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What it’s like to be autistic

I posted this on reddit in reply to someone asking about what it’s like to be on the spectrum. It ended up being really long so I thought I’d repost it here just for sharing’s sake. Slightly edited for formatting, but otherwise untouched.  Also if this actually ends up getting reblogged, this post is SFW but be warned that my Tumblr is often NSFW and I don’t tag shit, so remember that if you get curious and look at other posts.

As always, individual experiences will vary, and no two autistic people have the same life experiences or symptom expression. These are my own.

— (begin post) —

Different person here, but still on the spectrum (aspergers).

For me, in description rather than just declaration of the actual diagnosis, it’s many things.

It’s having no social intuition and relying on consciously analyzing social situations in order to navigate them. Constantly being unsure if you’re saying the right thing, or if you understood what the other person was saying if they were being figurative. Having extreme issues telling the difference between what’s literal and what’s a joke. Accidentally offending people by saying something you thought there was nothing wrong with, but was actually a major social faux pas. Rarely having the right words to say when you’re supposed to be speaking, and always having too much to say about things that it is obvious that nobody else seems to care about. Also, it is difficult to learn and understand and continually interpret appropriately when you’re socially expected to be dishonest. Until countless bad experiences broke me of it, I assumed the average person was far more honest than they actually were - it took until my early 20s (I’m 25 now) to start to clue in to the fact that neurotypicals lie constantly, and that not only is this normal, it’s expected. I had always been someone who overshared and avoided mistruths (it’s often said that aspies actively seek and expect truths and facts), and it took a conscious effort to break myself of this social incongruity. I still overshare more than a normal person, to a great degree.

It’s being unable to natively read body language. Imagine that you went to Mexico with Spanish as a second language, and only started to learn Spanish as an adult. Maybe you even got pretty good at Spanish, but yours is still not perfect. It’s not natural to you, it always seems to take a second longer for you to “get it” compared to native speakers, and many things which are commonplace conversation to any native speaker always seem to get lost on you, no matter how many times you hear it. You’ll always be missing something. For me, it’s quite like that with body language - it’s artificial and disconnected, it doesn’t come naturally, and it’s an intentional effort to really try to both convey yourself in a socially expected fashion and an active attempt to understand others’ body language beyond the most basic of examples. Body language feels like a second language to me.

It’s having difficulties processing and tolerating environmental stimulation and sensory input (especially sound, in my case). Some things that don’t bother anyone else will bother the fuck out of me, especially particularly strong or strange bad smells, or overstimulating lights or color patterns, or extremely loud but varied noise (loud consistent noise doesn’t bother me, but if it’s varied it drives me insane - this is part of why crowds are awful), or particularly unusual textures and tastes (I’m the pickiest eater I know because I get extremely strong negative reactions to bad textures and tastes in my mouth, to the point where I will gag if I try to force myself to eat something that’s very unpleasant). Touch can be pretty bad too - “weird” feeling objects, especially slimy/wet/cold things, feel incredibly awkward and unpleasant to touch or be in contact with most of the time (this is probably why I waste way too much water doing the dishes, in addition to my perfectionist nature and germophobia/aversion to uncleanliness).

Processing sound can be especially difficult - I am not hard of hearing, but I genuinely thought that I was before I learned of my condition. I can hear extremely quiet things just fine, but I have great difficulty discerning details when there are many noises in contest, which leads to me having to ask people to repeat themselves constantly in mixed (and especially noisy) environments.

Eye contact. Important enough that it deserves its own subheading separate from body language. Simply put, it doesn’t come naturally. I will often have entire conversations with people without ever looking at them, and unless I am consciously forcing myself to make eye contact, if I ever speak about something at length I will inevitably avert my eyes in some random direction without ever thinking about why I’m doing so, or even noticing that I’ve done so. Further, direct eye contact induces a lot of anxiety, stress, and unpleasantness - particularly with people that I am unfamiliar with or not on friendly terms with, eye contact can be downright painful.

Speaking of anxiety, social anxiety is very often comorbid with the autism spectrum. And it’s awful. It’s terrifying to interact with new people with no preexisting social context, and still kind of scary when there is a social context. I get tremors when I have to make phone calls or write important emails, I tap my feet and pace around with my phone in hand like an idiot walking aimlessly. I briefly worked as a cashier at a dollar store, and quit very quickly because I was having panic attacks and nearly vomiting just from having to make constant direct social interactions with a steady flow of strangers with a performance expectation (handling money accurately while being watched). And it’s more than just communication - this sounds silly, but I literally cannot dance in front of other people - like, in private it looks silly but I can *technically* do it, but in front of other people, I will freeze up and be unable to do anything if I try, as if I am paralyzed or frozen in place, minus nervous fidgeting or twitching. And in general SA is so pronounced that it could have its own entire post dedicated to it.

