also i dont care what the majority says

Inktober, Day 8: Kaz and Inej from Six of Crows by @lbardugo, aka the newest #1 NYT BESTSELLER ENDLESS CONGRATULATIONS AND SO DESERVED

I’m completely obsessed with this book. It’s dark and twisted and full of action and it’s about A HEIST and my god i love heist stories. I also love motley crew, found family, ragtag misfits coming together stories, and this is that, but with a darker edge. And the world is just so insanely richly rendered and full of detail, and the cHARACTERS. I. Love. Them. Every one of them. And it is ship central, because not only will you love them all, but you’ll love them all TOGETHER (and want them to make out all the time)

I dont know how tumblr works!! So hopefully this is how i’m supposed to do it? Idk.

I read all your posts about your worries for the last chapter for IBFY (i blame IBFY for crushing my soul btw). I think we just want closure to this tbh. Please dont stress out over what others will think of it, and just carry the plot as you see fit rather than how others see fit. I think i speak for the majority of your readers when i say that we trust your decisions as the author, and to please write whatever you think should be written. Also, we are willing to wait for you to finish writing the chapter. Please dont stress/pull your hair out over writing it and take care of yourself (and Nan) too!!

Love you lots (Nan too)!! Thank you so much for being an author. :)

You have no idea how much I needed to hear this today. Thank you so much! It’s nice to be reminded of the things you already know. And trust me, while the pressure does make me a little afraid to post the last chapter I know I won’t be happy unless I write IBFY my way. And don’t worry I’m taking care of Nan, she’s sight beside me right now :) We’ll try not to stress.

Also thank you for taking the time to write this to me when you’re not used to tumblr. It really does mean the world to me.

-Hel (& Nan)

My experience with the signs
  • <p> <b>Aries:</b> You're a pretty cool person. And Thank you for being there when nobody was. I understand that stress can eat at you but sometimes you gotta tell youself its okay. Also, you're a meme queen and very easy to talk to.<p/><b>Taurus:</b> Holy balls learn to let go sometimes. Please recognise that acting on your emotions often have a negitive outcome. Sit down and think before you make any decision. But when in a good mood, you're really fun to party with.<p/><b>Gemini:</b> I thought you were quiet but man you are not. You are really nice and I appreciate your exsistence. But please, keep in mind that honesty pays off.<p/><b>Cancer:</b> You are loud and enthusiastic. You are very joyful. when you are in a good mood and your smile just spreads like a wild fire. Keep going. Keep living. Lots of people love you.<p/><b>Leo:</b> You have a wonderful sense of humor and you are very caring. It amazes me sometimes how much you want to please those who you care about. Honestly I dont know what I'd do with out you.<p/><b>Virgo:</b> Geez you are smart, witty, and more. You are a really good friend and anybody who has you is really lucky. You have a lot to say and you really want to be heard. I admire that.<p/><b>Libra:</b> sometimes you need to care. Letting go too much can have major consequences. But you have a really good spirit and you know how to lighten the mood. Also, your laugh is very lovely.<p/><b>Scorpio:</b> you feel too deeply and you find meanings in things that are practically meaningless. You show a lot of passion for many things and others find it attractive. Don't feel bad about taking time to yourself.<p/><b>Sagittarius:</b> bright and adventurous. Never have I seen a better smile. Your energy is contagious and people are happy just by being around you. Your love of people is an attractive trait. Also keep in mind you dont owe anyone anything.<p/><b>Capricorn:</b> ya'll cant take a joke. But i respect that most of you guys live by your gut feeling. You are really straight forward and passionate about your beliefs. Dont be afraid to see things from a different point of view though.<p/><b>Aquarius:</b> You are very silent and you dont really like being the center of attention much. It takes a while for you to open up to others but when you do, your seemingly grey personality turns to a wonderful gradient of colors.<p/><b>Pisces:</b> You have a bubbly personality and you like being center of attention. You like being a leader but you arent particularly fit for leadership. Keep in mind you cant control everything and take other peoples feelings into consideration. Dont throw away friendships.<p/></p>