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How did you get followers? Im still new at this

i get asked this a lot, so i thought meh let’s see if the way i run all my blogs will actually help others out in growing their blogs, give this a read if you’re interested in gaining followers and message me HERE if you need help with anything or have any questions

this may be long af but i only started this blog 8 weeks ago and i have nearly 40k already, and i’m willing to help anyone who is willing to try these steps out :) 

Step 1: Themes. 
in my opinion a theme is just as important as the photos you post, 
having a theme that is easy to navigate (lots of links, tags, about me pages, faves pages ect) give your followers something to do when they come to your blog. (for example with this blog i tag everything into a specific group of photos so people can search my blog for whatever they’re looking for, this means gaining followers with all different interest instead of just a select group of people. check out if you need a theme for your blog…

Step 2: Photos. 
if you haven’t done so already, decide on a “Style” for your blog 
if you want to gain followers fast and get lots of reblogs you’ll need to make a blog style that will reach a lot of people, so although it’s YOUR blog try to reblog or upload photos you think you’re followers would like to see, if you keep doing that people will keep reblogging from you and neutrally their followers might find their way to your blog and follow you.
; if you’re not sure on what popular styles there are the best thing to do is to make your own, reblog anything & everything you love, the followers you gain will love the same things as you and you’ll even be able to talk to your followers more because of so many similar interests. 
(eg - make tag pages for all your favourite movies/bands/tv shows and people who like those things will(maybe) follow you) 

Step 3: Quotes
sometimes people get bored of seeing photos all day long on tumblr, so quotes or text posts can help reach more people, if you can think of your own quotes or funny text posts to make then go for it! (and message me if you do and i’ll boost the notes for you;) personally, sometimes i think quotes can brighten up a blog so much, inspirational quotes do really well, good vibes go a long way! 

Step 4: Tagging 
*only the first 5 tags you use will show up on tumblr so use them wisely* 
your first 5 tags should always be what’s in the photo/post 
(eg. if you have a photo of a red a rose the tags would go like this 
#nature #red #rose #flowers) which then leaves you with one more # for you to put whatever you think will get your photo seen by lots of people. but don’t stop tagging after those 5 because tagging can help organise your blog 
if you have a follower who only followed you because you reblogged photos of cars but wasn’t really interested in anything else you posted, they could then bookmark your #cars page and stay updated with the tag they followed you for. 
themes with search bars work really well if you’re using tags to organise your blog - if you tagged a photo with “#Pink” & “#Flowers” if someone searched your blog for Pink Flowers they would get every single post that contained both tags 
(but bare in mind it also shows any mention of the words not just photos) 

Step 5: Tumblr Groups / Networks 
tumblr networks have been around for a while, but of course if you’re new to tumblr you’ll be new to the whole tumblr group thing or not even realise they exist… tumblr networks are groups will bloggers who all help each other out by queuing/reblogging from your blog. most groups set a follower count restriction for entry, so you wouldn’t be able to join certain groups until you hit your 5k - 10k or even 15k+ follower counts (but there are some groups that accept everyone no matter what they’re follower count is - these groups are usually big bloggers who help out new blogs to understand how to use tumblr and get them started on growing their blog (honestly, the first 5-10k or so is like climbing a mountain and sometimes you just need that little push to get you started, after 5-10k people usually start joining bigger groups where gaining becomes easier and a lot more fun as you meet bloggers along the way. 
some groups also offer activities to do (my group offers Featured Blog Of The Month where every month members of the group help out one person to gain followers if you can get into groups and take part in the activities they offer you may have a chance to win something like that and gain some followers faster 
(message me if you want an invite to the Indie Peach Network

Step 6: Be Active 
being active will help a lot but i know some people can’t be online 24/7 to update their blog often, this is where queues will save your blog, most people will unfollow inactive blogs who haven’t reblogged or uploading anything in the last 3-7 days so keep your queue full up in case you’re unable to get online for whatever reason and you’ll gain followers even while you’re away. 
(if you want to queue more than to 300 limit that tumblr has you can sign up to q+ which will double the limit to 600 or you can pay and queue as much as you want:

Day 6 – Fandom

Pairings: Eren/Mikasa, Shingeki no Kyojin

Rating: T (Language)

Words: 7364

Inspired By: Glitter (Another Infinity), Shissou (Last Alliance), Sayonara Memories (Supercell)

Notes: I won’t lie, I had a hard time coming up with something for this so thanks to Jason who gave me the idea haha Its kinda similar to the meeting online one I did a while ago but everyone seemed to like that one a lot so I assumed noone would mind if I made a longer one :3 The title is spoken by Eleven to River Song in “The Name of the Doctor” which is the series 7 finale of Doctor Who. Queue my endless crying.


You Are Always Here To Me

Sometimes Mikasa really hated going online. It was one of those horrible love/hate relationships where she spent her days wasting her time away on the internet because she couldn’t help herself but she hated what she saw more often than not. Why were people so stupid? Is generally what she asked herself after spending more than a few moments scanning over the posts on her screen. It was something she couldn’t even comprehend. That and people went into tags to look at relevant posts to what they liked, not to see some ignorant post from someone who was really just butt hurt and not actually typing anything that had any truth behind it or logic for that matter.

As Mikasa laid on her stomach on her bed what she really wanted to do was pound her head against something to unsee the stupidity she had to bear witness to. Instead she clicked up on the new post button on her blog, bringing up a blank text on her screen for her to speak her mind for all to see; well, for the people who followed her who actually cared to see that was which was probably slim to none. Whatever. She felt the injustice of it all swirling in the pit of her stomach and she knew she had to get it out somewhere.

She took her OTP very seriously, okay.

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