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Can you write something about someone from the Batfam finding out about Cass love fro ballet?

You didn’t specify what you wanted exactly and since I’m in my “I want to be a writer” phase I picked the option of writing my second Fan-fiction ever, but unlike my first Fan-fiction this one is written in a regular way without using Bullet points. Which was hard because the story centered around Cassandra who I’m the least expert on from the Batfamily, but I think I did a decent job if I do say so myself.

But enough of the introduction, here’s your 1,200 words fanfic:

Cassandra Cain glanced behind her a couple of times as she quickly skipped down to the lower parts of the Batcave’s huge training mat, with Barbara’s borrowed Beats speakers in her hands. For today her training was a little bit different than her usually training.

As she gave the last glance behind her to make sure that’s she was truly alone for the day, Cassandra put the pink speakers above Damian’s wooden training dummy and pressed play to turn up the song that she chose from YoutTube earlier. She didn’t know the name of the song or its artist, she simply just typed “Ballet Song” on the search bar and then picked the one she liked the most.

She stood in the middle of the mat listening to the beat and rhythm of the song and trying to come up with suitable moves to go along with it. So after a few seconds of standing there she begun to slowly move her right arm and leg, and shortly afterwards their left counterpart joined them to form a movement that was as similar as possible to the Ballet students from Gotham’s Academy that she often spied on- Kept an eye on while they were walking the night streets on their way to their home.

Unlike those students, Cassandra of course didn’t have any coaches, so she can’t really tell if her dancing, if you could call it dancing, was decent or not. But what she can tell you is that she fairly enjoy it. The concept of using her body to create art that can not only please her but also other people in a positive way was both a new and welcomed feeling to her.

As the minutes went by Cassandra lost her self to the simple yet charming melody of the random song she found on YouTube (She was never picky when it comes to music) The instruments of the song and the sound of her feet repeatedly hitting the ground made Cassandra stop noticing her surrounding with her sight, hearing and other senses. And made her start noticing life with her soul.

But apparently her soul needed an appointment with the Optometrist because the owner of the training dummy was standing next to it right now.

Damian smashed his finger to silence the amateur music coming from the speakers to stare disappointedly at the woman in front of him. Cassandra Cain, The League of Assassins best prodigy (before his time of course) was frozen in her place looking at him with eyes of a deer caught in headlights. Definitely not a look that would be encouraged in the league.

“Cain,” he started. And Cassandra didn’t know how to respond to that. She had no idea how the boy slipped past her. She did know that Damian, like her, was trained in the art of assassination so his stealth level was a lot higher than all of the others…but still. To think that her awareness of her surrounding chose to disappear now of all times and to think that the person that slipped past it was Damian Wayne of all people. Today wan’t her day was it?

“Damia- Robi-” She didn’t know what name to use. Technically they were still at home and there was no outsiders around so it should be ok to call him by his real name, but at the same time he was still in uniform so shouldn’t she call him by his Superhero name? But then again when isn’t this boy wearing his Robin costume?

“What was that?” he harshly asked her before she could figure out a name to use.


“I said,” he begun a little louder than before, while putting his hands on his hips in a challenging manners “What was that pitiful show you just did?”

Cassandra wondered if Alfred the Cat was as stealthy as his owner because she honestly felt like a cat just got her tongue.

She looked around her hoping to see if anyone else was here, if Alfred the human or maybe Barbra would come in and save her from this humiliating situation. Cassandra was never good at these type of things. A.k.a defending yourself with your tongue. Why would she? She was an assassin turned vigilante, you really didn’t need to be a sassy person for either of those jobs (But it’s optional in the later) If someone did you wrong you simply get back at them with your blade not with words.

But standing in front Bruce’s judgmental off spring. Cassandra wished she focused more in the ‘Insults’ department while learning the English language, because even though his combat level was near her’s, his speech level was light years ahead of her. So there’s no way she could come up with a good come back to defend her self from this mini-Shakespeare.

As Damian took off his cape, gloves and mask she felt a flicker of hope. Maybe his verbal assault would turn into a physical assault? So then she would actually have a good excuse for knocking him out. And hopefully he wouldn’t remember what he saw and her dirty secret would still remain a secret, maybe even dirtier than before.

