also i got a new phone yesterday

Yesterday, at that horror con I was working, someone anonymously sent me coffee, and it just now occurred to me that I probably shouldn’t have chugged it. I figured it was the shy dude who kept smiling at me and miraculously needing to use the garbage can by our booth every fifteen minutes, but it also could’ve been the dude who was just sitting in a chair and staring at me for an hour.

But I got two girls’ phone numbers (on accident, I swear), made two cool new taxidermy connections, got three job offers, and (lovingly) called one of my favourite sculptors a fuckface. So, hey.


Run streak day: 142

Miles for the year: 581.26

Omg it was soooooo got out there you guys, I rhoight I was going to melt! I got it done though and i feel pretty bad ass for it, it may not have been my fastest but I definetly feel like I gave it my all and thats all that matters!!!

Also I ordered my new phone yesterday so I may get it tomorrow, definetly by monday, so expect to see more from me in the coming days!!!!

Happy running everyone!!!!

I was indirectly tagged by the beautiful @pettedavis and I love oversharing so why not

Your last
1. drink: Coffee. What else is new lol
2. phone call: Technically a customer while I was at work. But outside of that, one of my best friends named MJ
3. text message: Group chat with my brothers since I treated them to lunch today
4. song you listened to: Avalanche by Walk the Moon (although lowkey the only song I listened to yesterday was Fourth of July by Fall Out Boy bc America)
5. time you cried: A couple of days ago because I got the flu and was so frustrated about it (and also was super anxious about missing my shift at work bc of it) 

Have you ever
6. dated someone twice: No
7. kissed someone and regretted it: Yeahhhhhhh
8. been cheated on: Not to my knowledge
9. lost someone special: My dad
10. been depressed: On and off. I don’t qualify for depression though
11. gotten drunk and thrown up: Once last Halloween. To be fair, my uni goes hard on Halloweekend

3 favourite colours: Maroon/Burgundy, Black, Military/Olive green

In the last year have you
15. made new friends: Yeah!
16. fallen out of love: No
17. laughed until you cried: Yes and sadly usually it’s at either memes or my own jokes
18. found out someone was talking about you: No… at least I don’t think so
19. met someone who changed you: “Honestly like not to be corny but literally everyone I meet changes something in me some way” <- keeping pette’s answer bc same
20. found out who your friends are: I grow to understand who I want to keep around throughout my relationships with people, so it’s not a “last year” revelation.
21. kissed someone on your Facebook list: Yep

22. how many of your Facebook friends do you know in real life: I know who 99.9% of them are. I’m actually friends with closer to maybe 40%
23. do you have any pets: A dog and I love him more than people
24. do you want to change your name: I debate going by my middle name sometimes if that counts
25. what did you do for your last birthday: My extended family came over for dinner and then I went to church. Gotta love having a holiday for a birthday.
26. what time did you wake up: 9:15am ish. I’m so tired. I stayed up til 4am watching Try Guy videos
27. what were you doing at midnight last night: Reading fanfiction I think 
28. name something you can’t wait for: My hypothetical future where I live in a hipster apartment in the city with my best friend Kate and I’m an independent woman who knows what she’s doing. But that’s more of a day dream than anything else 
29. when was the last time you saw your mom: Last night
31. what are you listening to right now: Shame by Adam Lambert
32. have you ever talked to a person named tom: Probably
33. something that is getting on your nerves: Nothing in particular
34. most visited website: Tumblr and AO3
35. hair colour: Dark brown with slightly lighter dark brown ends. I tried to ombre it, evidently it didn’t really show up.
36. long or short hair: Long. I had a pixie cut once.. not going back there.
37. do you have a crush on someone: I think some people are cute but that’s about it
38. what do you like about yourself: Eyeliner skills. But less superficially, I like how I accepting I am.
39. piercings: Doubles on my earlobes
40. blood type: A+
41.nickname: None that I use on a day to day basis
42. relationship status: Single
43. zodiac: Capricorn
44. pronouns: She/hers
45. favourite tv show: Sense8
47. right or left handed: Right
48. surgery: Do wisdom teeth count
49. sport: to watch? Boxing
50. vacation: I really want to go to Italy! But my favorite place that I have been to was El Nido, Palawan in the Philippines
51. pair of trainers: Does this mean shoes? Combat boots or black gladiator sandals during the summer

More General
53. eating: Nothing currently. I just came back from a Thai restaurant though
54. drinking: Also nothing
55. i’m about to: Take a nap or watch Netflix. Probably both.
56. waiting for: My paycheck
57. want: Financial stability :)
58. get married: Not anytime soon
59. career: Probably working with minorities. Specifically the LGBTQ+ community. I’m a psych major, so probably as a therapist or a humanitarian or something idk

