also i know i posted a selfie yesterday but this is the last one in a while i promise

Long Distance with Jin

So I made a post about this yesterday and everyone said I should do the series and I really wanted to do it too so I figured I would, I also wanna say thank you to everyone for giving the last series so much love, it means so so much to me, onto the post, to start us off as he always does is the first member of the hyung line, half of Jinkook, an amazingly sweet cutie pie with the sweetest smile, his smile is so warm and welcoming and it lights up his entire face and I love it so much, Kim Seokjin aka Jin

  • So this series is gonna be about a long distance relationship (ldr for short) with the boys
  • This is gonna involve college!Jin (here) which features youtuber!Jin (here) for everyone that hasn’t read the original posts, he has a food channel where he does cooking videos but also eating shows/mukbangs and taste tests and all the things lovely and he’s a cooking major
  • You two had been dating for a while when you went long distance
  • You meet while you’re in college when you take the same class as him and things just go from there and you live together in a teeny tiny apartment for a good chunk of time before you have to move
  • You were gonna be studying abroad for a couple semesters, your entire trip would last for a year and for any couple, a year apart from each other is a long time but especially so when you’re recently engaged and are in that extra lovey dovey stage of engagement where you want to do nothing but hold him and plan the wedding 
  • But you had been saving up for this for so long and you’d planned it out long before you’d even met Jin so you decide to go, with the encouragement of Jin
  • Of course he wants you to stay with him, who wants to not be able to see their loved one for so long but he knows how much this means to you
  • He still remembers talking about it on your first date and seeing your eyes light up and he wanted this for you just as much as you wanted it bc one of the most important things to Jin is that you’re happy and content
  • He doesn’t want you to look back in twenty years and regret not traveling and seeing the world more or doing what you wanted to do when you had the chance to do it so he’s one hundred percent supportive of it
  • Saying goodbye is s o hard for both of you, he’s trying to cheer you up the entire day but you know that he’s just as upset as you are
  • You can tell by the fact that he keeps stalling, asking if you have everything, did you forget your phone, charger, did you pack some snacks, some gum???
  • When he hugs you, he holds on so tightly and he nuzzles his nose into your neck and he’s honestly ready to go buy his own ticket and fly with you bc he doesn’t wanna say goodbye yet but he’s got a job and his own classes and family
  • He does tear up when he knows he can’t go with you any further but he tries to remind himself that you’ll have so much fun and that you’ve wanted this for so long and that it’s not that long
  • “They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?? That means I’ll love you even more after this” 
  • You give him another hug and a kiss and promise to call him when you land bc you’re gonna miss your flight if you stall any longer but you still don’t wanna leave his arms just yet so you let him walk you a bit further before you two have to say goodbye
  • The entire first night abroad, you’re on the phone with Jin and he’s making you laugh and being so positive but you can still hear that his voice has a bit of sadness in it so you turn the conversation serious bc you don’t want him sad
  • You two talk it out and you promise you can Skype or Facetime or just call each other every day so it’ll be like you’re still there in your tiny lil apartment that had become home
  • “I’ll always come home to you, who’s gonna be your taste tester??”
  • He finally laughs and then you start feeling so much better and so does he
  • It takes the both of you a couple weeks to get used to not being in each other’s space anymore
  • After living with him for two years, you had gotten used to waking up every morning to his warm arms and the soft kisses and making breakfast together and having him there to joke around with
  • You still had a roommate and you knew that Jungkook was staying with Jin for a couple weeks so neither of you were alone but it obviously wasn’t the same
  • You started watching his videos a lot more, you had always watched his newest ones but now you started to watch the older ones as well and that helped a lot, seeing him so happy and in his element and seeing the way he was such a natural and made everything seem so simple and easy
  • There’s daily communication to help make the distance seem shorter, sometimes you two will have your Skype up while you study so you can study together like you did in the apartment or while you cook bc then he can playfully scold you whenever you do something wrong
  • He’s constantly sending selfies/pictures with anything he’s around, whether it’s your favorite restaurant or the boys or whatever he made for dinner that night
  • You send him plenty of pictures back, especially of the scenery bc it’s a new city, new country, new everything so you wanna share your experience with him
  • Always always a l w a y s sends a good morning/night text
  • “Good morning<3″
  • “Jin, it’s 8 p.m. there”
  • “But it’s morning for you and I wanted you to wake up to a cute good morning message”
  • He has to visit you bc he can’t go a year with you in another country so during winter break, he flies over to spend his break with you and he does the same for spring break
  • You two hug for a good ten minutes and he doesn’t stop kissing you the rest of the day when he gets there and you wanna show him everything
  • It’s that one scene where you’re staring at the scenery and talking about how beautiful it is but he’s only looking at you
  • He’s always really affectionate so just imagine what he’s like after not seeing you for a few months, he’s not letting go ever again
  • He’s so so happy to be able to see the places you’d sent him pictures of and he loves seeing the city through your eyes and finding out what all of your favorite places are, your favorite restaurant, cafe, stores, hang out spots 
  • “Maybe one day, we’ll buy a home here”
  • “I like our home now”
  • “I like anywhere you are”

Hey Guys! So yesterday, I got to see and meet one of my favorite bands, Bad Suns, live. It was utterly amazing so I’m gonna talk about it. 