But unfortunately for her that’s not what Damian did. What he did do was slowly walk in circles around her with his hands behind his back and head held high. It kinda reminded her of the way the Ballet instructor in Gotham’s academy would walk while criticizing her students.

“Bended knees, low arms and that crouched back!” he listed all the flaws in her dancing. That was also another thing the Ballet instructor from the academy did. Cassandra blinked at that a couple of times. She wondered if this’s how American kids insulted each other? No wait, Damian isn’t an American, nor is he really what you would consider a ‘kid’.

“And your pointe technique?! Agh!” and then he did that ‘tt’ thing he always did. Cassandra always wanted to know how he does it.

“…P-pointe technique?” she dared to ask. Quite frankly this is the most intimidated she ever been from any of her brothers, and ironically it was from her littlest one.

“You don’t know what’s a pointe technique?” he face-palmed himself at her question, and then sighed “It basically mean standing on your toes. Like this,” and just like, that the great son of Batman stood in his tipsy toes. In a really impressive way if Cassandra had to say. “Considering you fascination with the art of Ballet I’m sure that you’re very knowledge about it, am I correct?”

She shook her head in a ‘No’ manners while her eyes were glued on his small feet in total awe.

Damian let out another sigh and a ‘Tt’ (God he really need to teach her how to do that) before he brought his feet back to the ground and gave her a long hard examination look. “We got a long way to go” he said.

“We?” she asked.

“Yes, we, since you are in an obvious need of a teacher” he said as he took off his red Robin vest and revealing the black undersuit that he wore underneath. It kinda reminded her of the tights that the few male dancers in the academy wore. “Now go and pick another song from Gordon’s speakers while I do my stretching”

Cassandra gave a happy gasp and then wasted no time into running to the speakers.

“AND THIS TIME PICK A BETTER ONE!” Damian yelled from the ground where he was doing a split.

Vocaloid Song Master List

EDIT: This has been updated! …Again! As per the usual I’ve gone through and added all the new songs I’ve happened to stumble across and ended up liking. I’ve put stars next to the new songs in case you wanted to look at only the added ones! I hope you enjoy!

Seeing as this is only months after the last time I updated, there aren’t as many new songs as last time. The last time I updated it had probably been around a year since I last touched the list, so…yeah. Not as much new content this time, but I figured it would be good to update this before it became to tedious to do so ^^’

I actually made this for my good friend Blacklands, but I figured, hey, if you guys want some good Vocaloid tunes to listen to and don’t know where to start, here you go! Now you know all the stuff I jam to on a daily basis.

Inspiration for everything I do usually comes from listening to Vocaloid music. Hollah.

IMPORTANT: Sooo tumblr is being stubborn and refusing to show all of the links I spent hours putting together, so I decided to put this whole word document in my stash on DeviantART. If you’re lazy and don’t want to go through the effort of looking up these songs, my stash has all of the links attached. This time I didn’t go through and check all of the links to see if they’re broken or not, seeing as that’s like 200-300 songs I have to go through…a very, very long process. So! If you click on a link and it no longer works, please let me know and I will fix it ASAP.
Here’s the link:

Well…here we go, then!

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Differences (and similarities) in Thunderbirds Are Go [TAG] (2015) and Thunderbirds [TOS] (1965)

As promised the first of my pieces to wait out the… well wait.

So the TAG series of 2015 has been a large hit with viewers – the time slot not so much, but let’s disregard that for now. Either way, there are many differences between this new series and the original as well as a few similarities.

I’ve collected thirty-two to go with the number of TOS episodes.

So quite simply put in a list, here they are;

1.       Possibly the obvious one: no longer are we limited to strings.

The decision to make an animated series was kind of obvious due to the advances in technology since the times of their making. It was also easier than remaking the puppets simple for the sake of living up to old looks or memories. Also, animated figures can do so much more: kind of appropriate when you want to show multiple different rescue scenarios with intricate details.

2.       The hair switch-swap.

So… we are all aware that Gordon was the red head, right? Well that was changed when the very first promotional pictures of the series were released.

So Scott and Virgil switched, the same for John and Gordon, Alan is the only one with a similarity to his original. The reason for this decision is as unclear as it is unknown.

