also i know this isn't really a quote but i can do what i want so

  • Me: having a structured life is exhausting!
  • Therapist: I understand. Let's say just get up in the morning, get some breakfast, go for a walk...and that's it for a start.
  • Me: *internally: sounds reasonable, but that means first fighting against my will to just stay in bed and act as if I'm not existing. Getting up either way and facing my face and body in the mirror. There's an 80% chance that it's one of those days and I hate myself just so fucking much I could scream. But there's also a chance I look in the mirror and find a person that does not seem to be familiar to me looking back at me. Still, now you want me to shower and wash this body I find really disgusting. I have to see every single scar I have and maybe feel the burn of fresh cuts. Then I have to put on cloth, brush my teeth and my hair and do my makeup, as I can't go outside without hiding my ugly face under layers of primers and foundations and powders and highlighters and fake lashes and a perfect contour and a big nude fake smile. I spend money I don't have to make myself look good enough for myself to endure my own appearance. I remember to take my meds. Now I'm dressed (in clothes that hopefully say 'i don't care' when really I care a lot) and can go to the kitchen to prepare food that I know I won't be able to eat in 50% of the cases. There's also a good chance that I eat it and then find myself throwing up and ruining my makeup feeling every single disgusting cell of fat on my body vibrate while trying to breathe. Well either way let's say I might redo my make-up, brush my teeth again and step outside. I maybe take my horse with me and walk through the neighbourhood. I have to see people. I feel anxious. I would love to just turn around and go back home. But I keep on walking, trying to seem selfconfident so my horse and neighbours can't see or feel my insecurity. I'll try to be friendly and act normal even though I'm sure they hate me and laugh about me. Still if the communication between my horse and me isn't perfect today I'll probably cry and if a neighbour just looks at me in a way that i interpret to be unfriendly or cold or annoyed I'll probably cry too. Let's say I'm back home. Now it's like 11 in the morning. What do I do? By now I'm an emotional wreck, tired as hell, probably planing on how to harm myself with one half of my brain while the other half bundles it's last energy to prevent exactly this from happening. How do I survive the rest?*
  • Me: I'll try.
The Original Plot of Epic Mickey 2

I found out today that the person who posted the original story line of Epic Mickey 2, before it was rewritten because of time constraints, deleted their blog without a warning. Though I don’t know them personally, I hope they are ok and things are going well for them.

That being said, I decided to repost the orginal over here since the post is no longer available. I do not take any credit for finding this. all that credit should go to McBasilRocks, who unfortunately I can not link due to being deactivated. I had to seriously dig to recover this, and I decided to repost it here before something happened and it was lost completely.

When I say that this was the original plot, I mean that it was the VERY original plot. And this wasn’t fan made either- as explained in the post, this was found while digging through the Wikipedia page for Epic Mickey, and was taken down by DISNEY for leaking prior to the game’s release.

Anyways; here’s the post, word-for-word, about the very very original plot of Epic Mickey 2:

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On Keith and leaving Allura behind

One thing I’ve always wanted to clear up is the ‘Keith is cold-hearted’ thing. I can see how the scene of him being ready to leave Allura behind might come across as such, to quote Hunk: “Keith, that’s cold-hearted even for you.” 

But that is not how things actually are. Let me explain why he acted the way he did back then, because Keith has had just as many emotions about it as everyone else. 

Keith is rational, observant and tends to state stuff exactly as it is, with all facts lied out to make sure that everyone gets the whole picture. (see: how he explained his board in s1e1, how he argues with Lance at the beginning of s1e3 etc.) He has been known to accept critique pretty well - he actively tries to work on his temper (“patience yields focus”) and accepted that Lance’s plan was better than his in s1e7. In turn, however, he expects people to treat him the same way. If there isn’t any evidence to contradict it, he takes things people tell him at face value and accepts them as facts. It is one of the reasons him and Lance clash often, Keith can be found constantly correcting Lance’s statements and Lance doesn’t appreciate that. 

This is coupled with his rational personality. I have no doubt that part of that comes from having been forced to grow up without a family and people to comfort him when he was feeling lost, he has had to deal with reality screwing him over quite a lot of times already. He is extremely cautious and protective of his friends when a possible threat appears (see: how he placed himself in front of the team when Klaizap appeared in s1e2), probably exactly because he knows that when they are gone, they are gone. That happened to his dad, that happened to Shiro. 

And now he thinks the same thing has happened to Allura.

It is not that he doesn’t want to help her - because he does. He really does, he even said so himself. (And he wasn’t lying. We all know that Keith is an absolutely horrible liar.) In his mind, there were four facts battling with one another: 1) I want to save my friend; 2) “the ship that is headed to Zarkon’s central command?” “the place that’s way too dangerous for us to attack?” (a direct quote from an exchange between Hunk and Keith from s1e10. Keith had accepted that information a fact); 3) we are fighting against an enemy we know next to nothing about; and 4) I am responsible for the entire universe and I can only protect it with Voltron, for which Allura technically isn’t essential. 

So he stands there and goes through all the facts. And he comes to the - absolutely logical - conclusion that it is too dangerous to go to Zarkon’s headquarters. He could lose even more friends. He could lose the universe’s only hope. So he does what he always does: suppress his emotions for the greater good. He did that there, he did it when he decided to give up the blade in s2e8.

But then the others turn against him. We can’t see his face when they begin to vehemently protest against his statement-

-but I have no doubt that it would be serious and reflective. The backlash would have made him reconsider the conclusion he had come to. Because that’s what he does when he faces critique: take a step back and reevaluate. Obviously, fact 2) wasn’t quite right. [Also note how open his body language is, he is more than willing to discuss this.] 

And once the execution of their plan starts, which means an actual chance for getting his friend back, he is right at the front of the group again. 

Keith isn’t cold-hearted. Not at all. Does this look like the face of a cold-hearted person to you?

Because that is the face he made when he came to the conclusion that it would be too dangerous to save Allura. He is not happy about it. He genuinely believed that she was already lost and they were about to condemn the universe for a suicide rescue mission. If there is anything he can do to save his friends, he will do it. Like, seriously - he had never seen Zarkon before that episode. For all he knew, Zarkon could be 5ft tall, wield magic and be immortal. But as soon as he saw a normal-sized Galra in armor, Zarkon suddenly became less of an abstract concept and more of something that he has an actual fighting chance against. Look at how his attitude towards him changed in season 2, at the end of it he volunteered to infiltrate Zarkon’s base on his own!  

(Also. He was the one that asked Allura if she was sure that she wanted to come with them: “I’m sorry, princess, did you say ‘we’?!” in s1e10. He was worried for her. There is no way he didn’t want her back.)

Keith constantly watches out for the greater good. It’s what he told Pidge when she wanted to leave to go look for her family - “everyone in the universe has families!” - and what he did when he gave up finding out about his past in the Trials of Marmora. He pushes his own emotions down because he genuinely believes one person’s life and/or comfort isn’t worth putting the entire universe at risk. And that does not equal being cold-hearted.

tl;dr: Keith has had perfectly valid reasons why he hesitated to go on the rescue mission. He wanted her back just as much as everyone else. He is not a cold-hearted asshole.

lurkeymclurker  asked:

Can you tell us about the Empires propaganda machine?

Later, after, in all the holonews segments and all the long ‘net articles furnishing further analysis, they—and here ‘they’ is vaguely defined, reporting is is too scattershot in a galaxy marked by lightyears and hyperlanes—will not be able to pinpoint the place where they went wrong. Where it was all tipped from earnest republican v. separatist reporting to laying the groundwork for imperial v. everyone else. When they stopped, or when their blades met with armor they couldn’t pierce, or—

But by then it’s too late. It’s too late, the Empire is already wound itself through every word spoken and every reference made; it’s in everything, a dark undercurrent of emotion and justification—don’t you love the Republic? don’t you care about other galactic citizens? don’t you want to follow the laws and reward those who have justified their existence as you have justified yours? you have worked so hard, the day is long and the rewards few, why would you give those to others? why would you share?

(’Sharing’ is a dirty word, under the Empire. To each according to his strength, that is the Imperial motto. But ‘strength’ is a narrow gate, and it cuts many off at the knees, the ankles, those unguarded places—)

There is no question that human beings are afraid of difference they have been afraid of that since whatever primordial swamp they crawled out of but—they have always put it aside, they have always at least pretended to the idea of recognizing other species, the claim of xenos to homeworlds. the equal right of existence. Et cetera. Never mistake how hard human beings will try, when confronted with tentacles, if there is profit or benefit in ignoring any difference.

But humans also reproduce like orburs in spring, and they colonize, multiply out into the galaxy like a plague. Like a—spore. Like something biological and not, because nothing in nature moves without regard to the animus they generate. And they are a tetchy species, measuring everything in relative value. It doesn’t matter if—

Luke does not stop to question the holoradio adverts he hears, the faded propos papering the Toshe public hall, saying ‘JOIN THE EMPIRE TODAY! FLY FOR THE EMPIRE! BE BRAVE BE TRUE BE STALWART!’ Anywhere is better than here, right? Get closer to that bright center and anything is better—

(It is still hard to find that bright line between the Republic under the tyranny of the Clone Wars and the perpetual state the Empire embodies. That is just how these things go.)

