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"but I don't even have a grave... " "It's okay. I'll make one for you"

Happy Birthday messedupmoon!



“Where were you buried, Phantom?”

Danny nearly dropped the thermos that held the most recently captured ghost, Box Ghost on the sidewalk next to the Fenton Works “Wait, what?”

Jack Fenton, as per usual, missed the actual question. “Maddie wanted to know where you were buried,”

Danny clipped the thermos back on his belt to empty later “no, no, I mean,” Danny looked at his parents curiously “Why do you want to know?”

Maddie looked over to her husband “It was really Jack’s idea,”

Jack shrugged “It’s our anniversary!”

Danny blinked “ok… now I’m really confused.”

“Our anniversary since we made the truce! Since we, ya know, stopped… hunting you.”

Danny squirmed a bit at that “oh.”

Danny’s eyes widen as his mom, or Maddie got a bouquet of flowers out of no-where. “So, we got these for your grave.”

At a last-ditch effort to change the subject, Danny coughed “Um, yeah, well” He lowered the bouquet “I didn’t get you guys anything. So, it’s, um, only fair if I don’t get anything.” He drifted a few feet back “so… yeah.”

Maddie scoffed “you didn’t need to get us anything, it’s not like it was a part of the truce.”

“I- uh…” Danny took a deep breath “look, the truth is, I just… I just don’t have one, ok? I- those flowers… it was a really nice gesture, but I don’t even have a grave to put them with. Save your gifts for someone who was actually buried.”

Both parents were very silent. Danny, with nothing more to say, flew away as quick as possible.




“For a guy who took down millionaires, ghost of ancient yore and unspeakable horrors, you are one hell of a chicken.” Wes huffed.

Danny dragged his face across his hands and slumped down on Wes’s navy-blue bed “I knnnoooww

Wes then walked over and plopped next to Danny then leaned against him “So, why haven’t you told them yet?”

“Um, force of habit?”

Wes cut him a sharp look.

Danny sighed “I don’t know, I mean, sure. My parents aren’t trying to hunt me down for science. And that’s great! And I don’t want to tempt fate but…”

Wes was the one who finished the sentence “But you’re still terrified of them?”

Danny reached for Wes’s hand and squeezed. “… yes.”

“Danny, your parents hunted you down for sport and science, you don’t forget something like that too easily.”

Danny nodded “True. But I don’t see many options of morally telling them I’m dead and not feel guilty about it.”

Wes snorted “Danny, dude. They used to try to kill you. I think you’re ‘morally excused’ for lying to them to feel some sense of safety.”

Danny pause “good point.”

Wes hummed in agreement.

Suddenly Danny’s eyes widen as he jumped off the bed “Aw crap.”

Wes, because of the lack of support, fell on his side. “What? What!”

Danny quickly transformed into Phantom “I forgot to release the ghost box into the portal!”

Before Wes could respond Danny opened the window and jumped out.

Wes gave a small playful smile “freak’en, drama queen.”

Danny hovered up the window and gave him finger-guns “you know it.” Then shot off.

The town went off as a blur.

Within seconds, he was back at Fenton Works and eased through the bricks like butter. The familiar smell of singed ectoplasm invaded is nose as soon as he came into the house. He then drifted through the floors until he reached the basement.

As quickly as he could, he emptied the Thermos. Danny could swear that he heard a soft “beware!” before the toxic green vortex swallowed him.

“Hello, Phantom.”

Danny shot up another five feet until he realized who it was “ah, um, hello mo- Maddie. Didn’t uh, didn’t see you there…”

Maddie waved him over “C’mon. I got something to show you.”

Danny raised a brow “Ok… where?”

She began walking up the steps. “It’s in the middle of town square, nothing unfamiliar.”

Partly out of curiosity, partly out of amusement, Danny followed her.


Danny looked around “Is there something I’m supposed to be seeing here?“

Maddie pointed to the statue. “look around there.”

“Well, alright. I don’t see anything wrong with…” then, Danny spotted it.

The bouquet of flowers.

But that wasn’t just it. Next to it was stones painted with little pictures of him that looked like they were made with small unsteady hands. Along with it were a stack of letters and a larger stone with the word “PHANTOM” across it.

