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Sing to Me

A soulmate one shot I took a long time to write, I’m sorry it took so long, but I hope it was worth it.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

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You live in the heart of the city of Seoul. Cars fly over the tarmac roads and people talk loudly in the busy streets. They say that cities never sleep, and that is true. They’re loud, and polluted, and lights shine from the moment you wake to the moment you lay your head to rest. But none of that can chase away your thoughts, nothing can drown out the sound of him.

Soulmates live in this world, it’s bizarre, not not even the more intelligent of those around us can understand why such a concept exists. It just does, and everyone’s story is different.

Your Mother used to tell you of the way her eyes would change colour according to the shade of your father’s hair. She never fails to tell you the story of how she woke up in astonishment to an unflattering shade of green.

Your friend told you that she has a clock etched on her skin, it’s unclear what it means, but you both suspect it’s the time zone that her soulmate lives in.

But you? Well, you can hear your soulmate when he sings.

His voice rings in your head louder than any sound can drown out. And at first, you tried everything. You tried blasting music through headphones, sleeping, running in the loud city sounds. But nothing could stop his voice from reaching every corner of your mind.

As a child, you loved to hear him sing, as you grew older, it frustrated you more than anything. Now? Well, you’ve found peace with it. Whenever his gentle, angelic voice starts, you feel yourself relax. He’ll sing a bit of everything, but you like it best when he’s bellowing his vocal chords to romantic ballad songs.

It’s hard to describe his voice to someone, and you’ve tried many times. It changes like the weather, sometimes he’s singing silvery, so soft and light it’s beautiful, other times it’s deep and low, like literal singing sex.

It made you wonder what you were to him. Could he hear you when your strident voice emitted while you showered? Or when you were drunk and messing with your friends loudly in the streets?

You sighed as you pulled your books closer to your chest, walking towards your next class when your head filled with his voice.

For a moment, it was in your head, or so you thought. But then you realised, other people had stopped, and that was when it occurred to you that this time, the voice wasn’t just in your head. Unconsciously, you stepped towards the room where the voice sounded.

You pushed open the door to see the face to the voice you have always heard.

He sat on a desk of an empty maths classroom. He looked so focused, only to be snapped from it no you’d disturbed him. His candy floss pink hair shifted from his brown eyes as he looked at you. He put his sheet of music on the desk and slid so he was simply leaning, shoving his hands in his black jean pockets.

“Can I help you?” He sounded so casual, while you felt like you were about to faint.

“You… I’ve heard… You’re my soulmate right?”

You sounded like an idiot, you felt like a bigger one. You looked at him still, even through the pounding of your heart. He frowned.

“Sing to me, please.” He stated, it was hardly a question.

You frowned, “Me?”

“No, I was talking to the poster behind you- yes, you.”

His sarcasm made you scowl, but you took in a deep breath anyway. There was no way you could match his voice, there was no way you could even compare.

You sang a few lines, you stopped when you saw his eyes turn wide; he looked like a deep in headlights.

“You weren’t shitting me.” He breathed.

“Why would I do something like that?”

“I’m popular, you know, girls have tried this crap on me before.” he stood up and walked over to you, his hands still in his pocket. He stopped stepping when he was stood before you.

“Well, it’s a good thing you’re not stupid enough to believe them.” You responded, feeling a little breathless.

“It is a good thing.” He agreed, placing a hand on your cheek. His thumb brushed against your skin, and his eyes scanned your face. His eyes were lit like fireflies, filled with interest. His lips pouted slightly, as though he was thinking, then he smiled, and the pink in his hair flooded against his cheeks.

“I must say, you’re much more beautiful than your voice.”

“Excuse me?” You responded playfully, it was clear to you that he knew that music really wasn’t your speciality after all this time.

“Let’s just say I don’t think you’ll be winning the x factor any time soon. I’d also like to mention how inconvenient your timing is to start singing. One time, you starting singing overdose while I was in the middle of an exam, that’s if you can even call it singing, you sounded like a cat being run over by a lawn mower.”

You hit his shoulder lightly, pushing him back, laughter filling the room from both of you.

“Alright, there’s no need to be rude. I pride myself very much in my singing ability.” You told him, and he smiled.

“Me too.”

“Your voice is incredible, I mean, really.” You tell him, and his hand that was once on your cheek was now in his hair, rubbing the back of his head as the pink dusted back against his cheeks.

“You think? I mean, I guess so. I wrote you a song actually… Do you maybe want to hear it?”

It was though someone had punched you in the gut, sending your heart to your throat, you nodded, voiceless.

“I want something else before I can do that though.”

“What’s that?” You asked him.

“A date.” He stated.

“Then what are you waiting for.”

He didn’t need telling twice.

It was the middle of the day, the sun shining highly against the city buildings. You had classes to be at, teachers to please, but none of that mattered as he took you by the hand, pulling you to the doors and walking you into a new world, his world.

Dangerous Woman Tour Full Review (Including Full Song-By-Song Breakdown and Videos) of

Helloooooo here with my Dangerous Woman Tour Review. It’s ridiculously long so I made it a “Read More” post. Please reblog if you read, because I put a TON of effort into this and therefore would like to spread it to as many people as possible to make this worth it lol. This review includes my opinions on basically every aspect of the show, as well as a song-by-song breakdown and lots and lots of videos. Let me know if you have any questions, I can answer anything!

DISCLAIMER: my opinions literally don’t matter and you may hold different ones and that’s all good you do you

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Six Birthdays

Father!Dean x Daughter!Reader? - You also requested a mute daughter, so here goes nothing. I sincerely hope I did okay. If not, I’m so sorry!

You’d been waiting for five hours. Five hours now, and your father still wasn’t home. It wasn’t like this wasn’t normal; sometimes you would wait longer than that. Days, weeks. But it was different this time…today was your birthday. Your eighteenth birthday, and neither your father or uncle were home to share it with you. 

As you looked at your wristwatch, the wristwatch your father gave you, the tears started to fall as the minutes left on your birthday were diminishing. Only five minutes left.

As much as you loved the both of them, you hated this life. You wanted friends, a boyfriend, hell even an ex-boyfriend would be enough to suffice. You just wanted normal. But you weren’t ever going to get that.

But let’s be honest; you weren’t ever normal to begin with. When you were eight years old you were diagnosed with laryngitis and your vocal chords couldn’t be saved. You haven’t talked since then. It was hard at first, because you were so young. You could barely read and write and it was extremely hard to express yourself. But it got easier when you got older. You just wrote everything, you even learned sign language, but your dad and uncle never got really good at it. So you wrote. 

Now, sitting on the steps of the entrance of the bunker, you thought that your only shot at normal would be to leave. Leave the bunker, leave your father, leave Sam. That was the only way.

But you weren’t cruel; you wouldn’t leave without saying goodbye. So, for now, as you waited for them, you started packing your bags. You took everything; from your clothes right down to your bag of Cheetos neither of them were allowed to touch. As you wrote out a note, you sat on the steps again and waited.

It wasn’t until two hours later that you heard the familiar sound of the Impala pull up and it was hard to hold back the tears that were threatening to fall already. You could hear them talking…they were arguing. About what, you didn’t know, but it became more clear as they neared the door. 

“She’s gonna hate me, Sam,” You heard him growl. You lowered your head, knowing the guilt was going to come quicker to you than you thought.

