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Time for a story - Working mom

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“That sounds like a good offer, but I think we need to discuss the parameters of the collaboration once more,” Mr. Stagg said, leaning back in his leather chair and looking at Felicity with slightly pursed lips. “Since Queen Incorporated is in charge of the project, I think it should carry the risk of failure completely.”

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Reaping’s Hard for the Weak Hearted

spoilers  for cr 115. anyway this is my coping mechanism have fun

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late final fantasy ix week ◦ day iv ◦ favorite boss

I commend your courage, but I will show you no mercy.


“How shall I sum up my life? I think I have been particularly lucky. does that have something to do with faith also? I know my mother always used to say, ‘Good things aren’t supposed to just fall in your lap. God is very generous, but He expects you to do your part first.’ so you have to make that effort. But at the end of a bad time or a huge effort, I’ve always had - how shall I say it? - the prize at the end. My whole life shows that.” Audrey Hepburn (May 4, 1929 - January 20, 1993)

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Topic of mourning chains, I used to think the chains Grell wears are Mourning chains, but they are actually just a bunch of balls on chains, still, there might something more behind them. I know about the "it looks mangosteens", but it seems the 1st time they appeared in the manga was in the campania arc (didn't see them in the JtR arc) and that was also when Ut's chains became relevant, I wonder if they have a hidden meaning... or it's just a kinky chain and Grell doesn't know how to use it.

I’m pretty sure this accessory of Grell is really supposed to be a chain with mangosteens (look also at this post ^^).

And Grell already had it in the Jack the Ripper arc:

So I don’t really think that there’s a connection to Undertaker’s mourning lockets.

The mangosteen is also called “Queen of Fruit” and maybe that’s what Grell identifies with and that’s the reason for this choice of jewelry. ;)

No, I'm not a Frozen fan.

Frozen is now out on DVD, and as I told my Twitter audience, I chose to grab it from a nearby Redbox and see what all the fuss was about.  I’m certain that anything I have to say has already been said, though I’ve tried my best to avoid most spoilers or reviews.  My complaints really have little to do with the “feminism” arguments that I know I’ve seen floating around, or whether or not it was the first movie to accomplish this or that, about romantic love or familial love, or whatever.  Whether it was the first or the last to accomplish any of these things are not my concern.  My question going into it was whether or not any of it had been done before, but rather whether or not its execution is any good.  And in my opinion, it was unfortunately the latter of the two.  Some may wonder if, since I’m still associated with Channel Awesome, whether or not I’ve seen other producers’ comments on the movie, including those that Doug Walker have made.  I have not, specifically because I thought that Frozen was important enough that I give it the clean slate opportunity without outside influence as best as I possibly could.  All I knew about the movie going into it were a whole bunch of animated GIFs that Tumblr wouldn’t stop posting, and I’d heard Let It Go a few times, no thanks to the radio at work playing it (and I was mad because I was really trying to avoid it so that I could hear it in the context of the movie first).  Perhaps one day I could turn this blog into a video or something.  For now, this is where it is.

So, alright, here we go.

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I’m super excited. I ordered Way Too Wonderland Lizzie Hearts on Friday. And this Doll is simply gorgeous. It seems like they fixed her hair problem from her core doll to this doll. Her core doll had a problem with her hair not being rooted properly so when you brush it quite a bit of hair would come out.

So I opened the Amazon box and the box she comes in is simply gorgeous. she’s posed super cutely too.

She comes with this card thing that seems to indicate her graduation? I thought the Way Too Wonderland line was supposed to be them saving Wonderland from the Evil Queens spell, but heck I don’t know what’s going to come first, but the picture on the card is super cute.

When I took her out of the package it’s pretty clear to see that her outfit is in two pieces but its super adorable. 

Also Her little clock and her head piece are fantastic. The lower part of her outfit is covered with such a cute design with the hearts and the cards. Her tights really pull the outfit together too.

Her shoes are absolutely adorable. Gold with the light pink heart at the center of her foot, I love the shoes and I’m not sure how well the details come across in the picture.

Also her hair is super cute. I’ll probably fix her fringes at a later date. I really like the purple in her hair. It just adds a little something extra. Plus her Flamingo crown is just so whimsical it’s perfect for Lizzie.


Lizzie Hearts Way Too Wonderland and her core doll. ((I’ve done some work on the core doll. I’m not quite happy with her hair just yet though.))