also i have weird collection desires

oh my gosh, I just realized - the Iskoort’s whole Thing about trading for and collecting memories (…and body parts) from individuals of other species. considering that they’re basically another… offshoot, I suppose, of the same biological lineage as the Yeerks - I’m willing to bet this isn’t just random weird lol wacky species that’s kinda creepy to interact with, but rather, the manifestation of a desire that we see also predominantly in the Yeerks, to indulge a very fundamental curiosity and desire to experience things from the perspectives of lots of different individuals and species.

whereas of course the Yeerks culturally have developed a focus on use and domination of other sentients, while the Iskoort are obsessively focused on bartering for their experiences… the Iskoort’s manner of course comes off as kind of alarming to the kids especially, but looking back I think it adds another really cool layer in the culture sense to the idea that the Iskoort are another sort of path that the Yeerks could take that would break them out of the zero-sum game they play with the rest of the known galaxy and be ultimately more functional for themselves and others.

dang, now I want to read the Iskoort book again :0