Leia is on the first line of defense for the Rebellion, she watches propos and listens to senators argue, quoting lines from holodramas—ironically, but also as illustrations. (She learns very young that a well-told story, even fictional, has quicker legs than one badly told and true. She disapproves, but that is the way of things.) It is amazing how many late Republicans would have supported he Empire despite explicitly stating they did not support the Empire, its agents, or any move toward a less democratic structure of government. It is amazing how weak it makes them seem, given what she knows about the inner workings of the capitol. It is—

Han is good at finding cantinas where, if the Imperial propos cut into he grav-ball match, everyone groans aloud. He smiles a little against the curve of the mug as everyone curses out the poor bastard who has to—

(Han always feels a little bad for him. Her. Whoever—he knows what it’s like to have your neck under someone’s boot, to know you don’t really have choice in this. At least he’s busy smuggling, can’t be much a spokesperson that way.)

The Resistance does not have the access the Empire does, but the Rebellion has feed hackers, holonet ‘ware corrupters. The Alliance blasts every inbox with public reveals of complaints, salaries, donations. Saw Guerra’s people de-encrypt transmissions, and release them to the ‘net in vicious anarchic fashion. (Make of it what you will, that Tarkin sent a transmission to Krennic saying ‘stop being so gentle on your workforce,’ after Krennic’s 12-hour days resulted in its first overworked, dehydrated, malnourished death.)

Regional reporters dump their findings onto the holonet, saying, look at what the governor is doing, we buried the jedi but we found, we—

look, they say in unison. look at this. you are not alone. you are not crazy. something has shifted, something significant has changed and you are not alone in thinking this. We are here, together, and this is dangerous, this is—

you are not alone. you are right, your perception of the world is—there is an objective reality, and they depart from it. you are right. you are sane. it is the galaxy that has gone insane in the interim.

“Senator?” the holonet reporter asks, when Mon Mothma falls silent, and she is smiling down at the podium. “Senator, if you could—”

“According to the study conducted by the Galactic Agency for—” she begins, and the briefing room falls so quiet she is afraid she has lost them. But there is a holonet reporter in the first row who has pressed her hand to her mouth, even as her eyes are wide, fixed on Mon’s face; and out of the corner of her eye, Mon can see Leia Organa (so much Bail and Breha’s daughter, even now) pressing her lips together, her eyes shut. And this is good. They are good, they are better. Here is the study. Here is the definition. Here is the closest she knows how to get to objective reality.

She justifies. From the root word, meaning justice. Meaning to make right. Meaning, more than what is what is available on the surface, more than what is unquestioned. More. 

So much more.

anonymous asked:

About Keith and Lance, am I the only one with that huge feeling that S3 was just a big slow burn fanfic and now S4 is just... back to the (heterosexual) normality ? I mean... S4 seem SO ooc if you take s3 for example! I'm... Disappointed. Where is the development... Why ruin everything in less than an episode?

What you have to consider is that Keith wasn’t IN season 4. Everyone reacted to him leaving the same way. It’s not that other people reacted and Lance didn’t, it’s that…they all felt the same. While it would have been nice for some Klance interaction, this isn’t negating their relationship from season 3, it’s just…putting it on hold.

I do understand how you feel, though. But what we should keep in mind (in terms of relationship development; plot-wise, I don’t see how this could have worked) is that season 4 was originally part of season 3. We would have seen, in September, both seasons 3 and 4 in one go, and we’d all be having our minds blown at the Klance interaction in the first 7 episodes, and it would be great. By splitting up the season, it feels extremely jarring and like all the development is gone, when in actuality, it’s just focusing on other, plot-related things. (Now, I think those plot-related things are poorly written, but that’s a whole different story.)

The core relationships that developed in seasons 3 and 4, or the original season 3, were Lance and Keith, and Lance and Allura. We also got two scenes of one-on-one interaction between Keith and Allura (one in the alternate reality episode, and one in ‘Code of Honor’). I’m obviously not including sibling dynamics in this, as I’m just focusing on the romantic aspect, and I’m going to talk about the eps as if it was one long season, because that was the original intention. Also, please note that this is all my personal opinion, and could totally be interpreted differently – I don’t include character interaction in why I think ships will be canon, and none of this is part of that. These are just my own thoughts on the different possible romantic dynamics.

So, the one that lasted all thirteen episodes was Lance and Allura. He’s completely stopped flirting with her, and only shows her kindness and support. However, we see that he’s still projecting this idea of having a crush on her, what with his interaction with Matt. But…he’s not putting this into practice. He’s going through the motions of ‘I want Allura’ while not actually doing all the things he associates with wanting somebody. Food for thought. All this could definitely be interpreted as him maturing and actually developing genuine feelings for her (which I, personally, am super open to), but I must stress, yet again, the quote about his potential romantic interest being not what he’s looking for, but what he needs. Even if he’s developed feelings for her, she’s exactly what he’s looking for, which automatically means she’s not his true love. I really don’t think he’ll end up with her, much as I’d be perfectly happy with it.

The dynamic that lasted almost the whole season was Lance and Keith – for the most part, the animosity between the two has vanished, and they have become much closer. You all know how their exchanges went in the first seven episodes, so I won’t talk about that. In Keith’s one episode of interaction with the rest of the team during “season 4″, they stood extremely close to each other, and Lance expressed frustration at Keith not wanting to come do the show with them. This was a different argument than the kind they got into in seasons 1 and 2; Lance is completely in the right. So, this is just like their other season 3 arguments. In addition to this interaction, Lance complained to Allura about Keith not being there, Allura tried to calm him, and Lance replied with, “I don’t know why I bother.” (paraphrased - it might have been “I don’t know why I try.”) This was interesting phrasing, in my opinion, and he reminded me of one person in a relationship angry at their significant other for flaking on an event that was important to them. I don’t know, that’s just what it made ME think of.

There wasn’t any other Klance interaction, but there also wasn’t any other Keith interaction. The only other people he talked to of note were Shiro – who he thinks of as a brother – and Allura, in a scene where he told her not to lecture him. But Keith’s feelings have never been what I focus on in relation to potential Klance canonization, because I don’t really know how he feels. For me, Lance is the one that we can really draw a lot of stuff from, so even if Keith gets with Allura (which, in my opinion, is a ship that hasn’t been NEARLY as developed as Klance or All/urance), that doesn’t mean Lance still can’t fall in love with him. In fact, if Ka/llura happens, it might be what prompts Lance into realizing that he likes Keith, and would be a nice plot twist from the expected love triangle (the two of them fighting over Allura). I know that dreaded love triangle has been weighing on people’s minds, but I truly think that if it happens, they’re going to subvert it and make Keith the center of it, rather than Allura. In fact, when they all jumped in for the group hug, Allura, Keith, and Lance’s heads made a LITERAL triangle, with Keith in the center and Allura and Lance on either side. Not that that means anything, I just thought it was interesting.

Anyway, totally going off on a tangent here. In essence, when you think of the relationship progression between all of the characters, consider this as one big season, which was the original intention. The only reason we didn’t get more interaction was because a), the season was split, and b), because Keith was written out of the show.

Sunday ramblings

We’re not really far into the solo era, but I just feel like by way of observation and reading/watching interviews lately, that it’s clear that them being solo artists is truly what’s best, and I don’t want them to ever go back to being a band like they used to. 

Just to brush on a few things.. 

Liam said recently that in 1D they were meant to show relentless enthusiasm at all times, and never discuss any negative aspects of their experience - which we as fans saw and got annoyed over several times… Shit went down that was never acknowledged and/or apologized for. Lima also mentioned that they never stopped to celebrate what they’d done. It was non-stop. Harry noted a similar thing in his RS interview when he said that the 1D tours were like a Wes Anderson movie. Cut. Cut. New location. Quick cut. New location. Cut. Cut. Show. Shower. Hard cut. Sleep. (which we all saw.. Like, Zayn developed an eating disorder whilst in the band, Liam had serious issues with alcohol, the partying, the drugs (hi weed scandal) like, there was so much stuff going on at certain points.)  Harry also mentioned in the doc that after 5 years of pressure, he finally didn’t feel any of it. And he admitted in another interview that he realized he was exhausted. (The fact that you could never truly pick up on that because he always gave 110% at every show makes me just in awe of his loyalty and work-ethic.) Hats off to Niall, Liam and Louis too, they all worked so fucking hard. Niall even said that he wasn’t as exhausted as the rest of them at the end, like, what kind of superhuman lol.. 

