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biggest-gaudiest-patronuses  asked:

I was wondering if you would point me to your most popular/personal favorite posts? please and also thank you.

Aaaahh, thank YOU for asking such interesting questions! I’ll answer them separately, since my most popular posts and personal faves don’t all line up. 

Most popular:

  1. “What was it you were hoping I’d bring to the table - quiet obedience? No. I bring the storm, I bring chaos and your imminent destruction. You made a mistake.” (x) (47k) 
  2. “Drink hot beverages in copious amounts. Put on that sweater that makes you feel protected. Wear the lucky charm no one but you believes in. Practice breathing techniques. Let your favourite fictional character have your back. If you want to get through the day, and you use every trick at your disposal, that doesn’t make you weak. It makes you the smart one.” (x) (8.7k)
  3. “There are some things you cannot control, and I am at least three of them.“ (x) (2.5k)
  4. “Our emotions are indicators. They point our attention towards things. Sometimes they even give us a hint about what that thing might imply for us. But they are indicators nonetheless: first guesses, not absolute truths. They need to be examined further in order to be truly helpful to us. We must neither follow them without question nor disregard them as a rule.“ (x) (1.2k)
  5. “There is nothing you cannot handle. You’ve been to hell and back already. Stand your ground.“ (x) (750)

Out of these, I’m glad 2 and 4 got so many notes, because I was really hoping for that message to reach out. I’m also very fond of 3, I keep chuckling to myself about it actually, so it was fun to see that others found it amusing as well. So yeah, 2, 3 and 4 are actually among my personal faves as well! 

Personal favourites:

  • “Announce it to the sky right here and right now; tell it to the stars and the waves and anyone who happens to hear: say that you are free, say that you are wild, and say that you will damn well do as you damn well please.“ (x)
  • “Open your arms up wide, face the wind, feel the rain on your skin, and laugh. This chaos is yours and yours alone, and hell, you will dance so magnificently through the storm.“ (x)
  • “Here’s to new beginnings, to chaos and change. Here’s to rushing headfirst into the unexplored. Here’s to your excitement about all you will learn. Here’s to new experiences. Here’s to the sky and the universe and the vastness of your mind.“ (x) (fun fact: this was my first post on this blog!)
  • “Dance in the light of the dying stars. It may be the end of the world, but there’s no way in hell you won’t appreciate every last second of this lost and damned universe if given the chance.“ (x)
  • “We’re the kind of people who will need to head out on a stormy night. To experience it all first hand. To feel the rain splash in our faces, and the wind tear at our clothes. Because we need to know it’s real. Because it’s like us, it’s free and untamed and relentless and oh so powerful. And there will be reprimanding looks, suspicious words, lack of understanding. There will be all of that and more. But we are true to ouselves, and a stormy night is all we need to feel alive.“ (x)
  • “Are you really lost beyond hope? I don’t think you are. Exhausted, maybe, thrown into a complete mess of a situation, yes, but lost? Not while you’re still breathing.“ (x)
  • “You will have to take a dark road, full of danger and doubts, and I cannot come with you. But what you seek lies ahead, and I know how important it is to you. So go, go and find it: I truly believe that you can. Fair winds and stars above, my friend, and a safe return!“ (x)
  • “Tell me about the thing you find your way to in the dark. The thing you know inside out. The thing that’s your stone number one when you have to start again from scratch. And when you lose your way, remember what you told me.“ (x)
  • “Say it. Through gritted teeth, with shaking sobs, amidst worlds crashing down. Delivery has no impact on the truth of your words.” (x)
  • “So you are terrified. Well, we can infer at least two things from that: you are alive, and you’ll be fighting to keep it that way.“ (x)

So these are the posts I feel capture most closely what it is I’m trying to convey with this blog. Again, thanks for asking, these questions were really fun to think about! 

Assault on Christmas Eve

Imagine: Facing the Joker after he assaulted the bus you were in.

Pairing: Joker x reader

Word count: 1033

A/N: This one is pretty short, it made me real proud of myself. I wanted to make him as psychotic yet clown-ish self that I adore, I really hope I got it right. Feedback is always welcome! Also, Ledger is my favourite Joker but it can be anyone really, so just use your imagination and Enjoy!

The road was frozen by the snow, the driver was tired, and the highway lonely and the bus empty except for you. You were sitting at the very back of the bus, cuddling in your seat, covered by a big skiing jacket, your favourite scarf, gloves and a warm beanie. The window by your side was covered in white frost, not letting you see what was on the other side. Your breath formed tiny clouds of smoke; the weather had turned you into what kids call a “snow dragon” blowing cold fire through your mouth and nose.