“Just talk to her, Dean. She won’t hate you. We just had a little more trouble than normal taking those things out tonight. You can’t help that.”

You kept your back to them as you heard the door open and you could hear him sigh. You closed your eyes…this was more painful than you thought it would be.

“Y/N?” He said it softly as he looked at the duffel bags next to you. “Honey, I’m so sorry.”

You took a deep breath and stood up, then picked up the bags and slung them over you shoulder as you held the note out to him. You had never wanted to yell more than you did now. But you couldn’t, so you started angrily signing to him. 

“Whoa, whoa, Y/N. You’re going to fast. I can’t understand you.”

“She said ‘read it’, Dean.” Sam muttered as he looked at you with pain in his eyes. “She can’t do this anymore.”

“I’m sorry about your birthday, Y/N. You know I would never intentionally miss it.”

You started signing again, more towards your uncle, because he had learned more.

“Six birthdays,” Sam whispered. “You’ve missed six birthdays in a row.”

He lowered his head and you could see tears falling from his eyes. 

“Just read it,” Sam said as he looked at you. “She says ‘just read it’.”

By now you were fully crying, trying to be as strong as you could, but even though you were mad at him it was hard to see him in pain. Pain that you inflicted on him. You watched him as he looked down and covered his mouth as he read the words. You knew this was going to be hard, but you wanted a better life.

You said them along in your head as he read them.

Daddy, let me go.

“Y/N, please, let’s just talk about this-” You held a hand up, signaling him to stop. And he did. Then you looked over at your uncle and nodded, telling him to translate for you.

As you started moving your hands, the tears kept falling. “I love you, Dad,” Sam started. “But I need to take care of myself. This life isn’t for me. It never has been. You always said you wanted something more for me. This is more. I want a normal life…as normal as it can be with how I am. I want a normal job and I want to pay bills like a normal person. I want to start dating someone, and I want  a dog, maybe a cat. But I can’t have that living with you all here. I love both of you, so much, you have to understand that. But I need you to let me go.”

And they did. 

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A/N: So I started writing this intending it to be no more than a page long… 3 pages and several hours later I finally stop and mentally slap myself because I have no self restraint… Enjoy!

Summary: Chase can’t handle how defenseless Jack is around him. And proceed’s to contemplate why he won’t just kick his ass. (fluff/ mostly thought process, kinda foreplay-ish/ Ish/ Chack/ more fluff/ sassy Jack/ kinda ooc but not outside the realms of possibility/ written at 12 am/ spell checked at 4 am)

Chase stared blankly at the redhead that kneeled before him. Back turned, all forms of defenses  completely shut down, he couldn’t believe that anyone could ever be this relaxed around him. Even his warrior cats knew better than to drop their guard around the Draconic Prince of darkness. But Jack Spicer, self proclaimed evil boy genius, just sat there, tinkering with his boots like Chase wasn’t even there.

The taller more threatening presence crossed his arms growing irritated by this unfathomable idiotic fanboy before him. “.. and so I was like…” Oh right he was blabbering to Chase, he forgot that the flame red head had broken his ability to be silent for more than a minute around the Lord of Darkness, the flattery was charming almost adorable at first, but the endless prattle soon wore thin on Chase’s nerves.

“What are you even doing to your shoes, Spicer?” Before he could stop himself Chase had allowed himself to change whatever topic the boy was on before into a tangent that the boy would undoubtedly imagine that he was remotely interested in.

The twinkle in his owlette eyes suggested just that as his head spun to the unearthly being who stood on the marble platform of the stairs that he had just decided to rest himself on. “Do you really want to know?!” He practically squealed. Though Chase had anticipated an ungodly fanboy response to his slip of the tongue he hadn’t imagined that Jack would take it so much to heart as he did. He had half listened to the child’s rants before…. hadn’t he?

Seeing that Chase held a stern look of concentration of trying to recall the last time he had actually listened to a word that came out of the acclaimed genius’s, said genius took it as an okay to continue on his pre-planned spiel that he had undoubtedly practiced with his robots.

Despite deep consideration Chase couldn’t think of a single instance where the boy before him had held his interest long enough to provide reason to leave him alive. So why did Chase leave the boy unharmed? What on earth could possibly be holding him back from tearing out the red-heads vocal chords? He had several issues with those on the heylin side of the scale, he also had an ample amount of potential fans and proteges. So what was so special about Spicer?

Gold eyes pierced down to the red-head that held an excited twinkle in his eyes, holding up his boot to explain the science that he was inventing into his footwear. The largest child smile that almost seemed innocent placed itself upon the boy’s pale skin. The only thing that really kept this child on the Heylin side was a spoiled sense of reality.  Chase frowned at the boy’s obvious misplacement on the Heylin side of the cosmic scales.

Then red caught onto gold. Jack stopped his rant as he looked up into Chases glare that seemed to almost pass through him and frowned, relaxing his excited muscles into disappointment. The sudden change of extremes of body expression both irritated and shocked Chase. Jack Spicer still felt comfortable enough around the Demonic Heylin Lord to allow his emotions to control his body language. Even the wall he had built against the Xiaolin monks was obviously broken when they were alone.

“Chase!” Jack yelled out to grab the draconic male.

Golden irises blinked as they snapped at the youngers irritated voice. Not changing from their glare but now far more focused on the boy he had been critically analysing in his thoughts.

Jack looked up at Chase, unphased by the death ray vision of a glare that was sent down towards him. A flustered looking anger upon his face. “You’re not listening in the slightest to me are you?” The frailer demanded. A demand? Exactly how much leniency had he granted the mortal?

“I don’t believe that I am inclined to listen to anything a worm has to say.” Chase automatically turned his tongue against the boy with harsh words as was his automatic response to anything that Jack had ever said directly toward him ever.

“Geez if you don’t want me here you can, you know say something!” Jack rolled his eyes at the taller. Had Chase never thrown the boy out before? He could’ve sworn he had…. perhaps he hasn’t done so recently enough to recall when he had exactly. “I have several Jackbots that would love to hear what I have to say, hell I think some of your cats are better listeners than you are sometimes.” The pale child complained as he progressively picked himself up.

“They’re warriors.” Chase’s mouth automatically responded coldly. Whilst his mind tried to process. Is he really just going to up and leave? Just like that? He had recalled the boy always being far more clingy than this. When had Jack grown a sense of independence? Why did he care so much?

“Yeah yeah,” Jack stated still in his relaxed demeanor, not fully realizing just how dangerous Chase could be. After picking up his last screwdriver and putting it inside the boot he was working on the red head turned and made his way down the alabaster stairs.

A sting shot into the chest cavity of Chase, the idea of losing the red heads presence apparently had a negative effect on him. When did this start? Had it always been like this? Was he only noticing it now? or was it only now? After he had spent so long thinking about the pale teenager?

Jack was about 3 meters to the front door before Chase appeared literally out of no where using his freaking ninja magic routine. He appeared physically no more than three inches away from the red-heads face. Of course Jack will never get used to freaking magic teleportation so he nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw Chase suddenly in front of him and ende up dropping all the tools he had in his arms.

