also i got a new phone yesterday

Yesterday, at that horror con I was working, someone anonymously sent me coffee, and it just now occurred to me that I probably shouldn’t have chugged it. I figured it was the shy dude who kept smiling at me and miraculously needing to use the garbage can by our booth every fifteen minutes, but it also could’ve been the dude who was just sitting in a chair and staring at me for an hour.

But I got two girls’ phone numbers (on accident, I swear), made two cool new taxidermy connections, got three job offers, and (lovingly) called one of my favourite sculptors a fuckface. So, hey.

Jay x Evie || About time

requested; prompt #77. “ Those things you said yesterday…did you mean them?” + Jayvie

a/b; hi ❤ I hope you’re happy with how this turned out, I tried my best. Also sorry if there are any grammatical errors, I’m writing on my phone ( and I’ve already wrote three one-shots today aye ) , anyways: enjoy !

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It was a almost two in the morning when Evie heard her phone buzzing, signaling her that she got a new message.

Quickly, to avoid waking up Mal, she opened the text, her eyes still half closed. If Evie hated one thing, was to have her beauty sleep interrupted.

The message was from Jay, he wrote only one word: “ red ”, that was their code if something bad happened. The blue haired girl couldn’t think at any bad situations that happened the previous day, but without hesitating she got up from her bed and made her way towards the door.

Quietly, Evie left the room and walked in the direction of Jay’s room; She knocked three times , made a short pause, then knocked once more - her special signature, while waiting for Jay to open the door.

The former thief, heard the knocking and went to open the door, so Evie could get in. As soon as he saw Evie’s figure, he wrapped his muscular arms around her body, “ That bad, huh?” Evie wishpered, putting her hands around Jay’s neck.

Evie closed the door with her leg, then she pulled away from Jay, taking his hand and motioning for him to go lay on the bed; the boy did as told and sat on the bed, while Evie went to the mini-bar he and Carlos had in their room and grabbed some chocolate.

“ Where’s Carlos?” Evie asked as she noticed the missing boy from the room, “ With Jane, ” was all that Jay replied.

Evie nodded slowly, jumping on the bed near Jay, handing him the chocolate and letting the boy lay his head on her lap.

In these situation, she would let Jay to calm down and after that, only if he wanted, he’d tell her what actually happened. Evie understood that he wasn’t the one to share his feelings , so she didn’t persuaded him.

“ Most of the time, I’m the one cheering you up, E,” Jay smiled sadly

“ There’s a beginning for everything, isn’t it ?” she chuckled, Evie wasn’t the expertise about how to make people feel better, but she always tried her best.

“ Honestly, I’m not the best at cheering people up, but I’ll always try my best for you, J,” she smiled, “ Remember when we were kids ?” she asked

Eating the last bite of the chocolate, Jay nodded, how could he ever forget his childhood? It wasn’t exactly a dream.

“ There was this one day, when mother let me go with you on a trip. It was the first and last time,” she laughed remembering the things that happened in that day, “ you made me go fishing, even though you hated it,” this time Jay laughed, he remembered how he only wanted to impress her with something new.

“ I know you only wanted to impress me, I appreciate that,” Evie laughed, “Even if that day you almost drowned?” Jay asked, almost half-asleep now.

Evie remembered how she fell into the cold water, ruining her clothes and make-up and hair, later that day her mother yelling at her and grounding Evie, “ You saved me,” was her reply.

And it was true, Jay jumped right after her, pulling her out and after that trying to cheer her up.

“ I remember how for two weeks after that you kept coming at the castle and bringing me small gifts you stole,” Evie smiled, Jay was her first true friend, even before Mal or Carlos, he just was always there for her.

Evie looked down at Jay, he was almost sleeping, so the girl thought it was safe to kiss his forehead saying, “ Ever since that day you kept always saving me, Jay, even when I didn’t need saving, that’s why I love you,” she wishpered, moving Jay on the pillow near her, so she could lay besides him.

Evie was fast asleep, not hearing when Jay mumbled, “ I always loved you too, E. ”

- The next morning Jay was the first one to wake up, he yawned opening his eyes. He noticed the blue locks spilled all around his pillow, seeing Evie sleeping peacefully in his arms.

He smiled, a fragment of the last night appearing in his memory; a pair of soft lips kissing his forehead, then a calm voice whispering a phrase, the only three words he heard were the last, the three words he never heard before, ‘I love you’ ; was that real? Did Evie said that? Jay wasn’t sure.

He wanted to believe that he didn’t dream that, because for sure he loved her. He always loved her and now, he decided the wait has to come to an end, “ Evie, wake up,” he said kissing her cheek.

Evie’s eyes opened widely at the feeling of warm lips pressed on her skin, “ Jay?”

“ Those things you said last night…did you mean them?” Jay asked, not even thinking.

Evie pulled away from his embrace, now looking into his eyes. He knew and she was so scared he didn’t feel the same, “ What t-things?”

