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do you think Mabel and Dipper fit the messiah/machiavel trope? cuz I do, and it makes me cry

Okay, I’ve never heard of this trope before so I had to do a bit of research. What I’ve gathered is that the trope is a type of teamwork, usually in the political sense: the shining charismatic leader and the vicious, cunning enforcer who supports the leader and/or their cause. The Messiah is the light and the Machieval is the shadow behind that light. The Messiah usually adheres to morality (like Jesus whom the term originates from); the Machieval favors expediency over morality (like Machiavelli whom the term originates from). Which all does sound like the kind of dynamic Dipper and Mabel have. Outside of the dynamic, I’d even say the individual titles, Machieval and Messiah, fit their characters too.

The Messiah in a narrative context is usually “the visionary, the leader, the savior, the person who may be literally god touched, or just god touched in the sense of the charisma, depth, and power of their vision or capacity to lead/embody that movement.”

Mabel is a natural born leader, there’s no doubt. Its easy for her to reach out and connect with others on an emotional level, and even inspire others to change for the better. She’s incredibly charismatic and charming, and her power even at 12 years old is enough to attract the attention of Gravity Falls’ villains, the gnomes and Gideon, who are insistent on making her their Queen. Seemingly effortlessly she can inspire others to help make her visions (trying out her idealistic version of management running the Mystery Shack, creating and constructing an entire sock opera in a week, etc.) a reality. All qualities of a good leader.

But a Messiah is more than a leader; they’re a savior. Mabel is also capable of seeing the good in others and offering forgiveness even if there’s no real evidence of this being true. She deems Pacifica and Robbie worthy of redemption. In NWHS she looks into Stan’s eyes, the windows to his soul, and judges him to be a good person worthy of being trusted and forgiven, despite all the bad things he’s done. After hearing Ford’s story in AToTS, Mabel basically instantly forgives the man and starts seeing him as another Grunkle she loves dearly, and wants nothing more than for Stan and Ford to forgive each other as she has forgiven them. When Dipper wants to rush into adulthood and becomes blinded by the supernatural, Mabel keeps him a child and reminds him of what’s truly important.

And like a Messiah, Mabel strives to be a good person. Yes, she’s flawed because she’s human. She can be aggressive and self-centered and impulsive. She can be blinded by her infatuations. She avoids emotional confrontation and would prefer to live in optimistic denial when she’s scared and life gets hard. But Mabel wants and tries to be a good, kind person. She goes out of her way to compliment others or brighten their days. She tries to do the right thing in any given situation, often playing morality police to Stan and Dipper. And when she’s wrong, she usually acknowledges that and apologizes. Mabel truly genuinely cares about other people and doing the right thing, and that’s more than most people can say.

Symbolically, Mabel takes on a Messiah-esque pose when she lets go of the button and essentially allows the universe to decide her, and everyone else’s, fates. In Weirdmaggadon she is literally seen as an icon of hope, inspiration, and guidance for Dipper and Gideon, and possibly Wendy and Soos as well. Her being alive and representing doing good, striving to be a good person despite her flaws, and having the ability to defeat Bill on her own (who is basically the “Devil” in this story) is what motivates them all to help find her and save her during the apocalypse and thus save the universe. So, yes, I think we can all agree that Mabel fits the Messiah trope quite well.

The Machiavel is a “term given to people who function in pragmatic, vicious, cunning ways. This is the person who holds the knife to the throat or the guns under the table. The one who blackmails, bribes, and does all the things that should never have to be done but must be done for the things they love.”

Dipper is not at all afraid to get his hands dirty to get what he wants and usually won’t hesitate to do what (he feels) must be done in a situation, even if that’s an immoral action. He’s a guile hero, ambitious, relying mostly on his wits, cunning and pragmatic with a grayscale sense of justice, all qualities that are very Machiavellian in nature. There are many, many examples of Dipper favoring expediency over morality shown in canon.

Like in Fight Fighters (lying and cheating to win a fight), Boss Mabel (ripping people off for money), The Golf War (cheating and sabotaging his sister’s competitor by manipulating others into doing what he wants) Sock Opera (making a literal deal with a demon to get what he wants), Society of the Blind Eye (using a memory erasing gun to erase the society member’s memories to prevent them from erasing anyone in town’s memories again, essentially committing the action he’s condemning the society for), A Tale of Two Stans (coming up with the idea to use the same gun on gov agents despite knowing the potential consequences the memory erasure could have on the agents’ sanities), the Stanchurian Candidate (mind-controlling his great uncle for political reasons, an action that’s literally compared to that of a villain in the show), etc. 

In Headhunters, Mabel remarks that Dipper is her sidekick, and this is sort of true. Dipper usually plays more of the supporter/enforcer role than the visionary like Mabel, which is an interesting perspective for a main protagonist and narrator of a story to have. Mabel generally has the ideas, and Dipper generally helps make them happen. He’s usually the one that constructs a plan to make sure Mabel’s idea is a success in situations where they work together like that. He’s strategizing and cheering her on behind-the-scenes when she’s up front in the spotlight working her magic. And he’s planning to tear down anyone who gets in their way. The episode I believe that embodies this dynamic best is Golf War.

Mabel wants to beat Pacifica at golf. Dipper supports Mabel and her goal. He decides manipulating the lilliputtins and cheating is the best course of action for Mabel to win the match. Mabel disagrees at first, trying to play morality police to Dipper, pointing out cheating is wrong, but Dipper convinces her to trust him against her better judgment. They go through with his plan. It backfires. Mabel says that rivalries are stupid and offers Pacifica friendship, and so forgiveness. Dipper does not apologize to anyone, nor acknowledges that what he did was wrong. Throughout this whole episode, you have Mabel as the leader, the public figure, the one playing the match, and later the savior as she deems Pacifica worthy of forgiveness, and Dipper as the enforcer, the planner, the one standing off to the side, the one ensuring Mabel wins and doing whatever he feels is necessary to achieve that. The Messiah and the Machiavel

And in fact, their physical positions on the castle emphasize this dynamic as well. Mabel is in the center like the King (or Queen), addressing the lilliputtins after being told Dipper’s plan, and Dipper is standing a little behind and beside her, closer to where the knight’s stationed (even borrowing the knight’s trumpet to garner everyone’s attention to Mabel).

Dipper and Mabel balance each other out, which I’m not sure is something that plays into the Messiah/Machiavel trope exactly, but is a large part of the twins’ dynamic. Mabel lets Dipper know when he’s taking things too far, and Dipper lets Mabel know when niceness isn’t gonna cut it, when someone doesn’t deserve her kindness. That’s not to say that the two are flat out opposites, however. The Messiah, like I said earlier, is still human. They have moments of selfishness and cruelty as Mabel does. And likewise, the Machiavel has moments of selflessness and kindness as Dipper does. Neither is one extreme or the other. Mabel may have a bigger heart than Dipper, but that doesn’t mean Dipper doesn’t have a heart at all. He does. He’s just more cynical and pragmatic (and arguably angrier) than Mabel is. 