“Good God! Can you like not do that?! I’ve already told you… Oh wait, yeah, you don’t listen when I talk. I almost forgot.” Jack huffed and simply went to pick up the items that were now scattered across the floor. He had become numb to the threatening presence that was Chase Young. He still got caught up in how awesome the guy was, but after three straight nights of no sleep and two days of hanging around the guy you kinda forget that he’s more than just a sourpuss. At the moment he couldn’t think of much more than getting home, finishing his boots, and a nice hot shower.

Suddenly his arms were dragged upwards and gloved hands roamed over his torso followed by a scrutinizing face of the Heylin lord that was Chase Young. Jack couldn’t help but giggle, he was ticklish. “C-Chase, !! pff Stop! Ha!” Jack tried to remain serious but honestly couldn’t help but lock his spine and shake his diaphragm.

“What the hell is different?” The red head could barely manage to catch what was being muttered by the examiner.

Finally he managed enough muster to shove the taller back by the shoulders. Of course, the truth was that Chase had finished his preliminary examination of the smaller male and had allowed him to shove him backwards so he could look over the frailers frame.

Jack had a more embarrassed and out of breath pink tint to his cheeks. His breaths staggering from the apparent controlled laughter he was managing while Chase when over the boys sides. Something twisted in Chase’s chest, constricting his upper body and locking his spine, it was a cold shiver of desire mixed with a pooling warmth of an emotion he hadn’t felt for the longest time.

“God, you’re starting to make ME concerned. You’re acting really weird today. Wait, who do I call for an immortal lizard magic dark prince?” Jack began a tedious rant on what could be making Chase act the way he was.

The Draconic lord of darkness immediately filtered out the boys words, recognizing them to be the beginning of pointless babble. Instead he grabbed the paler’s wrist and drag him forwards, forcing the boy to silence himself as he fell into Chase’s chest plate. The warrior could feel his own pulse rushing in his veins the tugging in his chest retracted to squeeze into the area where his heart should’ve been.

He turned his head into the crook of Jack’s neck. “Ch-Chase?” Jack stammered out obviously in a locked position similar to that of prey that had just been caught. Chase neglected the boys squirms in his arms. Instead taking in a sharp inhale of the smaller’s natural scent. It was a sweet smell with a pungent aftertaste that was slightly tangy. It was addicting.

“Hey- Y-you can let go of me no- Ah! HEY!” Jack shouted as Chase dug fangs into the flesh of his neck, not deep enough to draw blood though. Chase was having conflicting emotions, he wanted the boy to shreds a more animalistic urge than he’d ever encountered before but at the same time he wanted to be more gentle than he could possibly imagine himself, almost as kind and selfless as he was when he was on the Xiaolin side so long ago.

His tongue danced across the sensitive pale skin, the taste was incredible, almost matching the desire he felt for the red-head’s scent. Why, why had he never noticed before now exactly how delicious the mortal genius was?

“Chase cut it out! Okay! You’ve made your point, I promise to shut up just..stop!” The pressure against the Draconic princes chest snapped him back to the reality of who this was. He released Jack instantly, spending most of his mental focus on retaining a poker face as the boy fell backwards.  As soon as he regained his footing Jack looked up pink faced towards Chase and quickly taking his path right back to the exit he was initially going for, not another word escaped his lips.

Again, the boy looked completely defenseless with his back turned toward Chase, prime for any sensible predator to attack. A sense of possessiveness melted down his spine as the grand doorway was closed. Jack would be his prey and his alone. A smirk tugged on the dark warriors facial expression. He looked forward to when Jack, his prey, would undoubtedly return for the equipment that he had left behind.

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Hello, I just wanted to say I love your writing? You're one of my favourite blogs on here and I'm so glad I found you, your scenarios always seem like they're vivid enough to be real and it amazes me how you always manage to make it that way with everyone you write. I hope it's okay for me to ask for relationship headcanons for Nam Taehyun, but if it's not then don't worry about it, and I hope you have a lovely day! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

first of all, how dare you be so cute? ;-; *cries* And wow that’s really heart warming and I’m so glad that I have you as a reader because wow you’re so nice and friendly  *hugs* Y’all I appreciate everyone of you! Just by reading my work, I feel so happy because wow, you’re taking your time to read something I wrote and *heart melts* Anyway, I hope you have a great day! Stay happy and safe!!! Bruh I AM ALL ABOUT THIS NAM TAEHYUN LIFE I AM BASICALLY TRASH.

WINNER’s Nam Taehyun as a Boyfriend:

  • Taehyun as a boyfriend would be a roller coaster ride.
  • Expect lots and lots of bickering, especially if you’re being stubborn.
  • Lots of late night talks, either on the phone or beside each other.
  • Would abruptly kiss you whenever he pleases and would have a triumphant smile on his face whenever he catches you off-guard.
  • His hands would be all over the place, on your waist, on the small of your back, on your thigh or simply on your cheeks.
  • He will tease you to no end, either it’s because of your bad Korean speaking skills or that time you kept on talking with food between your teeth, he will never let you live it down.
  • Back hugs and bear hugs are a common thing between the two of you, since he’s very tall and is very clingy~
  • Would make impromptu dates, like getting store bought ramyun and giving it to you as if it was worth $500 and would even place a straw so you can sip your soda. Or going to the park with his guitar and would make a random song out of the things around you.
  • Y’know that k-drama thing where the guy tucks a lock of hair behind the ear of the leading lady? Yep that happens to you too and you just get so quiet because he’s so up close even when you two have been dating for awhile now it still makes you feel shy. 
  • Gets jealous easily.
  • You’re talking to Mino? You bet you’ll hear an earful how much of a slob the rapper is. You’re talking to Jinwoo? Lol he’s going to bombard you with aegyo even if he himself is cringing.
  • Sneakily puts vegetables on your plate because he doesn’t like to eat vegetables.
  • Random piggyback rides are a thing~
  • Asks you what you’re wearing before the two of you go out on a date to dress himself to be fashionably coordinated with you.
  • Lots of movie marathons!!!
  • Take lots of funny pictures of you and candid shots. (likes to make it as a wallpaper because wow you look so beautiful)
  • Fights with him would be verbal but not enough to offend or hurt your feelings. He’s a fiery person and is very passionate, so the fights would be as strong as him.
  • When apologizing, it would be hard for him since he’s really prideful, but he will apologize from the heart and would give you a tight hug and would kiss your hand because he feels bad for fighting.
  • Being in a relationship with him would bring you out of your comfort zone to try to experience new things, like pottery or finger painting, which may lead to poking your nose with paint and will end up giving each other face paints.
  • Likes to lift you up and spin you around because Taehyun can’t contain his feels.
  • Likes to make your lap into a pillow and would make you run your fingers through his hair because it relaxes him.
  • Asks you to harmonize with him even if you suck at singing (the dude needs to practice his vocals 24/7)
  • His cats loves you, so much so that they would betray him and come to your side instead.
  • When he asks you to kiss him, he purposely straightens his posture so that you’ll have a hard time reaching for his lips, making you loo like a fish flapping its fins out of water.
  • But eventually, he lowers himself so that you can kiss him properly.
  • Doesn’t get teased by the hyungs because he knows what he’s doing with your relationship, and is probably more mature about it more than them.
  • Likes to look at you when you get ready because you’re so busy preparing yourself and wow he’s so enthralled how amazing you look with or without getting done up.
  • The type to lovingly look at you while you use his arm as a pillow and would be like “I can’t feel my arm because of you.”
  • So you just roll your eyes because how typical of him  But then you don’t realized the bunny smile he had on and he would pull you closer to him and he would be like, “Rest your head on my chest instead.”
  • After a long day of making music, he would plop down beside you and wouldn’t say anything but would just hug you.
  • Gives Mino the stink eye whenever Mino invites himself to your dates, because he wants to be alone with you, since he’s been busy with recording.
  • When picking movies for movie night, he would pick classics like Forrest Gump or Strangers on a Train. But also he would be the one to suggest watching Mean Girls or The Notebook.
  • Makes endless songs about you
  • Sticker pictures and polaroids. Nuff said.
  • Would pull you in so you can sit on his laps and he would lock his hands together so you can’t escape.
  • When Taehyun falls for a person, he really pours his heart because he wants to give you the best experience of being with him even if it seems he can’t express his feelings well through words, he really loves you. ~
Hannibal Rewatch: 1x08