Which is Better
60. hugs or kisses: Hugs. But lowkey both
61. lips or eyes: Eyes
62. shorter or taller: Taller (that’s not hard though bc I’m short)
63. older or younger: Older or the same age
64. nice arms or nice stomach: Arms 
65. hook up or relationship: Relationship. But also friendships
66. troublemaker or hesitant: Hesitant I guess? I love spontaneity, but I find comfort in routine

Have You Ever
67. kissed a stranger: Yes
68. drank hard liquor: Many
69. lost glasses/contact lenses: All the damn time
70. turned someone down: Yes
71. sex on the first date: No
72. broken someone’s heart: I hope I haven’t
73. had your heart broken: Yes
74. been arrested: Nope
75. cried when someone died: Yes
76. fallen for a friend: Yeah

77. yourself: Ish
78. miracles: Debatable
79. love at first sight: Attraction at first sight, but not love
80. santa claus: Nope
81. kiss on the first date: If it went well
82. angels: Who knows

83. current best friend’s name: Kate. I would literally follow her into the pits of hell and back (also scratched out current bc??? I’ve known this binch for almost 13 years she’s here to stay)
84. eye colour: Brown
85. favourite movie: Kingsman, Les Mis (2012), The Theory of Everything

This is a hella long questionnaire but I’m tagging @maebmad @returnofthemadking @sunny-day-sky @raventaire because I’m nosy and oversharing is fun

LJS for Ceci (June ‘16) - Part 4

Translation note: I <3 this interview, I <3 Ceci. This part is the best, surprising names appearing everywhere.

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3

* * * * *

Ceci: Do you still have a dream to own a cafe like before? What kind of cafe would you own?

JS: A cafe with no customers. A cafe with only me as a customer. A cafe with no customers, where I can chat with my friends like now.

Ceci: That reminds me of ‘My Lips Are Like Warm Coffee’. (T/N: Eddy Kim’s song, recently remade into a duet with Lee Sungkyung)

JS: I drink at least three cups of coffee a day.

Ceci: You used to be unable to drink alcohol, right? But you had the experience of drinking a lot at once.

JS: There was a time when I thought I became more accustomed to drinking but it turns out that alcohol is just not for me. I only drink some champagne when I am with people I’m close with.

Ceci: Like Lee Sungkyung who suddenly visited today, you seem to be closer with female friends, like Hyoyeon and Kang Sora.

JS: Conversations with female friends seem to be deeper and more realistic. Like if you asked a guy ‘how was that movie’, he would reply, ‘it was fun’ or ‘it was cool’ and that’s the end of that. But a woman would start talking about ‘why that scene was acted that way?’ or ‘I particularly like that line’ so the conversation can continue.

Ceci: How did you become friends with Lee Sungkyung?

JS: From model era, we’ve been friends for around 10 years now. We weren’t close back then because Sungkyung is a good girl who goes home once the sun sets. I remember thinking that she was a person with a beautiful soul. When she started working as an actor, we became closer.

Ceci: There are a lot of dramas airing in the latter part of the year. Would like to make a declaration of ambition?

JS: It’s great that there’s going to be more good dramas to watch. Actually, before I decided on a project, (Kim) Woobin had asked me to do a cameo for his drama. I was going to do it but then had to tell him, “I’m sorry but our dramas are going against each other”. Casting is really one of the main points to attract people to watch the first episode, so as a drama fanatic, the combo of ‘Kim Woobin and Suzy’ is a must-watch. I always watch the dramas acted by actors our age, since I want to catch all those scenes that are especially pretty because we are at this age.

Ceci: It would be lovely if ‘Lee Jongsuk and Kim Woobin’ can become another ‘Jung Woosung and Lee Jungjae’ and continue for a long time.

JS: Woobin is the only same-age friend who has come with me from the model era so we became close, then we acted in ‘School 2013′ together. Among male actors, he’s the only one I keep in contact with. When returning to Korea, we announce our arrival to each other first. Whenever there’s news, we contact each other first. I think that this can be called good fortune.

Ceci: You also said that you like Lee Minho-sunbae just now, right?

JS: I didn’t used to have contact with Lee Minho-sunbae but when I was frustrated about choosing a new agency, he gave me a call. He also went through the same process so he understands that feeling of being emotionally exhausted no matter how you choose. He said, “If you need any advice, we can meet up.” I am really appreciative and thankful for his sincerity.

Ceci: You decided yesterday that you would sign with YG Entertainment. May I ask why?

JS: I had no idea how so many people got my private phone number, but many of them called and gave me various advice. When I returned to Korea, I was thinking about a place which could afford me a stable environment to focus on reading scripts. 

