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Disclaimer: I’m sure this has been done somewhere already, so credit to whoever thought this up first! Also, while the collages are my own, all pictures are from Google Images, so credit to their owners. For each house, I found a list of their typical characteristics, and picked the three that most matched to each person.

ALEXANDER HAMILTON: Gryffindor; courage, determination, daring

Alexander was the definition of brave; he literally fought for everything he had. His courageous and daring personality catapulted him into a world he never dreamed of as a bastard child in the Caribbean. His determination paved the way for him to become one of the Founding Fathers of the US.

JOHN LAURENS: Gryffindor; courage, determination, chivalry

John was courageous in everything he did. His tragically short life’s mission was to lead an all black battalion. He fought for this in a time where it was unusual to say the least. A Southern gentleman, he was courteous and chivalrous to all he encountered. He died fighting for the country he loved, determined to gain equality and freedom for all people. 

HERCULES MULLIGAN: Ravenclaw; intelligence, creativity, originality

Hercules was a highly creative person, working with his hands and mind to create clothing for his clients. During the revolution, he successfully pretended to be on the side of the British officers he worked for while he gained valuable information to relay back to Washington. Keeping up this charade required a careful intelligence few possess. He was not afraid to rebel against the British, further proving his ability to go his own way.

MARQUIS DE LAFAYETTE: Hufflepuff; loyalty, hard working, tolerance

Lafayette was one of America’s most loyal allies. While France was his home, he had a special place in his heart for the US. He stayed loyal to General Washington his whole life, naming his first and only son after the future president. He worked tirelessly to help turn the tides of the Revolutionary War against the British, and then went back home to France to help lead the French Revolution. He fought for freedom for all, regardless of their personal trappings.

AARON BURR: Slytherin; traditionalism, preservation, ambition

Aaron took a traditional approach to his entire career, never taking a big risk or risking offending anyone. He fought to stay relevant in a rapidly growing and changing new form of government. He aspired for great things, but ironically, was held back by doing everything by the book. He was willing to adapt his personality to whatever the situation called for (see: talk less, smile more). He willingly switched political parties when he saw an opening in the Senate.

GEORGE WASHINGTON: Gryffindor; bravery, heroism, strength

George was perhaps one of the bravest men in the history of the US. In addition to leading countless battles, he ventured into new territory when he became the first president of the country. He was seen as a hero to Americans everywhere in his time, and now as well. His strength was most well exhibited in his ability to avoid being attached to one political party, and in staying neutral in conflicts between the British and the French. These decisions were not easy, but he was the right man at the right time.

THOMAS JEFFERSON: Ravenclaw; intelligence, creativity, individuality

Thomas embodied the word intelligence. A master of language, he wrote an estimated 19,000 letters in his life. He collected books, and his personal library had hundreds of works on all sorts of subjects. He had a wide variety of interests, ranging from law to science to the natural environment. He designed dozens of inventions, and was skilled in the field of architecture, displaying his creativity. He was a strong individual, with his own ideas and views that faltered for no one. 

ELIZA SCHUYLER: Hufflepuff; loyalty, patience, dedication

Eliza was one of the most loyal people you could ever find. Her husband was always away; at the beginning of their marriage, fighting in the war, and then working as a lawyer, and eventually in politics. Through these separations, she stuck by his side, raising their children. This not only exhibits an amazing amount of loyalty, but it proves her patience as well. She lived a long life, and dedicated it to preserving the legacy of her loved ones. She established an orphanage in honor of Alexander, fought for the end of slavery as Laurens would have, and worked to help establish the Washington monument.

ANGELICA SCHUYLER: Ravenclaw; wit, intuition, curiosity

Angelica was a witty woman in a time where many women didn’t even have access to basic education. She had a hunger for knowledge, and found very few people to be her intellectual match. Her curiosity was greatly heightened when the Revolutionary War began to surround her. She was very conscious of her place in the world, and despised the fact that her opportunities were limited by her gender. She fell for Alexander, but knew that he would not be a socially acceptable partner for her, and introduced him to her younger sister instead. Her intuition is best observed in these actions.

