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BTS x Modern Magic!AU

i haven’t written something for all the boys in a while, so i decided to get back in the groove with this cute lil bangtan au ive been thinking about,,,,,,enjoy~


  • vampire 
  • he’s never actually bitten a person before because he grew up in a family of, to put it politely, “vegetarian” vampires. but even when it comes to drinking animals blood,,,,he feels horrible about it
  • like he’s always on the brink of starving because when he has to go out and hunt for food he like,,,like he catches a rabbit but he lets it go two minutes later because he’s like “i can’t,,,,it’s too cute,,,,,,,”
  • ever heard of a vampire having an ethical dilemma when it comes to feeding on an animal’s blood? no? well meet namjoon,,,,,,,,who all the other vampires said read too much ‘human’ philosophy and got tricked into being so damn humble
  • but you, who once took a philosophy course with namjoon in your class, figure out pretty early on that he’s a vampire
  • mostly due to his clumsiness as in ,,,, he was drinking red stuff out of a bottle that said ‘tomato juice’ but he had been picking at the label and it came off just in time for you to see under it the words ‘pigs blood’ and you were like what now
  • and namjoon begs you to not tell anyone he damn near cries and you’re like i wont ????? obviously you’re not dangerous if you’re here around people and haven’t attacked anyone by the way how long does that bottle of blood last you
  • and he’s like ,,,,,,usually others drink two of these a day but i make one last a week and you’re like what?? why ??
  • and he’s like “i ,,,, feel bad drinking blood,,,,,,,even an animals,,,,,like it died for me. it died for my sins,,,,,,,”
  • and you’re like bro that’s deep but you do know that’s how the food chain works,,,,,and he sighs like yEAH ,,,,,,but i feel so bad,,,,,i need to go mourn the pig that died for this,,,,,
  • and you’re like in shock because what now is he seriously a vampire but also,,,,,,,you’re very intrigued and you’re like it’s kinda endearing how sulky and pouty he gets over literally????? eating his lunch 


  • potion brewer 
  • kind of runs out of a black market for other wizards and witches, but some humans find out about it through like back doors and things like that
  • he specializes in two things: truth potions and love potions. those are the most popular 
  • and other brewers say that it’s immoral to brew potions that tamper with peoples emotions like love potions or potions that force someone into only telling the truth but does yoongi really care? no. you know why? mmmmmmmmmoooonnnneeeyyyyy
  • what does he use in his potions? oh you know the usual rose thorns, goblin fingernails, unicorn horn, some interesting parts of fish, the fangs of a fallen vampire,,,,,,, the usual magical hocus-pocus ingredients that anyone who isn’t acquainted with magic would probably be horrified to touch 
  • yoongi’s brewing pot is passed down from generation to generation, just like how the families familiar is a crow,,,,things like this are just signature to the min wizards
  • and so you know,,,,you have no clue these people even exist until a friend of yours gets mixed up with it and comes running to you for help and you’re like ???? what you bought a love potion from some good looking guy in an alley and now he wants you to pay him an obscene amount of money??
  • and you go with her to meet ‘yoongi’ who explains that if your friend doesn’t pay up he’s got means of blackmail that could ruin her forever and you’re like “ok how much is the debt?” and when he says the number you damn near die,,,,,,,and you’re like “can i exchange anything else???” and yoongi thinks for a moment and he’s like “you can pay off her debt for her.” and you’re like how boy i am B roke and he’s like “easy. you work for me now.”
  • and with that he pulls you over and erases this whole thing from your friends mind in a matter of seconds and you’re like wwwwwhat,,,,,,is,,,,,happening and he’s like 
  • “first order of business, you need to drink this.” and he passes you this like black, bubbling drink and you’re like what ew no and he’s like hey. you belong to me until the debt is paid off
  • and so you drink it, and it surprisingly tastes like licorice and suddenly you notice an inking become visible on your skin and it’s a tattoo of a black crow that goes up you forearm and you’re like ????? rubbing at it with your finger and yoongi just laughs and is like
  • “it’ll stay on till we’re done here, let’s go human” and you’re like holy god what have i gotten myself into  
  • meanwhile yoongi is just like,,,,about you,,, like they’re cute,,, humans are usually not my style but ,,,,,hmm,,,,,,,he’s definitely interested in seeing how you two will get along ^^


  • clairvoyant 
  • really tired and bored of always being able to see the future and the outcomes of just about anything
  • will occasionally see the lottery numbers for the next day and ‘casually’ buy that card and ‘casually’ drop it beside someone who might look desperate for cash 
  • people have tried to become his friend simply to backstab him and take away his power, but thanks to his power he can see their plan and he’s like lmao yeah no get away from me or ill knock you out with my frying pan
  • “jungkook don’t run that way you’re bump right into namjoon and- oh there they go, namjoon make sure you don’t fall on your side it’s gonna hu- oh he already fell. whoops.”
  • you know jin because you work at a coffee shop he frequents and it’s really interesting because,,,,,,,if he focuses on you he can see that you’ll be quitting this job in the next 4 months to do something else and whenever you’re like “it’s really busy” he’s like “don’t worry, you won’t be here forever”
  • and you think he’s just being a kind, empathetic soul but lmao no he actually knows you won’t be there forever
  • but one day something happens that really startles him you guys are talking while you’re getting his change and you go “i wonder when ill meet the love of my life, valentines day is around the corner and it makes me so sad.”
  • and jin ,,,,, out of curiousity tries to focus on you and see how your love life will play out,,,,,,but he can’t. like at all
  • and he panics because is he losing his power???? but no if he focuses on your co-worker he can see that she’ll meet her husband in about 2 years on a trip abroad but you???? nothing
  • and when he gets home he calls up his mother, who has the same power and he’s like what does this mean??
  • and his mom is just like jin (: you know how clairvoyants can’t see their own futures? and he’s like yes,,,,,,
  • and his mom is like (: that (: means (: that (: person (: is (: part of your future honey~~~~~~!!!!!
  • and jin is like ,,,,, oh my god ,,,,,,,, 
  • and the next morning when he comes in he looks up at you while ordering and wow holy moley where you always this attractive,,,,,,


  • necromancer 
  • “guys i know you’re all dead, but you’re all my friends anyway. and no none of you can possess my body, you guys know that’s against the rules.”
  • started ‘accidentally’ summoning the spirits of the dead at a young age because apparently drawing a circle on the floor in chalk and then just sitting in it ,,,,added in ofc with hoseok’s magical aura was enough to pull all the ghosts that haunted the entire block into his room
  • and hoseok can conjure up the dead just about anywhere he goes and most of the time he doesn’t speak with their physical forms, but their energies still stuck on earth
  • and it’s a really cool ritual to get an actual physical body to come back to “life” but it involves too much blood and too much chanting for hoseok to ever try
  • and you are a strong believer in how ghosts are made up and fake and hoseok always chuckles under his breath when you’re like “the dead stay dead” and you wanna know why
  • so you keep pestering him and hoseok is like even if i told you you wouldn’t believe me
  • and you’re like try me !!! and he’s like “ok. i can call out dead people’s spirits and talk with them” and you’re like
  • well you’re like LOL you’re write i don’t believe you and hoseok huffs because fine let him prove it
  • and he’s like “you know how your family cat died when you were younger?? his name was mr. oreo right?” and you stop laughing because,,,,,how does he know that
  • and hoseok is like “when i call out a spirit i can do it by trying to call out spirits that follow alive humans. mr. oreo is following you right now. he keeps thinking you’ll get home and give him belly rubs.”
  • and you’re frozen because,,,,,holy hell how does he know that,,,,,,,
  • and hoseok is like “believe me now?”
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,THATS SO COOL HOSEOK YOU’RE MAGICAL
  • and he’s like,,,,w,,,what??? because he DID NOT expect this reaction but at the same time he starts grinning and jumping up and down like “yeah!!!!! im magical!!!!!!” and you’re like omg grabbing his hand and you’re like we need to go to a cemetery or something we have to go talk to spirits!!!!!
  • and hoseok is like yeah we do- wAIT what cemetery heck no they’re creepy
  • and you’re like ?????? how can you find them creepy you literally bring back the dead
  • and he’s like nope. no. let’s just go over to my place and watch a ghost flick instead,,,,,,,,,,,and maybe ill try to summon the spirit of this old lady who lived above me before and you’re like cool sounds like a date
  • hoseok internally: screaming because you called this a date dghkbljfs


  • healer 
  • every part of him feels like it could heal any wound, from his smile to his soft hands to his sweet voice. but in reality it has to do mostly with his breathing and with concentration of his energy into the wound it’s actually a super tiring process and jimin usually passes out after healing just one person
  • but you know,,,,,,he’s still a glowing angel literally
  • it actually all matters on what type of illness the person has. for instance he can cure rashes with the touch of his finger, things like colds he has to focus only a bit of energy, but big bleeding wounds he has to hold his hands over the gashes or scratches and focus his energy into reviving the skin and tissue
  • and it’s really cool to watch because he emits this ring of golden when he’s completely focused and it looks really pretty,,,,,,,,aside from the fact that it’s literally like physically draining jimin of his own energy
  • you’re his assistant,,,,,since he faints after healing and needs his sweat dabbed from his forehead and things like that
  • you guess you’re a nurse,,,,,but jimin is much more magical than any doctor and he usually only heals other magical beings because if modern scientists found out about his abilities he’d probably just be taken in for experiments
  • and some of those beings are far from human looking, like jimin can also heal dragons and mermaids and even rejuvenate certain magical plants. 
  • you yourself don’t have the ability to heal like jimin, but jimin trusts you since you’ve been childhood friends and sometimes after a hard days work
  • he’ll go “you know,,,,,,out of everything my power can do it can’t work on me,,,,,,” and you’re like what do you mean you can heal your scratches just like everyone else’s
  • and jimin embarrassing smiles to himself and he’s like “yes,,,,but i can’t heal my own heart from my feelings,,,,,” and he like looks over at you from behind his eyelashes and you’re tilting your head a bit in confusion and he just chuckles
  • and you’re like ???? and he’s like “it’s ok though,,,,,,i have you to heal those feelings,,,,,,,,” he whispers this part so you don’t really make it out but,,,,,,,,lmao even in a magical!au,,,,jimin is quite the romantic 


  • animal whisperer
  • from horses to dogs to ants to snakes to birds to fish
  • he can understand and talk to them all,,,,,,and you’d be surprised how gossipy animals really are 
  • most other magical powers are inherited through family genetics and/or constant study of witchcraft but taehyung’s talent is singular to him because most people can only speak to one kind of animal,,,,,taehyung obviously can talk to them all
  • and people rumor that it’s because he was raised by wolves or something dumb like that. but it has more to do with the fact that taehyung just loves spending time with animals and so,,,,,,,he just picked up on as much as he could
  • and his favorite thing to do is to talk with domesticated pets. a lot of the times the stories are sad and dark, but sometimes the pets just spill embarrassing secrets and stories about their owners that make taehyung roll over in laughter
  • and that’s exactly what happens with you. as you’re walking your dog taehyung comes strolling by and asks if he can pet it and ofc you’re like sure!!!! and when he leans down
  • the dog is like “did you know every morning my owner turns on the same song,,,,,,,fire? i think is the name and they just dance around to it singing into a bursh like it’s a mic. isn’t that hilarious”
  • and taehyung can’t hold back his laughter and you’re like ???? and looking up at you taehyung gives you a once over and he’s like “i didn’t expect you to be the silly type.”
  • and you’re like ?????
  • and taehyung is like “i like that in someone, business on the outside but actually kind of goofy. im taehyung by the way, i also sing into a brush like a mic.”
  • and he sticks out his hand and you’re like wait what how does he KNOW,,,,,,,,but also,,,,,,,,,,,goofy??
  • and taehyung is like “your dog here told me kindly about your dorky side, it’s cute though.”
  • and ofc you think he’s joking but tbh he’s handsome and sweet so you’re like “do you have a pet? i want it to tell me something funny about you too so we’re even hehe”
  • and taehyung grins and looks down at your pup and while you’re distracted taehyung is like “hey , do you think i have a chance?”
  • and the dog is like “with my owner? no way. they’re too cute for.” and taehyung is like hEY did i just get insulted by a dog
  • (but dw taehyung,,,,,,obviously you wouldn’t say no to a cute date with him????? right~~)


  • werewolf 
  • incredibly playful in and out of wolf form, loves pulling pranks and challenging older wolfs in the pack to play fights
  • which is not surprising because when he shifts back into human form, his arms and legs are all bruised up from those play fights but jungkook thinks they make him look really cool and strong
  • everyone swoons over his athletic body and they’re like WOW he must swim or play volleyball to have such strong upper arms and legs
  • lmao no it’s that when he’s in wolf form he spends like 85% of the time running around like crazy,,,,,,,like a literal puppy
  • his wolf form is really pretty,,,,his coat is a light brown but the fur around his ears and paws gets snowy white
  • and his eyes get sparks of blue between the browns of his pupils
  • the only problem is he’s reckless and so sometimes he’ll get too excited and parts of him will shift without him knowing
  • which is how you find out he’s a werewolf because you’re over at his place beating him at video games and jungkook gets way to riled up and stands up and you look over and you’re like wait
  • why does he have a tail????? and ,,,,,,, are those,,,,,,,,,,ears on the top of his head?????
  • and once you’re like uh jungkook i think you’re mutating,,,,,,jungkook is like oH DAmmit the pack is gonna kill me
  • and you’re like the pack,,,,,,,???? and jungkook is like “well im halfway there might as well show you the whole thing” and before you know it he’s shaking his upper body and suddenly,,,,,,,,in the living room of your friend jungkook’s house is a big,,,,,,,,,,wolf
  • and you’re like WHAT IN GODS NAME but then the wolf like nudges the controller with his nose and points to the screen of the paused game with it’s paw and you look at it the character on the screen is named jungkook
  • and you look back at the wolf and you’re like,,,,,,,y,,,,,,,you’re,,,,,,,jungkook?!??!??!
  • and in a moment the wolf begins to shake it’s head and jungkook comes back to his human form and you’re like WOAH and he’s like “it’s cool isn’t it????”
  • and you’re like “y-yeah but also,,,,,,,,,” and your eyes are closed now and you’re like “you’re naked. please put on some clothes dog boy”
  • and jungkook is like DOG BOY
  • but also he runs out of there because right shifting,,,,,leaves one exposed
  • but when he comes back you’re like,,,,,,much more comfortable with the fact that your friends a werewolf and you’re like 
  • “hey,,,,,,,can people hypothetically ride,,,,,,wolves like on their backs??”
  • and jungkook snorts like iM never letting you on my back
  • (but he actually ends up letting you get on his back in his wolf form because jungkook likes you and will never admit it but he wants to show off by running through the woods with you on his back and the face you make when you end up seeing how fast he is makes jungkook’s ego like x100000 times bigger and it’s cute ,,,,,,,,,,,, werewolf boy in love) (get the pun?)
Angel! EXO react to falling for a human

a/n: omg this made me want to write more angel exo asdfghjkl. enjoy! ~juni


Minseok would feel slightly panicked. It wasn’t the first time he’d felt love. Unlike most angels, he’s already been there. But this time, he was a protector. It was his job and he would be taking it very seriously. He would have already been part of your life, giving you a helping hand here and there. A schoolmate, a co-worker, an acquaintance you couldn’t seem to get to know enough, even if you tried. So realising he was starting to fall for you and want to get closer to you would be hard on him. He’d try in little ways. Talk to you more. Notice things he pretended not to see. He would generally be more present and even softer than before. Eventually, things would naturally develop and a relationship would blossom.