At that time, CEO Yang Hyun Suk gave me a call and directly asked, “What can I help you with?” So I said, “Allow me to only focus on acting.” Although a lot of people offered various terms and conditions, he was the only one to ask what he could do for me.

Ceci: When deciding your agency, was your role model Kang Dongwon a deciding factor?

JS: The fact that sunbae had chosen this company also gave me a sense of security, I guess. I always read the interviews of Cha Seungwon-sunbaenim and Kang Dongwon-sunbaenim. For me, the words of these people who had walked this path before me serves as good guides for my life.

Ceci: Do you read your own interviews?

JS: I read every single one. I may have low self-esteem but I also have a lot of love for myself. (laughs)

Ceci: One last message for the fans?

JS: I think this is first time I’ve made everyone wait this long. Since you’ve waited so long, I’ll try my best to make it worthwhile with quality acting. (ending the interview in a Macho Guy way)


Last October I drew a picture everyday to people I appreciate here on Tumblr and have thought about doing so this July as well. Btw, just have to apologize to the people who got an art back in October, just know you’re still awesome, but just want to be fair and give to new ppl this time… 😶

This day’s art goes out to @myrobotlandlord, a great person and also a great painter!! *whispers; seriously, check out their art if you haven’t!* ALSOOOOO… YESTERDAY EVENING I RECEIVED THIS REALLY CUTE KEYCHAIN I ORDERED FROM THEM, AHHH!! 



Hormones: Day 270; August 19th, 2014

Month 9, Week 39

So last night when I got home I was so drunk I passed out before I could even eat my food or put my phone on a charger. Like I got WRECKED.

Also, if you hadn’t noticed from the pictures, I got a new bra yesterday. My best friend lessamao was with me and insisted that I get sized because it would change my life, and apparently I’m actually a 38B? Like that really surprised me.

While we were out she also helped me put together my work outfit for Renfest. I’m gonna end up looking like a busty tavern wench and I’m really excited about it.


So I just got a call from a principal of a job that I applied to YESTERDAY! It would either be for a ½ blend or a straight 2nd grade! She isn’t setting up interviews yet, this was like a preinterview. But we were on the phone for 23 minutes!

I’m hoping to get a call to set up an interview for next week.
Also, if I got the job, I would still get to live with my freshman roommate!!! So no extra house hunting!! :)

I was tagged by monkeybrainmama to post the last picture on my phone.

It’s an outtake from yesterday’s photo shoot, the obligatory I’m-over-this-now picture.

She had a great day at school yesterday–evidenced by her deep disappointment at not going again today–though the only story I got was how Grandma put tinkerbell bandaids on her because of her new shoes.

Oh, and also that she didn’t like having to stay still at nap time.

She was suddenly 100% done with naps a week or so ago. It hasn’t been as bad as I’d thought. Actually, I’ve kinda liked not having to rush out in the morning and rush back because of the nap schedule. It’s a whole new world.

Sorry for the ear worm!

PS–I love this little dress. Anyone with sewing skills want to make me a vixen dress too? I need one in my wardrobe.

News! And GOOD NEWS!

Hello, friends!

Sorry for being quiet! I am currently trucking through water color commissions and designing some new prints for my next con! The corgi plush is nearly done with production and the company is sending me the prototype to see if I want any more adjusting. I am also creating my first video for my patrons!

That’s not all! I got off the phone with an animation studio yesterday since I will be doing character design for their next featured animated film! It will be in theaters soon! I am so excited since this is my first feature film credit!

That gig will keep me very busy so I apologize if I am quiet for a bit! :)

So the other day this dude messages me on linkedin and asks if I’m looking for a job.  It sounded like a cool place to work for but totally in the opposite direction of where I wanted to be looking for jobs.  I figured, what the heck and I talked to him anyways.  We exchanged a few messages, and then talked on the phone.  I was still very torn about how good the job sounded and how shitty the commute was going to be.  It became very apparent to me that I could learn a lot working at this place and he was willing to teach a lot of stuff I didn’t know.  So I agreed to come out to his office yesterday and meet with him.  We spent 2 hours talking and going over my qualifications and what I knew and didn’t know.  He also got his senior engineer on the phone to talk to me and make sure I’d be a good fit.

I really didn’t go out there thinking I was going to get a job.  They seemed pretty impressed with me.  He ended up offering me the position on the spot and I accepted, for a lot more money than I’m making now.  So in 2 weeks, I’ll be starting my new job.  At a place that doesn’t know I’m trans, making more money than I ever have before, with the opportunity to learn all of the technologies I have never been able to get any experience in before.

This year started off pretty good but slowly turned to crap because of my knee surgery.  I thought this was going to be one of the worst years of my life, but it turned out to be pretty great.  I guess life owed me something good after that surgery lol