Nor is it true that Mabel is always in the light and Dipper is always in the shadows. Generally you see them more in this way, but Mabel is capable of stepping back and happily supporting Dipper when he has an idea too or wants to take the lead, which is part of what makes them a good team. Mabel isn’t as ruthless as Dipper and Dipper isn’t as big-hearted as Mabel, so they can’t take on each other’s tropes in a reverse dynamic where Dipper is the leader and Mabel the supporter. But they’re both human, and they both try to help each other make the best choices.

So, yeah, I guess Mabel and Dipper fit the Messiah/Machiavel trope for the most part. This wicked fanart from Boss Mabel really shows that kind of dynamic between them too, with Mabel in the boss chair (the throne of sorts) and Dipper standing a little behind and beside her again like a bodyguard or second in command, whispering in her ear.

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Can I ask what widely accepted Sterek headcanons you don't agree with/like? I love hearing differing opinions on headcanons.

Okay, here we go lol

-The sheriff’s name is John. Okay, this one really bugs me. Like, as a preference? Cool. You like his name as John. I’m down with that. But the devotion with which people cling to the name and demand it be used I don’t understand. I don’t have a problem with Noah, mainly bc I like the name, but honestly think that they should have left him as “the sheriff” without a name. (I also don’t think not making his name John was a slight against us. I don’t get upset about stuff like that usually. I don’t really care lol) I choose to use “the sheriff” in my fics bc he doesn’t have a name, and I have used John in the past bc it was used a lot (in domestic I know that’s his name. That may be the only one) But I’m kinda turned off by John now because of the way ppl acted about the name. Like not reading fics, including old fics, where his name isn’t John or refusing to read fics where his name is Noah???? Really? You’re gonna punish the author for a name that’s perhaps used less than 50% in the fic? I’ve read two fantastic fics where his name wasn’t John, one where he was named Randy and one Jeremiah. Who cares what his name is? If you like John, go for it. Write him as John to your heart’s content! But don’t get upset when other authors don’t use John. It doesn’t really matter in the long run.

-Sheriff/Melissa. I don’t like them together. Sorry. I actually regret putting the sheriff with Melissa in domestic. That’s why I never write them together anymore in it. I don’t like them. First, I don’t like Melissa very much. Second, Melissa deserves someone who truly loves her deeply, not the sheriff whose real love was Claudia and died. I just don’t like them together. I do like Chris/Melissa, but maybe bc I think JR and Melissa have more romantic chemistry, idk (and i have my own headcanons about chris and victoria and how they weren’t really in love). Honestly, idc about Melissa enough to care who she’s with, but I don’t agree she should be with the sheriff.

-Melissa is the bestest. Again, I don’t like her. Maybe bc I don’t like Scott very much, but Melissa is just kind of a bitch imo. She grates on me, esp around s3. But I also don’t think she’s a very good mother. But I don’t have a great reason/explanation for why I don’t like her. I just don’t.

-The camaro/jacket are Laura’s. Why? Like why is that a fandom thing, esp the Camaro? Why would she leave it? Why would Derek then drive it when she flew? It doesn’t make any sense. Plus, I prefer the Camaro to be Derek’s. The jacket I like being his father’s, not hers.

-Single dad!Derek can’t take care of his kids. I hate that trope/head canon. It pops up a lot in single dad!Derek fics. Laura is better at raising the kids, Derek can’t do anything with them without his family’s help, or even Stiles can handle them better. Um…no? I think Derek would make a great father. Sure, he’d make mistakes, but I hate it when Laura/Talia/Cora/Lydia/Scott/Stiles/Erica/etc know better about his kids than he does.

-Fail wolf!Derek - this is an older headcanon, I think, but I sometimes still see it around in fic. It ties in with the above idea. That concept that Derek can’t do anything right or others know better than him. Obviously, I’m biased bc I love Derek and he’s my favorite character on the show, and I like when his faults and flaws are explored, but he’s not a fail wolf. I don’t even think s2 was failwolf!Derek. He’s capable, brave, smart, resourceful, loyal, determined…these are not qualities that make him a fail wolf or unable to lead his pack, raise his kids, etc. He makes a lot of mistakes and bad decisions, but so does everyone else on that show, and he was trying to survive and do what was right, just not always in the best way. I’ve seen metas and fics dealing with this. I don’t like it when Stiles comes in and “fixes” the pack for Derek. Idk that just bugs me a lot.

-Scott and Stiles are BFF5EVAH!!!1!@@22!!21!! Don’t buy it. Even based on the show. Scott doesn’t really act like a BFF to Stiles unless it’s convenient for him. He blows off Stiles for girls (Allison and Kira, um who looked for Stiles for 2 days while Scott was romancing Kira? Derek and Chris), and yeah, they have their moments the show writes in there, like in the hospital in 3b or in motel california, but they just don’t fit with the rest of the show. Maybe it’s inconsistent writing, but I think it’s just that the friendship is not written as strongly as they want to pretend it is. S5, when Scott believed Theo over Stiles with the Donovan stuff? W.T.F. Just…that was the last straw for me. I don’t buy their eternal broship “the real romance is Scott and Stiles” bullshit. Maybe you want it to be, but that’s not how I viewed it when watching bc I don’t think that’s how it was written. I think they care about one another, but they obviously are very different, Scott shows he doesn’t care about Stiles, and they drift apart through the seasons.

- anyone calling Derek “Der”, especially when he hates it. I hate the nickname Der. Hate it.

That’s all I can think of right now. I want to talk about Lydia and Erica, but I have a separate ask for that, so I’ll do that there.

 So…yeah. *hides from stones*

ZoSan Fic Rec - One Piece

Finally (yes again), I’m doing the fic rec you’re all waiting for (esp you @sleepydrarry​, please stop harassing me lmao)

There will be a lot of Unda’s work on here but what can I say, I’ve fallen in love.

