also i discovered the watercolour brush


So recently @staxurst came up with their version of Horrortale Paps for their AU Baratale and I AM IN LOVE WITH HIS CONCEPT!!  Guys please check out their blog ONLY IF YOU’RE 18+ BECAUSE IT IS A NSFW ACCOUNT, they have skeles in abundance and they’re all extremely charming with their personalities and backstories and they do such amazing stuff.

So the idea is that Bara HT!Paps has two sides to him; he’s known as Jekyll (on the left) and is extremely shy and jumpy, he can’t be away from his older brother for long and he’s extremely wary around strangers, his muzzle and scarf both act as security items for him. On the right is Hyde, the side that Sans and Paps both try to avoid whilst they can. He’s a lot more outspoken, aggressive, terrifying and sadistic than Jekyll and who needs a muzzle with that smile He only takes over if Jekyll is in a state of high anxiety or hunger because ya boi needs to eat and he can’t handle genuine love and affection too well. They’re both loveable because they’re both Papyri and all Papyri are loveable if you disagree then fight me you heartless human

Also for a progress update on how I’m finding digital, just look beyond this cut

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