also i get the emma and sq feels hard when i watch this

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ive been watching your scenes to rewatch and ive been crying at literally all of them. out of curoisity, what are your favourite ouat scenes? either sq or general? also side note, i love your latest fic, such an interesting premise. i get so scared every time someone says an order and emmas forced to comply, that scene with the trolls had me on edge. and the fact that cora must suspect something about emma now - im so scared but excited ahah :D have a nice day :)

OH I super dropped the ball on those omg, i have so many others!! but i haven’t been able to rewatch in a long time, it hard 😩

of course i LOVE almost every swan queen scene!! it’s hard for me to pick favorites because nearly every one pings something else inside me omfg. I don’t think there’s a single sq scene I couldn’t write an essay about WHOOPS. so lemme try to answer this with just some of my favorite non-sq scenes 😅

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Why Dorothy?

Previous parts: Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI Part VII Part VIII

I wrote this months ago, just never posted it. Tweaked it a little. Here goes:

So I was thinking about why the LGBT couple had to be Ruby/Dorothy. Why not Mulan? Why not Aurora? Or any other character for that matter. So, remember I write these metas assuming the best in A&E, so I’m taking for granted that a) Swan Queen is coming and this is just the starter couple, b) that Disney had nothing to do with not making Mulan ½ of the couple and c) that A&E and the rest of the writers simply aren’t just racist. (I have to assume all of this for my sanity and ability to keep watching this show). So I thought about why these two characters should come before SQ and prepare the way for them, so to speak, and I came up with this- Ruby and Dorothy symbolize thematically what SQ’s union does for Emma and Regina as individuals, so that the GA can start to pick up on signs of SQ. Dorothy symbolizes home/family. Regina is at home when she’s with Emma and vice versa. Ruby symbolizes a woman’s inner wolf natureEmma is most in touch with who she really is when she is with Regina and vice versa. 

“Healthy wolves and healthy women share certain psychic characteristics: keen sensing, playful spirit, and a heightened capacity for devotion. Wolves and women are relational by nature, injuring, possessed of great endurance and strength. They are deeply intuitive, intensely concerned with their young, their mates, and their pack. They are experienced in adapting to constantly changing circumstances; they are fiercely stalwart and very braveThey know instinctively when things must die and when things must live; they know how to walk away, they know how to stay.” 

OUAT is about Emma getting in touch with her wolf nature, so it’s basically about her learning to trust her intuition (again because she did at first and then lost it due to Snow and Hook), to find her mate and her family, and to learn how to be a good mother to Henry. And Regina brings out all of the wolf characteristics in Emma. Around Regina, Emma is “deeply intuitive”:

intensely concerned about Henry (Regina pushed Emma to be responsible and a better mother):

(thanks @anothershadeofgreen )

and recently Regina has sent Emma signs that it’s time to let Hook go/CS die:

That’s the Ruby of it all. But why Dorothy? Chapter 9 of Women Who Run With the Wolves, “Homing: Returning to OneSelf”explains perfectly why Dorothy.

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Swanqueen is canon.

This made me want it. At first i just thought it was over the top tv drama and their dynamic was still fresh and we really didn’t have a good grasp of the characters yet. but i felt this moment like a lightning bolt of possibilities. i knew because of the characters being attractive and oddly connected that at the very least the fans would be like, “I would totally watch these two gettin it on.”

This seemed like a mind game, Regina being polite and wanting her gone, but oddly interested in who she was and how she came to be in storybrooke. I Still wasn’t convinced that anything was going to come out of this, again, still in the discovery stage, but still wondering if she was thinking about apple cider + the taste of Emma’s lips. Those first looks were quite suggestive.

And then omfg, I mean right? By episode 2, I was full on shipping this and it was officially fueling exactly all of my sexual fantasies. This is, and always will be an obscene amount of eyesex. Regina just fires this fuck me now, right here in the grass look, and I actually killed the dvr because of it.

But this? this made me believe. THIS, is canon. forever in my heart. I totally thought she was going to kiss her, and it totally looked like Emma wanted her to. And when they didn’t my body genuinely ached. I felt the disappointment of this unrequited yearning for days.

And shit, because even though there was sinister intent, there was yet another look of staggeringly intense eyesex and if you only saw this gif without the context of the scene you would absolutely think they desperately wanted to rip each others clothes off, even in watching the context of the scene Emma didn’t know how to react to Regina seemingly being nice to her. So she pretty much just acts likes everyone does when standing in front of their crush not knowing what to say.

And after waiting for season 2 to start, this happened almost immediately, and I was shocked because of all the people to defend her, of all the people Regina cursed, Emma really did get the shit end of that stick. Yet, here she is, the only one willing to defend her when the angry mob shows up at her door.

And god dammit now they trust each other? “she’s not dying” and my poor shipper heart is just melting at every god damn scene at this point.

Oh and when she has the opportunity to rid herself of Snow White and the savior, she doesn’t, because she loves Henry, you know the kid, Emma’s son? Yeah totally loves the shit out of him and doesn’t want him to loose Emma. I.e. Emma is important to her.

And then the save youselve’s scene, I will stay behind and sacrifice my life and Emma calls bullshit and they make magic together, which honestly was kinda cooler than the idea of them making out, can you feel the sparks between them? I mean this scene was a literal slap in the face to that old saying. And the look they give each other when they think they both might die. God dammit because now every god damn thing is swanqueen and it hurts.


And because this is a family that loves each other, for better or worse they have excepted each others flaws and learned to work together. And the Swan Mills hug made my heart melt.

Saddest moment in human history. everyone cried. every single person in the world, some, for seemingly no reason, felt an epic sadness when this moment happened. If only those poor souls knew what was happening.

son of b*^*#@% these looks just kill me and now its more than just wanting them to hump and paying actual money to see that, i just want them to admit they love each other and maybe passionately kiss for a few seconds. Thats it and i will just die.

then of course the look she gets when she thinks she accidentally killed her. Also a great hair porn moment but there is pain in her eyes and it almost killed me to watch it unfold.

Then dammit, because we were so close, and then this shit happens over a beard who as it turns out, treats her like shit, and Emma is just busted up over it. Her promise, her family, is broken and if she could just explain, they could work it out. Although her heart was broken and i hated to see Regina sad, a part of me jumped out of my skin and was like YES! one beard down, one to go, Viva La Swanqueen bitches!

