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How would you respond to the money/incentive discourse going on with Brett?

i think both parties are sorta talking past each other in that brett is advocating some form of market socialism/social democracy and communists are defending a stateless, moneyless, and classless society where the means of production are held in common. this isnt really an easy debate to have as if we’re talking about the same exact system and simply choosing whether or not to include money after the fact. 

i think on this point, communists tend to have especially weak arguments simply due to the convenient dismissal of money and all economic matters entirely in their end point, since they imagine they’ll solve all of these problems as if by magic and so the dirtier details aren’t important, being unique to less pure systems than theirs. a general ignorance of the economic calculation debate, which brett brought up (and which i sorta addressed recently), means that few if any are able to adequately address these historical issues, but that doesnt necessarily kill their points either. it also doesnt mean the argument is settled and money has won out. i think the question of whether or not this matter has been dealt with “sufficiently” by anyone, communist or otherwise, is going to largely be a matter of opinion. 

brett is essentially correct when he says that meeting everyones needs isnt an incentive structure if its unconditional, but i think we can be more creative in this regard than markets (although he did mention some other ideas, which i agree are generally pretty piss-poor). 

his proposal, if i understand him correctly, that a monetary incentive structure could and should still exist under conditions of a vague socialism has its own set of problems. he suggests that this would function after everyone else’s basic needs have already been met, and that money could still exist to make sure the dirty jobs get done. he echoes adam smith a bit in talking about how self interest can also work for the benefit of the public (brett still calls himself a liberal in the classical sense after all), but what goods would this money buy? luxury goods, presumably, since basic needs have already been met, but what about the historical movement from luxury to necessity, where things like cars and computers become transformed from symbols of wealth and power into every day use-values? at some point the current luxury goods might become commonplace through technological and productive advancement, making them fairly worthless compared to this newer much more powerful or scarce thing that becomes the new standard of luxury. 

in fact, with further automation in production, many if not all of these goods may become cheaper and cheaper to produce until their marginal cost falls close to 0 (something we’re already seeing right now in today’s very capitalist economy), at which point the use of money becomes very different. we’re living in a world where machines can now reproduce themselves, but we dont utilize a lot of this power because it clashes with our ability to maintain a consumer base. we can’t replace workers with machines without affecting the realization of profits. if we can achieve a genuine form of socialism with worker ownership of the means of production, it will be in each worker’s self interest to contribute as little as possible toward these dirty jobs, and through this we will likely find the answer to many of these problems with changes in production, as has generally been the case in the past. but even if we dont, even if we just utilize the technologies we have right now in a more efficient way (and we can imagine that productive advancements in the form of “labor-saving devices” would be discouraged by those seeking more money and not wanting to compete with and be outmoded by machines, in many ways slowing down the economy more than it has to be), the costs of these luxury goods, unless artificially propped up, would likely fall drastically.

in this sense, i think brett’s answer to a lack of incentive in society depends on something that will undergo its own crises and, in the end, introduce the same problem. if things become free– or even nearly free –in a money economy, where is the incentive to do dirty jobs for money? if everything is either provided for free as a necessity or as an easily reproducible product, and nearly everything else can be produced and sold for next to nothing, is anyone going to want to work for even more money, especially if they feel like the work is degrading and not worth their time? 

the answer depends on whether or not needs are met for free and if the money only exists for those that do the extra work, creating a market economy inside of an already existing socialist one. 

if this isnt the case, i.e., if money exists in the entire economy and everyone gets a basic income or something like that but you can get extra if you do dirty work, the issue remains. the incentive problem reemerges when luxury goods become so cheap that theyre accessible to everyone (almost certainly a near-immediate transformation if we assume any meaningful change in production)

but if this is the case, then we have a very confusing-looking socialism where the dirty work will certainly get done (not that it wouldnt otherwise), but there is definitely room for criticism of this type of system, especially regarding its implications. effectively withholding products from everyone except for those willing and able to work for them (done by some entity, the state i presume) in order to ensure that the dirty work gets done is an interesting progressive way to introduce and enforce new hierarchies in society based around access to luxury goods. maybe this could be justified, since poverty would be abolished, universal contentment would overtake the species, etc, but how would this monopoly on distribution conflict with the communal ownership of production? would it be communal ownership at all, or only social ownership through the state? why would i do dirty work when a 3d printer or even a full-scale factory can produce things for next to nothing? would 3d printers and factories be barred from my personal usage in this way? would i be cut off from particular means of production in order to ensure that i dont steal goods meant to be given to those more valuable dirty workers? how would this change my relationship with production? can we even separate production from distribution this cleanly in the first place, attempting to pull the two apart and address problems in each separately? will brett ever stop trying to resurrect john stuart mill? etc etc etc. 

theres a lot of uncertainty in that and i dont think this is a sufficient response to communists, or even austrians for that matter, regarding problems of economic calculation. and this is all without ever even questioning money itself as a means of accumulating and hoarding value, potentially in a way that could reintroduce material inequalities in very non-socialist and reactionary ways. 

these are just some basic problems i spot immediately, and i havent gone into much depth (although others have), but i remain convinced that communism is the best alternative and that any money economy is going to have to carry all the burdens of money with it. in brett’s proposal, it probably becomes a redundant and crisis-ridden medium. he might disagree with me, but he does that a lot so im used to it. i also know hes not terribly interested in debating this, so this is isnt to get some response out of him. ill forever be hated on the tumblr left for having the audacity to think that brett is tolerable, and i think there are more important things than the issue of money, especially since, as i already said, we have two very different end goals in mind. but even for communists interested in transitioning to that end goal, i think this is a discussion we ought to take more seriously than we usually do.

also no one on this website knows what socially necessarily labor time is.

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how each of the rfa members would react to mc being pouty and asking them for a piggy back ride? like maybe they're walking somewhere and she gets tired? xD

A/N: I don’t give people piggy back rides I usually just pick the person up when they least expect it and keep walking like i doNT HAVE TIME TO STOP WE GONNA GET GOING ILL JUST CARRY YOU THE REST OF THE WAY ~Admin 404


           -The two of you ask each other at the same time

           -He wants a piggy back ride too, MC!! ;A;



           -You don’t even have to pout for long, he’ll do it for you because??? He’s gotta prove to you he’s not a cute little kid

           -Though he complains like a little kid

           -10 minutes into the ride, he’s slowing down, dragging his feet, and complaining

           -“MC, you aren’t heavy, I’m just…tired, I promise”

           - where’s your arm strength Shooting Star?? i thought you were a big strong warrior

           -Seriously, you have to carry him further than he carried you, but he absolutely loves every minute of it


           -You don’t have to ask him twice

           -So happy to give you a piggyback ride!!

           -He thinks you’re so cute

           -He would have let you pout a little just to see your cute little face, but!! Couldn’t bring himself to do it

           -Plus, this gives him a chance to show you how easily he can hold you

           - totally not trying to show off his strength

           - feel my muscles mc

           -He’ll put you down whenever you want, but would rather not

           -It doesn’t matter where you are, if you ask, he is carrying you in a heartbeat



           - She will suPLEX YOU IF YOU ASK HER TO

           -It actually takes a lot of pouting and begging to get her to pick you up

           -“MC, you’re an adult, can’t you walk?”

           - but i dont wwwaaaaannnnnaaaaaa

           -Sometimes she’ll give you a piggy back ride just because she’s tired of hearing you ask

           -But only around the house, MC, we’re adults

           -Once you tried to surprise her and jump on her back but it didn’t go well AT ALL

           -Meaning the both of you fell flat on your faces

           -From then on, you try not to jump onto her

           -Because of that though, she’ll be more lenient about carrying you, just, don’t knOCK HER DOWN AGAIN PLEASE


           -In public, don’t even think about it

           -But at home? y e s

           -He’ll give you a piggy back ride all around the penthouse

           -Scratch that, all around the building

           -It’s childish but the look on your face is so cute!!!

           -He can’t help himself! The smile on your face makes him so happy

           -The first time you brought it up, however, was a no-go

           -You had to pout for h o u r s until he finally agreed

           - lowkey only made you pout that long because it was cute

           -Sometimes he refuses to put you down. He’ll talk to anyone who walks up to him completely calm and collected, as if you aren’t hanging off of his back


           - tackles you for a piggy back ride first

           -He usually picks you up and carries you around anyway

           -So you wanting a piggy back ride is no problem for him!!!


