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I am so excited about Apritello!!! Do you really think it will happen in "The Power Inside Her?" It feels like the perfect time for them to become canon because it's the 100th episode, but it also feels so sudden! But also not sudden because their relationship has been slow-cooked. I almost wish this were a two-part episode. There are so many things that need to happen if what we suspect is true!

Ok, ok …. I have so many thoughts in my mind that I even dont know how to start, so Step by Step:

You do know very well that I want Apritello to happen more than anything else in this show and since season 3 I have thought it was just matter of time. 

Episodes later in season 4, when we saw the first foreshadowing of Dark April in “Riddle of the Ancient Aeons” , I said: This! This is the chance we were waiting for!. I mean, it is clear April will be in trouble, and of course Donnie will always be there to help her. Have you ever watched Avatar: The Last Airbender? In an episode the main character became crazy with his avatar powers, and his best friend (that in future became his girlfriend/wife) was the one who calmed him down.

I think this is what The Power Inside Her will be about: Donnie knows that April’s powers are being unsteadily most powerful and tries to convince her to get rid of the crystal, but April of course refuses it. I can even see a big argument/fight between them. 

But I can’t be sure if in this episode April will be totally crazy or not, because there are two episodes in season 4 without any title and description before Owari and Requiem, so I dont know if we will see more Dark April moments after 4x22. 

But let’s suppose The Power Inside Her finishes the Dark April plot thing. Now this is what I want to see in the episode (but not what I think it will really be, because tbh, sometimes I fangirl a lot without thinking logically): 

During the argument, April and Donnie will throw in each other’s faces some things that bother them in their friendship (like: why did you …? ; why did you not …?; Be honest with me, etc …). Then April gets mad and the crystal will corrupt her 100%. Donnie and the team will try to get her back and destroy the crystal once and for all. I can see two possibilities: 

1. April, after return herself thanks to Donnie’s speech or certain actions, will be the one who destroys the crystal. 

2. Donnie will take the crystal off from April and he destroys it, making April to return herself. 

One thing or another, I want to see a REAL CONFRONTATION ( in uppercase) between them, and I dont mean only a physical fight, but also a confrontation of their feelings for each other (either friendship: They made clear their friendship will always be that, just a friendship;  or romance: The moment Apritello becomes finally canon). This is the best plot and episode to make clear EVERYTHING. 

Now to answer the rest of your question:

I don’t think its the perfect time because its the episode 100 (I am glad its going to be about Donnie&April, but I thought the episode 100 would be about a dramatic familiar plot). I think its damn time because the “Apritello canon or not” thing has lasted at least 100 episodes = 4 years.  4 YEARS WAITING. (Well, in my case 2 years. I joined the fandom in 2014). 

I’m sorry to have written the Bible, but I needed to take out all my views. Thanks to ask me @drummergirl231


For you apritello fans, feel free to use it whenever you want :)