Luhan would be another with previous experience. He’d probably be the most experienced out of them all and recognise the signs early on. However, he wouldn’t act on them unless he was sure it was love and not just fondness over someone he was meant to look out for. He’d have positioned himself as a good friend already, so getting closer to you was natural. He’d be bold and open with his feelings, while keeping his job to watch over you completely separate. He’d be even more sensitive to you, as he begins to know you personally as well as your guardian and would be very attentive to everything.


Yifan would be an angel that has already lost a lot. He’s not exactly on the verge of falling, but he would be close to being “tainted” by all the negativity he’s been through. So he would be cold and strict. He’d watch out for you, yes, but it wouldn’t be in a cute and fluffy way. He would probably position himself as a boss, co-worker or someone to whom you weren’t close. Falling in love would be his worst nightmare. He’d probably get even more distant for some time, fighting his own impulses with all his willpower. Having already faced this, he’d be very in control, but it’d make him suffer. Something would have to push him over the edge for him to ever act. For example, growing so distant from you that he might lose sight of you for good.


Junmyeon would be an angel that positioned himself as someone quite close to you. A male friend you looked up to, a senior that looked out for you, something of the sort. He’d be very open with how much he cared for you well being and do his best to let you know you weren’t alone and had someone by your side. However, he is innately like this and tends to treat people with a lot of care, so falling for you would be a complete surprise. He wouldn’t know what to do and feel really guilty. Getting into that type of relationship with someone he is supposed to protect could end up hurting you and it was the opposite of what he wanted! He wouldn’t distance himself though and eventually explain the whole situation, apologising profusely for having fallen for you.


Yixing wouldn’t be too surprised he fell for you. You were sweet and he felt a lot of care towards you from the start. He’d be pretty open about his feelings. As someone who had made sure he was a close friend of yours, he’d explain to you how he felt and not make it a big deal. He’d be really sweet about it too. “Aah, I couldn’t help but fall for you. You’re so kind and pretty.” I think he wouldn’t really get why it was a bad thing and would continue his job, working as hard as usual and being as kind as ever. It’d honestly be an unofficial relationship. He wouldn’t even realise it wasn’t official. He’d just help you tidy your room and fall asleep on your bed or bring you cake and watch movies.


Honestly, whether Baekhyun is actually an angel or just a devil that infiltrated heaven is really up for interpretation. He’d be by your side and he’d make you suffer, in the best of ways. He would make you laugh a lot but also fluster you a lot because he has that kind of power over people. Baekhyun falling for you would, however, be a surprise. Being a tease, he’d already be aware that you have a crush on him and exploit it to make his job easier. So admitting that he had fallen for you would be opening himself up for retaliation. But you would notice. He had trained you to be sharp and you would notice the little changes. And one day, “Aaah, but you liiiike me~” he’d tease, and you’d answer “But so do you.” And after the initial shock and obvious denial, things would go naturally.


Jongdae be really flustered when he realises what’s happening to him. Little gestures you made towards him like touch his knee or stand close to him in a crowded bus would shake him up and he’d go from his usual, teasing self to silent Dae with his quick eye blink. Obviously, it wouldn’t take long to notice. It’s not that Jongdae is conflicted about breaking rules to date you. It’s more over that he’s never felt this way before and really has no clue how to properly act at first. However, this wouldn’t last too long and he’d get used to it for the most part and would start returning the favour by flustering you. It’d be a little game for a while. The can make the other the most flustered. Obviously, kissing works best and it’d eventually turn into that.


Chanyeol would be the ray of sunlight during your darkest days. He’d be that close guy friend that’s almost too close for you to be just friends, yet nothing would ever happen. At least at first. Until Sunshine got shy, realising you made his heart flutter, every day a little more. And he’d thumble around you, trying not to distance himself, but unsure what to do with those feelings. They weren’t allowed and he was worried he’d be reassigned someone else. But the bond between the two of you had become too strong for either of you to sever because of pesky feelings and he’d end up fessing up shyly, asking you to forgive him and explaining he never wanted to hurt you. Little puppy would be a bit lost and completely shocked when you returned his feelings and would honestly have to ask you. “Oh. Now what?” with a massive smile.


Kyungsoo would be the most conflicted of them all. He’d want to do well and work hard. Stay professional. But dammit you’d make it hard. And you’d always end up pulling smiles out of him. You made him feel like more than a pawn in some heavenly plan and he was very devoted to protecting you. He wouldn’t be able to stop himself from looking at you fondly, but for the longest time, he’d manage to hold off, no matter how close you got to breaking down that last barrier. He’d be very sweet and present by your side, so making the first step wouldn’t be too hard and he’d be relieved, immediately reciprocating. He would keep his ‘job’ and his affections for you separate and not be lenient just because he liked you.


Zitao would be the quickest to tell you his feelings and acknowledge them. Emotional, passionate and fiery, those were probably the worst traits angels could ever have, and he embodied every single one of them. So he’d have no shame is flirting with you and expressing how he felt, the second he realised he liked you. Things would go pretty quickly with him. You liked him back? He was now your boyfriend, with eagle eyes, watching for anyone that might so much as touch you. He’d be grateful you helped him experience humanity at its fullest, as it was something he’d always been curious about. Even if he ended up being found out, he’d have no trouble leaving heaven for you and staying by your side.


Jongin would be the silent onlooker, watching over you from a distance and taking care of things in the shadows. But he’d soon find himself insanely frustrated by his limited position and would seek to insert himself into your life in discreet ways. A regular and charming customer at the coffee shop you worked at, a friend of a friend that eventually started talking to you, someone close but distant. And then, he’d find himself wanting more. To really talk to you himself and spend time with you. Eventually, he’d ask you out on a date. And you’d go out a few times before he ended up admitting he’d had his eyes on you for a while and had liked you for quite some time.


Disobeying his higher ups was the plan. Actually falling for you was a bonus. They had stuck him with you against his wishes. Having a strong will for an angel, he didn’t even try doing his job at first. He was just your buddy. You hung out and that was it. Occasionally you’d find yourself being comforted by him, but it slowly became more. He started caring and his instincts were growing. He would become protective and actually start doing his job, suddenly afraid they’d take him away from it. However, the changes made you grow apart for a while, since you weren’t used to him acting that way. Things would become awkward until he’d admit to his feelings and apologise. Oh, and he wouldn’t try and hide your relationship after that. As long as he got the girl and got to be a brat, all was good.

Like Like?

Relationship: Jason Todd x Reader

Summary: Jason is the P.E. teacher and you’re a fifth grade teacher. You both don’t exactly get along, but students wanted you together.

Key: Y/N= your name, L/N= last name

It was just another school year when the elementary school hired on a new physical education teacher. The last one didn’t exactly take to the students very well and was subsequently fired. Jason Todd decided to start teaching because he thought it would be a breeze, also there were people there that could help him, right?

You were one of the fifth grade teachers and you loved teaching. It was your passion, something you had wanted to do from a young age. The kids loved you and you cared for everyone of them equally. This year was going to be interesting because a brand new teacher was going to be trying there luck with the students. The students that went to this school weren’t angels per se, but they weren’t difficult if you didn’t know how to deal with children. As a teacher, you respected that the students had to have P.E., yet it was always such a bother on your schedule. Because of that, you never made it a priority to help or really talk to the P.E. teacher.

The first day was upon you and you, as always, weren’t ready. Even if you spent the entire summer getting ready, you could never be ready for the first day of school. You played all your “get-to-know-you” games and as you finished the last one, it was time to go to the gym.

“Okay guys, line up oldest to youngest then we’ll go to the gyms for P.E.,” you spoke with an excited tone and all your students rushed up asking each other their birthdays. After they lined up and you double checked, you took head and marched your way to the gymnasium. You had the student fill into the gym and sit on the floor in front of the office door.

You knocked. No one answered. You knocked again, a little harder. The students snickered as there was still no answer. You banged on the door, “Hello?” You took out your keys and searched for the one to the door. You opened the door to find a frazzled man tearing up the room. “Sir,” you sighed, exasperated, “do you need help?”

Jason spun around and collected himself. “Uh, no. No, I’m good. I’m good.” He gave a flashy debonair smile.

“Well, if you’re ‘good’, would you like to teach this class?” You nodded to the students behind you. They were all laughing and giggling because of the teacher who thinks he can handle them.

“Right!” Jason strode out of the office and stood full height in front of the children. This quieted them down. “Alright class,” he began, he looked them over with a fire in his eyes. “Who wants to play dodge ball!” The class screamed in delight, scrambling to their feet.

You shook your head and started to head back to your classroom when a hand grazed yours. “Hey, I never caught your name.” Jason looked at you expectantly.

“Y/N L/N, and yourself?” You sounded slightly annoyed.

“Jason Todd.”

“Well Mr. Todd, I’m off to my classroom. You’ll bring them back at the end of the period. I expect them on time, not a minute late. Also, George has asthma. I hope you know how to take care of that.”

Jason nodded, “I’ve got it all under control. Nothing to worry about here.” As he finished his sentence, Amelia was hit so hard, she fell flat on her back. A minute passed and she sprung right back up.

You turned back after you saw she was uninjured. “Okay… just don’t let anyone die,” you spoke uncertainly, doubting the ability of the new guy. Jason encouraged you to leave and you walked away, worrying about the safety of your kids.

“Hey little dudes! We have five minutes left, so let’s clean up the balls and get ready to head on back.” The class period was easier than Jason expected, with the exception of a few minor injuries. The students groaned, but did as they were told.

Annabel, a girl with golden pigtails, hopped up to Jason. “Mr. Todd? Do you like Ms. L/N?”

Taken slightly aback by the question, Jason stuttered, “I mean yeah- I guess- I mean she’s nice, I think.”

Then the hoard of little children came flocking over asking questions. “Mr. Todd do you like like Ms. L/N?”

“Mr. Todd, would you marry Ms. L/N?”

“Mr. Todd-”

“Mr. Todd-”

“Enough! Guys! We have to get back on time. If we don’t, Ms. L/N will never like like me, okay?” Getting the message, all the children lined up and waited to be guided back to their class.

About halfway through the school year, your students started to act strange. They began to ask very personal questions like ‘What’s your favorite restaurant?’ or ‘What is the best thing in a guy?’. the questions weren’t exactly foreign to you as a teacher, but they always were strange and unexpected. It wasn’t until they started to act odd as they went to P.E. that you began to get curious.

“Ms. L/N do you like people who speak other languages,” Amelia probed.

“Yes Amelia, it’s quite the talent. I have a question for you: why do you want to know?” You watched as the students blushed and snickered with each other. “I feel left out, what’s the joke?”

George spoke up, “We’re just curious! There’s nothing special!”

Gosh kids are terrible liars. “Well okay. Look at the time, let’s line up!”

You strode to the gym, a million things on your mind, unaware of the little giggles that arose from behind you.

Unbeknownst to you, your class had been relaying the information they were gathering to Jason. They were working to get you and him together. Jason found it endearing that they were so interested in your love life, but he never actually planned to make a move. When the students arrived at the gym that day, he noticed the way they acted and the way you had no clue.

“Hello Ms. Y/N and hello to you kids. There wouldn’t happen to be anything you want to say, would there?” He look knowingly to the students and they all giggled more.

“No Mr. Todd,” they sang in unison. That’s when you knew something was up. Your students were never so perfect, not even for the principle. As your students began to file in the gym, almost all of them ‘casually’ bumped you and Jason towards one another. Annabel was the last push that was so surprisingly strong, you fell onto Jason. 

You blushed furiously, “I’m so sorry. I lost my balance. Sorry.”

“You’re good,” he chuckled. He held you in his arms longer than accepted, but you didn’t move. You were lost in his eyes. You had never really taken time to look at the handsome man causing you to turn beet red. Jason looked at your face and felt like he was seeing you for the very first time.

The moment was cut off by the groans and tittering behind them. Broken from your trace, you stepped back. Jason, disappointed from your retreat, smirked knowingly. “I don’t know about you, but I know you pretty well and I think we’d be perfect for each other. How ‘bout a date?”

You nodded, “Yes! I mean, yes. That sounds like a plan. Friday?”

Jason smiled, “It’s a date.”

You heard cheers and turned to the children who were running around and bouncing excitedly. Their plans worked!


A few years later, Annabel, George, Amelia and the others weren’t shocked to find out that their favorite teachers in their last year of elementary school had gotten engaged after lord knows how long. They all got together and decided to visit you two, but not after pitching in to buy a wedding gift.

The students made there way into the school and followed their feet to their old classroom. They peaked in and saw you talking to a class.

One, two, three…

The kids burst into the classroom shouting a chorus of “Ms. L/N!”

Shocked, you took a minute to remember the faces that stood before you. When you did, you began to say hello to everyone. Telling them how old they look and how old you feel. They laughed. “What are you all doing here?”

“We came to congratulate you on the engagement! It took long enough,” Annabel, golden hair in a single braid, sang.

You laughed, “Well, I was just about to take the class to P.E., would you all like to tag along?” The older students agreed excitedly. You shook your head, smiling, “Okay. Everyone, line up youngest to oldest!” Your former students took there spot at the back of the line, chittering excitedly. “Hush back there!” They quieted down, but still chatted.

Your class filed into the gym and you met your fiance with a kiss. He smiled, “Hello Ms L/N.”

“Mr. Todd. You have visitors.” Curiosity filled the man and he peaked beyond your shoulder. His face lit up as he saw the crowd of previous students.

They came in and said hi and bickered excitedly with their previous teachers. They explained why they came and how happy they were for their favorite teachers.

“Also….we have a present!” You and Jason began to deny the gift. “No, no, no! We insist!”

Amelia passed you a bag. In side the bag was two pieces of wood with something written on each. The first said ‘Do you need help’ with your name written underneath. You laughed and read the second one ‘Uh, no. No, I’m good. I’m good.’ with Jason’s name written as the byline. You looked at him and he gazed at you.

Your first words to each other. It was perfect.

Save Myself - Part Two

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader

Summary:  One day a girl comes to town. And the information, and money, she comes with could break up an entire town.

Word Count: 1,289

Warnings: swearing, happiness

A/N: I made a part two!! ayyyee!! hope y’all like it!

Part One

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Now What? || Jughead Jones

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word count : 1,084

pairing : Jughead x Reader

warnings : teenage pregnancy.

summary : After a night of random passion, you find yourself pregnant with Jughead’s child. Now you are so scared cause you have no clue how he’ll react.

a/n : please practice safe sex!! it is so important on so many levels; not even just to not have kids but also with other diseases and other things! take care of your body; your temple!! 


     You didn’t expect to find out that you were having a child. It was one night of blind passion. Jughead and you weren’t even exactly friends, just two lonely souls passing by. But not you were bound to him through something you didn’t even plan on having until way later in life. You felt panicked, if you told your parents they would kill you and force you to get rid of it. Tell anyone else and it runs the risk of getting back to Jughead or even your parents. You were stuck in a spiral of having no one to turn to, you had no one to help you. You had thought about every option possible : abortion, adoption, or keeping it. You couldn’t stand to get rid of the baby in any way so you knew you just had to keep it. 