           -Although sometimes you aren’t sure why you bother

           -Because he likes to hold you hostage

           -You want down? Too bad, he’s got a tight grip on your thighs

           -The door frame has been broken a few times from you holding onto it when he walks through


           -Once tried to Naruto run with you on his back and both of you hit the wall, Saeran filmed the whole thing


           -If MC wants a piggy back ride, MC gets a piggy back ride

           - has tried to take pictures of the two of you and has failed

           -It happens a lot, especially when the two of you go on hikes

           -He get to hold the camera and take whatever pictures you want while he carries you

           -You never have to pout to get him to carry you

           -He can’t handle the pout!!! He feels so bad!!

           -Sometimes, he’ll ask you to get onto his back so you can get a picture for him

           -Always so gentle with you! He’ll kneel so you can get down softly instead of just jumping off

           -He avoids any place with low ceilings or door frames, so you don’t hit your head

           -Please just ask him for a piggy back ride, MC, you literally have nothing to lose


           -What, are your legs broken?

           -No MC I’m not gonna give you a piggy back ride

           -A lot of pouting is needed to make him change his mind

           -Go ahead MC, pout for days, he loves it

           -Seriously, the only way you can get a piggy bag ride from him is to jump onto him

           -At first it was a bad idea to jump on him, because you scared him and he dropped you on your butt

           -But after a few times, he’s gotten used to it

           -He just walks around as if you aren’t hanging off of him

           -To get you off of him, he’ll tickle your thighs

           - secretly loves when you hang off of him though, but he’ll never tell you 

boyfriend minhyuk

A/N: i honestly am depending on these posts to keep me alive while school destroys me!!! but do not worry life is good!!! i love monsta x!!! masterlist!!!

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  • oh man oh boy i love minhyuk let’s just get started shall we???
  • i keep getting distracted by the gif he is So CuTe is my minhyuk bias showing yet
  • smiles for days
  • honestly he’ll spend most of his time just staring at you and smiling and when you ask hime what he’s so happy about he’ll just answer “you” and scrunch up his face and giggle
  • but if you do the same to him oh man someone send that boy strength his heart will be fluttering so hard 
  • definitely has butterflies in his stomach most of the time from you and tells you about it because who doesn’t love being excited by someone???
  • i can see him applauding whenever you do anything like if you do the dishes well he is standing there applauding what a weirdo it’s not like i do the same thing or anything
  • lots and lots and lots of giggling
  • this boy is such a beam of excitement and he will always share it with you
  • okay but being woken up by minhyuk in the morning is actually heaven
  • please watch the video of him waking up jooheon if you havent seen it before and if you have just watch it again and cry because it is so important to me
  • highkey will play hide and seek with you underneath the blankets he is such a child omo
  • will also play hide and seek with you everywhere
  • he loves chasing you and both of you laughing until he corners you and stretches his long limbs and you’re trapped and he gets this evil grin on his face because he knows you have nowhere to go but that you will attempt some crazy maneuver to escape and when he catches you he’ll just say something cheesy until you fall apart giggling and he kisses you
  • speaking of kisses he’s the type to pucker his lips whenever he wants a kiss 
  • the greasiest boy ever
  • so much grease
  • please save yourself
  • also lots of jokes??? good and bad that boy really wants to see you smile
  • singing under his breath lots
  • please praise his singing always okay like he is so talented and hardworking please make sure he knows this and that you are proud of him
  • whenver you talk to him about serious things or compliment him from your heart he’ll get silent and take in how wonderful it feels
  • squeaks/screams all the time so many high pitched noises he is so cute
  • okay so he is a huge fan of pda
  • anyone else remember that episode of deokspatch when the members complained because he was so touchy feely because i cant forget that episode it changed my life
  • seriously he just loves feeling you with him
  • it brings him so much life and comfort because wow!!! you!!!
  • highkey always smelling you
  • at the most random times
  • you’ll be sitting on the couch watching tv and he’ll sniff you and you’re like ??? and he sighs and says you smell great and like home rip @ me 
  • always down for cuddling
  • especially in blanket forts
  • probably makes a date night ritual of building blanket forts and eating sweets and playing childhood games wow 
  • you two will probably be extra af together
  • even if you’re not extra
  • you’ll be extra with mihyuk
  • making weird faces at each other from across the room to communicate
  • really strange inside jokes ??? you know the kinds i’m talking about ,,, the ones you say with your friend and everyone else around you is staring like wHaT iS hApPeNiNg
  • weird nicknames that ellicit the same reaction 
  • “how’s the weather outside?”"it’s sunNY!!!“ sorry i had to
  • he is super extra but also so so so soft
  • lots of very small but monumental moments with him
  • also very soft when meeting your family or when you talk about something you love or lying in bed and talking for hours about whatever topics come up naturally because he adores the intimacy of getting to know you like that
  • will always be there when you need anything at all do not doubt the dedication this boy has to your happiness okay 
  • probably blurts out “i love you” at the most inopportune time like you trip and fall over nothing and he just laughs and goes “tHaT wAs So FuNnY!!! are you okay? i love you!!”
  • he doesn’t even look embarrassed because he means what he said and you can’t help but laugh and say it back because wow you do really love this child
  • loves sharing things with you 
  • always stealing sips of your drinks and food but he loves to feed you too so it’s okay
  • clothes-sharing is a huge thing he will probably borrow from you too and you’ll soon get to a point where you can’t really tell whose hats are whose or whatever but it’s all chill because you both look adorable and great in everything
  • model af couple pictures
  • meme af couple pictures
  • far too many candids of you two laughing together when you were supposed to be posing nicely 
  • jamming so hard to your favorite songs together and to songs on the radio and to nothing you two are always jamming and going so hard at everything you do because you’re hyped on life together i.e. that right now episode when he is getting pumped about the ocean
  • i should probably stop before i write a novel but get ready for your cheeks to hurt from smiling because minhyuk is wonderful and cares so much
  • minhyuk is precious and deserves all the love in the world and that’s exactly how he feels about you and your days together are pure sunshine and you’ll be with each other through thick and thin and have a language of your own and and he will stare at you forever because he can’t wrap his head around how amazing you are and more than that loving him will make you feel like a kid again and if that’s not beautiful i don’t know what is 