On the note of OCD that you asked, there exists some small overlap sometimes, and I definitely experience on a mild level the neurotic paranoia and compulsive feelings that are commonly associated with it, but I would not say that I have OCD, just some symptom overlap.

And there’s so much more to it (this is probably ~half? of the things? ish?), but I’m getting to an awfully long post already (far longer than I expected to end up writing), and I’d rather not make people read even more wall of text. I hope this helps feed your curiosity.

— (end post) —

I probably should have rewritten this for tumblr, but I didn’t want to put in the effort to reassemble it. I think it mostly stands up without major changes anyway. Just wanted to share.


Year 2, Comic 7 - Parse - Part I

★ You will be able to pre-order a Huddle! Zine on Friday, the 23rd around noon EST. You can also check my storenvy FAQ for more info. They won’t get shipped until the first week of February so, uh…let’s all…be very calm.

Also, when you rec Check,Please! to friends, family, and coworkers, do you warn them that it is an ongoing comic that updates every two-ish weeks?

★ Notes on Year 2, Comic 7 – Parse – Part I

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My Start to Sugaring

Before I start, I wanted to throw out a gentle reminder that what has worked for me, may not work for EVERYONE. We are all different, with different personalities, and live in different areas. Somethings that work for me may not work for NYC Babies or small town babies. I’m just going with what feels right to me :)

I’m not going to write out why I began sugaring but it’s not for Louboutins, unfortunately. I’m in my twenties, in a little debt and need to pay it off so I can stop stretching every dollar I have until the next paycheck. My starting budget was pretty much $0. I know I have a lot of personality to charm but is charm enough when dealing with wealthy men? To me, it felt like a no. So here’s how I started sugaring without breaking my bank (and setting off signals to my significant other that I was up to no good)….

Go Casual-

I live in an affluent area. Sixteen year olds get Mercedes for their birthdays and professional athletes are in front of you in line at Costco, buying Oreos. However, when arranging my first meet with a POT, I go casual and play the casual card. Partially because I don’t have super nice clothes nor have the money to invest in any yet, and partially because my personality allows me to be casual without being a slob. I suggested we meet at a Starbucks and he was happy to oblige. He showed up in a button down shirt, jeans and Cole Haan driving shoes. I wore ballet flats, tight skinny jeans, a tank, and a cardigan. He immediately complimented me on my cute outfit and how relaxed I was. Little did he know I was a WRECK. I didn’t have to buy anything fancy to fake it for a super fancy first meet, I was just myself but made sure to be polished and not sloppy. No flip flops, no messy hair, no sweats, no big ass name brands or words on my butt or shirt. Cute casual worked for me and I didn’t spend a dime.

Fake Things-

Just because I live in a rich area doesn’t mean I have a ton of money to burn. Debt. So much debt. Regardless, after a successful first meet, he gave me a small cash gift of $100. Know what I did with it? I bought a pair of CZ studs in a tasteful size. Not too small to look like I bought diamonds that were practically specs of dust, but not so big they looked fake. I had a pair of real ones that one recently went missing. I also nabbed a new basic black purse with no print, no big emblem, nothing that screams “CHEAP TARGET PURSE”, and a pair of basic, black, leather flats with a pointed toe. No, these three items won’t make you look like a beauty queen, but they definitely polished up my ‘everyday’ look for the next time we met. Again, I didn’t have the funds to invest in fancy new clothes, so I pulled another pretty casual outfit out of my closet, threw on my new shoes and earrings and purse and met him at his house to hang out. I intentionally text him to say I’d be 5 minutes late because of traffic (lie) and when I got there exactly 5 minutes late, I explained I was out running errands that day and came straight from XYZ. This excused the casual appearance again, without looking sloppy. He complimented my shoes and said I always look so cute. Thanks babe, Target. He gave me a few hundred dollars that day for drinking a glass of wine in his amazing house and watching Dr. Phil. We agreed to see each other regularly. I used $100 of that gift to buy a nice pair of pants, two nice blouses, and something sexy in case we progress to that point sooner rather than later.

Pay Attention-

Want to know what’s more valuable than looking the part? ACTING the part. If you don’t feel comfortable with someone in a higher tax bracket, there are so many links for help here on Tumblr. I spent our time together listening to him, seeing what topics made his eyes light up, what made him smile, and what subjects he ended quickly. A lot of blogs will TELL you how to act but I disagree completely. Feel him out. I read on one post to be appreciative, not AMAZED. Guess what, my SD loves to see me amazed. We were in his guest house and I complimented how beautiful the backyard and view were. He came and stood next to me and as he looked out over his estate, he had the proudest look on his face. BINGO. SD worked hard for his shit and is damn proud of it. When I show my amazement at his wealth, hobbies, and lifestyle, I see that same proud face. 