Danny suddenly began to blink faster and smeared his eyes. He also recognized that these weren’t his parents handwriting “Who…”

Somehow, Jack, despite his size, managed to appear out of nowhere. “That would be the kindergarteners work! Turns out, they were already working on this certain thing and could never find you. And heard about the no-grave-situation. So…” he gestured to it all “they did this!”

Maddie smiled “It was so cute too.” After they heard they said, ‘It’s okay. I’ll make one for you’ and that was that.”

No matter how hard Danny tried to smear his eyes, teardrops flowed down and followed the curves of his face. He wanted to say something, preferably thank you, but his throat felt like someone stuffed cotton in it.

Jack blinked “are you- are you crying? Ghosts do that?”

That sentence made the tear fall down harder and Danny’s vison blurred. For both Jack and Maddie, that was enough of an answer.

Both Jack and Maddie looked at each other unsure, Jack looked back to Danny “so… do you like it?”

Danny gave a warm laugh “I love it.”



Authors note: So, I saw that you were posting a lot of Danny X Wes ships so if that’s ok I decided to sprinkle some of that in. Also, I hope you like?

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I always wonder whenever I come across someone who ships Jason/Tim, so I just thought I'd actually ask for once: how do you think Bruce would react when he discovered they were in a relationship? I mean, they're not technically related but he does consider them his sons and has adopted them both. Plus, there was the whole time when Jason seemed to hate Tim and even tried to kill him. There's also the possibility of it affecting their vigilantism.


A fair but loaded question- and you’ve come to the absolute, most inarticulate person on this hellsite. Buckle up friend, we’re going on this journey of discovery together.

Long post under the cut!

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anon ask: Would be interested in hearing what you think of this post if you have time! It’s about why it’s ok viktor and yuuri didn’t kiss or marry at the end.

I’m so sorry anon I accidentally deleted your ask when I was trying to post it!! Luckily your question wasn’t long so I think I remembered it accurately. Let me know if I didn’t.

So this is actually the first time I’ve seen this post and short answer I don’t agree with it. But the long answer is… more complicated.

I think the first thing to take note of is that that post is aimed towards yoi fans who are disappointed in the lack of kiss/wedding/confirmation in the finale. Now I’ve said before in previous posts, written while the anime was still running, that I felt some international fans were misunderstanding the signs in this anime and were heading for a world of disappointment - well these are the fans I was talking about. Although I tried to hold a tiny bit of hope that yoi would be different, it ended up exactly the way I predicted, with Yuuri and Viktor looking into each others eyes and basically saying that they’ll keep couching/skating together. I had little expectation of a confirmed romantic relationship because I felt that Kubo/Yamamoto were aiming to depict a “deep emotional relationship” rather than a specifically romantic one, and thus would keep the ambiguity.

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I saw in the tags that you wanted a Holtzmann from the new ghostbusters and i am in love with her so can i get her and #42 pls? Thanks, Also your family seems really funny i wish mine where like that...

K first of all, thanks for the request and especially Holtzmann, I saw the movie a few days ago and I am in love. Second, trust me, my family gets old quick. Its not as fun as it seem.

The context for #42 is my mom and dad were play flirting with each other and my little sister told them to stop (because she is hella salty all the time for no reason but that’s a whole post on its own) then my mom said, at least we aren’t feeling each other up. That is because of a joke we make that her boyfriend felt her up under a bridge, even though she denys everything. Did I mention she’s 13? Well anyways, she hates it so we bring it up all the time.


#42- “At least we aren’t feeling each other up.”