• but in reality he whispered to the members to laugh even if it wasn’t funny just to get your attention bc omg u looked so lovely your the type of person him mom says are the best aw
• when it came to asking you out, he went around using his connections and asking what your fave song was and when he found out he started to practice for hours and hours on end but the morning of the event, he lost his voice and had a semi panic attack right there bc tHIS ISNT SUPPOSED TO TURN OUT LIKE THIS:((((
• but the members saw that coming bc guys lbr he’s been singing with no end for this, he was bound to lose it someday so they secretly recorded him singing in the practices and gave it to him in cd form and he was grateful and he went running to u and gave u the cd to listen to and afterwards u were like “Seungkwan, that was beautiful but-” “wILL YOU GO OUT W ME??”
• and ofc u say yes bc who wouldn’t
• and he’s super duper happy that he tries to sing a song describe his feelings but his voice just wouldn’t come out and ur like o no let’s get you rested
• took you to Jeju for your first date obviously, and it was really great you guys literally went EVERYWHERE but his mom wasn’t there :( but he was like thATS OK YOULL MEET HER NEXT TIME
• you guys tried to visit all the dol hareubangs in Jeju and made a wish, you didn’t know each other’s but you guys actually wished for the same thing - for your family and friends, and for your relationship to last a v v v v long time (which it will ;))))
• much like one of the episodes on ‘where is my friend’s island’, seungkwan started to freak out and fan boy over the small things he remembered from his time in Jeju
• and you think he’s the cutest little bun in the world aw
• feeds you all the food Jeju is well known for and insists you try everything and ur like iM FUL- and he stuffs another thing in your mouth
• it was the best time you’ve had in ages and it was way better since boo seungkwan was there :))
• calls you the cringiest things ever just to watch u go red and get embarrassed lol
• yoUR FIRST KISS OH MY GOD IT WAS SO CUTE ok so you all know how he’s a family man, someone who cares about his family and his relationships, so it would only be fitting that he missed you when seventeen was flying back from a country or a place they performed in, you were waiting for him in the airport and the second the two of you saw each other, you guys started running and when you met he just kissed you right there because it had been wAY TO LONG SO MANY NIGHTS OF CALLS AND VIDEO CHATS BUT ITS NEVER AS GOOD AS SEEING YOU IN PERSON AWAWAW
• turns into a shy little boy when it comes to skinship he’s all like really ?? rig-right now ??? u-H //gaps it
• has a habit of turning every sentence into a song, his knowledge of songs is so big he cAN TURN EVERYTHING INTO A SONG AND UR LIKE HOW DO U DO THAT
• “babe! funny story, I was walking down the street-”
• “hey look at that airplane-”
• “…. ahem anyway”
• his favourite type of kiss is the kiss where he grabs your cheeks, squishes them really hard until your lips are puckered like a fish and he kisses u bc yOURE SO CUTE U LITTLE BUN
• you know those really rEALLY tight hugs that squeeze all the air out of you and make you feel like your gonna die, but at the same time are really sweet types of hugs? yeah he likes those too.
• “//huggles//”
• “-mmf! can’t,,, breathe!”
• likes hamburgers and suggests (even if he knows that answer is no) if you can eat them.
• “babe we can’t eat hamburgers for dessert.”
• also likes summer and fall, is in his element in those seasons like he’s all ready with them scented candles for fall and them swag sunglasses for summer. always rants and raves about all the stuff you two could do together when those seasons roll around.
• and ur just like its the beginning of winter, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
• challenges you to basketball shoot outs and when you win he can’t accept it bc hIS PRIDE IS SO HURT HE SPENT AGES BRAGGING ABOUT HOW HE WOULD CRUSH U BUT U GO AHEAD AND BEAT HIM??!!!!
• but when you lose he’s so supportive bc he doesn’t want you feeling bad so he’s like, you were just warming up that’s why, you’ll do so much better next time y/n, I believe in you!
• obviously likes his best friend hansol, you could tell they were close the second you met seungkwan. you didn’t want to say anything but you could sense hansol giving you the mean eye because he wAS SEUNGKWANS BFF WHO DO U THINK U R
• but when u ask him if he wanted to spend time with your bf he was like offt no I could care less
• and ur like suRE
• dislikes tomatoes with a passion, obviously cause he’s allergic. when there’s some tomato in his sandwich or in his salad or smthn, he’ll place them on your plate to eat o of habit bc he doesn’t like the food going to waste and yOU LUV THEM SO YAY
• secretly made a cd of him singing all ur favourite songs and went to the place you worked and played it through the speakers and everyone just stops what they’re doing and is like ??
• and ur even more confused bc u recognise that voice ??
• then it suddenly dawns on u that it’s ur boyfriend singing those songs and ur heart melts and ur just standing there staring at the speaker while everyone’s working around u and u don’t notice bc ur so into the music but seungkwan is sneaking behind u w a bouquet of flowers and when the songs finished he wraps his arms round u and ur so happy bC U HAVENT SEEN HIM IN AGES
• and ur co-workers are all like wtf yalls are relationship goals
• has an addiction to his mom. it sounds like a bad thing, but it really isn’t. It’s adorable. you often walk in on him having video chatting her and he’s all like “I miss you.” and she’s all like, “me too, take care of y/n” and you just smile and walk away bc this was a special moment u didn’t want to ruin :))))<3333
• hates couple clothing with a passion. he doesn’t know what it is but you secretly think hansol is rubbing off on him bc now he thinks it’s not cool.
• like he dismisses it so fast u don’t even get to finish ur sentence
• “ooh! look at thes-”
• “no.”
• “what about those-”
• “no.”
• “w-”
• when Seungkwan gets jealous, he’ll try to laugh it off as if it’s nothing. though inside its kinda killing him bc nobody can make u smile like that except for hIM and nobody should be touching ur shoulder like that except for hIM. but he’ll act like it doesn’t bother him except u know, u know because you’ve watched him for so long you can recognise his change in mood. he’s not as happy as he was before and u stop him and tell him that you love him and he has nothing to worry about
• and he’s back to his old self again !! bc he trusts that you mean what u say awawawawaw
• his background photo is a photo or photos of you doing the most ordinary things in the world. doing the dishes, sleeping, standing there, yawning, sneezing and he collaged it all into one big photo and is pretty much u doing uninteresting stuff lol when u saw it u were like wHY IN THE WORLD WOULD U DO THAT TO ME and he’s all like WHAAAT U LOOK GREAT I LOVE IT WHEN UR ACTING LIKE URSELF <<<<<333333
• your phone background photo was a photo of the two of u that one time they did a performance and u were in the crowd and they were singing 20 then he spotted u amongst the people and started singing to u and a fan took a photo and it was sO CUTE BC SEUNGKWAN WAS SINGING W SO MUCH EMOTION AND U WERE LIKE SMILING ALL TESRY EYED BC OHMYGOD U LOVE HIM
• always remembers every members’ birthdays and is so on top of buying presents and he forcefully drags u round and asks for ur opinion on his present and ur like babe idk u know them better than I do
• u get all whiny tho bc u didn’t really wanna go birthday shopping so early so everytime u go w him he buys u food bc he’s the best boyfriend ever
• sings like an angel to lull you to sleep
• it puts a lot of pressure on him since he’s a main vocal in seventeen, to make it worse he always has to refrain from looking tired or upset, since he is the mood maker too. he always has to put on a happy smile around the members to lift their spirits even if he’s feeling sick or upset. he practices way too hard and often visits the hospital due to throat aches, your always there for him when he needs you and he’s forever grateful for that.
• “you know, you can talk to me about how you feel right?”
• “yeah, yeah, I know. but I have to keep strong and happy for the members, you know?”
• ur first fight with Seungkwan would most likely be due to the fact that he took a joke too far, you two were probably doing some harmless bickering but he said an insult that hit a little too close to home and you got upset and he got upset bc it was just a joke
• he then left to let u both cool down bc that’s what his mom always said to do, in case he did something he would regret
• then came back after a few days and apologised bc he missed u ;_;
• “I’m sorry, whatever I said was just a joke, okay? I love you so much and I can’t afford to lose you.”
• seungkwan loves u so much, if it isn’t already obvious. he would go to the end of the universe and back just to see you smile, without you in his life he would probably be v sad v v v sad due to all the stress he can’t relieve and rant out. you’re always a shoulder to cry on, a friend to laugh with, and most of all a person to grow old with. he depends on you a lot, since he’s a growing boy himself and he may not know everything, but he does know you two are meant to be together forever, and you know that too.

personal sign readings

Aries: i cant tell if youre evil or nice or sweet or rude idk you confuse me but ur gr8 and smart and i appreciate your existence in my life. thank you for taking care of my friend and make sure you stay patient with her, she isnt ready but you are. stay grounded. you are just such a nice person and i cant help but admire your intelligence and go get em attitude. dw aries, id fight u any day <3

Taurus: you literally remind me off chocolate and the colour brown, youre so stubborn but thats what makes you so special to me, youre not afraid to be real to me when im upset and i appreciate your honest. thanks for all the hot coco when im sad

Gemini: you are my source of wisdom in life, you are so smart and it makes me wonder why you even hang out with me. youre a true intellectual human and i like the way you dress lmao u remind me off computers and coffee tbh

Cancer: holy shit you are so emotional i cant handle it. youre so hyper and passionate but you know what, there are people out there who really love you, i wish i couldve kept you as a friend but life goes forth, have fun crying on people’s shoulders but be sure to make yourself comfortable, dont change who you are bc someone doesnt like it, you just be you. ily

Leo: ah leo, where do i start lol. you are such a drama queen, queen of drama, queen of the world. haha, you are the center of attention we get it leo so chill b. dont think others will out shine you bc trust me, they wouldnt fuckin dare. you are such a deep person and i appreciate your concern but i can do things on my own so take a step back, for your own good.

