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Is it common to feel more sex-repulsed if you're surprised by the sexual content? Like, I found a thing that was explaining how T affects AFAB people's genitals, and had links to pictures, very clearly marked. And I was able to click over to one of the pictures, look at it briefly and click away without getting sex-repulsed, when if it had been sprung on me by surprise I definitely would have.

You are absolutely more likely to be sex-repulsed when surprised by sexual context. I think all of that stuff should be shared only with consent. That’s also how trigger warnings work, they allow your brain to say oh okay sexual content I’m ready for it. That way when you see it your gut reaction is panic or is repulsion to a lesser degree. It’s all about context and the choice you have in the matter. TLDR: Yes, very common. :)

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Hello, I'm writing a novel and I have a small idea on how to re-start it since I edited a major thing out of one of my protagonists. I want it to start with dialogue, but I feel like that would be boring. Can you help out?

Some people advise against starting a story with dialogue, but I don’t have a problem with it. I would suggest two things, though:

  1. Try to ground your dialogue with setting, action, and context pretty early on. The challenge with starting a story with dialogue is that if it goes on too long without any context you can start to get that “talking heads” feeling. Let us know who these people are, where they are, and why we should care what they’re talking about.
  2. Make sure your dialogue has enough conflict or tension to keep it engaging. I wrote a post about this here.

Also, remember that just because you start your novel with dialogue now, doesn’t mean you have to hold to that choice forever. A few weeks down the road, you might decide to move that dialogue to chapter two, or delete it all together.

Bottom line: If writing that dialogue is exciting to you and is where you want to start right now, then do it! Even if you change it later, or you decide it’s “boring,” it will have done you a great service by getting you started on your novel. Good luck! :)

the Mon-El rundown: 3.07 Wake Up

idk if this will be a recurring feature but I wanted to try going through Mon-El/Karamel moments and interpreting them for posterity. One of the things that struck me on my S2 rewatch is the fact that the bulk of Chris’ storytelling is done silently, which is his wheelhouse but it means Mon-El’s side of the story gets lost really easily. A lot is stuff we don’t have context or attention for the first time through. I thought it would be fun to catalogue my favourite small moments and what they might mean.

Originally posted by karamelmondaes

1. The reunion scene. Self-explanatory okay, I cried all dozen times that I watched this. One of the things I find interesting is Mon-El’s shell-shocked face. He is not kidding when he says he wasn’t expecting to see Kara again. He’s missed her but he’s got stuff to do he’s not supposed to talk about? and also he’s married now? And he knows her. He knows full well that Kara’s persistence and sunshine is about to throw him all the way off his game.


2. DEO medbay. Firstly, I actually love how shady Mon-El is being right now, I think this foreshadows a good storyline for him. And pretty ic, since he only confessed his real background 16 eps into s2, when he had no choice. Who’s in the ship? idk, passengers! Stop asking questions! (Mon-El’s new motto.) Delivery-wise he hesitates a lot in this scene, which is another clue that he is flying by the seat of his discombobulated space pants right now. My fav example is this:

KARA: It’s been tough. Seven months of not knowing.
MON-El: [beat] Seven months. [?!]

They might as well be on different alternate earths right now. He has no idea how to talk to someone who thinks it’s only been seven months. Runner-up fav is the beat he takes before he admits he missed her:


[Leaving out the attempted escape and 2.03 callback, because it pretty much just established that Mon-El is up to something.]

3. Holding cell, with more shades of 2.03. Melissa is great in this scene, omg, she cried and I cried and have I mentioned there was crying. Chris does a fair amount with fewer than ten words and his dumb face and teary eyes. What comes across, imo, is the degree to which Mon-El is completely unprepared for this moment. He doesn’t have a lie ready, or any intention of telling the truth. (I don’t think the entire truth came out in this episode, either.) He does make sure it’s clear he didn’t almost kill anyone. Which is a further throwback, Mon-El defending himself against what from his pov are major oversimplifications by Kara.

KARA: You have nothing to say?
MON-EL: I’m sorry.


Honourable mention to Winn visiting Mon-El in the holding cells, and Mon-El’s resigned little, how are you. He wasn’t expecting to see Winn again, either.


