also i dont care what the majority says

anonymous asked:

curious about your views on things happening in the us right now, like the Dakota access pipeline, black lives matter, and a trump presidency. I've never seen you talk about any political topics, I'm not sure if you're just not into it or you don't care

I can’t get into that .. well I could of course .. but how draining is social media + politics.

Let’s just say I’m sick to my stomach about majority of it .. and scared.. but I also support some aspects of what is going on – very very little aspects 🙄 I’ve got a lot of thoughts, to be honest.

Just because I dont post on social media about a topic doesn’t mean that I’m not into it or “don’t care” … I choose what i put out on the internet ..i put maybe ¼ of my life out … the rest is mine! What you see is what I choose for you to see.. thankfully!