PEGGY SCHUYLER: Hufflepuff; kindness, enthusiasm, practical

Peggy is the most practical of the Schuyler Sisters in some senses. For example, she is the only one to fear the impending war, which would most definitely instill fear in the average person. She is portrayed as being enthusiastic, seen in her reactions when her sister Eliza becomes engaged to Alexander. Despite any fears she had for her sister about her future brother-in-law’s lower station, she is nothing but kind to him.

PHILIP HAMILTON: Gryffindor; bravery, willful, pride

Philip was extremely brave; he died protecting his father’s honor. He expressed fear before the duel, but carried on despite these feelings, displaying a sort of bravery rarely seen. One could argue his pride was the death of him. George Eacker’s insults ended his young life, when the whole issue could have been ended fairly easily. He was a willful man as well; his stubbornness against ending the feud when his father warned him further contributed to his untimely death.

JAMES MADISON: Hufflepuff; loyalty, hard working, practical

James preferred a practical sort of politics for the time, being a Southern Democratic-Republican. He, along with many others, felt that the country would not last with a radically different financial system. He was very close with Jefferson, forming a friendship that lasted 50 years. This sense of loyalty bonded them in matters both political and personal. He exhibited a strong work ethic throughout his career, contributing largely to the Federalist Papers, proposing the Virginia Plan, and even writing the Bill of Rights. 

Long time listener, first time organiser.

because I am not only a stan for Ryan, but for Ryan’s taste

Now this isn’t EVERY album in this picture because I’ve been wracking my brain for day now and using google images’ “search by image” function 987767788347735 times but I can’t find much so I literally give up. I’m sorry. I just do. I just get so frustrated and it’s not good for me.

I have however found just over half and since my Z-A has almost over 100 notes now (thank you all so much) I figure you must all be interested too. Also if you see one you recognise that I haven’t listed please send it to me, either through ask, message or @ the.agender.veins on instagram.

As usual authors (my) notes are in italics

Ready? Let’s go!

Big Star - Number 1# Record

Disasterpiece - It Follows

also yes that IS the movie soundtrack.

Goblin - Susperia

Also yeah a lot of it is Italian which surprises me (having Italian heritage) especially because I always picture Brendon and Ryan being obsessed with French music. Trust me when I say there are more Italian albums in here the two on the second row far right definitely are, I just can’t read them.

Also this is a soundtrack there are a lot.

Mary Hopkins - Post Card

Janelle Monáe - The ArchAndroid

Television - Marquee Moon

Ryan recommended a song from this album in his Z-A

Ennio Morricone - Il Gatto A Nove Code

Il Gatto A Nove Code or the cat of nine tails (seriously how did i not pick up on that that was nine the first time and not new hfgjhdskl. I’m a disgrace to my grandparents) is another soundtrack, also Italian.

Tom Waits - Alice

The Zombies - Odessey and Oracle 

This album has the first song of Ryan’s Z-A on it

also yep thats the only reason I got it be proud

As I said before if you recognise an album from this picture tell me so I can add it. 

I’m gonna by all these now

CHAIN OF PREVIOUS/NEXT on as of 5/2/16 before the darkness enveloped all

Ok so it’s all fucky and I made a chain I also made sure to download all the images just in case, it’s all below, if anybody can think of something, tell me

404 - page not found 

mp - missing picture (no longer seems to be a thing)

“x” - something written on the picture

the last number is post-id

bolted url’s are still up, the others are most likely all 404 now

chain 1

missing postid - 76, 78, 79, 81, 117-123, 125

solveme - not on the net, quote from henry V - 75
murderousmary - mary the elephant, google says “erwin tn elephant hanging” - 77
teatime - murderous mary, miss me, 40 - Sherlock the Reichenbach fall - 80
coffee - “wrong way” cumberbatch sherlock screenshot w/ photoshop - 82
mary - “could you be more specific?” doesn’t exist on net - 83
elephant - one do you prefer - 84
tjlc - 404 error not found, google shows movie from 2011 -85
johnlock - same - 86
ireneadler - lara pulver irene adler - cropped? - 87
marymorstan - mary morstan sherlock bbc -88
marymoran - whos - 89
sherlock - sherlock holmes hat bbc - 90
johnwatson - same - 91
sherlockholmes - same - 92
mycroftholmes - mp - 93
mycroft - sherlock the abominable bride mycroft - 94
mollyhooper - molly sherlock - 95
molly - same - 96
lestrade - rupert graves - 97
greglestrade - same - 98
moriarty - unseen promo, google says “man”- 99
thefinalproblem - 404