Virgo: i havent talked to you in forever, last time i checked you were still bitchy and a perfectionist but i miss you. i miss our talks and how much fun we had as kids. i loved going on adventures with you it was the most imaginative experience ever and i really miss that. its a shame i had to move but i hope youre doing ok out there in that big world we were so scared of. i hope we meet again soon. i wont ever forget you bc u remind me of the moon / stars and really anime lookin scenery ur that perf

Libra: where do i even start with libra… you are such a balanced spirit and i love the way you speak. i honestly love you. you are such an awkward and introverted person and its hard to tell youre even a libra. ur more like a pisces. i find the way you write and think so cute, youre so airy and weird lol. you remind me of soft pillows and sweets wrapped in gold paper. as for the other libra in my life, you sir are loud af, flamboyant and just all around a people person. its funny bc you look so happy all the time but no one really knows how you feel. no one quite understands your private or secret life like i do. you trust me and i trust you. you get on my nerves but i love your spirit and ability to change to subject when it you know it will hit close to home for me. thanks for caring

Scorpio: you are the prettiest person i have ever met. i constantly tell everyone you are the prettiest human in the school like holy shit youre hot. you make me laugh all the time and youre suprisingly not as vain as i wouldve expected from a scorpio but im totally ok with that bc you are hot af inside and out. im glad i met you but sometimes you say things without realizing youre hurting someone. dont go prodding your nose into peoples business and make assumptions based on reaction. dont give false hope to those who want real answers and just keep to yourself until you know the truth. you remind me off the colour black and red, you also remind me of sex and spicy food / underground nightclubs

Sagittarius: is it weird that a sagittarius doesnt have any sagittarius friends? i think it is… based on my brief encounter with a sagittarius male i was like hot diggity mother fuckin damn can i like touch u bc ur radiant and sexy af. in all honesty i wouldve wanted to talk to him more but we met once. it was like a distant dream. dw random sagittarius stranger, i thought you were funny when no one else did :^) i cant express my love for sagittarius’ bc they are just so unique and opinionated but at the same time they can be really cold and down right fukin psycho if you piss them off enough. some sags lack the empathy to care but dont take it personally, they are usually trying to hold back their past or how much they are hurting and are too afraid to seek help from anyone. they take on tasks by themselves which can leave them apathetic and self centered without even realizing it. most of the times sags are really outgoing and generally happy, they can make you laugh like a mofo and arent afraid to give it to you straight when you have a problem. they are the best advice givers

Capricorn: you sir, are c00l. like, way cooler than me im srs. you are goals. can i be you wtf????? you are so smart and quiet all the time but when you speak, pure genius or pure hilarity comes out. your one liners make me laugh or make me think. i love the way you function, youre such a mastermind. sometimes i wish i could find something bad about you but all i know is that you are most likely to take over the world and idk how to feel about that tbh. you remind me of books and really wealthy families with huge libraries and fuckin savage kitchens

Aquarius: aquarius you are such an important figure in my life, you have been through so much shit but you have learned from it all. the reason i am who i am today is from your real nitty gritty upbringing. you never held anything back from me and thats how i want to raise my kids, with pure honesty and love. i adore your concern but even as a mother, you need to back down. you may not know everything about how today’s society functions but thats ok, just chill. i got this. i will come to you when i need help. dont drop a pebble into the still pond bc things are balanced for once. dont fuck this up for me please. let me take care of this. i wont end up like her, i am who i am and i know what to avoid. i have learnt so much so please, let me put my knowledge into actions. your entity reminds me of magic and flowers, youre subtle but you are passionate and i love you

Pisces: ugh omg you are such a butt. you instantly remind me of scarves and well planned picnics. you were the one who would take us out and show us the world. it is so hard to tell you are even a pisces. you are more like a sagittarius and thats why i think we get along so well. like father like daughter, we are an amazing pair. i miss you, this family isnt nearly as entertaining without you here but youre off in another country, working your kind hearted butt off for us and i have accepted that. aquarius is having trouble with your absence but im calming her down, she will get used to it. dont forget about us over here ok? we all miss you. i definitely dont miss the constant clashes between us, you are just such a perfectionist it pisses me off. regardless of the bickering and stupid arguments, i love you and i want you back here with us asap

Happy 5th birthday to my blog!

ok so my blog turned 5 and i wanted to make a little appreciation post because i love you and your blogs all so much, i’ve changed fandoms and urls so much in the past five years but most of you have stayed and i met so many new people and i became such good friends with a lot of you and you’re all amazing!!! (i put it under a cut bc it got way longer than intended whoops)

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"Just stop" JB imagine

Authors note; this is my first imagine. Please dont judge. Tell me what you think, and I will gladly take requests also. :)


“So whats up with you all day” I ask as we walk through the door. He’s been moody for some reason, and I dont know what for. “Nothing, leave it.” He doesnt take another glance at me and walks up the stairs. Lately our relationship has been a little off. I feel like he’s always trying to get away from me. He’s never here anymore. He’s always travelling. Also when he’s finally here, we dont spend any time together. He’s always hanging out amongst friends including Hailey. I mean really, I have nothing against the girl, but what girlfriend wouldnt get upset, if her boyfriend of almost a year hangs out with one of his Girl friends more than he hangs out with you. “Okay” i silently whisper. Sigh. Another night perfectly ruined. I turned on the television and started scrolling through the channels. No finding anything interesting, I just turned the tv off completely.

Suddenly my phone buzzes. “Hey Girl, long time no see. Up for a girls night out? Ash, Kendall and I are going out. We want you there! Dinner and clubbing? :)))” it was my friend Tasha. Matter a fact, I havent gone out in forever and I wouldnt mind spending tonight on having some fun. Justin’s not gonna spend time with me, thats for sure.

I climp off the sofa and go up to our room. He’s on the bed on his laptop. He gives me a wierd look and goes back to his music. I decide I wanna look extra good tonight, maybe i’ll get a little of Justin’s attention. I curl my long brown hair and change into my red Valentino dress and put on my nude Christian Louboutins. And no, Justin didnt buy these items for me. I did. You see, I work as a stylist for Vogue and i get paid fairly well. I decided to go for a dress that shows clevage and matching red lips never do any wrong. Once i’m done, I step into the room. Justin immediately looks up at me. He removes his headphones and asks “Where are you going?” I walk over to the dresser and started putting my stuff into my clutch. “I’m going out with the girls.” He gives me yet the same wierd look. “I thought tonight was a night we could spend together” that infuriated me. “Excuse me?!” He looks shocked at my outburst “For the first time in two weeks, we have one day to spend with each other where we’re not surrounded by your friends. One day, Justin. And what do you do? We go to lunch, you’re in a mood. We go take a walk, you either give me short answers or ignore me completely. We come home and you storm up the stairs leaving me downstairs by myself! Do you Call that ‘spending time together?!’” My yelling brings me to teary eyes. “We dont spend time together, we dont! The only people you spend time with are either Hailey alone or a group of friends with her included. I mean, come on! I feel like i’m the only one that is fighting for this relationship!!”

Suddenly he stands up from the bed. Fury evident in his eyes. “What the fuck do you mean you’re the only one fighting for this?!” He yells at me. “I AM!” I yell back. At this point, tears are running down my cheeks. “You’re not! I’m right here, Lauren! If I wasnt into you, I wouldnt be here god dammit?!” “Well it doesnt feel like you are anyway, so why the fuck does it matter?!” Tears are streaming down my cheeks, probably ruining my makeup. But i didnt Care, this is the most we’ve talked together for the past week or so. He stops “Why it matters?” He ask silently. His eyes start getting glassy also. “Listen, I know I havent been around much lately and i’m sorry for that, but this new alb-” “Just stop, Justin. Just stop. Enough of excuses. Seriously. This has been gone on for a few weeks now. There is no communication between us” I sob. “You havent said you loved me in three weeks, Justin. You are always cold when you’re around me. We never have those nights where we can just be together without arguing. Thats all we do lately, and I’ve had it!” His tears finally fall.