3.       The uniform.

It was bye-bye coloured sashes for this series. Sort of. We still have colours, we still kind of have sashes, we just have more equipped and diverse ones. The colours now correspond to their respective Thunderbirds and feature devices suited to each brother’s main rescue cause.

4.       The date.

Possibly quite an important point. The date was often wrong in the original in comparison to what we were told (2065 – though some debate this should actually have been 2025: I have a piece upcoming on this debate and the reasons for each side to in the coming weeks, for those of you interested). This series decides we will go closer to the original stated date, but rewind five years.

5.       Jeff.

He was one of the main characters. He appeared in every episode, every movie, he was essentially given an important role and now he’s dead. Jeff makes no personal appearance in this series, yet gets plenty of mentions by his sons. (I will also be uploading a piece on all the Jeff information we have from series one in the coming weeks too).

The series does however manage to work without him – well, it retains his 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… piece that we all know – even Cadbury’s who used it in their Christmas advert and Chris Evans, who uses it in his BBC Radio 2 breakfast show (they can thank me for the advertising point later).

6.       Grandma.

She does more than cook. In fact, it’s better (in most cases) she doesn’t compared to her original counterpart, whose cooking was world famous. Or the Tracy world anyway. Especially in ‘Cry Wolf’ [TOS].

7.       Scott the Pilot.

We actually got to see some flight experience on another plane.

This was actually kind of similar to ‘Operation Crash-Dive’ [TOS], the only excetion being that was a plane in constant flight, not a plane pecariously balanced… Though we did get a rather nice landing being pulled off – a dangerous one with adverse effects on the ground, but for Scott’s prides sake let us discard that piece of information.

I suppose his crash landing is supposed to represent the one from ‘The Uninvited’ [TOS] considering the similar location.

In the original, we were gifted Scott’s knowledge of planes too, but that wasn’t completely amiss from this series, it just wasn’t as clearly stated.

“What sort of a jet was that again?”

“Probably an EJ2.”

“Hmm. Well that’s not a long range job. A thousand miles at the most.”

- Scott and Lady Penelope, ‘The Imposters’ [TOS_S1_E16]

P.S. There were no cows on farms in Ireland this time.

And as another additional point for Scott, this one really cannot keep his cool;

8.       John.

“I can’t wait to dive into that pool. It sure gets lonely up here.”
- John, ‘City of Fire’ [TOS_S1_E15]

This John quite clearly dislikes some of the time he spends on Earth due to gravity, whereas the original John looked forward to going home. This John though, does receive that bit more love than the original.

9.       Virgil.

If anything, he’s changed the least: in a way. Despite the original lack of artistic influence, it did return to us.

10.   Gordon

So he doesn’t have a broken back, that much is for sure. He does however spend time at the bottom of the ocean still. And has a thing for Lady Penelope…

“After all we went through, perhaps somethings are better left buried.”
“You’re probably right. I mean you and me, it just wouldn’t… you’re talking about the Laughing King, aren’t you?”

“I’m just saying there’ll be a certain VIP on this flight. Name starts with ‘Lady’ ends with ‘Penelope’.”

“Fancy meeting you here, My lady.”
“Gordon, what a surprise.”
- Gordon and Lady Penelope, Virgil, Gordon and Lady Penelope, ‘Tunnels of Time’ & ‘Falling Skies’ [TAG_S1_E10&E14]

11.   Alan.

Strangely, this one sleeps on the floor. Maybe that was deemed safer in case he rolls his way out of bed again during a… peculiar dream in ‘Thunderbirds Are Go’ [TOS].

12.   Brains.

So, slightly darker skin, similar glasses and a different stutter pattern. This Brains no longer struggles with almost every word or letter sound, only on consonants such as C, M, P or T (mainly).

He also goes out on a mission in ‘Runaway’ [TAG], a little bit like he did in ‘Sun Probe’ and ‘Lord Parker’s ‘Oliday’ [TOS], though a lot more reluctantly in TAG.

13.   Kayo.

So Tin-Tin has a new name and a new look. She also has a more active role… sort of.

The name Tin-Tin was causing a few copyright issues, so the producers chose to go with Kayo instead of the full Tinusha, as informed to us thanks to a certain Machiavellian.