Show Your Appreciation- 

Do not get so flustered that you forget to thank him for the coffee, the meal, the drive to your car, the allowance, the gift…I repeat, DO. NOT. FORGET. TO. THANK. HIM. I was so flustered when I was leaving SD’s house and he slipped the 100’s in my purse, that when I left and was reflecting, I could not say with confidence that I thanked him. UGH. Thankfully, he text me immediately and said he had a great time with me, giving me the chance to thank him in case I didn’t before. In person is far better, but I took what I could. Two days later, I showed my appreciation again. I wrote, “Thank you again! You are so sweet! I went and got my nails done yesterday for the first time in forever and I feel like a new girl ;)” He was so happy to be thanked again and asked to see them, then said how cute they were. Again, maybe not every SD likes this, but to know his money is being spent on things that make me smile and feel good, makes him feel good.

NO Shortcuts-

You are a beautiful, intelligent, young, prize of a woman. He’s lucky to have you in his life. So please don’t act like you’re not worthy of him and his time. Are you 18? Who cares, act like you’re 28. From what POTs and SD have told me, flaunting your youth is a NO NO. Don’t use shortcut text. Type out 'you’, not 'u’. Ask what he’s doing today, not 'wyd’. Guess what, my SD is worth millions of dollars, owns a private plane, knows more celebrities than I care to think about, and is an authority figure in our town. He uses shorthand text like 'u’ and 'k’ and as much as it makes me cringe, I will never bend. I will always type full words out. I’m not the millionaire here, he is. If he wants to type like a 13 year old, fine. But I’m not going to and risk the possibility of him feeling like I’m a child, not the rocking awesome woman that I am. I’m young, I know it. I’m less experienced and I don’t run with his crowd quite yet, there’s no need to reinforce that fact so blatantly in his face. Also, break the habit of saying “Um” in between words. A thoughtful pause is great, 'um’ is not.

I know I hate super long Tumblr posts so I’m sorry you either had to read this whole thing or scroll past it. If you read it, thanks for giving it a chance. I’m horrible at blogging and writing but this has been on my mind and finally someone asked me, so I thought I’d share with all.

Best of luck to you awesome babies!


My December’s issue of Nintendo Dream has arrived today!  

I bought this basically for that Character Fanbook, though, as it seems to have quite a bunch of interesting information and comments made by some FE: Fates staff (Director Maeda, Planner Komuro and Character Designer Kozaki) regarding the 20 most popular characters that have won the Nintendo Dream exclusive popularity poll.  The last 6 pics wasn’t from the extra booklet, though. They were from the magazine, and I posted it just because they’re also FE-related.

More text below cut.

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Q&A Spotlight: Adam J. Kurtz

We have been inspired by the go-gettingness and productivity of this endlessly witty and insightful fellow known as Adam J. Kurtz whose book journals help keep us on track, motivated, and well . . constantly smiling!   In 2016, he was named one of PRINT Magazine’s “15 Under 30” New Visual Artists, and his first publication –1 Page at a Time: A Daily Creative Companion– has been translated into fifteen languages!  

We recently caught up with Adam to learn about how he came up with some of his massively popular book journals including his latest one– Pick Me Up – and about his recent in-store events at Vans retail shops in Boston, New York, and Wilmington.  Not only will you be inspired by his publications, but also by his personality, charm, and experiences in this Q&A. 

Photo credit: Ty Crawford | Images courtesy of the artist

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After 10 minutes of running around like my head cut off trying to figure out where to report stolen posts, I figured it about. Like, they really should make it easier. 

Go to 

A white screen should pop up on the right side, and it will start asking you these questions. 

So, these are the steps that I’ve taken to report reposts.

Excuse the white gaps between pictures, I forgot to crop them out. 

1. I clicked on Misuse of your identity or work

2. I clicked the first one, Misattribution or non-attribution, which means that the person has copied my image and reposted on their blog with or without source, but also without your permission. 

Copyright Infringement would mean they would have taken off my water mark and claim the work as their own. Trademark infringement would mean they have stolen and claimed a TM’d work (like a logo to a small company or business), and said it was theirs. Confusion and Impersonation is obvious, it’s if someone is pretending to be you, or someone famous, or cat fishing. 

3. If it’s not your work that’s being reposted, and you click no, it won’t let you fill in the rest. The original poster needs to fill this out, in which case you simply notify the OP of the repost, so they can report it themselves. 

4. If your post is outside of tumblr, click the bottom one. I clicked the top one, obviously. 

5. Then you simply fill this out. Get the original link to your post, put it at the first one, (and you can add multiple if there was more than one), and then link to the repost after (again, you can add multiple if there are more than one). 

Add a little blurb about yourself, and then your email. 

Tumblr says the process may take a couple of days to go through, so be patient. You can send in the report again if you haven’t heard anything from them in like 2 weeks or more. But don’t spam them, because it clogs up their systems. 

