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Seongcheol is influential and speaks up for you

“Can I get an angst/fluff Scenario where you’re a foreigner at Seungcheol school and you get bullied for it despite being fluent in Korean and one day Seungcheol (Whos very popular and influential at the school) see’s that you’re getting bullied and helps you??”

Waking up was nothing you liked. You always hated it, but now it was even worse. “Y/N, honey wake up, you’re going to be late.” It was your mum. “AHH yeah, i’m getting up.” You stood up, got ready and then left for school.

Everything around here was new for you. Your mom found a work in Korea a couple of weeks back, so you had to move from NY to Seoul. Well, you are half-korean, anyways but youre not fluent in it. And thats a reason to bully you for most if your classmates. But that didn’t actually shock you, since you already knew that halfers are treated badly in korea.

Mum didn’t belive you, “Aish kid, thats your imagination, your hangul is not perfect but thats no wonder after living in the USA for 18 years now. I bet they are actually pretty supporting. You just want to rub it in right? That you had to leave your friends because of me and my work. But I promise little one, you will love it here.”

Urghh. And now you were here. In school. With all of these weird people. They hated you, and you knew that, well at least you thought that.
“Aww look who came. Y/N didn’t we tell you to come back when you speak or language fluently ot didn’t you understand that either?” A class"mate" walked over to you. You could see the hate in her eyes, while she pushed your shoulder back.

“Leave me alone please..” It was too much, a new home in a different country? And now that? “Ah what? Are you going to cry,huh? Little baby. Why did you come anyways. You’re in no way shape or form a full korean. What do you want here? Not even understanding the teachers?”

“I DO UNDERSTAND WHAT THE TEACHERS SAY.” You yelled, letting out all of your anger mixed with tears. “DO YOU THINK I WANT TO BE HERE WITH YOU ASSHOLES? WHY CAN’T YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE?” And that was it, from that second on I decided to just turn off my brain and not listen to them. But it was hard. Always the same things, the same words, the same hate.

The bell rang, and you walked past them without thinking of what they could do. But suddenly one of the boys in the group grabbed your arm, pulled you back. “Where do you think your going? We’re not done yet.” Wait, what does that even mean. Before you could end your thought you felt a hand on your face. “HANA (1): go home and learn hangul first. DUL (2): just because the teachers love you doesn’t mean that you have to be a bootlicker. SET (3): we don’t like people like you, because halfers like you always think that they are something better.” Then she lifted her hand again…

HEY WHATS GOING ON HERE?” There was a boy standing in front of you now. “Oh ehmm, seongcheol..” who was he? And why were they scared of telling him? “Well she is a new friend, and she’s not fluent in Korean, we are just trying to help.” The boy said that with the most disgusting fake smile on his face.

“Well it looked like something else. I dont want to see you guys next to her ever again. And you-” he looked over to the girl who told you her ‘rules’ “-aren’t you the one who has a crush on vernon? How can you say that you hate halfers? Are you jealous? Because she is prettier than you?” He laughed. “No seongcheol, we are really sorry, we wont do that again.” And then they left, or at least they tried. “Wait, we’re not done yet. Won’t you apologize?”

“Oh right, uhmm sorry Y/N we won’t be doing that again. Promise.” And that was it. They left without even looking back. You were shocked, how could one have such a big influence on them. “Hello, Y/N. Well i hope its okay if I call you by your name. I’m seongcheol, the schools representative. Nice to meet you, even though I wish that we met in another way.” Oh, thats why he is such an influence. “Uh, em yea you can call me by my name… Thank you, I wasn’t able to stand for myself. I’m sorry if my hangul is bad I’m working on it.” You looked down.

“Oh no, they really scared you did they? You hangul is perfectly fine. Don’t worry. If they start talking again just find me, I’ll help you out… Do you know were you have to go?”

“Well i actually have to go to the principal today. He said I should come and tell him about how I feel after a couple of weeks..” Should i tell him? “Are you going to tell him? If you’re scared i can go with you, we can ask for a class change. Maybe he allows it.”
“Would you do that for me?” But he didn’t answer, he just held your arm and dragged you to the office.
And thats the time when you knew that it would be a good friendship between both of you.

-after school

“Y/N! Wait.” Someone was screaming your name, it was seongcheol he was running towards you. “I’m glad he allowed you to change classes. But I wanted to ask something else.” Hmm? “Yeah, thank you again. What Is it?” “Uhm.. well since you’re new to Seoul I thought that I -uhm could show you the town a bit. And help you out with your hangul.” He was scratching his head, he acted super akward which was cute. “Choi seongcheol, are you asking me out for a date? We just met.” You were laughing, and so was he. But then he turned slightly pink. “Well.. I called you pretty for a reason.” …

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