At this point in the series i started to question why this keeps happening to me, I’m a good person, i work hard, i pay my taxes, i don’t deserve this kind of torture, yet another god damn look that is just a punch in the heart to all the loyal swen fandom. I apologize for this, someone should.

Maybe I need you? Maybe I need a lobotomy at this point, I need this or that, but Regina just gay faced told Emma she needs her and i need to lie down. followed up by the “you’re better than this” scene and uggghhh i need a drink.

women after my own heart.

But this, this fucking killed me. I’ve been sitting around waiting for months trying to figure out how Regina will save Emma. Envisioning her in multiple scenarios from summoning Emma, to bickering with the stupid beards about how she will never give up on her, so… I guess the point of this epic post is this…

Dear OUAT staff, If Swanqueen isn’t endgame, be prepared for the label of “THE WORSE ENDING TO A SERIES EVER.” Because after this roller coaster of a relationship so far, for these two and their son to not end up together as a family, for these two amazing women to not end up as a couple, will be the biggest folly in television writing ever. Every single episode since 1x1 has been the makings for the most incredible love story I have ever seen. And if so, kudos and thank you, for letting me and swen and the ouat fandoms be a part of it, for creating it, for being the reason I found a home in a fandom. The reason I started writing again, *actually tearing up. And if not, then it was just another tv show. #This could be history in the making.

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A&E wouldve made the show so much better if they made Emma stay with August or Neal (being if they REALLY needed her to be in a hetero relationship) hook's personality is 0. I remember when he was first introduced i was very attracted to him but his personality made him so ugly. August on the other hand was starting to have some character development and Neal never treated Emma like a piece of meat. but no lets have Emma date the gross sticky guy right ... eugh

I am most certainly going to go meta on this ask, sorry. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I admit to having felt attracted to Hook when he first appeared, but as soon as he opened his mouth, that was a big turn off for me. He’s so narcissistic and misogynist, I don’t understand how anyone can look passed that and ignore it because of his pretty face. It’s quite shallow. 

Before opening my eyes to Swan Queen, I was rooting for August and Emma because Neal had been too cowardly and I hated that he let Emma take the blame for his crime. And I thought August really wanted to make it up to Emma because he’d failed her — although I don’t consider he failed her, because who in their sane mind would blame a 7-8 year old (Pinocchio) for not looking after a newborn? — but then they had to turn him back into a kid and that made me SO uncomfortable. That was the most disturbing OUAT twist for me EVER.

But as Neal acknowledged his mistakes and tried to get to know Henry, I thought they would surely be the endgame — obviously after some heavy SwanFire angst. I imagined Emma would be dating Hook during the meantime to keep the messy love triangle and interest alive. But then they went and killed Neal — for real — and I couldn’t believe the writers had taken the easy way out to make C$ happen. Because if Neal were still alive, I find it nearly impossible to picture Emma with anyone else but him — not unless it were Regina, but it would still be very hard to make it work with her, because the angst in both relations (SQ and SF) would compete so strongly, it would provide OUAT with a very painful and polarizing ending. And when you want a modern take on fairytales, having a polarizing ending might not be the best; not unless it’s for the shock factor. For something that makes history; a breakthrough.

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Henry Has Two Moms and other stuff I'm thinking about.

Swan Queen is more than a ship, it’s a movement. We’ve been saying this since the idea of Emma ‘Swan’ and the Evil 'Queen’ came onto our television screens not long after a fun (disturbing) film about a ballet dancer and her slightly over-enthused mother (played by Hershey and how loudly did we squeee about the subsequent OUaT casting choice on THAT little matter) and also not long after we all sort of sat down and said…

…well, Henry does have two moms…they look at each other like they want to rip each other’s silk shirts to shreds and at the end of the day, HENRY HAS TWO MOMS and that ain’t no joke. And if Swan Queen isn’t endgame? They’ll have made a joke of same-sex headed families. It isn’t a joke, not when studies show how healthy female headed households are. Not when same-sex couples are fighting so hard for their rights, not when women are still paid less than men, not when gender is still at the absolute centre of the Euro-Western colonial system, leaving anybody outside of the gender binary in such a vulnerable and dangerous place while also letting us know that yes, people outside of the binaries of gender and sexuality are also speaking to the heart of an oppressive system while re-creating a new world, based on new stories (or old ones depending on your history) and new visioning for the world we live in. (and btw, LOL, because HENRY HAS TWO MOMS isn’t about divorced cis gender men attacking me on a message board by saying 'I hate my ex wife and Emma deserves Captain Hook therefore’ bc WTF the two things don’t have anything to do with one another???) HENRY HAS TWO MOMS cannot end in any way other than for Emma and Regina to be together, as co-parents and yes, that includes a deep, loving relationship with one another because at the end of the day, THAT IS THE STORY THAT #OUAT IS TELLING US and has been since the pilot episode. I’m shouting bc I feel like I’m Mugatu shouting about Zoolander a LOT these days. I’m not shouting out of anger. Just imagine a person in a very wooly sweater with a small dog shouting 'They’re all the same look!!!!’ I will not stop making this joke. 

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Kindred Spirits

You know, I find it very interesting that the Queen practically brought up her marriage.

In my mind it makes me immediately connect Emma’s situation to Regina’s all those years ago.

The angry way the Queen said “I want to make sure you learn the truth about dear old dad to-be.”

In her own marriage we already know that Regina shielded Snow from at least a few of the ugly truths of their lives together and how it came about, like that Daniel died, how and why.

And it didn’t do her any favors. Or Snow, because bottling it all up and trying to deal with it on her own is what made her the Evil Queen. Turned simple anger at the circumstances of her life into resentment towards Snow and a manhunt.

Now Emma has chosen this life with Hook. But she doesn’t trust him enough to share her deepest fears with him. She was dealing with it all on her own until her parents suggested she go to Archie which wasn’t much help. The one person, her partner, who should have been the one helping her through it, wasn’t because she didn’t trust him enough to be that vulnerable with him. And the fact that she was hiding it and trying to deal with it on her own could have been the very thing that got her killed. That is a problem. Or problem is the wrong word, but it says something about their relationship.

