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Random thoughts, but I'm kinda surprised that the promotion of TWP so far is so not very Tudorish? I mean, usually shows about any Tudors are all like "Hey, Tudors!" but not here. It's also has this poster of EOY with white rose, and bleeding and its very Plantagenet/Yorkist image? I dunno, just the whole feel in general so far. Sorry for ramblings. It seems so unusual to me.

You know, I didn’t realize this because I haven’t been following the advertisements besides what comes to my attention on my social media, but I think you’re right they’re not capitalizing on this being the start of the Tudor tale, as it were. Perhaps they just expect the majority of the audience to be those that viewed The White Queen?

I suppose part of this could be related to a growing annoyance and antipathy of history buffs towards Tudor domination and over-saturation – Lucy Worsley’s documentary got some bad reception from those sick of the Tudors and who found she did not deliver anything “new” and groundbreaking. Moreover, there are some people saying the Stuarts will overshadow the Tudors in upcoming years, though that remains to be seen. Frankly, however, the Tudors have always been a huge topic in the history department, well before the Showtime series aired and brought it more to the attention of the American audience.

Similarly, it could just be bad advertising and missed opportunities.


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