers massaging my scalp. I can’t help but close my eyes a bit. It feels nice. 

Baz takes another long drag of his cigarette. 

“Kiss me,” he says after he blows the smoke into my face again. 

I take his face in my hands to keep it in place as I lean forward and does as he says. I press my lips hard against him and he copies immediately. Kissing Baz is an all around breath-taking experience and I have not yet figured out how to do it without my heartbeat getting out of control. 

I press my whole body into Baz, wanting to be as close to him as possible; wanting to get as much out of this kiss before I would have to break away from him to catch my breath. 

Eventually Baz pushes me away a bit, breaking off our kiss, to take another drag of his cigarette. 

“I like you a lot, you know,” he tells me. 

“My friends say you’re trouble,” I say, my thump stroking his cheekbone.

“Your friends are correct.”

“I like you as well.” So fucking much. 

“I’m glad,” he says, quickly pressing his lips to mine again. 

Eggsy Imagine :: Project Princess (2)

Hello everyone! Thank you for the kind comments! Sorry for this short chapter I really wanted to update for you guys tonight but I also have early work tomorrow morning so here you are! I hope you like it! I had a lot of fun writing this chapter :)

Chapter 2

Normal Point of View

There is no doubt about it, even though I’m blind I could tell that Eggsy was gorgeous, sharp jawline, high cheekbones, perfectly arched eyebrows, soft gelled back hair, and not to forget his broad shoulders. I bite my bottom lip lightly and faced up towards him, never in my life have I ever wanted to see so badly. I gently squeeze his hand again letting him know that I was about to write into the palm of his hand again and as previously he stayed silent and gave me his most undivided attention. I pressed, “Please describe to me your appearance.” He chuckled lightly and softly squeezed my hand back, “Okay” he breathed bringing my hand up to his face. “I’m a brunette” he says guiding my fingers through his gelled locks and giving me a moment before continuing, “I have olive green eyes” he breathes softly dragging my hand from the side of his head to his temple then cheeks where the pads of my fingers touch the corner above his cheekbones. I nod indicating for him to go on and he did, Eggsy hummed for a short moment before deciding what to say, “I’m tall, pale and…well I’m pretty much damn handsome that’s all I got to say.” I laughed, I haven’t laughed in so long after what had happened with my life lately but I did and it felt so good yet foreign. “Oh and I got surprisingly really soft lips!” He added excitedly and very proudly while quickly redirecting my fingers onto his lips, “Right?” he mumbled cutely under my fingertips. I smile warmly and gingerly touched his soft lips, and oh were they soft, my heart fluttered skipping a beat as I felt a strong urge to just pull him in and feel them on my own pair. Never had I felt like this, Eggsy was the first person ever to actually be kind and patient with me so it was no surprise that I found a strong liking towards him. He was gentle even though he had all the power to take advantage of me, but he didn’t, he’s a well-mannered young gentleman. I slip my hand from underneath his and brought mine on top, guiding his hand towards my lips and pressing his fingertips onto them. He stroked my lips gently with a light chuckle and added, “Ah yes yours soft too.” I smiled up towards him and pulled his hand into my lap where I held his single large hand in between two of my smaller ones.

We sat there in a content silence before he spoke up, “Why don’t you speak? There’s a reason ain’t there?” My eyes widen at his question that I always get asked but dreaded to answer, I retract my hands away from his and shuffle as far away from him in the crook of the windowsill that we sat. I backed up until my back loudly smacked into the wood framing, I pull my knees into my chest and covered my face while violently shaking my head and hyperventilating. “H-Hey it’s alright calm down (y/n), I’m right here no one is going to hurt you.” He spoke in his accented silky voice before shuffling over and protectively encasing me into his strong arms. At first I felt that he was ridged but as quickly as he was he relaxed his body against mine and pulled me into his warm chest, “I promised to protect you so I will.” I swallowed hard and grabbed onto the fabric of his sleeve while tightly squeezing my eyes shut, trying my hardest to push away the flashbacks that haunt me every single day. Eggsy moved slightly and rested his cheek against the side of my head intimately, “Please tell me so I can help.” I stay still pondering if I should, I kept it away from everyone even my parents since I was five, is it really okay to say something now after staying silent for over more than ten years? Before I could even decide, Eggsy slipped his hand into mine with his palm facing up indicating that it was okay to write it down for him. Before I could even register, I subconsciously pressed into his palm, “I’m scared.”  