Regina was forced into the role of instant wife and mother decades ago, one she wasn’t ready for at the time, and certainly didn’t want opposite Leopold and Snow. She wasn’t happy. Neither was Snow, wanting Regina as a mother only to get the Evil Queen instead.

Now Emma is playing the role of perfect savior girlfriend and mother opposite Hook and Henry. But she’s not happy. Henry isn’t happy.

The difference is that Regina didn’t have a choice. Emma does. It might be a hard one to make, but she has one.

And I feel like the Queen is watching this situation and trying to keep history from repeating itself with Emma in her role and Henry in Snow’s. Confronting Henry with the truth instead of hiding it like she did with Snow.  It’s almost like karma, Emma going through a similar version of what her grandfather, Leopold, put Regina through. Only, Regina would never want that for Emma. Of all people, not Emma.

And it makes me wonder if or rather when they will address Regina’s marriage to Leopold in more detail.

Because I feel like a big part of the reason the Queen is also helping Emma is because she didn’t get help when she was in a similar situation and needed it. No one was looking out for her well-being. They just acted as if everything was fine and she was crazy for being unhappy. So it’s not surprising that she recognizes a kindred spirit in Emma-someone who feels trapped in a fate- and wants to help. It’s not surprising that this “family” more than anything so far makes her angry.

It also makes me cross my fingers for more flashbacks of growing Snow not noticing Regina’s unhappiness with Leopold and the Queen yelling at Snow in the present for being blind for not noticing her daughter’s unhappiness just as she didn’t notice hers. That she may have been 10 back then but now she’s not. And telling her to get her shit together and be there for her daughter in a real capacity. 

I’m hoping that’s why Emma and Snow haven’t had any real, deep, honest, getting to the heart of the issues mother-daughter scenes lately. The ones they have had like the one about Emma “lying to” Hook, seem to be dealing with the wrong issues or focused on the wrong people, like how Hook will feel about being lied to, instead of how Emma feels in general. And involve Snow being a hypocrite.

How to make SQ canon (or: How to convince my mother)

Okay this will probably get long, but whatever…

I know that we all know why we love SQ. We all see the chemistry, we all see their big and meaningful love gestures… but we have to keep in mind that, obviously, a lot of people don’t. I know that many many hetero people ship SQ (because they’re smart!) but I think a lot of hetero people dont see the gay unless its thrown right into their faces (and even then some of them don’t).

Let’s take my mom for example. She’s a passionate OUAT fan and she has a gay daughter (right, thats me) who she really loves and fully accepts. She supports me and my gf and shes all for gay rights and what not… My mom, however, did not even *get* the Mulan scene. She thought the person Mulan was talking about was Phillip… because to her, even though she is confronted with lesbians every day, just doesnt have it in her system, you know? 

My mom doesnt even like Hook or Robin. She constantly says stuff like “Hook is such an idiot, he’s not good enough for Emma. Look at that, Regina has to do all the work again. Leave it to her to save Emma and the rest of the town” aso aso… Would my mother EVER get the idea that Emma and Regina could make a perfect couple? NOPE. Never. Maybe if they suddenly made out in front of her screen, but even then shed be like “OMG HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?”… so yes, in order to make SQ canon, they will have to adress the “general audience” (i.e. my mom) and make it absolutely clear that they are falling in love with each other. So unless they do that (which I hope they will), I dont have much hope that it actually happens.

I was thinking about what would have to happen in order for me to flip out and realize that it IS going to happen. Like, you know, when you come up with scenarios in your head and imagine they are actually happening on your screen… I am of course thankful for any SQ moment, and any SQ moment gives me SOME hope, but in order to make the majority “buy” this ship, they have to make it more clear…

Imagine them spending lots of lots of time together on screen… Like, Emma is sitting outside of Camelot, sad, lost in thought, the Dark One whispering things to her that are so hard to ignore.. she’s had an argument with Hook because he was too pushy again or whatever and she just needs some quiet… and then Regina comes by and they talk and Emma is like “I think youre the only one who understands me… thank you… for being here… for everything… please promise me youll always take good care of Henry, no matter what happens”… and Regina will be like “Of course I will… but I will also make sure that he has his two mothers by his side forever”… and then Emma, like, leans on Reginas shoulder and shes kissing her hair…. and sure, 20% of the audience (including my mom) might still be like “aww look at them, they are such cute besties”, but the other 80% will be like “holy shit are they really going there? fuck yes they are” (which can obvsly be said in a very happy or very desperate way, depending on what you ship ;)).

They will keep having meaningful moments and then, at some point, there will be a moment in which we all KNOW thats its going to happen… sth like Emma talking about her sexuality… because as we already established, some people need this shit to be rubbed into their faces u know? Because many people (like, again, my mom) think theres straight and theres gay and nothing in between. My mom, for instance, would never even consider that a character (or real person for that matter) could be bisexual. She probably knows it exists, but its nothing shes ever been in touch with, so yes, this would need some explanation, if you know what im saying. A moment, for example, in which Emma is, for instance, interacting with another LGBT character that they have introduced and tells him or her that she is bi herself… or a moment in which she talks about a former gf… and seriously, folks. Just imagine it. Imagine youre sitting in front of your tv or laptop or wherever the fuck you watch this goddamn show, IMAGINE that there will be actual PROOF that Emma was bi. (it could also be Regina of course, but Im kinda seeing it with Emma)… if that moment was EVER about to happen, we all would know exactly that it would mean that Swan Queen was on its way. Seriously, if I think of this moment I almost have a heart attack. Because obvsly there would be no other reason to include such an info if not to mentally prepare the audience for whats about to come. Seriously I need a cig just thinking about it.

After that, we could all together focus on Emmas feelings for Regina. Obvious lingering looks and what not. They could just keep doing what theyve been doing since season 1, the only difference would be that the entire audience (and not only Swen) would finally be able to see what it means…

Then, in some heartbreaking moment, Regina will push Emma away because shes scared of true love or whatever, and Emma will go completely dark. And we’ll all be like “OMG THE NEXT HALF OF THE SEASON WILL BE ABOUT THEM GETTING TOGETHER AND REGINA SAVING HER WITH TRUE LOVES KISS” and the entire fucking media will be FULL of it and this show will be the main focus of attention and Lana and Jen will be EVERYWHERE and interviewers will be like “omg we finally get a modern family - will Regina go after Emma in the second part of the season and admit her feelings while freeing her from the dark one’s curse?” and Lana and Jen will be like “hahaha well you will have to find out for yourself, we know nothing yet” but in fact they WILL know, and they will promote the shit out of SQ because they finally can. there will be selfies on twitter and god knows what else and we’ll all be in fucking SQ heaven.