Season 1, Episode 8: “Fromage”

**Warning: rewatch blogging, written with knowledge of the full series

This is just gonna be a straight live-blog this time, with pauses for longer thoughts on occasion. There are… a lot of occasions. This is a lot of live-blog. SETTLE IN, FRIENDS. It’s “Fromage” time.

GAHH WHAT IS THIS FIELD & STREAM CENTERFOLD, oh my god warn me next time I almost choked on my Vert Chaud. He is literally stretched out in front of a bed with two buttons undone working on a boat motor surrounded by fluffsome dogs, I just…. *sips drink while cocking an eyebrow* Bryan….

Will you actually live in an Andrew Wyeth painting. I adore Wyeth’s beige bleakness so it’s like this is finely designed to rend my heart apart, and I sincerely appreciate it. Also the fact that Will is hallucinating animals in pain is bringing me a lot of pain. It’s almost like the animal’s voices are his own cries, but he has to frame it as others he can help, because god knows he’s not gonna help himself.

Cello Kid: “I should learn to play the easier strings first, then the harder ones.”
Tobias: “No you shouldn’t.”
Me: “Damn straight, that’s why you’re not allowed a saddle when you’re learning to ride.” *sips drink again, Westernly*

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The Standard Job, IV - Boys' Night Out


“Nico,” Leo gasped as they crouched behind the wall. They could hear the ricochet of the bullets hitting the concrete around them, the yells of the security team tracking them as they got nearer and nearer. They were both panting, Nico looking even paler than usual, almost bone white as his eyes twitched around, looking for an exit. Leo was even worse - he was clammy and gasping for breath - he swore to himself that if he EVER got out of this one, he’d lay off the orange soda and go jogging every single day. Okay, ever other day. Once a week! Promise.

“What?” bit Nico back, looking harried. Leo raised his hand and looked dead into Nico’s eyes. “High five. For morale.”

There was a pregnant pause.

“Are you fucking kidding me right now?”

Determined, Leo kept his arm up and bawled again, “HIGH FIVE FOR MORALE, NICO!”

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Opening Act {S.M}

requested// imagine where you are Shawn’s opening act and you develop feelings for one another but you have a boyfriend and he gets jealous and so does Shawn

author’s note//hey pals heres a halloween imagine kinda lol i love halloween and aHHHhhhhHHH okay enjoy this as much as i enjoy shawn’s existence !!

masterlist || link to part two

“Dude, i’m so hype.” Your best friend, Jenna exclaimed, putting some pretzels in her mouth. You gave her a small chuckle as you shakily put your eyeliner on, trying very hard not to mess up the wing. Jenna was here for the special occasion, the Halloween show, so she could play the keyboard and sing backup vocals for a couple songs on your Halloween setlist. 

“Me too.” You flicked your wrist so your wing was perfect. You now looked like a black cat, with the drawn on whiskers and the tail and the ears and the tutu. You would have gotten into the Halloween spirit, and dressed up as something more fun (you really wanted to dress up as Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation) but you remembered that this was Shawn Mendes’s world tour, and you were preforming in front of thousands of teenage girls. Who would judge you. So the traditional black cat would have to do. Even if it was painfully boring of a costume. 

“That was the fakest ‘me too’ I have ever heard you say since Holland Gerrand said he had a crush on you in seventh grade.” Jenna popped a fun size milky way into her mouth. 

“I am excited, Jenna.” You mumbled, getting up from your seat. It was not ideal spending Halloween, your favorite holiday, preforming indie songs that these fourteen year old girls don’t even know, or care about for that matter. They just wanna see some boy they think is hot. 

“Y/n, why is it after like, the first month of this tour you literally hate it?” Jenna popped another pretzel in her mouth, wiping the crumbs off on the skirt of her Dorothy costume. Jenna looked a whole lot better than you, with her long blonde hair braided in pigtails, and the whole Dorothy thing working out extremely well. She hopped off your makeup table. 

“I don’t hate it…” You muttered. 

“But you do.” Jenna shot back. 

“I hate the fact that i’m preforming for teenage girls who don’t care at all about what I am doing, I hate the fact that i’m dressed up like a freaking black cat on my favorite holiday of the year, I hate the fact my boyfriend yelled at me over FaceTime cause I told him I was catching feelings for Shawn.” Jenna sighed. She knew very well that you were starting to catch feelings for Shawn. She knew everything, she was the first person you told. 

“Y/n, you need to get over that. Cause it can’t last past the tour a-” You cut it off. 

“And Damion.” You added in. Jenna just rolled her eyes at you. 

“Your relationship with Damion is basically a ticking time bomb, y/n.” She sighs, jumping up and scurrying (cause that’s really all she can do with those sparkly red heels on) over to the chair where her packed up keyboard was. She picked up the pack and started to walk off. 

“Where are you going, Jenna?” You sigh, not wanting her to leave you alone. 

“Your act starts in thirty minutes, i’m setting up my keyboard.” Jenna walked out of your dressing room before you could protest, being left in the boring beige room. You were tired of spending three hours a day in boring beige, black, white, or grey rooms. You were tired of preforming for teenage girls who don’t care a bit about what you’re singing. You could easily leave the tour, go around to outdoor concert festivals and preform, people who go to those kind of concerts are the ones you want to preform for. The only reason you were staying was Shawn. He brought a light into your life, and while he was there, your songs weren’t all that sad. 

Of course Shawn was a teeney bopper, and your boyfriend Damion (who you weren’t entirely sure that was his real name, because you met him at a really obscure outdoor concert event you played at) was a lot more like you. And you liked Damion. You weren’t quite sure if you loved him, but you liked him. You weren’t a fan of the idea of breaking up with him. But you also hated the idea of living the rest of your life without Shawn. He made everything so much easier, so much better. You never had to worry about saying something wrong around him… like ever. You could say the stupidest of things, and he wouldn’t judge you at all. You loved that. You always felt so welcomed. 

You started pacing around, not really sure what to do. It was Halloween, your confidence was at it’s peak around Halloween. You needed to do something. You needed to either end it with Damion and try to be with Shawn, or tell Shawn how you feel so you can move on and focus on Damion. Either sounded absolutely horrifying. You needed to make a decision, and sooner than you thought because you felt your phone buzzing in the waistband of your leggings. Your breath caught in your throat, hoping to God one of the two names wasn’t going to flash in large white letters on your screen. Your hand shakily moved to your waistband, and pulled out your phone. Your heart sunk down to your stomach when you say Damion’s name pop up on the screen. You sucked in a breath and pressed the green answer button. 