Jay sighed, pulling her back into his arms, “ The last thing you said before you fell asleep. You said you love me. Did you mean that?”

Evie giggled awkwardly, “ Now it’s out , I guess. ”

“ I’m glad, ” Jay smirked, “ because I love you too, E. I always did. ”

The next thing they knew it was that the door was opened by Carlos who held Dude in his arms. The boy looked shocked for a moment, then a grin appeared on his face, “ About time you two get together. ”


Sweet Paradise! 

(also 3 days till V3! @ndrv3countdown with the “other series crossover” being used unintentionally) 

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Let’s review

In the past month:

Investigated for having a dirty house (we hired help. The house is clean!)

Wife had a stroke; hasn’t returned to work; many medical tests

I spent four days in the hospital for no reason; still on oxygen

Jujubee had traumatic relative visits.

…investigations just called to make a follow up appointment for next week? And asked for the GAL on Lenny’s case (lenny was the only one of my kids’ names this person had?), and the phone number of our house cleaner? What? It’s not a new report, just following up on the old one. Great.

This is bullshit. (Our licensing worker was at our house yesterday for her quarterly check in and heaped praise on us. Foster care, you never stop being a complete mindfuck.) (edit: wife is ready to be like fuck you take em if this is how you’re wasting everyone’s time, which is understandable but I talked her off that particular ledge.) (ALSO yesterday got a phone call about doing fingerprints to transition to being an adoptive placement! Fuck you all!)


A/N: Good news, I have officially handed in all my school assignments and my winterbreak is beginning! That means, starting tomorrow, I can finally work on all the requests I got. Sorry for keeping you waiting. If you have any requests don’t hesitate to send them in, I got the time now :)
Also I’m so thankful but also a bit overwhelmed and stressed by all the new followers I gained. Hopefully I won’t dissapoint you!

Sam Wilson… He was a rock and the most caring person you knew.
The days right before Christmas terrible and stressful. You had been working so much lately that Sam had pressured you to take a two week holiday starting yesterday… Well it was supossed to start yesterday, right now you were on the phone with one of your co-workers. They called you out of bed, you had to worm yourself carefully from Sams arms not to wakr him up. Somehow they managed to screw up what you had left so carefully behind. “What do you mean you lost it?” You hissed through the phone.

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LJS for Ceci (June ‘16) - Part 4

Translation note: I <3 this interview, I <3 Ceci. This part is the best, surprising names appearing everywhere.

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3

* * * * *

Ceci: Do you still have a dream to own a cafe like before? What kind of cafe would you own?

JS: A cafe with no customers. A cafe with only me as a customer. A cafe with no customers, where I can chat with my friends like now.

Ceci: That reminds me of ‘My Lips Are Like Warm Coffee’. (T/N: Eddy Kim’s song, recently remade into a duet with Lee Sungkyung)

JS: I drink at least three cups of coffee a day.

Ceci: You used to be unable to drink alcohol, right? But you had the experience of drinking a lot at once.

JS: There was a time when I thought I became more accustomed to drinking but it turns out that alcohol is just not for me. I only drink some champagne when I am with people I’m close with.

Ceci: Like Lee Sungkyung who suddenly visited today, you seem to be closer with female friends, like Hyoyeon and Kang Sora.

JS: Conversations with female friends seem to be deeper and more realistic. Like if you asked a guy ‘how was that movie’, he would reply, ‘it was fun’ or ‘it was cool’ and that’s the end of that. But a woman would start talking about ‘why that scene was acted that way?’ or ‘I particularly like that line’ so the conversation can continue.

Ceci: How did you become friends with Lee Sungkyung?

JS: From model era, we’ve been friends for around 10 years now. We weren’t close back then because Sungkyung is a good girl who goes home once the sun sets. I remember thinking that she was a person with a beautiful soul. When she started working as an actor, we became closer.

Ceci: There are a lot of dramas airing in the latter part of the year. Would like to make a declaration of ambition?

JS: It’s great that there’s going to be more good dramas to watch. Actually, before I decided on a project, (Kim) Woobin had asked me to do a cameo for his drama. I was going to do it but then had to tell him, “I’m sorry but our dramas are going against each other”. Casting is really one of the main points to attract people to watch the first episode, so as a drama fanatic, the combo of ‘Kim Woobin and Suzy’ is a must-watch. I always watch the dramas acted by actors our age, since I want to catch all those scenes that are especially pretty because we are at this age.

Ceci: It would be lovely if ‘Lee Jongsuk and Kim Woobin’ can become another ‘Jung Woosung and Lee Jungjae’ and continue for a long time.

JS: Woobin is the only same-age friend who has come with me from the model era so we became close, then we acted in ‘School 2013′ together. Among male actors, he’s the only one I keep in contact with. When returning to Korea, we announce our arrival to each other first. Whenever there’s news, we contact each other first. I think that this can be called good fortune.