I remember Jeff mentioning that he was baffled by Harry’s writing talent, and how he realized that the Harry in One D was kind of the digitized Harry. Almost like a character. And like Harry said: “I wanted to write my stories, things that happened to me. The number-one thing was I wanted to be honest. I hadn’t done that before.” That says it all.. I also feel like in the last year or so, it was so clear that Harry was ready for his own career… On the last tour the interactions with the other boys were minimal, esp compared to the tours before. Journos/writers noted the same thing in their concert reviews. He was the one that was a little outside of it all. Watching what happened between Louis and Harry’s friendship throughout the years because of the larries was straight up awkward as hell. The months before Zayn left was awkward to watch, and after he left, Lilo became super close. Niall got along with all of them I feel, but even now, Harry is the odd one out. He never used to hang out with them outside of 1D obligations and I don’t think they see or talk to Harry much now either. (despite what Niall says to please 1D fans :p.) When you think about it, Harry’s sooooo fucking different from esp Louis and Liam. But let me also make it clear that I think Harry loved being in 1D. Unlike others, (ahem Zebra) he will never bite the hand that fed him. He’ll never discredit that time.

From MM and onwards, Lilo teamed up in writing sessions and got their songs through. (Def prob easier as a twosome.) Louis and Lima are loud and opinionated too, so I can only imagine some of those song discussions. (Not taking away from Lilo’s songwriting talent here, just looking at the big picture). Harry noted recently that he felt interrupted in the band as well. (super surprising lol) Interviews were often a mess, and the only one who had respect for Harry in those scenarios were Niall imo. 

After Harry left the band he took some time off to feel bored he said, but realized fast that he was dying to be in the studio again, ‘cause he had so much he wanted to say. And I think a huge part of that stemmed from him not being able to take time on lyrics and really write. An album a year, writing on the road, Lilo teaming up, with other hired writers putting their touches on each song, I think all of it hindered him to an extent. And Harry said in a recent interview that it def was weird to go into a writing session with strangers trying to be honest. And I think that’s partly why he was so anxious to get back in the saddle, why he was ready fairly quickly and why he was the first one to drop a solo album. He’d been writing for himself, planning, and building up for that moment for a long time. Maybe since he proposed the idea of them taking a break in late 2014. 

Another thing worth noting, in the Behind The Album doc is that he was SO fucking excited that he was in charge. His ideas were listened to. He was the boss, for the first time ever. When they said “Let’s first do Harry’s idea for” and Harry went “yeah, and then we’ll do Harry’s idea for something else, then after that, we’ll do another one of Harry’s ideas!”, like yeah he was joking around, but I also feel like that said so much.. And we can all get it, being in a band, like he said, every single decision was made in a democracy, and it was just time for him to make the desicions. To be a little scared.

And everyone can see the pure joy that’s Harry now. He’s soooooo happy. On stage, in interviews, everywhere. He has an energy now that is just amazing to see, he’s got that extra little spark that I didn’t see the last year or so in 1D. In Harry’s own words: “I’m having the time of my life working this [solo career] out.” and that’s clear as day. I also thought of when Cameron Crowe said that Harry couldn’t WAIT to start his interview with him. That he called him up and was SO enthusiastic, like practically giddy. And this quote from Harry is so heart-warming too. “There was something about playing the album and how happy I was that told them, [his parents] ‘If all I get is to make this music, I’m content.” ❤️ Like he stated in the doc too, he’s totally okay with not being on the level that he was in 1D again. 

And it goes for all the boys you know. I don’t follow their careers closely, but I’ve noted that they’ll all said they’re really happy that they went on this break and that they’re loving the freedom and being solo now, so it’s all good. They all look happy and well. And they’re all doing good which is nice to see. 

So yeah, just some Sunday night thoughts :) 

A little love for the signs (From a Libra sun, Leo moon)
  • Dear Aries: It doesn't matter how dark times are, you are there for me. And I know you will always support me. You can make me happy like no one else can. You can say something that isn't even funny and I have to laugh with you. I could talk all night with you. About anything. You are full of light, full of life. You deserve everything bright.
  • Dear Taurus: Even though I've never really been so close to you to say that, I want you to know that you're worth it. You are beautiful, your smile helps people not to give up. So don't give up on yourself. You're strong and I know you smile through the pain, but it's okay. We all go through that and I wanted to tell you that you're not alone.
  • Dear Gemini: You are funny, you are witty, you always know how to make me laugh. I am inspired by you. You are so sociable, yet you know how to be alone and overthink things. You can do decisions by yourself, you don't hesistate to make the right choice. I admire you for that. Also, your art is beautiful. You are art.
  • Dear Cancer: I know we haven't been best friends. I know we had fights and that you broke my trust too often. But I realized, you are only a human being, just as me. Everyone keeps making mistakes, but no one wants to admit that. I hope for you that you'll be happy in the future. I want you to concentrate more on yourself, not on others because you are you, and no one can be that for you.
  • Dear Leo: Whenever I talk to you, it feels like we understand each other without saying a word. You are passionate and you are optimistic. You are the person I look up to, you brighten everyone's day, yet no one knows if you're dying inside. You are beautiful and you know it. You taught me it's completely fine to love yourself. So do it.
  • Dear Virgo: You're so selfless. You always try to help me, doesn't matter if you understand me or not. I know that sometimes it's hard for you to show that you care about me, but I notice in this little things you do for me that you do care. And that's fine. You're human. It's okay to break down. It's okay to talk to someone. You will get through this all. I'm right here by your side.
  • Dear Libra: I feel like everyone of you is my sister or my brother. You can make me feel special without knowing it. When we're talking about god and the world, it's like I've known you all my life, even if it's just hours. I want you to look at the mirror and say "I'm proud". Be confident. Believe in youself. Only if you try that, no one will stop you from loving yourself and the world.
  • Dear Scorpio: I don't even know where to start. You changed my life. You taught me things in an emotional way I never thought I'd experience. With every wise word you said you took my breath away. It doesn't matter how much time will fly, I will always remember you. You are my first love and you make everything feel so real. Everytime you look at me, I feel special. You taught me how to love someone and I taught you how to love yourself. Be happy. No matter how we're gonna end, I want you to remember us. You deserve the entire universe.
  • Dear Sagittarius: You doubt yourself more than anyone else. You wear that beautiful smile everyday, but inside you don't even know who you are. I have so much fun with you everytime we do something together. Don't let that happiness die. People look up on you. And you have to do your own thing. Don't give a shit what others think. Find out what you need, what you want and what you love. Everything else will come by time.
  • Dear Capricorn: You are one of the stongest yet most broken person I know. Or should I say, pretend to know? You hide your emotions, afraid of being hurt or replaced. I tell you something: There are people who love you and care about you. There is hope. You can have whatever you want in life, if you're just willing to accept your feelings and yourself.
  • Dear Aquarius: Being around you is like jumping from one cloud to another. Everything feels easier. Even maths. Life is easier with you. The weight of all the bad things in life are gone. I don't know how you're able to make me feel like this, but I'm sure it makes you very special and I hope you never stop making people feel like this because it's one of the best feelings ever.
  • Dear Pisces: If I'm sad, I know I can always talk to you. You always have a solution to my problem. Even if it's just a sentence like "It's okay, we will find a way.", it works. It makes me feel better. You're the most selfless person I've ever met and you're always there for your loved ones. Just take care of yourself, too, because your life is as important as the lives of everyone else.

anonymous asked:

Hey Emma! so I'm doing an online class right now, and my problem isn't staying motivated, it's getting motivated to begin. I've tried using the forest app, and all many more study apps for my laptop and phone, but I keep finding myself off track. I'll sit down to work, but find myself on YouTube for an hour without doing anything productive. I've tried so many techniques, but I seriously just can't motivate myself, and I'm starting to get really behind on the class. Can you help me? Thanks!