“Everything okay back there?” The driver asked, his voice was hoarse because of the cold.

“Yeah.” You replied, your throat burned.

You felt bad for being the only person who needed to travel during Christmas Eve. The poor driver dreamed of being home with his wife and kids, sharing dinner together by a fireplace, instead of driving some kid to the other side of Gotham city, especially considering that certain villain had been messing around, stealing on the highways.

“I don’t think he’ll steal on Christmas Eve. He can’t.” You told yourself, convinced that no criminal, no matter how cruel and despicable he was, would steal that day. No one had ever done it, in fact, not even Batman could be seen that night. It was like a rule.

But Joker was never a fan of rules.

The driver lost control of the bus, which slipped from the icy road, crashing against one of the pine trees that surrounded the highway. A high pitched laughter filled the air; it gave you the creeps for you knew too well whose laugh was that. A few gunshots were heard, deflating the bus’s wheels. You were trapped. The driver locked the door, hoping that it would keep the Joker away for long enough to get help.

“Hello friend!” The Joker cheered from the outside, knocking the door. You were hiding under your seat, so couldn’t see that the clown had a massive gun. “Why don’t you open up? I promise I won’t harm you, I just want to have fun!” He sounded more psychopathic in real life than he did in TV.

“Please, stay back. I’m calling the cops!” The driver warned, he was already calling them with his cell phone. The Joker chuckled in a lower tone.

“I thought we could be friends… Guess not!” With that said the door exploded, killing the driver almost instantly, but not before the Clown King whispered something into his ear.

You tried to ease your breath, noticing he was alone and not with his minions, still hiding under the seat and praying he couldn’t see you.

“An empty bus! My, my, my… What a terrible misfortune I’ve faced!” The Joker spoke dramatically, walking slowly towards you. He hadn’t looked down, you were sure of it, there was no way he knew there was someone else in the bus. “Poor me! I just wanted to have some fun!” He laughed, pressing his chest with his hands. “If there was someone in here to play with!” he continued, “Someone like… You.” His face appeared right in front of yours, a huge grin on his face. You couldn’t move, frozen in fear.  “What a lovely thing you are!” He said using a fake childish voice, “What’s your name?”

“(Y/N)” you whispered, tears starting to fall down your face.

“(Y/N), (Y/N), beautiful name! Why are you crying?” he frowned, you forced yourself to stop and looked straight into his eyes.

“You killed the driver.” Your voice came out shaky.

“Oh no, I didn’t.” He said, with a fake innocent smile on his face. “The door did, when it exploded. Didn’t you see it?” You nodded.

“But you exploded the door…”

“Yeah but I only did it because he didn’t open it. It’s freezing out there and I wanted in!” He sounded like a five year old trying to excuse himself for breaking a window.

“So what?!” You shouted, angrier than you expected. “Your gun, your explosion, your kill, YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!” Joker stood still, eyes wide open, staring at you like a lost puppy.

“I… I…” He had no idea how to react; no one had ever been like that to him, at least not after becoming the Joker, not even Batman. “Sorry.”

“Sorry? SORRY WON’T BRING HIM BACK!” You shouted once more, “He was supposed to be back to his family tonight! Who’s going to fed them now, huh?” The man seemed so confused at your sudden change, you had been crying a few seconds ago. He had no idea how to reply, therefore he acted the only way he knew how. The clown pulled you out, getting you on your feet. He held your hand and dragged you outside, ignoring your pleads to let go.

The clown finally stopped, a few feet away from the bus, he turned to look at you. His eyes had a glimpse of joy and his psychotic grin was bigger than ever. You were scared to death, but decided not to let him see it. Although, beasts always smell fear.

“Where are you taking me?” You asked, crossing your arms over your chest, trying to look at tough as possible.

“You” the clown  pressed a long finger on your chest, “Are”, he repeated the action, “Coming” he took a step closer, “with me!” no he pointed at himself.

“Wha-what?” you stuttered, giving a step back. The Joker shortened the distance between both of you, connecting his eyes with yours. You could see in them all the madness and pain inside him.

“YOU ARE COMING WITH ME!” He repeated, cheerful. Before you could argue, he punched you in the face, knocking you and leaving you unconscious.

By the time the police arrived, the only thing that could be found was your necklace, which had fallen when you hid under the seat. Joker had kidnapped you, and no one had any idea where to start looking. Some police officers even suggested to never start, believing that Joker would never let you live. However, he was going to let you live, he had big plans for the two of you after all.