4. Back on the ship, Kara finds Winn helping Mon-El and she’s low-key angry. Mon-El is angry. Everyone is mad right now! Except for Winn who loves all his alien friends, please stop fighting, guys.

Then this killer moment of Kara spotting the necklace and Mon-El grabbing it back from her like she’s uncovered his darkest secret. You know what else isn’t your problem, or any of your business, Kara? Mon-El’s seven years of feelings that you weren’t around for! Stop asking questions! (The other thing established by the necklace, of course, is that he’s not an evil clone. And he could have pulled it out to prove that in the holding cell, but he didn’t, because STOP ASKING QUESTIONS, KARA. He doesn’t want to talk about it.)



MON-EL: Why’d you have to come down here, anyway?
KARA: If we hadn’t come, you would have died.
MON-EL: It doesn’t matter. I’m not your problem anymore.

I love that this is a mirror of so many of their early arguments over whether or not something was really Kara’s problem. Seek trouble and you’ll find it, Kara.


And then we get the bombshell. Seven years. What’s happened to him in that time? A lot, probably.


Honourable mention to Mon-El getting Imra out of the hypersleep chamber. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but this is not fake marriage body language.



5. Balcony scene! Where Mon-El finally relaxes from the shock of waking up in 2017 with a lost love in his face demanding answers, enough to tell the truth about a couple of things. (One of the things to remember, I think, is that Mon-El is canonically not all that brave. He just isn’t. Bravery is a choice that he has to constantly make rather than a thing that he is, and that’s what makes him a good foil for Kara.) The puppy eyes are doing the goddamn most, here. He is genuinely sorry for what’s about to happen.

MON-EL: I never thought I’d see you again. I had to keep living.


Then Kara makes him laugh, and vice-versa. It honestly would not have been a Karamel reunion for me without some type of giggly exchange. Amusing each other no matter what else is going on is so central to their entire dynamic, and if that was dead I would have cried (more).


KARA: This is the first time I’ve seen you smile since you’ve been back.
MON-EL: I haven’t had a chance to say it yet, but it’s really good to see you. There’s something I have to tell you.

And then Imra woke up and Kara’s heart broke, and I’m not sure I have a theory on where they are going with this. In fact, I think it most likely that the writers haven’t decided yet. But Kara and Mon-El on my screen at the same time is genuinely all I need cause I am easy like that.
(Coding kicked my ass, please let me know if I screwed up any credits.)

Sorry, but

5/7 of the mods on here are minors.

Mod Bo and I aren’t, but I’m the oldest.

I deleted my answer to the ask about being married and trans and the mention of divorce. Because I don’t want or need to be triggered by those types of asks.

None of us are married, as I said. So we can’t give you advice in that. And depending on the context, genital preference can be transphobic (e.g. I have screenshots where my ex and I argued over me wanting sex reassignment surgery and him telling me specifically that he’s not into dick, seeing me as a walking vagina, also him telling me that if I did get that surgery, we wouldn’t work as a couple.) My ex is also my abuser.

So maybe I have a slight problem with straight couples. But then again, anon wasn’t telling me if they were ftm, mtf, nb, or any other. So I wasn’t sure how to respond to their ask.

This isn’t a self-crit. This is so y'all will stop sending me asks about my answer.

Also, because @trans-united is mostly minors, there will be no answers to asks about marriage or sex. Those will be deleted.

If you have anyone to be pissed at, come to my tumblr @susan-none-of-them-are-cishet and we can take it from there.

~Mod Dalton

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I can’t wait for Robert to see them kiss. Like it’s actually quite funny how this whole situation is about ROBERT.

It’s ALL about Robert/Robron but mainly for the Christmas stuff. Robert needs to have NOTHING but also have Aaron still care even if Robert thinks he’s lost him, so having Robert see that Aaron’s “moved on” and found happiness somewhere else then that’s perfect for Robert to have NOTHING left.

Tbh, bringing Alex back doesn’t make me mad. I get where they’re coming from but also we don’t know what the context is yet (hopefully we won’t until it airs!) so we don’t know how he Alex/Aaron scenes will go. Aaron could just be agreeing to go on coffee dates because he’s wants to be over Robert, he wants to not care, so he forces himself to enjoy it. I definitely think they’ll be the case with the kiss. I can’t see Aaron being all “loved up” and wanting to kiss him, I can see it more as.. I backed off last time, I might as well just do it this time. 🤷🏼‍♀️ could go 10 different ways.