Hi! I think your problem lies in actual willingness to do the work. Despite trying different things, I’m assuming at the back of your mind you’ve allowed yourself to suffer  the consequences of leaving things because they aren’t that big of a deal. You value the short-term reward over the long-term consequences. In this case, I would recommend setting up a system which removes these distractions entirely and a reinforcement system would provide gratification for completing a task. Here are some steps:

  • look at where you are now - clearly, your lack of motivation is becoming a problem. You’re starting to fall behind and if that continues, you could possibly fail. I think you need to realise that in your current state you might be okay but if you go on in this same pattern you could put yourself in a very tricky situation. I think if you did fail, you’d be mad at yourself and emotional around how the whole situation turned. Do you really value watching a YouTube clip over putting in the effort to pass your class? If yes, that is the problem. If no, then you need to change your method of getting things done.
  • remove distractions - I don’t like leaving my phone in the other room when studying. It has the opposite effect and makes me go and check it when I shouldn’t. Instead, I have it doing something, whether it is Forest or timelapsing. If Forest isn’t working for you, perhaps give timelapsing a go!
  • do nothing - do nothing? What? If you feel like not studying, sit and do nothing for 5 minutes. Don’t go on your phone. Don’t open your laptop. Don’t wander. Sit still for 5 minutes. After a while, you’ll start to get bored and think about how you can be productive. You’ll then be more inspired to write a to do list or finish the reading.
  • log out of everything OR use two accounts on your laptop - a very simple alternative is deleting apps or logging out of your accounts. I think it helps if you just can’t get on them. If you add 2-factor authentication on things, it makes signing in to “check … for 2 minutes” a lot more of a hassle, which will hopefully make you realise what you’re doing and correct the behaviour. I use two accounts on my MacBook - one for university and one for personal. I am not logged into any social media on my university account so, again, I can’t just look for a minute.
  • change of scenery - perhaps where you’re attempting to study just isn’t inspiring you too. Maybe you would prefer heading to a library or coffee shop to get things done. It might motivate you being in a space where other people are being productive. If you can’t do that, try rearranging your study space or adding in some plants, quote, etc!
  • don’t break the chain challenge - you don’t have to study for hours on end but just half an hour or something a day. If you start the 100 days of productivity challenge or a don’t break the chain challenge, you can hold yourself accountable for doing something and hopefully keep yourself motivated.
  • set up a reward system - positive reinforcement and having gratification for your work is going to really help keep you motivated. Before you study, write down what you’re going to do after - e.g. watch those YouTube clips you’ve been wanting too. Instead of giving in, try working towards them. 
  • externalise your goals - your goal is to be more productive and efficient when it comes to your class. By writing this down, you’re more likely to take the steps to complete it. On the same piece of paper, you can write down small things that you could do to achieve it. Keep it somewhere visible so you can remind yourself of what you want to achieve.
  • break it up - it is daunting looking at a whole lot of work to do but try dividing it up. You don’t have to sit for an extended period of time working and focusing constantly. Do 20-30 minutes and then have a break. Take a walk, get a drink, check your phone and then get back into it.
  • put things into perspective - you’re probably thinking to yourself what a massive task this online class is, but most likely it isn’t as big as you think it is. Looking at it in terms of “it is 1 or 2 hours of my time and then I can move on” instead of “Jeez, look at all this stuff. It’s going to take me forever!!” is a good start. You’re probably also thinking that it takes ages to get through it but that is because you’re being unproductive - not the actual workload. If you can get on track, you can be done much sooner than you thought.

I hope this helps. Best of luck with everything! Please let me know if you’ve managed to improve your productivity! xx

EXCLUSIVE || One Direction Star Harry Styles’ Recipes for Success

Styles’ first single “Sign of the Times” to premiere on BBC Radio 1′s Breakfast Show on April 7th

This One Direction star has a sit-down with we of the AAS and spills the deets on the surprising inspiration behind his new solo career!

Harry Styles (23) of the wildly popular One Direction has at long last abandoned his reclusive ways and returned to the folds of society from his top-secret celebrity abode to release a single this coming Friday the 7th of April.

But even a mere 48 hours before the release of his debut single, fans are still confused about what the song might even be about. One anonymous fan commented,

“The cover art for the single honestly scares me a bit. It’s so red! Is it supposed to look like the world is on fire? I mean that’s what mine FEELS like whenever Harry does anything but like, is that what he’s going for? And the title is so apocalyptic. Is he trying to tell us his single is going to bring about the apocalypse? Because like, I believe him, but I also don’t want to die before I’ve heard the rest of his album, you feel?”

Another fan was adamant, and said, “Oh it’s just Harry trying to let us know about his home planet. None of us know exactly where it is or what it looks like, but all that red is supposed to bring up Mars and Martians. He’s been away from his alien family for a long time now, you know? I’m sure he’s feeling homesick.”

Styles recently reaching out and attempting to make contact with his alien relatives in space

We reached out to the star to get his side of things, and Styles explained:

“The title is actually a reference to an experience I had one morning. I had just come back from my morning run, back in the LA home, right? I remember the weather was just lovely. The afternoon heat hadn’t set in yet because it was still pretty early in the morning, but the sky was this beautiful shade of blue that reminded me of Lou’s eyes…And uh, usually I have a smoothie after my run, see, but when I got home and opened the drawer in the fridge to find the kale…because like, everything in the fridge is really carefully organized…there was nothing there! I swear I’d gone to the store and picked up some more, but I couldn’t find anything, and I had no idea what I was supposed to do. Like, how could I have a smoothie without kale blended into it, you know? And then I was like, uh, struck by inspiration and right there in our open-concept kitchen I jotted down the beginnings of the single.”

Styles on set recently filming his introspective music video  

Styles intends to go in a different direction for the single’s music video, however.

Some rather curious pics came out recently, showcasing the young star flying high in the sky with the help of cables and a harness hooked up to a helicopter. Styles explained,

“I eat a lot of free-range grain-fed organic chicken, because it’s good for building muscle, and with this album generally I really wanted to focus on exploring my relationship with the food I consume, and like, figuring out where my sources of nutrition come from you know? So I decided to focus on that in the music video, instead.

I really wanted to like, understand the bird’s perspective, you know? I needed that connection. But to do that I had to become the bird, so they hooked me up to a helicopter and I really get them, now. I feel a lot closer to the birds. They’re like a part of me, and I’ve become one of them. It’s a really beautiful feeling.”

Styles maintaining his natural diet with an order of salad with salad on the side

“To be honest,” the singer confessed, “I try to eat as little meat as possible. I prefer to get my protein from plants or powder blended into my smoothies. I feel bad about eating the poor animals. They didn’t like, ask to be eaten, you know? Especially now that I understand my main source of animal protein so intimately.

That day with the helicopters on set changed me. I’m a changed man. I just hope the fans will be able to experience that same kind of change when they watch the music video. I’m so excited about it. It’s definitely one of my greatest accomplishments so far as an artist.”

The namesake of Styles’ album, “Bullet”

The star continued, “You know, the name of the album is actually inspired by the name of my smoothie blender. It’s a Magic Bullet. It was originally a gift, because I don’t have a lot of time in the morning and it’s convenient, but it’s more than just a smoothie maker now. It’s changed my life and my art. I just wanted to convey that in my album.

In fact, the second single we have planned is one about juice cleansing with smoothies from my Magic Bullet. Smoothies from Booster Juice just aren’t the same, you know? The company just doesn’t understand the artistry. It isn’t just a food. It’s an experience. A way of life. Art in its truest form.

There’s a lot of raw emotion in this album, I think. Just like the raw vegetables I try to sneak onto Lou’s plate. It’s a work in progress. Getting Lou to eat raw vegetables, I mean. Not the album. The album is done, I promise!” 

Tomlinson eating a hamburger in the middle of a concert that a fan threw on stage

The star has received a huge outpouring of support for his solo efforts from fans, industry names, and his loved ones alike, but Styles reveals it doesn’t extend to all corners of his life. 

“I’m in the process of trying to transition Lou and I into an all-raw vegan diet, but he isn’t interested, even when I’ve explained to him the benefits. He just says ‘Sure, love,’ and meets up with the boys to go get some MacDonald’s”.

Tomlinson and his recent collaboration partner Aoki playing a game of collab goals

Louis Tomlinson (25), Styles’ long-term partner of seven years is well known for his disdain of new-age healthy eating trends. Even his love and respect for his friend Steve Aoki (39) didn’t stop Tomlinson from expressing his distaste towards Aoki’s answer of “cold pressed green juices” as his favourite snack.

Styles added, “I’m really grateful for Steve. I think he could be a good influence on Louis’ eating habits. I just wish Lou would let him. I’m beginning to think Lou might be a lost cause. Every time I tell him he needs more green in his life, he just says I’m all the green he needs.

It’s really romantic, but I see him eat his Spaghetti-Os on toast while I’m eating my garden salad and I worry about his cholesterol, or that he might develop diabetes.”

Styles on the Breakfast Show on BBC’s Radio 1

So what can fans look forward to in the future from soloist Harry Styles?

“I can’t say much, but fans should keep an eye out for a companion book for the album. It’s just being finalized now. Let’s just say the book involves step-by-step instructions and lots of pictures, all of which I took. And food. Lots of food. I’ve been getting Lou to test out the instructions in the book to see if they’re easy enough to follow. I’m excited. I really wish I could tell you more but…

Okay. It’s a recipe book. It’s a recipe book with recipes I was thinking about when I was writing and recording the album. It’s vegan and gluten-free, and I hope everybody loves the recipes. I’ll be keeping an eye on social media to see how people make out with the dishes! So I hope the fans watch out for that in the near future!”

Needless to say the star’s solo debut will be massive, so stick around with the AAS for the next big story!

(Massive thanks to everybody in the AAS gc because, as usual, I couldn’t do this without y’all and this goes out to all of you lovely wonderful people. Credits to @organicstunts for nabbing me the pictures and to any of you guys whose quotes I put into the article. Enjoy! 😘❤️)

anonymous asked:

Hi! So I'm trying to convince a friend who isn't really a fan of Abby that she's a precious cinnamon roll. What evidence/arguments/gentle nudging would help to show them the light? :)

You know what? I started writing out a whole long essay of feels about Abby Griffin and why I love her so much, but I realised anything like that was gonna be WAY too long! So here it is condensed into handy bullet pointed list form!