All they have to do is convince my mom. 

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I'm seeing a lot of antis talk about how swan queen will win out or emma will just be dreaming at the end of this. and that's why the person under the hood will be her because its the last dream like thing to come into play before she wakes up. and I'm nervous. d u think captain swan will b end game?

Okay first let me say something without including spoilers. 

Anti’s ALWAYS come out of the wood works after big happy CS news makes its way onto the grape vine. Which it has. Big gushy, head twirling magic spinning madness in the best possible sense has been released into the universe for CS fans, and people who want Emma with someone else other than the lovely Killian Jones. Are. Not. Going. To. Be. Happy. About. It. 

Hashtag, the last three years of their lives. 

So as a result of this unhappiness they start spiraling and come up with left field reasons that fit the narrative they still want to tell themselves instead of the one that is canon and on screen.

It doesn’t matter that Adam has explicitly stated that THIS IS NOT A DREAM, or that the characters of Emma and Killian will not be breaking up but instead will be facing obstacles that they will over come together this season. It doesn’t matter that the character of Emma has both implicitly and explicitly stated and shown her love for her pirate boyfriend. 

All that matters is that the anti’s want what they want and they are not getting it. And because of this anger and crack theories will slip out like crazy.

SPOILERS AHEAD. All who read on be damned.

So lets talk about something. Let’s talk about the possibility of CS endgame, since you seem to be so worried about it. Now there’s WAY WAY WAY more (pre-warning) that I could add to what I’m about to say in regards to reasons captain swan is most def. endgame, but I’m going to include the things that mostly come to my mind when thinking or talking about the topic with others. PLEASE FRIENDS OF THE INTERWEB FEEL FREE TO ADD. I’ll bold the points so as to make it easier.

Parallels - One of the biggest things that stick out to me in regards to CS endgame talk is just how frequent that couple is paralleled with the MOST SAFE couple on the show, SNOWING. Not to mention that these are her parents so that makes it INCREDIBLY SIGNIFICANT that her relationship on the show holds so many similarities to Charming and Snow’s relationship. And this isn’t anything new. They planned on having Hook on from day one. They started the parallels in his very first episode between him&Emma and Charming&Snow AND have yet to stop. I mean the initial animosity being the same. Her hitting him in the face. Snow hitting Charming with a rock. Not to mention Emma literally used her parents mantra of finding each other FOR HOOK when she walked into the lake to go to the Underworld. I mean this isn’t a post about parallels but holy shit are there are a lot between those two ships. All you have to do is search parallels on my page or in the tags (though beware of antis) and you’ll see three years worth of them. Idk about you but paralleling Emma and Hook from day one till’ now with her parents seems pretty indicative of their importance and their endgame.  

The talk of true love - I’ll keep it simple and short. They had nearly one of their first solo conversations (while climbing the bean stock) on the first day of them meeting ABOUT BEING IN LOVE. Like you just dont have some character come in and have him start spitting things out about love the way he did unless it means something. This show isn’t subtle. Just remember that. I mean this brings up another good point, nearly all the serious conversation Hook had with Emma before they started dating include lines that were SO ABSOLUTELY telling of their future together. I mean just watch the whole Neverland Arc and you have everything you’ll ever need. I mean there’s literally like 5000 quotes just from those 8 episodes alone that could stand as reason enough to believe in their endgame-ness. 

Hook finding her - Even before Emma used her parents mantra while walking into the Underworld it was proven to be true. I mean he is the one that found her in season 3. Him. This stuff is done for a reason. Not to mention again that whole 3B arc was a huge parallel to Snow and Charming (when Snow took something to wipe away her memory and Charming came to find her. I mean even down to the quick desperate kiss and the the subsequent push from both the ladies we can see the parallels.) 

WALLS - Okay I don’t need to give examples for this, anyone who watches the show knows that the writers have made a point to have him be the one that really gets through to her and helps her break down those pesky walls. (Much like spouses do in real life). i mean but hey if you want just one example look at the end of Season 3. He was key in her finding her way back and acknowledging that Storybrooke was her home and that she needed to be with her parents. 

He gave away his home - Killian literally gave away his only symbol of home and stability and probably a large part of what felt like his connection to his brother in order save her and her family. Also can we talk about the fact that now they are in a home he PICKED OUT for her, TOGETHER! I mean this brings me into another point milestones!

This show drags out the milestones, sure, but they are there. Amidst the magic all the typical leading up to marriage milestones are there. The nervousness of new feelings. The dates. The falling in love and getting comfortable. The admitting of their importance to one another (emma was a little slower in this regard). The I LOVE YOU. Shit even a promise ring. The picking out and talk of a place together. The second I love you without worry. The bonding with Henry. AND NOW THE MOVING IN TOGETHER (thanks spoilers). AND SHIT DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON the scene with Killian and the toddler. YOU DONT PUT THAT IN THERE UNLESS IT HAS MEANING. (Add all THIS to the loads of marriage and kid symbolism and you got yourself a fucking clear as day endgame sign hoisted high and waving). 

I mean like I said the list goes on and on. 

  1. The going to hell and back.
  2. The sacrifices.
  3. Him dying literally 4 times and then being sent back to “where he belongs” by a powerful god. 
  4. the wedding dress in the window (no one can convince me someone somewhere didn’t have that as an intentional plan)
  5. All the damn child symbolism and Hook bonding with kids recently.

 I mean the list goes on and on and on and I know this whole post was a bit long and a bit everywhere, but it’s hard to write a cohesive and flowing answer to an endgame question because there’s literally 3 season (and a whole new season probably) of proof as to why they are endgame. It’s hard to put into an answer. Also logically speaking it would just be AWFUL WRITING and NEAR RIDICULOUS for them to write THREE YEARS of CS, do THREE YEARS of CS promotion, and continue to do so just to have them move in together, come to an end (in what is probably their last or second to last season) just for her to end up with a women she’s shown no romantic feelings for. It’s just not going to happen. 