“Hello love.” You tried your level best to pretend that there was nothing wrong. 

“Please explain to me what the hell that photo I’ve been seeing all over the internet is?” He obviously wasn’t doing the same. 

“What photo, my love.” You sighed, forcing a smile on your face just to make it a bit easier to fake it. 

“The one of you and that Shawn kid holding hands.” He almost growled. He was seriously getting mad over that picture? 

“Damion, please we were just out and about before a show and paparazzi were out and I couldn’t really see so he was helping me along. You know how the media is.” You added a laugh just so he would get off your back. 

“Y/n that’s a load of crap and you know it. You like this kid.” He snapped. You felt a couple tears leave your eyes. You couldn’t do this now. You needed time… You couldn’t make a decision to end it with Damion and tell him about your feelings for Shawn right in this moment. 

“Damion, please, I’m going onstage in twenty minutes I need to go.” You told him, pleading almost. 

“Aren’t I more important than some stupid concert?” He basically screams. 

“Damion please stop yelling at me… I have a show.” You held back the tears so you didn’t mess up your cat makeup. 

“Whatever y/n.” He scoffed. “This isn’t over.” You heard the three beeps that indicated that he had hung up. You didn’t cry except for a single tear. You pulled your shoulders back, needing to compose yourself before you went on the stage. You were doing a pretty good job at it until you felt two familiar arms wrap around your waist. 

“Hey cute cat.” Shawn whispers into your ear, his lips brushing past your neck, which sent a shiver down your spine. 

“Shawn…” You started. You couldn’t do this. He always did things like this… and you knew he had extremely strong feelings for you. You felt his soft lips press against your neck, and for a moment you gave in. But Damion reentered your mind, and you shook yourself away. You turned to look at him, being all irresistible in that pirate costume you helped him plan a week or so back. He looked so good in that loose shirt and black pants. Even the eyepatch looked good on him. 

“What is it?” Shawn frowned. You shook your head. 

“I can’t do this… not right now.” He gave you a puzzled look, and you continued. “I’m still with Damion, and until I figure that out, I cannot be with you.” You looked down at your black boots waiting for a response. 

“I thought that..” He started and you looked up. He paused for a moment, looking up. “Wait, scratch that, I know that if you truly want to be with someone, you’ll do anything to be with them… and I would do anything to be with you. But it hurts so incredibly much that you wouldn’t do that for me.”

“Shawn, pl-” he cut you off instantaneously. 

“Let me finish.” He put a finger up. “But I would do anything to be with you. And if waiting is what it takes, than I will do it. I’m not happy about it, but I will do it.” It was hard to take him so seriously in that costume… 

“Th-” Again, he cut you off before you could even finish a syllable. 

“That doesn’t mean I will accept second choice, y/n.” Before you could get another word in he had turned around. 

Your heart sunk a little, but you seemed to forget that when they told you it was time to go onstage. 

author’s note// lowkey feelin a part two lololol!! but happy halloween ya’ll, even though Halloween is actually tomorrow but I can’t post tomorrow lololol. hope you have a great one!

Reasons why Sweeran is real.

We all know Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. Love them or hate them, you know who they are and that they are close friends. How close is the thing in question.

Ed and Taylor became friends before Taylor released her Red album (so they became friends circa summer 2012). They have seem to hit it off from this point and are near inseparable. From making their duet for Taylor’s album to what had become known as “The Sweeran Selfie”, Some Swifties and Sheerios wonder—Are they more than great friends?

Here is a masterpost that I have created to take into account when you make your assumption.

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Jhené Aiko: Beauty With A Beat -USA TODAY.

More than just a pretty face: You wouldn’t know it from looking at her, but Jhene Aiko has been relatively invisible throughout her musical career. At age 14, she got her start contributing backing vocals to the R&B group B2K. In the past few years, she’s become a high-caliber muse, singing hooks for Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, Big Sean, J. Cole and Wale. Now she’s ready to break out on her own. On EP Sail Out, released last November, Gambino and Lamar sing for her, and she toured with Drake on his 2013 Would You Like a Tour? Aiko pairs with Drake on his From Time and her current single, The Worst, is No. 16 on USA TODAY’s urban airplay chart.

Finally at the wheel: After years of working on other people’s music, she’s eager to call the shots. “When I was younger, I was just the singer and I’d get songs sent to me and I had no connection with them. Then I’d do the music videos and I couldn’t pick my own clothes. I wouldn’t feel proud because it wasn’t my vision,” says Aiko, 25. “Now that I’m doing everything I want, it’s so much more satisfying.”

Patience is a virtue: Standing in the wings for the last decade doesn’t bother Aiko, who is of Japanese, African-American and Native American descent. Early on, Epic label executives tried to mold her into a pop star, but she insisted on writing her own music, and by 16, she walked away. She’s the youngest of five and has three half-siblings, so she’s used to waiting for her turn. “I’ve always been the little sister. That’s pretty much what it’s like with the people I work with,” says the singer, whose full name is Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo. “They respect me as an artist. They see me as one of the guys.”

Tiny, but tough: When it comes to her craft, she’s a giant control freak. “I like to be involved in everything. Sometimes it’s frustrating to get my vision across,” she says. “Instead of explaining it, writing it down, sometimes it’s easier for me to vocal-produce myself. It’s harder but more rewarding, because at the end of the day, I can sit back and know that all that work is real.” She also does her own rapping under the name J. Hennessy.

Hard work comes easy: She’s used to it. “When I was 18, I had two jobs. During the day, I worked at my uncle’s law office as a receptionist, then I’d take the bus to the mall to work a second job,” says the Los Angeles native. “Then, a few years after I had my daughter (Namiko, now 5), I worked at a vegan restaurant. I thought there’d be these nice people all about peace and love, but they weren’t. Most of the clientele were picky and demanding.”

Being a single working mother? Not so easy: With her full-length album, Souled Out, expected this summer, Aiko’s schedule will just become more demanding. “I’ve got a spot on Conan and I’m playing Coachella in April, and, hopefully, I’ll play a few dates on Drake’s European tour,” she says. “My schedule can get crazy, but I have a very supportive family. My oldest sister really keeps everything in order. When I’m out of town, she or my mom or my daughter’s father (O’Ryan Omir Browner, singer Omarion’s younger brother) will care for her.” But when Aiko is home, she keeps her work/life balance in check. “I take my daughter to school every day, and if I’m working at night, I try to get back to put her to bed,” she says.” I think if I work really hard now, I can slow down in a few years and even bring her to my shows.”

Dreaming of sleep: For her song Bed Peace, with Childish Gambino, Aiko found inspiration in John Lennon and Yoko Ono. “I loved them as a couple. They photographed themselves in bed together, they did everything together,” she says. “Everyone knows who The Beatles are, but I don’t think younger people know John and Yoko’s message of world peace. That’s what this song is about.” Bed Peace is also about being in bed. “I would love to spend all day in bed,” she says. “I’m like a cat. I can sleep whenever, wherever.”

VIXX Chicago Showcase Fan Account (11/22/14)

In this fanaccount I’m going to explain the set list, talk about each one of the performances, then my experience at the hi-touch session, then finish with my final impressions of each member which were completely not what I expected :0  (each separate section has a little star by it if you want to skip around!)

