also i had all the nia feels

It makes sense

I think this trip to Bali was planned by management. Bc everyone on that trip are usually where the drama is. Like wtf why is Nia there? She doesn’t fit in at all, it’s just bc Calum and Nia drama. Also Mikey was everyone’s fav and he went to go follow arz on social media? Management probably told him to bc there’s not enough drama around him. Management literally don’t care how they get attention it just has to be there, I feel sorry for these boys bc people are getting tired of this shit and will unstan them. Their careers are ending before it had even started.

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Why do you think Lexa went back on her word dealing with roan at the end of episode 2? I thought that was kind of shitty of her...

It was, but…things changed. Nia had an army marching to Polis and Roan is Nia’s son that she could use as a bargaining chip to prevent Nia from attacking.

Lexa locking Roan away really had nothing to do with him delivering Clarke to him. She locked him up because his mother was marching on Polis with an army. “Lexa is a great commander because she is ruthless.” Lexa will do what needs to be done in order to protect her people. “I’ll honor our deal when your queen honors my Coalition.” Basically, Lexa is going to pardon him if Nia stands down. If Lexa was to pardon Roan, she would have nothing over Nia. I have a feeling that she is going to pardon him in the next episode. 

We also don’t know the history Lexa has had with the Ice Nation and how much of a threat they are. How many times has Nia threatened Polis or her reign? All of this you have to take into consideration. We don’t have the context. Lexa will make deals that are best suited for her people. There is A LOT of bad blood between the Ice Nation and Lexa. If Lexa is the one that banished Roan, he or his clan must have done something horrible; Roan may have played a role in Costia’s death. All of this has to be taken into consideration when looking at Lexa not pardoning Roan. She was going to pardon him if he brought Clarke to her…but things changed. 

Also when Chris Brown was in jail he was talking about all the women he had slept with and how a lot of them he would not want to get pregnant because he didn’t think that their bodies would go back to the way they were previous to their pregnancy (he included Nia Guzman). He then went on to list a couple women he would actually want to impregnate because they wouldn’t “get fat” and included Rihanna.

And he also said all the women who wrote to him (while he was in jail) were ugly.

Basically what I’m telling you is he’s pretty much the most awful person ever. I feel bad that he’s procreating and that women actually let him have sex with them.