Through the night, Justin had texted me multiple times saying that he has no good excuse for his behavior and has been apologiving like craz- my phone buzzes. Again.
'Just wanted to tell you that you look beautiful tonight. And i’m sorry for not spending much time with you lately. I know I’m annoying the crap out of you right now, so i’ll leave you alone. I love you, Laur. Forever and always. Enjoy your night, not too much tho’, dont feel like getting into a fight tonight. Xxx’ I smile brightly.
I write in respond; I love you, Justin, we just have some things we need to work on. X’

“Girls,” they all look up at me. “- Is it okay if I leave early? I just really need to fix my relationship and he’s actually reaching out.” They all know whats been going on, as they all at some point have been my shoulder to cry on. They agree and rush me home to my man.’

'I know baby, I promise i’ll be better. Xx’

Deciding to suprise him, I walked through the door. “Justin?” I called. I heard him coming down the stairs. “Babe?” He saw me and smiled. His eyes were red and puffy, which meant that he was very genuine with his words.
He grabbes my face and Kisses me for the first time in a while. “I love you, baby. I will do better, i promise.” He Kisses me again.

I hope you liked it!

30 questions to test your personality
  1. If you could have one breakfast for tomorrow knowing it’s the last day you will live, what would that be?
    I would have bacon and eggs, and tomato, and some avocado on toast. And maybe get some sagonaki cheese on the side. That would be perf.
  2. Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you like as a dinner guest?
    I would really like to have dinner with Barack Obama, I think he would be incredibly interesting to talk to.
  3. Before making a phone call, do you ever rehearse what you are going to say? Why?
    I don’t always plan for what I will say, unless if Im at work and I have to answer the phone where I use my professional sounding voice!
  4. If a crystal ball could tell you the truth about yourself, your life, the future or anything else, what would you want to know?
    I’m not too sure, I would be really curious to know, but I like that you don’t always know what happens. Maybe I would like to know if I get married and have a family, and if I achieve my career dreams, that would be nice to know :)
  5. If there’s a book that shows you your ending, would you want to read it?
    I dunno! Probably not, that really depresses me!
  6. If you knew in one year you would die suddenly, what would you change about the way you are living your life now?
    I would want to travel more, and see my friends more often.. And I wouldn’t want to sweat the small stuff, be a little less wound up all the time!
  7. Do you think your name affects your personality or choice of career?
    I don’t think that it does. I know that my name hasn’t personally, but I know few people with really “exotic” sounding names have a hard time with jobs.
  8. How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?
    I think that I would be 20 again, maybe :)
  9. If happiness was the national currency, what job would make you rich?
    Hm, thats a good question. I would love to work in marketing, either at a firm, in sports or in fashion, I think that would make me pretty happy. Even teaching other students what I know would be great!
  10. Do you push buttons more than once and do you believe that makes it work faster?
    I have to push the button at least 3 to 4 times. I feel really odd if I don’t. But everyone knows that the more you push it the faster it happens!
  11. Would you want to be friends with yourself?
    I dunno, I think Im pretty good, so I imagine that I would.
  12. If you won a million dollars (or some large sum of money) would you quit your job?
    A million dollars really doesn’t stretch all that far, so I think that I would still like to work.
  13. Do you feel like you’ve lived this day a hundred times before?
    Sort of! I think that I have because this is the 3rd time that the girls havent done any work on our assignment!!
  14. Are you really wasting time if you’re enjoying it?
    Bahaha, no! If you’re having fun, you’re fine!
  15. Would you rather lose all your money and valuables or all the pictures you’ve taken?
    I think I would rather lose my valuables, because I can go to work and earn more money to buy things, but I can’t bring back memories.
  16. Would you rather have a horrible short-term memory or a long-term memory?
    I would hate to forget in general, but I would rather forget things that happened recently then forget things from my past.
  17. Would you rather go back to age five with everything you’ve learned or live now with everything you’ll learn in the future?
    I dunno.. Being a 5 year old with a lot of knowledge can’t be a good thing. I love to learn, so maybe learning in the future?
  18. Are humans better at construction or destruction?
    They’re good at both, we can construct the most beautiful pieces of architecture and art known to man, but we can destroy forests and countries..
  19. If you could sum up all of human nature in three words, what would they be?
    Crazy, beautiful and devastating
  20. What is a year of life worth? What about a day?
    They are both worth the world, because so much can change.
  21. Are emotions necessary for human survival?
    I dunno, Im a really emotional person, so I think it’s important.
  22. What is the TLDR version of your life?
    I think it’s all the things that have happened to me in my life, from primary school, through high school, losing loved ones, gaining new friends, travel and study.
  23. What should they teach in high school but don’t?
    How to apply for jobs, writing resumes, how to understand tax, politics.
  24. What inscription do you want on your gravestone?
    I dunno. I know in Greek they have this beautiful inscription about forever in our memories and hearts. Maybe something like that.
  25. If you had thirty seconds to send a message to the entire world, what would you say?
    To love each other and to make every day count, and for the US not to vote in Trump
  26. If you could ask a single person a question, and they had to answer truthfully, who and what would it be?
    Hmm.. I would ask.. my grandparents why they chose Australia to move to
  27. What is honor and does it matter?
    Honour, I think, is acting in a good and moral way, and not behaving in a manner that hurts another person. It is also how people judge you and your family, if youre good people or not. It’s important because you want to be acting in a good way, and not being a douche.. and you dont want to bring shame to your cow!
  28. Do you see yourself as the hero or the villain in your story?
    I think everyone is the hero and the villain, and it’s up to you to pick which role you like more
  29. Is being open-minded a virtue if it allows destructive ideas to spread through society?
    I think everyone should be open-minded, as it allows for ideas to spread, even if they are bad. Just know that even if you listen, doesnt mean you need to enact.
  30. What questions would you ask your future self?
    Do I achieve my dreams? Do I get into marketing? Do I get married and have kids? Am I happy in the future?

**These are MY thoughts and (some random) questions about last nights episode, ITS LONG. NO HATE comments please**

Okay so there were SO MANY CLUES in last nights episode 5x24 “I’m a Good Girl, I am.” The title alone is VERY INTERESTING for reasons I will explain later in this post. Keep an eye out. 

Let’s start with our surprise witness. 

Leslie Stone: Personally, I don’t believe that she is a shady as everyone thinks, if anything SHE is making more sense than anyone. Her comments are NORMAL. We as fans, who have been so active with this show for five years have put ourselves in a hyper reality WITH the liars, while watching. Every new character is an opposing force, an obstacle, or just seems out of place. For us and the liars, they are… However, when Leslie spoke, she sounded very normal to me. It hit me that I have been sided with the Liars FOR SO LONG that at first I wasn’t interested in what she had to say at all. She claimed something being up with the girls and IT’S TRUE. They were very skeptical-just as we were- about Leslie showing up. We all know that the courtroom and how everything was done, wasn’t really “correct”. Well maybe it wasn’t supposed to be. Maybe we were supposed to gain something else from the questions and the outcome. When the prosecution lawyer was asking questions and Ali’s defense lawyer was objecting, it reminded me of us-as the fandom-and the liars as a group are against the new characters. The prosecution lawyer said that Leslie was quoting what Mona wrote in the letter. But we object based off what we know and/or have watched. Think about it from a personal stance, as an outsider who hasn’t seen the show, if MY long distance friend wrote to me about a bully, I wouldn’t have taken it seriously enough for MURDER either. I would’ve comforted her but then it would’ve left my mind. I could definitely see Leslie losing that note. Totally plausible. I think we, and the liars, need to take a step back and realize how biased we are in our opinion of what happened and whats happening. Without knowing about A, and everything A has done to make their lives hell, these girls would look VERY guilty and pretty sketch. “Everyone has feuds in high-school.” Everything Leslie said makes sense. Maybe not to people who have been so “IN THIS MESS” with the girls and A but in reality, makes sense. Hanna reminded me even more when she said later, “STALK HER?! I did not stalk her, you told me to keep an eye on her at ALL times.” Hanna, THAT IS STALKING. Even the liars don’t realize how they are acting and what it looks like, because in their minds they are just trying to survive A. I realize that Leslie COULD have more to her story but I don’t think she is a sketchy as everyone wants her to be. 