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Tyler Seguin- Pool Party

So @penguinxii sent a few Tyler Seguin prompts.

I took this in the direction of finding out Tyler wasn’t (any longer) who everyone said he was.

Word count: 977
Warnings: Tyler Seguin shirtless???

___________ _ X_ • _X_ _______________ _X_ •_X_ ___

It was off season for both football and hockey so Dallas was throwing a huge house party for all the local teams. You worked in PR for the Dallas cowboys so you always found yourself at these type of events. Always having to keep a blind eye to all the shit the boys on any team were pulling with girls, drinking, and whatever other irresponsible things they can get into.

You were aimlessly walking around with a beer in your hand. It was a beautiful house and there was a giant pool no one was taking advantage of. Going along with the rest of the party, you simply acted like you totally didn’t pack your bathing suit although you were wearing it under your dress. The only person taking advantage of the weather and environment was Tyler Seguin. He was sitting down next to the pool with no shirt on and short swimming trunks. God, he looked so good. And intimidating as hell from how good he looked.

Deciding to grab an extra beer, you walk over to him.

“Hey, thought you could use some hydration since you’re soaking up all the sun Dallas has to offer.” You hand him a beer. He peers over his sunglasses and smirks while taking the beer from your hand.

“My name is (y/n). I do PR for the cowboys.” You introduce yourself.

“Tyler. I sometimes hit a puck around for the Stars.” He takes a sip of his beer, “you’re the first person to come up to me all day.”

“Maybe it’s because you’re the only person here with a clue that it was a pool party. Those abs and tattoos can intimidate anyone.” You nervously laugh, taking a big swig of your beer. Drinking more frequently
when you are nervous.

“Didn’t seem to intimidate you.” A smile creeps up in the corner of his mouth.

“Well, I’ve had a few and got the courage to finally approach you.”

“HEADS UP!” One of the football players yelled as he ran into you trying to catch a pass. Before you could move out of the way you were pushed into Tyler’s lap. His arm quickly wrapped around your waist.

“You good?” He asked. You took a second to catch your breath after taking in how beautiful he looked the close you get to him.

You nodded in response since you couldn’t form words. A light chuckle escaped his mouth.

“Were you planning on swimming?” He raises his eyebrow while swirling his finger in the bow on your neck from your swimsuit top.

“Yeah, but you’re the only other person who seemed to get the memo about it being a pool party.” You rolled your eyes.

“What’s stopping us?” He nudged you off his lap then ran and dove into the pool.

You quickly removed your dress and followed him in. All the drunk players were cheering for your and Tyler’s pool entrance.

After a few minutes of splashing around and encouraging more party goers to get into the water, you and Tyler got out of the water.

“Where in the hell are the towels?” You screamed, running towards the house. Tyler followed closely behind. Both of you dripping wet and laughing at how ridiculous you look in comparison to everyone around you.

Once in the house a player stops you while Tyler continues searching for towels.

“Hey, be careful (Y/N) with him.” He said, his hand on your shoulder.

You shrugged him off.

“I can handle myself. But, thanks for looking out.” You scoff.

You heard all the rumors about Tyler. He was a womanizer. But, you were having fun. It was all playful. Honestly, you could use some positive male attention after babysitting football players all year.

Suddenly you heard your name being almost sung out from the top of the stairs. You make your way up the stairs to see Tyler gleaming as he holds up a pile of fresh towels.

“I found ‘em!” He says with a smile lit up across his face.

You grabbed a few and began drying off. Finishing off by wrapping one big towel around you and walking into one of the guest bedrooms. Tyler followed suit.

“So, if you don’t mind me asking, why do you come to these offseason events? I mean, it’s usually just significant others and the occasional groupie or two.” He asked, sitting down on the bed next you with a towel wrapped around his waist. You shot him a confused look.

“I work for these boys. They’re as much of my teammates as any other player. I know these get crazy sometimes. So, as the head of PR, it’s good to know the whole truth before things get leaked and I have to shut down the coverage.” You explain, while thinking you really don’t have to explain yourself to Tyler. He shrugged in agreement to your statement.

“If you don’t mind ME asking…” you take a quick breath, becoming nervous at the thought of asking the next question, “clearly you don’t have a significant other here. So, where’s your groupie?”

He seemed to expect that question coming. With a sigh, he replies, “I’m kind of over that phase. I fill my void with dogs. Dogs are great. They last longer than one night stands too. And they make me happy. Also, they have no idea how much money I make. They just care that I can throw a tennis ball across the yard.”

Fuck, why did he have to reply with such a genuinely sweet answer.

“I like dogs.” Is all you managed to reply with. A small smile crept across his face.

“Would you like to meet mine? I just got a new puppy.” He got excited to show off.

You nodded.

“I think I’d like that. And, I think I kind of like you.”

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Dani is a great hero but...

She might make a better (and more disturbing) villain. She would be the hardest for Danny to fight once she was stabilized because she has all the same powers as him and they seem to becoming in faster than his are (bc Danny didn’t know about his ecto blasts till he was in a fight but dani had them at a few days old). Dani was probably never taught how to read or write so it would make for an interesting weakness. But their would also be Danny trying to save her from herself but Dani doesn’t see much wrong with what she’s doing as long as no one drops dead. Even then I don’t think she would fully grasp death in the way others would bc she helped kill the other clones without any remorse. And she might no realize she killed someone due to her own ghostly powers she can tell their soul is still where she left it so it’s fine.
But it might get the attention of other rouges that there’s a new power house in the game and when they go to meet her they are floored by it really being a little kid who doesn’t really understand the world or the way it works they all make a silent agreement to keep her from doing anything too bad that once some parts of life fall into place for her she won’t feel too bad about it (or she might just turn out like all of them and not really care). But they start seeing her more in other hero’s cities while she travels. Even though she’s a criminal she’s still a kid who just doesn’t really understand and Danny just kept going on about justice but all she really has for justice is the dictionary definition not the feeling behind it so she doesn’t feel bad.
What freaks the heroes and villains out though is how causal she is when she mentions how abusive Vlad was to her without blinking. She’s planning a heist with captain cold and her accidentally wacks her with something and after he apologizes she just says “it’s fine my dad hit me harder and he never apologized” and doesn’t even blink and Len is just haunted by how causal she is about something like that.
She’s facing Batman down in Gotham after teaming up with poison ivy and Harley Quinn to rob a green house because she’s never seen the plants they were keeping there. Batman tells he can get her help she needs, she doesn’t need to go down this road and Dani just doesn’t get it “the person who built me didn’t want me why does anyone else?” This just shocks Bruce because batman doesn’t get shocked and her just lack of real self preservation went facing down people she’s met before like if she’s met a hero or a villain once before she’ll just stay put to talk with them as if they didn’t fight the last time they saw each other.
Dani is just a disturbed child tries to fit in with the rouges and eventually ends up getting adopted the central city rouges, but is prone to disappear and show back up with shop lifted post cards from other countries.
One day she leaves on a trip after telling heat wave that she’ll be gone for two days or so she’s off but she isn’t back in a week and the rouges start to put off crimes until they know where she is, but two weeks pass and Dani is just gone. They don’t have a clue where the kid went and after four weeks one of them but they never found out who told the flash, Dani was missing. Flash knows that Dani has been working with his rouges even though she should by all accounts be one of phantom’s but for some reason she just told him the mayor of the town freaks her out. So he tells phantom and the look on his face told the flash Phantom knew why she would disappear and told him it could be the guys in white and explained they were government ghost hunters or it could be the man who created her. And the thought of the man who made a child so disturbed that they would ask why someone wanted them and it was okay to not of apologize for hitting them made ever rouge in central city gear up for the most painful beat down they ever gave to someone.

Request: Business call - Part 1

Request: I would like to request, a story out of Tigs POV. Where he should call someone for club business, but he has a wrong number and ends up at readers phone. At the end they end up together.. perhabs a bit smut if it’s posible for u :)

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: mentions of alcoholism

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Tig’s POV

There was so much work to do; they had been in runs and countless meetings lately, doing everything to help SAMCRO’s president. Jax Teller had been trying to change the MC’s path, to make it right and at least close to what his father had devised for them. The club would be out of the gun business, but there were still many loose ends to tie up.

Tig absolutely hated the “I know a guy who knows a guy” talk and the last thing he wanted to do was that call. He was supposed to call a number Chibs had given to him and settle a meeting with a person, someone who was interested in doing business with the club. He just had a feeling this couldn’t turn out good. However, orders were orders and he dialed the number.

“Yeah?”, the person on the other side of the line answered. The voice was muffled and Tig couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman, but it seemed he had just awakened him or her.

“Hm…Who is this?”, he carefully asked.

“Who is this?”, the person repeated.

“What?”, Tig grimaced. He didn’t have time for jokes.

The person growled, “Are you the guy from last night?”, now he knew it was a woman talking. It was supposed to be a man, he was sure Chibs had said a man, “Shit! I thought I had given you the wrong number”

“Apparently, someone did that”, Tig sighed.

“What?”, the woman clearly had had a blast last night, sounded like she had a hangover, “Aren’t you sweet? Calling me on the next morning… Listen, it was great, it truly was, but it was one night thing, I’m not looking for a relationship okay”

“Good to know, but-“, Tig chuckled, “I’m not the guy from last night”

“What?”, she asked again.

“I was trying to call someone, a business call”, Tig didn’t even know why he was bothering to explain the situation to her, “They must have given me the wrong number”

“Oh sorry business man”, the woman sighed on the other side, “Have a good day”

“Thanks. Have a good day too”, he mumbled and was about to hang up when something caught his attention, “Wait… Girls really do this thing of giving the wrong number?”

“Hm…Yeah”, he could tell she was thinking he was weird and anxious to end that call.

“I wouldn’t know”, Tig admitted to the stranger, “I’ve never called back”

“Uh oh”, she mocked and giggled, “A business man and a heartbreaker”

“No, I’m not the one who gave a poor man the wrong number”, he laughed, thinking a wrong call had never been so nice.

“Ouch!”, the woman laughed.

“Sorry to bother you”, Tig apologized, “Sounds like you had a great night, go back to sleep”

“Yeah, I did”, she said but didn’t sound so happy anymore, “Have a nice day business man”

The line was silent and Tig stared at the phone for a minute. He should have told her he wasn’t a business man, but then, he had to reason to do so, she was just a stranger. He sighed and decided to find Chibs, complain about the wrong number and try to get the right one before Jax ask about the meeting.


My phone never rang, only my best friend and boss had that number. It was a burner phone that I would throw away in a few weeks, so I didn’t bother much when that man called me this morning. He had the wrong number and I tried to be as nice as I could with a headache killing me. When I hung up, I laid down and tried to sleep again in my hotel room. I smiled, remembering the confused man. Yes, we girls give guys the wrong number sometimes. No, he wasn’t bothered, he said he never had called back. Heartbreaker. Yes, I could say I was one. I would never stay or give the right number. I couldn’t get attached, ever again.

Tig’s POV

Chibs had finally found the right number; Tig called and settled the meeting for the next day. He had a beer with his brothers, let a crow eater give him a massage and went to bed. Sons would have to be up early and Jax wouldn’t tolerate people late. It was the middle of the night when Tig woke up with his phone ringing. He growled and grabbed it on the nightstand.  

“Hello”, he barked, not bothering to be nice to whoever was awakening him.

“What’s wrong with you Cindy?”, it was a familiar voice, but it sounded distorted, weird. The woman calling laughed and Tig finally recognized her, “Cindy? Answer me!”

He didn’t know her name, so Tig called her the first thing it came to his mind, “Heartbreaker?”

“Who?”, she snorted and then cursed about something that had just happened with her.

She clearly was drunk and didn’t know his name either, “This is business man”, he used the nickname she had given him that morning.

“Oh man! I’m sorry”, she whined, “I was trying to call a friend”

“Are you drunk?”, Tig cut her off, suddenly getting worried. She was alone somewhere, drunk, confused. Besides, when he had called that morning she seemed to have a hangover and she had been drinking again. Something was wrong with that girl.

“I’m not sure”, the woman mumbled, her voice shaky, “How many shots you must have to be drunk? Shit! I can’t find my car keys”

“Okay, you are drunk”, he sat in bed, turning the lampshade on, “Tell me where you are, I can pick you up”

“I don’t know you!”, she scoffed, mumbling again about the car keys.

“I’m not a serial killer doll”, Tig sighed, already grabbing his jeans to put them on.

“No”, she laughed, “You’re a business man”

“No quite”, Tig smirked, “Now tell me where you are”. Suddenly, the line was silent just like that morning, “Damn girl hanging up on me again!”, Tig cursed and tried to call back, but she didn’t answer.

He got up and began to pace around the room. He wasn’t the regular Lancelot, not even close, but he was worried about the girl, he couldn’t tell why, he just had a feeling she would get hurt somehow. It was frustrating; he didn’t have a clue about her, no name, no address, just a phone number.

A phone number Juice could track, so Tig ran to the boy’s room and kicked him out of bed. Obviously, his brother wasn’t happy about being awaken in the middle of the night and Tig refused to explain why, just threw the laptop to Juice and told him to track a number. In minutes, Juice had a response that didn’t please Tig. She had a burner phone, he couldn’t track it. He thanked Juice and let his brother go back to sleep, telling himself to do the same and let the girl handle her problems alone. However, he couldn’t close his eyes.


Charming had a few bars where someone could hang out, some of them nice, some not. I worked in a nice one, earning enough money to pay for my hotel room, food and gasoline. My shift started by the end of the afternoon, when working men walked in to have a beer or two after a long day. I served drinks, I talked, I ignored the old and ridiculous lines and when I was off duty, I had a few shots. Okay, maybe I had a few more drinks than I should and left the bar tripping on my legs. I knew where I was, where my car was and how to get back to the hotel, but for some reason I thought it was a good time to call my friend, Cindy. That was a sign I had drunk too much.

The rest of the night was a blur and I woke up in my car, the morning sun hurting my eyes. I had a confused memory about finally find my car keys and pass out inside the vehicle, but what was bothering me was a conversation on the phone. I grabbed it from the passenger’s seat, searched through the calls I had made. Yep, I had called him. The mysterious man who had called me last morning. Why in the bloody hell I hadn’t erased his number?

“Idiot”, I said to myself as I dialed again.

Tig’s POV

The meeting had been good, SAMCRO had a new business partner and Jax’s plans were going well so far, but something still was bugging Tig. He knew what it was and he was feeling a bit stupid about it, but he couldn’t help it. He was still worried about the woman, Heartbreaker, and being grumpy, just minding his own business and not actually talking to anyone. His friends had no idea what was going on, but they knew it was better to leave him alone.

Tig noticed a missing call on his phone when they got back to the clubhouse, but before he could check it, the phone rang again. He recognized the number and walked outside to answer it.

“Business man?”, she yawned at the phone.

“Are you okay?”, Tig barked and then regret it, not only about how he had talked to her, but also for being worried to someone he didn’t know. It was surreal.

“Yeah?”, she yawned again, “I saw a hundred calls on my phone and decided to call back to ask what stupid thing I said to you, maybe apologize too”

“Yes, we talked last night, you hung up on me and I tried to call back, but you’ve never answered”, he admitted, sighing, “You don’t have to apologize for anything, but you were drunk and trying to drive. What happened?”

