also i know on the kissing gif


Look, I’ve been revising my will. And with Margaret lost, I’m dividing most of my estate between Ellery and Kevin. I know you don’t want it, but it’s for him. And I don’t want it to put you in an awkward position when some man you used to work with leaves your son a small fortune.

I don’t care much about what we do. But I must say that I’m not into clubs and that kind of fun, most people annoy me and I despise their presence, and I’m also a terrible dancer. I’d rather be alone with you, I know the world would fade away when we’re together but I prefer just us alone. I’m the kind of guy who would take you out on a date to a tea shop or long walks together. To me walking with someone while holding hands sounds a lot better than partying, kissing on a bench in an empty park is something special.