“Hey,” you called as you entered the small workspace known as the Ghostbusters headquarters, “Where is everyone?”
Holtzmann, also known as your girlfriend, popped her head up from behind her cluttered lab space. Her hair was a mess, and she was wearing a blowtorch mask thingy. Basically she looked like a mad scientists.
You had met her and everyone else after embarrassingly calling them to get rid of the ghost in your apartment. She flirted with you nonstop the whole time and the next day showed up in the most ridiculous outfit to ask you on a date. Obviously, you were head over heels not long after.
“Out. Getting food. You’re late.” she smirked, dropping her tongs and propping her orange goggles onto her head.
“I got caught in traffic.” you said as you walked over, wrapping your arms around her.
Her lips connected with yours, in what was intended to be an innocent kiss. Next thing you knew, you were on the desk.
There was a loud clatter as various items fell into the floor, having been pushed off the desk to make room for you.
You gasped as Jillian kissed your neck, her curly hair tickling you and making you laugh breathlessly. Her hands rested on your thighs and waist, brushing against the hem of your shirt while your hands rested on her cheek and the back of her neck.
“We shouldn’t be doing this.” you gasped.
“And? When has that ever stopped you.” she mumbled against your skin. Her words vibrated against you and you laughed.
“Remember last time-”
“Oh ya, I remember last time.” you felt her laugh and she looked back up pressing her lips to yours again. You pulled her closer, lips moving in sync. You could feel her hands creeping up your shirt, and you pulled away slightly, “They’ll be home…”
“Not for a few more minut-”
The door swung open, “We brought food- Oh, god Holtzmann, (Y/n)! Again?” Abby yelled, dramatically shielding her eyes. Erin and Patty stood beside here, along with Kevin, who was grinning dumbly, obviously not sensing everyone elses awkwardness.
You yanked her hands out of your shirt after she made no move to move them herself, and slid back on the desk a bit. Holtzmann only moved closer, keeping herself comfortably between your legs.
“At Least we aren’t feeling each other up.” she smirked.
“Ya, like last time. Your hands were all over each other, tongues practicality down each others throats-”
“Ok, thats enough, I don’t need to relive that memory.” Erin groaned, setting the pizza boxes on the table, casting a look at the clutter on the floor.
“Are you gonna let me down to eat?” you asked.
“Only if you promise we’ll finish later.” she winked.


I hope this is ok?? I know drabbles are supposed to be short but I feel like this is too short. Hope you like it anyways, the world needs more Holtzmann x reader so I’ll toss mine out there. Send in some more drabble requests!

Some of you already know that I’m a Supernatural newbie and still on my first all-the-way-through watch. Yesterday I watched Hello, Cruel World (7x02) for the first time. The basic plot wasn’t a surprise to me – I knew about Hallucifer, I’d seen gifs of Dean grabbing Sam’s hand and knew that a big brothers’ moment went down there, I even knew that Sam used the pain from his hand to recall reality.

But guys I was pretty blown away by Jared in this one. (Actually, Jensen was excellent to, but I’ll get to him in a minute.) I don’t know how much of it was projecting things onto his performance. That’s definitely possible, maybe even likely. But guys it hit me right in the knees.

Literally as long as I can remember my brain has been my worst enemy and the hardest part of life. For a long time I thought I had to try and fix it (or get it fixed by some external Big Good). Now I think the demons we have are probably there for good and all we can do is manage them and not let them take us down. But either way, my mind has never been on my side. Anxiety, long-term depression, intrusive thoughts: these are the things I remember when I think about my childhood and adolescence and they are the things that have defined my inner life ever since.

No pity party or anything and I feel quite awkward posting something so personal and I hope you don’t all hate me, haha, and I should say that most of these things have become at least more manageable over time. But I mention them because I want to talk about Jared’s face here and my thoughts about it stem from my own experiences. This is the scene where Bobby and Dean are talking to him and he is telling them about Lucifer’s claim that he never left the Cage, that his life ever since has been an illusion.

Wait. Are you seeing him right now?


You know that he’s not real. Right?

He says the same thing about you.

Guys, Jared’s face in this scene made me cry, because that is the face you make when you realise that you can’t trust your own mind. It is the worst feeling I’ve ever felt and I suppose I’ve never seen my own face while feeling it but that is exactly how it *feels*. If someone had said ‘draw your face when you feel this way’ (and haha if I was able to draw), this would have been it: the unfocused stare, the eyes glassy but not crying because you’re too terrified to cry, you’ve gone beyond the point where crying feels like something that will help or even adequately convey what you feel. Bleak despair, not dramatic despair – the drawn face, the set jaw. Goddamn I don’t know if Jared has ever felt like that but if he hasn’t (and, well, if he has) I give him all the kudos in the world.

It’s the same later at the end of the episode when Dean finds Sam in the warehouse. Jared again just NAILS this. Watch and you’ll see that through most of the scene he’s not actually looking anywhere, not focusing. His gaze is somewhere on the middle distance, not able to commit to a perceived, sensate reality OR to retreat to the shelter of his own mind. This is what it looks like when your mind isn’t a safe place anymore.

