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Things about 10x08 "Hibbing 911" - Thoughts during Re-Watch

Finally found time to re-watch this week’s episode and there are some things I had picked up on during first watch already and thought “well, that could be some nice foreshadowing”, which in some instances - now that we got a promo and the sneak peek - I think have most def been foreshadowing.

I guess most of this has been covered already, so my ramblings might not provide any new insight. I felt like writing them down nonetheless.

1) In all of the Deputy Douche scenes there was an awful lot of emphasis on the word “straight”. The deputy actually to me seemed intrested in Dean. It reminded me of “Yellow Fever” when Dean was flirting with the police officer.

2) A lot more emphasis on “real” vs. “fake” which to me pushes the thought of Dean losing the ability to distinguish between both as I talked about here as well.

3) More Dean and Sam framed in the same shot with exit signs, whcih fits to the “story” and “play” set up of the season as well I know realize. Just remember Crowley’s “Exit stage Crowely” for example.

4) The “Sheriffs Retreat” to me sort of has a rehab feel to it. I know this sounds crazy but I think it’s actually fitting to the story the episode told and how Dean’s behaviour in relation to the MoC has been framed as an addiction. When Len (is his name written that way???)  is standing on stage welcoming all the other sheriffs to me it felt like he was about to say:

“Hi, my name is Len and I am an alcoholic… vampire”

I also found that his request for every sheriff to find himself/herself a partner for the weekend had a rather “sponsor”-vibe in a similar way to how Dean and Benny used to tell each other “to keep their nose clean” (oh purgatory what massive foreshadowing you were - I’ll never be over that fact).

In that regard I actually found it fitting that Donna and Joy shared some of their troubles with one another and provided a strong shoulder - as a good sponsor should, I guess.

On top of that and in relation to the drug and addiction metaphors the second vampire victim fits in as well, because apparently he was believed to have stopped smoking, but his addiction pulled him back in - and by extension was the reason for him to be outside and get interested in the noise from within the trash bin, which in the end was what get him killed.

It draws a line of how a relapse can in worst case scenario means death.

And then of course we have Len, whose name loosely rhymes with Dean, as Dean’s mirror character, who tried to lead a cleaner life but was pulled back under by his past, because instead of addressing his issues and working through them he just ran. Similarly Dean has not been able and ready to work through all of his traumas and the reasons that lead to him taking on the mark in the first place. If you take into account how Len’s story ends, it doesn’t bode well for Dean’s. Since Dean has been writing a tragedy and doesn’t include a light at the end of the tunnel.

That being said. Len fought against his darkness. Similarly to how Dean is trying to keep the MoC induced urges at bay. Looking at the promo and sneak peek we know now that he is fighting a bitter fight here and that he might be close to losing it. Though he tries to tell himself - maybe because he wants to believe it so bad himself (which makes infinitely more tragic) - it’s “nothing he can’t handle” when Jody asks if he’s alright and that she’s there if he needs to talk.

The whole ending scene is majorly related to what I think might be a recurring nightmare Dean’s been having ever since he came back and which we got glimpses of in the sneak peek for 10x09.

Len’s past is catching up with him, tempting him, reminding him, what he is.

“A vampire who doesn’t eat is like a tiger eating salad.”

There is a parallel going on here to Dean suddenly trying to fill the hole and darkness within with burgers, etc. He feeds himself, so he doesn’t feed the mark.

Len’s old family tries to pull him back in, to join them again - which is btw also a parallel to how Cain was brought to pick the first blade back up.

The girl is telling him they are about to have a bloodbath. Aside from Len kneeling on the floor looking utterly lost this line fits to the nightmare spec I linked to above. Maybe Dean has really vivid nightmares in which he wakes up in shock realizing he has killed all his loved ones, which would fit heartbreakingly to what’s Len is told by someone from his past:

“Oh, we are not killing anybody…”

The important thing however to me is that he didn’t relapse, the who he is won over the what he is. And that I think will be important for Dean as well. In the S9 finale he died because he didn’t want to turn into what the MoC was turning him into and he doesn’t want that to happen again. Len was told

“We love you brother but we don’t know who you are anymore. […] Can’t say we didn’t try.”

Some might think this is a parallel to what Sam or Cas might think. I think it’s what is going on within Dean. He doesn’t know who he is anymore. That shows in so many different instances. ;__;

All of this screams for a revisiting of the season finale - and I remain positive about the fact that Dean is immortal and could only die by the first blade - since he is a knight. Him carrying the MoC makes it special though. Cain couldn’t kill himself with the blade, he wants Dean to do it. That’s why I assume Dean carries the same load Cain carries. Like I said a million times by now however I think Cas will sacrifice his grace for Dean the way Sally on Being Human sacrificed her soul for Aidan (x). Yes, I still believe in the soul-grace-melt (x, x). Even if it’s probably not going to be the case. ;)