Thank you so much for reading this, I hope you liked it. Please remember that requests are always open so if you want me to write something in particular just send me an ask!

Love you all!

eclecticmixes  asked:

Hi, I came across your post on how you use a coat to really put together your outfit. Would love to read more fashion posts tips from you and was wondering what your favourite coats are? :D xx

Oh yay I like this question! Okay, my very favourite coat is this one from Modcloth, but I got it a year and a half ago so it’s long gone by now. I like it so much that I was hoping they would bring it back this last fall/winter so I could buy a second one just in case. It’s by a brand called Hearts & Roses.

My second favourite is this one, also from Modcloth. It’s still on their site right now but I think it’s sold out. The brand is Myrtlewood. 

I mostly wear simple black dresses. I have a bunch of dresses from eShakti that are basically variations of this one. I have them with cap sleeves, ¾ length sleeves, and long sleeves, I have them with hemlines above the knee, at the knee, and below the knee, and I have them in a few non-black colors too. I might’ve gone a little overboard at eShakti. But the cotton/spandex jersey knit that they make these dresses out of is so comfortable, it feels like I’m wearing pajamas all day. 

I generally keep things really simple. As far as shoes I’m usually wearing either plain flats from H&M or Vans or similar canvas sneakers. I don’t do much accessorizing at all. I rarely wear any jewelry. I like to wear a scarf when it’s cold enough, and I have them in a bunch of colors. I do like to wear some interesting tights sometimes. I used to wear solid tights in a bunch of different colors but lately I’m more into black lace in various patterns. And while not exactly lacy, these are my favourite. 

And since it rains a lot here I often have my bubble umbrella with me. I suppose that counts as an accessory. 

When will In My Way return from the war? (8 - 8)
((This is a joke please take your time I just really really love it and can’t wait to read more🙂Hope everything is well in your life😊))

This is my favourite submission xD

But seriously, I have several asks in my inbox right now asking about In My Way/why I have been away, basically I was on a family holiday and also doing my final exams at uni which meant I had no internet for a little while

But I’m back! And In My Way is happening don’t worry, @mecaka my wonderful beta is currently looking through the next chapter and I’ve got started on the one after that too, and then there’s only a couple more until it’s finished

But remember Meg and I are both busy students with busy lives, we don’t always have time to write/edit so no promises on update schedules/times xD just rest assured that this fic will be finished eventually

Hope that settles everything, thanks to all the lovely anons in my inbox, and have a lovely day ^_^

velxris  asked:

Ooo I thought I missed the sleepover but since we can still send some in... :PP Would you rather join the League of Villans or U.A.? And what are your favourite books? (Can I also just say that the art on both of your personal blogs is so nice!! I just got into digital art and colouring is so different from traditional art, but you guys make it look so pretty I just- ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)3 ) Hope you guys have a nice day~ The Dabi soulmate au made me scREAM

AAAaaaaaAaaa thank you!!!! :’^) You’re too kind omg… As for your questions, I honestly don’t know where I’d rather be! Sometimes I’d say UA, but right now I’m feeling the League of Villains a tiny bit more, just because all the restrictions and stuff that heroes and citizens have regarding quirks seem a bit extreme and I’d rather have the freedom of a villain to use my quirk without restraint lol. Though I’d also really love to be a hero-in-training at UA :’^) 

My favorite books are probably uh…. haha… good question, I haven’t read a book I loved in so long that I don’t even remember. If we’re talking manga besides BNHA, though, Tokyo Ghoul:re was amazing up until a few events literally ruined the entire manga for me lmao. 

-Admin Shigaraki

I rather join the villains for the same reason,,,, 

but thank you so much! I’ve been really iffy with my artwork lately asjhfg

and!! I usually read classical literature and stuff,, but besides that Oyasumi Pun Pun was a really good manga! no one cares abt classical lit

-Admin Kurogiri


SCANDAL; “lesson” blogpost by HARUNA☆

“Recently, I’ve started going for dance lessons. Since I’m taking lessons again for the first time in about 8 years, no doubt it feels like I’m drawing up a blank…”

“It’s super fun! It not only trains your physical and mental strength, but it feels greatー. When I take lessons, adidas are my favourite shoes to be in♪”

“By the way, I got my hair colour toned down. It changes my mood and also helps my heart to relax. It’s going to be July soon rightー. Moving towards Stamp!’s release, we’ve started with the interviews and recordings! I hope to present these to everyone soon as wellー! Well then, see you(^^)”