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A long time ago–last summer, in fact–I was asked by @nagabenang about Nocturne’s use of Kabbalistic elements, mainly the names representing the candelabra/menorahs. I was interested as well, so I looked up how the names corresponded but unfortunately had to shelve the idea of diving any deeper…until now.

Here’s how the candelabra and their Fiends match up to their respective sephirot on the Tree of Life, as seen above:

  • Demi-fiend: Sovereignty (王国のメノラー); Malkuth
  • Matador: Foundation (基礎のメノラー); Yesod
  • Daisoujou: Eternity (永遠のメノラー); Netzach
  • Hell Biker: Dignity (威厳のメノラー[栄光]); Hod
  • White Rider: Compassion (慈悲のメノラー); Chesed
  • Red Rider: Insight (理解のメノラー ); Binah
  • Black Rider: Wisdom (知恵のメノラー); Chokhmah
  • Dante: Knowledge (知識のメノラー); Daath
  • Pale Rider: Majesty (王冠のメノラー); Kether
  • Mother Harlot: Beauty (美のメノラー); Tiferet
  • Trumpeter: Godliness (神威のメノラー[神々しい力]); Gevurah

The assumption you might make (I know I always did) with the incorporation of sephirot symbolism is that Nocturne is making a statement about the Demi-fiend’s journey or overall spiritual development as a result of Lucifer’s candelabra game. With the Candelabrum of Sovereignty given to him by Lucifer, representing Malkuth, the lowest sephira and the one farthest away from Kether, the “crown” and highest emanation, you infer that the Demi-fiend is at the bottom of the pecking order but expected to move along the “board,” so to speak, in a way that reflects internal development as the physical struggle illustrates external development.

But to save myself some writing and you some reading: this doesn’t actually work, sadly. It seems to be on the right track up until White Rider at Chesed, but the idea of some secret, ordered Kabbalistic subtext falls apart at Pale Rider’s placement via his candelabrum. It just doesn’t make sense for him to be at the highest level of the Tree when he isn’t the last one you fight; Trumpeter should have been the Majesty/Kether rep instead.

I also included and analyzed two other “journeys,” also included in the photoset, that show the orders in which you can collect the candelabra (based on earliest possible opportunity) and the placement of the candelabra on each of the five pedestals in the Labyrinth of Amala. The collection order shows just how weird the intended fight order is while the placement order reveals that there is no adherence to the 22 paths of the Tree of Life or even a linear advancement on the Tree’s “rows.”

All told, this was a neat concept but inconsistently executed. I am by no means a Kabbalah expert, as there’s a density and intensity to the subject of which I can’t match from my mere casual interest, but I do know that you wouldn’t reach the goal (Kether) and then take a sharp turn around to a lower level. A little more careful placement and consideration and this could have been as resonant as as some of the themes found in the core game.

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I check the Danny Phantom tag on the daily--I don't keep up an account because I get addicted to tumblr too easy, but checking tags is my guilty pleasure--and I've noticed a sad lack of Tucker recently. :( People keep drawing Sam and Danny and acting like my nerd absolutely wouldn't still be hanging onto them like a tick even after his OTP went canon, so please draw a Tucker?

oh man ive been meaning to draw tucker. ive actually been thinking constantly: “man i gotta include tucker in all of this but im not quite sure how. someone’s gotta be there to keep danny and sam from going full on edgy“ 

and yeah tucker is so sadly underappreciated!! give some love to the tuck!!! i think i have some ideas but i also have like a ton of other ideas i have to finish first. but definitely, love for the tuck. 


TENEBRARIUS | listen here

                      ❝i can feel their claws scratching
                                        screeching in desire
                                  as they flourish each breath i take.❞

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Hi! What is your opinion on the musical Sunday in the Park with George? I think I remember you saying you liked it once. I watched it for the first time the other night and I thought the transition in Act Two was weird and I don't really understand the point of it because it was so different than Act One. I guess that just means I didn't like it that much and it was a little confusing at times. The music was very Sondheim though which I liked.

I actually haven’t seen it or listened to it all yet. Seurat is just one of my favorite artists so I liked the idea that someone made a musical about a fictionalized version of him, so that’s why I reblog photosets of it and such. I actually have a filmed version of it that I want to watch soon, so I’m excited to see what it’s about. Yeah, since it’s Sondheim, I expect to like it a lot :) (also, it’s Mandy Patinkin. You can’t get much better than Mandy Patinking in the OBC, amiright)

Once I watch it, I’ll letcha know and then I can answer any questions then, love!


my TRC faceclaims masterpost

ok so i’ve been getting asks recently asking me who i used in such and such graphic and i’ve been meaning to post a real list of all the people i use [or plan on using in the future] so here is an attempt at that. 

also i always like to point people to princeabernathy’s raven gang and dream pack fc lists bc they’re very good and comprehensive. also sobforsirius has one here. and avernos​ has one for the dream pack here.

also if anyone has fcs for male!skov that aren’t skinny white boys with brown hair who are almost indistinguishable from ash/diego/cole that would be great bc i need some diversity in my dream pack casting which is why i always do girl!skov lol

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SQLab Navi faceup and manicure, by me for me and based on an illustration I did in February. It’s actually kind of a test run/placeholder faceup and manicure until my friend sends me the stencils I need to do her eyebrows neatly! I also have no idea what I want to do for the nails, and she still has 2 other pairs of hands I haven’t touched. Sorry if I end up wiping and reposting pretty much the exact same photoset a week from now :’)