  • Vitriolic Best Buds - Unda : Or: why I shouldn’t read TV tropes late at night. Wanted to have a little fun with this trope that fits the boys to a T. Vague hostile romance if you squint a little or just a hostile bromance. Your choice. One shot. - Over protective Zoro and Sanji in a One Shot and so much cuteness, I can’t. Also Sanji and Zoro and not explicitly in a relationship but come on, everybody knows.
  • Memories - Stark_Black : Sanji has been in a coma for eleven months, but he’s lost his memory of the past two years. Now, he doesn’t remember Zoro, or the life the two of them had built together. - Apparently, in every fic rec that I do, I MUST have a fic with reserve. So here it is. The fic is great and the angst at the start is a KILLER but, I think it’s an old fic (like 2008), I mean, come on, there is BlackBerries and How To Save A Life. Also warning about some nearly sexist comments and not enough lube/prep.
  • The Roronoa Fruit - Stark_BlackTo Zoro’s surprise, Sanji takes a step towards friendship, using food as his cover. Now their new friendship is deepening fast and Sanji almost can’t keep up. - Oh, another one by Stark_Black ! Okay, I may have reserves about Memories but, The Roronoa Fruit is AWESOME. Just go read it, so much pining, I CAN’T. Kinda wish I could Obliviate myself and read it again.
  • The Not-So-Romatinc Tale of the Swordsman and the Cook - donutsandcoffee…as witnessed, told, and suffered through by the Bravest Warrior of the Sea, Usopp.Sanji loves Zoro. Zoro loves Sanji. They are also, somehow, obliviously, infuriatingly, in an unrequited love with each other.Usopp thinks he can do something about it. He really should have had more self-preservation instinct than that. - THIS ONE, this one, I died laughing in the floor. Luffy and his “It’s a Mystery Plan” and everybody is so on-character, I can’t even. It’s so awesome, and so funny and just go read it, mood-lift is assured.
  • Aural Pleasure - Unda : “It’d be almost funny if it weren’t so terrible, out of a whole sandy beach the directionally challenged Zoro manages to find the one rock to land head first on.” Zoro has to learn to talk again and in the process learns a bit about listening to Sanji. - OMG this one (yes I’m excited about every single fic on this rec, fight me). The angst in the fic is horribly good, I legit cried. 92k words and every single one of them is on point. It’s the fic that made me fall in love with Unda, All praise the ZoSan genius. Serisously, if there is only one fic to read in this rec, it’s this one. Also happy ending so… ;)
  • Once More With Feeling - Aviss : Sanji is given a second chance to set things right. And a third. And a fourth… - This one is the pure definition of angst. I cried A LOT. It’s super well-written and heart breaking and please, do read it.
  • Prison Blues - donutsandcoffee : Zoro gets lost, Sanji gets captured by the marines, the Strawhats break into the ship’s prison, and they all escape with a bang.Not exactly in that order, much to the confusion of Sanji’s cellmates. - 3rd person narrator, only one chapter, and incredibly funny. One of the first ZoSan fic I read and I also fell in love with the author.
  • Reactions - Unda : Sanji is happy to report that his food has never hurt anyone… until now. - Another Unda work, what can I say. This one is also awesome, and please go read it, I don’t even have the words to say how good it is. Just read it omg
  • go back to sleep - itsmylifekay : His skin tingles with an unfamiliar sensation and he shifts, mind becoming more alert as he takes in his surroundings and the strange, lingering warmth on his arm. If he concentrates hard enough, he can feel the fading shape of long fingers pressed into his skin.“Go back to sleep, stupid marimo,” he hears. Sanji is standing close by, pulling on the last of his clothes and straightening his tie. His voice is low in the softness of the early morning and Zoro grunts at the words. - This one is just fluff and pining and rainbow and unicorns. There’s a little of gore, I don’t remember it being bad but I’m not phased by it, so maybe you should be careful..
  • Fix Me - LunaStories : A story of despair, loss, and healing. An alternate scenario in which Sanji is the one who takes the damage from Kuma, rather than Zoro. Thriller Bark Arc.And even as there were shouts of horror around him, Zoro dashed to the blonde’s side, determined to give him a scolding (and then a beating after he healed) for the stupid stunt he had pulled.They all watched with varying degrees of surprise as Zoro reached Sanji, and with one tap on the shoulder…he fell. - OKAY SO. Everybody that knows me, know that I actually enjoy hurting myself and making myself cry to sleep and this fic goes into that category. Major Character Death, I’m warning you guys. But for the ones of you who have the same tastes as me, just go read it and enjoy. it’s fricking awesome and I keep reading it again and again, I can’t get enough of it.

Okay there’s already quite a lot of fics and I’m only half through my list of what I wanted to rec. So that’s means….. THERE’LL BE A 2ND PART (yes Em’, you’ll be able to harass me again, nice right ? lmao)

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed it and please don’t forget to leave kudos and comments to the authors ;)

Why Reylo Should DEFINITELY NOT Happen

Is this an unpopular opinion now?

Disclaimer: I am not anti-Kylo. I love Kylo Ren for the potential his character does have (view profile picture!). I do not excuse any of his actions, but I do understand that had he not been mentally fucked by Snoke as an impressionable adolescent and had he not pushed away everyone who cared about him and tried to help, he would not be in this mess. Very much Snoke’s fault, very much his own. I love Rey for the beautiful being and character she is. How strong she is, her emotionality, and her fierce and beautiful desires. I am a fan of both Rey and Kylo Ren, so please do not take this as me saying one is too good for the other. 

Well, everyone knows how very, very sure I am of myself when I say Rey is Rey Skywalker. This would make her Kylo’s first cousin, their parents being twins, so that is very, very fucked up to begin with. This is the MAJOR, and first, reason I was ever anti-Reylo. 

But let’s PRETEND she isn’t Rey Skywalker. Maybe she’s Rey Kenobi or Rey whatever. It doesn’t matter. Let’s PRETEND she’s not a Skywalker, even though that is so wildly unlikely. View the attached videos to the last few words to see why I say it is that.

Have you viewed the videos? No? Well, I suggest you do. But whatever…I don’t know your schedule nor your interest level in this. Anyway, moving on…

So I’m sure you’re wondering, “Why, if you love both of the characters and they weren’t related, would you not ship them together?”

Simple: Because it is insulting to their characters, detrimental to the character development they could potentially have, and ends Star Wars for good.

I can hear the jeering now, “Those are some WILD assertions. How can you prove this, OP?”


We have only been just introduced to them as characters, so how would I truly understand their motivations and who they really are? Well, to tell you the truth, I am one of those people who knows who people are based on how they act and respond to situations. It’s easy for me to predict what you will want and how you will act later. If I am so confident after TFA that I am willing to put myself on the line for jeering and my opinion up to all criticism on this website littered with differing opinions, I must be pretty confident that I know what I’m talking about. Especially true because I avoid conflict at pretty much all cost. So here goes…

Kylo Ren is a child trapped in a man of 30′s body. He pushed everyone who loved him away and was brainwashed by someone who cared only about what he could do for them. Kylo Ren’s main desire is that he wants to be wanted, he wants someone to be proud of him. He is unstable, unpolished, and very, very frightened…of Snoke, of himself, and of what he feels inside him. He is not emotionally mature enough, at least at this point, to handle a romantic relationship…at least a healthy one, one that which Rey would hypothetically deserve. And even though Kylo is allegedly more “polished” in TLJ, deep-seated fears like those just don’t go away. 