By the way I was sitting on the left of the stage 4 rows back.  So from the main stage our faces were visible and our voices were audible.  We could tell exactly where they were looking.  From the side stage we were actually an arm’s length away and they often came over to interact with us.

P.S. it’s 5k words & is super detailed have fun!!

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'Downton Abbey': Top 12 Moments From the Final Season Cast Q&A

(Getty Images)

Downton Abbey’s final season premieres Jan. 3 in the U.S., but some of the cast joined executive producer Gareth Neame for a sneak peek in NYC Monday night. Following the screening, they took part in a lively Q&A moderated by The New York Times’ Dave Itzkoff. Here are the Top 12 moments. (No show spoilers.)

1. About 18 minutes into the chat, when Itzkoff asked if the cast hangs out on set according to position — downstairs with downstairs, and upstairs with upstairs — Michelle Dockery (Mary) deadpanned, “I never talk to Daisy” while Elizabeth McGovern (Cora) concurred: “There is a line to be drawn.” Dockery then reached across Hugh Bonneville (Robert) to grab McGovern’s hand and quipped, “We stick together don’t we, mummy.” Jim Carter (Carson), Phyllis Logan (Mrs. Hughes), and Kevin Doyle (Molesley) then got up from their seats and left the stage. When they returned, Carter was carrying a bottle of wine to replenish Bonneville’s glass. “We live to serve,” he cracked. The audience roared. 

In truth, there is some segregation, simply because the downstairs scenes are filmed at a studio 90 miles from the castle that stands in for Downton, Carter said. Also, he added, “There’s an immense amount of frock envy downstairs. Daisy and Anna the maid envy Lady Edith and Lady Mary’s dresses enormously. So a lot of bitterness goes on, in a very understated English way.” (Logan, whose Mrs. Hughes had one frock for day and one frock for night — “And you looked gorgeous in them both,” Carter interjected — was not, for the record, envious of the five costume changes Dockery would do in a day of shooting.)

Note: If you’re wondering about the prop Allen Leech (Tom) employed on stage, he visited Yahoo TV a few hours before the screening to play our “Branson or B.S.” trivia game and asked to take his paddle with him. Look for that video leading up to the show’s return.

2. Asked to name something specific that they’d miss from the show (as opposed to the cast and crew at large), McGovern said, “I’m gonna miss regularly reiterating the plot with Hugh Bonneville in the bed every night. And never, by the way, having any sex, as far as I can tell.” (”Unlike the Carsons,” Logan joked.) Dockery said she’ll miss someone we haven’t met yet, their style consultant on the show, Jacques. Cue Leech saying, “Heeey” in a deep voice that sounded like the French cousin of South Park’s Big Gay Al. It’s tough to get a perfect transcript of his monologue over the audience laughter, but here’s our best attempt: “Hi, I’m Jacques. I mainly turn up on the days when the ladies have new costumes. I sit and give a little bit of a dissection of why they’re wearing them. Such as Mary, tonight, you know what this says? It says, ‘Hey, I lost my husband. Boo hoo.’ … You have a little bit of a slit for the cleavage. It says, ‘Heeey.’ And the rest of it speaks for itself.” (Watch a clip here.)

“Barrow’s very fond of him,” Dockery added. Doyle said he couldn’t follow that and that he’d never seen Leech do that character before. “Oh, he’s commented on you,” Leech replied.

3. Maggie Smith was not at the screening, but that didn’t keep the cast from telling stories about her. In short, she’s as full of one-liners as the Dowager Countess. Dockery recalled Smith hitching her skirt up a bit, as all the ladies must do when the sound guy needs to put their mic pack on their leg, and telling him, “[Coughs] Control yourself.” McGovern remembered Smith hating uncomfortable costumes. She acted out Smith wearing one with a high French collar, tugging at it and groaning, “Now I know why they invented the guillotine.” Carter said Smith treated Dockery and Laura Carmichael (Edith) like real granddaughters. “They just showed her mucky things on YouTube all the time. Cats doing disgusting things. She was in stitches about that,” he said. He also recalled a moment on set when Shirley MacLaine (Cora’s mother, Martha) spotted a piano in a corner and said, “Perhaps it would be nice if I could sing.” You could see the cogs spinning in Smith’s mind, he said. “So Maggie decided, ‘Of course, I’m going to fall asleep.’ So Maggie falls asleep. So Shirley spots that and thinks, ‘I’m gonna go sing to Maggie.’ So Maggie wakes up and does the funniest triple take you’ve ever seen. It was an act-off between two great Dames.”


4. The cast shared their casting stories. Among the highlights: Carter knew he was right for the role immediately. “There was one line in the script, it was a stage direction — ‘Carson sits there in his magnificence’ — and I thought, ‘I can do that,’” he said. “You want an actor to sit in magnificence, I’m sorry, I’m your boy. And I’d have been mightily pissed off if they’d given it to anyone else.” Dockery fell in love with Lady Mary immediately but thought they’d give the part to someone else. Leaving her audition, she ran into Dan Stevens, who was there waiting to read for the role of Matthew. “We’d just worked together on an adaptation of Turn of the Screw for the BBC. I said, ‘Dan!’ And he said, ‘Are you going out for Mary?’ I said, ‘Yeah. Matthew?’ I remember walking away thinking, ‘Oh, that could work,’” she said, laughing.


Just as Mrs. Hughes was supposed to have a Yorkshire accent until producers heard Logan’s Scottish brogue, Branson — then listed as John instead of Tom — was also supposed to be English. “I walked in all prepared, having worked weeks on the Yorkshire accent. They sat there and went, ‘Actually, interesting, why don’t you play it Irish?’ And I went, ‘Nooo,’ ‘cause I’d done this for weeks. But they convinced me there and then to play it Irish. I thought then I had a less of a chance of getting the part, because I didn’t know if they wanted an Irish guy at all,” he said. “[Creator Julian Fellowes] jumped on that, and then he had another angle to go with [Tom’s] background.” Leech was originally hired for just three episodes, as was Doyle. “To be honest with you, the audition was a bit of a nuisance because I was opening a play,” Doyle said, to much laughter. “It was my first night at the National Theatre, and I could have done without the audition, to be honest with you.”

5. Asked when they first knew the show was catching on, Bonneville told one of his favorite stories: About four weeks into Season 1′s run, he was at the playground picking his son up from school when a 10-year-old boy came over to him and said, “I don’t like that Thomas.” “A, I thought, ‘What are you doing up at nine o’clock on a Sunday?’ And B, ‘Wow, we never expected that demographic,’” Bonneville said. The most common reaction Carter gets from fans: “I can’t sit in a restaurant without someone saying, ‘Oh, it’s funny to see you sitting down.’” Leech finds fans more vocal when the show is in-season: “If people have seen it on a Sunday night, and then you get on the Tube in London the next morning, I’ve had the experience where someone turns and goes, ‘Oh, hey! How are you?’ And I go, ‘Not too bad. How are you?’ And [realization sets in] he goes, ‘I don’t know you at all!’” Doyle topped that: “Someone thought I’d done their central heating for them.”

6. Without spoiling anything, the Season 6 premiere is an especially great episode for Carter and Logan (and Lesley Nicol, who plays Mrs. Patmore). Asked if they could feel a relationship between Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes coming, here was the exchange:

Carter: “We felt it was approaching at the speed of a glacier.”

Logan: “A snail frozen.”