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧  DISCLAIMER

Someone not liking Abby as a character is fine! I don’t expect my fave to be everyone’s fave, and sometimes you get a character who just rubs you the wrong way and you might not even be able to explain why. But, since I was asked, these are some of the reasons *I* love Abby Griffin, and some responses to common criticisms of her (many of which I genuinely think are deeply unfair and based on ridiculously inaccurate interpretations of her character)


she’s a talented Doctor and Scientist

  • she designed the wristbands! the whole ‘sending the 100 to the ground’ thing was LITERALLY HER IDEA IN THE FIRST PLACE THERE WOULD BE NO SHOW without Abby Griffin
  • “the most respected person in this camp" <–direct quote from S2 Kane there
  • when Clarke destroys Mount Weather she immediately wants to use all that tech not for killing Grounders like Pike does, but for opening a hospital and healing Grounders and Sky people alike god whatever happened to THAT storyline btw??
  • saves Nyko’s life
  • saves Raven’s life
  • saves Lincoln’s life with an amazing smart, brave moment of sheer shocklashing badassery, and by doing so…
  • becomes the first person EVER to bring back a Reaper!!! Thus enabling Clarke to win an alliance with the Grounders and presumably becoming a legend with them because she LITERALLY BROUGHT A DUDE BACK FROM THE DEAD YO INDRA DID YOU SEE THAT SHIT
  • saves Finn’s life long-distance over the radio (look we all have our faults but Clarke, Raven and Octavia are equally to blame for this one so no foul to Abby)
  • saves Marcus’ life under the rubble of Tondc
  • saves Roan’s life when he’s shot
  • …literally are you getting my point half the people in the show would be dead if it it weren’t for her
  • keeps Ontari alive (and thus helps Clarke save the world) by CRACKING OPEN HER CHEST AND MANUALLY PUMPING HER HEART look even Murphy was impressed by that

she’s super badass and incredibly brave even without resorting to violence and killing like other characters

  • willing to go to jail and the airlock (!!!) multiple times to try and save the people due to die in the Culling
  • willing to fire herself at the Earth in an ancient rocket cobbled together by Raven just for the chance that she can prove the kids are alive
  • goes to meet Indra, a heavily armed enemy warrior leader, alone and unarmed, and doesn’t back down even with a knife held to her throat
  • climbs into the rubble of Tondc to save people even though she herself was safely out of it
  • saves Raven’s life (again!) by taking the chip when ALIE makes her cut her wrists
  • saves Jackson and Miller’s lives on Science Island by distracting a drone

she’s a devoted, loving and good mother (FUCK YOU I WILL DIE ON THIS HILL)

  • kind of a surrogate mom to Jackson who lost his mom at a young age
  • clearly wants to adopt both Raven and Murphy too
  • willing to move heaven and earth to find Clarke and protect her
  • stands up to Jaha to back Clarke in season two even as he tries to have her deposed and thrown into the stockade because…
  • “I have faith too. In my daughter.” <3<3<3
  • also in season two, defers to Clarke and gives up any chance of finding survivors from the other Ark stations to focus on rescuing the kids in Mount Weather
  • understands why Clarke left post-season two and even though it’s clearly hurting her she doesn’t try and drag her back before ‘she wants to be found’
  • look I don’t want to go too far on this because some of the time Abby DOES show poor judgement and go overboard in trying to protect Clarke?? I can’t deny that but honestly if the worst u can say about Abby Griffin is that she loves her daughter too much then you’re reaching pretty badly tbh, considering other characters have list of faults that literally include ‘torture’ and ‘genocide’

she’s a woman of extraordinary integrity and deeply held ethics, but also pragmatic and not stupid about it

  • “You don’t have to justify yourself. I broke the rules and I accept the consequences” <— direct quote from Abby there and pretty much her philosophy in a nutshell
  • she ALWAYS does what she thinks is right…but she also NEVER shies away from the consequences
  • horrified by what Clarke does in letting Tondc be bombed…but keeps the secret anyway because she knows it’s necessary
  • deeply hurt by Clarke’s coup in S2 and shocked at the change in her daughter…but steps aside for her anyway to avoid more bloodshed from an actual fight
  • haunted and grief stricken by her beloved husband’s death…but was the one to turn him in, because she believed that risking the life of one person she loved couldn’t outweigh the risk of many more lives being lost by his actions

she’s the kindest, sweetest darling

  • befriends Raven, sees potential in her and treats her as an equal and an ally
  • besties with Purest Cinnamon Roll Jackson
  • sees the potential in John Murphy
  • respects and trusts Lincoln as an advisor when she’s Chancellor
  • constantly torn between worry and pride for her wayward daughter but would do anything to keep her safe 
  • forgives Marcus Kane for all the bullshit he put her through and ends up being his biggest supporter and ally and helping him to become a better man
  • constantly trying to heal everyone and save everyone even though she knows she can’t
  • constantly trying to find solutions that don’t involve violence and death
  • wracked with guilt for things she couldn’t have forseen and couldn’t change, worries that she isn’t a good person and doesn’t deserve to survive
  • led Arkadia in three months of real peace, turning a ramshackle camp into a growing, flourishing home even while dealing with her own personal grief over Clarke being missing
  • doesn’t get enough sleep
  • her smile is like the sun coming out from behind the clouds

Abby Griffin in conclusion

  • she’s incredibly smart
  • she’s extraordinarily courageous
  • she’s self-sacrificing
  • she’s kind and compassionate
  • she’s passionately driven and principled
  • she’s willing to get her own hands dirty
  • she takes care of everyone even though no-one ever takes care of her
  • she has to try and be a leader AND a doctor AND a mother all at once and even though it means she’s constantly overworked and has to make impossible choices, she willingly bears the burden of those responsibilities

BONUS ROUND UNDER THE CUT!!! Common reasons people give for disliking Abby, and my response to them! :D

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easy company + flirting
  • luz: definitely either a movie quote or shitty pun that will get you laughing,, mainly to take your mind off of the war but as soon as he realises what he's said, he'll give you that smile that could cure cancer.
  • guarnere: his mama raised no fool so he will treat you with the utmost respect but obviously a little innuendo hurt nobody.
  • liebgott: he says something that's originally meant to be snarky,, probably along the lines of "i'm gonna punch you in the mouth.. softly.. with mine."
  • webster: now he would be the type to romance you, no doubt about it, but before all the initial romancing he would want to find out what makes you tick just so he can have an in depth discussion with you and listen to your every thought.
  • shifty: are you kidding me? this man could just shoot a smile your way and you would be a literal puddle.
  • toye: he loves his brass knuckles - we all know this - but this little shit would probably come up to you in the mess hall and say "my knuckles aren't the only things that are brass." and my god he will give you the biggest shit eating grin and wink at you like nobody else is in the room.
  • lipton: he's the mama hen so he's gotta look out for all his company but he'll stick his neck out for you the most and once the guys tell you what he's doing you'll go off because you're perfectly capable of taking care of yourself but he'll just blush and apologise while confessing why he was mothering you most.
  • speirs: does he even know how ?? like maybe he'll be a little nicer to you than everyone else, not that you'd notice since nobody knows what speirs is like when he's nice. would probs offer you a smoke or something shiny if he's feeling up to having his affections being exposed.
  • perconte: shares all of his tips for having pearly whites and would let you in on where to get a hot bath even if all the buildings are blown up,, one day he'll come up to you and say "i like you more than i like good hygiene."
  • nixon: he'll offer you some of his alcohol and if you don't drink then, perfect, more for him but if you do then he would be more than willing to share.
  • winters: he's not a huge flirt,, really all he will do is pull you to the side away from the others and tell you what a great job you're doing and that easy are lucky to have you on board,, he'll also have a slight smile tugging at his lips - after he compliments you - that he tries to hide,, not from you but the rest of the company.
  • babe: he would (in the nicest way) turn into a bumbling idiot whenever he's around you and he'd get teased by all the guys since he would confide in guarnere and initially that isn't the best thing he could've done since whenever he tries to talk to you, one of the other guys will say something that gets him blushing so furiously his cheeks and hair are a perfect match.
  • roe: he's essentially the backbone of the company so he needs to pay attention to detail although, like lipton, he probably pays more attention to you than he needs to,, not that you mind since he gets you everything you need / haven't asked for / didn't even know you needed yet. got a cold? he'll hit you up with meds. a little chilly? here he comes with blankets.
  • buck: shit man this guy is shameless and doesn't have the time to waste on flirting so he just outright tells you that he likes you but makes sure he has eye contact because his eyes are so pretty that no one can resist them.
  • malarkey: you always offer him company after muck and penkala die because before he would always make sure to give you an extra hand whenever you needed it, he respected that you didn't need him there all the time but the two of you would often be found together helping the other with whatever punishment sobel had to bestow on you,, muck and penkala would notice that the two of you had a connection and would always give an excuse to leave the two of you alone together to which the both of you would roll your eyes at them.
  • muck: muck ?? flirt ??? mans doesn't need to,, he has two of the best wingmen on the planet to do all the work for him,, not that he would admit his actual feelings and what most of malarkey and penkala do is tease him endlessly in front of you but that suits him just fine to see the smile and slight blush on your face at whatever they have to say.

anonymous asked:

I think Louis oversees his Twitter and IG. He seems to have had control of them for a while. He'll post the promo every now and then, but doesn't seem to want that on his accounts. Like he wants it to feel more genuine. So posts won't be made when he's not awake in his timezone. While I think his team isn't great, they're not idiots. I see they know how to properly run artist accounts via their other acts. This seems to be a choice that Louis has made so that he can have control of the accounts.