Rey is a grown adult. She grew up alone by nothing more than circumstances brought on by her parents, of whom we don’t (but probably do) know. Rey is 19…probably 21 by this movie…and has dealt with way too much in her life. She is emotional, but strong. She is fiercely loyal and desires nothing greater than to belong somewhere and feel that she belongs. She has every capability to have a healthy romantic relationship, but she doesn’t seem to really push for that. She desires friends and companionship and belonging, but not…a romantic relationship. At some point may she? Probably, but she doesn’t seem like the type of person, in my opinion, to prioritize a romantic entanglement. She is just getting her footing in the new world outside of Jakku. 

Now, keep all that in mind while I explain why it’s insulting to their characters and the franchise itself!

I am writer myself. I am, admittedly, predominantly a songwriter. I have written screenplays and short stories and whatnot…you may have seen one of my screenplay ideas for Kylo Ren’s redemption because I did, at one point, post a few of them on Tumblr. However, not the point. 

I took a screenwriting class about 2 years ago in college. Stay with me here! There was one time, I remember, we had an assignment for a short screenplay. I was writing a story…I don’t remember about what exactly, but I remember how much trouble I was having in keeping it within the time limit and due date I had. Finally, I had 3 days left to hand it in and still was trying to think of a decent way to end it. I had ideas and ideas that I loved, but the only thing that fit within the page limit and that would allow me to hand it in on time was the ending I hated…but it was the only choice I had at this point. I did it. I had the main antagonist fall in love with the main protagonist. I hated myself for it and it dissected their characters and destroyed the story, but I did it. I handed that paper in on time and in the page limit I had. 

You see what I’m getting at, don’t you?

I used…a cop-out. 

And that’s what endgame Reylo is. 

A cop-out. 

A cop-out is, as I’m sure you all know, something you do when you have no other choice or can’t think of a way to bring about your next goal. You do it because you gotta do it to make what you want happen happen. In this case, making Reylo canon would bring about a natural close to the saga. 

But at what cost?!

Star Wars, as I’m sure we’re all aware, is littered with themes that extend back to the beginning time of storytelling. Good versus evil being the most notable theme, familial love, love in general. A lot of basic AF themes, but all good stories tend to have similar themes. We all know that because there are truly only 6-8 real stories in life and cinema. You can only have so many good things. 

Now, TROPES are a different monster all together. Redemption is a trope that Star Wars utilizes a lot and that’s okay because it makes sense and grounds their good versus evil theme. Also, the Star Wars universe is so expansive and well-designed that it’s even kind of difficult to identify the trope until you really step back and say…”…huh.” It’s fine to utilize some tropes in wonderful movies. Don’t get me wrong…

But not when it sacrifices your characters. 

The trope I will be talking about now is the one in which “the bad guy falls in love with the good girl and shirks his bad ways to make her happy and be with her”. We all know what I’m talking about. And we all know how played out it is. We’re all tired of it.

How many movies have we seen this year with the very same endgame trope? 12? more? I don’t know, I barely go to the movies anymore. 

Do you want Kylo Ren and Rey’s character identity as it stands and their potential character development to devolve, which that’s what it is, into a romantic endgame? 

That is my question for you. 

Kylo Ren has the potential to pull a Vader and decide for himself, with the help of the people whom he pushed away earlier and those new friends, that what he’s doing is wrong. Darth Vader decided that when his son’s life, whom believed steadfastly in his goodness, was threatened that what he was doing was wrong and changed because he wanted to. Luke did not coerce, did not guilt, did not even truly fully persuade Darth Vader to turn back. But having Rey profess her love or even Kylo admit he is in love as a method of change is such a disservice to both of their characters. You are eliminating the fact that Kylo Ren must take responsibility for what he’s done and make amends as necessary. 

To degrade Rey’s very presence in the series to a method to bring about change in her male counterpart is disgusting to me. Her potential to grow as a Force-user, her potential to be stronger than Luke, her potential to be her own person is GONE. We all know this to be true. Once she becomes the object of the male villain’s affections, she becomes a sex symbol, she becomes nothing more than an object, and she is now forever thought of as “Kylo Ren’s Girlfriend” and not “Rey”. She becomes his property in the thoughts and minds of fans and those not fans because she loses her own name when that happens because now all that matters is the relationship. 

To use a female of Rey’s caliber to FORCE CHANGE in a male such as Kylo is reprehensible because it negates his need for true redemption, for taking responsibility, for fighting back from the Darkness. We all know Kylo needs to show effort because of who he is. He is denying and fighting the light, so therefore, he needs to fight the Darkness even harder. But…

If they fall in love…we all know, that’s all that will be remembered. 

Not who Rey really is. Not what she could have been. Not Kylo’s struggle to turn back. Not his betrayal of Supreme Leader Snoke. 

It’s all just them falling in love now…

Do you want that for Star Wars?

Because you know that’s what would happen. “Search your feelings, you know it to be true.” 

I, personally, would not want that for this amazing franchise that has literally brought people joy for 40 years. 

Aside from that, if they did fall in love and potentially go on to have children, that would be the end of Star Wars. 

I know Return of the Jedi was kind of that way too. ROTJ was really a nicely tied bow on top of a Christmas present, sealing the whole Saga of 6 (yeah, I know ROTJ came out before the Prequels!)

TFA is really a second Christmas present for someone. 

Since X, XI, and XII are all confirmed, if Kylo and Rey get together in IX, I do not see where they could go from there, especially considering they’re probably intending to follow the formula from before where the first saga was Anakin and Luke’s story, this saga really couldn’t be Kylo and Rey’s. IX would feel too final for people to want to rehash and reopen the gift. They’d lose viewers. They’d lose revenue. They’d lose our trust. If something feels too final, people won’t want to come back to it. That’s the problem with older people not liking TFA and the new trilogies. ROTJ was too final. But now that we have this and I’m open-minded to the new story, I’m all in…but 


And Reylo is not the right way. 

It would bring everything to a natural close before its time. I don’t know if I’d want to come back to SW after that because I don’t see the potential for a future in the series with that as a trilogy-closer. 

Now, I’m done. I’m just trying to let you all see what I’m seeing here. The quote that Rian Johnson made in the NYT that “Rey and Kylo are really two sides of the same protagonist” is the truth, but it, in no way, alludes to Reylo becoming canon. If anything, it alludes to: 1) Kylo’s Redemption or 2) Rey’s Turn to the Dark Side. 

Now please understand…I’m not trying to make y’all feel anything if you ship Reylo. This is just how I feel and how a lot of others feel. I’m very Pro-Kylo and very Anti-Reylo and I admit that. But I have legitimate reasons and legitimate concerns for the future of the franchise if Reylo sets sail. 