Moving right along to #spoby 

Toby and Spencer: All I can say is FINALLY!!! I am not sure why everyone is still so skeptical of Toby, the writers have DONE that storyline before and they HAVE been listening to us complain forever about it, so of course he is being sincere. They are finally giving us what we asked for, #SPOBYFORLIFE. Also, people are saying Toby barely spent time in the academy and they don’t know why is acting like he did, but IN CASE YALL HAVENT NOTICE TIME HAS ALWAYS BEEN SCREWED UP IN THIS TOWN. haha always. 

RANDOM QUESTION #1: Can we trust the Thanksgiving flashback that Ali gave us is true? We have had to question her before in terms of what really happened… Just something to think about.

Ali and Hanna: Just basic bitches fabulously trying to survive in jail. Even if that means hurting themselves. I feel for them. I love them. I will talk about “THE NOTE” further down in this post. I totally cried when Ali was declared guilty. I say declared because really they never proved it. *rolls eyes*

THE MAJORITY OF CLUES COME FROM THE BIGGEST PARTS OF THIS EPISODE: You would assume it would be focused on ALI and whether or not she is guilty but that really took a backseat to Aria, Ella, Mike, Ezra, Caleb( you can still bottle up his essence of being perf btw), and Andrew(hate this dude, but he did play a possible part in tonights festivities.) 

I am going to try and intertwine these things as best as I can, but in the episode you get different clues at different times, HOWEVER they all lead back to little Miss Aria. SO BARE WITH ME. 

The first thing I notice about Aria in this episode right away is when she and liars were on the phone with Hanna and Ali, talking about Leslie, Aria says “What if Leslie is here on behalf of another friend?” Without flinching or confusion, the lairs and Ali know that she if referring to ‘A’. My question is why would she use the word ‘friend’? We have heard A referenced as a ‘frienemy’ before, could this be another clue that ‘A’ is in fact a friend to them? One of the liars?  

Another thing about Aria in this episode is ,ONCE AGAIN, her outfits coincide with either something about the episode, or something she actually says in her lines. Two of her shirts in this episode are very revealing, one of them-not quite as revealing- is her lip/teeth shirt. She makes a comment to Mike about wiping lipstick off of teeth AS she is sporting this shirt. Not a big deal but something to note. It happens a LOT for this girl. Her second shirt is more important but I will touch on that below.

Now onto her conversations with Mike: One convo in her room, and one in the living room, same night, very telling conversations. Let’s dig into the first conversation in her room, Aria hears Mike in the hall and grabs him forcefully (using her RIGHT arm btw) and pulls him inside to yell his face off about how he is going to keep his mouth shut. He will NOT reveal what he knows. He will have 3 answers “Yes, No, and I don’t remember.” (remember this, VERY IMPORTANT.) Mike leaves. Aria looks like maybe she didn’t get the message across, no problem, she has another opportunity when randomly that same night Mike brings a package in off the porch. In this scene, Aria is more calm as he walks in, that is until Mike is STILL unsure if he should keep what he knows to himself. Aria gets a little heated up at the doubt. She opens the box that is sent to HER, and when Mike finds the cow tongue, she happens to know exactly why it was sent and to WHO is was meant. Interesting, no? When Ella comes in Mike leaves and Aria uses her lying skills to cover up what is happening, which are getting VERY bad these days even though she WAS the BEST LIAR at one point. (theory about that here) Anyway moving on.

Speaking of Ella: Who even remembers this absentee mother? Well from what I DO remember, she has CHANGED A LOT. When we see her random reappearance in this episode, she has brought with her, a certain eerie sense of self. Just in time for the eerie finale, no? She does have a connection with someone new in this episode that happens to be a possible witness, but I want to focus on her interactions with Aria. They have a conversation in Aria’s room and Ella doesn’t seem to hold anything back about how she really feels. Aria mentions that she is trying to find a senior quote and Ella mentions Hamlet, which does happen to be a book about revenge, but more importantly, she says something about Aria’s “very eventful four years..” But we have only been following their lives for two years of high school. Junior and senior year have been stretched out to us as viewers, but for them in Rosewood, its only been two years. So, what happened in the other two years that was so eventful? While talking, she makes a stab at Aria and Ezra’s relationship. However, didn’t we learn earlier in the episode that Ella and Byron are OKAY with Ezra taking their son a few hours away to a random cabin? Something isn’t matching up. ALSO, when Ella finds out about Aria and Ezra in season 2, Aria asked her if she liked him, and Ella, embarrassed, said that she DID. SO, here we see an older woman liking a younger man. We know a “undercurrent” theme in this show is older men liking younger girls, but this comment about Ella was made in Season 2! Not only that, but more recently we see Ashley liking Jason, who is the same age as Ezra, maybe even a little younger. Even though they are all adults, the men being younger than the women is interesting because not only were the women MOTHERS of the liars, but the “younger men” were BOTH involved with Aria at some point as “older men who went for younger girls.” Now, after she makes this stab at ‘Ezria’, Aria doesn’t even flinch, as if she didn’t even care about that. Usually Aria would’ve rolled her eyes or brought up the fact that she thought they(her parents) were past the whole not liking Ezra thing. Instead Aria is more interested in Kendra’s(the possible witness for Ali’s alibi) story. Ella tells Aria the story in detail. Aria makes a comment about Ali and Ella says something very interesting, “You NEED to separate yourself from her.” I say interesting because in the ‘A’ ending of the girls (as dolls) being hauled off to the castle, Aria is separated from the girls and put in the castle. And one last thing about their convo, Aria says that Kendra isn’t the only good girl who has done something bad, coincidentally, the title of this episode is “I’m a Good Girl, I Am.” 

Now that we have Ella covered, let’s revisit Aria’s clothing telling us a story. Aria wears a bright pink shirt in this episode that had three “TRES” on the front. (which means ‘3′) Let’s see what other significant 3s we can remember…

First: -Divine Trinity(referenced in this episode as the team at the park) DEFINED AS: three persons in one, omnipresent, all-knowing…kinda like ‘A’. Second: -Three phrases on the mirror clue (”The Mirror has Three Faces” was an episode title). Third: Aria tells Mike he needs to have THREE answers, “Yes, No, and I don’t remember..”*REMEMBER THIS*. Fourth: Season 3 is when ‘A stole the game’ from Mona (see theory here). Fifth: The last THREE liars were arrested in this episode. Sixth: In the ‘A’ ending only THREE liars were left in the corrections vehicle. Seventh: On the note Ali tried to give Hanna we see at the bottom THREE deaths in question, Maya, Mom, Bethany? Aria could possibly be involved with these three specifically. And Eighth: We see how many guys involved with Mike in this episode? THREE. Andrew (possible shooter of arrows) Ezra (called upon to perform a task of getting Mike away from Rosewood, going to the cabin, and keep him from opening his mouth on the stand) and last Caleb (see why below).

You might be thinking, there is no way in hell Caleb could be involved but just hear me out.

Aria has two lap dogs right now that WOULD DO ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING FOR HER. ANYTHING!!!! She knows about Andrew and his loyalty(proving himself on the ATeam?) and how Ezra would do anything for her (I just think she trusts him and really wants him to remain a huge part of her life.) HOWEVER, she has gotten pretty good at manipulating people over the seasons. Girls, guys, parents.. teachers ;) So knowing that, it is very plausible that she could’ve gone to Caleb (KNOWING how he so desperately want Hanna to be out of jail) and asked him to follow them up there, and convince Mike to come back, because she is second guessing her decision of him being quiet… OR (still knowing how desperately he wants Hanna to be out of jail) she just conveniently told him in a conversation that she sent Mike away with Ezra, so that Caleb would go there on his own. Personally, I think she gave him directions because how else would he know where Ezra’s cabin was? NOW you might be asking why would she send him there? Well I think it was specifically for the conflict of it all. She could’ve TOLD Ezra that Caleb was going to be there, and to argue with him about the Mike thing to occupy him. Ezra might’ve even had a line in this conflict. (seeing as though I think he KNEW it would be happening and he needed to be prepared) Maybe a line to make Mike go outside. I know Aria would never SERIOUSLY injure Mike, but macing him and tying him up might mean he has to spend the night and the following day in the hospital and wouldn’t be able to go into court. THAT is plausible. You might be asking where the ARROWS come into play, and where Andrew comes into play, and my guess is, right at the exact same time. I do believe Andrew shot those arrows but I don’t think Aria sent him too. I believe he wanted to make Ezra look bad, therefore, he took matters into his own hands to do just that, maybe he wasn’t planning on shooting them AT anybody, maybe he was planning on scaring Ezra into bringing Mike home… therefore disobeying his order, and disappointing Aria, BUT he saw Caleb there, and thought Aria asked for his help OVER Andrew AGAIN and that put him over the edge, then he started shooting at people. That could be why they mentioned his involvement with the Scouts at the end WHEN Aria was there, JUST to let US know that he was shooting the arrows and Aria didn’t know.  