missing links? (if TFP is 100 and TGG is 102 then I’m missing 101)

hislastvow - 404
cropped-cropped-black-1-jpg - 404
cropped-black-1-jpg - 404
cropped-black-jpg - 404
black - 404? (i dont know unfortunately if that is the same black as id 124)

chain 2

thegreatgame - 404
eurus - unseen promo, google says “hairstyle” -103
eurusholmes - same - 104
thereichenbachfall - 105  
tiehell - mycroft the abominable bride - 106
januscars - janus cars - 107
norbury - sherlock the six thatchers - 108
new - Niagara Falls - 109
old - TAB 221B - 110
dymm - piccadilly circus - 111
cluedo - “clever but no!” - 112
ineedaclue - “Stumped by 40? go back to the source, the real source” doesn’t exist - 113
ineedahint - same - 114
ineedhelp - same - 115
xxx - bristol south swimming pool - “You’ll be hearing from me” - 116

black - black pic - 124
27kra - gif- 126

27kra used to only link back to black without black linking to 27kra but now it does? Is it because we discovered it???

who can I tag? I’m going by the popular tjlc posts sorry if you don’t want to be tagged I’ll remove you @jenna221b @inevitably-johnlocked @tjlc @amo-not-ammo @real-life-reichenbach @marcespot

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Hey! I was wondering how you found such good aesthetic pictures and if there were any tutorials you'd recommend. Thanks!

I personally just look up stuff the character is known for / likes followed by the word “aesthetic” on Google Images and sort it by color. Pretty anticlimactic, but it’s a good strategy. Tumblr also has a lot of good aesthetic blogs. I’m not sure about the other mods though.

- Mod Bones

genosaturn  asked:

Where do you find all these neat pictures for your blog? :3

A lot are from pinterest– I have a ridiculous number of historical costume boards and as I would find things to pin I kept being reminded of one Cullen or another. I finally had so many that made me think of Saga characters that I started this blog. :) There are also a few old/found photo websites that I browse for fun (because I’m weird like that lol.) They’re good though because I like to have more than just fashion photos or pics of celebrities on here– it’s a little more challenging, but I love finding photos of “real” people that I can use. If I’m looking for something in particular– school or occupation pics, headcanony things, or just in general for the guys, who are harder to find pictures of– I’ll do a google image search. And if I come across an actor or model who is good for a particular character (like Alain Delon for Edward or Jean Shrimpton for Esme) I’ll search for images so I can stock up a bit.

So I guess the short answer is: lots of different places. ;)

Ladies Gentlemen and variations there upon, I give you the newest ship Poutater. I have no excuse for this......

Ok so i was looking for pictures of tater tots, as one does, and i found this.

And I feel like google image search is trying to tell me something about Jack and Tater’s relationship. Like……..

Maybe Tater has a one sided crush, but he thinks Jack is straight, so no dice? He isn’t really out to anybody but his family,  He hasn’t really dated much since joining the Falconers except for the few grindr hook-ups he has had whenever they play in a town with low to zero hockey presence. Although homosexuality is much more accepted in North America, he still has his family to worry about back in Russia. He is a pretty big deal back in his little village and if rumor got back, it could make big trouble for all of them. мама and папа could always move but his little sister, Elena is in her last year gymnasium and she is doing so well. She might be the first person in their family to be good enough for college. He can’t fuck this up for them. Tater doesn’t want anything serious with Jack, he knows that isn’t possible, its just that he is so touched starved and Jack has that quiet sexy thing going on and he is so nice, and Jack never pulls away from him the way the other guys do…. But it doesn’t matter Jack has a girlfriend who bakes him pies and makes him happy.