The 'Why Omegaverse' Question

I’m a very self-indulgent person, and so I like analyzing why I like the self-indulgent things I like to read almost as much as reading them. And well, currently I’m reading a Johnlock Omegaverse fic and it made me wonder why I almost always enjoy it so much.

Usually when the subject comes up, I’ve seen things like people enjoy the world-building, the gender dynamics exploration or the porn (usually that bit’s implied). To be honest, I’ve never actually seen people talk about it much. Not that people in fandom are all that shy about our porn, but wank happens just with the top/bottom discussions, forget Alpha/Omega discourse (not that I’ve actually ever seen that). It doesn’t completely translate. Like, I think people usually write Omega!John and bottom!John differently, although there’s more overlap in Omega!Sherlock and bottomlock. The storyline about how both Omega John and Sherlock resist their secondary gender’s stereotypes to be BAMFy fits both of them in different ways, just as the whole Alpha strut and self-confidence can be spun to fit them both. I think in my case, I find both options more pleasant in Omegaverse ‘cause often there’s more explicit characterization work to justify the differences in the fic’s John or Sherlock. Like, I’m a very picky reader that’s super sensitized to OOCness, and I think Omegaverse helps me 'cause the characterization divergence is there but is more consciously constructed as an AU. So I’m like, okay this is a bottomlock universe or a toplock universe, and I can go with it 'cause it’s never presented as the 'natural order of things’, so to speak. Of course, this is ironic 'cause the mainstream concept of the gender dynamic in-universe is usually all about the 'natural order of things’ being Alpha/Omega pairings. It’s just that you’re still dealing with these implicit or symbolic issues (feminization, projection, etc) a lot in regular fics, but I feel like it’s defanged if it’s directly acknowledged by the narrative.

This might be why it’s awkward to talk about enjoying Omegaverse porn, in a way. At least speaking for myself, there’s an underlying sense of discomfort in 'un-queering’ the pairing, even if you keep the characters’ equipment. At least if you’re not reading Alpha/Alpha or Omega/Omega fics (which are rare and I myself usually don’t read). I think for me, there’s an appeal in the absolute normalization of it, sort of the same way I enjoy 18-19th century novel Sherlock fusion fics with no homophobia. Like, you could say it’s erasing the queerness of the characters by making them play essentially heteronormative roles in the society (especially when one of the characters was literally male and one female in the original novel). Or you could say it’s simply that the fic’s erasing the other people’s problem, which is external to the actual relationship dynamics between the characters. In the case of Omegaverse, you’re still usually problematizing the gendered aspects of the relationship (ie, it’s not usually portrayed as absolute smooth sailing, ala a fluffy het romance), but you’re not coming at it from the same angle so it’s still refreshing. Is that what *I* like about it, though?

It’s a bonus, certainly. In the end, I do like the thinky world-building and the gender exploration stuff, but it’s not enough by itself. What makes Omegaverse a true guilty pleasure is usually the trope aspect: the chance to enjoy a classic iteration of the fuck-or-die trope combined with a soulmate trope. If you look at the usual fuck-or-die fics these days, they’re not generally romantic. They tend to be more straightforwardly dealing with issues of consent and trauma if they’re not pure rapefic PWP, whereas a lot of Omegaverse fic still allows you to have consent in-universe along with a focus on characterization and romance; PWPs are relatively rare. My point is, the trope’s original conceit was that both people secretly want it, and may be wary but interested and compatible (and at least initially/partly capable of consent, though you could have angst about the subject in many fics). It’s obviously problematic rather than romantic in a more realistic context, but this is why I enjoy the sci-fi premise of the Omegaverse. It’s quite possible to create these results using a different sci-fi/fantasy scenario (certain magical artifacts, alien spores, sometimes Sentinel/Guide, etc), but Omegaverse provides a ready template, whereas everything else requires constructing a complex plot from scratch. Of course, this is partly why I enjoyed them back in the day, but most fics I’ve seen lately just go with drugs and/or a villain as the immediate cause. Both of these are traumatic, being sort of the antithesis of a happy ending scenario. So… me no likey.

With the seemingly romantic soulmate trope taken alone in fics, most of what I see is also less than romantic, with the usual point being to problematize the soulmate bond scenario somehow. Otherwise it’s considered 'boring’. I just like my bond fics being about a happy, even joyous union, with the drama coming from the difficulty getting together or some other external source. Omegaverse fics generally use this type of approach. Call me old-fashioned. I know I am.

I think rather than the porn (which is really hit-or-miss in terms of how well even a good writer does with it), I’m into the soul-bonding and pheromonal attraction aspect of the trope. This might also be another reason why I don’t really care much who’s the Alpha or Omega: usually the desperation (another favorite trope!) goes both ways emotionally. The whole nature of the Omegaverse is about breaking down personal boundaries and forming a more perfect union, both physically and emotionally. I mean, usually this is a theme in most romantic pairings, but here it’s being made both emotionally explicit and natural (in-universe), whereas I tend to view super-fluffy fics (especially involving long-term commitment themes) with suspicion. This probably has something to do with me being a 'cold-prickly type’ reader. Normally, reading about marriage (essentially) would seem OOC or over-the-top to me somehow, whereas if you’re soul-bonded as an Alpha/Omega couple, well, you can’t really avoid it. There’s usually no (easy) divorce and/or polyamory option, etc. You’re just kinda stuck being in fluffy love forever, haha. I know a lot of people would find that stifling or even less romantic, but it suits me just fine. Though I could do without the babies, generally, in the end I even make the baby exception for Omega Sherlock (poor boy, haha). ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

yourgiantpinkspacewife  asked:

If I may be so presumptuous to ask, what exactly are the problems you see in Dresden Files?

Sexism. Pretty much just a lot of sexism. Some of it I can excuse because that’s the genre, and Harry does get called out on his chauvanism periodically, but…I can only excuse it as part of the genre if it’s being subverted, or maybe made fun of a little, and it’s not. And Harry periodically being called out for, like, trying to protect women who don’t need it, doesn’t make up for