Sam here isn’t able to engage with the world at all, period, zilch, not even to try to believe something is real because he doesn’t trust his own perception of it. He doesn’t trust his senses. And what Dean does for him here (and what Jensen and Jared so magnificently portray I think) isn’t so much to convince him of anything or even to emotionally connect with him. At least those aren’t the fundamental thing. What Dean most fundamentally does for Sam here is to step in and act as his senses. And because Sam has always trusted Dean, he is able to trust his grasp on reality – not enough to get better, not enough to be OK in any actual sense of the world – but enough to make it through five minutes, enough to take a breath.

And I love two things about how Dean does this.

First, he goes in willing to hear Sam. This isn’t always Dean’s strong point, but here he is perfection, and Jensen blows it out of the water. In his face you can see fear, apprehension, a skilled hunter with reflexes ready to go in a moment, yes – but somehow beneath all of those things that tighten and close off a face, he is still open. His instinctive reaction to Sam acting terrifyingly unlike himself is to try to listen, to try to read Sam, to use three decades of knowing him to try to know how to help him now. And he doesn’t go in with a preconceived version of what’s going on or of what Sam is experiencing.


Okay. Well, here I am.


No. No, I don’t, I…I can’t know that for sure. You understand me?


Okay, now we’re gonna have to start small.

He says whoa, whoa, OK. He doesn’t argue with Sam’s insistence that they had just been driving together, he doesn’t try to disentangle facts (because that would just force Sam to the point, again, of trying to distinguish or debate reality, which is precisely what Sam can’t do right now).

Second, Dean narrows the overwhelming suffocation of detachment from reality down to a single point. Because that’s what Sam needs and that’s all his mind can even try to accept at the moment. I don’t think Dean knows that he’s doing this; I don’t think he’s doing it deliberately; but I do think that maybe Jensen knew that this is what Dean was doing. You feel, watching, like every molecule in Dean’s body is straining to make this one thing manifestly real for Sam, to rouse in him at least enough trust to let Dean be his arbiter of reality here. Jensen has a few phenomenal speeches over the years (and I’m sure he has more I haven’t watched yet) but this one would have been very easy to overact, I think, or play too melodramatic. And he doesn’t. Neither of them do. They just vibrate with the feeling of seven years with these characters and each other.

This is real. Not a year ago, not in Hell, now. I was with you when you cut it, I sewed it up! Look!….
This is different. Right? Then the crap that’s tearing at your walnut? I’m different. Right?

Believe me, okay? You gotta believe me. You gotta make it stone number one and build on it. You understand?

Yeah. Yeah, okay.

And (I’m almost done I promise) I love this look Jared gives in response to Dean. It’s not relief and it’s not hope and it’s not peace and it’s not agreement. But it’s also not unfocused or empty or lost off in the mid-distance. What Dean gave Sam here wasn’t a solution or a fix but it was a tiny, tiny way to engage with something he could trust – not even, I think, at this point, something he necessarily did trust – but something that his emotional and mental muscle memory (as it were) responded to just enough to say ‘yes that, that voice, that’s enough to stay alive till tonight’. It’s a flicker of what might be hope. It’s finding the edge of a step when you’ve been free-falling. Your foot’s not planted yet but you can feel something under it other than air.

A Hairy Situation

Characters: Sam x Reader, Brady

Summary: The setup date was going great, until it took an odd turn

Warnings: None! Just some serious fluff topping with college Sam

Word count: 1.7k

A/N: This is in Sams POV and is my submission for @ellen-reincarnated1967 super fun GIF challenge. (Just in time? dear god I hope, Tumblr crapped out on my original post lol) Thank you to this amazing human for reading most of this over @nichelle-my-belle and this doll for her awesome brain @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid . Half of this is un-beta’d so I apologize in advance for additonal mistakes below.
The source for the quotes below came from here if you’d like to know more and laugh at some of these awesome gems: Silly Slogans
I hope you enjoy! I love to hear from you so don’t be afraid!

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“I don’t know about this man. I’m really set on studying for this exam in a few weeks that could determine if I get into that Criminal Justice course I want. I just don’t really have time right now.”

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