But Robert seeing the kiss. THATS THE POINT.

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i mean in the context of alternian society kanaya definitely does have a "girl fetish" but shes definitely 100% a lesbian in human terms and hussie is a fucking coward for not just saying that

alternian society isnt real and also andrew hussie is the one who fucking made it, he made up all the rules for it. there was nothing stopping him from saying “yeah, she is, and on alternia they dont really care about your orientation”

he really, truly is a coward.

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The guy from Making Star Wars, who has scoops on TLJ, said that near the end of the movie, "Luke goes for Snoke and Rey goes for Kylo". How do you incorporate this statement into your speculation/tarot reading?

I do remember hearing this way back when… I think “go for” could mean a lot of things [it obviously could mean go after in an aggressive manner, but could also mean “find”], and I wish I could remember the context and whether he was confident in this source or not – if I remember correctly, that was a rumor and not something he considered a set in stone, definite leak… but I could be totally wrong about that. I just feel like I remember him saying he couldn’t be sure about that one? Does anyone have a link to that particular rumor/article/podcast?

The thing I will say is that it certainly doesn’t look like she’s “gone after him” in any aggressive manner in the footage, as she’s standing in Snoke’s throne room with KYLO standing right behind her… It looks like she had already arrived and Kylo was called in. And… tbh like, if it’s the case that Rey’s “gone after” Kylo and Luke’s “gone after” Snoke…. why is Rey with both of them in the throne room with no Luke in sight? Why did Rian include Luke’s X-Wing on Ahch-To if Rey and Luke are leaving at the same time? Does Kylo steal the X-Wing? Because we know that Rey is on the Falcon…. it just seems confusing to hear that rumor on its own, and it doesn’t seem to fit the footage we’ve seen.

I wish I could remember where that rumor was, because I’d love to check it out again… and I wonder if they’ve revisited that since, too.

fic: “if it had been me, you would have stayed Kuchiki,” he said. 

me: P A I N. jpg

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If a furry who is also "interested in WWII era" posts things of the like without context, nazis will think they're a nazi. Shouldn't that have some impact on your actions? Unless you're okay with nazis thinking that of you. You certainly won't attract people who aren't nazis. (I refuse to say "furzi" because that's a pretty pisspoor attempt at making something racist cute.)

Again, stating that people just need to be careful nowadays. Nazis are gaining traction and they need to be stomped anywhere they think they can spout their shit but we also don’t need to punish people who just have a historical interest.

- Snake Mod

i have a few food aversions. when i tell people this, at first they’re horrified. ice cream? you can’t eat ice cream? oh i had a terrible stomach bug, once, and it was involved. oh, you poor thing. 

first time i tried tequlia i thought it was like vodka and did nine shots in an hour and ended up in the hospital. five years later i can finally drink it again but i no longer can do shots in any situation. same, buddy, happens to the best of us.

can’t eat nutella. i thought you liked it? used to love it before i was allergic and now it gives me itches. sorry about that, i feel for you.

milk? always. what about milk and cookies, i’ve seen you eat that. sometimes, if i’m careful, and other things are in my stomach, my allergy to lactose is okay. sometimes i can have quite a lot in one day. sometimes none at all. makes sense, okay.

i can’t look at bare razors. specifically, x-acto blades. if they’re in a holder they’re okay. but if they’re out and by themselves my brain starts to shout things. when people tell me to lose weight, sirens start sounding. 

but you can’t tell people that. “triggered” is a joke now. what, are you triggered by a dropped plate?

i don’t like to eat meat if i don’t know where it came from. oh, that’s fine, then. i don’t like to listen to certain songs because they remind me of when bad things were happening. i don’t get it, though. it’s over and done with.

what ‘academia is inaccessible’ means: much academic writing is financially difficult to acquire and also a lot of it builds on context and area of study-specific vocabulary that the author expects you to already be familiar with, making it difficult to ‘break in’ 

what y’all think it means: if you expect me to have any sort of background knowledge for what i’m talking about or want me to read a word with more than three syllables you want all poor disabled people to die


I slept with someone in fall out boy and all I got was this stupid song written about me // fall out boy

The Midheaven and the Public Appearance

Many people who have been studying have become quite understanding of the nature of their rising sign and how this reflects their personality as an individual (as the 1st house of ‘I am’).