  • the constant sexualization of Molly, even though - hell, particularly because - every time it comes up, the narration is like, “I can’t think of her Like That because I remember her in diapers, but [description of Molly scantily clad with a model figure, etc.]”
  • I want to ship Thomas and Justine, I truly do, there’s a way that it’s really sweet and periodically even badass - and, you know, 1000% Fucked Up. I’ll take sex vampires as a trope of the Hardboiled Urban Fantasy genre, that’s fine - I particularly enjoyed the scene where Lara tore out Melanie’s organs and it was utterly horrifying despite still being incredibly erotic, and the narration balanced them well to great effect. But, dude. Justine was not there of her own free will for a long time. Just because Thomas “fell in love with her”, and Justine “fell in love with him” does not make that okay, nor, um, should that romance have happened at all. Thomas falling in love with what he thinks this girl is like - heck, what she truly is, kind, caring, brave, etc. except that oh by the way he’s lowkey mind-controlling her? Fine. Great. Typical, and potentially fun to watch as a Fucked Up thing. That never being acknowledged as Fucked Up, and in fact it works out perfectly for him? NO.
  • the Actual Nonsensical Bullshit of Hannah Ascher’s “death”, which I put in quote marks because I want to give Butcher the benefit of the doubt and assume she’s not actually dead. Because otherwise, he spent literally an entire book describing how she truly loves and understands fire, in a way possibly no other magic-user does, only for Harry to be like, “Ascher’s mistake was that she only knew magic, whereas I [a male, truly knowledgable and invested in my craft] understand Physics…so I tricked her into collapsing the roof with heat.”
    • I’m not saying that’s not an incredibly Harry Dresden thing to do - he really is invested in both the physical and arcane aspect of magic; it’s well-established and I appreciate the heck out of it. And that was a very clever trick, and just the sort of thing he’d pull. But it should not have worked on Hannah Ascher.
  • in general, Butcher has about three female types he’s comfortable writing. The Ingenue - innocent, naive, sexual but chaste, enamored of the male protagonist (Molly, Justine, Susan at first, Lash as she learned humanity.) The Mother - non-violent, support class, caring, non-sexual (Charity, Susan later, Isana from Codex Alera). And The Femme Fatale - powerful, deceptive, evil, sexual and acts on it (Mab, Lea, Lash at first, Lara, Bianca, Mavra, probably Elaine, Invidia from CA…) Only the Hero’s Romantic Interest is allowed to be neither innocent nor evil nor a mother (Karrin, CA’s Kitai) but even then she’s inevitably a step behind the protagonist in savviness and day-saving, and not just because he’s the protagonist. Or, kind of because he’s hte protagonist, but it…wears thin, you know? And it’s not like the have sex any time early in the series, so she’s still an Ingenue that way - note that Karrin’s been taken out of her regular combat role simultaneous with her and Harry actually consumating their romance. 
    • yes, there are women who don’t fit these tropes. Gard is pure muscle. Ivy is a girl - though she fills pretty much every other aspect of the Ingenue trope, and I painfully anticipate the inevitable timeskip that puts her post-puberty so Harry notices her equally inevitable new curves. Luccio bounced around - but she was, you know, being used to get to Harry via romance, so…femme fatale just without the agency…
  • also, sometimes he’s just a little too pleased with his own cleverness. Jim. Jim. Harry didn’t need to explicitly, in-narration remember to Uriel that scene where he was wishing for a Knight to come fight Cassius and Butters showed up. First off, that’s called foreshadowing, and you’re supposed to let it lie for clever readers to catch. Second, we all caught it. You didn’t need to draw attention. We’ve all been theorizing about this shit for the whole damn series. Third, unlike the fans, Harry is generally shit at remembering details like that, so it was genuinely out-of-character.

All that said, I do LOVE all the theorizing, and the characters are generally fun, with perhaps a mental filter to ignore some glaring failures and trends. The narration is snappy, the plot twists are solid and exciting, and the elaborate web of supernatural politics and secrets yet to be uncovered keeps me coming back for more. I fully intend to keep reading them, perhaps even do some rereading someday. I just…also fully intend to keep to my habit for the last few books, of not paying a cent for them. They’re fun, but I’m not sure how much I want to encourage all this.


Title: Quiet

Characters: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 4121 (oops)

Warnings: Talk of murder, talk of suicide, talk of serial killers, guns, violence, etc. (I think that’s it? Please let me know if I left out a warning!!!)

A/N: This is set before the pilot, and Dean is currently not hunting with John. Also, I did not intend for this to be so long, but I wanted to add more. Then that turned into 2,500 words more. Sorry, but also not? It was fun is what I am trying to say. I hope you enjoy!

Also!!! Special thanks to @because-sam-winchester  for being an awesome beta (and fantastic person) ILY!! 💕☺️

Feedback is appreciated!!

If you would like to be tagged or would like to request something please send me an ask :)

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Nobody Important; Part Two

Fandom: WWE

Pairing: Bo Dallas/Female Reader

Rating: Holy shit M.

AN: Again, no apologies. Happy Thirst Party Saturday, everyone! Tagging @tox-moxley @hardcorewwetrash @jazziethuqqins-blog @emmarablack @frenchtoast-syrup …I think that’s everyone! Enjoy!

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SasuHina Psychologically Analyized

Yes it is here and it is 4 pages long, I prewrote this before I put on here thats how much I love you. But before you start reading, a couple housekeeping things:

1. If you are pro SS/NH do not read this

2. If you are pro SNS it might step on your toes depending on how you feel

3. It will call out on Sakura so pro Sakuras beware

4. You are not inclined to read this I am not forcing you to so if you feel this is not to your liking just click away fam

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So, earlier when I was writing my post about Eggsy and Tilde, I realized that I need a whole separate post about how Eggsy loves and respects women.

So here, have a gifset of Eggsy loving and respecting the women in his life.  And also, have me telling you why every gif here is a good example (as well as discussing a few scenes that aren’t pictured). The wall of text under this read more is akin to the Great Wall of China.  Beware.

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Magical Muslim-Monsters, Romani, Black Women and Latina Stereotypes

Anonymous asked: 

Okay so i am working on several stories with POC characters. I feel like a few of them may be tropes but i’ve checked and they don’t seem to match any? 

Magical Muslim and Monster Tropes

in one story there’s a trio of magical girls. one of them is a Muslim girl who was cursed into a spider creature. she is ashamed of this and views it negatively. would this relate to any monster Muslim stereotypes? she doesn’t drink blood. she rarely uses her magic, only if she absolutely has to.

Sassy Black Stereotypes in Children

in the second story there’s a trio of sisters. they are all Black and the daughters of the personification of heaven. the first sister is very young, only 7 or 8. she is very loud and sort of bold, i don’t want her to come across as a “sassy Black girl” stereotype, because later on she reveals she is only that way because her oldest sister doesn’t care for her as much as she should. the middle sister is a teenager, like 16, and spends a lot of time on her phone. she cares very much for her little sister. she doesn’t get along too well with the oldest sister either because she didn’t take care of their younger sister. she kind of fits the white girl starbucks stereotype but is shown to be caring and gentle on a regular basis. their oldest sister is disconnected and not really sure how to be a good sister after their mother left, but she tries her hardest. i think the second 2 characters are okay but im not sure about the first one.

