also i havent seen it yet

bandom secret santa 2016 is here

since i havent seen anyone start one of these up yet, ive decided to make my own in hopes that it isnt too late and this wont all go down in flames!! woo holiday spirit!! 

how it works 

- you will receive the url of a user that you will send nice anon messages to everyday until december 25th
- someone will also receive your url and do the same
- it will last roughly twelve days (so from the 12th to the 25th)
- on the 25th you will reveal yourself!! and hopefully make a new friend
- you can give them a gift (art, a mixtape/playlist, a short story etc.) but that is completely optional


- you must reblog this post to participate (likes do not count)
- your ask box must be on and allowed to accept anonymous messages
- the final date to reblog this is december 10th bc of late notice (i can probably make some exceptions though)


- the anon messages must be nice and respectful, try to get to know the person, become their friend etc.
you dont actually have to be in bandom to participate, nor do you have to celebrate any winter holidays
- you can shoot me a message if theres any questions/concerns
- happy holidays!!

Im still processing lotor in vld b/c like there’s something Im curious about which is, zarkon is older than fuck so….the question is posed

is lotor also 100000000 years old?

or a teenager and gross turtle ass zarkon managed to get some?


i just watched “That Will Be All” and it was really good! although i do have questions but most of them are just because I havent seen the first 3 or 4 episodes before it because they havent been released yet. But this episode included singing with Yellow Diamond and the Blue/Yellow pearls and it was really sweet and it shows that Yellow Diamond really does have some type of emotion. We finally get to see the jasper-looking amethysts and they are all so different colored and adorable. We see a ruby that looks like our amethyst also and not like every other ruby we have seen. You thought all jaspers were big and brawl?? lol nope u wrong. we got skinny over here and I LOVE HER. she even has a belly gem. Holly Blue was the gem watching the amethysts or whatever and she got roasted by pearl, rip. Fusion between Ruby and Sapphire is always a wonderful sight, they also held hands. Crystal gems fight holly blue. And we see the outside of homeworld or just a piece of homeworld and its really pretty. Blue Diamond is also revealed for the first time(?). this all happened in 11 minutes

… Be very careful @slendersummerseve. Very careful. You will open the floodgates. At least for me (Sol) you will. It’s my OTP for RB too. Besides Soriel obviously. I drive Poisond nuts with it constantly. I yelled at Poisond in call caps on skype when I saw this message. That’s how much I love Rivster. Plus look.

These are just two out of many doodles/drawings I have done of these two in my free time. I have waaaaaaay too many and some I can’t even share yet because we haven’t reached that arc in royalblue. I love them. They have such a cute and tragic love story we are dying to share and hopefully will be able to share soon. For now enjoy these nerds. 

~ Sol

  • httyd: wow look at all this heterosexual stuff. look. see here all the guys love astrid. stoick misses his wife. just look how heterosexual they all are. how nice
  • httyd 2: ok so we might have lied, gobber *might* be gay. if you interpret a passing comment the right way but it could mean a bunch of other things too. FINE we'll confirm it outside the film
  • race to the edge: everyone is so fucking queer i swear the entire island is made out of rainbows or some shit. here have some gay flirting is that not enough??? HAVE A GAY KISS HERE YOU GO

6 years old


i didn’t have time to finish these so i’m just gonna leave them in one post!! yoi doodles because i reaally wanted to see what yurio would look like w/short hair + using thos wicked eyeliner skills 🦁

i havent seen it yet but im sure people are out there being like ‘wow jughead acts so cute and fun around betty he must be into her uwu’ and im just like… me, an intellectual: Actually it just fuels jarchie further bc in this ep he was his regular weird goofy confrontational dramatic self and he only seemed so emo before now bc he was upset w/ archie… so now that theyre gradually making up hes going back to normal… also he has no reason to restrain himself in any manner around betty bc he doesnt care about girls’ opinions of him because He Is Gay