Hi anon :) 

I’m quite sure you’re not an anon fan but an anon astroturfer, but whatever, let’s give you the benefit of the doubt and explain why this isn’t the case.

There are exactly zero artists who don’t have a social media team at the ready for their socials, especially not ones who have a following of over 28 million people, and have their DMs open (still - why?). Sorry, but that just isn’t realistic. If you want to let go of all logic, fine, but even then - it makes zero sense what you just said. 

First off, let’s take your own logic here. It is indeed obvious that other Syco artists (particularly Syco/Epic artists) their socials are being put to good use. In what world do you consider Louis to have some sort of exclusive position as opposed to these other artists, in which he would able to bargain them not to touch his socials? And even then - why would he want that if they’re doing such a good job for the others? 

It’s more important to note that here’s a very dangerous and frankly, wrong idea that genuineness apparently equates a lack of self-promotion. They are not mutually exclusive. Look at Niall’s account. Does Niall’s account not scream ‘genuine’ to you? He updates us on everything that goes on in his life, and funnily enough, it happens that he’s a singer/songwriter so obviously his job takes up part of his timeline. Why do you think that isn’t genuine? Isn’t he allowed to want success for himself? 

Let’s go back to Louis. Sorry, but when do you think he posts promo? Louis is the only one out of all the boys from 1D, the only one out of all the Epic/Syco artists, who doesn’t have a tweet pinned to his profile about his latest product, ie. his single. He is the only one out of all the 1D boys who hasn’t updates his bio to include info about himself. It’s nice and all that he loves his time in 1D, but it’s not like anyone doubts that. The others have all changed their bios as they set up their solo careers, he should do the same. 

The few times that he did ‘promote’ his single or his shoots were off the mark in that they either didn’t include links, or weren’t built properly (as in, don’t show up for everyone since it starts with @’ing someone). When he released his remix, he only quoted Billboard and didn’t provide a link. When he released his song, he didn’t provide links to it - he only retweeted an Update Account about how people could buy it in AUS/NZ. After a month he suddenly tweeted an Apple Music link. 

And there is no ‘genuine’ content in between. Unless you think tweeting about other people only (Gallaghers/Oasis, Niall promo, or XFactor, or a random videogame that he needs to endorse) and how upset he is about whichever version is played on radio, is ‘genuine’. I could also talk about how Louis DMs Elounor accounts about not posting photos of E’s unretouched butt, but let’s not even go there.

The stuff he does is never ever streamlined/consistent across platforms and it’s usually done only after the fact - like with the TCAs, in the off chance he did actually use his socials to promote whatever it is he’s doing. If you still think that Louis is in charge of his social media, it kind of suggests you think that Louis then is A) not tech-savvy, B) has no interest in promoting his career/wanting to succeed, and mostly C) stupid. 

He isn’t stupid, and he obviously does want to succeed. He loves performing. He loves singing. And of course he wants his music to do well.

And for your timezones argument - I don’t care for it and I really don’t think anyone else has in a long, long time. Besides, we don’t even know where Louis is, so people would have zero clue to ‘check’ if it’s legit, even if they wanted to. He could be in the middle of the Gobi desert for all that we know - it makes zero difference to me when he tweets. As long as he tweets or uses IG at all in a positive way, you won’t hear me about that. 

You know what would be genuine and also geared towards building him up as an artist? Photos of him writing music, of him in a studio, him playing the guitar. 

But we haven’t gotten any of that. No, the ironic thing is that Louis who isn’t supposed to be on a promo cycle, was way more active on IG and Twitter, than Louis who is supposedly doing promo. And if you don’t see how transparently obvious that is, then I can’t help you. 

anonymous asked:

this might sound stupid but I don't understand how cal's actions are seen as a betrayal? His decision to be king is more realistic and also isn't a silver king standing for the equality of reds a good thing? Like wouldn't that mean he can change the laws and make both equal? I'm genuinely asking because I really don't understand. Plus, him not being king means another unjust one will take his place. I'm really confused :')

Cal’s actions are a betrayal because he led the people around him to believe that he was on the Guard’s side. He told Cameron and Farley he didn’t want the crown. I don’t recall if he ever explicitly TOLD Mare he didn’t want to be king or go back to the Silvers, but it kinda sucks that he lead her on and continued his relationship with her and didn’t stop to think how this was all gonna end.

Mare has made it very clear she doesn’t want a king, and for the person she loves to have such a polar opposite view is a betrayal to who she thought he was.

As to your other question, I don’t think Cal is being realistic when he says he’s going to “"make the Reds equal AS king”“ bc that’s not at all what ANY of the Silvers want, and they’re the ones offering this kingship to him. I think the Silvers know they can get Cal to be king and then manipulate him into doing what they want.

Also to the “another unjust king would just take his place” claim, I’m gonna quote my girl Mare on this and ask “why does anyone have to be king at all?” It’s an unjust system and I think for there to be total equality, they have to just get rid the whole thing and start over. Most elite Silvers are still prejudiced against Reds and if they stay in power, no real change is gonna happen.

Hope this helped!

anonymous asked:

I'm not sure if anybody else recognized that during the battle of 7x04 Daenerys & her army brought dark clouds & shadow over the land and it looked as if it was purposefully placed? I'm not sure if this is a foreshadow or to do with her being stormborn but it has me thinking of this quote stated by Jon "The war is not over. And I promise you, friend, the true enemy won’t wait out the storm. He brings the storm." What are your thoughts?

ooh that is interesting! and thank you for asking<3 I had to go back and watch that scene and I think you’re right! it does look like the dothraki army and drogon (&dany) bring the darker clouds with them. of course it might be a coincidence but then again… maybe not. this also reminds me of the beginning of episode 2, when it also looks as if dany has “brought the storm” to dragonstone (and westeros). and I feel like there’s a reason why they decided to emphasize that. 

now that jon quote is definitely interesting. I am one of those people who associate “the song of ice and fire” with white walkers and dragons. two great forces that can bring great destruction. I think everybody watching the show now recognizes the white walkers as a threat, but dragons maybe not so much (ironically it’s the other way around IN the show). and storms have definitely often been associated with something bad happening, exactly what jon is referring to. that’s why I think the fact that dany is so often linked to storms could actually have a deeper meaning/could be foreshadowing. story- and narrative-wise I am a fan of “darker dany”, especially since there seem to have been so many hints towards it for several seasons already. and like daario said, she is a conqueror. historically those haven’t been the most humanitarian or empathetic rulers. not saying dany cannot be empathetic, she has been that as well, just that her empathy doesn’t maybe extend to everyone, especially to people she doesn’t understand.

so maybe “the true enemy” is actually both the ww and the dragons? plus we know that dany isn’t the type to wait out anything, I think she feels that she has kind of done her waiting and is impatient to get what she wants (one of the reasons why she used her dragons in ep 4 for example imo). unknowingly (or maybe not), she could also be bringing the storm.

thank you for this ask, I’m so glad you pointed this out! I hope my answer made some sense haha!

anonymous asked:

can you talk about your fave alec moments from 2a?

Oh man. There’s so much, there’s basically too much – I didn’t actually think there was that much, but wow there’s actually so much because literally every Alec scene is my favourite scene as I am a simple girl with easy standards. But I’ll try to, like, not talk for six thousand years. Let’s see how it goes lmao.

#1 Best Top Alec Scene of All Time Ever: Alec v. Aldertree, 2x09

Oh man. Oh man. This was…this was such a gift…I can’t even describe how I feel about it adequately. Like our boy is a saltine at the best of times, but that aspect is sort of is tempered by his forced respect for authority (which is a whole nother conversation which I’ve talked about a few times) – so against an authority figure, in the past, Alec has been sort of passive-aggressive (for lack of a better word); like in 1x09, he stares down Lydia and hands the folder to his mom against her command, and in 2x01 he still takes Lydia’s dismissal instead of contesting it. So I like this scene especially because you see him coming out of that, but it’s not OOC or anything, firstly because shedding his adherence to authority has been a part of his arc since 1x12 (and was reinforced in 2x08 with his conflicts with his mother), and also – and more significantly imo – it’s because of his family. Isabelle specifically. 