So I got to the venue around 4 PM, it was a little bar with a capacity of 200 people and we were the first to arrive and the only people there till 8:30! But it was really fun we just chilled at the bar and talked to the cool bartender and ate some really great mac and cheese.

Anyways, around 6:15 Bad Suns pulled up in their van, and obviously, as tradition, I took a selfie with it so we edged closer to the van and all the boys saw us and I’m not sure if they were in the right state of mind or just didnt know how to really interact with us but we were just kinda standing next to them for a minute and then i spoke up to Miles (MY FAVE BBY OMG) and I’m like “Hey Miles, can I please get a picture?” and he’s like “Of course" 


so we took this picture and I’m like "Thanks, I can’t wait to see you guys tonight” and he’s like “Cool I’ll see you then” but no i saw him many times before you will see.. so then they were unloading stuff from the car and their manager was like “no more pictures for now” so I went back inside the bar and chilled 

So we were sitting somewhat by the bathrooms so I SAW THE BOYS SOOO MANY TIMES THAT DAY AND HERE ARE THE PICTURES I GOT

so first boy to walk out oh so casually was Christo and I got him a Coke that said “share a coke with Chris” and here I took a selfie with it so no one can claim they gave it to him whatevsso yeah when i gave him the coke i was like “I wish I could share it with you” really sarcastically and he got I was joking ok he laughed and was like “ooh sure” anyways so first picture we took was v blurry but here it is but yeah he’s holding the coke bottle and I feel accomplished but then I was like “can we take another one but can I kiss your cheek” and he’s like “aww I’m really sorry but If I let you do that my girlfriend would get mad” so I’m like “ok no problem, nice meeting you" 

BUT THEN I SAW THE PICTURE WAS BLURRY AND WASNT OK WITH THAT so the next time he walked by I made my cousin (who doesnt really care for them) ask for a picture so I could hop in 

so here’s that

Next to walk by was Ray and HES SO SWEET OMG

He was by far the friendliest and after the picture he asked me what my name was then initiated hand shaking then was like "well thank you so much for coming out I hope you enjoy the show”

Next I met Gavin and what a cutie!!!!! omg 

he is so adorable look at him throwing up the peace sign awww 

then christo walked by again and look what he’s holding!!! my coke bottle which he was drinking from!! 

and then I saw Miles walk out a couple times but he seemed rushed so i was like watevaa but then when he just casually walked by us the last time I’m like “Hey Miles, can we take a selfie!” and he’s like “yea sure!” so I took the selfie and then I’m like “can I kiss your cheek for another one?” and he’s like “yeah no problem” and I’m like freaking out mentally and then I kissed him while taking a selfie and it didnt work!! 

so then after my friend took a picture with him I’m like can we please redo that? and he laughed and was like “come here” so then we got this beautiful thing

he is so gorgeous

so then we waited in line (I was first) for like 30 more mins and then they allowed us in AND THERE WAS NO BARRIER IT WAS LITERALLY ME RIGHT INFRONT OF THE MIC


so thats freaking amazing. Their openers Colony House were absolutely so so so great!! i was not expecting that but I was totally Wowed by them!

so Bad Suns went on and one word: phenomenal. 

I also talked to Gavin and Ray from the stage!!

ill upload videos in another post and I promise you I’m not kidding but Christo made eye contact with myself and my friend a lot during their performance as we were part of the few in the tiny venue that actually knew their lyrics. During one song, his mic popped up and he smiled at me cause I was laughing when that happened. 

After the show I met all the boys from Colony House whom I also met before their set, I also have a group picture with all of them! 

As for merch, I bought a Colony House EP (which they all signed) and a T-shirt (which they also all signed) and for Bad Suns, I bought the white one that says Bad Suns then Bad Suns backwards below it crossed out


we took a selfie and he signed my album, then we talked about the show, them touring with New Politics in Fall, and his debuting of his pants (which he bought “2 days ago from H&M for $5” ) then we said our good byes and he gave me such a long hug!! but srsly, what. a. chill. guy. 

Then we were leaving the venue we passes Christo and none of us even acknowledged him?? like i dont think we processed it but he stopped us and was like “hey guys how’d u like the show?” and I’m like you were so amazing! and my mom started talking to him, then we took a selfie and he signed my album and my T-shirt and then I’m like “by the way I got you something else, and i pulled out a triple pack of gum and a letter I wrote for all of them and he’s like "yes!! i always need gum!!” and I’m like “I know! you asked for some on stage once when touring with the 1975” and he’s like “thats really nice thank you” and I’m like “alright Christo, can i get a hug then I will leave you alone?” and he’s like of course and then he gave me a hug! and also, here I am on Colony House’s Instagram! 

overall, what an amazing show. I feel so lucky to have actually met not only Colony House but especially Bad Suns as I know they are gonna be so big very soon, I really hope to see them in the near future!