“I haven’t seen you in a very long time, Tinusha Kyrano. But they call you Kayo now.”
- The Hood, ‘Ring of Fire’ (Part 2) [TAG_S1_E2]

Her family relationship with The Hood is played upon so much more – she actually meets him and knows of the secret (which is unknown for the original series. Kyrano knows yes, but it is never stated that she herself does).

She in a way appears as the opposite to Brains with the confidence issue. Where as TAG portrays him as more the homebird, she really has come out of her shell since TOS.

14.   Kyrano.

Which leads nicely on to this second absence of an original character. It is quite unknown as to his location and there were some early rumours that he too was involved in the ‘Jeff incident’, yet this is never played on by the producers in the terms that Kayo looks for revenge on her Uncle for the death of her father. He gets only one mention in the series finale.

“Were you also this way when my father wouldn’t share his toys with you?”
- Kayo, ‘Legacy’ [TAG_S1_E26]

However, it is too short a comment to properly analyse the tenses or meanings off – because there is practically nothing there!

15.   Max.

He’s Brains’ new right hand robot! MAX replaces Braman ‘Sun Probe’ [TOS]. He doesn’t play chess though…

He does - similarly – go on a rescue mission in ‘Recharge’, though unlike Braman, he features in every episode. The major difference between the two is that MAX is certainly more efficient.

16.   Lady Penelope.

She now wears red. It’s the new pink – which was the new black – people. The car is still pink though.

She also does a lot more villain/bad guy chasing, similarly to ‘The man from MI5’ [TOS].

She also has a Great Aunt, Sylvia to be on first name terms.


17.   Sherbet.

The dog Parker dislikes, Lady Penelope loves and he dislikes practically anyone who is deemed a threat.

18.   Parker.

Speaking of him…

He didn’t change very much at all. In fact, he changes the least, even retaining his original voice actor. Then again, David Graham was a very hard act to replace and the original Parker was always very well loved.

He still gets up to some old tricks within the series,

Still looks after Penelope (or the other way round),

And still Chauffeurs her around at her leisure… Most of the time.

He taught the Tracy brothers to drive. In FAB Zero (I’ll get to that later).

19.   EOS.

Big, massive difference – who apparently doesn’t really exist in the second series. A work of John’s, turned evil, turned good. She has some nice humorous points throughout the series, but does get a bit forgotten.

20.   Colonel Taylor.

Jeff’s best friend apparently… who cannot remember the names of his five sons.

He was quite a nice addition to the series though.

21.   Colonel Casey.

Jeff’s friend that we did know about from the start… who happened to change very suddenly. I’m still not sure what TAG are calling her. Colonel Tim Casey no longer has the same ring to it.

22.   Thunderbird Four.

Thunderbird Four is now graced with a hangar of its own as well as a pod. It seems to be that bit better treated in TAG than in TOS, with a bit more involvement and equipment.

Lucky thing.

23.   Thunderbird Four’s Island launch.

What used to launch on a runway now seems to have a channel directly beneath the island into the ocean, which - when one properly thinks about it – probably makes a lot more sense.

24.   Thunderbird Five.

It had a bit of a remake.

It now has a space elevator to save Thunderbird Three the trips.

It also has a Gravity Ring – which I personally love, considering NASA believe it isn’t possible. Though if they think that, it quite possibly isn’t possible in real life, but let’s ignore that fact entirely and just enjoy the beauty of it.

And the coloured pathways! (Obviously in the appropriate IR/Thunderbird colours).

It also even has a rescue pod of it’s own! Thunderbird Three is not needed for all spacial missions or the sole space rescue craft as a result. Thunderbird Five is seen that bit more often and with a slightly larger role than in the original, but since it wasn’t liked that much by its creator – nor was it’s respective Tracy – that can be explained quite simply.

25.   Thunderbird Shadow.

Kind of a Thunderbird Six really, even going so far as to share the S. Though, Shadow is a lot better equipped and much more modern.

26.   FAB Zero.

Yeah… The car that came out of nowhere and still managed to survive all those years. It’s a family heirloom.

And a trend setter.

27.   The Hood’s ship.

We never learn anything about it really, just that it looks like a bit of a monstrosity that eventually gets torn apart and dropped into the waters afront Tracy Island. It differs to The Hood’s method of transport in TOS purely because there is never a stated way of transport within the series.