Anyways, I hope this eased your worries a bit. Probably the last time i’m going to go all out on a question like this though. I get the worry. I still get a shade of nervousness on this lovely angst ride we’ve been on a lot, but you just got to stay logical, stick to the canon facts, and stay away from the hotspots for anti talk (tags, twitter comments, public commenting feeds,etc) and you’ll see the question of CS endgame isn’t even one to have, because the answer is clear as day.

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hi lovely! i was wondering why you dont ship captain swan and outlaw queen?

Well, i kinda makes shipping SwanQueen rather difficult…

I suppose you really mean why do i ship SwanQueen over CS (Capitan Swan) and OQ (outlaw Queen)? It’s mostly cause I’ve tumbled into a fierce SQ (SwanQueen) fan fiction addiction but that’s not completely why..

(It’s very hard to explain one ship without stepping on another so if you are a CS/OQ shipper and i offend you, I’m sorry if I upset you but this is my perception.)

Originally, I didn’t ship SQ and I didn’t see why people did at allllll. If I’m honestly, it was all about Red Beauty for me and SQ was usually a side ship in the majority of those fics so I was aware of it. It wasn’t still season 3 I kinda shipped it (with the whole giving Emma memories thing - I mean, yeah sure, give Henry great memories but Emma being happy too wasn’t a priority and it was lovely if you think about it. That was when I sorta started to see them as a potential couple.)

As for CS, I didn’t see it. When Hook was introduced, I knew they were going set them up. As soon as Hook started playing the love sick puppy plea, I just couldn’t. I’ve had guys do that to me and frankly, it’s really upsetting. I always felt pressured into dating guys like that and since I kinda relate with Emma a lot, I found it hard to understand how Emma could fall for Hook. Especially for someone as emotionally withdrawn as Emma who really struggles with relationships in general. She took a good two seasons to accept her family and her home. So how did Hook go from villain she was fighting to making out in public in one season? I just wasn’t buying it. There’s no question that Hook could fall for Emma, it’s Emma’s back and forth that confuses me. The ‘pick someone i’d actually be likely to kiss’? And having to drown Hook for to get Emma to do it? She’s a decent person, of course she’s not going to let him die… I would have preferred to see how Emma’s relationship with Henry might have changed now being the single parent (like Regina had) instead of having her paired off. Say thing that, the whole we’re going back to New York thing also seemed a bit forced, so it wasn’t just Emma’s love life I was confused by this season. There was a lot of if we mention it enough, people will definitely believe it.

To summarise, I didn’t like Capitan Swan because I relate a lot to Emma and I couldn’t see myself falling for that so quickly.

Outlaw Queen I don’t necessarily have a problem with? Wasn’t too keen on the guy they cast as Robin though.. Or the way Regina went from hating him to giving him her heart in like two episodes. Um, writing wise it’s kinda messed up. Again, seriously? Have you met Regina Mills? This is the woman that have up on true love and the only person in the world she feels anything for is her son. Without Henry, Regina would be more likely to close off more doors, not open them.. Fair enough, she is civil to Snow White and Charming - she’s learning to become a better person, but again it’s hard to got from 'terrified to love someone in case they die’ to playing happy families with someone else’s kid? The whole Tinkerbell thing is totally understandable and loved that storyline but It upset me cause I could totally see Outlaw Queen happening but it was just really rushed and I would have handled that differently. Basically, if it takes three seasons for Regina to go from Evil Queen to kinda sociable, it’s gonna take more the a year in the forest, y'know? It seemed kinda unfounded. Regina using freakin' white magic should have been the climax of Regina’s story line for season three. Not everything can be suddenly fixed by true love. I’M REALLY TIRED OF REGINA GETTING BROKEN AND I JUST WANT SOMEONE TO FIX HER - I didn’t ship Outlaw Queen cause I had an awful feeling it wasn’t goin g to end well… Regina has followed a beautiful story arc, without any romance. It might be a personal opinion but romantic love is always glorified and i just didn’t seem necessary.

As for Swan Queen, I just love their dynamic. When Emma shows up in Storybrooke, Regina automatically sees her as a threat since Henry is so keen on Emma. Eventually, Regina sees Emma as neutral ground, rather than simply another CharmingThey seemed to gradually trust each other more, and with them now sharing a child they see each other change for the better for Henry’s sake. They’ve both been through a lot of pain and distrustful relationships in their lives and understand how hard it is for each other to engage in talks about their feelings. They both crave a family and Henry gives them that connection - especially during season two and three part one when they go all tag team mothers. Which also brings to light the magic thing, which I know makes it look like 'look another thing they have in common!’ but Regina and Emma are so so characteristically different that for Emma to posses the power Regina has been searching for all her life? It kidna shows Regina that you can still mess up your life even if you have all this power, and Regina is an example to Emma for what happens if she misuses her new power.

 In Emma, Regina finds acceptance and trust, and ally in parenting her son and in politics with Snow White - finally someone believes in her and is arguing for herWhy have Hood when Emma’s already doing that? It was Emma that convinced everyone to trust Regina again…

In Regina, Emma finds a solid family set up. Not that she doesn’t have that in Snow and David, but it’s harder to fall into a parent/child dynamic than a mother/son/(wife?) dynamic. Regina has a lot of faith is Emma’s power as saviour yet not in a jealous or fearful way? Having fought against Regina, Emma sees her as an equal and that seems to be and important thing for her - Neil was pretty much her adversary of crime. When I watch it, there are some serious flirty undertones; it’s not every girl you break into her back yard and deface her prized apple tree - Regina must had seriously got under Emma’s skin for that. And then go on to trust this woman? Have her as an ally? When she’s still under your skin??

In general, it’s a really messed up show to be honest and I don’t see why awesome magical lesbian aren’t part of it. I mean, hey, I worked wonders with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, right?

Goodbye to OUAT

So, I guess some people follow my blog to get some kind of hope for Swan Queen and Swendgame. I am so sincerely sorry that I cannot give that to you tonight. I truly am. But I have to be honest-my heart is breaking. I have already shed some tears tonight, and I will probably shed some more later. 