Though the Ascendant plays an important role as to how you recognise yourself, your personality and sense of individuality, your Imum Coeli, Descendant and Midheaven also play an integral role to core components of who you are in relation to the context of your family, relationships and in the eye of the public.

Ever noticed how your personality changes when you’re with your family compared to when your with friends or your romantic partner? And bringing the romantic partner into the family life can initially cause a sense of tension? (4th/Cancer square the 7th/Libra…makes sense!?).

In this segment, we are going to explore how the sign on your Midheaven can display how you are perceived in the eye of the public. This means how you will appear to people who barely know you, people who you walk by in the street or on the bus, to your social media platforms and the reputation you gain through your career. When watching celebrities on television, you are far more likely seeing their MIDHEAVEN sign (and 10th house activity).  

Take note the sign of the ruler of your Midheaven is in and read about that placement as well (especially if you have an empty 10th house) + you may also like to read about the planets in the 10th, though the sign of your midheaven and its ruling planet will be far more potent in relation to how you are perceived in the public eye and what you are most ‘famous’ for.


  • I have listed as many possible positive and ‘not so positive’ reputations you may gain in the eyes of the public. Those that apply will greatly vary on the entire natal chart.
  • I am specifically referring to the Midheaven though planets in the 10th house will affect the presentation of the public image so those may be accounted for.
  • Aspects to the midheaven such as the conjunctions and opposition may be accounted for, though trines, textiles, and squares can give energy to the Midheaven also, their manifestations will be slightly more subtle. If you are new or intermediate to astrology, aim to only read about conjunctions or oppositions to your MC if you have any. Oppositions will indicate conjunctions to the IC (Imum Coeli) and this will mean that planet is hidden from the public.

Aries (Mars)

  • Known for being a Pioneer and a self premotor
  • Being known as an entrepreneur
  • Independent and Passionate in the eyes of the public
  • Known for having a fiery personality
  • Temperamental and Aggressive in the eyes of the public
  • Talks about/focuses on the self
  • Selfie fiend
  • Social media tends to focus on the self
  • Sexual presentation to the public eye
  • Known for associations with sex
  • Not caring about the publics opinion
  • Being known for being Impulsive  
  • Made it to the top through their own efforts
  • Known for physical fitness/athletic ability
  • Number one (in their own world)
  • Competitive in the eyes of the public
  • Moving ahead regardless of what anyone else does/says
  • Possibly swearing/harsh language or humour
  • Self-focused role modelling for others
  • The public looking up to you for leadership
  • Taking the lead for the public
  • Fighting for your goals/ambitions/career  
  • Known for pushing through and fighting against all odds
  • Masculine sense of power and authority
  • Being recognised for ones own efforts
  • Fearless of the public
  • Known for starting (or contributing) online fights
  • Known for being combative
  • Being known for starting a new trend
  • Not scared to be on stage
  • Assertive, strong, persistent and forceful in the eyes of the public
  • A reputation for being single/doing things solo
  • Can be seen as naive to the public
  • Known for speed/doing things quickly/fast service

Taurus (Venus)

  • Beautiful in the eyes of the public
  • Sensual and natural public presentation
  • Known for wealth (how much or lack there of)
  • Known for being stubborn, persistent and strong willed
  • Known for being slow at progressing (perhaps mainly in career)
  • Bringing beauty and sensuality to the public
  • Being comfortable and calm in the eyes of the public
  • People see you for your beauty, water and what you have
  • People recognise you for the quality of what you have, your career and the things you make
  • Being recognised for your down to earth nature
  • Being known for being grounded and practical
  • Known for connection with nature, the land and mother earth
  • Known for the things you produce
  • Being known for your weight
  • Being recognised for your voice/singing/speaking
  • Being recognised for artistic endeavours
  • Known for being reliable and predictable
  • Can stay in the public eye for as long as you want
  • Being known to be cool, calm and soothing to the public
  • Known for body work (from body art, makeup, massaging, wrestling ect)
  • Recognised for being materialistic
  • Well known for disliking change
  • Well known for staying in a particular field for a long time
  • Known for physical strength
  • Known for being lazy, hedonistic and unmotivated
  • Known for doing little physical labour
  • Gaining a reputation for buying and selling things