Okay but honestly, the HALT method of detecting what’s wrong and finding a solution to negative emotion has absolutely saved my life and helped me prevent meltdowns and even relapses and it’s something I think every autistic person (if not every disabled person and mentally ill person in general?) should know

The way my therapist taught it to me was, when you feel a negative emotion or are doing really badly for some reason (maybe you’re really low on spoons or you’re really anxious or on the verge of a meltdown or panic attack), there are oftentimes very simple reasons why and it’s useful to learn those reasons and how to combat them.

That seems like really obvious advice, but for many disabled people pinpointing the actual cause of negative emotion or low energy can be tricky. That’s why if you can’t immediately figure out what’s wrong, ask yourself if you’re Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired.

If you can pinpoint that you’re any of these things, try to find a solution.

  • Eating properly can have a huge effect on both energy and meantal health. If you haven’t eaten in awhile, try your best to eat something. Even something small like crackers or some fruit is good.
  • If you’re angry over something find a way to relieve stress or distract yourself: use a stress toy, write or draw, listen to calming music, watch a show you like, etc.
  • If you’re lonely, call or text someone. Maybe even write an email or letter (even if you don’t end up sending it), or make a few posts on Tumblr or send asks to people.
  • Not having enough sleep can also effect mental health and energy (obviously?). If you’re tired, try to nap!

Obviously these won’t fix long-term problems or anything, like this can’t cure anxiety (but it can help for times when anxiety is particularly bad) and there are some situations where you can’t accomplish the things you’ll need to work the problems out (for example you may not be in a place where you can take a nap). So it’s not perfect or anything.

But it’s really hard for lots of autistic folk (and others, but I’m speaking as an autistic person) to detect the source of negative emotions and we tend to meltdown or “blow up” at even the smallest things during bad times, and if you can step back and get into the habit of asking yourself why you feel bad and work towards finding even a quick solution, like eating some crackers or taking a nap, it can seriously help you so much.

The Burning Times Debunk Masterpost

Another wave of a-historical posts about the so-called “witch hunts” have been making their rounds on feminist tumblr so it seems like its time for another round of fact checking. To anyone with additional information, please feel free to add on. All of the information that I have found can be easily located on Wikipedia with a number of sources provided on those pages. I made casual note of some of the authors within my text but this is in no way a properly cited piece of research.

The phrase “the burning times” in reference to the more famous period of “witch hunts” was popularized by the 1990 documentary of the same name. This documentary is fraught with historical inaccuracies created in the interest of bolstering alternative spiritualities. These include a number of small errors that should hint at larger problems, like putting historical figures in incorrect locations. It is my thought that to this day, The Burning Times is usually the root of these inaccurate beliefs about this particular part of history. I will try to debunk some of these misconceptions below:

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types of traveling

Traveling: a mental activity categorized by intense, divergent imagining. Traveling can be described as escaping the physical reality to explore another, imaginary dimension inside your own head. It is persistent, structured and associated with a sense of fulfillment. You might know it by its other names: maladaptive daydreaming or compulsive fantasy, however these more mainstream terms are negative so self-identified daydreamers prefer the word ‘traveling’ as a positive alternative. Short overview can be found here.

The main difference between traveling, which is experienced by a small proportion of people, and casual daydreaming, which most people on Earth experience, is that casual daydreaming is fragmented, consciously controlled, always related to the physical world and exists only for the sense of fulfillment. Some of the main characteristics of traveling is that it is consistent, usually unrelated to the physical world and is not consciously controlled. Although it is associated with fulfillment it is much more detailed and realistic. You can read more about the differences here.

On AutisticWorlds I talk a lot about this mental activity and help connect people who experience it so that they can share their thoughts and ideas. My followers and other tumblr users are the reason I can collect information and make posts such as this one, which is a small compilation of different self-reported traveler experiences.

Over the months that I run this blog I have learned that traveling is not a single, universally defined activity but a spectrum of activities that have something in common – intense use of imagination. Here’s a list of variations that travelers and daydreamers have reported. I hope it will help you figure yourself out and find people you relate to!

Types of traveling (that I know of)

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How To Mobile Rp.

So many people are on the move today that rping mobile is becoming more popular. The problem is not many people know how to do it. This tutorial was inspired by that fact and I may have also seen an anon ask someone else how to do it or if their was a guide and the person couldn’t help them. I also haven’t done anything rp related in awhile (I’m not counting graphics) so I’m helping you and myself. Look how professional I sounded at the beginning, what happened? Anyway omg look at my graphics, jk jk don’t look at them but I like them. Made them myself gotta toot my own horn. toot toot. So anyway, whether you need this or not… you should still read it! Or Like or Reblog. Do whatever, I hope you like it or something. Yup… Moving on up to the east side to a deluxe apartment in the sky. Btw yes this will help you reblog even with Tumblr’s new reblog thing. Its a long tutorial ahead so please be patient and if you neeed any questions answered or clarification, feel free to message me.