Greedy Latina Stereotypes

in the last story (its fantasy) the entire main cast are POC. first off theres the main heroine. she is indigenous Guatemalan of Mayan descent. she lives in a village in England. She wears English style clothes and armor and speaks English, even though Spanish is her first language. she wants to fit in so people with see her as a hero, because being a hero is her goal in life. throughout the story she slowly starts reconnecting with her Guatemalan roots, like speaking Spanish more and wearing her mother’s huipils on occasions. at the very end of the story she has learned to preserve her parent’s culture while living in England. i don’t want her to come across a negative latina stereotype of liking money and being sort of greedy. (she is strong and kinda punk as well)

Romani Elf 

one of her friends is an elf and Romani with albinism. she isn’t an elf because shes albino or albino because she’s an elf, she’s just an albino elf. she can’t use magic as well as her brother can so i think that avoids “magical albino” but is there any issue with her being Romani? i couldnt find much in your tags on Romani in fantasy. what could i do to show her living a traditional Romani life without using stereotypes? (i know it may not make much sense for an elf to be Romani, but she is because of the way elves work in this world. i wont go into detail but basically elves are sort of seen as higher beings and since her parents chose to live with a group of Romani people, their children were born Romani.)

Saudi Arabian Djinn

2 of the side characters are a Tahitian mermaid (cookiecutter shark) who mostly acts a guide. at one point she tricks the first girl mentioned by leading her off and taking her valuables. im pretty sure that’s not a stereotype however. the other side character is a Saudi Arabian djinn who is not Muslim. she’s a traditional djinn, is there something wrong with her being Saudi and not Muslim? 

Motherly Black Queen and Angry Black Woman

And finally the 2 characters that i think are sort of problematic but i cant pinpoint why. The queen is a Black woman, she is very motherly towards her subjects but this is because she is the queen and she’s sort of the sad about it, like the subjects dont know how much empathy she has for them. she is very mysterious and magical. her counterpart is the villain, another Black woman who is connected to fire. she is the sun, basically, and shown to be abusive to the elf’s brother who had the stone her spirit was trapped in for a long time. she uses a lot of big, fancy words. she is so angry because she was trapped in the stone for so long, i dont want to play her as an angry Black woman stereotype though.

Answers under the cut:

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Why does Tori get idolized?

Okay quick question- this is sorta a pet peeve of mine.

Everyone blames Asgore for Toriel leaving him but why does no one care that Toriel just abandoned her husband over a disagreement.

Look, Asgore isn’t perfect, I won’t ever say it. But why is Toriel not held accounrable at all?

It’s not like Asgore was mistreating her at all. We’re told that Toriel was disgusted with him and just… left. No tales of mistreatment on Asgore’s part, just a disagreement. Granted a rather big agreement, but still.

And she doesn’t just abandon Asgore, she abandons her people. She’s the Queen, and she just… leaves.Leaves them all to their fate. Instead of staying and trying to, I dunno, make the kingdom better, she just abandons them all. 

Tori could have left and continued to rule. She and Asgore could have split duties easily- Tori overseeing domestic issues, Asgore the guard. Awkward yes, but Asgore seems perfectly willing to work with Toriel and talk to her. It’s Tori who refuses to even speak to him. 

She just abandons everyone in favor of her own self-righteous views. And yet everyone loves her and demonizes Asgore. WHY?

And I say self-righteous cause most all monsters are on-board with Asgore’s plan… and with leaving. Toriel alone seems content to sit underground forever. 

I just… I don’t get it. No what Asgore did was objectively wrong but he was trying to save his people. Toriel may have been objectively more moral, but she abandoned everyone in favor of her beliefs. 

I know there’s a trope about this but I forget it… but essentially? Toriel considers her morals more important than the people around her; Asgore considers the people around him more important than his morals.

You may say “wait a minute, Tori protects the kids, how does she not care about others?” Remember her REASON for protecting Frisk? “ My expectations… My loneliness… My fear…   and “ Do not let ASGORE take your soul. His plan cannot be allowed to succeed. …….

(Also, off-topic but interesting quote. If you attack her after she stops attacking, she says, “ To think I was worried you wouldn’t fit out in there… Eheheheh!!! You really are no different than them! “ Um, monsters are “supposed” to be nice, right? Why does Toriel think being attacked when you show mercy is normal?)

But anyways. Look at her reasons. It isn’t because she’s worried about Frisk or doesn’t want him to die, it’s because she’s lonely and doesn’t want Asgore to win. Yes, she obviously cares about Frisk. I’m not denying that. 

Just… okay, lost souls dialogue for her and Asgore.

Tori: “This is for your own good.” As: “Forgive me for this”

Tori: “No one will leave again.” As “This is my duty”

Toriel is convinced she is correct in her actions. Asgore, on the other hand, knows he’s wrong and asks you to forgive him. That’s the difference between them. 

I personally like Asgore better but I’m also a utilitarian, so I’m far more willing to forgive him than most. But Toriel? I don’t like her. Or, well, I don’t like how the fandom idolizes her. Toriel isn’t perfect, none of the characters all. They all have their faults and issues. And Tori it’s her stubborn insistence of doing what she thinks is right, regardless of how it affects others. 

Yet most people treat her greatest flaw as a virtue… and I don’t get it. At all. 

So ya, if anyone can explain the love for tori, I’d love to learn it! 

Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Episode 6-7

[These posts contain spoilers up through the most recent airing episodes of the Kdrama as well as spoilers and comparisons to the original Cdrama. Be sure you’re caught up before reading. Also, this one got really overly long. I love you guys. Enjoy.]

I’ve been writing notes on these two episodes for days now, and there’s no way for me to cover all of my thoughts in one post. I’m going to have prioritize the things I’ve been thinking the most about, and because of that this going to be a very Wang So-heavy post.

I’ll apologize for that right now, because Hae Soo was really badass for these two hours and she deserves to have episode review dedicated to her alone. I can’t really complain about anything she did, her characterization, IU’s acting. It was all spot on for me. She remained so courageous throughout episode 6, but in a very human and believable way. It wasn’t that she wasn’t scared or vulnerable, it wasn’t that she wasn’t affected by the danger and violation went through, it was that she decided to act in her own behalf despite her fear and vulnerability.

She was willing to risk her life to maintain sovereignty over her own body, when all the combined efforts of her useless harem could do nothing to save her. She selflessly went to the palace to keep her princes from getting hurt for her. Then rather than submit to her own legally sanctioned rape by the king, she wielded the blade to cut her own wrist–not so she could kill herself, but so that she could live with herself.

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anonymous asked:

Ok, this is not hate this is just me trying to understand. It's a common trope in comics that people have a horrible past/childhood - half of the people becoming heros because of that, the other half villains. Daredevils Wilson Fisk had an abusive past, and is one of the best characters in the MCU, loved by everyone as a villain, i don't get why Wardfans have a hard time accepting the same? I can only speculate that it's because he started as a totally different character.

