also i had some more fun with textures and blending


Since I’ve been playing Wildstar so much here lately, I thought I’d celebrate with a little concept art dump!!  Some of the many random things I drew during my time at Carbine.  Also I’m sure Andy Cotnam, Mindy Lee, or Johnson Truong probably had a hand in the concepting of more than a few of these.  What a super talented team I had!  


I have been wanting to try this acrylic pouring/pulling/cell technique for a while now. So yesterday I prepped some canvases I had laying around so they would be ready to have a little fun today.

I had also received the order of treadmill oil (100% silicone) which gets mixed into the paints, along with pouring medium.

The first one I tried, I get really nice blends of colors but not much cell action.  So I added a bit more silicone to each color and from then on….WOW!

This is so fun and freeing - as there really are no mistakes and no pressures while creating.

And along with making some really cool pieces of art, I will also be able to scan these in and use them as textures and colors in future digital art as well!