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Still don’t know what I’m doing on photoshop, but hopefully it’s something good!

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry but i really don't understand. There was no textual johnlock in the special at all, at best, it was just subtext AGAIN or ad/lock and war/stan at worst. I've completely lost faith in TJLC because of the special, i would have expected even the tiniest bit of textual confirmation at this point if we're getting proper (meaning a kiss/love declaration etc.) johnlock in the show.

Hey nonny! Thanks for writing in. I’m sorry to hear that your special watching experience wasn’t what you were hoping for.

All I can tell you, for right now, is that I had a very different experience from you. I saw a boatload of stuff that seemed like it was saying some pretty explicit stuff. If it would be helpful to my followers, I would be more than happy to put together a post or a series of posts to further explain what I saw and why.

At the same time, I have a feeling that by the time I finished I would not be the first person to have such a meta - I know @loudest-subtext-in-television is already hard at work on just such an essay, and she seems to be a much quicker writer than I am. And I’m sure other meta writers will be doing the same. If there’s still a demand for my specific voice on it though, I’d be happy to take on this project.

For the time being, dear nonny, listen. It’s gay. I promise. Subtext is stuff like the elephant in the room (which we got) or gun blow jobs (which we got) or focusing on marginalized populations (which we got) or ghost metaphors (which we got) or Sherlock choosing to take an actual leap of faith off Reichenbach falls, trusting it would lead to a better ending (which we got).

Text, on the other hand, is stuff like Mary explicitly saying that she never sees her husband because he abandons her to go hang with Sherlock all the time. Text is Sherlock telling the audience that there are two mysteries to be solved, and that you have to solve one in order to solve the other. Text is Sherlock telling John that he felt abandoned after he left 221B to go get married. Text is John jealously asking Sherlock about Irene, and Sherlock categorically telling him he has no interest in any women whatsoever, ever, including Irene. Text is also John trying to figure out what Sherlock’s impulses are all about. Text is Sherlock choosing to read John’s story of their meeting in his actual, literal, dying moments. Text is telling the audience that Victorian Sherlock is a man out of his time, but that one day there will be a better time for him and for John both. Text is then panning out to modern London to tell us exactly when that time is.

I don’t think anyone on the analysis side of tumblr was expecting a kiss or anything that overt during this specific episode. The way this plot arc works is that it’s taken in small steps. Remember that this episode is chronologically all taking place in the first 15 minutes or so after HLV ends. The plot isn’t hugely advanced, but what’s being chosen to be revealed to the audience is. We got a love letter to John composed by Sherlock’s own damn mind. It would have been out of character for there to be any textual confirmation along the lines of a kiss because the two character’s aren’t there yet. (And really, in terms of historical accuracy in the Victorian era, Sherlock’s vehement denial about interest in women is actually just about the same thing as a confession, even if it’s not stated explicitly.) John still has some grappling to do, he is still married to Mary, and so on. But what we do see now - more explicitly than we ever have before - is just how besotted Sherlock is with John, and that this emotion of his will be playing a major part in series 4.

What the special did was make it impossible - actually, literally impossible, if you go off of some of the episode reviews - to have this be a cohesive story unless you’re paying attention to the queer story line. Which means that as the story continues into series 4, there is only one way that this story can go.

And in terms of steps, those are pretty damn good ones from where I’m sitting.

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We need to make a website. Trending stuff on twitter needs to still happen, but what we also need is one place where all the information about how Jason screwed up is. If other shows and pr teams are watching, then creating and running a website is a big step from just using social media. It says we aren’t going anywhere, that we are willing to invest in out cause, and that we are in this for the long haul. We could also use it as a place to list what the specific tweets we want trended are and when to trend them. We could make a page about the Trevor Project and talk about the suicide, attempted suicides, and all of our relapses, so that people understand what the media isn’t willing to talk about for the most part. A page for the articles supporting us. Eventually we could add pages about the other CW shows that have killed off lesbians, which would highlight the problem, but also maybe help bring those viewers to our cause. Didn’t one article say some other show and Jane the Virgin just killed off their lesbians recently? 

What we need right now is organization. A website would give us one link instead of trying to get the attention of ten or so tumblr users to get the word out. Building a website is going to get us noticed, and it controls what information is given out about us. Plus, once all of the information is in one place it will be easier for people to email and write to media outlets and sponsors. It’s the sponsor thing that is going to scare them eventually. We’re gonna have to fight to get what we want, which right now they aren’t even acknowledging us, even with our calling for Jason to get fired. We’re gonna have to be harsher, calling for the show to be canceled, to boycott the CW shows, all of them, and if we have to CBS since it’s the parent company. I say this because we aren’t going to get anything with just trending. They fully expect a bunch of teen and twenty-somethings to give up when their social media campaign doesn’t work. I know this sounds harsh, but this has been going on for decades, we need to scare them to make Jason and the CW to take us seriously. 