First, I understand your intention was not to send hate, but I do want to point out that the dismissive tone which with you say “Wardfans” doesn’t save this from coming across as condescending and/or rude. However, I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, because this wasn’t abusive or malicious, merely sort of dismissive - which, granted, could be the way I’m reading it as well.

That being said.

Yes, I understand the terrible past/childhood back story as being a common trope, especially in comic books. I am not discounting that. What also needs to be noted, though, is how, commonly, we are presented villain characters who have those dark pasts, when they are already past the point of being saved. That’s fairly damning. Once someone passes that point - and it seems the writers have finally inched Ward that far - there is little that can be done to cast them as anything but. However, the big, big difference here, is that, like I said: We don’t see them when they could go one way or another, we only see them in the aftermath.

We don’t see Natasha Romanoff when she’s burning down children’s hospitals, and killing innocents. We don’t see her being the villain, acting in terrible ways - we only see her as the final product, after someone came along and tried to help her. We only see her as a Hero.

With Ward, also, it’s very different. The writers gave him this backstory, and played up how he was abused, used, brainwashed. They strung along these points where Coulson says “Nobody’s Nobody” and “You can save someone from themselves if you get to them soon enough”, and let’s not forget the whole discussion between Coulson, May and Fury at the end of S1, the crux of which was that, whether it was one man or all of mankind, SHIELD had a duty to save and protect. That, framed in the shade of Ward being captured, seemed so promising. 

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avpd-ritsu  asked:

aaa fsr i love hearing you talk about your own fics!! its really interesting to hear you pretty much spell out exactly what you were going for, pointing out the symbolism and new techniques/styles, its just neat to get into the author's headspace :D sure, "death of the author"-style readings have their own merits, but its also so cool to see artists who gush over their own ideas and are proud of the complexity they put in their work ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

*small high-pitched joyful noises*

I…holy cow okay I love this ask. A whole lot. Because I adore–ADORE–explaining the heck out of what I write. Not to say my stuff is world-shatteringly symbolic but there’s just…so much that goes silently into fic? I’m sure it’s the same with art–you get to share the final result but there is so much more than goes into the process.

There’s so much tuning that goes into the exact style from one fic to the next. Careful choice of symbolism and theme and tone [and sometimes I get really excited about the symbolism/theme/tone i end up exploring]. Alternate paths I scrapped and specific lines that are sometimes my entire motivation for the fic or even a certain feeling I’m trying to create that’s more important to me than the plot of the fic. 

Sometimes I’ll ramble a bit in the tags or pester people in skype or even cave and make an entire post like “guys i got too excited this is what the symbolism of the house of cards means.” 

  • The Butterfly Test is in part an homage to the very first fanfiction I wrote when I was 14, which involved a concerned parental figure noticing the strangulation marks on the 14 year old main character’s neck. After I wrote and posted The Butterfly Test I went back and found this fic and compared the parts 
  • Glass and Water was the result of me indulging in a “fast-forward through a lot of plot” scenario where Ito had killed everyone else already. It felt like a cop-out to write it and skip all that plot, and it felt like more of a cop-out to toss my hands up at the end and say “haha no it was a dream!” because that  trope has been beaten well beyond death. So I thought about it for a long time and decided, “Yes. Make it a dream. And tell everyone in the first line. Own the trope. Break it. Make the horror hover around the fact that the audience does not know how much real plot I may have skipped, how much is a dream.” 
  • Scribbled-Out Shopping Lists has absolutely no deeper symbolism at all I literally wrote that because I was sad about going grocery shopping alone a whole lot.

^That’s all “stuff i would have loved to ramble about but i had no good place to do it” I absolutely adore getting asks that open up this kind of discussion because, for any fic I post, I promise there’s like 10 paragraphs of behind-the-scenes stuff I wanna say that just doesn’t fit anywhere. 

So I’m really really really happy you like hearing this stuff ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

FIVE ALARM (part 6)

a/n: What’s this?! A second chapter within 24 hours?! ^_^

 [ one | two | three | four | five ]

FIVE ALARM (part 6)

Elaine Peck may as well have been invisible to Holly. Before Gail could warn the brunette of her mother’s presence, Holly was inside the room and standing next to Gail’s bed, gripping her forearm and tracing her fingers over Gail’s uninjured temple in a highly intimate manner.

“H-hey,” Gail greeted,  anxious about what was about to happen.

“Hi,” Holly said, smiling down at her. “I’m so glad you’re okay. I kept going over all these possible scenarios in my head. And I didn’t know who to try and contact when you didn’t show up for—”

“Hey, Holly, look it’s my mother,” Gail interrupted before Holly could finish her sentence.

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Strange Magic: surprisingly satisfying

Okay, so, last night, on a whim, I watched the movie Strange Magic with AgentMalkere. Sure, it got a 16% on Rotten Tomatoes, but hell, the trailer looked fun and I’ve seen some art for it around and we were in the mood to watch a movie we could cheerfully tease but which had pretty art (and the art is VERY pretty in this movie, and very detailed). I sat down expecting a goofy flick with old pop songs, caricatures instead of characters, and a plot holier than a sieve. Loins girded, I hit the play button.

And I was surprised. First by the sheer number of songs they managed to fit in (seriously, they outdid Frozen), and secondly because… I really enjoyed it. Like, a lot. Were the characters archetypes we’ve seen many times before? Yes. Was the plot also something we’ve seen so many times we’ve lost count? Yes. But it was just so… charming.

AgentMalkere described it as being ‘like a fanfiction of another movie where the couple you wanted together in the end didn’t, so they’re fixing it.’ And they were right, that is very much what that movie feels like, like someone new to fanfiction sat down and went “I’m gonna make it all better!” There’s lots of elements of beginner fic-writers - the side characters, such as the antagonist’s minions, are very 2D, the story’s a little black and white in places, the plot isn’t strong, there’s plot points that just sort of exist to move the plot along without much explanation. Typical newbie mistakes.

At the same time, though, the characters who are main and secondary cast are really fun. Are they tropes? Yeah, but they are tropes in the hands of a person who really cares about these characters, who loves them a lot and wants them to be as cool and as fun as they can possibly be. This is like one of those fics where you read it and go “this wasn’t a great fic, I’ve read better. But I liked it, it made me feel good, and a lot of work obviously went into it.” Not to mention that there are some incredibly satisfying scenes and one incredibly cool bit of subtext, which I’m going to talk about under a cut because spoilers. Seriously, though, if you want a fun romp and don’t mind a lot of singing (which is actually really fun in places), check this one out, it’ll at least give you something to laugh at, and also, dang, that art! This movie is visually gorgeous! Er, there’s a slightly trippy part at the end involving the main camera being temporarily being replaced by a kaleidoscope, but it doesn’t last, you can look away for that bit, the final shot is wonderful!

Anyway, spoilers!

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