“I fell asleep on my car, woke up this morning and drove back home”, she explained, “God, I have the worst headache ever!”

“Jesus! Girl what were you doing?”, Tig growled.

“You’re too sweet business man”, she laughed, “Business man… What’s your name by the way? You can say a fake one if you want to”

“Alex”, he blurted, not actually noticing he had said his real name.

“Nice name”, the woman said, “You can call me Y/N”

“Nice name”, Tig repeated, making her laugh.

“I’m sorry for calling you in the middle of the night Alex, it won’t happen again”, Y/N promised, “It was a pleasure talk to you again, but now I need to go back to sleep”

“Take care”, he mumbled, but the line was silent again.


Y/N. Why did I say my real name to him? I was always someone else to everyone I met. However, this guy, Alex, not only knew my real name, but I also had called him back to apologize and say I was okay. I never did that. We didn’t know each other and he only had found me because someone had given him the wrong number. It didn’t matter, I would leave Charming soon. Another city, another phone and Alex would be just a nice memory, a nice stranger I once met.

To be continued…

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Let Me Love You

Summary: Because of her bad past with relationships, reader has doubts about her and Carl.

Warnings: none

Word count: 1,887

A/n: As I said in my update this will be the last fic I upload for the next two weeks bc I have exams coming up and I won’t have time to write. After that I will be writing a lot more so for now, enjoy this fic :)


You sat in the house you shared with Glenn and Maggie, arms hugging your knees to your chest as you stared out into the field protected by the wall of Alexandria. You were thinking about wether you should go talk to Carl, your best friend and partner, at least until now, about what happened.

You’d been avoiding him for two days, which was extremely hard since you only lived a few houses down from each other and were assigned most of the same jobs. But you couldn’t see him, at least not yet. Not after what you saw.

You asked Olivia to change your shift at the pantry and even went as far as to ask Maggie not to let Carl in if he came by. It felt wrong to do these things but you knew you couldn’t handle seeing him right now.

In fact, you were thinking about calling the whole thing off, since that’s what you do best. You had to admit, you hadn’t had a great experience with relationships before, so now with this great connection between you two, you didn’t want to let it go. But after the whole situation you thought maybe it was for the best. Maybe he deserved to chose his own path instead of being tied to only you, with him free he could do and kiss whoever he wanted.

You remember the incident that happened two days ago. You had just woken up and Carl wasn’t there beside you so you checked downstairs, still to find no sign of him. So you decided he probably just went to his shift early and got dressed to go meet him. Once you were ready, you headed outside to be shocked at the sight of them together across the street.

You watched as Enid grabbed his face and kissed him. But that’s not what hurt the most, it’s the fact that he didn’t pull away quick enough. The kiss lasted a few seconds before he removed her hands and stepped away. You could tell he was saying that what happened wasn’t right but that didn’t erase the fact that he wanted to kiss her.

And that’s why you’d been dodging him, you couldn’t come to terms with the possibility that he actually did want to kiss her. That he might actually want to be with her. You couldn’t get these thoughts out of your head which only led you to believe the situation was worse than it was. You’d go back and forth with yourself, saying it was just a kiss and it didn’t mean anything and then reverting back to thinking he wanted her instead of you. This war in your mind only made you more upset to the point where you didn’t even want to see his face. Maybe you didn’t want to be with him either.

You’d always found it easier to just leave when things got tough in relationships, even before. You thought it kept you from getting hurt and it was easier than staying only to have it end up in pieces anyway. However, a small part of you had a hunch that this time was different, that this time he actually wanted you to stay and not just leave things be, which is how it had been in the past. And you noticed throughout the time you two had been together he always seemed more attached than the others had been. He also told you often how much he cared for you which you weren’t at all used to. But still, you thought you should follow your gut and spare you and him the pain of moving past this.

You planned to go and talk to him but before you could even get up from your bed your door creaked open to reveal a worried Carl standing in the doorway. He sighed in relief when he saw you which made you wonder how long he’d been looking, and he probably thought you weren’t here since you told Maggie you were avoiding him. At least she did her job.

He walked over to where you were and sat next to you on the bed. “Where have you been?,” he asked curiously. “I haven’t seen you in two days.” You shrugged your shoulders, trying to show it wasn’t as big a deal as he was making it out to be.

“Here,” you replied blankly. He frowned, upset that you weren’t seeming into the conversation, which you weren’t as him actually being here proved to be more difficult for you to say what you wanted to say to him.

“Have you been avoiding me?,” he blurted, finally realizing what’s been going on.

“Um, I guess I have,” you laughed lightly, trying to lighten the mood a bit. He didn’t find it funny at all.

“What the hell, y/n. Why?,” he inquired, now growing a little frustrated. You would be too if the person you loved just disappeared for two days without a word, but you weren’t the one who kissed someone else.

“The fact that you don’t know why amazes me. It really does,” you scoffed. How could he really not know why you’d been acting this way? Did he really think even if you didn’t see, that you wouldn’t find out?

“Okay I honestly don’t have a clue what I did to piss you off so… you’re gonna have to tell me,” he explained nervously. If you couldn’t tell by his voice you knew it from how he rubbed the back of his neck with his hand and started sweating more than he was when he walked in.

“You know what you did, Carl,” you sighed, also getting frustrated that he’d clearly forgotten about the entire kiss thing. It took him a few moments to fully understand what you were referring to but when it clicked in his mind you could tell by how his eyes darted to the ground and he said something under his breath.

“Oh shit,” he muttered.

“Oh shit is right. How could you do that to me?,” you asked, more to yourself than to him. The regret was plastered onto his face when he looked over at you, but it was soon replaced with confusion which you didn’t quite get until he spoke.

“Y/n, Enid kissed me. I didn’t want her to…I didn’t know she wa… I don’t feel that way about her, you gotta believe me,” he insisted.

“I saw you. You didn’t pull away or tell her to stop, you just let it happen…” you trailed off, now trying to fight back the tears.

“You’re right. I should’ve pulled away and I didn’t. But only because I was in shock that she would do that since she knew about you and I,” he tried. “But I did tell her that I didn’t like her that way and that I was with you. Only you,” he added.

“You know what, Carl? It’s fine. Just forget about it. But we need a break,” you demanded, trying not to let your voice show the tears you were holding back.

“Y/n, I…we can-,” he tried but you cut him off.

“We can what? Just move on? Pretend like it never happened? That’s not how it works, Carl,” you sighed. “It’s easier this way.”

“Why do you try to walk away when things suddenly get complicated?,” he blurted, now standing up.

“It’s just better this way,” you stated while choking back the pain in your throat from refraining from crying.

“Why do you talk like that? You run away the second something goes wrong even when you don’t want to. Why is that?,” he barked, moving closer to you.

“Because that way I don’t get hurt,” you implied, now standing up as well.

“No ones gonna hurt you anymore, y/n. Do you not understand that? You don’t have to run away from me,” he pleaded, slowly lifting a hand up to touch your cheek.

“Everyone I’ve ever let in has left me and I won’t be able to handle it from you. I just won’t,” you broke, letting the tears stream down your face while he swiftly wiped them away with his thumbs.

“I’m not gonna leave you. Not now, not ever. You don’t have to shit people out anymore. Just let me love you. Let me love you, y/n,” he spoke kindly as he cupped your cheeks and continued wiping your tears away. His eyes searched yours for any sign that you might have changed your mind. You watched his pupils move back and forth, anxiously awaiting your response.

You stared at him, wishing you could feel the slightest amount of regret for the decision you had made in your mind, but you were so in love you didn’t even care. You knew you had let yourself fall in too deep and there was no coming back from it, no way you could retract the love you felt for this boy, Carl Grimes. But even though you’d made up your mind you still found it incredibly hard to tell him as it would officially start you down the path that wouldn’t stop, you wouldn’t be able to just leave anymore. If you let him in there was no erasing it.

“Please say something, y/n,” he pleaded after moments of silence as a result of your lack of courage. You opened your mouth slightly to speak but nothing came out, and in response he dropped his hands from your cheeks and began to step away. He sighed when you still didn’t say anything and started increasing the space between you, giving you one last chance to do something, which you took.

Almost instantly, you rushed over to him and closed the distance he made by gripping his shirt in your fists and pulling his mouth down to yours, blushing when you felt him smile through the kiss.

You released your grip on his flannel, slowly unclenching your fists and letting them rest on his chest while he grabbed your hips and swung you into him.

Finally, he broke the kiss and moved his hands from your hips to your cheeks, guiding your eyes to look into his. “Y/n, I would never do anything to hurt you and I hope you know that you are the only person I want to kiss. There’s no one else and there’s never going to be anyone else because I love you,” he declared before gently kissing your forehead.

“I love you, Carl Grimes,” you requited, unable to keep the smile from forming on your lips.

You had finally found the one who wouldn’t trade you like the others from your past, the one who wouldn’t toss you aside when there was someone else to toy with. You loved him for it, for how kind and genuine he was. How he loved you for you and not just your body. He treated you better, right, how you should be treated. He didn’t take advantage of you even when he had plenty of opportunities to do so and you were grateful for that. That you had truly found someone who you didn’t have to walk away from, who you knew you could be with. All you had to do was let him love you.

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suigestsuxsakura headcanon? :3

Suigetsu could care less about girls. Karin pretty much soured any sort of potential romance for him because of her overbearing personality, so he tried his best to steer clear from girls.

After the war was over he DID NOT GO BACK TO OROCHIMARU OKAY. He did not. In no way whatsoever did he even think about it. Sasuke casually invites (and by that i mean just tells him to go) Taka to Konoha where they can hang out and introduces him to his other team (Kakashi, Naruto, and Sakura) with, y’know, Sasuke’s special way.

But you know, Suigetsu isn’t a complete idiot. He’s heard stories at times from Sasuke about this pink-haired chick that was ‘so annoying’ and ‘obsessed with him’, so he only knew THAT side of Sakura from when she was younger. He saw her during the war and how amazingly strong she was, but ANYONE THAT WAS INTERESTED IN SASUKE UCHIHA SEEMED TO BE A GIRL THAT HE WAS 100% NOT INTERESTED IN.

During their stay in Konoha (which wasn’t even really a short visit, more like a much-needed year-long vacation). He pretty much was glued to Juugo or Sasuke because who else would he be with? Karin was loud and everyone in Konoha was creepily happy and super friendly. Still, Sasuke was Sasuke and do you know who Sasuke hangs out with? Naruto. And do you know who Naruto hangs out with? Kakashi, Sakura, Sai, Iruka, Shikamaru, AND SO MANY PEOPLE. 

Suigetsu isn’t partial to so many people and he also wasn’t a fan of Naruto’s obnoxious flailing and speeches about friendship. He felt he didn’t belong. Not in Konoha or Oto or Kiri or really anywhere. And it pissed him off that Sasuke just laid around with this blonde freak that only talked about ramen all the time???

“So, yeah, I’m going to take off.” Suigetsu is a good guy. He doesn’t want his shitty attitude to ruin Sasuke’s happiness or whatever. Probably just going to collect the rest of his swords or do mindless work until he realizes what he really wants to do with his life. 

He’s leaving. Getting his things packed, complaining about how little money he has, and trying to guess how long it would take to get to Kiri and find out some clues about where the rest of the swords are. Until Sakura drops by to give some medical books to Karin for her to look through. (They all share their own room since they’re so used to sharing rooms, okay???)

It’s pretty awkward at first. I mean… like really awkward. ‘So you’re leaving?’ ‘Yep.’ ‘It’s Suigetsu, right?’ ‘Uh-huh.’ ‘Back to Kirigakure?’ ‘That’s the plan.’

Sakura is ready to go back until she spots a picture of Taka together on one of the tables, probably belonging to Karin. She laughs a little, kind of embarrassed, while Suigetsu stares at her like ‘wtf??’. She explains that while Sasuke was gone with Orochimaru, they didn’t really know what was going to happen with him. She admits that she wondered who he was with and if he ever felt alone.

“Seeing this just reminds me of our own photo as Team Seven. In a way, I’m glad he met you all. Being with other people made it easier, I’m sure. Especially when dealing with his brother.”

Suigetsu just scoffs. “Pfft. Yeah, that was a big pain in the ass, though. Following him around all the time and having to make sure he was okay. Do you know how many times I’ve almost died because of him?! He’s the worst guy in the world! And now, he’s spending all of his time with that whiskered-face weirdo who’s always going on about udon or whatever and it drives me crazy! I swear, the Uchiha guys show no appreciation!”

Sakura plays along. “Definitely. It’s always a little grunt or two instead of a proper ‘thank you’, right? So rude!”

Suigetsu drops what he’s holding to continue his little rant. Honestly, this is the first time he’s let off some steam in a few weeks. “Finally! Someone who gets it! I’ll tear my hair out if I receive ‘hn’ as an actual response again! The guy can’t bear to say a word or two?!”

Sakura just nods her head, looking back on the picture. “I get what you mean, but you know, Suigetsu… When you’re off running errands or doing something else… Sasuke-kun tells us all about Taka and how you guys kept him stable for the most part. He relied on you guys and, after all of his problems, really is very grateful for your loyalty to him.”

Suigetsu kind of feels bad now. But I mean it’s not like the stuff he said about Sasuke WEREN’T true. Why can’t the asshole just say that stuff to his face???

“So are you still going to leave?”


“You were packing up. Heading to Kiri, yeah?” She puts the picture down and heads over to Suigetsu. “Or maybe… you could stay a little while longer? Talk to Sasuke? I’ve heard from quite a lot of people that it take a while to warm up to Konoha’s… ‘suffocating’ hospitatlity.”

Suigetsu is kind of suspicious of her. “Why do you want me to stay so bad? What, is Sasuke making you do this?”

“You’re one of Sasuke’s bonds. It may not be obvious to you, but to him and Naruto, having bonds are pretty special.” She pats him on the back and gets ready to leave. “Anyway, it’s your choice, so do what you want.”

So Suigetsu is having a hard time deciding what to do. Does he leave? Stay? WTF???? This girl that he barely knew just comes waltzing in and messes up his clearly thought-out plan and ruins it! He’s pretty much throwing a temper tantrum by the time Karin comes back and looks like an idiot. 

So he stays. And he learns she’s right. He gets used to the shopkeeps always telling him good morning or the random passerby asking how his day was (like is this an assassination attempt?? why are you asking about MY day???). He still kind of avoids Naruto, but mainly due to headaches and the fact that it seems like Naruto just drains him of all his energy. BUT HE’S TRYING. Sasuke even notices a bit of a change and they just nod to each other in acknowledgement. And it doesn’t take long for him to start spending more time with Sakura.

She wasn’t at all like how Sasuke described her. She was smart and strong and she barely ever spoke about Sasuke! She did have a scary side to her, but Suigetsu tried his best to not annoy her like Naruto did. It was becoming very obvious to everyone that Suigetsu was starting to crush on her and Karin had her chance to finally tease him about being infatuated with someone. She even told Sasuke about it. THE NERVE–

Sasuke just takes it in stride. It kind weirded him out at first, but he’s like eh. He’s pretty much Suigetsu’s wing man after finding out even though Suigetsu doesn’t even fucking know that Sasuke knows. Sasuke is not one to talk about such personal matters. So what does he do? He’ll make plans with Suigetsu, Sakura, and Naruto then challenge Naruto to a spar, leaving Suigetsu and Sakura alone. He’ll bail on plans with Suigetsu while Sakura is just so conveniently leaving the hospital after her shift, so she can join Suigetsu on whatever him and Sasuke were supposed to do. Get it now? Sasuke is very subtle and it doesn’t take too long for Sakura to start feeling a bit cozy with Suigetsu as well.