So that “I’ll do anything for my sister,” authoritative, salty as fuck Alec just taking his Institute back that this scene brought out is my favourite ever Alec and I hope he’s here to stay. (Actually, I hope we see him struggle a bit more with his identity as a Shadowhunter, his duty to the Clave and his parents and following orders and the like, since that was a key part of his character in S1 and it would be so cool to see him actually deal with that, but that’s a whole nother thing as well). And leader!Alec has always been my favourite Alec, and there’s nothing more I want to see than Alec being the head of the institute like he deserves to be (seeing a struggle for power between Alec/the Lightwoods/Aldertree would be SO NICE too, and I’m actually really interested to see how power is going to shift hands in 2B in the Institute. Maybe seeing Alec have to navigate the messy quagmire of Shadowhunter/Clave politics which puts him at odds with the others who don’t get how complicated it is because the consequences of any insubordination are going to fall on his shoulders as the leader sorta like how it was in S1. And I’m also kind of interested to see how Alec navigates the whole “preserving the Lightwood honour” thing from last year - how much he values that now compared to the huge lengths he went to for the Lightwood name in the first season. That would be so cool).

And honestly, that smirk and that salty little pat on Aldertree’s shoulder ended my life. It ended my life.

I just put the rest in chronological order but i just had to mention this one first lol so here we goooo

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anonymous asked:

What's the likelihood of 4 hout of 5 band mates engaging in gay relationships? Larry looks inarguable. Anyone with eyes to see knows they are/were in love. But even Ziam? Isn't that....unlikely? Improbable? A horrible experience to the fifth band member?

I can’t believe that you’re seriously asking me this question halfway through 2016. 

Let me help educate you as I don’t let trolls use MY BLOG to push THEIR (transparent) bullshit.

Firstly, don’t project your bullshit on Nialler. He’s been nothing but supportive of his boys.

On to your trolling ask. Quoting myself in previous asks about this topic:

Simply put, they are different couples. You can’t compare one couple you know to another. Different people, different dynamics, different stages of their relationship, different ways to interact from different personalities.

Aside from that, a TON of people can see LouisandHarry but deny anything non-platonic between ZaynandLiam, or if they see something with ZaynandLiam, assume it isn’t a relationship (which is BAFFLING to me).

LouisandHarry sparked as soon as they met, and were as obvious as fireworks. From XF/video diaries it was OBVIOUS something was there, and anyone who looks at 2010 videos can see something’s there. Since everyone was seeing it, they were forced to reel it in/put into the closet and what we see now is restricted interactions, but they still exist (just scroll through any Larry blog, there are still moments, just SLIGHTLY more subtle). Also, I think LouisandHarry have been together longer and have learned other ways of interacting that aren’t obvious touchings or verbal praise.

As for ZaynandLiam, they were a slow flame, and it took Liam a while to figure out what was going on, (cause I think Payzer 1.0 was legit). So LouisandHarry had a couple years on ZaynandLiam and are therefore at different stages in their relationship. Also, Zaynie and Liam got to learn from Harry and Louis and saw the restrictions on them. I think M!M would also have been happy for Ziam interactions because it could be used to normalize Larry interactions, and M!M didn’t realize that the Ziam interactions weren’t just ‘fan service’. Also, let’s be honest, the majority of Zaynie’s interactions in the band come from interacting with Liam or Louis, so M!M have been forcing Zouis together (they are the ones who don’t go out, despite the weed video [which if they really wanted to do damage control, they could make Zouis split up and hang out with different boys rather than each other, but that wouldn’t work with the ‘happily taken with girlfriends narrative], cause God-forbid they have fun without their girlfriends in tow).

Why is this a competition?! These are peoples lives!

One of my good friends met her husband at 16 and dated him for 10 years before they got married. However, she got married after our other friend who ended up dating another friend of ours we went to school with AFTER we finished school. Does this make either relationship less real?!

These are different relationships. I don’t understand this mentality. One is not better than the other.

The funniest part is LOUIS is the CAPTAIN of Ziam, and Harry and Nialler are clearly supportive. THEY don’t have any issue with it. It’s the ‘fans’ that do.

Louis and Harry were like a match, they just sparked and burned hot and heavy, and have settled into who they are as a couple.

Zaynie knew, from that McD’s meal - is my headcanon, and just loved Liam and became his best friend, patiently waiting for Liam to figure it out. And then, Vegas 2012 shows us he did.

Both couples have bee put through the fire, but I’m happy they have each other and the best captain in the form of Niall.

A good response from Sasha on the topic: Heteronormative Bias

Some good posts on the topic: X / X X /  X / X / X / X / X / X

A quote from someone else:

“The “It’s unlikely” argument: At least 4 queer guys out of 5

Well, it’s gonna be simple.

Let’s take a look to the Season 6 of XF (the season before 1D’s) : out of 8 male contestants (live shows), 2 are out gay men (Danyl Johnson and Joe McElderry), 4 are in a glass/light closet (Rikki Loney, Lloyd Daniels, the twins John and Edward), 1 is in a harsh closet (Olly Murs) and 1 I-can’t-know (Jamie Archer). You can check, it’s accurate.

Basically, it means at least 7 men out of 8 are not straight. Well, where are your statistics now ? Let’s face it : could it be simply because the show appeals more to queer guys than straight guys ?”

Now you can go through Ziam posts:


Ziam Masterposts

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New Scenery (Dally x reader)

Imagine spending a day with your bestie Dallas Winston.

Prompt: “Well this is a nice change of scenery.” “It’s a prison cell.” “I was being sarcastic.”; “You know the phrase ‘Ignore it and it will go away’ does not apply to being chased by a dozen cop cars……… me on this.”; “You’re insane” “I know. Isn’t it great?”

Warnings: talk of illegal activities,

 Author: Mare

A/N: Again sorry for not posting on Monday. I knew I had to post today no matter what so here goes something. FYI I found the prompts on Google images so yea. Also, there is an outsiders movie quote. You’ll know it when you see it.

“Hey Dal. What'cha wanna do today?” you say to your best friend, Dallas Winston who was just standing at a street corner smoking a cigarette. “Nothin’ legal man. let’s get outta here.” he responds walking off, you follow.

You guys start walking and Dallas decides that it would be a good idea to start something with Tim Shepard. As they start to get in each others faces you jump in between and pull them apart. “You’re insane.” you say as the two of you walk away.

“I know. Isn't  it great?” he says clearly just being sarcastic. You roll your eyes and the two of you keep walking towards the lot in search of something to do. “You know we should clean up the lot so it looks better” you say.

He obviously ignores you and starts talking about something different. "Hey Y/N. I’m gettin’ a lil hungry. Let’s go swipe a bag of chips or somethin’.“

"Another stupid idea. Ignore it and it just might go away.” you mumble to yourself not knowing Dally can hear you.

“Just for the record, You know the phrase 'Ignore it and it will go away’ does not apply to being chased by a dozen cop cars……… me on this. Just sayin’.” he says.

Now you don’t really remember much of what happens. You remember talking to Dally about places you want to travel to and how your tired of Tulsa. THen you remember Dally saying “you want a new change of scenery.” and then dragging you by your hand. The rest is a blur. Now both you and Dal are in jail and you look at him and you say with sarcasm laced in your voice “Well this is a nice change of scenery, aye Dal.”

It’s a prison cell” he says clearly not getting the message. He sort of scoffs at you and you respond with “I was being sarcastic.”

Something Blue (BTVS 4.09)

This is part of my ongoing Buffyverse Project, where I write notes/meta for every episode in an attempt to better understand the characters and themes of the shows. You can find the BTVS list here and the ATS list here. Gifs are not mine.

I loved that Something Blue allowed us to sympathize with both sides of the Willow vs. Scoobies conflict. I’m annoyed when Willow snaps at everyone and interrupts Buffy and Riley’s date, which forces me to recognize truth when Willow says no one wants to deal with her heartbreak anymore. The episode was also really funny.

We discover in the first scene that Willow has been going to Oz’s place alone. She’s clinging to the relationship and fully expects him to return. This is also when Riley and Buffy really get going, which has to be a painful reminder for Willow. I had forgotten about Willow and Buffy’s conversation in the graveyard and in hindsight find it pretty sad. Some of Buffy’s issues with Riley were already present but she basically never dealt with them. I don’t believe the implosion of their relationship was all on Riley. I think he sensed some real issues but just handled it all wrong. 

Buffy: Riley seems so solid. Like he’s not the type to give a girl grief.

Willow: Get out. Get out while there's still time.

Buffy: I know. I gotta get over the whole bad boy thing. There’s no good there. Seeing Angel in L.A. - even for five minutes - hello to the pain.

Willow: The pain is not a friend.