Ceci: You also said that you like Lee Minho-sunbae just now, right?

JS: I didn’t used to have contact with Lee Minho-sunbae but when I was frustrated about choosing a new agency, he gave me a call. He also went through the same process so he understands that feeling of being emotionally exhausted no matter how you choose. He said, “If you need any advice, we can meet up.” I am really appreciative and thankful for his sincerity.

Ceci: You decided yesterday that you would sign with YG Entertainment. May I ask why?

JS: I had no idea how so many people got my private phone number, but many of them called and gave me various advice. When I returned to Korea, I was thinking about a place which could afford me a stable environment to focus on reading scripts. 

At that time, CEO Yang Hyun Suk gave me a call and directly asked, “What can I help you with?” So I said, “Allow me to only focus on acting.” Although a lot of people offered various terms and conditions, he was the only one to ask what he could do for me.

Ceci: When deciding your agency, was your role model Kang Dongwon a deciding factor?

JS: The fact that sunbae had chosen this company also gave me a sense of security, I guess. I always read the interviews of Cha Seungwon-sunbaenim and Kang Dongwon-sunbaenim. For me, the words of these people who had walked this path before me serves as good guides for my life.

Ceci: Do you read your own interviews?

JS: I read every single one. I may have low self-esteem but I also have a lot of love for myself. (laughs)

Ceci: One last message for the fans?

JS: I think this is first time I’ve made everyone wait this long. Since you’ve waited so long, I’ll try my best to make it worthwhile with quality acting. (ending the interview in a Macho Guy way)


We got our phones turned back on yesterday, but we still do not have Wi-Fi until (maybe) Monday. So I am able to use data; however, as with any carrier, the high-speed (4G) is limited, and after the 10GB of high-speed is used, I will be reduced to 2G.

Also, I am currently battling a new strain of flu and just broke a 102° fever earlier this morning.

That being said, I may not be as active as I normally would until: one, I am feeling better; and two, I have Wi-Fi back so I don’t have to keep an eye on my data usage. Anything that will be posted will more than likely just be put in the queue instead of posted right then.

Thank you all so much for being patient with me.


RinMaki, KotoUmi, NozoEli, NicoPana, TsubaHono, lily freakin white

Umi and Rin almost bump into each other in front of the club room’s door, both holding their phones in their hands with terribly worried faces. Apparently, they both just received a message from Nozomi saying that there’s an emergency for the three of them and they need to talk about it in the club room a-s-a-p.

“What do you think is this lily white emergency, Umi-chan?” Rin asks with a slight pout, still panting from her hurried steps. “Are we in trouble, nya?”

“I really have no idea, honestly,” Umi shrugs. She hesitantly grabs the doorknob with a shaky hand. “L-Let’s go in?”


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💕🌸💫 recently - ✨

- saw a pretty red cardinal perched on a tree branch covered in a white glittery blanket of snow <33 

- I got a new NYX lipgloss in the shade pearl beige - I love their lip glosses because they’re adorned with a cute little bow 🎀

- I visited my Nonna yesterday - she’s too cute because she always is wearing a sparkly sweater and her bedside table is filled with Italian sweets and lovely cards 💕 I already miss my Nonna I just love her so :’(     ♡

- my Forever21 package came in the mail ♡ I got some lovely new crop tops & pretty pink bow ear phones as well as a baby pink fuzzy coin purse ♡

♡ also got some strawberry creme biscuits for my nighttime tea <33 ♡

- watching the New Years Twilight Zone marathon on Syfy ♡

Mia is coming over to sleepover tonight and we are exchanging gifts and I get to celebrate the new year with my best friend ♡ some family is also coming by and I can’t wait for champagne and potato chips to be like “the girl” in The Seven Year Itch film ♡


Heads Up

(( Hey there everyone. Guess who came home yesterday from New York? My brother! Who is also feeling very down about all the he’s left behind.

Last night I promised him that we’d hangout tonight to help him cheer up. With that in mind though I’m not going to be online tonight. I’ll still have my phone on me to look out for messages and replies. I have drafts saved here for @lawless-beelzebub and on my LoZ blog for @wild-champion and I’ve got a starter ready here for @sugarrushwrecker . I’ll post them all as soon as I’m online tomorrow night.

Tonight though, my not so little anymore brother needs his older sister. I hope you all understand and I’ll see you all tomorrow! Nighty! :) ))

News! And GOOD NEWS!

Hello, friends!

Sorry for being quiet! I am currently trucking through water color commissions and designing some new prints for my next con! The corgi plush is nearly done with production and the company is sending me the prototype to see if I want any more adjusting. I am also creating my first video for my patrons!

That’s not all! I got off the phone with an animation studio yesterday since I will be doing character design for their next featured animated film! It will be in theaters soon! I am so excited since this is my first feature film credit!

That gig will keep me very busy so I apologize if I am quiet for a bit! :)