also i drew the girls :d

It finally happened! :D I managed to snatch a sketch from @sourspot and color it! I’m really hyped about this one, Sour has a very different approach to colors and shading than me so i was really curious to see how one of his sketches would look like if i colored it, i have to say the result is pretty good :D I absolutely LOVE how he drew AJ here, his style is absolutely amazing

As always, i hope you’ll like this! :D

Go check out  @sourspot if you already didn’t. also, here is the amazing sketch for this

You remind me of [Lyanna] sometimes. You even look like her.” -AGOT

The girl was the older and taller of the two. Arya! Bran thought eagerly, as he watched her leap up onto a rock and cut at the boy. But that couldn’t be right. If the girl was Arya, the boy was Bran himself, and he had never worn his hair so long. And Arya never beat me playing swords, the way that girl is beating him. (Bran, A Dance with Dragons - ADWD

Thought I’d submit some art today. This was sitting in my folders a while. Quotes taken from this L&A parallels post

I dedicate this to my talented friend @rosedustfever, earlier this year she drew me an amazing Jon and Arya fanart over email, part of a little project that’s still unfinished, entirely due to me RIP. Also, here’s a belated but huge thanks to @saltyshiro for helping me diversify their faces a while ago…!! They’re great at it.

vulpes--vulpes  asked:

I gotta say I adore your ace Keith! As someone who identifies as asexual, it's refreshing to see it be headcanoned in a male character (usually it's only girls), and normalized. Anyways I also wanted to read some of your work but the link isn't working for me. What's your AO3 username if you don't mind me asking?

Thank you!! Not a lot of people headcanon Keith as ace so I wasn’t sure how much ace Keith would be accepted, but I still drew and wrote it anyway because it would mean a lot to someone like me. And this is my AO3 and all of them are ace Keith actually. I hope you enjoy them. :D

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How do you think Jane Eyre might have gone differently if it took place in the 1920's/1930's opposed to Victorian times?

First of all, I love you.  I have been obsessing over this question for more than 24 hours and I think I could spend a year doing nothing but research on this subject.  I want to write a novel on this idea.  I also want to write AU Jane in the style of Raymond Chandler, but maybe from Rochester’s POV?  

“A chill settled over the room as Blanche stolled in, her nose set up just high enough to make sure everyone around her knew of their inferiority.  We’d be needing extra logs in the drawing room fire tonight if the blue of her eyes was any indication.  Thoughts of fire drew my attention to the corner of the room and the girl woman Jane.  She was doing her best to vanish into the wallpaper, sitting as still as a statue I’d seen once in Paris.  She didn’t understand that it was impossible for her to escape my notice.  A room full of dames like Blanche couldn’t compare to just a moment’s look from Jane.  She’d thaw the ice that was my heart if I wasn’t careful.”

But that’s not the answer to your question, which I’m going to try and answer without writing a novel about what the novel would be about.

I’m going to narrow the timeline down a little, and say the early thirties.  Some of the answers would be the same for the twenties, but there’s one major factor that had me picking the early 1930s.  And that’s World War 1, which is one factor that would have changed a lot of things post Victorian Era.  Honestly having the story happen just post WW1 makes a lot of things tricky to figure out, but in the early 30s WW1 would have been over for 15ish years.  15 years ago Rochester would have been about 25.  It would fit in well with the narrative, to imagine that a young Rochester’s father and brother would have talked him into taking a commision in the military when he was about 21.  To make his fortune and find his glory on the battlefield.  And for Rochester to be haunted and bitter about the war.  To have him seek something to make him forget, first in marrying Bertha, and then in a series of affairs including Celine.  I would make Mason a fellow soldier, and it’s as much his duty to Mason as it is his guilt that makes him keep Bertha.  Asylums also haven’t improved that much and a private nurse is still kinder.

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Character: Kairi

How do I feel about this character?

SHE’S OUR PRINCESS. The original girl of the Kingdom Hearts series, a funny, quirky and cheeky girl. She’s amazing, I love her, I wanna see more of her.