Buffy: But then I can’t help thinking, isn't that where the fire comes from? Can a nice, safe relationship be that intense? It’s nuts, but part of me believes that real love and passion have to go hand in hand with lots of pain and fighting-

I’ve never gotten the bad boy thing. It’s all cool on television but in real life it’s dealing with a serial cheater at best and visiting a jail at worst. No, thanks. Anyway Buffy definitely has a thing with it which, if I wanted to get analytical, would say goes back to her father and her fear of healthy relationships. Riley could have been forever and committing to that is scary. But when you know Angel or Spike can’t last you don’t really have to commit or face your fears of ending up like your mother. I think Buffy has a lot of issues with Hank (made worse by her first relationship being a nightmare) that go unresolved. I’m not saying Riley and Buffy would have lasted forever, but I don’t think she ever really gave that idea a chance. 

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anonymous asked:

If Kaneki could be Satan/Jesus as the protoganist. What is Amon role then ? Isn't he the second protoganist ? Your mythological background is some high level stuff, so, I would like to know what you are thinking ? And is UI role is only to worship the reaper forever or will he finally overcome the reaper ?

Amon also suffers from a martyr complex, he literally wears a cross around his neck. It’s pretty much the only distinguishing fact of his character design besides his eyebrows. It really can’t get more obvious in that fact.

Every role which Kaneki could be said to have, Amon reflects in some way. While Kaneki is Odin a one eyed wanderer looking for truth, Amon is the one who wanders in a cloak for over half of Re: in what he states himself was him meditating and trying to find some purpose in the world now that he had been robbed of his place as a CCG investigator. 

If Kaneki is a person who suffers from great persecution while being half of two things, ghoul and human. Then so is Amon, and as said before he literally wears a cross around his neck, and in many scenes throws himself into suffering rather than watch his companions. He even just before Takizawa and him are taken, yells at Takizawa to just run away and leave him behind. 

If Kaneki is a demon who was a former angel cast away from paradise, and now seeks to either return to that place or remake the entire world into a new paradise. Then Amon was thrown away from the CCG, and his only method of redeeming himself at the moment is to be of service to his former comrades, to be a savior for Takizawa, or a mentor for Akira. Both of these roles though, are self serving in a way. As Amon did not even spare a thought to see if Takizawa was alright after they were both finally in the same area.

The question is what exactly is the purpose of having two jesuses running around. Well there is something to be said about Ishida liking his foils, Kaneki might as well have a spider web of the characters who foil him at this point. As for Amon being a deuteragonist, I’ve never really believed that to be canon? He’s more like a character that got a lot of screentime in Tokyo Ghoul. If there was a deuteragonist to Kaneki it would probably be Touka, the second female major character. 

Amon’s journey and Kaneki’s journey could be said to be deliberately set up as opposites. When Amon was secure in the CCG Kaneki was thrown out into the world of ghoul’s. When Kaneki was in the security of the CCG it was Amon braving the world of ghouls. 

It could also perhaps be a lesser echo. Rather than somebody like Kaneki who at least actively embraces his cross, Amon is somebody who throws it away to somebody else. If Amon was the deuteragonist of Tokyo Ghoul, than in :Re Takizawa has far surpassed him in screentime, development and importance. Despite being just a minor character in Tokyo Ghoul. 

Which could be seen as bad writing unless it was specifically framed as the point. That Amon does not actually want to live up to the role of a religious zealot, of a scapegoat, of a cross bearer that he has assigned himself. Amon could be a working demonstration that the role of protagonist is not something to be envied. In fact it could be something one runs away from rather than embraces.

Especially since most of what was established of Amon’s character before his massive change broke him, was that he was a person who did not run away no matter the challenge.

Then again I’m not exactly sure on that either. It could be that Amon and Kaneki were just as what they were foreshadowed to be in Tokyo Ghoul with no irony, two people with two keys coming from opposite sides of the ghoul and human world together to unlock the cage together. After all the cage which constrains both humans and ghouls has two locks, one on each end.

As for Ui, I don’t think any character in this manga is doomed. The point I was making when analyzing his worship of the reaper is that his well has run dry. No matter how much he digs in it, he’ll find no water, only dirt.

The CCG’s hope has already been told that his quest is hopeless and yet he continues. Perhaps that could speak of his strength rather than his weakness though, as what Ui is seeking is not to pervert life and death for it’s own sake, but rather to give himself a reason. 

He is not looking for Hairu specifically to revive but rather to give himself a reason to fight. The same way that chaining himself to the reaper gives him an excuse to fight with such passion when people with nothing to protect do not fight to their last.

“There are only two ways that a person can live. Live beautifully or live for the sake of someone beautiful.”

“What about those who have neither?”

“They go mad and die.”

It comes back to Nico’s quote. All Ui really needs to be able to stand, to be able to fight is a reason. He’s trying currently to find that reason in death, in somebody whose already gone.

There are however, other people that Ui could live for. I think if anybody is going to be the one to stand up for the Oggai finally, and see them as children who were manipulated and used rather than evil monsters and weapons is Ui. Especially since if there is a character who is going to learn about the garden reveal it’s Ui. Everyone he loves is either attached to (Take, Sasaki) or from, (Furuta, Arima, Hairu) the garden. 

If he were to find a reason to live in protecting those children, the remnants of the garden. It would at least be less selfish than his current attempts to revive Hairu against her wishes. 

anonymous asked:

Okay I would LOVE to believe all the Escape Room stuff is because it's going to be canon.... but isn't it more likely that Misha is just trolling us?

Q2: I can’t stop laughing over the Gishwhes escape room. It’s so ridiculously hilarious! I know folks have been saying Misha put it together. Do we know that for sure?

Hello lovelies! 

Q1: Absolutely. I wish I could tell you NO OF COURSE IT MEANS DESTIEL IS GOING CANON, but no, of course it does not. It is highly probable that all of it is done to put a smile on our face and a frenzy in the fandom social media outlets, it’s highly probable that it’s done to prick the eyes of those who have eyes deserving of getting pricked, while making the rest of us go OMFG YASSSSS WE LOVE YOU MISHA! (our eyes possibly getting pricked too but in a pleasurable fashion if you get the double entendre of this metaphor that has already gone too far now) (well either way) (mission accomplished) 


And I actually don’t know if Misha himself was in charge of compositing all the items into a pile or wish list in order for the Escape Room to be constructed to his exact specifications (hell he built his own house so he could probably construct the Escape Room from scratch himself) (I just doubt he took the time to) BUT even though it would be lovely to think that he himself chose each item, because our love for him would expand and our chests wouldn’t be able to contain our hearts and he would feel a shock wave of affection just crashing into him for the rest of the year, I think it’s more likely he said something along the lines of This Is The Theme of The Escape Room: SuperWhoLock - go. 

Or even that some devoted minion came to him with this idea and he said - go. 

Or even that it happened as they were building it and random stuff were getting added and a theme emerged from there and Misha said - go. 

What I am fairly certain of, however - because it has his naughty troll paw prints all over it and I think our reactions to this is something that would amuse and entertain no end - is that Misha Collins did say - go. 

Go go go. Make it this. Make it SuperWhoLock with an emphasis on a bisexual colour scheme because OF COURSE HE WOULD! :)

Look at all the other stuff they’re doing with the PR this year, look at the SDCC and look at JiB8, look at how they didn’t want us to think Cas was dead (yeah, I still find Jared’s “slip” rather convenient) and how they’ve incorporated Cas into the foreshadowing of S13. Misha’s been featured in the PR in a way that sets him apart, makes him stand out, and they’ve continually marked out this death as a Big fucking Deal to the brothers and to Dean especially. I mean, they speak about Mary like “Yeah, Dean is convinced there’s nothing that can be done.” Period. That’s it. Whereas the fact that “Cas is lying dead at his feet” and all of these people being taken away being too much is going to send Dean into I Am The Hammer I Eliminate The Threat Mode. Fucking awesome. 

Of course the Escape Room isn’t official PR. It is for FUNNNN. But what it also is, is adding to the accumulating funnies that shouldn’t really have anything to do with rainbows and unicorns, and yet continually do. The Quotes of the Day, that amazing Wonder Woman comment, the ever more amazing S12 Recap Promo Reel that they released (that was so Destiel, family and love heavy that I can’t even), the outspoken way the entire cast now handles the topic of sexuality (Jared even calling out Dean’s affinity for WAITERS - not waitresses) (though granted they’ve done that for a while, Jensen has been more relaxed about it than I think people give him credit for) ALL OF THIS just screams out that they’re not doing it by accident. 

There are too many coincidences for these instances, these official moments of PR, to be coincidental. They know what they’re doing. They’ve always known!

*I bow my goddamn head to it*

They are priming us for what’s up ahead and they are laying the foundation for the GA as well. They are showing themselves relaxed, happy and open minded. Because this is what they’re about, what the show has always been about, and they are so ready to finally bring this story home!

So, in short: I don’t take the Escape Room itself super seriously - it’s totally for shits and giggles - but as part of the whole it’s yet another piece of the gorgeous bisexual/rainbow coloured flag they’re hoisting. And that just makes me smile and smile and smiiiiiile!

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