Moving right along, Kendra gets a sudden change of heart.  AFTER Ella tells ARIA about why Kendra won’t testify to help Ali, she just ups and changes her mind and goes to Spencer’s house to talk? No. I also find it interesting how she tells some things to Spencer and Em, but leaves some things out when talking to the lawyer. Kinda like she doesn’t remember, or CAN’T remember. We see that she has already told the Em and Spence MORE than she told the LAWYER, could she have told more to the liars to give them a hint that she HAD to lie to the lawyer.  (“You need to have three answers, YES , NO , and I don’t remember.”) Aria could’ve very easily blackmailed Kendra with telling her parents about the drugs, into talking to the lawyer BUT not having a very solid story. That way Kendra came to the girls before Spencer and Emily- who are the only people besides Caleb actually trying got get the girls out of jail- had time to go find her again. Aria could’ve spoken to the lawyer as well (knowing Kendra’s story wouldn’t be enough), telling her that they should bring up the injury about Ali in court. THEN Aria could’ve let the prosecution in on Ali’s archery award knowing that Ali’s injury would be no help if proven wrong. Aria was IN the courtroom and KNEW to text the girls “Bullseye Bitches. -A” and if she didn’t text it, Andrew was there too, he could’ve done it for her. ALL OF THESE THINGS would make it so the girls would be put into jail together. Wait, but how would Aria know that they would go to jail too? Oh thats right because she got Andrew to put that ice pick in Mona’s house (which would explain his and injury) and testify to seeing the girls leave it the same day. When Ali was charged with being guilty ( I totally cried), Aria looks at her for a second but then suddenly turns around locking eyes with Tanner( ew hate her too) KNOWING they were about to be arrested. 

We then see the girls are going through the process of being arrested and then we have our very telling ‘A’ ending. 

There you have it. MY theory and MY opinion, and MY questions for this wonderfully exciting and revealing episode. NOW, you can see why my suspicions of Aria are EVEN GREATER as we get closer to the finale. If you have questions, PLEASE ask them. I love you all! 


So as you can see I’m doing another follow forever!! This is for me hitting 2k, 1k, and 2.2k And since i hit three milestones this one will be longer and totally different from my other ones. So lets go :)

For 2k I will be listing everyone i follow

For 2.1k I will be highlighting my faves and mutuals

For 2.2k I will be giving a description for a few of my friends

Mutuals - Italicized
Faves - Bolded
*** - Recommend Following Them
All 3 of those things will be my friends.


2cute4me, 420-omaha,  5idiotsofsummer, 5secondsof-preferences, ***5secondsofimagines,***  5secondsofmagult, 5secondsofmaloley5sexonds-of-smut, 5sos-dreaming, 5sos-fake-text, 5sos-smut-only, 5sos-vegemite, 5sos-writing, 5sosarepunkrockers, 5soscry5sosnsfw


aaronfthood, ***acidcxlum***,  ***amylillian22***, angelicnarry, anxietybates, areyou5sos-af, artisthowell, ashton-hugs, ashtons-babygirl, ashtons-unquiffable-hair, ***audibleglitter,*** ***awesomexstiles***, babygirlysides, badlannds, bananashemmo, bangmelikey0urdrumsbeautbiful, betamyass, bitchingirifriend, blackmagicgirls, blink18muke, byeemmalouise, calfm, callingmendes, calum-hood-is-life, catchingnarry, cdizzlethomashood, chilllhemmo, classicclifford, ***clawmichael,*** clemmingsqueen, cliffordismyidiot, cliffordtattoocoloursluke, cuddlenialls, ***cuddlingwithcalumhood***, ***cuddlyhemming***


dafuqashton, dankmememichael, dialingstilinski, dogemikey, dreamy-luke, drunk-wonderland, drunkoffmichael, dunbarsmalia, dundundunbar, dylaniscrazy, ellamariea, erraticwoo, fairlylocalloser, fandoms-off-the-wall, fandomsoverlife, fangirlandweeabooshit


g-o-t-t-a-g-e-t-o-u-t, gilinskywhat, gmajormike, gorgeousmichael, gretchynmarie, grunge-nations, heartless-soul, hemmingsluts, hemmosconda, hesitantrisha, holladnroden, holynatemaloley, horanforirwin, huflucas


***i-write-supernatural-imagines*** iamemotrash iamnateslilmama ilike5secondsofsummer intomuke iobeyfandoms isaachale23 itsfrigginpizza itsmejazzdee itsrainingfandoms iwantlukesdick iwanttohugcalum jackgilinskisbae jackjacksammyomaha joeleena ***@just5sossmut*** ***kissableirwin*** ***kissmekissme-clifford*** koalacal 


littlenuggetluke lovely-mendes lucas-the-emoji lukehemmings-princess lukepetal lunarcalpal lyndseygunnvlfsen magcon-omahasquad ***magconsmut*** majesticmendes maloleyftirwin ***malumsnudes*** matt-ft-hemmings ***mattismysmile*** maze-scorch-cure melancholyclifford michaelacoustic michaelbangmeclifford michaelspimp micool5sos mikeyass misshemming moonriseland murderizedshae 


***natemaloleyisbabe*** ***nathanmontgomerymaloley*** necktattoo nevergrowup96 newtgallyminhothomasaremybabies nialls-gold ***nofearinthedarknesss*** not-a-boyyband numbfrmyourkiss nutella-luke nxshtonsboo nxwtimagines odetohood ofclukey omaha-imagines omahasexgods omahasquadconfessions ***omahasquadislife*** owhbrien paigelouisemcneill pale-n-punk pandaaabear-cutie peteypieafi playboyhalsey plshalsey 


ridinghemmo riotvancalum rose2640 rowysomuke scrixtaa sexwithrejects sexycliffconda shawnm3nd3s shawnsbeautifulmuffins shen-mendez shitbaghemmo sideeyecal ***sidemenbanter*** skatesbabygirl skatetoughlwt skinsmichael slays-and-baes smut5sos soon-5sos sourstilinski stilinskxi tay-taytay the-hood-butt thecaniffinator theoskraeken thespicegirlsvevo toofunnot2love trillsos troylerisdaotp ***txrinxy***


uninfluential ur-not-from-omaha-tho vegemiteash venomuke ***voodoolucasx*** wetsuitlashton whatthehellanutella whtieskimo wtfmagcon-1 wwwildest-dreamsss ***yascuteboys*** ***yeet5sos*** yikesmichael 

amylillian22 Hi! i haven’t talked to you in a while or have had the time to read your imagines and whatnot but i plan to free up my schedule soon (like tonight) to read them and catch up. You are probably one of my favorite Teen Wolf blog and i love you! 

kissableirwin Hi hi!! I love you and you’re amazing and i love your blog and i looove it when you tag me in  your audio cover posts because o m g you can sing and i love your voice!!! Keep making them and keep tagging me!! 

magconsmut Okay so i know you followed me like a year or two ago but i still cant believe that you follow me. I know i havent talked to you in a while. im sorry. but you’re still one of my favorite magcon blogs and yeah! Love you!