Anyone who’s super into shipping knows that it’s not just about two characters on a show. It’s what they represent. And the possibility of having two strong, flawed, beautiful, badass women who were once enemies fall in love with each other after falling in love with their son and themselves is such a fresh and beautiful love story. The chance to represent love between two women and their son as a fairytale, as beautiful, as enough is precious. It is needed. And A&E dropped the ball. 

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SQ Drabble--"Don't Let Anything Hold You Back"

This wouldn’t leave me alone. So, I just wrote it out. Enjoy!

Snow locked gazes with the woman across from her and let all the love that she had ever felt for Regina flood her body and push out all the blackness that had seeped into it. “I think we’ve wasted our last day being haunted by the past.”

“Now we can focus on being haunted by our impending lack of a future,” Regina joked, only partially, because her sister posed a very real threat.

Snow shook her head. “Zelena isn’t going to win, not with all of us united against her,” she argued.

“Hope isn’t easy when I know she holds my heart,” Regina countered, shaking her head and trying to fight that steady stinging in her eyes, that tightness in her chest and throat.

“Which you’ll get back, stronger than ever,” Snow told her, sincere confidence lacing her voice. “That’s what it means to be the most resilient.”

Regina felt a spark of the love she had once felt for this woman, so long ago, flame to life inside her. Regardless of how many times Snow had called her evil or even claimed she deserved all the hatred and the punishments and the jeers, Snow had also always been the one cheering her on, hoping she would grow, hoping she would find that gentle woman buried so deep inside her. Snow had known that gentle woman still existed even when Regina herself had believed her dead.

Still, Regina fought against hopeful possibilities. Those had never been a true part of her history. She was unaccustomed to being positive. It had never worked well for her in the past. “That could be another one of her tricks too,” she replied.

Snow shook her head as she said, “Regina, I’ve seen what life has thrown at you, and you still fight against the darkness every single day.”

Regina felt that tightness in her throat only growing tighter, that burning in her eyes forcing water to rise.

“Sooner or later,” Snow told her, “your heart will find its way to happiness.”

Regina’s voice escaped her in a ragged whisper as a tear finally crested and slipped down her cheek. “That doesn’t feel possible.”

“But it is,” Snow told her with complete conviction. She reached out and took Regina’s hand, cradling it between both of her own. “I know you, and you feel things deeply. With or without it, you feel things with your whole soul.”

They locked gazes as tears scorched down Regina’s cheeks. Snow squeezed her hand reassuringly as she said, “Don’t let anything hold you back.”

Regina sucked in a sharp, staggered breath, letting it out in a ragged sigh as an image of only one person, one haunting opportunity, swam through her mind.

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This frackin’ episode gets me every time though. Ugh, it’s complete foreshadowing of the entirety of season 3 concerning Regina, Emma and Robin.

In 3x01 Mulan talks to Neal. He tells her how much he loves Emma but that he’s afraid. It isn’t until he thinks he’s going to die that he tells her he loves her. And she tells him she loves him. Of course, there was Tamara, but still.

Mulan says something very important in that episode, that Neal’s love for Emma wasn’t strong enough to overcome his fear of rejection. That, I think, is basically one of the taglines of how Regina feels about Emma. 

Mulan is there to help us read between the lines. She represents Regina. When she meets Aurora they have the same exchange as Snow and Charming when they met. Aurora goes “You’re a girl.” and Mulan goes “Woman.”

She falls in love with Aurora but never tells her because she’s terrified and she feels life gets in the way. Aurora has Philip. What chance does she have, especially now that Aurora is pregnant?

The same goes for Regina. This episode, 3x03, parallels two loves for Regina. Her past potential love for Robin that might have worked back then, but she was too terrified to go for it. And alongside that, her present love for Emma that’s already there, and being told through Mulan’s love for Aurora.

In 3x15 or so she meets Robin. But he never really stands a chance, because she’s already in love with Emma. He would have if there had been no Emma, hence being her pixie dust appointed true love in the Enchanted Forest. Because Emma had yet to be born, he was the best match for Regina. Now that Emma exists, she’s Regina’s best match.

Regina spends the episodes after she’s met Robin subtly going after Emma. First, in 3x17, by trying to dismantle Emma’s relationship with Hook by trying to prove he’s lying to her. A very cunning Evil Queen thing to do by the way. I love it, but still, evil. At least she’s trying to go after what she wants.

Her plan completely fails. Then I genuinely think she tries again in 3x18. That exchange where she tells Emma to “make sure you are.” as a reply to Emma saying she’ll be ready for Zelena is the single most awkward thing ever. I’m pretty sure that both Snow and Hook suspect that Emma is in love with Regina. Snow is Snow. She has seen Regina in love, she knows her, and  she knows Emma. As a friend and she’s getting to know her as a daughter. Plus, she has some kind of love radar. I don’t know. And guys are not as oblivious as they seem even if they act as if they are. Dudes notice when other people are into their girl or the girl they are into as well. He’ll definitely recognize a fellow contender for Emma’s heart.

It’s also interesting how Snow stays behind to talk to Regina after that exchange. I don’t know what she meant to accomplish and if she managed it. But her advice is interesting. As is Regina’s side of the conversation. If you’ve realized Regina is actually in love with Emma-which isn’t hard to do given the trying not to be obvious-obvious way in which she eyes Emma as Emma leaves, which by the way, Snow TOTALLY noticed-what you get out of that conversation is that Regina is in love with Emma and completely terrified. She doesn’t believe that she can ever be happy with Emma. I’m guessing because she doesn’t know if Emma feels the same way and whether a relationship would work even if she does. And if she can’t be happy with Emma can she be happy with anyone else, since her heart already belongs to Emma.

In the end she chooses Robin because he’s the safer bet even if she doesn’t know if she can ever fully love him. I think the missing heart is a metaphor for that. He can’t protect it, and he doesn’t have it. Neither does she. And she can’t love fully without it.

The missing physical heart is also convenient, because if she doesn’t feel as much for him as she should, she can tell herself that it’s because she’s missing her heart. And that getting her heart back will fix that. Yet, even without her heart her feelings for Emma are clear as day. 

She chooses Robin, just as Mulan, her parallel does, because her love for Emma isn’t strong enough to overcome her fear of rejection. 