Gemini (Mercury)

  • Known for written blogs, books, newspapers, magazines ect
  • Known for numerous posts on social media
  • Known for being very active on social media
  • Being talkative, communicative, inquisitive and curious in the eyes of the public
  • Known for your skills in technology/like-dislike of them
  • Being a teacher/source of a lot of information in the eyes of the public
  • Sharing a lot of information through all forms of communication
  • Known for being articulate, quick witted, humorous and good with words
  • Known for being a wordsmith and playing with the meaning of words
  • Known for written works/informative works
  • Having many usernames/nicknames/several personas, and constantly changing them
  • Having many social media accounts
  • Known for being inconsistent in the eyes of the public
  • Having serval careers/jobs at once
  • Doing many different things at once in the eyes of the public
  • Known for being a bit of a comedian
  • Known for what you say and how you say it (talking too fast/too slow/not much/or a lot)
  • Being intellectual and mentally stimulating in the eyes of the public
  • Known for the information you give
  • Known for your siblings
  • Well Known in your neighbourhood
  • Known for the neighbourhood you grew up in
  • Well known in the the local town
  • Known for association with technology and communication devices
  • Popular on the internet
  • Well known by people on public transport
  • Being known as a ‘know it all’

Cancer (Moon)

  • Being known for your family/family name
  • Being known for who your mother is/was
  • Known for your relationship with mother figure
  • Being known for your association with women and mothers
  • Being known as a gentle and nurturing person
  • Known for being at home a lot
  • Known for working at home/the home property/your home
  • Known for growing, caring and mothering people/things (animals or land)
  • Being recognised for being moody or ‘crabby’
  • Being known for being clingy
  • Known for being sweet and sensitive
  • Known for being a parent
  • Being emotional vulnerable in the eyes of the public
  • Well known for your emotional nature (for better or for worse)
  • Being protective and defensive in the eyes of the public
  • Known for being temperamental and over emotional
  • Known for being soft and timid
  • Known for addressing female/women’s issues
  • Known for real estate
  • Crying in public
  • Being well known for being protective
  • Being protective and defensive of your public image
  • Being vulnerable to the people of the public
  • Known fort your sense of intuition
  • Being at home in the eyes of the public
  • Being the mother figure for the public
  • Nurturing and caring for the public/the career
  • Known for being conservative, private and traditional
  • Having a motherly public image

Leo (Sun)

  • Known for being creative and playful in the eyes of the public
  • Known for being bold and courages in the eyes of the public
  • Shining on stage
  • Enjoying the attention and admiration of the public
  • Performing your absolute best when you know everyone is watching
  • Being a show off in the eyes of the public
  • Being over dramatic in the eyes of the public
  • Known for being confident and your authentic self in the eyes of the public
  • Being fun and childlike when relating to the public
  • Well known for your hair
  • Being seen as bossy and acting like a little princess
  • Known for being very generous to the public
  • Known for putting on a performance (for good or bad)
  • Well known for expressing oneself
  • Known for being vain and having an overwhelming ego to the public
  • Known for having a status of near royalty
  • Being seen as a king or queen in the eyes of the public
  • Known for relationship with the father figure
  • Known for being special, passionate, demonstrative and dignified in the eyes of the public
  • Being well liked and charismatic to the public people
  • Known for being happy, warm and friendly  
  • Having a sunny disposition in the eyes of the public
  • Being seen as a show off
  • Seen as having a bright, sunny and happy personality in the eyes of the public
  • Known for creativity and self-expression 

Virgo (Ceres - or Mercury if using traditional ruler)