28.   Tracy Island.

This is one thing which didn’t change… massively. Other than a bit of the décor. The house was edited slightly –significantly seen in the lack of culture compared to the TOS editions. The statues are gone and seemingly the Kyrano influence with his absence. Originally, the swimming pool was to the right of the house and the house wasn’t quite so… triangular or parallelogram like.

29.   Mateo Island.

Whilst it was never hinted to in the original, we always saw it’s presence.

30.   The Hood’s…. place.

I say place, because in TOS he has a lavish jungle Temple and in TAG he has more of a decorated lair, or steals someone elses!

By the end, he has a lovely one of these to cuddle up in too. Though Colonel Casey gets to do the mocking instead of him.

31.   Holographic equipment.

We now have holo-communications. The idea is quite a bit like what we had in the original, except outside of the frame.

It goes a step further to Wrist Conmmunicators and John’s giant holo-map.

And of course a mobile phone. I’d guess it’s made by Apple from the size.

32.   Equipment;

So, IR now have a tent with seemingly magical heating blocks.

A very cool explorer pod.

Magnetic boots for a bit of plane surfing – because plane spotting is so last season.

Alan’s hoverboard is a lovely edition – I can imagine him as the skateboarding type since he was a bit of a boy racer ‘Move andyou’re dead’ [TOS].

Oh, and a fishing hook!

Wait… that’s Thunderbird Four.

33.   Ned Tedford (and Gladys)

He’s the special addition.

So, you can tell me if you would like - what do you want me to write next?

Do let me keep you

(Or: In which Dan and Phil get a cat.)

Disclaimer: These fictional characters are based on real people. I do not claim to know them, nor do I cast aspersions on them.
Wordcount: 7662
Warnings: Animal injury/death (not the cat!), very mild body image issues, societal pressures against everything which isn’t the perfect romantic/heterosexual love story.
AN: Thank you very much to my beta adoringphil and artist moreorlester, and to silverluminosity for suggesting the title. This is likely my last fic for the phandom, so I figured it was probably time to write that kitten!fic I’ve been promising for two years, right? :P It’s been real, phandom. More details as to my departure here, but for now, click here to view Sam’s incredible art (also embedded below), and enjoy the story.


Quite how they talked each other into getting a cat, neither was entirely sure.

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These are my predictions for celebrities and what will happen to them in 2015. I’m using my intuition to interpret what came to me while meditating 😊 You don’t have to believe anything I say so don’t get too upset if you read something about a celebrity and you strongly disagree or dislike the prediction I’ve made for them but I’m usually right!! 🔮

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AA Manga: Re-recording

@zarla-s​ submitted:

Hi, I saw you mention a bit ago that you were open for translation requests and I hope that’s still the case cause otherwise I’ll feel like an idiot, haha. Anyway, there was this doujin (actually more like three I think) I found on pixiv that I’ve been curious about for a while  -

It’s REALLY LONG I know, but I’m really just curious about the first story about Kristoph and Phoenix, or the last one with Apollo and Kristoph. :o Even just the jist of what’s going on would be great! I hope I’m not asking too much. :o

That really is a lot of pages, but I’m still filled with determination… and curiosity; mainly the latter.

For those not in the know, the link above goes to a reprint collection of three short stories, published by artist Towako Minadzuki from 2009 to 2011, hence the 66 pages in total. Props to this person. They’ve got quite a collection of AA stuff among other things on their Pixiv page.

They also note in the description (and the cover page) that there are some stories that were left out due to size restraints and length, but they aren’t related to these three.

Now for some quick T/Ns:

“Adieu, Adieu, Because of the Moon” (Kristoph / Phoenix)
* This title is a reference to a song named “月極姫” (lit. “Monthly Princess”) or “Prinsesse Mensuelle”, according to the official European album, by the pop rock band Tokyo Jihen (Tokyo Incidents).

“Changing For the Worse Is Our Life” (Phoenix)
* By “changing for the worse”, it refers to how one changes one’s attitude when faced with dangerous or desperate situations. The “our” bit refers to people in general.

“diamond” (Kristoph / Apollo)
* Diamond.