In a way she makes the same choice Emma does. Tink tells her that she’s being selfish by not seeking out a relationship with Robin. Essentially telling Regina that she is Robin’s happy ending and she’s being selfish by withholding it/ her love/ herself from him.

The thing is, I disagree, she can’t love him the way she would have been able to or actually allowed herself to in the Enchanted Forest anymore because she already loves Emma. Staying with him is actually unfair to both of them because of that.

Emma for her part gets told by Hook that she is his happy ending. It’s literally her job to give people their happy endings. If their happy ending is a romantic relationship with her that’s what she will do.

It’s funny how much these two, Emma and Regina, actually parallel each other. And not just this season. It starts as early as season 2.

half a 4A finale meta (yes, it's very belated)

(Disclaimer: this is a HALF FINISHED meta from the 4A finale. I really do wish I’d had the inspiration to finish this closer to the finale, but by the time I got my mojo back, I felt like the window of opportunity had passed. This meta covers mainly the dealing of Hook’s heart, Regina, and Emma as character analyses.

And tho this is a couple months old, I think my points are still pretty relevant moving forward into 4B.

Anyway, while I work on the meta for 4x13, I thought you guys may be interested in reading what I wrote. Again, sorry it was never finished. Alas, we move on. Enjoy!)


I’ve kind of been on a mild hiatus thus far this season, just because I’ve been going through a lot of changes (graduating college, life stuff) and I’m still trying to find the balance. So I’ve definitely been pulled back, but even I’ve noticed that the general consensus thought that the episode was fairly underwhelming.

That said—I also think that people tend to look at episodes with ship-tunnel-vision.

Meaning, I think fandoms are far more invested in relationships than they are the individual character arcs. This isn’t a criticism; it’s just an observation. Romance intrigues us—so many of the great classics are largely centered around a love story, and this show in particular is based off the tropes that started them all. It’s understandable that we’d, as fans, place a lot of value on romantic payoff on a show about fairytales.

And most of the time, OUAT delivers. I mean, you’d be hard scrapped to find another show that handles its love stories with so much care and reflection. I’m the first to admit it can be kind of campy and soapy, but I let so much slide because I really feel like there’s so much heart in these characters.

But because this is a show based on the slogan of true love being the most powerful magic of all, we sometimes set unrealistic expectations of these characters and the relationships they’re in.

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anonymous asked:

I think we have, at least I, have a right to feel negative about Colin being on set. It's not about disliking him as a person(obv) it's just my fear of them continuing on with CS, like nothing happened. Which my fears were indeed true, because they are back together and filmed a kiss(smooch or whatever). No matter how quick it was it still was a kiss. I'm just terribly upset over the destruction of Emma's character. I cannot believe she'd take him back. Or that he was even saved. 1/3

I honestly believe they this was their endgame for Emma. I can’t see them having the balls to get rid of CS. Especially with the network itself having a hard on for Hook, I can’t see them approving Hook going away or Emma with someone else. With OQ, I see that relationship as one w/o substance and not all that popular, so getting rid of that wasn’t that hard for them. But I dnt believe SQ became a viable option just because OQ is no longer a thing.

They’ll most likely keep CS & give Regina another LI or keep her single. But not break up CS just to get SQ together. So the Lgbt pairing that’ll pass the Russo test, I believe will involve Regina. Regina is a main character, she’s important/central to the story. It makes sense with OQ being no more & Regina being single. The seeds for her being bi have been planted in looks and body lang. That doesn’t mean both lgbt people will pass the test only one. So the right to be angry & sad is just

Hey Anon,

I think part of your Ask went missing maybe? 

Of course you have the right to feel negative about something. Feel whatever you need to feel. I choose to be positive because it doesn’t make sense to me to feel sad twice. The first time when I imagine the worst case scenario and the second time when the episode airs. Not because I want to tell anyone that they don’t have the right to feel what they feel. To the contrary. Do what you need to do to take care of your mental health.

Since you sent this to me, I’m still going to assume you wanted a more positive spin? 

We have a little more information about that scene of them kissing. Apparently in some takes they kissed, in some they didn’t. So who knows, they may be staying together, but they may have been saying goodbye. Or anything in between. It did seem like he was sucked into a door along with Zelena and the Charmings, leaving Emma and Regina in Storybrooke. I have no idea what the network thinks and I wouldn’t worry about the PR since they are all about the day to day, not about long term vision. That’s also because they’re only privy to the day to day and not the long term, probably.

Here’s the thing… CS became more of a relationship than a chase around the same time OQ became a thing. This is a fairy tale. Emma and Regina have been paralleled this whole time. If Regina and Robin end, then so do Hook and Emma. There is nothing like this on television and the normal rules don’t apply. This isn’t just another drama where people go around dating anyone. Both of them have a first love who died, now they have a second love where they are learning to let someone in again, but who isn’t exactly right for them and… if those end, it’s time for the real deal. Symbolism, metaphors, hidden meaning. Structure matters a lot. Either they both get a new partner, they both end up single or they end up together. 

You shouldn’t second guess your feelings because other people romanticize CS or see nothing wrong with how Emma has changed. It is uncomfortable to watch, because she isn’t herself, she’s not in a good place. You dislike the relationship because it is portrayed in a way that is meant to make you feel uncomfortable. The writers told us we’re in the middle of story and we are probably at the lowest point of the story. We’re in hell, they are quite obvious about it too.

If I am wrong about all this, then I’ll still be happy that my morals are what they are. That my internalized misogyny has been confronted a little more than other people’s and I’ll know how to respond to this. And that I take it for granted that women cannot be portrayed in such a way without having the other shoe drop. By saying “Well, this is obviously a cautionary tale and the depiction of a bad relationship” you don’t actually leave room for an argument. Complete surprise if this is supposed to look like a good romance is somehow more powerful than anger, because there is no room in my mind to even consider this to be meant as good. It puts the joke on them. Anyone who writes women that way and think it’s good thing should just become a punchline. Nothing more.

As it is, we’re in the middle of the story, so I’m waiting to see how this plays out and I will make up my mind at the end of the ride. 

Dear Guest Reviewer on "Approximately 525 600 Minutes" and SQers, OQers and CSers

I know this is a long rant post, but if you have time, it would be awesome if you could read it. 