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For those of us out there who were completely wrecked by giantkiller and now have nothing more to do as we wait but draw fanart, could you do a quick recap of the character's physical appearances (height, skin/eye/hair colour, etc.) as well as any distinguishing features or clothing preferences or anything really, esp stuff that you have bouncing around in your head but haven't found a spot to put in the books?

Two things first: 

a) I am not very visual at all, also I’m face blind, so it’s completely likely that I, the author, will give you imperfect answers here and/or the books themselves will be imperfect. I’ve done my best, my friendly betas have done their best, but, well… appearances aren’t my strong point. I’m more into magical systems and also making readers cry. 

b) I think fan head canons are great and wonderful things and if y'all wanna make up your own visuals for these characters, go ahead.* I don’t quite give enough detail in the books anyway for there to be a strongly nailed down canonical visual for everyone.

Here are the things I do know, and which (mostly) appear in text:

Jack Farris is very very tall, with narrow shoulders– so not that intimidating despite being tall. A beanstalk :) Brown-skinned, brick-colored hair, brown eyes. Good smile. I head canon him as Latino, but this is a fantasy realm so like… you can’t really specify that exactly. 

Laney Jones is a bit shorter than Jack, but still taller than average. She’s tall for her family too by the way–her big brother Liam is shorter than her. Liam btw looks in my head a bit like Sinqua Walls. She’s got dark brown skin and brown hair and brown eyes. I believe I described her face as heart-shaped at one point. She wears extensive thread bracelets and anklets. Her hair is often braided– one big braid or, as the series continues, more often it’s a coronet braid around her head. I keep trying to have a head canon actress fit her and failing.

Sanders Grey is described almost solely by his long ink-stained fingers, his ink-stained (and I think snub?) nose, and his messy dark hair. His skin is pale– I head canon him as Asian (hapa, actually, his mom’s white) but that’s not stated anywhere in the text explicitly enough for me to claim it I think. Author head canon I guess. His big sister tends to look like Dichen Lachman (with her dark hair) to me, though occasionally I slip up and she looks like a young Lucy Liu instead. Can you blame me? I mean, Lucy Liu.

Rupert W. J. Hammerseld VII is an inch or so shorter than Laney. Grey’s by far the shortest of the four. He’s a bit darker than Jack, lighter than Laney. He’s very precise in his movements and in what he wears. He relaxes more among friends, especially Bart and Sez who knew him when he was a gangly kiddo. He’s got dark hair (brown) cropped short. If he lets it grow out it gets fluffy. A long face with apparent bone structure–I think “horsey” might be the term for it, but that seems rude? Don’t be rude to Rupert. He’s a sweetie.

The girl with golden curls has *gasp* golden curls. Really thin wispy stuff. They’re about two inches long and sort of floaty. If you’re doing flashbacks with her, a) her hair is in a waist length braid and b) Jack was shorter than she was back then. She’s slightly taller than Grey now and does not grow any between flashbacks and canon present day. I believe her skin tone is described as “as pale as Gloria but much less pink.”

Gloria, for reference, is our local white blushing-cheeked blonde. Her family immigrated from the far far northeast a few generations back. She’s a born and bred Rivertown local. A slight majority of Rivertown’s population looks like Rupert (see: his Uncle, Sez, etc). Sez has colorful braided and knotted strings and strips of cloth and also some thin wire up and down her arms, around her belt loops– they’re her way of taking notes. 