Or Maybe Even tho Jack is Super Happy™ with Bitty but he’s never had a person who was so much bigger than him get quite so handsy with him. Holster and Jack used to wrestle but that was but that was more about working out aggression then affection. Tater is defiantly not his type, not in the least, and he would never cheat on Bitty, but Jack would be lying if he said he hadn’t thought about it. Doesn’t matter tho, cause Jack is happy and Tater is straight anyways, right?

Or maybe there is a slice of pie sitting just out of frame.(*ahem* BItty)

Maybe Bitty comes to a few Falconer games and he comes back to the dressing rooms and gets to sees Tater and Jack interact. He sees Tater getting physically affectionate with Jack in a way he isn’t with the other guys on the team and the wistful looks Tater gives him when Jack has his back turned. He sees Jack pulling away much later than would normally be considered platonic and how he blushes in a way that usually reserved for Bitty telling him how beautiful he is. He sees all this and is intrigued. Now Bitty knows Jack is 110% devoted to him, but he also knows Jack is no good at expressing his feelings. And while Bitty know Tater thinks that Jack has a girlfriend, he also knows what its looks like to pine after a straight boy(or at least what he thought was a straight boy). 

So after the 5th game he attends Bitty sits Jack down for a lil talks. Bitty tells Jack his observations and they he isn’t jealous and that hockey culture being is how is it and that because heteronormativity is a thing, he is pretty sure that he is the only person who has noticed. And if Jack wanted to Bitty would be into watching Jack climb Tater like a tree. The only question that remains is what does Jack Zimmermann what to do about it. 

So they end up talking to Tater, who is genuinely surprised, because

  1. Tater honestly thought he was the only gay hockey player in the league 
  2. The little baker is actually Jack’s boyfriend.
  3. JACK IS GAY/BI WTF??!?!??!
  4. They would actually like to invite into their bed so that Tater could have his wicked way with Jack

So that is the story of how Bitty and Jack come out to their first person in the NHL, and how Tater finds some one he can confide in and cuddle with when he get lonely. And maybe sometime down the road after a reconciliation, they introduce Tater to Parse who hit it off spectacularly. But I don’t have a picture food that relates to that so that will have to be a story for another time 


There are a lot of different ways to create your own couple’s t-shirt, no matter what theme you want. Upon request, I’m using the idea of Peter Pan and Wendy. This video can give you a great base for making a couples t-shirt, just use your own ideas!

I found these two drawings on Google Images to start with. You can print them off with the size that works for your shirt, one shirt for Peter and one for Wendy. From there, you can do different techniques to finish the shirts:

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What Is Lammas (Lughnasadh)?

August 1st is fast approaching, and so is the end of summer. 

Lammas is the Sabbat of Summer Harvest. The fields are full of grain and children will be going back to school pretty soon. 

Depending on what spiritual path you follow, Lammas is primarily focused on the early harvest season, where some apples, grapes and grain are ripe for harvest. It is also where many honor the Celtic God Lugh (the craftsman God) and where we are grateful for the plentiful food on our tables. 

A feast of bread, this is where the first grains of harvest were made into beautiful bread and blessed. A lot of this is still practiced today. 

Lammas is August 1st. I would love to hear what you do to celebrate this harvest festival. 

Blessed Be


(all pictures are found in Googles Images)

I’m so done with getting my art (and others’) stolen and reposted and edited without a source or permission. Using someone’s art or music or something without permission is a copyright violation and you can get in trouble for that. It’s also disrespectful towards the artist. 

If you find a picture on the internet and you want to repost or edit it, try to find the source. If you can’t, don’t use the picture. It’s that simple. You can use reverse image search to find similar pictures on google.

And once you’ve found the source, ask the artist if it’s okay to use their art. If they give you their permission, then go ahead, but remember to give the artist credit as well.

“Credit to whoever made this” or any other variation of that is NOT a source.


Just thought I’d post this for anyone wanting to cosplay Stevonnie without showing too much skin.

I bought a “Love Your Assets” spandex top from Walmart for like, $8, and just used my extra Rose Quartz gems, a hot glue gun and a flat-back pin to make the gem into a pin to attach to the spandex.

I got the reddish pink crop top from Forever 21 for about $16 and attached the star using a quarter of yellow fabric from Walmart for $.97, Heat’n’Bond Ultrahold (1 yd) for $2.97, and a printed out star I found by searching rounded star on Google Images.