I’m not great at html, but it wouldn’t be difficult to build a website. It’s the maintenance and keeping the tweeting and articles up-to-date that is going to be time consuming. We need a few people that are good at html to do this. We are going to need popular tumblr users to post to remind people a couple hours before we try to tend things, linking to the website so everyone can figure out their timezones, what they’re tweeting. We need a small group of people that are good at professional writing to set up the text and sample letters for people to send to the media and sponsors (This is my area I volunteer for this right now.). I know there are a few people that are trying to figure out which sponsors we need to focus on, so that’s another group of people.

Right now we need one point of contact, and a small group of people directing so we don’t crash and burn. Anyone interested in figuring out what kind of website to build/ how we pay for it, how we run it, who can write, etc, message me. I’m literally on spring break right now and can help everyone get in contact with each other. 

We have four days to get a plan together, the sooner the better, because they aren’t expecting us to do much since it’s almost spring break and the two week hiatus. If we can get this going, then we can work on getting other fandoms and poc to join in with us.

I’m tagging all the clexa people I follow that haven’t taken a break from the fandom, hoping you’ll do the same, that way we can spread this faster. So if you’re tagged, please reblog this with a list of clexa blogs you follow. 

@elizajanesface @commander-lexa @alyciate @bonany @walk21miles @aliciaclarkisbae @daddylexas @clexadakru @danvers-grant @revengedoctor @btay3115 @lostcommandergirl @clexuh @almostafantasia @tinybisexualclara @thegaywomenchannel @whosophia @ollraight @plus-one-forever @alyciadebnam

a how-to guide on becoming a successful astrology blogger

Disclaimer: most of this is based on what I did and how I got into astrology, but you’ve seen the results so read at your own risk

So, you’ve found yourself wanting to know a bit more about astrology other than that one time your mom mentioned that you were a (insert sign here) and how they are so (insert basic characteristic here). You follow the first two or three astrology blogs you see, but you don’t learn anything because everything is either “the signs as” posts (“wait, which one am I again?”) or in-depth posts about the planets (“what the hell is an ascendant?”). You continue to scroll through your dash, lazily passing vines of people falling off shit until something catches your eye. Is it a bird? A plane? No! It’s trueastrology’s (sorta) helpful post on how to become a successful astrology blogger! WHOA. How did she know exactly what you needed? So, I invite you to buckle up because this is going to be a shitshow of advice and helpful tips being thrown at you. Prepare for unwanted flashbacks of elementary school dodgeball.

FIRST: haul your ass over to, click on “reports”, and then click on “birth charts”. Input the information shown and then read through your birth chart, taking screenshots of your chart, aspects, asteroids, and scroll aaaaaaaaaaall the way down and take a screenshot of your natal chart (I know, it looks hella confusing, but don’t slam down the top of your laptop and head into the kitchen for a snack just yet…)

Here comes the tricky part - the actual learning involved in all of this. The beginning is the hardest part, I promise. Now you need to learn the 12 signs and their basic characteristics, elements, qualities, (most of which can be found in my FAQ by the way). Once you’ve done that (you don’t have to be able to recite it in your sleep, the more you can learn from experience, the better), now the planets: use, or any RELIABLE online resources, any more informationally centered blogs on here, or head on over to your local library and take out a few books on astrology. Many skip this part and dive right in, but trust me, patience is important if your end goal is to have a blog. Do the same with houses and asteroids (asteroids are less important, but still) as well as how to read a natal chart, if you are interested in doing readings for other people.

Aaaaaaaaand, we’ve reached (the first) fun part. After you’re done reading this unnecessarily long guide and you’ve gained a basic level of understanding (go ahead, go tell your mom more about her sun sign, you know you want to) it’s time to do what I call the “sit back and watch”. Follow some more astrology blogs (yes, they will be just as surprised to receive a follow from your wildly inappropriate humor/aesthetic/social justice/porn/personal/WHATEVER blog as you might expect). Go read up on their posts with the sudden clarity of a college student after a few cans of redbull, suddenly knowing (slightly) what the hell all of this means! Send these blogs asks (READ THEIR FAQS FIRST), preferably off anon so you can see their answers easily (especially on the more popular blogs). Follow me (duh), and check out my blog a little (duh). Reblog some astrology posts you like (leaving your followers asking what the hell happened), and wait for your responses.

Now you’re ready to start your blog (ok, ok! Don’t freak out! There are more steps I promise, I’m not leaving you here!)

I’m not gonna sit here and tell you how to set up your blog (first because I suck at that and also because in case you haven’t noticed, this post is CLEARLY long enough already and we haven’t even gotten to the juicy stuff yet). I suggest setting up an FAQ page right away, telling your followers what asks you’re comfortable answering. Take a quick look at the FAQs of other blogs to get an idea of what kinds of asks people tend to send, and don’t be afraid to not answer asks you don’t feel comfortable answering based on your current level of knowledge, you can always update your page later if you want.