“Guest chapter 9 . 23m ago

I love this story so much. I keep checking it daily for updates. Loved it. This is such a complicated plot. Wish ouat had half the intrigue your story has” I really wish you signed in so I could reply to you directly! Thank you so much for this review, it really validated everything I’ve been trying to do with my story. This is a little off topic but i would like to discuss the pairings and relationships on the show particularly SwanQueen, OutlawQueen and CaptainSwan. To address the OUAT mention. Yes, I completely agree! When I first started binge watching the show, I loved season one and the complexity (or what I thought was complexity) in the writing. Everyone had a story, everyone had a motive, and everyone had a life outside of what we saw on screen.  I found myself trying to decipher what Adam and Eddie were up to, thinking that SwanQueen was end game with all the subtle (and not so subtle) actions and reactions between Emma, Regina and Henry. This became stronger during season two in my mind.

Then I started watching Season 3; mind you I did enjoy the Neverland Arc up until the stupid Pixie Dust. I know it was a great opportunity to introduce Tinkerbell in Neverland (because dur) but I shook my head at the intention of the Dust. I was appalled, not because I’m a super pro SwanQueen, because as much as I love them, If they ended up paired with other people it wouldn’t really bother me as long as it was well developed and made senseHowever, throwing some predispositioned dust to take away Regina’s choice again truly upset me. She literally RAN AWAY from it trying to create her own destiny then was thrown back to it in the most awkward 7 day romance we have EVER SEEN.

Like seriously Regina, didn’t you just Zelena proof the Loft? You know…the loft with the one person who could supposedly defeat the Wicked Witch? The same person that has saved your life a bunch of times? No. Give your freakin heart to the guy who couldn’t even hit you with an arrow (which by the way he did without looking, god forbid it was Emma who went to look at the farm cause she would’ve ended up skewered via crossbow) on his best shot. No, knowingly give him one of the main ‘ingredients’ for Zelena’s curse just to force the audience reaction of 'Awww she literally gave him her heart!’ . Did we forget that Regina is an extremely calculated woman who spent years planning a curse into a economically functional town?

I was hoping, sincerely hoping, that Regina and Robin created a whirlwind romance during their time in the Enchanted Forest and their subconscious was seeping through– hence the intense attraction, misplaced trust, and OOC behaviour. NOPE They apparently are 16 year olds discovering their sexuality. DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE RAPEY CS ARC. Because dammit, there could have been a great romance there too! I found there was more chemistry between Hook and Tinkerbell (which I secretly hoped that they were going to get together) than this dumbed down version of Emma and this seriously stalker/rapey/emo version of Hook. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE HOOK WHO CAME BACK FOR THEM TO SAVE HENRY? Wait, let’s turn this 200+ year old pirate into an overly emotional teen.

Adam and Eddie were probably like, 'Hmm instead of developing his character, lets just make him super selfish and do everything to win Emma’s heart. Which he eventually does cause he sold his boat for a bean. A bean in which he already fucked up with. Oh let’s also not address the amount of shit he put Emma and Regina through in season 2. Nope. He doesn’t give a fuck.’ And i’m here thinking 'um okay? I thought Hook would at least change and do things because he was invested in the well being of others.’ Nope. They fucked that up with the Ariel/Blackbeard arc. Oh and there was another opportunity for Hook to be like  ’ Swan, I need to be honest, I didn’t help Ariel, and my lips are cursed because I was thinking about myself and not the well being of you and your boy.’ and I would’ve been like “YAY GO HOOK!”.

Instead, he eventually 'gets the girl’ by lying, stalking, and forcibly inserting himself into her life. Also, why doesnt he have a different set of clothes?! IS IT SO HARD TO ASK TO BORROW A SET OF CLOTHES FROM DAVID/CHARMING? Ugh, It makes me think about how he must smell. I cant even. Ugh.  Lets make it clear I am not hating on the other ships of OUAT, especially OQ and CS. What i I truly believe is that you deserve a much better story and character/relationship development than what OUAT has given you.I am hating on what the opportunities the writing has taken away from you. In the end, I feel that we Swen actually dodged a bullet in not becoming cannon, because I feel that the opportunity would be wasted and become superficial and awkward. (Like they might use Grandmother Willow with a cheese line like “Listen to your heart and you will understand” while creating a montage of Emma and Regina being sexy") If that ever happened, This would be my reaction to OUAT

All that to say, I wanted to write out a detailed story using what we already know in the show (with minimal plotholes) and develop a complicated arc which evolves as our characters understand it. Blame the fact that I’ve played Story Driven RPGs since I was like 5, but I try to have as much character development as I do plot twists and turns. Everyone’s support on my Fic has turned my little One-Shot for SwanQueen week into a very satisfying writing adventure~! Thank you to everyone who has read this entire rant! Cheers, Reighne  PS. Here is the link to my SQ fic if you were interested. AO3 | FFN EDIT: I’ve been asked to remove the OQ and CS tags because it offended some people and they felt it was mistagged and I was actually hating on the ships…which i guess i am hating on the canon version of the ships… but its about the writing and not about the people who ship them. I apologize for the misunderstanding and have removed the tags, although i strongly believe it was not mistagged.
Interrogation Practices

A/N: OK, so I saw this and wanted to write something. I cant access the episode on ABCgo, because apparently DirecTv isnt a sign-in option (what the hell is up with that, by the way), so I dont have all the dialog between the SQ and Emma here at work and didnt want to wait until I got home to my precious DVR… so I just opted to work around it. Hopefully this isnt too terrible. Also, Ive never written from Charming’s POV before, but I couldnt help myself; second part is his POV, first part is Killian. I love some daddy!Charming, and I hope it came through.

Disclaimer: I dont own OUAT or the characters. I wish I did, because it wouldnt be on a family friendly channel if so.

Word count: 1488

Rating: A for Angst

He had searched EVERYWHERE. And sitting in the Charming’s loft, utterly defeated, was doing nothing but further souring his mood.

He had ask what the monster had done to the station. Why did he have to be such an arse? He had just assumed… but that assumption came back to bite him, hard. He knew his Swan now has that word floating around in her head, in his voice no doubt. And it was entirely his fault.

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