The pale green tank top I got from Old Navy clearance for about $3 and cut it where I thought it should be shortened to.

And the shorts (not pictured), I also got from Old Navy Clearance for about $8, but pretty much any jean shorts would work.

Both places had plenty of XL/Plus sizes to choose from, so I feel really lucky I was able to throw this together :D

The spandex color doesn’t quite match my skin, but it’s close enough that I, an extremely picky cosplayer, am satisfied with it.

Planning on getting the wig sometime down the road when I have more money.

I hope this might help someone who wants to start with an easy cosplay.

Drabble: Lobster Love - Olicity fic, Rated G

(Image not mine, found on Google.)

Disclaimer: Arrow does not belong me. All rights belong to DC Comics, The CW, and those persons associated in the creation of the show and comics

A Hundred and A Thousand More: Drabbles by RedPens&GreenArrows
Chapter: Lobster Love
Fandom: Arrow
Rating: G
Characters: Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak,
Pairing: Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak (Olicity)
Tags: Romance, Fluff, Road Trip fic, Picture prompt
Can also be read at: or AO3

Summary: An episode of Friends inspires Oliver and he gives Felicity a promise.

A/N: I blame this all on supersillyanddorky06, which is why it is dedicated to her ^_^. Also, good news! Chapter 2 of The Benefits of Early Mornings is complete! I’m just having it beta-ed because I am a little worried about it, but if all goes well it should be up tomorrow. This fic is unbeta-ed, so all mistakes are mine. I hope you all enjoy! Also, let me know if you’d like to be tagged in future fics. 

During those five years away, Oliver had missed out on a lot of things: music, movies, sports, technology. You name it, there is more than likely an obvious topic that Oliver Queen has no idea about. However, as Felicity discovered, it wasn’t only those five years where Oliver missed out on quintessential areas of popular culture that practically everyone else on the planet was knowledgeable of.

For instance, the television show Friends. Oliver had no idea what this show was; obviously, partying and getting blindly drunk was more important to the playboy. For Felicity, this was unacceptable.

“We’re fixing this.”

“Felicity, really, it’s not that big of a deal.”

“Nope, false. It is a big deal, so we’re going to fix it.” Felicity’s hands sat on her hips as she gave him her stern face. “So, whenever we get some down time, you and me will be binge watching Friends.”

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im making a ladynoir painting!

This is just a charcoal sketch and its pretty wonky but i hope itll look good when im done. I would love to give credit to the person that made this amazing fanart but i found it on google images so i have no idea who made it but if anyone knows please tell me and i will credit the person right here. I will probbably be doing the painting in tempera paints but i might use acrylic for some parts. They take up about a quarter of the whole canvas so the rest of the picture will just be a landscape of paris. I’ll be posting my progress and the finished thing all over this blog and my other one @iilbooperdooperii also. If you want to see what itll look like or have any questions feel free to stick around and ask me! After i’m finished with this ill start another project that has been waiting forever (its a chat noir hoodie and accessories!) and ill probbably bombard the blog with pictures of it and me in it. I hope they both turn out right!

btw i have to fix mari’s ponytails they look like she stole them from stormy weather XD and i turned her head around on purpouse because painting tiny details is haarddd

I discovered that if you search “when you lose your ass ass glasses” on google images, the first image that comes up is a picture I edited of Mark with sticky notes on his glasses. I also found out that my “Mark is a living meme” post made it onto to ifunny (and I’m actually credited)
What is life right now?

anonymous asked:

Can you explain what mind maps are please ?

hello, of course I can! mind maps are also frequently called ‘spider diagrams’ or ‘brainstorms’ {but we had to stop calling them this at my school}. Basically, you start with a subject, idea, question etc. in the middle of a piece of paper and then you follow that up with further ideas and comments by drawing a line out of that middle statement. I like to add in images and use lots of coloured pens and highlighters. Here are some picture examples {found on google images} that might make it a little clearer - 

Just a side note, ‘mind maps’ and ‘spider diagrams’ might be slightly different things based on their layouts but whenever you see me talk about them I just mean both if that makes sense :) xo