Reblog some basic posts that reflect you and the image you want to have to your followers, set the precedence for what you want your blog to be early on. Answer any asks within your guidelines, to make sure your followers know you’re invested in answering asks, and get involved in the community (more about this later)

Here’s the (second) fun part: getting to know the signs. Beside the knowledge you’ve gained from the books (or websites, or some sketchy-ass dusty old books you found in the attic), I can honestly say that this small chunk of text is literally the most important thing you will read in this post. Like seriously, if you’re a goldfish and you get nothing else from this. In my own and my many other distinguished (or not distinguished, whatever) colleagues’ opinions, the best way to get knowledge of astrology is to see it in action. Like an intern, you want to observe astrology like the living, breathing, evolving thing that it is. Work with people you already know closely (siblings, parents/guardians, family members, close friends, or any authority figures you are close to) and with their permission, obtain and study their birth chart. Notice that your best friend has a soft spot for mysterious, brooding, bad boys? (they can’t help it, they are pretty hot), they may have a Venus in Scorpio. Take a look at their personality, make connections, and use the knowledge you know about the signs and their placements to even find out a little more about the person you never knew. Ask questions!! I asked my brother stuff when I was first starting out, they can be as subtle or blunt as you choose. For example, I often use “what qualities do you find yourself attracted to in others” for Venus, or “what are your biggest flaws” for Lilith. You’ll learn a lot, and shape your evolving definition about both the person AND the 12 signs. It’s a win-win.

Back to that part about getting involved in the community. Hopefully you’ve been keeping up with your blog, answering asks, sending some out yourself (still! You’re never too good for this!) and most importantly, making original posts about things you like. Notice someone who always likes/reblogs your posts, or asks you stuff, or someone with the same taste in music? Hell, anyone with really good placements you’d like to get to know better?! Reach out! Send asks, talk to them on kik, reblog/comment on their posts, and slooooooooowly you’ll start to make friends! Friends are good in the astrology community because a) it’s rough waters here, if the tides turn on you (or even if they don’t!) it can get lonely out here in the great big zodiac world of tumblr b) they may know a lot more/less about astrology than you do, and you can learn from them/educate them c) it’s hella fun to rant about the signs, or that crazy (insert sign here) you know who’s always starting shit. Some cool things to do are make master posts, shoutout other blogs, and join networks!

About the success part, well that’ll come eventually (or maybe not, depends if you stuck with me the whole way through this post). As I said before, send/answer asks, make posts, interact with your followers! They don’t want to talk to an anonymous blogger who never posts anything besides queued reblogs, they want someone with a face, a story, and some stuff of their own to contribute to the astrology community. The success and shit will come on its own

agender-liechtenstein  asked:

Hey, is there any chance you could rec any PJO fanfics??

uhhh ok i haven’t been reading a lot of pjo fics lately and this is from memory only sooo

also sorry if u aren’t into these pairings bc u didn’t specify any pairings :c


  • Stucco Hearts by writergirl8 -  Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase are soul mates. They know this because the small timers on their inner wrists tell them that they are meant to be. In theory, it will be easy for Annabeth to keep up the wall that surrounds her heart and stop herself from falling for Percy. In execution? Well, that’s a completely different story.
    notes: currently reading this. soulmates au !!! awesome development. by ananbeth and rongasm
  • I Got a Boy by flyingcrowbar -  A pair of scissors to turns Annabeth Chase into Andrew Chase. She sheds the long blonde ponytail in exchange for a uniform at the elite all-boys private school where only the finest go on to achieve their dreams. It’s her last hope to becoming an architect, one she’s willing to hide her true identity for. Now she only has to pray her new roommate Percy Jackson, the star freestyle swimmer, isn’t smart enough to figure it out.
    notes: i really need to catch up to this tbh i haven’t read the latest updates. so cute i s2g. by flyingcrowbar