omahasquadislife Hi hi hi!! Okay so i am in love with your blog and your blurbs and your writing and you in general and you are absolutely gorgeous and you’re doing great with your blog and i always think about your blog, but ii have to avoid it also because you will kill me with them nate and swazz feels and keep doing what you’re doing because thats awesome and your doing it right because you have so many people who love you (including me) and you’re just great and yes. great. great. perfect. on point. on fleek. yes. that shit i like it. your blog?? yeah thats the shi ti like. sign me the fuck up because YYYYYYYYYEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHH

mattismysmile Okay so where do i even begin with you?? I have no idea so i guess ill just go for it. You are literally the best person ever and i love you. I talk to you about anything and everything and you are one of the best people in  my life and on tumblr. You my friend are one of a kind and very special and loved by sooo many. and every possible nice thing can anyone can say to another is what i have to say to you. My vocab isnt that big so just imagine a lot of really nice heart warming loving comments are here. I love you💞💞💞</p>

nofearinthedarknesss You are amazing and i love you and just know that i will never stop talking to you and you have made a friend for life. You can never get rid of me now. You are stuck with me until the day that i die💕💕💕💕. 

nathanmontgomerymaloley first of all, Roomie, No i did not forget your birthday. i have spent the last 3 weeks thinking of what to do for your birthday and i came up with several things but nothing worked because i cant write, or sing, or draw or do anything that involves talent, and i was trying to think of something before your birthday came and then it came and i still didnt have anything for you and i thought of doing this follow forever for you but i had already planned it and it was suppose to be a regular surprise and it felt wrong trying to use this as a birthday present but i dint forget and m still working on making you something because i wanted to give you something when i said happy birthday. so give me a few more days and ill have something for you i promise. But also you have a friend and roommate for life. You also can not get rid of me and im in your life for the rest of eternity. I will be with you in our next 100x plus infinity lives💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖.

txrinxy Tati, I love you and i miss you and i hope all is well. The last time we talked things werent all that great and i hope everything is okay and better now. i love you to death and i really miss talking to you. For the longest time you were one of two people who were my only friends on here and for that im forever grateful. You talked to me and became my friend when i had no one. So thank you. I love you a lot for that. I hope everything is okay and you’re doing great. 💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘

sidemenbanter Oh man, where do i begin with you. I’m not sure, so i’ll just start off with, i miss you! I havent talked to you in some time and i miss talking to you. For a while you were my only friend on here. Earlier this year from January to about mid-May you were literally my only friend. On tumblr and in real life. When i had no one you were there. always. You were one of my best friends and i still consider you one of my best friends. I will never forget you and i am forever grateful to you for being my friend for almost two years now. I want you to know that i love you and i miss you and you will always have a friend on here. I will always be here for you. Whatever you need. whether its to talk or vent or just need someone to listen to you. I will always be here. Whenever you need me just message me and if you still have my number text me. Ill answer you. You will always have a friend and someone who loves you and wants you around. Even when you feel/think that no once cares or loves you and you think anything like that just know that i think the complete opposite. i love you and i would miss you and i do care and i do notice. Ever since we stopped talking my days have been weird but by the time i think about messaging you its always waaaay late and i never know if you’re on or not. And i shouldnt be making excuses, but i do care and i promise i will start talking to you more. I’m serious though, whenever you need someone message me. Anytime of day/night. ill answer you back. Also you can never get rid of me. The only way you can ever get rid of me is if you tell me to leave you alone and get out of your life, and until those words come out of your mouth you are also stuck with me. Also thank you  thank you thank you thank you for being my friend when i had no one. At one point i only had you and Tati as a friend you two were my best friends and you two still are. Nothing will ever change that💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙. 

Rereading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Chapter Twenty-Seven - The Centaur and the Sneak

since literal voldemort was elected president, i figured we all need a lil harry potter rn

- okay so parvati wants some centaur dick and like…. we can all agree that thats pretty fucking weird right? i know last chapter i said firenze was hot but i wasnt THRISTING after him like parvati is right now ok

- LOL all the kids are like ‘umbridge cant get any worse, right?’ and im just over here cry-laughing.

- firenze greets harry in front of the whole class and his popularity goes THRU THE ROOF YALL

- dean asks if hagrid breeds the centaurs and everyone like ‘OMG dean you cant just ask people if theyre bred’

- also centaurs and humans are kinda like the bloods and crips, so firenze if banished from the forbidden forest.

“Professor Trelawney -” began Parvati, in a hurt and indignant voice.
“-is a human,” said Firenze simply. “And is therefore blinkered and fettered by the limitations of your kind.”

BUUUURRRRN!!!! humans suck

- firenze suggest they burn some ‘herb’ to get a better understanding of the stars. like, ok LETS SMOKE SUM GANJA, BRO.

His priority did not seem to be to teach them what he knew, but rather to impress upon them that nothing, not even centaurs’ knowledge, was foolproof.

have i ever mentioned that i love firenze?

- this book has been SEVERELY lacking hagrid. and even now, the only times we talk to him is to talk about grawp (even tho the trio doesn’t know it yet), which like, no offense jo, but BOOOOORING.

- seamus is at a D.A. meeting guys!!!!!! the boiz are friends again and mama is happy <3

“Umbridge?” asked Harry, horrified.
Dobby nodded, then tried to bang his head off Harry’s knees; Harry held him at bay.
“What about her? Dobby - she hasn’t found out about this - about us - about the D.A.?”
He read the answer in the elf’s stricken face. His hands helf fast by Harry, the elf tried to kick himself and sank to his knees.
“Is she coming?” Harry asked quietly.
Dobby let out a howl. “Yes, Harry Potter, yes!”

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK (also hi dobby, havent seen ya in a while)

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okay the fact that 3,000 people follow me is kind of crazy like this is the most ive had on any social media. i kinda didn’t expect to get more than like 500 followers, much less be in peoples follow forevers or have people say im their favorite blog. like i thought i’d be in this fandom kind of just sitting from the side & I don’t really do anything but make annoying text posts and occasionally write imagines. but thanks for putting up with me and my blog, i appreciate it :’) here are some of the baes/favorite blogs (in no particular order)

jackmydallas the entire reason im even in this fandom tbh, if it was for her and her annoying ass cam spam on twitter i probably wouldnt know who these boys are (but shes annoying tho so it kinda  throws it off) jk ily kait u da best

camdallus kayla is the sweetest thing ever and she’s gorgeous and runs an amazing blog and sends out so much positivity and shes gorgeous and yes i love her

thejackgilinsky also an AMAZING blog and she’s also a sweetheart and shes funny without trying to be like sometimes i just laugh at one of her replies to something idk i love janie

gilinskers one of the first friends i made on here, gorgeous and sweet and perfect blog who i miss talking to :(

shawnismymandes my gorgeous bestfriend who understands me like no other and i miss so much who always gets me in my fucking feelings but i love to absolute pieces 

totallymagcon seriously one of the people i want to meet on here the most, i really have no idea how we became friends but im glad we are bc she’s so nice (when shes not threatening to shove something down my throat bc i havent updated) and her captions give me life


crown-ela also one of my bae’s she’s honestly SO nice and has an amazing blog im GOING to meet her

nashtymira i love her and her blog is cute and she is cute and shes a sweetie and everybody should be following her

shawnsmirk she makes great gifs and she’s fucking hilarious (her tags on stuff oh my goD) and she’s bae like honestly im also GOING to meet her one of these days like there’s no choice

espixosa victoria is my favorite she’s so cute and nice and funny and she has an amazing blog and an even more amazing personality and i love her

shawnssbae sharni is so sweet and one of the first blogs i followed and yes i love her too

samwilkinsons a m a z i n g edits and such a nice person like her replies and what not i cant she’s such a nice person

suptaylorcaniff hannah is adorable and she’s so nice to me and her blog is great and yes :’)

hayesbae she’s been bae since around magcon chicago time and she’s literally one of my favs

taylorcaniffsluts do i really need to explain why i love them

camdallaz so many amazing edits and she’s so sweet and nice and she’s a fucking amazing person

moaningmagcon her smut is amazing as is her url and she’s gorgeous idk

nashgriir (goddamn u changed ur url it took me like 23 minutes to find u) alice youre hilarious and nice and your blog is life and your gifs are amazing and so are you :-)

ollieandivy i dont really talk to either of them but i love how even when they get shit they keep their head up & remain positive its cute

lastly, musiic-is-lifee my booty loving, canadian husband he’s s'cute<3

if i forgot anybody i genuinely apologize but once again i love all of you thanks for follow me and being there for me and laughing at my shitty jokes. you’re all the best :’)