Note: Long post. I’ve condensed lines that share the same panel and spaced apart those of different panels, as well as broken up the stories into sections. Now if only I could figure out how to mark some place in a post to navigate…

Another note: Sometimes there’s dialogue outside of the bubbles. I’ve marked them with parentheses, but they may actually be spoken aloud.

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I got a lot of autographs at Ani-Jam 2014… A lot of Kazoolanders, Cavalcadium Members and more dressed up as original characters inspired by the “Steam Powered Giraffe” universe, that is! This is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, because it gives fans a chance to really feel like their character! It was so much fun! :D

Let’s see who I got to meet! :D (Slightly out of order, probably). If I got your name wrong, etc, message me and I will fix it ASAP!

Page 1
“DJ” noxcoil
“Stamp” automatonfriend
“WH Carrie” carrieanneve
“Wind-Up” rosedye
“Melody” steam-powered-meena
“Butter” monet-paints-moineau
“Tripod” litteewok (URL not working)
“BETA” dataentryheheheh
“Kissa” emelia-lakewood
“Kayden” lilmissbxbluv
(Looks like “The Twitter Enthusiast” but having trouble determining character name or URL, even on Twitter, I’m sorry!

Page 2:
“Marionette” squ1dp0ny
“Pamela” (I forgot/can’t read last name, I’m sorry!) quorgi
“Pun” was-that-a-pun
“Deh-Lah” creaturegirl
Pandacreach (can’t get URL to work to confirm character name Y.Y;;)
“Critical” on Instagram: “Rewrx”? (I thought I could read this, but I can’t confirm the URL)
cotton-candy-quinn (I am now realizing I should have had everyone print their character’s name clearly, in addition to the autograph… I’m just gonna put whatever I can figure out for these)

Page 3:
“Chess Cat” darkwater-smidge
“River” jellyfish-child
“Ruby L-P” lesmiserablesislife
“Karen the Mom Cosplay” (tagging the offspring with the tumblr ;3) thepageofawkward
“Icky the Elf” aka “Ickaous” Instagram: ickaous4

Whew! Okay, I tried my best to get everyone! I also got the band members, but unfortunately missed Walter Girl Carolina, since she wasn’t able to come to Ani-Jam. (Yay school, tho! :D) I also want to give a special shout out to a couple people who dressed as band members. There was a Spine, Jon, and (human) Sam. (Unfortunately, I was being pretty darn rude without realizing it at the time and didn’t think to include them. Please forgive me! I regret the mistake A LOT! “OTL)

Special thanks to my friend monstersanosa, who provided me the paper and markers so that I could do this fun thing! Without him, non of this would have been possible. Also, thank you to melissasoodlesofdoodles and her BF Nathan who graciously shared their hotel room with us and gave us food and water! Both of these friends of mine are awesome artists, so please go check out their blogs!

Finally, I wanna thank everyong who dressed up as well as Steam Powered Giraffe and everyone that is a part of making SPG the amazingness it is today, past and present! Ani-Jam 2014 was a blast! Until next time! :D

(In case any if you were curious, I was the Pikachu collecting autographs in the early afternoon and the Pink Ranger collecting autographs in the later afternoon).


So, the artist formally known as mattuf1somehow ended up going from his little 700 follow forever, to now having over 2000 followers and I just…I can’t believe it. I’ve had such a great experience on tumblr since I started doing Disney things. 

So I wanted to do something for the follower milestone and since I’m no good at judging things for awards and I have nothing cool or interesting to give away (meaning I hoard all my cool stuff like a chipmunk) I figured…why not acknowledge some of my favorite blogs and people I’ve come across on here. 

So let’s get down to business. I’m going to TRY and stay alphabetical cause that seems to be the way it’s done, but if I don’t then…well…I got lazy, lol. 

Bolded names are just people that I’ve gotten to know and talk to and/or consider my friends or they have amazing blogs that I am jealous of beyond belief. 

So I THINK that’s everyone. If I forgot someone I am so so sorry but these are all great blogs, good peeps and all of them have been awesome in making my tumblr experience really fantastic. Thank you so much to everyone who has followed me and helped me reach this goal of 2000 I just…I can’t believe I have so many followers now. It’s crazy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!