In the end, they do get together and Sasuke’s all smug, but no one really knows why. Hey, it’s his way of truly thanking Suigetsu, I guess.


Suigetsu and Sakura are terrible negotiators when it comes to dates. They’re either going out with friends (because it’s easier to go with the flow) or staying home.

When it’s really hot and they’re all swimming at the beach or whatever, Suigetsu will melt into the water and scare her. It always works. He loves pranking her.

He tries to be suave and smooth, but he ends up failing a lot of the time. He’s just not very good at flirting. Give him puns or making her laugh and he’ll land it every time.

Suigetsu can be very jealous and will often ice Naruto whenever he can. Both because he knows that Naruto once fancied her and because he just doesn’t like him. 

Sakura thinks his snaggle tooth is the cutest thing in the world. Just his sharp teeth, in general. She thinks it’s kind of sexy tbh.

Sakura can be jealous too. If they go to beach where Suigetsu shows off his swimming, she’ll hear a few ladies commenting on his physique and just his overall appearance. She’ll give them the death glare until they stop their gawking.

Karin’s always asking for the latest gossip from Sakura, so she has extra blackmail to make him miserable. It’s fun to see him squirm. Sakura’s pretty oblivious and Suigetsu just wonders how Karin knows that he’s severely ticklish???

Suigetsu tries to keep PDA to a minimum around Taka, but he’ll slip up every now and again. He’ll give her big hugs or kiss her forehead and Karin and Sasuke throw up in their mouths a little. Super embarrassing to him.

Mebuki honest to god thought he was a demon that seduced her daughter. She doesn’t trust him at all until Sakura pretty much begs her that he’s a normal human being that likes big swords. Cue her mom snidely remarking if he’s compensating for anything. They do not get along, but Kizashi loves his puns so he’s invited over often.

Suigetsu likes to cook, often showing off his ‘cutting skills’ with a bunch of meals and always a bunch of knives.

He also, to the encouragement of Sakura, to open his own restaurant. It’s a great way for him to cut things while also looking cool. Sakura thinks so anyway. His food’s good too! Naruto’s always telling him to put ramen on the menu and Suigetsu just looks into the camera like he’s on the office or something. He’s so done.

They also have a bunch of kids. On the first one while she was pregnant, Suigetsu was terrorized with the thoughts of having some screaming brat and having to clean up after it and why did he succumb to such desire, etc. After their baby boy was born, Suigetsu was in love. Kids are super ridiculous and they say hilarious things and he just had so much fun. Sakura put a stop to his begging after the fifth child. Three boys, two girls. She was finished lmao

She one time caught him trying to sharpen their teeth and wow what a sight that was lmao He never did it again even though they would have looked SO CUTE as he often says it. He also calls Sasuke and Juugo their uncles and Karin is the grandma.

Francesco Gabbani - Italia 21 (translation and explanation)

So, this song was deleted from YT last week and I was very upset, since it’s one of those older songs from Francesco that made me instantly like him.
I knew that it needed both a translation and a ‘paraphrase’ (like you would with a Latin version in high school LOL) to fully understand it and that took me SO LONG. It was very hard and I believe it’s still not complete yet: there’s something I still don’t get.
But! The most is done and I hope you’ll like it!

This is “Italia 21″ (Italy 21).

I’m not sure if this song was already traslated, I’m just gonna post my version :D
I’m not a professional translator so there might be some mistakes. I just hope to convey the message of the song to non-Italian speakers.

Uno. Pane e vino certo non ci manca
Due. Neanche il sole in quest’Italia santa
Tre. Una penisola col tacco a spillo
Quattro. Tutti parlano, ci manca solamente il grillo

One. We surely don’t lack bread and wine
Two. Nor we lack the sun, in this holy Italy
Three. A peninsula wearing an high heel
Four. Everybody talks, last thing we need is the cricket


- Bread, wine and sun are what Italy is known for in the entire world. So it’s religion, that’s why the ‘holy’ adjective.
- Italy is said to be shaped like a boot. We also call the southern regions in Apulia “tacco” (heel). I believe the “high heel” reference is related to fashion, another thing we are known for worldwide.
- We have a common saying: “Il paese è piccolo, la gente mormora” (it’s a small town, people talk) which means that basically in small communities everyone knows everything and always voices their opinions. Italy is pretty much like a big “small town” and everyone always likes to talk. We’re very good at talking and having all kind of opinions.
- The “grillo” (cricket) reference is what made me instantly fall in love with this song right during the first listening. It’s pure genius.
It has a double meaning: the first is related to the Jiminy Cricket (or Talking Cricket), a character from famous Italian author Carlo Collodi’s book “Pinocchio”. It basically says that since everybody likes to talk already, we really don’t need to hear from the Talking Cricket, known for being Pinocchio’s conscience and dispenser of good advices, but never listened to. The second reference I believe it’s about Beppe Grillo, infamous ex-comedian and now leader of political movement “Movimento Cinque Stelle” (the links lead to Wikipedia, if you’re curious about them).
The most interesting thing is noticing how Francesco made a subtle criticism of this (known for being loud and obnoxious) politician by using a word play and a very ironic and cultured reference.

Cinque. San Gennaro, grazie che ci Sei!
Sette. Senza di te che numeri giocherei?
Otto. La nazione piscia controvento
Nove. Ma noi siamo tutti fieri del Risorgimento

Five. St. Januarius, thanks for exSIXting!
Seven. Without you, which numbers would I bet?
Eight. The nation pisses upwind
Nine. But we are all proud of our Risorgimento


- St. Januarius is a very important saint in the Italian culture, especially in the Neapolitan area. The “number betting” thing is related to another popular tradition (mainly in Naples, I believe) consisting in praying the Saint to suggestions about which numbers to play at the Lottery.
- Number six of this list is the “sei” at the end of the first line. Once again a word play: the word “six” is written and pronounced exactly like the second person singular of the “be” (essere) verb.
- Another saying: “Chi piscia controvento si bagna i pantaloni” (who pisses upwind wets his own pants), which means “never take challenges too big for you”. Related to Italy I believe it may mean that we consider our nation much bigger and more influential than how it actually is and we take challenges way bigger than our real potential. Why is that?
- Because we are conditioned by our long, rich history and heroical past. One example above all might have been Ancient Rome or the Reinaissance period, but Francesco wisely chose the Risorgimento: when Italy was reunited under the same flag and monarchy after a series of wars, battles and campaigns against foreign occupation. Why is that? Maybe once again to be very ironical about Italians being actually proud of being united in one country, since there are still a lot of differences and fights between North and South.

Dieci. Chi svolta il mese con il contagocce
Undici. A chi la polpa e a chi le bucce
Dodici. Per fortuna arriva il 1° maggio
Tredici. Abbiamo tante, tante fave ma non c’è il formaggio

Ten. Those who turn the month in dribs and drabs
Eleven. Some get the pulp and some the peels
Twelve. Luckily, the 1st of May always arrives
Thirteen. We’ve got lots and lots of beans but we haven’t got the cheese


- “Svoltare il mese con il contagocce” (turning the month with the tear dropper) and “a chi la polpa e a chi le bucce” are there to express how the economy has a lot of flaws in Italy, especially in the relation between riches (who has got the “pulp”, the money and wellness) and poors (the ones having difficulties gaining enough to live by, month after month).
- The 1st of May is International Work Day and it’s an holiday. It’s also sometimes used as a “middle point” during the working year.
- Fave e pecorino (broad beans and sheep cheese) is a typical dish of Central Italy and Rome in particular. It’s a 1st of May tradition to eat them together, especially because since it’s an holiday and it’s Spring, people used to go have trips and pic-nics in the countryside, where they bought beans and cheese directly from the farmers. Francesco is using the dish as another way of saying we’ve got the side dish (vegetable or beans), the theories and good words, but we haven’t got the main course (the cheese), what matters.

Quattordici. C’è chi magna e non fa una piega
Quindici. Ma alla fine cosa ce ne frega?
Sedici. Tutti fermi, inizia la partita
Diciassette porta sfiga. Il corno in terra, cazzo! E’ già finita

Fourteen. There’s who eats and doesn’t bat an eye
Fifteen. But in the end who cares?
Sixteen. Everyone stay still, the game is on
Seventeen brings bad luck. The lucky horn on the floor, fuck! It’s already over


- I am having some difficulties pin-pointing where the first sentence is from. It looks like another saying (”magna” is generally the dialect version of “mangia” and it’s mostly associated with Roman dialect) but I’ve never heard anything similar (it might be because I am from Northern Italy, tho). Anyway “non fare una piega” litterally translates to “don’t make a wrinkle” and it’s used both to say that something makes complete sense or that someone has absolute no reaction to something. So basically who eats (presumably those rich people from the previous verse?) doesn’t care about anything/anyone else and/or no one questions it.
- “Cosa ce ne frega” is, imho, the best way to describe the Italian attitude toward problems. It basically means “what do WE care?” with a very personal connotation. How do you solve unsolvable (or very hard) problems? Whatever, who cares anyway… not our business.
- Italians love football and that’s common knowledge. To quote Winston Churchill: “Italians lose wars as if they were football matches, and football matches as if they were wars.” So true, Winston.
- We are also very supertitious. The cornetto is one of the many objects believed to be lucky charms. I have no idea why you have to put it on the ground, tho? (Neapolitans, explain please!). The number 17 is also believed to be very unlucky (that’s why you need a corno to nullify its powers. But while you complete the rituals, you get distracted and the match ends!)

Diciotto. Viva l’Italia col microfono in mano
Diciannove. Canto anch’io che sono un italiano
Venti. Un bel bicchiere di rosso e due pennette
Ventuno. Due cazzeggi all’osteria e un Tressette

(Osteria numero sette! *paraponzi ponzi pò*
Il salame piace a fette
dammela a me, biondina
dammela a me, biondà!)

Eighteen. Long live Italy with a microphone in the hand
Nineteen. I sing I’m an Italian as well
Twenty. One fine glass of red (wine) and some penne
Twentyone. Some messing around at the pub and a round of Tressette

(Pub number seven! *paraponzi ponzi pò*
Salami is good cut in slices
give it to me, pretty blonde girl
give it to me, blondie!)


- Pretty sure the “Italia con il microfono in mano” is a reference to Sanremo, the most famous singing competition in Italy. It may also mean in general everything that has to do with Italian music, tho. Something along the line of “long live Italian music!”, even though his relationship with the industry at the time wasn’t the best and he had struggles surfacing as an artist. Would he ever imagine, at the time, that he would win Sanremo two years in a row? Bless you, Francesco.
- A quote from the famous “L’italiano” song by Toto Cutugno. Just like “Italia 21″ that song too was an attempt to describe Italy and the Italians from within.
Another fun fact: Toto is the last Italian singer who won the Eurovision Song Contest. Is this a lot of foreshadowing or not? (Maybe too much!)
- A glass of wine and pasta. What’s better? Here’s a quick and easy prescription to happiness, by every Italian ever.
- “Cazzeggio” is litterally “a thing done with one’s dick” and means messing around, having fun with friends by basically doing nothing. Tressette is a popular card game in Italy.
- What follows is something we call stornello, a type of folk song which basically has a standard melody and ever changing lyrics. They are usually very funny, irreverent and sexual. “La canzone delle osterie” is famous everywhere and Francesco used it to end the song in the most carefree way.
- He rhymed “sette” with “fette” but I really don’t know how to explain if “salami is good cut in slices” is a sexual reference. Salami can definitely be associated with something sexual (c’mon…) but I have no clue about the rest. I’m an innocent soul XD
- “Give it to me” is DEFINITELY sexual. Especially referred to a pretty blonde girl XD That too is usually part of the standard stornello lyrics ;)

Wow, this took SO LONG.
I hope it helped understand this song in depth, even though something is still obscure even to me, after translating and spending a lot of time looking things up on the internet.
Have fun find other interpretations, maybe? ;)

Mona has a twin?

I will probably add to this at a later date, as this is not a theory I have sat on for months and collated a lot of pictures and evidence, it’s just something that just came to me (ironically as I was reading a ‘Spencer’s twin is A.D theory). I will always stand by my Aria is A theory, as that’s been my thoughts hope from the beginning.

However, what about this…

Mona has a twin. Stay with me here.
Several people have commented on the fact Mona’s voice changes half way through this monologue from the season finale of season 2 (after she says “toffee, tango”). People have spectated this is CeCe following the FAKE reveal from Season 6.

However, I think the majority of PLL fans are with me when I say the whole CeCe thing needs to be a clever plan made by A.D/Big A/Uber A if the writers want to retain any credibility… as that was such an awful way for the story to go.
But wait a minute. What if (and I am going out on a limb here!) the writers are actually very clever… and knew we would hate the CeCe storyline, and we would try to pick holes in it. Hence throwing us off of the actual scent of who A is…
And if the CeCe storyline was fake… that means someone put CeCe up to this. And who was the one left remaining in the room to “see how the story played out”…
But anyway, one point at a time.
So in this monologue, Mona’s voice changes. And fans have been speculating over who this second person is. The writers know how eagle eyed (and eared!) the fans are. So I definitely think this was not an accident. And whilst we are all sat here trying to work out who the second voice belongs to, Janel is laughing her head off swinging around on her ribbon as the second voice is actually her… well. Her twin.
Though the voice changes, it definitely still sounds like Mona.
We’ve been told so much crap from the cast, we’ve seen A, we haven’t seen A, that it is looking as though a twin is going to be the ultimate A. So as much as I didn’t want this to be the case, with this theory, let’s just go with it.
Also don’t forget, we clearly know there are two Monas. We’ve been told this from the beginning. “Loser Mona” and popular Mona.
We were told Mona had a personality disorder. I don’t think this is the case. I think the reason she had these two difference personas is because they are two different people.
In the clip, she says “Loser Mona is going to the nut house” as opposed to “I am going to the nut house” crazy girl speaking about herself in third person - perhaps? However, in PLL, I think we should always assume nothing is a coincidence.
This would explain her relationship with Hanna, and why she seems to sometimes care about her and sometimes not.
Also, let’s not forget what I believe was the biggest clue ever given in the form of Alison’s quote “The bolder the move the less anyone questions it”. Which had everyone second guessing Alison’s true motive, and the initials being A.D etc… HELLO - MONA REVEALED HERSELF AS BEING A. HOW MUCH MORE OF A BOLDER MOVE CAN YOU GET.
This show has messed us around now for so long… and we’ve been pleading and pleading for A.D/Uber A/whatever they are calling A this series, to be a character we have known since the beginning. A character… or atleast a face we are familiar with. And I just think it would be the ultimate twist, for the writers to give us what we want, by giving us what we’ve already had. If that makes sense? By giving Mona a twin, and making that twin ‘A.D’ I think it could answer a lot of the unanswered questions we have.
I mean let’s face it, Mona is and always has been around. She’s always just there. Always manages to worm her way into an episode some how or other. She always knows what’s going on.