  • How Not to Get Your OTP Together by TailsDoll13 -  It started with a shadow-travel onto Half-Blood Hill, and now both camps think that Will and Nico are destined for each other. The problem? Nobody’s succeeded in getting them together. Yet.
    notes: the author is autisticwillsolace on tumblr if i’m not mistaken. also tbh i haven’t read this yet but it’s on my list and i’ve downloaded it on mobile but people rec it so? also taylor is cool
  • Midnight Doesn’t Last Forever by Ghosty_Starr -  “So come and watch the sunset with me?” Solangelo. Post - Blood of Olympus.
    notes: tbh,,, go read all of their fics for the ultimate solangelo experience. AND I SEE THAT YOU ARE IN THE HETALIA FANDOM. idk if u like usuk but they write usuk too idk man just read all of it. rehmuslvpin on tumblr
  • Romeo and Juliet - Starring Will Solace and Nico di Angelo by moonshroom420 -  Mortal AU. When Percy pairs Nico and Will together for their English project, Nico is ready to kill a man. Playing the Juliet to his long-time-festering-crush’s Romeo? Someone have mercy on him.
    notes: romeo and juliet. nico and will. need i say more? they’re moonshroom420
  • Something to Remember by biancadiangeno -  Nico di Angelo never really thought the gap-toothed boy with the too-neon-orange shirt would mean as much to him as he did when they first met, but fate had a strange way of making things work, and more so, making people fall in love.
    notes: ok do urself a favor and don’t read this in public. like i did. don’t read any of stormy’s fics in public. :\\\\ danteqiuntana on tumblr
  • The Ice Cube by moonshroom420 - The Greek professor and the Italian teacher of Half-Blood High had a bubble of romantic and sexual tension the size of the school they worked in and everyone had noticed. Or, the one where Will and Nico flirt with each other in their mother languages to see who will blush in front of their class first.
    notes: sexual tension tbh. really cute and funny. moonshroom420 on tumblr and they wrote a solangelace fic based on a thing i posted i’m just too lazy to look for it but u should read it
  • Wrong Number by EffervescentGrace -  10.25am- Okay, okay. What do you get if you cross a snowman and a vampire? 10.27am- Let me guess- frost bite? 10.29am- Hey, look who knows jokes AKA Nico accidently texts the wrong number and finds himself talking to a cheerful college student with a sun complex.
    notes: the author is effervescentgrace on tumblr if i’m not mistaken. i haven’t read this yet but i’m planning too and i’m head over heels for this au like give me wrong number/kik/whatever aus and i will eat it all up tbh

bianca di angelo

  • Of Figurines and Skull Rings by biancadiangeno -  Bianca di Angelo had always loved stories. But she had never expected hers to turn out this way.
    notes: ok but i cannot properly articulate how much i love this bc it’s astonishingly well written, it’s about bianca di angelo, and uhh subtle references (tsoa!! and implied solangelo) and the end has a nice feeling of tying-up-ness. completion and shit. also by danteqiuntana
Back Stage ; Harry Styles [smut] Part 2

(A/N: Finally omg! Sorry for taking so long but hopefully this makes up for it! Glad you’ve all enjoyed part 1 so here’s part 2! This part is like really long but y'all wanted smut so y'all gonna get smut;) If you haven’t read part 1 yet, I’ll post a link to it! Anyways, Enjoy!)


I was sat quite near the stage, while Lou accompanied me, since I hadn’t come to the concert with anyone else. We were merely three rows away from the boys though we ended up much closer as everyone disregarded seating and crowded as close to the stage as possible.

I watched Harry the majority of the show, unable to take my eyes off of him, remembering what had happened only hours before. The way he moved and acted on stage was almost angelic. He was so humble and kind; far from his off-stage persona.

Sometimes, Harry would blow kisses to the crowd or shout, “I love you so much,” to the fans, which made my heart absolutely melt. I couldn’t hold back my smile as I watched the beautiful boy sing his heart out on stage.

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anonymous asked:

Umm just wondering. I'm new to tumblr so I don't know how to comment and I would really like to comment on your works! So ummm how can you comment? Hehe sorry for bothering you with a stupid question.

No worries, man! Tumblr’s interface isn’t the easiest to figure out for first timers (heck I’ve been here for years and I still get confused sometimes) 

There’s three ways you can go about this, and I’ll be able to see your comments all three ways; you can use the one you’re most comfortable with! 

At the bottom of the posts as seen on your dashboard are these three symbols (if you’re looking at the post from the blog itself, they’ll be up on the upper right hand corner and might be words rather than symbols) 

The first one isn’t for commenting, it’s for the messaging system on this website, so that’d be what you use if you wanna talk to me directly. (I might not respond right away; I get overwhelmed by too much social contact sometimes, but I still always appreciate people expressing that they like stuff I’ve done!) 

The second one is for replies - these are probably the closest to a traditional comment! They have an unfortunately small character limit, but for quick responses you wanna make without reblogging the post they’re great! 

The third is for reblogging, which puts the post on your own blog, as well! It also allows two methods for commenting - you can either comment directly, in the text box that will be underneath the original post, or you can comment in the tags! 

Hope that helps! ouo/  

Second Time’s the Charm


Prompt rating: M

Note: Please see [this] post for request rules if you’d like to make one! As tumblr is the only site that will let me list an individual rating per chapter I’ll rate them as content demands. However the larger compilation on both FFN and AO3 are rated M because I don’t want to go back and change ratings later should smutty requests be made (please see the post linked above for further notes on ratings and prompts).

**Please keep in mind that requests are currently closed! The above is for reference only!

I made a few adjustments to the prompt. @namiiswan

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