All the people I ship romantically with this character:

Originally posted by kankurobot


My non-romantic OTP for this character:

Sorikai ftw! Best friends forever! But I also like that Kairi has a (best?) female friend in Selphie and I’d love to see that some time maybe?

My unpopular opinion about this character:


She’s not a warrior queen. She will learn to use the Keyblade just fine and be an amazing wielder, I don’t see her stepping into Terra’s footsteps though. Her physique doesn’t seem to fit that overly strong and buff picture people seem to have painted for many years now. I see her as a mage similar to Aqua, possibly influenced by her Princess of Heart status.

Also, she will get along with Lea. I don’t expect her to be friends with him and forgive him immediately, but Kairi is a sensible young woman. She knows shit is about to go down, she basically makes it clear to Yen Sid that she came to help and NOT because he summoned her, she is itching to help her boys out and she will do anything to do it. If it means working with her former kidnapper? So be it! She’ll grit her teeth and get over it for the sake of the world. She would NOT throw a hissy fit, she would NOT refuse to work with him, she would NOT intentionally harm him. Yes, she will be competitive and she will be hard on him - as much as she’ll be hard on herself. Kairi gets things done and she won’t be stopped to save her boys and the world by something minor as having to get along with Lea.

One thing I wish would happen/had happened with this character in canon:

1) Obviously she should have been in the series more. DDD should have had her as a playable character. It was the perfect opportunity and they missed it.

2) She needs to share a real paopu with Sora. I don’t care when and how just do it.

3) Hugs and maybe kisses for Sora pls.

4) More hugs for Sora and Riku.

5) Actual Sorikai time. She NEEDS time with her boys. We need to see their friendship because too many people who hate her or are avid Sor*ku shippers act like the boys don’t care about her (which I can’t understand, apparently the two of us played entirely different games), so give them more friendship interactions!!

6) Playable Kairi.

Thank you for asking :)

Give me a character and I’ll break their ass down

☆ 4. Mascot ☆
((Ack, I posted this without a caption!!))
Anyway when I think of a mascot, there’s only Jeep for me! I drew him in jeep form tho since I thought it’d be a great chance to draw a car!
How cute would it be to have this little guy driving over to you happily?


Sweet sister, you’re awake!
And your son? A healthy boy,
so stop your weeping. Why mourn

organs and flesh when they have
already given you what you need?
The boy is perfect. He will bring

the bloody vengeance that you wept for.
He is our sword, silly girl! So stop
your tears, he will need his mother.

It has been three days since I opened
you and drew him out. I’ve brought him
to your breast, and he feeds. He grows.

Soon, he will be strong. Soon our enemies
will fall. Your organs and your future babes–
they were sacrifices to him. So, I think,

dear sister, I think you ought to make him
worth the ones you might have had.
My magic lays over him and you, also

and our purpose is blessed. You’d see that,
if you’d just dry your eyes. Hear him crying?
Feel the milk falling, dripping into your bed.

You are his servant for now, dear sister.
But ever after, he shall be ours. And the
ones who so grievously wronged us?

They will feel his power and his rage.
They will bleed on his steel.
This life and all of their lives.

Now dry your tears. The boy wants milk,
not salt.

– S. E. De Haven

Note: Part 2/3

its 2015 and still no one knows jack nothin’ about Luffy’s mom SO per my idea a few months ago, i drew up my hopes and dreams. Some very NOT CANON ideas i have about her

  • shes Gold Roger’s little sister, a wild pirate woman that meets Dragon since he and Garp were always chasing around her brother. Dragon was still a marine then, and she called him names and made fun of his nose every time she got away
  • She’s obviously also a D.
  • opens Dragon’s eyes to the truths about the world government
  • best friends with both Nico Olivia and Portgas D. Rouge
  • i went back n forth on the name ‘Anna’ and 'Rosa’, but then remembered Rouge saying if Ace was a girl to name her 'Anne’ sooo 
  • Luffy takes after her bcuz lord knos he doesnt loook much like Dragon (blessed)
  • My hope is that shes still alive out there somewhere but its One Piece the land of dead moms so maybe she was executed a few years after Roger was (there was a hunt for anyone associated with the Roger pirates after all), or she eventually passed away from the same illness Roger had
  • she’s the one who came up with the name 'Luffy’ and sent Dragon letters saying she hopes the baby has her nose
joji-cake’s 200 followers forever follow list!