Mona’s twin could be blonde, and could have been the Mona we thought we saw in the doll house. A blonde twin would explain all the blonde red coats etc we have seen in various episodes. Also how funny would it be if the blonde that ‘killed’ Mona was Mona’s twin!

Also, let’s not forget this…

Also, remember in the doll house when Emily touches ‘Mona’s’ hair and mouths that “it’s her hair!” and we just assumed that A made her dye her hair to look more like Alison… well that scene could also foreshadow Mona’s twin being blonde.

Of course I know there must be holes in this theory, but as I say, it’s just a theory I came up with tonight so by all means please send me any holes in this theory and we can try and work them out.

The Mystery of the Flirtatious Cat

Summary: Alya knows that Chat Noir loves Ladybug; after all, why else would he flirt with her and no one else? However, Marinette’s revelation that he had, in fact, flirted with her before throws her for a loop. Alya’s not sure why Chat Noir only flirts with Ladybug and Marinette, but she’s going to get to the bottom of this mystery.


“- And that’s why Ladybug and Chat Noir are totally together!” Alya declared triumphantly. It was the only answer that could be drawn given the wealth of evidence.

Unfortunately, Marinette seemed to be having a hard time accepting that as Alya spotted her rolling her eyes.

“They’re not together.” Marinette flatly said. At the same time, her voice held a note of confidence, as if she was completely sure of her response. However, as Marinette usually didn’t pay much attention to the city’s resident superheroes, Alya knew she had the advantage.

“Then how do you explain all of the evidence otherwise?” She put forth, not willing to back down.

“Maybe you’re just looking a bit too much into it.” Even as she said it, Marinette cringed a bit. Of course, Alya just raised an eyebrow in response.

Sure, there were a few times she jumped the gun and barreled into a situation, the incident resulting in her becoming Lady Wifi being the most infamous, but she was a journalist. Analysis, especially given a long period of time and plenty of documentation, was her specialty. Though she was pretty sure that the two’s magic interfered with her investigation.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! Can I ask you 36 with Rafe x Reader? Where Rafe's reader's boss during a treasure hunt and he slowly starts to get attached to her? Maybe a little NSFW if you're okay with it? Thanks in advance if you'll do it and thanks to you for all the work you're doing! 😻

Title: Five more minutes

Pairing: Rafe x reader

Warnings: swearing, violence, blood, threat.

Prompts: “Do you not realise how much I care for you?”

A/N: I didn’t add in the NSFW because then it would’ve been a very long one shot request, so sorry about that! Also, he didn’t really “slowly start to get attached to her”, moreso that it had happened over the course of around 3 months and the part I’m writing is when they finally confess.

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Engraved Pt. 2

<– Engraved 1 | Engraved 3 –>

Words: 5102
Short: You’re a tattoo artist for a gang known as EXO who own a club down town. (read synopsis at masterpost
Pairings: D.O. X Reader (main), Chen X Reader, Kai X Reader
Warnings: Mentions of sex, violence, blood, no smut or anything, something that might be seen as sexual intimidation but both parties are okay with it.

A soft chuckle left your lips as you watched Chen sway his hips a little too much as he walked to the bathroom, naked. You left the warm comfort of the cover to search for your panties, which he had of course managed to fling over his desk lamp. Slipping them on, you went to his closet, searching for something to wear.
“Here, you’re looking for this aren’t you?” Chen wrapped an arm around your waist and handed you a deep red sweater. It wasn’t anything special, but it was really warm and soft so you liked wearing it when you were here.
You pulled it on and smiled at him, pecking his lips. “Thanks.”
“You okay?” he asked, frowning. 

Read more HERE on AFF or below the cut! (this is NOT a chen fic, don’t be put of by the start)

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Author: PyromanicSchizophrenic

Summary: Your boyfriend has an Easter surprise for you. The catch? You have to find it yourself.

Warnings: Well, it’s Jacksepticeye, so language. Also, not proofread, and I have no idea why I chose this particular gif (except for how cute Jack is here)

Originally posted by optimalotter

“(Y/n), wake up!”

You groan tiredly, rolling over and burying your face in the pillow. You don’t know how the hell your boyfriend is possibly so awake at this hour (whatever this hour is), but you do know that you are absolutely not awake with him.

“(Y/n)!” he tries again. “Come on, if I’m awake right now you can be too.” You don’t bother pointing out that his Irish accent gets thicker and more stereotypical when he’s tired, and that he sounds like he does when he’s recording a St Patrick’s day video which means he’s exhausted.

“Sean, go the fuck to sleep,” you say grouchily, lifting your head just enough for the words to not get muffled by the pillow. 

“SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK!” he shouts, making you jump and fall out of the bed. “Oh, good! You’re up!”

“Sean McLoughlin, if you value your life at all, you will—“ You don’t get the chance to finish your threat before he’s pulling you up, grinning that bright smile that always makes it impossible for you to stay mad at him. “Never mind,” you sigh. “‘M still tired though.”

“But it’s Easter!” Sean exclaims happily.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake. Is that what this is about?” You glance at the clock. It’s actually about half noon, but given Sean’s sleep schedule (and the one you now hold so that you and him are actually awake at the same time), that’s basically seven in the morning.

Sean gasps dramatically. “(Y/n)!” He sounds as if you’ve personally offended him. “This is an important Christian holiday! You can’t fuckin’ swear!”

You stare at him blankly. You know that he knows what he did, and you know he did it thinking it was funny. You’re not laughing. You aren’t.

“Oh come on, that was funny,” he says after a moment.

“You’re lucky you’re pretty, Jack-a-boy,” you say instead, patting him on the shoulder.

He bats his eyelashes at you. “Am I the prettiest?” he asks you, looking for all the world like a male beauty pageant wannabe.

“No,” you say bluntly, giggling at the dramatic way his face falls.

He perks back up quickly, though, and he grabs your hand and drags you out into the living room.

“Sean, please tell me you didn’t hide a bunch of Easter eggs around the apartment that you’re going to make me look for,” you say (demand) when he finally stops, throwing an arm around your shoulders.

“‘Course not,” he says flippantly, making you question the truth of the statement. “I’ve got too much editin’ to do to watch you look for eggs for two hours.” He’s right, and you do know that. You’re still wary, though.

“So what did you do?” you ask him suspiciously. “And don’t just say ‘nothing,’ you Irish bastard, I know you well enough to know that you did not wake me up at half noon solely because today is Easter with no plans for anything else.”

“I didn’t hide a bunch of Easter eggs,” Sean repeats, which not only doesn’t answer your question but also makes you think that he hid something else.


He just smiles innocently at you.

Sean,” you try again.

“Well, whatever it is I hid, it’s not findin’ itself,” he points out. “Would you be more willin’ to participate if I told you in my Papyrus voice?”

“No thank you,” you say after a moment. “Will you at least tell me what it is I’m looking for?”

Sean’s grin changes from innocent to a cat that got into the cream. He’s actually going to make you look for anything out of place. This is going to be a long Easter.

“Aw, come on, you love me,” he says, seeing the murder in your eyes.

“You are really testing the limits of the truth of that statement,” you inform him, getting to work looking for whatever the hell it is that he hid. “It is in this room, at the very least, right?”

“It’s not in the bedroom,” he allows, sitting down on the couch. “Other than that, every room in the apartment’s fair game.”

“Even the bathroom?” you ask, arching a brow.

“Alright, not there either.”

The bright side, you think as you check the bookcases, is that the apartment is smaller than any of the houses you grew up in (your family moved around a lot), so there aren’t that many hiding places. The downsides, of course, are that a) you have no fucking clue what the fuck you’re looking for, and b) Sean is much more creative when it comes to hiding places than your parents ever were. Also, when you’re hiding something for a (y/age)-year-old to find, you can get a lot more complicated than when you’re hiding something for a three-year-old.

“Alright, you little shit,” you say after a minute. “I’m looking in the fridge.” Sean likes hiding things in the fridge, for some fucking reason. Last week he hid your shoes in the fridge (he hid the shoes because he didn’t want to leave the apartment; you are genuinely unsure why he thought the fridge was the best place).

When you open the fridge, though, right there in a place of honor, is a note: I’m not THAT predictable haha

“I’ve got too much editin’,” you repeat mockingly, over exaggerating Sean’s accent. “I can’t watch you look fer somethin’ fer two hours.” You shut the fridge, pause, then open it again, take the note and a can of cola, then close the fridge. You crumple the note into a ball and lob it at your boyfriend’s head, nailing him right in his green hair.

“I see you got my note,” he says, turning around and grinning at you again. He’s having far too much fun with this.

Your cola’s going to turn into a beer before the end of this.

“Alright, just so I’m clear, I’m looking for something Easter-themed that is not in the bedroom or the bathroom and that’s all you’re telling me?”

“Two things,” Sean corrects. “One of ‘em’s easy, though. Wide open, can’t miss it.”

“Is anything painted to look like Sam?”

Sean’s eyes go wide. “That would have been awesome!” You’re tempted to take that as a no, but knowing him he could just be throwing you off. “But no, nothing is painted to look like Sam.”

You narrow your eyes suspiciously, but you do know that Sean wouldn’t lie to you, even about something as dumb as this. “Okay,” you say finally. “I’m going to check the office.” He stands up to follow you, and you can’t tell if that means you’re on the right track or absolutely wrong.

You open the door to the office and stop. “Sean, please tell me I’m not actually seeing that.” Sitting on the computer chair is a giant chocolate rabbit—and by ‘giant,’ the box boasts three pounds of solid chocolate. You can’t eat that much chocolate , and you are very adamant against letting Sean have any of it. He may not be as crazy in real life as he is in his videos, but more in the sense that it’s not a constant thing. If you think giving Jacksepticeye three pounds of chocolate is a bad idea, then giving Sean McLoughlin three pounds of chocolate isn’t exactly better.

“His eyes are blue like mine,” is all your boyfriend has to say in his defense.

“Sean, I’ve had normal sized chocolate bunnies with blue eyes like yours,” you argue. “That is not a valid reason for a three pound rabbit, what the fuck?”

“It’s all they had left,” he explains. “And he looked so lonely sittin’ on the shelf by himself.”

“It’s a candy rabbit, it doesn’t have feelings!”

“His name is Gerald, and he’s very offended at your attitude.”

Great, now you can’t even eat the damn thing.

You roll your eyes, but decide to just let your boyfriend befriend a three pound chocolate bunny called Gerald. As long as he isn’t eating it, he’s not harming anyone.

(Although if he eats it and then films a Happy Wheels episode for the duration of the sugar high nobody gets hurt at any point and his subs are happy.)

“Is that all that’s in here?” you ask, instead of seriously questioning why the rabbit’s called Gerald of all things.

He doesn’t answer, just shrugs, and yeah. Yeah, you’re gonna kill him before this is over.

You start looking over every inch of the office, careful not to bother any of the gifts on his shelf. You know how much they mean to him, and also that he wouldn’t hide anything anywhere where you’d need to disturb them. You also check around his recording set-up, but considerable less thoroughly. You’re a disaster around anything that has wires, and you don’t want to take down his entire career because of your clumsiness.

“Why are you like this?” you ask him as you go back out into the living room.

“Because I love you,” he answers, wrapping his arms around your waist and kissing your temple. “Come on, you’ve got to find it before I start recordin’.”

“I’ll find it faster if you tell me where it is,” you goad, leaning back into him.

“But where’s the fun in that?” he counters, letting go of you and sitting back down on the couch. You scowl, but start searching the apartment top to bottom anyway. His excitement’s contagious, as much as you wish it wasn’t. At any rate, your curiosity’s through the roof; Sean can be easily excited, but not so far as to be this excited about you searching the apartment for something on Easter morning (afternoon).

“You know, when I agreed to go out with you,” you start conversationally, checking the coat closet that neither of you use for much of anything, “I did not expect to be Easter hunts.”

“Exactly,” Sean says proudly. “Dating me is an adventure. You never know what to expect.”

“Also my sleep schedule gets fucked,” you add. “Like, /seriously/ fucked.”

“Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that!”

You resist the urge to roll your eyes. It’s not a problem most of the time, but whenever you go home, not going to bed until seven am can definitely be a problem.

“You’re really enjoying watching me look for whatever the fuck it is you hid, aren’t you?”

He just grins again.

Almost an hour later, you finally—finally—find the fucking thing. It’s a plastic Easter egg, and it’s in the cabinet under the sink, perched precariously on the pipes. It’s (favorite color), and when you pick it up you can hear something rattling inside.

“I found your stupid fucking egg,” you call, walking back into the living room.

You try to pop the egg open, but it’s got scotch tape wrapped around it, keeping it shut. “Good God, you like to complicate things, don’t you?”

You start picking at the tape; there’s more of it than you’d noticed at first.

“Sean, I swear to God,” you mumble, finally getting enough of the tape that you can just unwrap the whole thing.

Your breath catches in your throat when the egg finally opens, and you see a ring settled into the bottom of one of the halves. “Sean, is this…”

You glance up at him to find him kneeling in front of you, not looking excited or mischievous anymore. Now he looks nervous, and hopeful.

“I love you, (y/n),” he says. “You’re funny, and beautiful, and the kindest soul I’ve ever met. We work so well together, both together here and when we’re apart. I’m happiest when I’m with you, no relationship I’ve ever been in has ever made me this happy before. You’re my best friend and I love you. I want to hold onto this forever. (Y/n), will you marry me?”

You try to blink back the tears that have been gathering since you got the plastic egg open, nodding and choking out a “Yes, Sean, God yes.”

He stands up and takes the ring, slipping it onto your finger as you kiss him, soft and sweet and happy.

“Happy Easter, Sean,” you whisper.

“Happy Easter, (y/n).”

Co Workers (Part Five)

A/N: I’m going to go ahead and say this now. If you are or have been a victim of domestic violence, please please please know that it is not your fault. No matter what you did/said. It is never okay for your significant other to put their hands on you in a violent way. And if you need to talk please don’t hesitate to message me.

WARNINGS: Some domestic violence, (nothing too horrible i.e. no hitting), and some swearing.

pairing: Misha x Reader

Word Count: 2.4k

Catch up! Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four,

Originally posted by huntintrip

Misha stepped out of the trailer, his pants were done back up, but the buckle was still undone and his shirt was still unbuttoned.

“Uh-nice you two..” You both turned to see Jared standing there. You threw your hand to your forehead and ran it down your face. You had just been caught cheating by your boyfriend and Jared freaking Padalecki witnessed it.

“We were um-rehearsing.” Misha piped up. You turned around and pushed passed Misha, slamming your trailer door and locking it.

You were fucked.

You immediately grabbed your phone and texted Andrew.

Y/N: Andrew, I can explain. I can’t leave work right now but please, let me explain.

You grabbed your bra and shirt, put them back on and made your way to hair and makeup. The whole way there you were hoping that no one else was in there. You just wanted to finish this awful day. The hair and makeup girls were happy to see you, you got along really well with them, they noticed the conflicted look on your face but didn’t ask you about it, which was just what you needed.

After you were done getting your face painted for filming, you made your way to wardrobe, got dressed, and bolted back to your trailer. You didn’t want to see anyone. You sat down in the recliner you were in earlier and went over your script again, the images of Misha laying over you and Andrew walking in, replaying in your head. When you’d read the script for what seemed like the thousandth time, you sat it down, and laid your head back on the chair.