Sally-Anne, a many-many-generations Rivertown local, is Black with chin length frizzy brown hair usually under a red handkerchief. Bart, like Red, is from the coast which like the mountains I head canon as Asian (the coast erring toward being darker skinned, and the mountains more eastern Russia. But like go crazy, kids, I’m not married to these details* and my world has a lot of intermingling between the different subregions of the continent).

Leaf’s short, solid, and smiley. He’s from the same area of the world as Jack’s mom– I head canon him as Latino, but you head canon him as however you imagine Jack, I guess? Other people hmm… I don’t have anything much for Heather. Long brown braid. That’s all I know. Weeds is weedy.

Bea is a bit tall (shorter than Jack/Laney/Rupert but taller than Grey), pale brown skinned, straight dark hair– she often also ends up looking like Dichen Lachman in my head, because she and Grey’s sister are mirrors of each other and my brain does that to me. Bidi is six-going-on-seven with curly, fluffy dark hair often kept in a cascade of small braids. She’s got dark brown skin though not as dark as Laney. She’s not going to grow up to be very tall.

John is a half-ogre of a man– large, hulking, and green-tinged the way Sez is purple-tinged. He’s less “passing” as a half monster than Sez is– his skin is rough and sort of cracked, like tree trunks or mossy old stones. The majority of the time he does not use his bulk to intimidate– he’s more likely to be fixing things, worrying about sanitation, or burping babies. I love this kid.

Rose and Susie look similar in their face shape– round, flat cheekbones– but Susie’s paler in both hair and skin (“faded brown” I think was the term), whereas Rose is a darker brown with dark hair, both because that’s just generally true of their phenotypes but also Rose spends a lot more time in the sun than Susie. She’s also sorta lean and whip-cord tough; Susie’s softer.

The Rangers… May is small. Oh gosh, one of them is skinny, Black, and bald but I can’t remember if it’s Yuri the guide or the sage… I think it’s the sage. Sarge is grizzled with a bit of a iron-grey short-trimmed beard and square-shouldered. Flash has a lot of sharp lines to him– sharp chin, pointy nose, cheekbones. I don’t particularly know anything more about these kids, so headcanon in as you will.

Other people?? Did I forget anyone?

Oh, Mr. Thorne I guess. Medium-height, lean, neither strong looking nor frail seeming. Gold-wire spectacles. Clean shaven except when pretending not be himself. Very straight posture. Nicely made, expensive clothes. Polished but practical boots because he fancies himself a man of action.

*Though of course if your ‘personal head canon’ is everyone is white? You’re doing it wrong.

Baltimore Recap

THE SHOW WAS AMAZING. So I’ve been a fan since 2012, but I’ve never been to a show before mostly because I knew I would get irritated by some of the fans. Which was very true. I’m glad I went though. Here’s a list of things I remember and observed, not in any particular order:

- So many Larry signs! During Icona Pop I saw the Always in my heart tweet, a “he got the dagger” sign, a Parma ham sign, a “I’d snog Louis - HS” sign. The girls next to me were booing the Larry signs and then they made fun of a rainbow flag they saw and I reallllllly wanted to go off on them.
- Liam reading signs…he read not one but TWO Larry signs. The first was “investigate Wellington” and I actually gasped. He was basically like “what? I’m very confused” but tbh I don’t believe him for obvious reasons but also just his tone was funny. Then he read “Harry’s six pack was trending.” Liam is such a dark Larrie…Niall is definitely no longer captain.
- Louis threw some kind of rainbow object at Liam toward the end of the show.
- Harry danced with a boa at one point.
- They were all pretty sweaty and Louis said they aren’t used to our weather. Then he called Niall his “fellow Irishman” lol.
- So many Lilo moments. A few Nouis moments too, but a TON of Lilo flirting. Water guns and some water bottles of course…Louis didn’t get that wet but Liam was destroyed.
- The first time Liam spoke, he said he wasn’t feeling well but would try his best and that he wanted us to sing very loud for his parts. You could not tell he was off voice-wise AT ALL so I was very surprised. Then at the end of the show he said we made him feel better.
- Because of the break starting tomorrow, they told us they wanted us to bring it out with a bang.
- At one point Louis was spraying Liam (I think) with the water gun and he nailed Harry in the back. He may have been aiming for Harry but it was hard to tell from my angle. Harry didn’t acknowledge it though.
- Harry received cookies from a little girl and her mom in the audience and talked about the cookies a lot. It was really cute - definitely watch a video of it if one is posted. He asked the mom if she wanted the Tupperware back (she didn’t) but later he brought it out empty and tossed it to her (and missed).
- I think it was during Drag Me Down when Harry was on the screen and he almost got hit in the face with something small but dodged it. Stop throwing things, people. It’s not cute.
- Harry pointed out two dads in particular. He told the first one he was “muscly” and looked very strong and scary and said he kept getting intimidated when he walked by him. He asked the daughter if she had a BF and when she said no, he was like “I’m not surprised. No one will get near you with your dad around” or something along those lines. The second dad was also strong looking apparently and Harry said he looked like the hulk. He was quite flirty with the dads.
- A fan near me threw water on Louis and he flipped her off (lol good).
- I’m not sure about 18 because there was a poster in the way but I thought Louis was looking at Harry a bit during Night Changes. I’ll have to watch back videos to make sure.
- Louis wore that tank top (i thought I was going to die, he looked that good) the entire time until the encore when he changed into a white tank. I think Harry wore the white shirt the whole time. Liam changed once I believe and I wasn’t paying attention to whether Niall did or not.
- Liam looked…so good. Like his hair looked amazing and he had his shirt unbuttoned quite a bit at the beginning and damn. He looked great.
- HAHA I almost forgot. There was this sign saying something like “congrats on your pregnancy Harry” and it was visible on the screens a few times, but the first time I saw it, the camera was showing Louis from behind on the B stage with that sign in front of him kinda haha it was amazing.
- LOUIS. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He’s so tiny and curvy and beautiful. His cheekbones and jawline look amazing even from far away. I was so so so happy he had the fringe. He also seemed to have a lot of fun - no weird moments. He left stage a lot though…like at least 6 times. I adore him. Also he sounded AMAZING. Didn’t have an off moment with his voice and he nailed his Fireproof solo.
- Harry was really amazing with crowd interaction as usually. He was very camp and danced around and was generally just very cute. Very entertaining and he sounded amazing.
- Niall was very typical Niall. Definitely had a ton of fun during Act My Age. Louis sprayed him in the ass with the water gun during Little Things (I think…don’t hold me to that).

It was really an amazing show and they all seemed very grateful and had a lot of fun. I love the boys so much and my parents actually came and sat up high in one of the sections and they said the boys put on a great show and they both had a lot of fun and were thoroughly entertained. That’s difficult to do with my dad in particular so kudos to them.

Also…for fans with signs, it’s so disrespectful to the other fans to hold them up the entire show. Especially when the boys wouldn’t even be able to read them because they’re so far away. I couldn’t see Louis (who was the one I really wanted to watch) a bunch of times because of fans holding up their signs for no apparent reason. Just be respectful so everybody can have a great time.

Anyway, that’s what I remember off the top of my head. I’m sure I’ll remember more later and I’m sure there are much better reviews of the show that will sprout up on tumblr, but basically… I love these boys and tonight was a fabulous night.

Sent     21:39
Merry Christmas.

Received     21:42
Sorry, yuo’ve got the wrong number.

Sent     21:42
I’m not so sure about that. Who are you?

Received     21:45
No on e. not whoever youre trying to

Sent     21:46
I’m sure you must be someone. And how do
you know you’re not the one I’m looking for?

Received     21:51
ebcause no one is loooking for me

Sent     21:52
I wouldn’t be so certain of that.

Received     21:55
is thi s mycroft

Sent     21:56
What the hell kind of a name is Mycroft?

Received     21:59
a stupido ne

Sent     21:59
On that we are agreed.

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