Carter: “We didn’t rush it, did we?”

(Getty Images)

7. When the subject came to Stevens’s decision to leave the show and Matthew’s death, Dockery said, “At first, obviously I was sad about it. But I think it was a real turning point for the show. And those decisions along the way, like with Jessica [Brown Findlay], who played Sybil, it really changed the show. As much as I missed Dan when he went, I then went on to have such a fabulous storyline,” she said with a chuckle. “And I was nominated for awards.” (When the audience’s laughter subsided, Doyle called her “cold and ruthless” and started it again.)

8. Dockery did the clapper board on the very last shot of the series, but the most emotional goodbye came from the cast member least expected to cry, Bonneville said — setting up Carter to tell his story. “Everybody had been saying, ‘Oh god, it’s the last day. Oh dear.’ I said, ‘Look, come on. It’s the rhythm of our lives: you do a job, you make friendships, you work closely together, and you move on. That’s the natural way of things,’” Carter said. Cut to the servants filming their final scene in the servants’ hall. “People were getting emotional, quivering, and I thought, ‘Oh, honestly,’” Carter continued. After producers thanked the cast, Carter thought he should represent the downstairs actors and thank the incredibly loyal, hardworking crew. “There they were, gray with exhaustion, and I just said, ‘This is a family, not just in front of the camera, behind the camera. And I’d just like to thank’ — and I was gone,” he said. He turned around to see a grip and rigger also in tears. “I was a soggy mess. Totally, completely by surprise.”


9. There was an official wrap party, and, Carter insisted, “For Allen Leech, it’s still going on.” Dockery said her feet have only just now recovered from the night. (They finished filming in August.) Though everyone is curious what Downton would be like when Mary’s child, George, is Robert’s age, Neame isn’t thinking there will be a sequel. At least not soon. “This show is finished, but somebody will always own Downton Abbey,” he said. “Long after we’ve all retired, they might pull this idea out and start it all over again. But none of us will be involved with that.” 

As for where the series ends (the U.K. will see the finale first, on Christmas Day), Doyle offered this: “There are conclusions to a lot of wonderful stories, but not everything is tied up in bows. It’s left to the imagination of the audience for them to continue these characters’ stories. … After 1926, there are tumultuous times ahead, aren’t there, in Britain. Some of those estates are gonna face tough times, aren’t they? So you can only imagine what’s going to happen to these characters.”

10. An audience question about the extensive rules and etiquette of the time period revealed a couple of fascinating bits. After praising the show’s historical adviser, Carter, for instance, said you look at the lady of the house to see which way she turns to talk at the table, and then all the ladies talk that way for the first two courses before reversing for the dessert. Bonneville said in real life, the staff rarely knocked on doors because the family would then spend a large portion of their day yelling, “Come in! Come in!” So there is a basis for the eavesdropping on the show. “The butlers and the footmen and so on would meld into a room and choose their moment to bring the information they were bringing,” he said, “which of course, in dramatic terms, gives them a fantastic advantage in that they can appear invisibly, as it were, into a room and learn all sorts of stuff that the upstairs characters don’t know that they’re imparting to the downstairs characters.”

11. Asked by another audience member to name their favorite time period for their characters, Logan and Leech picked the war years: her because Mrs. Hughes suddenly had more to do (or “delegate”), and him because “the attitudes of all the characters changed so much during the war period, and then after, life meant so much more.” McGovern and Dockery picked when their corsets finally came off. (Season 6 begins in 1925). Doyle joked that nothing good of note happened for Molesely between 1912 and 1926, which earned him a hug from Leech. (Neame said that Logan does have a “lovely storyline in Season 6. Molesely does get a bit of a break.”) Carter, who’s worn the same costume for six years (”Don’t mess with perfection, Jim,” Leech said) picked the early period: “When Carson was having to deal with telephones, and typewriters, and toasters, and electric plugs. … Maggie Smith being blinded by chandeliers.”

12. The final audience question of the night asked how the women felt about the show highlighting women’s rights throughout this time period for a younger audience. “I feel that doing the show has made me so grateful for things that we do tend to take for granted today as women: how hard-won our freedoms are, the choices we have in our life. In the beginning of the series, Cora was in no control of any aspect of her destiny whatsoever. Playing the part six years, at times made me feel as though I was living in a straitjacket,” McGovern said. “I think it’s easy to forget and to not be grateful for the strides that women have fought for and need to continue to fight for, because it’s not over yet. It really isn’t.” After more applause, and Logan noting that Edith is running a magazine and Lady Mary takes over for Branson, Carter got the last word: “Daisy learns to read. Hooray!”

The final season of Downton Abbey premieres on Jan. 3 at 9 p.m. on Masterpiece on PBS.

[FAN ACCOUNT] 150913 - ‘In the Heights’

Hello all! I was able to get tix for Sunggyu and Dongwoo’s musical ‘In the Heights’. And it was their first performance together too! So first of all, the musical itself was all right. I’m a huge musical lover and this one was just okay. It didn’t have the best music and it was kind of hard for me to understand cause they were mixing really fast Korean (with Spanish accents), Spanish and English into the same sentence. So there were times I was just like… whut did that person just say. But anyway, it’s a musical that started off broadway quite a while ago apparently and it had a lot of latin influences and all I could think about was that I wished Woohyun was in this so we could get Nam Latin back again lol. But the boys were seriously AMAZING in this. I think this role was literally made for Dongwoo. It was just like watching Dongwoo be Dongwoo on stage lol. And gyu… omg don’t get me started. Anyway, I wanted to just enjoy the musical so I didn’t take any notes but i did jot down a few things at intermission so I wouldn’t forget the fun stuff. Much much more under the cut!

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List of references I picked up in Pop101

Ignoring the lyrics themselves and what they refer to, because that’s everything we’ve heard since 2010, 2000 and the 90’s in some cases, I feel.

ooohhaaahx3 [typical MT?]

Pop music 101:
Some simple instructions
for a good first impression.
Now lets start with a first one:
A minor chord, tensions grow;
Fade in the bass like so;
Now with momentum go “stop”… [*giggles*][“shh”]
and bring the beat back.
It’s called Four-on-the-floor,
a beat you can’t ignore.
I’ll bring sexy back once more [“yeah!”], [Justin Timberlake]
they’ll love that [“yeah!”] fo’ sho’!
The chords are 1-4-6-4,
now I’m talkin familiar! [Ke$ha]
Harmony in thirds, not fourths,
will take you into the pre chorus: [Lorde? Everybody?]

Real quick now, don’t you bore us.
Hurry up and get to the chorus!
Dumb down, they won’t ignore us.

Get to floor!
And here’s some words you should know:
like “DJ never let me go”,
“pour shots”, and then “we’ll lose control”! [Nearly everyone.]
Or “baby baby baby baby baby”. [Beiber? And so many others. (but yeah, Canadians, plus the repetition…]
How about one more last word like
“Hey girl, we’ve only got tonight”? [Every male pop sensation ever]
Some things just go together like:
“higher”, “desire” and “fire” x2 [Again. So many.] [“fire”: every male pop sensation ever + Florence + The Machine and Ellie Goulding]

Guitar and strings like these
to sound like Black Eyed Peas.
This ones a filtered swing[? a lot],
this one’s a legend key. [Daft Punk]
Hipster music on cassette,
but you probably don’t know that yet.
808’s-… [“hey! ho!”] Hell yeah!
Heartfelt pop anthems from Mumford and his Sons,
gang vocals here we come…
“I will always wait” [iwillbequeenagain suggested Lorde. Thanks!]
[“*** didn’t catch that part***” wild xxx bass?]

