also i have no ideas for actual photosets


TENEBRARIUS | listen here

                      ❝i can feel their claws scratching
                                        screeching in desire
                                  as they flourish each breath i take.❞

my TRC faceclaims masterpost

ok so i’ve been getting asks recently asking me who i used in such and such graphic and i’ve been meaning to post a real list of all the people i use [or plan on using in the future] so here is an attempt at that. 

also i always like to point people to princeabernathy’s raven gang and dream pack fc lists bc they’re very good and comprehensive. also sobforsirius has one here. and avernos​ has one for the dream pack here.

also if anyone has fcs for male!skov that aren’t skinny white boys with brown hair who are almost indistinguishable from ash/diego/cole that would be great bc i need some diversity in my dream pack casting which is why i always do girl!skov lol

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SQLab Navi faceup and manicure, by me for me and based on an illustration I did in February. It’s actually kind of a test run/placeholder faceup and manicure until my friend sends me the stencils I need to do her eyebrows neatly! I also have no idea what I want to do for the nails, and she still has 2 other pairs of hands I haven’t touched. Sorry if I end up wiping and reposting pretty much the exact same photoset a week from now :’)