also i know daniel's lantern isn't electric i just wanted to do the effect anyway


The lights were, for the most part, off inside the house. The man who lived there was having a quiet night to himself, with only an old lantern to illuminate his book. He heard the sound of shuffling near the front door, but thought nothing of it. It was most likely the otherworldly creature that resided with him…but there was a lack of metal creaking or elongated groaning noises.

Of course he oiled the metal several times a week, but it was still noticeable whenever the Brute walked.

The young man began to feel a little tense, and grabbed his lantern. The familiarity of being alone in the dark with someone - or something - he didn’t know came crawling back to him.

As he neared the front area of his home, the noises got louder. There was strange grunting and huffing. Against his better judgement, Daniel called out into the darkness.

“Is someone there…?”