(pre chorus)
Real quick now, don’t you bore us.
Hurry up and get to the chorus!
Dumb down, they won’t ignore us.

‘Kay, slow down…
Take it to the chorus! [Timberlake again]

Get to floor!
And here’s some words you should know:
like “DJ never let me go”,
“pour shots”, and then “we’ll lose control”!
Or “baby baby baby baby baby”.
How about one more last word like
“Hey girl, we’ve only got tonight”?
Some things just go together like:
“higher”, “desire” and “fire” x2

(I can pitch shift my voice if I want.
I can pitch shift my voice if I want.
I can pitch shift my voice if I want.
I can make my voice low.) [Miley Cyrus/We Can’t Stop? Suggested by Anonymous. Thanks!]

The bridge is
the part when
you bring in
a rapper friend. [“Sup?”]
Simplify, slow the beat,
abbreviate, feature defeat.

Quick now, fill in the gaps. [“Okay!!”]
Right up and down, eliminate that which you really would rap an’
give them a classic like “Get-get-get…!”

Get to floor!
And here’s some words you should know:
like “DJ never let me go”,
“pour shots”, and then “we’ll lose control”!
Or “baby baby baby baby baby”.
How about one more last word like
“Hey girl, we’ve only got tonight”?
Some things just go together like:
“higher”, “desire” and “fire” x2



[*accelaration, fade out*]
[*beat drop*] [everything since 2010?] [Ke$ha more specificaly?]

Boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats and boots-…
Joshua Ramsey!! [everybody in the 2000’s?]
…-boots and cats and boots and cats and boots- *giggles*

Song here:

Add the ones I missed!!!

What made Shaw and Root fall for one another?

Sometimes I end up wondering about what exactly it is about each other that they ended up falling for. Because by the end they both had.

(basically a post about me trying to figure it out)

For Root it was a game at first. She was a fan of Sameen’s already of course, through The Machine she had learned all the details of Shaw’s colorful career. And she flirted from the very start, but upon the first meetings Root seems to flirt with everyone. It’s one of her weapons, it makes people uncomfortable and opens them up for more detailed inspection based on their responses. The thing is after the initial confrontations Root tends to ease up on her innuendos, especially when the other person turns out to be a disappointment.

But with Shaw she turned up her flirt game from a solid ‘nine’ all the way to a ‘thirteen’. It was one step away from being almost aggressive, and the reason it wasn’t was because Root not once ever stepped over any of Shaw’s boundaries. The moment Sameen ever told Root to stop (vocally or otherwise) Root did. Only even more than that Root seemed to instinctively know when she was getting too close to crossing something she shouldn’t and stopped on her own, even before being confronted with one of Sameen’s colder stares.

But anyways. At first it was definitely a game. Root trying to feel out how far she’s be allowed to go before Shaw shot her again (Root always did like playing with fire).

Except the more she danced at the edge of Shaw’s drawn lines, the further she was allowed to go, the more genuine Root’s efforts became. At first it was all about how they both ‘enjoyed this sort of thing’ and ‘playing doctor’ but soon that gradually evolved into throwing down energy bars from her window and ‘thanks for being my travel buddy on these errands’ and then THAT evolved even further into kinda virtual but still counts ‘maybe somedays’.

So yeah by the end Root was head over heels stupid in love with Sameen Shaw. And there wasn’t a damn person on that team who didn’t know it… hell there wasn’t a damn person of the enemy team that didn’t know it.

So yes, by the end it was no longer a game. But as for the reason Root loves Shaw… I don’t know. I mean not really. I know that Root loves that Shaw lived up to and surpassed her every expectation about just how competent of an agent she is/was. But that’s not really it is it? It might have something to do with the fact Shaw is all around amazing. Or the fact that in their ‘flirting game’ Sameen played back in her own way (like the cat and the canary (just so we’re clear though: Sameen was the cat)). But all that is surface level stuff, and what Root ended up feeling for Shaw was anything but.

Alright, I’ll get back to that. For now lets move on to Shaw.

At the beginning Shaw absolutely wanted to shoot Root in the face. No doubt about it.

Except then she didn’t. She still shot her, yes, but not in the face, not even anyplace lethal. Not from any kind of sentiment really, but it’s still all kinds of interesting.

And then they started working together and Root pushed all of Shaw’s buttons. And not just the bad ones. Hell she thought shooting with a weapon in each hand was stupid… until it was ‘actually kinda hot’. Plus there was that time with the restraints in the CIA safe-house. And Root’s ‘no one should hurt you… I mean besides me’ thing.

And yeah I’m pretty sure Root basically hit all of Shaw’s kinks.

And the thing is Shaw kinda ended up liking Root. And this paves the way for the complicated territory of Sameen’s personality disorder. She’s said about herself that she ‘doesn’t have emotions’ which shouldn’t be dismissed, but also doesn’t seem to entirely be true either.

Because even if she doesn’t ‘feel’ she definitely ‘cares’. And there’s a fine line between the two.

Gen might have hit the nail on the head with her ‘the sound is turned down’ metaphor.

Plus Sameen Shaw isn’t an unfeeling terminator. She enjoys one upping Reese in their practically sibling like squabbles. She loves Bear. She’s very passionate about food (which is basically hers even when it’s initially someone else’s). She cares about the well being of the team. She gets a twinkle in her eye when she sees a beautiful car. She’s basically very very alive and not at all a robot (I’m not saying people with antisocial personality disorders are robots, I’m just saying that Shaw seems to be often mis-characterized as one).

And she cares about Root. She’s shown that rather often. When she checks on Root’s flesh wounds. When she rides a bicycle to reach Root because she’s trying to infiltrate a Samaritan compound alone (she was probably cursing out Root in her head the entire way too). When Finch mentions ‘sacrifices of this war’ and immediately knows Root has gone off to do something stupid. When they all need to part on an indefinite period of time and she exchanges that look with Root like she’d rather not. When she goes into protective mode when they get Control’s number.

When she kisses Root and then pushes her into the elevator with the most pained look I’ve ever seen on her face EVER and then turns around and saves all their lives by almost sacrificing her own.

Anyway. It all might have started with Root’s flirting. But eventually she wasn’t alone in that flirting. Shaw was the one who invites Root to help translate a decontamination protocol that’d ‘take all night’ (I mean COME ON). And she didn’t leave because there’s things here she cares about. And that time she said how she ‘wouldn’t want anything to happen… to the dog’ (she totally stretched that silence out on purpose, and yeah the scene kinda didn’t imply flirting, but it totally was, or at least their version of it). And lots of little moments where she starts looking like she’s enjoying Root’s come-ons not finds them irritating.

So Root loves Shaw (you don’t play chicken on a windy ledge with an ASI for someone you don’t love, you just don’t). And Shaw loves Root (I think, I’m almost certain, it’s just harder to tell with her okay? Anyway, she absolutely without a doubt cares about Root, more than she cares about anyone else).

And yeah I still couldn’t possibly fully figure the one defining reason, but I absolutely know that they do. And in the end that’s actually all that matters.