  • Known for being practical, on point and on time
  • Well known for a sense of practicality and efficiency
  • Known for being nit-picky and fault finding in the eyes of the public
  • Being seen as quiet and shy in public
  • Known for being innocent and modest
  • Known for following the rules
  • Being observant and orderly in the eyes off the public
  • Known for being a health guru
  • Begin recognised for worth ethic and precision
  • Known for being an expert at what you do
  • Having a near perfect public image
  • Well known for service and employee status
  • Known for doing a job very well
  • Having a routine in relation to being in the public
  • Well known for being narrow-minded and perfectionistic
  • Being critical of the public
  • Known for cleanliness and orderliness
  • Known for self-deprecation and/or being an overachiever
  • Wanting to appear perfect in the eyes of the public
  • Well known for being humble, unselfish and hardworking
  • Know for being a specialist
  • Having keen observation skills in the eyes of the public
  • Putting the public into categories
  • Trying to perfect the public
  • Known for being minimalistic 
  • Known for playing the role of the nurse and caregiver 
  • Seeming as if you take care of your own problems (you’re your own saviour)

Libra (Juno- or Venus if using traditional ruler)

  • Known for being harmonious and sweet
  • Known for being beautiful
  • Well known for your marriage or relationship partner
  • Recognised when with, or in relation to the romantic partner
  • Known for having feminine qualities
  • Known for artistic/musical abilities
  • Known for being a fence sitter
  • Being peaceful and charming in the eyes of the public
  • Being agreeable to what they public wants/does/says
  • Known for being a romantic and attractiveness
  • Being diplomatic and a gentleman/woman in the eyes of the public
  • Known for being indecisive and compromising
  • Known for your business partnerships and deals
  • Known for your appearance (beauty)
  • Being known for your aesthetic tastes
  • Taking the opposing viewpoint of the public
  • Known for being flirtatious and flattering
  • A reputation for being superficial or too agreeable or passive
  • Known for always being with someone else
  • Being seen as a model
  • Being known for fairness and equality (either in or out of politics)
  • Gaining a reputation for not standing up for yourself
  • Known for being two-faced
  • Projecting a false public image
  • Gaining a reputation for being the ‘side person’ in tasks and careers
  • Known for being a councillor or a mediator

Scorpio (Pluto)

  • Hidden from the eyes of the public
  • Known for being mysterious and secretive
  • Barely seen in the public eye
  • Known for being transformative and intense
  • Known for being dark
  • Been seen as sexual and magnetic in the eyes of the public
  • Diving deep into the psyches of the public
  • Provoking a sense of intimidation in the eyes of the public
  • Known for being quite powerful
  • Known for being dominant and in control
  • Causing intense reactions in the public
  • Known for your powerful position over the public
  • Transforming the people of the public
  • Obsessing over your public image
  • Known for being taboo, raw and authentic
  • Having a love/hate relationship with people of the public
  • Known for healing, shamanistic and mediumistic abilities
  • Being known for associations around birth, death and transformation
  • Known for being intensely passionate
  • Known for being self-destructive (and to heal the self after)
  • Being known for being obsessive and destructive
  • Keeping yourself hidden from the public
  • Being known for associations with violence, horror and gore
  • Known for contact emotional fluxes
  • Known for witchcraft 
  • Epitome of a character from The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones
  • Known for having deep psychological penetrative abilities
  • Your shadow self on display for everyone to see
  • Exposing the truth to the public

Sagittarius (Jupiter)

  • Gaining a reputation for being philosophical and spiritual
  • Known for being a happy-go-lucky and a optimistic person
  • Known for publications and teaching
  • Being happy, fun and good humoured in the eyes of the public
  • Being playful and jovial in the public eye
  • Being well known overseas and or for associations with foreign cultures
  • Being known as stretching the mind of the public
  • Known for being religious or anti-religious
  • Known as being opinionated and/or argumentative
  • Known for being self-righteous
  • Being inspirational and giving hope and faith to the public
  • Well known for being blunt and straight to the point
  • Known for being brash and openly honest
  • Known for being a thrill seeker and a bit of a daredevil
  • Gaining a reputation for being a traveler and being a bit of a gypsy/nomad
  • Known for associations with horses and/or the great outdoors
  • Speaking the truth to the public, without censoring yourself
  • Known for being a freedom loving hippy
  • Known for being sporty and/or athletic
  • Known for ‘telling it like it is’
  • Known for going with the flow
  • Being known as someone who’s hard to pin down
  • Seeing being a bit wild in the eyes of the public
  • Known for casual, laid back attitude
  • Known for being philosophical and open minded  
  • Being known to casually drop an ‘f’ bomb and swear when feeling like it

Capricorn (Saturn)