You had cheated on your boyfriend of five years, and you felt awful. You didn’t know what came over you every time you were near Misha, it was obvious that telling yourself, that the two of you were just friends wasn’t working. He was constantly on your mind, even when you were talking to Andrew. You couldn’t have feelings for Misha, it wasn’t right, he was your co worker. Not to mention, things could get messy if you were to have a relationship with him and then it ended. This is just physical, it’s just physical urges, you told yourself.

Filming was rough. You had to redo the sex scene at least four times. It was obvious that neither of you could focus. And Misha’s hard on just got harder every time you had to straddle him. You’d be lying if you said that it wasn’t also affecting you in a not so work place friendly way.

When you finally got through the scene, you finished the rest of the filming you had with no fuck ups. You had to get home and talk to Andrew.You had no clue what to say to him, but you had to say something. When the day was finally over, it was already passed nine o’clock. You went to your car and drove home as fast as you possibly could, still dressed as Blair; wardrobe would surely scold you for in the morning, even though there’s at least fifteen other outfits that look exactly the same in the wardrobe trailer.

You called Andrew, he didn’t answer, so you left him a voicemail begging him to come to your apartment so that you could talk, as you poured yourself a glass of wine.

Twenty minutes later, you had changed into your sweatpants and tank top, and someone knocked on the door, you were relieved to see that it was Andrew. You opened the door and stepped to the side so that he could come in. You quietly shut the door behind him, avoiding eye contact as you opened your mouth to speak, only for him to speak first.

“I hope that it’s obvious we’re through.” He spat out. You’d never heard him so angry.

“Andrew, I-”

“How long.” It was more of a statement than a question.

“What you saw was the farthest it’s gone..” you spoke softly, your head hanging down. The weight of the guilt and shame you had been carrying around with you becoming too much for you to handle, but you knew that you deserved it.

“How many times?” He was beginning to control his temper a bit, or so it seemed.

“Just twice, once here and then back in my trailer.” Tears were falling freely down your face, when a sudden jolt made your head shoot up. Andrew had pinned you against the wall, hard, his arm across your the base of your neck, your own panic causing you to lose your breath. This was not a situation you thought you’d be finding yourself in today, especially not with Andrew.

“I love you, you know.” His voice was rough, violent. “I’ve loved you for almost, almost six years now. You were my everything, Y/N.”

You were begging him, trying to choke back sobs, “A-andrew please, please, l-let g-go. This i-isn’t you.” He took a look at what he was doing and backed away. You fell to the floor and your hands flew to your throat. There would be a bruise there later.

“We’re through, don’t ever contact me again.” He said as he left your apartment. You were left on the floor crying, your sobs loud enough for your neighbors to hear. You got up and began drinking as much wine as you could, thinking it would calm you down, make you numb. You looked up from your kitchen island and looked straight at that picture of downtown LA that you had on your wall. You marched over it, and flung it across your apartment, the picture frame smashing against a wall in your living room. As soon as you were through with your fist bottle of wine, you grabbed a second one, not caring that you could barely stand up as is. You opened the bottle and went to sit down on the floor in your living room. Taking chugs from the bottle as you picked up your phone and called Misha. He answered on the first ring.


“This-is is all your fault” You slurred out.

“What? Y/N? Are you drunk? Where are you?”

“Don’t matter does-s it.” You don’t know why you called him, you weren’t thinking clearly.

“Are you at home? I’m on my way downstairs.” He sounded panicked but it didn’t register. He hung up but you were still holding the phone to your ear, as you were drinking down even more wine.

You apartment door opened and Misha rushed in, seeing you on the floor, seeing the smashed picture on the wall across the room. He seemed relieved that you were at home, but still worried. He rushed to you.

“Come on, let’s get you into a cold shower and then-” He stopped mid sentence as he spotted the bruise on your neck that had already began to form. Anger evident on his face. “Y/N, what happened.”

You looked up at him and smiled, “S’ jus’ a lil’ bruise. Not big deal.” When Misha went to grab onto your arm to help you up, you flinched in pain, Andrew must have had a hold on your arm too. Before Misha could get you completely up off of the floor, you leaned over and all of the wine you had drank within the last hour came back up all over Misha and the floor.

He sat you back down, slipped off his shoes and pants, leaving him in just his boxers and a t-shirt. “Why you gettin’ naked?” You slurred out

“So I can get you into the shower without tracking this puke all over the place baby girl.” He said calmly. He then put an arm under your knees, the other behind your back and lifted you up, making his way to your bathroom, he sat you down on the bathroom floor and lifted your chin up with his hand, “Bath or shower?” He asked.

You just lifted a flimsy arm and pointed at your shower head, you were starting to feel like you were sobering up a bit after puking, but you didn’t want to talk. You felt defeated.

Misha started the shower, feeling the water to make sure that it wasn’t ice cold, but not too hot either. He leaned back down next to you and helped you undress. You weren’t wearing a bra or panties since you were just in your night clothes. He helped you into the tub and you sat down, letting the shower stream wash over you.

“I’ll be right back, baby girl.” He kissed you on the forehead, not worried about getting wet, and he left. He came back a few minutes later in clean pyjamas, with clean pyjamas for you, a glass of water, and some aspirin. He shut the water off and grabbed a towel, you had managed to wash up some yourself. He helped you up and helped dry you off, you sat on the edge of your tub to get dressed. He handed you the pills and water, encouraging you to drink the whole glass. You were feeling a lot better now, and you just wanted to go to sleep.

Misha picked you up once more and carried you into your bedroom. He laid you down gently and covered you up.

“I’ll talk to you in the morning okay?” He said as he kissed your forehead and reached up to shut off the lamp on your nightstand.

“Misha,” You said, leaning up on one arm to look at him, “Stay.”  

He didn’t say anything as he went around to the other side of your bed and climbed in, you turned around and scooted towards him, his arm reaching out for you so that he could pull you in close. You rested your head on his chest and let the sound of his heartbeat lull you to sleep.

You woke up the next morning to an empty bed. You sat up and looked around, the aspirin from the night before completely worn off. You noticed a glass of water and two more aspirin sitting on your nightstand. You took them, and got out of bed. You noticed that your breath smelled like puke, and you remembered everything that happened last night.

Tears stung your eyes as you thought about what Andrew had done to you. You made your way to the bathroom and looked at your neck, there was a big purple bruise where his arm had pressed into you, along with a bruise on your arm where you hadn’t noticed he grabbed you. The bathroom door was slightly open, and you saw Misha push it open a bit more so that he could see you.

“I made you breakfast,” his voice was filled with concern, “why don’t you come eat, we can talk.” You nodded your head and let him guide you into your kitchen, the mess you had made last night cleaned up.

“You didn’t have to do all this, Mish.” He was really too sweet.

“I know, but I wanted to.” He pushed a strand of hair behind your ear and motioned for you to sit down.

Misha had made you homemade waffles, scrambled eggs, and bacon. As he poured you a cup of coffee he finally asked you what you’d hoped you could avoid.

“So, are you gonna tell me about those bruises?” he slid you the cup of coffee.

“I-uh, Andrew-um..” you couldn’t finished your sentence before you started sobbing. Misha walked over to you and held you as you sat in your chair.

“If that, that bastard,” his voice began to shake, “ever comes near you again, I’ll kill him.”

“It was my own fault Mish, I cheated on him.”

He pulled back and cupped your face in his hands to make you look at him; you leaned into his touch. You loved how gentle he was.

“Y/N, I want you to listen to me very carefully.” His voice was soft, but stern, “This, was not your fault. There is no excuse for absolutely anyone, to do that to you. No matter what you did.”

Tears were running down your face again. You hated how emotional everything was making  you. You hardly ever cried. Misha pulled you back in to hold you once more, your heart was aching, but at the same time you couldn’t explain how Misha made you feel. He brought his hand up to run his fingers through your hair, chills ran down your spine. It was almost as if a light bulb had went off your head, you pulled back and looked up at Misha.

“Misha, I-”

You were interrupted by the sound of Misha’s phone ringing, he ran his thumb across your cheek before he answered it. You turned to your plate of food, hunger taking over you all of a sudden; you realized you only ate once yesterday. You shoved some eggs in your mouth while you reached for the syrup while Misha talked on the phone.

“Well, apparently we missed our flight.” Misha said, you looked at him, confused. “The LA convention. It starts today.”

“I didn’t even know I was going to any of the conventions.” You said, your mouth still full of eggs.

“Y/N, of course you’re going. They’re a blast and you’re a part of the Supernatural family.” He said with a smile on his face.

You finished chewing and added in, “Yeah, and Andrew lives there, he probably flew back last night, or he probably will this morning.”

“Is there a chance he’ll be there?” Misha tensed up.

“I don’t know, he told me to never contact him again, so, I doubt it.” You said nervously.

“Well, I’ll be there, by your side the entire time.” He placed a hand on your back, “Finish eating and pack your bags. I’ll drive us to the airport.”

Misha made his way out of the apartment and left you alone with your food and your thoughts. You were worried that Andrew might show up and try something; but Misha was right. You were part of the Supernatural family after all. You knew that everyone else would be by your side as well, along with Misha.

You finished eating and went to pack your bags. This weekend was going to be an interesting one.

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The Dark Curse

So…I was watching OUAT 1x05, Jiminy Cricket’ s episode, and part of 3x11, Going Home, and I’m more convinced than ever of a couple of things.

There is still a curse. One which Emma and Henry and I think to some extent, the others are aware of.

Here’s why.
A. I’ve already mentioned this but it bears repeating. Henry’s girlfriend, Violet, is actually Jefferson’s/the Mad Hatter’s daughter Grace. Henry actually calls her that in 5x21 then corrects himself.

B. 1x05 and 3x11 actually explain how the curse works.
- 1x05 tells us that the curse makes it harder to do what you actually want to do and be who you actually want to be. It makes it harder to make the choices you want to make by making it harder to hear the voice inside telling you what is right for you.

-3x11 tells us that the curse services the person or people that cast it. It makes their wishes and darkest desires come true.

Which brings me to another thing. Every Dark Curse that has ever been cast that has been successful (so not Pan’s) has been the work of two people. Yes, even the first one. There are a couple of glaring clues to this.

When people talk about the curse they talk about the Queen’s curse. And we take it to mean they are talking about the Evil Queen. But that’s not what they actually say. Because the truth is that “the Queen’s curse” could also be “the Queens’ curse”. Same pronunciation, different meaning. And the thing is that there were two Queens present at the casting of the original dark curse, two Queens whom both gave up the thing they loved most.

You know what else? I firmly believe they both gave up two things. You don’t just give up a person. You give up a thing or things that represent(s) something of value to you. Something that’s not tangible, but real nonetheless. They don’t have to be a person or people, but they can be because it’s what these people represent. Pan actually lists the acceptable prices of the curse in 3x11. They are love in the form of “romance, family, loyalty, friendship”.

With the dark curse Regina gave up her family, both her current family in the form of her father and her future family in the form of Emma and Snow. I say this because Regina came to Snow’s castle looking for Emma. And I’m absolutely certain it wasn’t her intention to kill her, but to keep her.

So did Snow. She gave up her family in the form of David and Emma.

So the first curse was a combination of Regina’s and Snow’s wishes. But The thing is the middle ground that needs to be found when the people’s wishes are conflicting.

It’s why the curse made both Regina and Snow miserable. Because that’s what they wished for each other. But at the same time why Ruby, Snow’s best friend was fine. As happy as she had ever been even. Snow’s doing. Although she dressed slutty. Regina’s doing. People’s realities become a combination of what the different people want. And when one doesn’t care about a certain individual or doesn’t mind either way, the other has more control. Regina harbored no ill will toward Ruby and so Snow was able to make her as happy as she could. She wasn’t separated from Granny. I think Snow was also able to affect who came to Storybrooke with the curse. Like the dwarfs. I don’t see any reason why Regina would have brought them. She hated them originally.

There is also the matter of there being two components to the curse. That of the memory wipe and that of the actual curse. With the original curse Regina did the memory wipe. That is the curse that was broken. If the curse had been broken in its entirety in season 1 then everyone would have returned to the Enchanted Forest. Storybrooke would have ceased to exist. Like it did in season 3. Just the fact that it exists and that everyone is in it means there is a curse in effect.

It’s also why both Snow and Regina being framed for murder, creating a rift between them and the people they care about and Emma calling Regina her friend in early season 4 after Regina’s and Snow’s curse is broken is so important. Snow and Regina being framed for murder, Emma’s parents trying to turn Emma against Regina, that is Snow and Regina throwing a wrench in each other’s happiness yet again. And anyone looking at seasons 1 to 3 would probably call Emma and Regina friends by 3x11. But the curse is in effect. A combination of Regina (and Snow) getting what she wants and it being taken away. In part because Snow wants it and in part because Regina herself doesn’t believe she deserves to be happy. Also, once Regina’s memory wipe is lifted, half of Snow’s happy ending is returned. Although even by season 3 she can’t get the other half to work, her relationship with Emma. Regina manages to do a better job of that. It’s also important to note that lying and cowardice were important parts of David’s curse identity. He had a hard time being honest when he was cursed.

I also wonder if Snow wasn’t the one who somehow wrote the book into the curse. Or at least wrote it into her own possession. It’s also interesting that it was found in a closet. It tells me that she was an important key to breaking the curse, she got Henry the book, but also that she had more control over the story from the get go than she believed or might have known. Control that she passed to Henry. It’s also interesting because it was what the author influenced Snow and Charming to do that got him trapped in the book in the first place. And it was Regina who ended up freeing him for good.

Which brings me to the current curse, evidenced by Henry calling Violet Grace.

Now, a lot of what I’ve mentioned had been already theorized by Shady. She has even theorized that there is still a curse happening now. And by whom it was cast. Snow and Hook. I agree with all of this. I just don’ t agree with when it was cast.

First of all, I think that this curse happened over time. So it’s much harder to detect. And we need to remember that there has also always been a curse in effect. Even while curses were supposedly broken. Remnants remained.

Part of me doesn’t believe that Snow’s curse was ever lifted. In part because she never got back part of what she gave up. Her wish as she mentions in 3x11 was to have her family, to raise her daughter. She never got that back in any form. Through any of the curses being lifted. Even though she tried to recreate it. It seems to me like a curse being broken would mean things being restored to how they were before. If you don’t get everything back that you gave up to cast the curse in some way, shape or form then it can’t have been lifted completely. This goes for season 1 and season 3′s curses. Although when I think about it Snow did get pregnant shortly after 3x11. So maybe that was her getting back what she lost, Emma’s childhood through a new baby. The other reason (when it comes to season 3) was that it was simply never broken. As Shady has said, Zelena’s memory curse was broken in season 3. And if all of these arguments fail, just looking at current events it does feel like they could be a combination of Hook and Snow’s wishes for Emma’s life.

For comparison, Regina did definitely get back what she lost. Emma…and Henry, in the form of her son.