What’s up ya beautiful bastards it’s your girl PhillyD Mama P here to thank you for following me and suggest you check out some other cool blogs I think you will enjoy!

@cuntentcop - my son walnut is not only a meme magician but makes some hella good aesthetic posts as well. one of the best in the cancer crew fandom and a fellow cuck crew member

@joji-beats - sketch is just a joy. ms paint miracle worker and all around cool person. if you have an empty inbox, sketch is gonna fill it with some juicy, juicy puns. also a cuck crew lord

@pastel-pink-joji - we call this cuck daddy ‘round these parts. copypasta connoisseur and allergic to school. seriously. another one of the cuck crew obvs

@huspus - text posts on point as always huspy! very supportive and will reblog art like a true champion. art is fire, memes are fire

@sleepydubbbz - lilia is somethin’ good. fanfics on point, funny as hell, and as much as a hate to admit it, probably loves ian even more than i do. she’s got that cancer crew tea all day everyday and it is h o t

@rottenlikebluecheese - tyler is the fandom cheerleader, and while that content is fire as hell and them moodboards popping, ty’s always got time to promote your shit and reblog your selfies

@blai-ney - video edits sent from heaven itself. seriously witty and slides into those reblog comments like a comedy ninja. probably gonna get a me and jason sudeikis run a train on your bitch tattoo

@abortion6 - a6 is that yelling meme of meryl streep except yelling funny shit instead of anything else. a true and semi mysterious meme in the purest possible form

@oishiimankogadaisuki yuki-hiro draws like a god, plays several instruments, and looks like kohe without even trying. a nice and pure boy who loves rats as much as i do

@jojitentacles buddy is my buddy and i love my buddy. can digital art like a b0ss and is my brazilian child. also drew my profile pic on discord bc t a l e n t e d

@raiseyourbladesintheair lynx gets that college struggle and that life struggle tbh. gotta love a kindred soul, especially on as chill as my girl lynx is. always frank and upfront. love it!

@maxxmoefoe - lacey lacy lacey! funny kid, great friend, and all around gem of a human being. gotta follow lacey for sure bc that blog is lit as heck.

@professional-extrovert fellow music nerd that gets the importance of those dissonance chords. gotta love and gotta follow

i’m so grateful for all of the awesome people i’ve met through this fandom over the last month or so and i’m looking forward to meeting even more of you

Wow, Alolan Sarha ??! :D

Since I designed Sarha’s outfit for Alola/Sun and Moon, everytime I draw her I wonder how such a dynamic and sportive girl can wear such a short shirt and nothing like this happens xD

So I couldn’t resist and did this :D no her shirt is not that short but, hah… it was fun to draw -v-

Also it’s funny and sexy and all but wow I like how I drew her face <3 my Sarha~ !

I drew this happy alien girl. Look how cute she turned out! (If anyone knows Mina Ashido from My Hero Academia, this is her!) also, I’ve drawn other pictures of her, too! She’s fun to draw because she has such a happy personality and such fluffy hair! :D

Ooo ooo ooo!  I love her so much!!!!! She’s so cute and YUS FLUFF HAIR!!!!!!

-Mod Minty

Virtual Woes (4)

AN: this is one is what I like to call a “bridge” chapter. The chapter that takes you over into the real story. Also please note the time skips. It’s been a few months since they first “met” online.
Pairings: SasuHina
Rating: T (swearing)

Installment: [1][2][3]NEXT: [5]


Virtual Woes 4


Hinata was blushing profusely. “You d-drew me?” She questioned softly. Her hands were covering majority of her red face.

“Did I mess up?” Sasuke stopped drinking his soda and watched the girl in his screen. He was glad she couldn’t see his legs shaking. That’s right, from the bust up Sasuke was the picture of nonchalant but his heart and below was out of control. “I’ll take it down if you want?”

“No,” she squealed, peeping through her fingers. “It was so…cute.”