  • Perceived as being older than you really are by the public
  • Known for being ‘mature for your age’
  • Known for the father figure
  • Known for being wise
  • Seen as being an authority figure
  • Seen as having a fatherly disposition
  • Looking older than you really are in the eyes of the public
  • Known for being strict and conservative
  • Known for creating structure and regulating the people of the public
  • Seen as a responsible leader in the eyes of the public
  • Known for being hardworking/very involved in your career
  • Seeming hard and cold to the people of the public
  • Being real and practical in the eyes of the public
  • Being seen as a professional
  • Being very well reserved and direct in the eyes of the public
  • Having a rigid public appearance
  • Not showing weakness or emotions in the public eye
  • Commanding the public’s respect
  • Known for being stern and serious
  • Known for being highly ambitious
  • Being seen as classical and traditional
  • Known as being the boss or the leader
  • Gaining a reputation for being in control (for good or for bad)
  • Being known for being retractive and limiting the self
  • Known for being hard on the self and overworking
  • Being known for your struggles and hardships
  • Being known for taking power back
  • Known for never asking for help

Aquarius (Uranus)

  • Being known as an eccentric
  • Being publicly known for doing things outside of the box
  • Known as being a bit of a nerd
  • Known as having a love of outer space
  • Being known for use of technology
  • Popular on the internet
  • Known for being a bit of a rebel
  • Posting weird things on the internet
  • Being known as been a political reformer/rebel
  • Known for wanting to change the way society works
  • Known for having a strange hobby/collection
  • Nerd culture (Star Trek/Star Wars/Game of Thrones/The Walking Dead ect…)
  • Known as being an alternative hippy
  • Known for Astrology
  • Public viewed as emotionally detached from the public
  • Public seeing you as a casual friend
  • Known for doing things in a unique and self-stylised way  
  • Being too unpredictable for the public to have an expectancy of you
  • Known as ‘The weird one’
  • Being known for association with aliens
  • Known for being all over the place and erratic
  • Public never knows what to expect of you
  • Feeling at one with the public
  • Known for being exciting, overwhelming and extreme

Pisces (Neptune)

  • Publicly known for spirituality and psychic abilities
  • Known for associations with angels and spirit guides
  • Being known for love of fantasy
  • Projecting an ideal self to the public
  • Having an illusional public persona
  • Known to constantly change persona
  • Known for being dreamy and unrealistic
  • Known for being a saviour/victim/martyr
  • Being known for being an over romantic
  • Being seen as gentle, sweet and having your head in the clouds
  • Being seen as being out of touch with reality
  • Being known for cosplay, dressing up as fantasy or fiction characters
  • Known for artistic abilities
  • Being known for healing
  • Gaining a reputation for being a storyteller and/or a bit of a lair
  • Known as being a great actor and moulding into different personas with conviction
  • Being known as an empath and hyper sensitive
  • Known for associations with drugs, alcohol or other addictions
  • Known for being unconditionally loving to the public
  • Being peaceful and soft spoken in the eyes of the public
  • Known for being a volunteer and charity work
  • Having a reputation for being a dreamer and having a strong imagination
  • Known for association with the water and the ocean
  • Public seeing that you live in your own dream world
  • Disappearing in the public
  • Known for magic (witchcraft/tarot ect) 
  • Blending in on social media

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bangchan vs. lee chan’s real answer (ft. wonwoo + his brotherly instincts)

anonymous asked:

why are you so sure keith is gay?

alright, i’ve said all of this shit before but LET’S GO!

this is what happened when allura fell into keith’s arms BRIDAL STYLE. he full on cradled her in his arms (we know how important cradling LANCE in his arms was to him so heh). i mean, do i really need to explain? just look at his face:

this was lance’s reaction when she fell into his arms:

and this was matt’s reaction when he saw her for the first time:

which goes on with a very ridiculous scene of him calling her beautiful and whatnot. even hunk has blushed because of her at one point, albeit it wasn’t because he thought she was beautiful or because he’s interested in her or anything (i mean, i’m sure he does think she’s beautiful because she is but the context of the scene had nothing to do with that) but keith has never, not once, blushed because of allura for any reason. he even held onto her in space and didn’t emote. i’m sure keith also thinks allura is beautiful but he’s gay, so he’s not attracted to her. you could argue that maybe keith just isn’t interested in /allura/ but still likes girls in general but i argue against that. i have a comparison to make, it was pointed out to me by @klanceys a little bit ago. zuko’s reaction to toph clinging to his arm VS. keith’s reaction to allura falling into his arms:

this is what klanceys said (paraphrased) when they pointed this out:

“even if he was interested in girls—not Allura herself, but girls—he’d get flustered a bit and we’d see some blushing… but we didn’t, not even a tiny reaction and i’d like to compare it to Zuko from ATLA. there’s an ep where Toph clings to his arm and he gets flustered, not because he’s romantically interested in her (he’s not) but it’s just that he’s not used to having a girl so close to him and clinging, even if it’s a close friend like Toph. Allura literally fell into Keith’s arms and he gave a total of 0 fucks lmao.”

it’s a damn good point. they’ve made it a point to show lance’s and matt’s reactions to allura so the fact that keith is so devoid of emotion in scenes where he’s literally holding her in his arms is very telling. they have NEVER made keith express any romantic interest in/attraction to a female character, not once. not nyma, not allura, no girl whatsoever. there has been plenty of opportunities for it, but they don’t take any of them. keith is 100% a gay-coded character, my gay ass could tell right away. they give lance and keith’s rivalry a big focus in s1 so something you’d expect them to do with that would make keith fight for allura or nyma’s affections when lance expressed interest in them, ya know because they’re rivals… but he doesn’t. EVER. he only starts getting jealous/upset by lance’s flirting AFTER they had their bonding moment together. i’ve already discussed the way keith starts acting after that moment in depth so i’m not going to do it again in this response but trust me, i know what i’m talking about here.

this was keith’s face when faced with an attractive, masculine alien:

they did not need to include this whatsoever, it’s honestly pretty pointless to the episode, but i mean, not really… because this shows us that keith is attracted to rolo, a GUY. i’m assuming you saw the photoset showing all the rainbows (and bi flag colors) from this same episode and like, that’s not a coincidence. i put this next image in that same photoset but the way keith is standing almost directly parallels with lance’s stance when he was with nyma prior in the episode:

we obviously know that lance was attracted/interested in nyma so what other damn conclusion am i supposed to come to when they show us keith doing the same thing with a guy? it’s so fucking funny because i literally have the same stance when i’m around someone i find attractive and i’m trying to look cool.

another reason i’m sure keith is gay? because i’m gay and i said so.

Dean matched his movements to Cas’, synchronising them. Without his remembering the choice to do so, his hands moved up to hold Cas’ sides more firmly, fingers splayed, while Cas’ fingers slipped into his belt loops, and pulled him in a little closer. The music was still pounding, but all Dean could focus on was the movement of Cas’ hips, the little ways that their bodies brushed and coalesced before falling apart again, on a rhythm; he looked down, watching Cas and himself as they moved against each other. They looked good, they looked right ; they looked like two bodies that belonged, fluid and unafraid and bold. He met Cas’ eyes. Cas looked almost frighteningly alive, intense as white fire. Dean smiled at him, and Cas tilted his head - for a wild second, Dean thought he was about to be kissed -

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written by @whelvenwings
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I got into this business because I love stories - they comfort us, they inspire us, they create a context for how we experience the world. But also, you have to be careful, because if you spend a lot of time with stories, you start to believe that life is just stories, and it’s not.
Life is life, and that’s so sad, because there’s so little time and what are we doing with it?

magical dick intimidation

context: my friends and i started a new campaign. our dm is kinda new and our bard is a little shit. i’m a paladin and we also have a rogue.

DM: you are being attacked by one piece of animated armor
Bard: i run away
DM (ooc): dude you have a fucking warhammer and it has a fire explosion and +1 strength
Bard: i’m already running.
DM: *sighs* you are running straight into a party of 5 goblins.
note: our bard and rogue were kidnapped by goblins earlier in our session and are now completely naked.
Bard (ooc): can i intimidate them to death with my dick?
DM: *laughing* only if you roll over a 980.
Bard: *rolls 1000*
DM: *laughing but also pissed off* the sheer sight of your cock has made all the goblins’ hearts explode. they cannot handle your massive penis.
Me: holy fuck dude roll for intimidation more often