It’s also obvious due to the fact that that is what she gives up to reverse her and Pan’s curse. I think the reason she had to do that is to affect Pan’s curse, to have any control over it, to influence it she had to give up again what she got back. It’s what having control over the curse requires. You could say that Regina essentially counters Pan’s curse by casting her own new one. Over Emma and Henry. In order to protect them. But her curse is very specific. It involves them, her family, not being a part of her life fully. Together. A choice she made to affect the curse in such a way that it ensured their happiness without her. Happiness that was an illusion, but still. And I’m not entirely sure that that curse isn’t still going as well. Actually, I believe it is. Emma is lonely just like she was in New York even though she was just engaged. Just like she was in New York. Emma is happy only she isn’t. Hook is especially horrible at being a good person. He is a pathological liar even moreso than I would expect and often gets caught in his lies. It’s like he’s having the hardest time being a good person and doing the right thing when he’s around Emma and her family. One could call it a curse. Regina’s maybe? Being conflicted between wanting your best friend to be happy but not with the person she’s trying to be happy with must be hard.

Especially when you know your friend doesn’t love the guy. Which I think she does know.

So Regina’s new curse started in 3x11, ensuring her family’s illusion of happiness without her.

Snow’s curse is the savior princess curse. I think the Wish Realm was an exaggerated representation of the Emma Snow wants her to be. Or Regina’s joke version. And interesting that since it was Emma’s wish wished by Regina, Emma ended up with a dead Neal and a drunk, old Hook. And no prospects. Aside from Regina. The whole “someday your Prince will come” theme. You gotta love this show. 

Emma is docile, the perfect princess. I don’t think this is how she would have turned out had Snow raised her originally, but taking a adult -wouldn’t be caught dead being a princess-Emma with a mind of her own, her own views and beliefs and making her fit in the mold of princess would mean that her backbone and willpower would have to be the first to go. Which I think is what Snow has actually been doing this whole time, but more subtly. (Snow’s season 3 curse that hasn’t been broken).Trying to re-raise Emma. Re-mold her into the princess that Snow had always hoped she would be. But the system is glitching. Because it goes against who Emma actually is. And kind of reminds me of Snow removing Emma’s inherent darkness as a baby. Darkness everyone has within them. The choice to be who they want to be, be it good or bad. This actual canon action of Snow’s makes me actually wonder if Emma raised by Snow wouldn’t have been a lot like Wish Realm Emma, because Snow actually removed part of Emma’s ability to stand up to her parents, to rebel. I think removing Emma’s darkness was in itself a curse. Emma had no choice but to be a hero. She literally didn’t choose it, it chose her. Or her parents chose it for her. When it came to Aladdin becoming a savior he did so for two reasons.

1. Jasmine believed he was
2. There was the urgent need for one (when something almost collapsed onto Jasmine) and Aladdin believed he was the savior himself so he could protect Jasmine.

Jasmine made Aladdin into two things he was never meant to be. A savior and a genie. Both so he could save Agrabah. In the end Jasmine saved it herself. Well, with his help. And by the end Aladdin was neither the savior or the genie. And Jasmine realized she should never have turned him into either.

With Emma, she became the savior because Snow, Regina and Henry all needed her to be one. I’d say Rumple as well but Rumple said himself that he only took advantage of what she already was. I’m guessing he saw the future.

Snow calls Emma the savior as a baby. She is the first one to believe. Henry is the second one, the first one who creates the necessity for a savior.

But it’s Regina being in danger and no one being willing to protect her along with Emma’s promise to Henry to protect her that makes Emma’s savior powers manifest.

So far we have as current curse casters Regina and Snow. Regina affects Emma’s illusion happiness and Emma being happy without her. Snow affects Emma’s behavior, making her the perfect savior princess. One that has a love of her own. Snow basically wants Emma to have what she has. Because that is what makes her happy. And she thinks that the same things in a similar package will make Emma happy.

Moving on to Hook. In order to be able to bring Emma back to Storybrooke- part of what Snow’s curse was meant to do-Hook gives up his ship. I believe this gave Hook control over the curse. His ship is the thing he loves most. His home, the thing he’s loyal to, his freedom, his shipmates were his family. Even now that he has it back he doesn’t have his shipmates. Nor does he really use his boat. He has still given it up in favor of creating a home with Emma on land. He gets to see the sea, but never sail it with his boat. Something that really stood out to me was that Emma and Henry actually went kayaking without Hook. Which makes no sense unless you consider it as part of the curse’s price. Just like in season 3 Regina got to see Henry but he didn’t have his memories. She had him, but she didn’t really have him. It wasn’t the same. 

I think Hook originally had limited control maybe in part because he didn’t realize he had it, but over time his control has increased. While I think Regina’s has decreased. Her part of the curse is still in effect, but she can’t go against it that much. Also, I think because the things she would want to make happen now go against her original curse wish. I think as caster you can make things happen within a curse, but only if they fall within the frame of your original wish. Not if they go against it completely.

I think that’s why trying to break Emma and Hook up in 3x17 didn’t work. Both her own curse of Emma’s illusion of happiness and Hook’s  and Snow’s were working against her. And it’s probably also why a break up between Emma and Hook never lasts.

Hook wants to be with Emma. And started chasing Emma in earnest after he gave up his boat. Giving up his boat is also what gave him his wish at the time. A kiss.

I think that the period between Hook giving up his boat and early season 4 is Emma’s rebel period. It marks Emma rebelling against what Hook wants. I think at that point Snow also may not want Emma with Hook. She just wants Emma with a man. So her dislike of Hook might also be a factor there. And Regina’s dislike of Hook. But I think that Emma and Regina’s fight must have affected the curse. Regina’s and Snow’s parts of the curse were both focused on Emma having their idea of happiness. But with Emma and Regina at odds with each other Emma wasn’t happy and no curse could make her. She wasn’t feeling like being the savior or being with a man. It was also the time where part of Regina’s curse was in effect. She had neither Emma nor Henry. I feel like this period is where Regina’s curse was the strongest and maybe Emma had the most control when it came to refusing the things Snow and Hook wanted for or with her.

She was chasing Regina and Hook was chasing her. Until 4x03 where her and Regina’s fight reached new heights. Regina insulting her savior quality. But there was also the acknowledgement of mutual trust. That apparently hadn’t been lost like the first time around. Emma gained some ground with Regina.

This is also when Hook and Emma started dating in earnest. But she was still chasing Regina. And her relationship with Hook was an illusion. She didn’t dress like herself. Hook got violent with a drunk who tried to pop the bubble of the happiness illusion and Emma came home standing against the door looking unhappy and puzzled instead of blissfully happy.

And I think when Emma and Regina became friends, it made Emma happy and so that again affected the curse, making Emma maybe more susceptible to Hook and Snow’s wishes. Someone who is happy is less likely to rebel.

I think Hook now has double control over the curse. When Emma forced him into his dark one status. I think loyalty was lost between them. It completely corrupted their romance. And it’s still corrupt. It’s why they can’t make their relationship work. I think this moreso than Regina is what makes their relationship fail. Because now that I think about it, Regina wasn’t able to get the desired effect when she did try to influence their relationship. Because now Hook is a vital part of the happy illusion she cursed Emma into. But Emma and Hook corrupted their own relationship when Emma shattered what they had by turning Hook dark against his will. They haven’t come back from that.

I think this entire show is one curse on top of another. Overlapping, entwining with each other.

I wonder how death affects a curse. Is Emma going to the underworld also part of the curse? Not being able to let go of the reality the curse assigns you?

Is that also why Regina couldn’t let go of her Robin but did let go of Wish Robin? The hold of the curse was in full effect with her Robin making it hard for Regina to first realize she didn’t really want to be with him and leave him and then let go of him after his death? Where there was no curse hold with Wish Realm Robin, not on her at least. The Queen is another story.

It does seem like Robin might have been a twisted part of the curse by Snow. Her version of a happy illusion for Regina. Not ill-intended maybe. But doing the same thing to Regina as she did to Emma. Wishing a similar happy ending as her own onto both Regina and Emma.

Then there is the other matter that Emma is not just part of Hook’ s curse desires for her, she is also his genie.

Just like Aladdin was for Jasmine.

I think that what Hook added to Emma through curse and wish were two things

1. For Emma to be his savior
2. For Emma to be his happy ending

So that is what she is.

In conclusion, I believe the current curse is a combination of Regina’s, Snow’s and Hook’s desires.

I also think a combination of True Love’s kiss and sacrifice are probably what will break it. Like the last was broken.

I just thought of something else. Regina broke a curse in season 3. And we all assumed that it was Snow’s. But what if it wasn’t? What if a curse can only be broken by the person who cast it or by their blood? So when Emma broke the Dark Curse in season 1 what she was actually doing was breaking her mother’s part in it? But would that then mean that the memory wipe was actually Snow’s doing somehow? That she also inadvertently desired to forget her despair so she could make it through the time the curse lasted? No, I think that being the person who cast the curse or blood-related to the person who cast the curse is not the only way to break it. But I think it may be one way. The question then does remain which part of the curse Emma and Henry broke in season 1. Regina’s or Snow’s? It makes more sense that it was Regina’s part since Regina was very clear on being the one to do the memory wipe and create curse names, etc. But then Regina was the one to reverse the curse completely in 3x11.

Which also begs the question. Which curse(s) did Regina break with Henry in season 3? Zelena’s? Definitely, or the residents of Storybrooke wouldn’t have gotten their memories back. But did she and Henry also break her own?

So that would mean that the current curse is just Snow’s and Hook’ s. Adhering to the two person casting rule
1st Curse (1x01) Snow and Regina

2nd Curse(3x11) Regina and Emma or is it again Regina and Snow? I’m gonna go with Regina and Emma. Emma did say that the price would have to be paid by both of them(her and Regina). Emma gave up a significant part of her family along with Regina. She is the one who made that decision. Just as Snow originally made the decision to give Emma up. After Regina made the one to give Henry up. Whether she lost Emma this time was up to Emma herself. Wait, if it was Regina and Emma does it mean that Emma’s part of the curse of having to give Regina and her family up is still in effect? So still a three person curse? Or did it break when she came back?

3rd Curse (after 3x11), Officially Snow and Zelena. Unofficially, in my opinion, Snow and Zelena, then Hook on top of that.

 4th Curse (season 5) Emma and Hook. With possible remnants of Regina’s curse. And Snow’s and Hook’s previous curses most likely still in effect. Making the current curse one of Hook and Snow and possibly Emma and Regina. Some part of me almost feels like Regina releasing Storybrooke’s/ Emma’s magic back into Storybrooke and Regina coming into contact with it as she did so may have lead to a TLK wannabe that might have removed any remnant of Emma and Regina’s parts in the curse, although not every curse in effect since it wasn’t an actual TLK. I don’t know for sure. There was just something about that scene though.

I thought about it some more and came up with a couple of rules when it comes to curse breaking.

1. The first and I believe most important one we’re introduced to as soon as the show starts is that whomever is breaking the curse needs to be aware there is one. In the series premiere when Charming and Snow broke Snow’s sleeping curse both were aware that Snow was under one. This exchange happens.

Snow:“You found me!”
Charming: “Did you ever doubt I would?”
Snow: “The glass coffin gave me pause”.

Snow knew she was cursed and was completely aware of her surroundings while under the curse. So you can’t break a curse you’re unaware of.

2. In order to break a curse you have to be personally affected by it-as in you were the one who was cursed-, be the one who cast it or be blood related to the one who cast it. I feel like there might be more to this depending on which part of the curse Emma and Henry broke in season 1. And which curse and/or part of a curse/curses Regina and Henry broke in season 3. What made it possible aside from TLK? These three things are not mutually exclusive, I don’t think. That means if you abide by one out of three you’re good. But it narrows down the list of people who can break particular curses and this list will vary from curse to curse.

With the original dark curse Snow’s part of the curse was broken by two of her blood relatives. Her daughter Emma and grandson Henry. Neither of which were personally cursed. Emma was affected by it as in she was sent away. But she was not cursed.

3. Belief. You have to believe that however you choose to break the curse will work. When it comes to using True Love’s Kiss both people involved have to believe their love for each other is strong enough to break the curse.

These are (some of) the rules. All of which we have seen enacted on the show.

But it also made me revisit the season 3 curses enacted by Regina(3x11) and Snow.

Using the blood relation rule Henry should have been able to break Snow’s curse when sharing TLK with Regina. He should have also been able to help Regina break both Zelena’s and her own curse. And they seemingly did break at least Zelena’s memory curse together.

But I don’t think he had any knowledge of any of the curses. Even with his memories returned. He would have gotten.his memories up to the moment he left Storybrooke. Did he even know his mother was casting a curse to counteract Pan’s? Did his mother even know that’s what she was doing? Not simply reversing her old curse? Unless like with Emma in season 1 just believing gave Henry the memories he needed to break the curse.

Emma gained memories of her time in the Enchanted Forest right after her birth. Which I don’t think she should have been able to remember.

But even so does it mean that just one person being aware of the curse is enough? It doesn’t seem likely. But that since Regina is the one related to Zelena it was her part in the kiss that broke Zelena’s curse? Or with TLK is it only the love that needs to be mutual and not the knowledge of the curse? Or did Henry maybe overhear them talking about the curse Zelena cast and did he only place that info in persepctive once he got the rest of his memories back?

So does that mean her curse, the one Regina cast on Emma and Henry in 3x11 is broken? Or is it still in effect? What about Snow’s curse?

I maintain that the current curse is probably a combination of Hook and Snow’s curses combined with possible remnants of Regina’s and Emma’s. I’m just not clear on what was actually broken with the True Love’s Kisses. And what the rules that came into play were.

Longest post ever!

There is more where that came from. I’m just too tired to write it out.

Suit and Bow Part 4 (Rafe x Reader)

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You were currently seated beside Rafe in his luxurious sports car, riding to the charity event. The man to your left had called yesterday to tell you when he would pick you up and to say that you had been nervous the whole day would be an understatement; you couldn’t recall the last time you were this hyperactive about attending an event but you didn’t want him to look bad just because he turned up with you. Anxiousness was also really prominent in your guts. How would the people there treat you knowing you were way too low for their league? Would they even notice it? With the dress you were wearing you looked like owning a mansion and ten horses.

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Skywarp: His Powers and Abandonment- A Hypothesis

Yes, you read the title right. We’re going there. I’m going to be discussing Skywarp’s character and powers, and how it relates to the probability of him having abandonment issues. Well, I’m just experimenting with the idea, so there is going to be some speculation thrown around. It’s only a possibility, but it wouldn’t be too bad to give it a shot though.

I love the three Seekers and it’s understandable even with their IDW’s developments so far. I want to read Thundercracker’s moments on Earth, and Starscream being a ruler of Cybertron. So, for now, I’ll stick to reading All Hail Megatron online, The Transformers (Ex-)Robots in Disguise and More Than Meets the Eye in volumes for the time being. Skywarp on the other hand, well, his only development so far is that he can’t control his form because his teleportation is malfunctioning from getting stabbed while he was re-materializing. He’s been trying to get someone to help him and with no avail. Then joins G.I. Joe because he was left on Bikini Atoll in an abandoned EDC base filled with Dire Wraiths for two days straight, and I’m pretty sure they’re going to be bitter about this. Yeah, I noticed that Skywarp is the most underdeveloped character in the Transformers universe. He’s a thug who pulls pranks and can teleport when you boil down his main bio, right? Personally, I think there is more to him then we realized. I will be using the comics as evidence for this post. But, how do I accomplish such a task without getting around to reading the later issues? Research, and lots of it.

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