also i learned how to take a screenshot


So, because I have nothing better to do with my in-game currency, I decided to do some SCIENCE on the in-game food. (also Balmung’s MB is amazingly cheap compared to Adamantoise, damn.)

I bought one of each food that was sold for 2k or under and compared which eating animation it gets. Keep in mind this isn’t a list of EVERY food in the game. (like I could afford that…also a lot of seasonal stuff is super hard to get) The results were interesting, though.

Other things I learned:

-Did not know you could straight up eat fruits, though I did know you could eat the cheeses even though they’re technically just ingredients.

-When you eat an HQ dish, your character looks happy.

-I have no idea how anyone manages to take a vaguely dignified screenshot of their character eating

-This was probably not worth roughly 150k gil but it sure did satisfy my curiosity.

(breakdown under readmore)

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How to pick up your Wind-Up Haurchefant: the Floating Minion Gpose Trick

Some people as well as my own friends have asked how do I take screenshots like this one:

I originally learned about this from twitter user ff14_ridere (who also has a video about it pinned on their twitter here!), so the bulk of this short guide is taken from the knowledge I got from them.

Basically, this trick involves swapping out a summoned minion with another one, so that when we go into Gpose, the second minion ends up in the exact same spot as the first minion.

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Inktober 2017 // 02—Twins

In both my play throughs of Dragon Age 2, Bethany never made it past Act I… Carver survived second go-round, though! (Learned you have to take Anders with you if you take your sibling to the Deep Roads. DERP.)

Picking my prompts from this Dragon Age-themed list.


It is with a heavy heart that I’d like to announce I’m a fucking idiot and accidentally deleted my Tumblr account today. With it, is also gone a year+ worth of MonHun Nikki, with no backups asides from the kind fan pages that have reuploaded my work. 

While I don’t really care about losing numbers with followers or notes, I’m sad that the only remains of Gore-chan now exist as screenshots or mini posts I’ve posted here or on Reddit - even though I haven’t revisted MonHun Nikki in over three years, Gore-chan was what brought me a following on social media, and what pushed me to take art more seriously. Through the bi-weekly releases of MonHun Nikki I’ve learned how the hell social media works, what kind of comic formats work for me and what don’t…but above all that, I’ve had a hell of a time interacting with the community. Maybe in the future I’ll start doing some Monster Hunter comics again…when I finally play World.

I’m sorry to everyone for letting you all down, and I’m sorry to Gore-chan on deleting all his touching moments with Zinogre-senpai.


HES SO CUTE THIS WAS SO CUTE AWWEEE. They interact so well together and they really treat him like he’s always been around its so cute! Also, it was so cool learning stuff about how they made the game and seeing all of them interact and make references and just be so adorable together! I loved this so much Imma go watch it again! just aweee ^-^ (also sorry there’s no vid my phone died so I used my computer to take screenshots, I hope you like them!)

Anyway, let’s keep learning about our bodies!

I tried to take a screenshot of Suri getting pushed around, but I got this instead. I’m not upset, just amused.

Hey there Taki. You uh… You seem to be a little close there buddy.


Please unhand the innocent cell girl… Also I forgot to mention this…

He has fucking knives for hands. That’s… Inconvenient. And debilitating.

How do you even function?

Boy, you really like getting up close to the camera, don’t you? That’s fine though. You have a downright adorable face!

Dammit! I forgot that I shouldn’t get attached to the bacteria! Although I DEFINITELY saw this coming.

You guys are really… Passionate about your work.


RUSTLING PINEWOOD HILL (28) : Resident (Interior) - “Lindwood’s Place” // Stepparents’ Master Bedroom [Pt.1]

Pt. 2: ( ► L I N K ◄ ) 👌 

Good evening, love! 

Finally, another Scandinavian interior I made. This room was harder to decorate then I thought! But nonetheless, I gradually came up with series of small ideas until I completed this room.

Also, I just learned how to make light shining through window in Ps. I’m still not very good at it, but hopefully I would be able to make it more seamless, you know what I mean?  

By the way, I would like to go back to take screenshots of TS2 scenery. I have always love the way they eventually turned out. I’ll have to figure something out about the nature photo set before I could start.

Have a great day! 👋😃 XOXO  

joliene1  asked:

HI! How do you draw in We Bare Bears and Gravity Falls style? Thanks <3 c:

Hello~ I’m more comfortable with GF so I’ll use that as an example.

If I really break it down… My process is to really LOOK at a style. Not just watch. Pause/ mute the video and reaaallllyy look at it for once.
See what shape their mouths make and placement, how big their eyes and ears are, the weight of the lineart, etc…
Getting the proportions right can be tricky:

Also practice. My first attempts at drawing gravity falls style in a comic was pretty cringy style wise (imo), but after practicing it more I even tried to make a fake screenshot which is the best tutorial I can give you for now if you read the captions :)
Also my twitter has a thumbnail > final process for korra, which is similar to the above link but obviously is a lot less detailed in comparison.
I’m not really sure how else I can help otherwise telling you to try and take note and study from your subject (NOT TRACE, you won’t learn anything from tracing!) and work on getting the proportions right.
And Practice! Practice! Practice!

anonymous asked:

Would you ever consider making a tutorial how you rig your characters? Your rigs seem some throughly made and I think a lot of us could benefit from it. Or at least link to where you learned.

hey! i’m not really great at rigging, but i generally use 2 different techniques depending on if i care about efficiency.

if it’s just for rendering, or i’m being lazy and i need a relatively detailed rig, i use rigify, which is blender’s generic human rig. this is the tutorial i used to learn it.

straight off, the bones look like this

you can then alter it to fit your model

you can then generate controls, which look like this

if i care about efficiency, or am rigging something other than a biped, or just don’t care about that much detail, i make my rig by hand. i don’t remember where i learned how to do it, unfortunately, but here’s an example of a nonhuman rig i built that way (here’s the result)

you can also add ik controls.

next time i’m doing the second method, i can take some screenshots and put write up a quick run-through of the general process, but i’m kind of gunshy about doing real, thorough tutorials. like i said, i don’t feel that i’m particularly great at rigging and since i’m self taught, i know that there are techniques that i’m completely unaware of.

there are already a lot of bad tutorials on the internet by people who probably shouldn’t be teaching others - i don’t need to add another :)

some other rigging stuff:
      - limb topology

      - super optimized biped rig


so i ‘accidentally’ bought some stuff for my norn

also learned that going into a zone 30 lvls higher than you to take pretty screenshots is painful