He immediately relaxed. That was good because it got tons of reblogs and…

“Thanks.” He sipped his soda and nodded. “I have a question– wait, calm down. Your face.”

She shook her head. “It’ll fade,” giggled Hinata and she tapped her ruby cheeks. “What’s your, um, question?”

“You can write whatever you want, yes?” She tilted her head, not understanding completely. “You could write about yourself and whoever, yeah?”

Her blush wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon but she didn’t skip a beat, “Can’t you?”

“I could.”

She looked away. “I could too.”

“Have you?”

“H-have you?” Her voice heightened in pitch. Sasuke chewed on a fry with a smirk. “You’re embarrassing me! I am not admitting anything.” Her cheeks puffed.

He bit his lip and leaned towards the screen. “I think you’re lying.”

“I’ll hang up.” She whispered. He was incredibly good-looking.


Sasuke nodded for a truce then froze when his door busted open. Naruto was standing there laughing. “Watching porn again?”

“Get out,” Sasuke bit out.

Naruto walked over and pushed Sasuke out of his rolling chair. “My, my! A girl? Hey!”

Hinata gasped in the screen. “Ramen-Doodles!”

“You follow–” he was pushed back out the way. Sasuke sat back down in front of the camera. “Don’t be an ass! Share the seat.”

“No. Go home dick.”

Naruto sat on Sasuke’s lap and adjusted the laptop. “So…you follow me? Oh shit…this is the girl isn’t it?” He looked back at Sasuke’s scowl then to Hinata’s blush. “She is. You are.”

“Please go to hell.” Sasuke pushed Naruto off him again. After about two minutes of bickering like an old couple…they ended up sharing the desk chair.


Hinata shifted uncomfortably seeing two very attracted boys staring at her. Naruto was grinning like a fox and ate some of Sasuke’s fries. “I just want to watch. Talk. Go on. Talk to her.”

Hinata’s face was burning from staying this red. “I…”

“I’m - sorry,” mumbled Sasuke.

Naruto’s blue eyes were so striking. She couldn’t stop staring honestly. “Ne, she’s cute, Sasuke.” Hinata’s cheeks inflated. He leaned towards the screen and clapped his hands. “Fucking adorable! Look at her!”

“Go home.” Sasuke hissed. “Go.”

Naruto waved him off. “So you should know I asked for your number for him because he’s a dork.”

“I know,” she giggled. “He is.”

Naruto groaned loudly and threw his arms around the grumpy male. “Sasuke…look - at - her.” He shook him with every word.

Sasuke couldn’t frown more. “I see her. I know all of this.”

“So you agree? You think she’s pretty.” He teased and squeezed the male’s cheek.

“Hyuuga, I must go.” Sasuke whispered. She blinked a few times. “I don’t want you to witness a murder.”

Hinata just smiled. “Oh…alright.”

Her screen went blank. She closed her laptop and fell back on her bed and clutched her heart. “I like him…so much. So very much.” She rolled on her stomach and buried her face in her trusty pillow.

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happy birthday @princessmelia !!! I drew her character davern for inktober day 3 :D 

(sorry about the awful phone quality lmao I’ll do higher quality scans at the end of the month… also ignore the little boy in the corner he was inktober day 1 lmao) 


August 22nd is Art Remembrance Day! That’s why I want to post some pictures I’m still proud of today. ^^  

Ever since I was able to hold a pencil, I was drawing. I even went to a special boarding school with extra art classes. :D Well, I don’t have that many pictures from back then. I’m not very proud of them, anyway. That’s why I want to show you some of my own favorites. 

For the dates and descriptions you can click on the pics. 

Whoops…most of them are No. 6 pictures. ^^ (There are even more I really like. For example this Safu picture I’ve drawn for Safu’s birthday: 

Or this one from 2014:

Ooor this one because it was sooooo much work. XD From 2015:

OK THIS IS ENOUGH! X’D OKAY! Thank you, whoever decided that we have Art Remembrance Day today. I learned that I can be proud of some of my artworks. Even really old stuff. And even though there are a lot of mistakes… I know that I can still improve myself. ^^

And I really want to thank you, my followers. Thank you for your support.